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Coin with Hermanubis (AD 247)


Greek Hermes + Egyptian Anubis. A name that first appeared in Roman Egypt to symbolize the revealer of mysteries of the lower world, not of hell or hades, but of our Earth (the lowest world in the chain of worlds), and also of the sexual mysteries. He was always represented with a cross or caduceus in his hand, one of the earliest symbols of generation or procreation. He is variously represented with the head of a human, dog or jackal (like Anubis), an ibis, or others.

"And Osiris has had his name from a combination of ὅσιος (holy) and ἱερός (sacred); for there is a common Reason (Logos) of things in Heaven and of things in Hades,—the former of which the ancients were accustomed to call sacred, and the latter holy. 2. And the Reason that [both] brings [down] to light the heavenly things and is [also] of things that are mounting upwards, is called Anubis, and sometimes also Hermanubis, belonging in his former capacity to things above and in his latter to things below [them]." - Plutarch

"Hieroglyphically to express this law of prudence, they [the alchemists] gave their Mercury, personified in Egypt as Hermanubis, a dog's head..." - Albert Pike

Tarot 10

"In this wheel [of the Arcanum 10 of Tarot], we find the battle of antitheses. Hermanubis rises on the right and Typhon descends through the left of the fatal wheel. This is the wheel of the centuries, the wheel of reincarnations and of karma." - Samael Aun Weor, Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot

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