From recurrere "run back, hasten back, return."

Recurrence is the tendency of desires to return to the circumstances that nourish them.

"Time is round, and everything is repeated, at times in higher spirals, at times in lower spirals. The incessant repetition of the same dramas, the same scenes, the same events in each one of the one hundred and eight lives (that the cosmic law always assigns to every human soul) is interesting and yet simultaneously painful. Each life is a repetition of the previous life plus its good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant karmic consequences. When a man dies, the anguishing moments of his agonizing death, his last moments and realizations, his last sensations and his last fears are all found intimately related with the enjoyments of love that originate his new birth. A new life starts exactly under the same conditions as that of the previous one; clearly, it cannot start in any other way. According with the law of recurrence, when we are reborn again within this valley of tears, the past is converted into the future." —Samael Aun Weor, The Narrow Way

"The “I” that had a love affair at the age of thirty in a past existence will wait until that age in a new existence in order to manifest itself. When the moment arrives it will search for its dream lover and will telepathically contact the loved one. Finally the reencounter and reenactment of the scene will take place. The “I” that at the age of forty was involved in litigation over property will wait in a new existence until that age in order to repeat the same course of action. The “I” that at the age of twenty-five fought another man in a bar or pub will wait until that age in the new existence in order to seek out his adversary and repeat the tragedy. The “I’s” of one subject seek out those of another through telepathy, then reunite to mechanically repeat the same things. This is actually the mechanism of the law of recurrence. This is the tragedy of life." —Samael Aun Weor, The Great Rebellion

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