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Al (as a connotation of the Arabic word Allah: al-, the + ilah, God) means "The God." Also Al (Hebrew) for "highest" or El "God." Chem or Khem is from kimia (Greek χυμεία) which means "to fuse or cast a metal." Also from Khem, the ancient name of Egypt. The synthesis is Al-Kimia: "to fuse with the highest" or "to fuse with God."

"Q. What precaution should be taken in reading the Hermetic Philosophers? A. Great care, above all, must be observed upon this point, lest what they say upon the subject should be interpreted literally and in accordance with the mere sound of the words: For the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life." - Paracelcus, Alchemical Catechism

"In Hebrew , Alchemy is written as אלכימיה Alchimiah. Analyzing this word kabbalistically, we see that it is composed of El אל + Chemi כימי + the letter Hei ה. El אל means “god.” Chemi כימי means “as in the days.” So, the first part of the word is אלכימי “in the days of God,” which clearly points at the book of Genesis / Barashyth, where we find the alchemical story of the seven days of creation. Then, there is that letter Hei at the end of the word אלכימיה Alchimiah. Hei ה means “the.” The letter Hei by itself means “behold” and also means “breath.”  Thus, אלכימיה Alchimiah can mean “In the days of God, behold…” or “In the days of God, breath…” —Zohar Ha-Adam, זוהר האדם The Man of Splendors

In Alchemy, it is symbolically stated that there exist Five Atomic Ingredients with a Unitive Cement in order to acquire such fusion: Seed, Honey, Wine, Bread and Milk.

  1. Seed: Represents the Ens Seminis, the masculine and feminine creative energy.
  2. Honey: wisely represents the Bartholin glands or greater vestibular glands. These are two glands located slightly below and on both sides of the vaginal opening in women. They secrete mucus to provide lubrication, especially when the woman is sexually aroused, thus facilitating sexual activity.
  3. Wine: Is the same Ens Seminis, transmuted or elevated to a higher scale of vibration by means of the alchemical transmutation, which is magisterially symbolized in the biblical narration of the transmutation of water into wine in the weddings of Canaan of Galilee.
  4. Bread: it is a clear reference to the Solar Bodies, the Existential Vehicles of the Being; the outcome of the Alchemical Work.
  5. Milk: Symbol of the Developed Virtues.
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