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The Mechanical Evolution of Nature

When death arrives, there is something that continues. That something is the I (legion of elementary demons), memory, which in turn is conditioned mind.

We assure you that the I is a bunch of memories. We affirm that the I is time. We assure you that the I returns to satisfy dissatisfied desires. We affirm that the I (legion of demons) never purifies or perfects itself.

We need to die from instant to instant. Only with the death of the I does one enter Nirvana. Only with the death of the I is the Christ born in the divine dwelling of the Soul. 

The internal Christ does not evolve, because he is perfect. The internal Christ is the Truth that wants to know itself in each man.

Mechanical evolution of nature exists, but cannot lead to perfection. We need a tremendous revolution of our consciousness. When the I is dissolved, there is a revolution of our consciousness.

The Synthesis of Gnosis

The synthesis of the Universal Christian Gnostic Movement is summed up into two principles: dissolve the I, and erect the columns of the temple of the living God.

The Seven Columns of the Temple of Wisdom

The temple of wisdom has seven columns, and the word INRI is written in characters of fire on each of the seven columns. Only with INRI can we erect the temple for the internal Christ. The seven columns are erected upon the Philosopher's Stone (sex).