Witches’ sabbath

Gatherings in the fifth dimension (where common people dream) of those who are negatively awakened. These gatherings are rituals of degeneration.

“While asleep, the devotee was taken out from within his physical body. The festivity of the demons took place in the street. All the attendants were in their Astral Bodies. The neophyte practiced negative Sexual Magic with the loss of semen. This is how he progressed in the science of demons who presented themselves at the festival dressed in black tunics. That festivity was a true Witches’ Sabbath. When the orgy had finished, the left handed adepts escorted their beloved disciple towards a yellow temple. This was a cavern of Black Magic. Seen from the outside, this temple appeared to be a humble religious chapel. Inside, it was a magnificent palace. Inside the temple there were two floors (or levels) and magnificent corridors through which the tenebrous ones passed. The adepts of the shadows congratulated the candidate for his tenebrous triumphs. It was horrible to see the adepts of Santa Maria. The candidate was in compliance with it. The devil’s tail was visible on those astral phantoms. The festivity of darkness was magnificent. A priest of the Abyss climbed on a rock to give a sermon. This phantom was a sincerely mistaken one, a man of good intentions but fatally lost. Thus, this adept of the shadows solemnly said: ‘I shall be loyal to my religion; nothing will make me look back. This is sacred.’ Then the tenebrous one continued with a long speech which everyone applauded. “The guest of honor who had had the misfortune of awakening the Kundalini negatively was marked with a fatal seal. That mark was triangular and had black and grey lines. Before using it, this seal was placed into the fire. The mark of the seal was placed beneath his left lung. The tenebrous ones gave the disciple a fatal name which was engraved in black letters on his left forearm. The new black initiate was then led in front of a statue of terribly malignant beauty, which symbolizes the Black Goddess, the Kingdom of Santa Maria. The disciple, sitting before this statue, crossed his legs in the Anagarika style (with the left over the right). He then placed his hands on his waist and concentrated on the fatal Goddess. After everything finished, the tenebrous one returned into his physical body happy with his “triumph.” —The Two Marys

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