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Work Memory

"The establishment of a consecutive order of the different parts of the Work, related to this extremely serious subject of eliminating the psychic aggregates, allows us to generate a Work-Memory. This is quite interesting, and even extremely useful in the question of inner development. This Work-Memory can certainly give us distinct psychological “photographs” of the different stages of our past. As a whole, it will bring to our imagination a vivid and even repugnant imprint of what we were before beginning the radical psycho-transforming Work. There is no doubt that we would never wish to return to that horrifying image, that vivid representation of what we once were. From this point, such psychological “photography” is useful as a means of confrontation between a transformed present and a regressive, stale, clumsy and unfortunate past. The Work-Memory is always recorded on the basis of successive psychological events registered by the center of Psychological Self-observation." - Samael Aun Weor, The Great Rebellion