Laya Center

Sanskrit meaning, "point of dissolution" Laya is from the Sanskrit root li, meaning "to dissolve," "to disintegrate," or "to vanish away." A laya-center is the cosmic point where matter disappears from one dimension and passes to exist into another dimension. A laya center is the core-space through which the Logos applies the karmic law as a cause for any life in any dimension, from higher laya centers of higher parallel universes into the lower laya centers of lower manifested universes. A laya-center could be conceived as a cosmic vortex through which the Logos from superior spheres of consciousness pours down its creative energy into the lowers spheres, thus, animating, inspiring and breathing its own essence or substance into the lower parallel universes. The Logos is the cognizant or mechanical directive force or driving power of many degrees behind any laya center in any universe. Behind the laya-center of any evolving and devolving mechanism of nature stands the intelligence of the Logos. A laya-center is that core of the space where the substance becomes again homogeneous. Therefore, Any given laya-center exists in between parallel universes. Any Logoic Hierarchy, therefore, acts through innumerable number of laya-centers.

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