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And there was light

Jupiter and Io

ויאמר אלהים יהי אור ויהי־אור
"And Elohim said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light" (Genesis 1:3).

"The word, “saying, said,” which is in Hebrew, Amer (אמר Aleph-Mem-Resh), contains all of the letters and paths that emanate from אב Aba and אים Ima (heavenly father and mother), and from the head (or letter ר Reish; namely, Kether-Chokmah-Binah) that emanates from them. Rosh ראש represents the (three brains of the) first-begotten. The א Aleph of אמר Amer alludes to אב Aba. When י Iod (of ים Yam, water), which ascends (from the sexual fluids of Yesod) and descends (from the cerebral fluids of the head) they join with Aleph and become אים Ima. The ר Resh (Kether-Chokmah-Binah, the head) alludes to the first-begotten. When all these letters combine, they are אמר Amer, which is the light of אב Aba and אים Ima (heavenly father and mother) and (Rosh ראש) the first-begotten, and they illuminate each other as one. They dominate (Daath דעת, the tree of knowledge) on the Shabbat Day. Therefore, they are all included in each other, in order to be one. Therefore, hasten to each other, which are the supernal Dominion, in order that everything be one." - Zohar

The human sexual fluids are המים Ha'Mayim, the waters of י Iod and ה Hei, יה Jah, the Holy Spirit, namely, מי Mi and מה Mah.

“Who (which in Hebrew is the word, מי Mi) has ascended up into heaven and descended (as ים Yam, water). Who (מי Mi) has gathered the wind (spirit) in his hands. Who (מי Mi) has bound "מים Mayim" the waters as a garment. Who (מי Mi, as haquim הקים) has established all (אפסי Aphsy) the ends of the earth (Malkuth, by means of the tiny י Iod). What (which in Hebrew is the word, מה Mah) is (Hei ה, of יהוה) the earth's name, and the name of the son of What (מה Mah) is Vav ו (spinal medulla), the Ki כי (uterus and phallus) is Daath (knowledge).” - Proverbs 30: 4

"Who (מי Mi) has established "all" (in יסוד Yesod) the ends of (מה Mah) the earth. Who (מי Mi) is (הבראם Ha’Baram) Abraham, of whom it is written: "These are the (enlighten alchemists, the) generations of the heaven and of the earth when they were created (behibar'am)" (Genesis 2:4). Do not pronounce it בהבראם 'behibar'am', but "באברהם be Abraham (lit. 'by Abraham')," (which is written with the same letters).” - Zohar

"And there was light - ויהי־אור Va Yehi Aur”

"From this phrase, “And there was light,” we can begin to learn in detail the secrets of how the world was created; because until now, Creation was discussed only in general sense in the verse, “In the beginning Elohim created...” After this, the description returns to the general, then to the particular, and then back to the general again.

Until now, everything was suspended in the breath (Hebrew אויר Avir) that was bestowed from the secret of אין סוף Ain Soph (endlessness). As soon as the force expanded inside the supernal temple (the אין סוף אור Ain Soph Aur) - which contains the secret of (לאימה L’aima) אלהים Elohim (Aleph-Lamed-Hei-Iod-Mem = 1 + 30 + 5 + 10 + 40 = 86 = "פה א = Peh Hei Aleph,” 8+6 = 14, 1+4 = 5, the Pentalpha) – the word Amer אמר (saying) is applied to it (Elohim – the Pentalpha), as it is written: ויאמר אלהים Vay’Amer Elohim "And Elohim (the Pentalpha) said." Before that, the word Amer אמר (said, saying) is not written, because Amer אמר (said, saying) means it is (the duality and the trinity) in detail. Although the word, Barashyth בראשית "In the beginning" is also “Amer אמר - a saying (or anagram).” Barashyth בראשית (as an anagram) expresses the 'injunctions' of ברא Bara (the Creation) to ten sayings (of אלהים Elohim), despite the fact that "ויאמר אלהים - Vay’Amer Elohim (And Elohim said)" is not written in it." - Zohar


“And when the (light of the absolute) sun (the אין סוף אור Ain Soph Aur) was going down (through the left pillar), a deep sleep fell upon Abram (Chesed); and she, (אימה Aima) the mother of great darkness fell upon him. And (“מי Mi” of ויאמר Vay’Amer) said unto Abram, Know of a surety that (אור Aur, the light of) thy semen shall be a stranger in an earth that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they (the fornicators, or degenerations of the earth,) shall afflict them four hundred years” - Genesis 15: 12, 13

