The Doctrine of the Synthesis

The Gnostic Movement teaches the doctrine of the synthesis, which is contained in the substance in all the religions of the world.

Sexual Magic is practiced in Zen Buddhism. Sexual Magic is practiced among the Sufis. Sexual Magic is practiced in secret Christianity. Sexual Magic was practiced in the mystery schools of Mexico, the highlands of Peru, Egypt, Greece, Persia, India, etc.

The dissolution of the I is studied and taught in Zen Buddhism, Christianity, and generally in all the great religions. This is the path of sanctity.

The Buddhists of Zen say that the dissolution of the I is Nirvana. The Christian mystics aspire to die in the Lord. All the religions want sanctity to die in the Lord—in other words, to dissolve the I.

The doctrine of the new Aquarian age is the doctrine of the synthesis. The doctrine that the Gnostic Movement teaches is the doctrine of the synthesis. We are not against any religion, school, or system of spiritual teaching. We teach the synthesis of all the religions and systems of the realization of the Inner Self. That is all.

The synthesis does not result from mixtures. The synthesis exists as a fact, without contrived mixtures. The synthesis is the perfect marriage and the dissolution of the I. God shines upon the perfect couple.

Wherever is found a marriage practicing Sexual Magic and working in the dissolution of the I, the synthesis is there. 

Let us remember that religion has a sexual origin. Let us remember that man exists because of sex, and that the origin of all life is sexual.

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