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The Avatar of Synthesis


It is said that there are seven great religions and five thousand sects. We the Gnostics affirm that there is only one great religion, and that is the TRUTH.

We firmly believe that only he who lives the Truth is profoundly religious.

The Truth wants to know itself in each man. Jesus of Nazareth is a living embodiment of the TRUTH. Jesus incarnated the TRUTH. Whoever incarnates the TRUTH becomes free.

Those who incarnated the Truth founded the great religions and the great mystery schools.

Buddha, Hermes, Krishna, Quetzalcoatl, etc. incarnated the Truth, and all those who dissolve the I and erect the columns of the temple upon the living rock incarnate the Truth.

There is no higher religion than the Truth.

We should distinguish between religious forms and religious principles. It is necessary to know that the principles are living cosmic formulae.

Religious forms are the different systems of teaching those principles.

The great infinite universal cosmic religion assumes distinct forms according to the needs of each race and era.

In this manner, religious forms have succeeded one another throughout millions of years. The successive string of the all religions that have existed in the world always reveals the same immutable principles of the Truth.

Religion is an inherent property of life, as humidity is of water.

A man could belong to no religion and yet be profoundly religious.

Every person who is capable of experiencing the Truth is profoundly religious, even if he does not belong to any religion. Religion is the intimate relationship of the mind with the Truth. Only the religious man is truly revolutionary.

Some philosophers say that religions have failed. We assure you that every religion has fulfilled its historic mission. Buddhism fulfilled its mission with the birth of merely one living Buddha. One Christified person justifies the existence of Christianity. One Imam well justifies the existence of the religion of Mohammed.

All the great religions of the world have achieved their objectives through men who obtained their “religare"—in other words, who incarnated the Truth. 

Really, many are called, but few are chosen. This law has already been fulfilled in all the religions.

There is no basis for assuring that religions failed in their mission to "religare" [reunite] man with the Truth. In all religions are perfect ones who succeeded in reuniting the soul or consciousness with God.

There is no justification for religious wars, because all religions teach the same principles. The witch in mid-Africa and the archbishop in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Rome or London are based on the same marvelous force of the cosmic religion. The principles are the same. The only thing that varies is the religious form. Therefore, fratricidal struggle among diverse religions is absurd.

The cosmic religion vibrates in each atom of the cosmos, because it palpitates in the heart of the suns, in the heart of man, and in that of the ant.