ראש בית ברא אלהים

The head of the house created through Elohim (the Pentalpha)

"The (anagram) words: ויאמר Vay’Amer which in English is the phrase, “And said," should be studied and questioned. The term ויאמר "And he said" (Hebrew ויאמר Vay’Amer) consists of the Hebrew letters מי Mi (who is the Holy Spirit) and אור Aur (light), which is an inquiry. "And said" alludes to a raised force (the י Iod), and that raising is done in silence, from the secret of the אין סוף Ain Soph; from the beginning of thought. ויאמר אלהים Vay’Amer Elohim "And י Iod said Elohim" now the temple gave birth to the holy seed (the atoms: Kether-Chokmah-Binah), with which it (אין סוף Ain Soph) was pregnant, in secret. And the Iod of (אלהים Elohim) who was born (from אלה Elah), was heard without (saying: יהי אור Yehi Aur, “Let Yehi be light”; ויהי־אור Va Yehi Aur, “and Yehi was light”). Who (מי Mi ) gave birth to him (יהי Yehi), and did it secretly and was not heard at all. But as soon as it (אור Aur, light) emerged from (אימה Aima, from) there (in the אין סוף אור Ain Soph Aur), a sound was heard without (in the Megalocosmos).

"Let there be light (Hebrew: יהי אור Yehi Aur)," means that everything that comes forth and emanates in the world, proceeds (from the first י Iod) according to the secret Yehi יהי, the secret of ("Honour thy father and thy mother" - Deuteronomy 5: 16), אב Aba and אים Ima, which are יה Iod-Hei (of אלהים Elohim). Afterward, (the first י Iod of Yehi יהי) return to the first point (or י Iod of אין סוף Ain Soph) to institute a beginning for an expansion of something else.

The terms (אור Aur) "light" and (יהי אור Yehi Aur) "Let there be light," the (uncreated) light that (the י Iod in the אין סוף Ain Soph) do not refer to the renewal of the "light", but rather to the returning of the light that אב Aba and אים Ima (heavenly father and mother) already had. This light is a most hidden secret, because it was the expansion that split (into יהי Yehi) according to the secret of the concealment of the supernal and concealed breath (Hebrew: אויר Avir). The word אויר Avir (breath) consists of the letters Aleph-Vav-Iod-Resh. It first split and produced one concealed point (the י Iod) from within its own mystery. It revealed the point י Iod. As a result of this removal of the Iod (from the אין סוף Ain Soph), what is left is אור Aur, which is from the secret of the concealed breath (אויר Avir)." - Zohar


"When the first point י Iod (of יהי Yehi) proceeded from Arik Anpin (Cosmic Adam), its light shone upon it (the י Iod on the back of the letter צ Tzade) according to (sexual alchemy or) the sense of 'reaching yet not reaching' (the fruit of the tree of knowledge). Once (the י Iod) expanded, (its light) was revealed (in the spinal medulla), and this is the אור Aur (light) that has remained from אויר Avir (breath). This refers to the (uncreated) light (אין סוף אור Ain Soph Aur) that has existed and remains there. The light has gone; it has disappeared and is now hidden. And one point (one י Iod of יהי Yehi) remains (in יסוד Yesod), where (the ס Samech of אין סוף Ain Soph) always reaches in a hidden manner. The "reaching yet not reaching", shines in the manner of the first point (י Iod) that has emerged from it. As a result, they are all linked to one another and illuminate one another.

"When it (the ס Samech) ascends (from יסוד Yesod), they all (the ספירת Sephiroth) rise up and cling to it. It is as if "reaching," the upper three ספירת Sephiroth (Kether-Chokmah-Binah). It is treasured in the place of the endless (the אין סוף Ain Soph), and all (thanks to ס Samech) becomes one (Tetragrammaton). The point (י Iod) that was in the light (of יסוד Yesod), is now light, expanded (in the spinal medulla). From this expansion (the male right pillar) illuminated the seven letters of the alphabet, which were not yet solid but were still moist (in chaos, the Akashic waters). Later darkness (the female left pillar) came forth and seven other letters of the Alphabet came out. The firmament (the middle pillar) then came forth and stopped the dispute between the two (masculine and feminine) sides. In it (the middle pillar) there issued eight other letters (which formed the caduceus of mercury or holy eight), which added up to 22 in all (יסוד Yesod). Seven letters from the (left) side and seven letters from the (right) side jumped on the firmament (the middle pillar, the holy eight or caduceus of mercury) and were all engraved on it, where they remained moist. As the firmament congealed, so did the letters. They were engraved and assumed their intended shapes. And there the (Dharma) Torah was inscribed, to shine outward.

