The Christ in Substance

Christ is not a human nor divine individual. Christ is a Cosmic substance, latent in each atom of the infinite. The Christ substance is the substance of the Truth. Christ is the Truth and life.

When a man assimilates the Christ substance physically, psychically, and spiritually, he becomes Christified; he is transformed into Christ; he is converted into the living Christ. We need to form Christ within us. It is urgent to incarnate the Truth.

Christified Beings

Among the Chinese, Christ is Fu-Xi. The Chinese Christ is miraculously born by the work and grace of the Holy Spirit.

“Walking by the river bank, a virgin named Hoa-Se placed her foot on the footprint of the Great Man; immediately she was moved, seeing herself surrounded by a marvelous glow, and her womb conceived. Twelve years went by. On the fourth day of the tenth moon at midnight, Fu-Xi was born, thus named in memory of the river on whose bank he was conceived.”

Among the ancient Mexicans, Christ is Quetzalcoatl, who was the Messiah and transformer of the Toltecs. 

"One day, while Chimalman was alone with her two sisters, a messenger from heaven appeared before her. On seeing him, the sisters died of fright. Chimalman heard from the mouth of the angel that she would conceive a son, and she instantly conceived Quetzalcoatl, without the help of a male.” 

Quetzalcoatl was the Messiah of the Toltecs. 

Among the Japanese, Christ is Amida, who intercedes before the Supreme Goddess Tenshōkōdaijin [“Heaven-shining-mighty goddess"], praying for all sinners. Amida is the Japanese Christ of the Shinto religion, and is the one who has the power to open the doors of Tenju-koku (paradise).

The German Eddas mention "Kristos," the God of their theogony. who like Jesus of Nazareth, was born at Christmas, the 25th of December at midnight, just like the Christified Nordics, Odin, Wotan, and Belen.

Krishna's gospel in millenary India is similar to the Christian gospel. The birth of Krishna is similar to the birth of Jesus. By the work and Grace of the Holy Spirit, Devaki conceived Krishna. The Child God Krishna was transported to the stable of the shepherds, the stable of Nanden, and the gods and angels came to adore him.

Among the Greeks, Christ is Zeus, and among the Romans, he is thundering Jupiter.

The Kristos Jupiter, Zeus, Apollo, are born from immaculate virgins. 

In old Egypt of the Pharaohs, Christ is Osiris, and all those who incarnated him were Osirified. 

Hermes Trismegistus is the Egyptian Christ, who incarnated Osiris (Christ).

Every person who succeeds in assimilating the Christ substance is in fact converted into a living Christ.

Christ and the Virgin

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