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Prophecies for the Future

The Christ in substance, the perfect matrimony, and sanctity constitute the perfect synthesis of all the religions of the world.

When all the religions of the world have disappeared, the cosmic Christ and sanctity—the synthesis that is indestructible, and the eternal of all eternity—will continue to exist.

In the Aquarian age, the dogmatic type of Christianity will no longer be taught. In Aquarius, all dogmatic forms will disappear. In the new era, Christ will be comprehended as a substance. 

In the new Aquarian age, everything will be atomic and explosive. People will then be prepared to study the doctrine of the synthesis. Science will be religious, and religion will be scientific. Arguments related to the subjects of the spirit and matter will disappear, and people will comprehend that both spirit and matter are modifications of the universal energy.

In the Aquarian age, devices will be invented to see egos that have disembodied. 

There shall be a collision of magnetic fields of worlds. Our Earth's magnetic field will collide with that of another planet. This event will put an end to the present Aryan race.

Root Races

The entire Earth will then go through a total and definite transformation. The selected, the chosen, will be secretly saved, and they shall serve as seeds for the sixth race.

This collision of magnetic fields of worlds is not new. In archaic times, the Earth had a similar collision. At that time, our Earth was closer to the Sun, and was flung by the collision to the place it occupies now.

The age that is about to begin will be governed by Aquarius. This sign governs the Earth's atmosphere. Aquarius is in the house of Uranus, which we know is atomic and explosive. Therefore, what will happen is approaching our atmosphere and is explosive. 

The Earth and all its elements will burn intensely with fire. The ancient Earth was destroyed by water, and the present Earth will be destroyed by fire. In this manner, all the written prophecies in all the sacred books of all religions, of east and west, of north and south, will be fulfilled. The word of all those who incarnated the Cosmic Christ will be totally fulfilled.

In the Aquarian age, atomic wars fought to death will take place. The Third World War will be a fact. The result of all these wars will be terrible: horrible earthquakes, seaquakes, unknown illnesses, hunger, misery, etc.

Very soon, man will conquer the Moon. It is necessary to know that man will reach other planets with his rockets. It is urgent to comprehend that when the man of Aquarius manages to arm a powerful fleet of cosmic ships to violently invade other planets in space, then on that day shall be fulfilled all the prophecies of those who incarnated the Cosmic Christ in substance. That shall be the day of the collision of worlds, the mountains made dust will fly through the air, and all that has life shall perish by fire.

The men of the future Earth, the men of the future great race, the men of the sixth race that will appear after the great cataclysm, will have to begin their lives in the caverns of the transformed Earth of this modern civilization, for everything will be destroyed. When everything has been destroyed, when the Aryan race has disappeared, only the doctrine of the synthesis shall continue to exist.