"The phrase, "Let there be light" alludes to the name, “גדולה-אל Gedulah-El - Great  El”, according to the secret of He (the י Iod) who issues from (אויר Avir) the primal breath. "And there was,” (Hebrew: ויהי Vayehi) refers to the secret of the darkness that is called 'אלהים Elohim.' 'Light' the (י Iod of "הים Hayam, the water" of the) left (which is מה Mah, the feminine), was combined (in יסוד Yesod) with the (י Iod of the) right because the name אלהים Elohim extends from the secret (י Iod on top of Lamed into the two י Iods in the shape of Aleph, the breath) of the name אל El (Chesed, which is masculine). And (thanks to - מינה Minah - sex, ימינא) the right was included within the left, and the left within the right." - Zohar

וירא אלהים את־האור כי־טוב

“And Elohim saw את Ath, the light, (כי־טוב) that good.” - Genesis 1: 4

"That good (Hebrew: כי־טוב Ki-Tob)," implies (the phallus and the uterus) and the Central Pillar (meaning, the light shines from ט Teth, Yesod, sex, throughout the ו Vav in Tiphereth, in all directions, until reaching Binah, the ב Beth בית of the ראש Rosh, head, of בראשית Barashyth; this is the secret of the kingdom of Iod-Havah Elohim, Binah, which is Yesod, sex). "That it was good," when said about Tiphereth means that it shone up and down in all (יסוד Yesod) directions, and is the secret of the name Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, which (is Jehovah, Binah, which) includes all (יסוד Yesod) directions (this means that the mystery of אור Aur, the light, is “את Ath,” which is כי Ki, Kaf-Iod, the י Iod, the phallus and the כ Kaf, the uterus.) "And Elohim divided the light" prevented the dispute, between right and left so that everything may be perfect.

"And Elohim called..." (Genesis 1:5). What is it that is called? He called and invited it to bring forth from within that perfect light that stands in the middle, one light (within the spinal medulla). This light is the foundation of the world, upon which all worlds are erected and from where all the souls are born. From this perfected "light" emerges the Central Pillar, the foundation of the life of the worlds, this being the (י Iod) day from (ימינא or מינה Minah, sex) the right side. "And the darkness he called Night", He called and invited it, bringing forth one female from within the left side, the secret of darkness. The moon that governs the night; it is called night. And this is the secret of (the י Iod of) אדני 'Adonai', the אדון Lord of all Earth (our physicality).'

"Behold, the ark of the covenant of the Lord of all the earth passeth over before you into Jordan." - Jesus 3: 11


"Powers of the Kingdom, be ye under my left foot and in my right hand!"

"The (י Iod of the) right enters into that perfected pillar in the middle, where it is included with (the י Iod of) the secret of the left; then rises up to the primal point, and takes and possesses there, a thing (word, a son) according to the three (vowel) points: (above the letter) חלם Holam (meaning dream as well as the name of the vowel), (middle of the letter) שרק Shuruk (meaning to whistle), and (below the letter) חרק Hirik (meaning insect), which are called holy seed (atoms). For no seed can be sown except according to this secret, namely חלם Holam and חרק Hirik who were united in (שרק Shuruk, their son) the Middle Pillar, and it emanated the foundation (יסוד Yesod) of the world. Because of this, (יסוד Yesod) is called “all,” because it holds on to all by the light of passion (fire).

"The left is set ablaze by the force of might (Geburah) and smells. It exudes the odor throughout the grades, and from the glow of this fire it emanates the feminine principle called moon (in יסוד Yesod). This blazing darkness is considered to be darkness, because it extends from darkness. And these two sides, produce these two grades, one male and one female.

"The י Iod of) Yesod יסוד holds to the Central Pillar the additional light that was in it. The Central Pillar, is entirely complete, because of the peace he brought to all sides. Thus, It has received additional light from above, and from all sides, and the joy of all (four Iods and three Vavs = 22) is in It. And from this adding of delight, the foundation (יסוד Yesod) of the world issued and is called additional (Hebrew מוסף Musaf). From (this י Iod) here, "all" (Yesod) the lower powers, spirits and holy souls of the righteous, are emanated according to the secret of Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-Tzabaoth, which means that He (the י Iod) is a sign that appears in all his hosts. He is also called El, the Elohim of the Spirits, from whom all the spirits and souls of the righteous emanate.

