The Virgin Mother of the Christified


The Virgin Mother of the Christified beings is the Divine Mother Kundalini , the Cosmic Mother, God the Mother, universal, infinite love, which is co-essential with the Absolute Abstract Space, Isis, Mary, Rhea, Tonantzin, etc.

The Manger of the World

The stable or manger where the Child God is born is the divine dwelling of the soul , the eternal temple now invaded by the animals of desire. It is urgent to know that unfortunately, within the kingdom of the soul , there are animal elementaries of desire. They nourish themselves with the inferior substances of the lower animal depths of man. There live and multiply all those animal elementaries that constitute what is called ego; therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that the I exists in a pluralized form. The I is constituted by animal elementaries, the animals of the stable where the Child God is born to save man.


Each animal elementary represents a specific defect; whenever we annihilate a defect, its corresponding elementary dies. We need to die from instant to instant. We need to dissolve the psychological I that always reincarnates to satisfy desires.

Christ and the Virgin

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