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The Age of Aquarius

Much has been said about the Aquarian age. Some are awaiting it, others assume that it began a long time ago. We go by the facts. On the 4th of February of 1962, between two and three o'clock in the afternoon, astronomers throughout the entire world will witness something unusual. All the planets of that time will go through a conjunction of worlds. All the planets of our solar system will assemble in council under the constellation of Aquarius. Such an event only happens when a new era will follow. Therefore, facts are facts, and we must surrender before the facts.

We are not making utopian affirmations. What we emphasize has been duly verified by all astronomical observatories.

Therefore, it is obvious that on the aforementioned date the age of Aquarius will really be initiated, amidst the august thunder of thought.

Many predict a "Golden Age" after the year 2000. They believe that the Aquarian age, with all its splendor and beauty, is certain to manifest itself fully after the year 2000. It is predicted that this humanity shall undergo a radical transformation after the year 2000. Obviously my dear brothers and sisters, such "prophecies" fail. They are no more than sophisms. And, what is a sophism? A sophism is a thick wall without a foundation; a light push is enough to convert it into small bits of sediment. 

Unquestionably, it is not possible for the psychological "I" of the multitudes to create a Golden Age. It is absurd to suppose that the collective ego could originate an age of light and beauty.

Within us are the factors of discord that produce wars, egoism, hatred, violence, lust. When egoism and violence express themselves collectively, war appears on the stage of life. Do you believe that in these circumstances the ego could create an age of fraternity and love?

With what laborers are we going to build the edifice of the Aquarian age? Which multitudes are capable of establishing an era of splendor and love on the face of the Earth?

You who know people very well, that talk with your fellowmen, that know what a struggle it is to earn your daily bread, that know what envy is, who have suffered and caused others to suffer, could you accept the thesis that such people with whom you live are capable of initiating an age of beauty and splendor? It is said that a tree is known by its fruits.

Therefore, reflecting, sincerely and wholeheartedly, those who predict an age of beauty and splendours after the year 2,000 are mistaken. 

In order to create, it is necessary to destroy. On arriving at this part, diverse theosophical and astrological concepts, etc. come to my memory.

Many are the various theorists who conceptualize that a revolution of the earth's axes will be necessary, and that before the age of light, said revolution will be produced. They say that the waters shall invade part of the Earth—not the entire Earth—and that millions shall perish by water.

They suppose that a portion of the Earth will be flung into space to become a new moon. They believe that this portion will be separated from the austral region, and will form a new satellite around our Earth. Next, they say, will come the era of splendors.

These are very beautiful concepts, and very tragic as well, but very erroneous. All those who suppose that the future cataclysms will be by water are wrong, because if we accept that thesis, we would have to burn the Second Epistle of Peter to the Romans and the gospel of Jesus, especially that page of the prophetic sermon. There are details you can see in the second Epistle of Peter to the Romans that the destruction that now awaits us will be by fire. Peter already said that the ancient era was destroyed by water. He also said that today's Earth shall be destroyed by fire, that all elements will be destroyed as they burn, and that all the works that are in them will be burnt. Therefore, whoever has faith that the next cataclysm will be by water is mistaken. That would be a repetition of the Atlantean tragedy. Then, what the prophets said would be undoubtedly destroyed. But, it is not so.

Obviously, the words of Peter will be fulfilled, and what Mohammed said will also be fulfilled, and what all the prophets said will also be fulfilled. 

The catastrophe that awaits our world shall be by fire. The Aztecs said that the sons of the fifth sun would perish by fire and earthquakes, and the prophecy has already begun to be fulfilled.

We know very well that at the bottom of the Atlantic and the Pacific there are very deep cracks, and that some are so deep that they allow the contact of the water with the fire from the interior of the earth. The result is that pressures and vapors are increasing from instant to instant. Consequently, the Earth trembles everywhere. These pressures and vapors will intensify so that earthquakes will propagate worldwide. Therefore, that is the crude, factual reality that awaits us in Aquarius. 

Theologians do not know how to interpret this matter. They say, "Aquarius is the sign of science, a sign of air, that shall conquer the infinite space, where frontiers shall end, and all will be love." Just like that, because Aquarius arrives, the entire world will transform itself? Without working? Without making any effort at all? In other words, mechanically, the one who is evil will stop being evil and become a "soul of God"? According to them, he will never be evil again, as if one could transform oneself mechanically, as if one did not have to struggle within to transform himself, to put an end to his psychological defects. To think such a thing is absurd.

After the constellation of Aquarius comes Leo, which is the constellation of love, the one that gives the scepters to kings and creates fraternity. All this is very fine, but if they knew the crude reality of things, they would know that Leo is none other than the constellation of fire. What does this mean? That all this will be consumed by fire. The lion will finish it all. The Lion of the Law will not leave anything alive, and all this will be converted into ashes. Nothing of this great Babylon will be left.



I wish thee a happy Christmas. May the star of Bethlehem shine on thy path. May thy Father who is in Secret, and thy divine and adorable Mother Kundalini bless thy own Being.

Samael Aun Weor