"The night, Master of all Earth (Malkuth), is the feminine principle. She emanated from the left side (Binah), from that darkness (Saturn). Indeed, because the entire desire of that darkness was to be included within the Right Pillar, its power was weakened. When night began to expand from the left before was completed, the darkness entered and merged with the Right Pillar, and the right held on to it. Night then was left lacking.

"Just as darkness, desires to be included within the light, so too night desires to be included within day. Darkness abated its light; because of this, it produced the grade of the female incomplete and without light. Darkness, cannot illuminate unless it merges with the light of the right. And the same applies to the night, which is constructed in the left and emerges from it. It does not show any light unless it merges with the day (in יסוד Yesod). The defect of the night is not completed until the מוסף Musaf (additional prayer). So what was added to one place is diminished in another.

"The מוסף Musaf (additional prayer), contains the secret of the supernal point (which is the י Iod of אין Ain, inside the final ף Peh), and (the ו Vav of סוף Soph) the secret (סף threshold) of (the אין סוף Ain Soph) the Central Column, all sides. Because of this, the two letters (Vav and Iod) of "ויקרא Vayikra - and he called," were added to יסוד Yesod. In "He called (קרא kara) night: these two letters are missing. So kara, with the Vav and Iod is written ויקרא Vayikra. He subtracted, Vav and Iod from ויקרא Vayikra, and so it is written only "he called (קרא kara) night." Here lies the secret of the name with the 72 letters that are inscribed in the supernal crown.” - Zohar

"And Elohim said (ויאמר אלהים Vay’Amer Elohim; meaning, the י Iod of ויאמר Vay’Amer said to אלהים Elohim, let us illuminate the two Vavs of מאורות Meoroth), ‘Let there be luminaries in the firmament of the heavens.’" (since in Genesis 1:14, מארת Maruth, which is Hebrew for curse, is without Vavs). The (Vav of ויאמר Vay’Amer, And he said, is the) Male, (the “מי Mi” of ויאמר Vayamer, that contains the אור Aur, light that) shall rule over (the Vav of הארץ ויהי Ha’aretz Va’Yehi) the Female, as it is written: "And the (צדיק Tzadik) righteous (the right pillar) is an everlasting foundation (יסוד Yesod) of the world" (Proverbs 10:25), that illuminated both (Vavs), and illuminated and impregnated (with light) the Female (or left pillar through יסוד Yesod). Then י Iod unified within itself (by the blowing of the ה Hei that is between the two Iods of 'יהי Yehi'), ascended in its levels high up (to Kether through the middle pillar) and the Nukva (in יסוד Yesod) became dark (because through sexual alchemy, all of the light was extracted from it). Aima (or kundalini) shone (in the middle pillar) and opened her gates (in the Muladhara Chakra). So you - אתא atha (aleph- tav-aleph = six, the lovers, during copulation) is the Key that distills Barashyth בראשית that covered the entrance and joined below (in יסוד Yesod) with the one and the other. So, (do not fornicate, meaning) do not refuse י Iod the וו hook to open (פתח patach) הא Hei 5 + Aleph 1 = 6 (the lovers, the entrance).” - Zohar

“Come and behold: the Holy One, blessed be He, cannot reside in a place where male and female are not found together. Blessings can be found only in a place where male and female are (sexually) together. As it is written:

"And he blessed them and called their name Adam, on the day they were (הבראם Ha’Baram) created" (Genesis 5:2).

It was not said that He blessed him and called him Adam. So Adam was not called Adam, except as a male and female combined.” - Zohar

The word הבראם Ha’Baram (which in English means, “created”) is an anagram for the name אברהם Abraham; it also contains within it the word Amer אמר, "saying”, as well as with the words אב Aba (father), אמה Ima (mother) and the letter Reish ר Rosh, Head.

Lingam Yoni

           Ki כי

The mystery of "ויהי אור VaYehi Aur," which is "And the light was" inside the Vav (spinal medula) of man and woman, is כי Ki, Kaf-Iod, the י Iod, the phallus and the כ Kaf, the uterus.

"Ki כי has said Vayehi - "כי הוא אמר ויהי” - Psalm 33: 9 

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