(Hebrew אדמה) “ground, earth.” Genesis 2:7 says, “God [Adonay Elohim] formed man [Adam אדמ] out of dust of the ground [Adamah אדמה], and breathed into his nostrils a breath of life. Man [Adam אדמ] became a living creature." The Hebrew word for ground or earth, Adamah is related to Adam, the Hebrew word for man. Both words are also cognate to adom, meaning red, and dam meaning blood.

"The substance in itself, the famous Iliaster that reposes within the profound darkness of the abyss or bottomless space during the great cosmic night, it is indestructible. This is unknown to the modern scientists. The atoms proffer many surprises that the men of science, nuclear physicists not even remotely suspect. The atoms carry within their interior that which the Hebrews call "Igneous Particles", "Hashim" or "Igneous Souls ". These Igneous souls are formidable. The atoms cannot process themselves within the living constitution of matter without these Igneous Souls . Therefore, indeed, no one truly knows the power, for instance, of a few grains of dust. We can be sure that nobody knows the power which is enclosed or what it is capable of doing. The Hashim or Igneous Souls are enclosed within each atom (of Adamah 'the dust of the ground').The great Magicians of the east (Alchemists) know how to work with these igneous particles of the atoms, and in any situation, the atoms are impelled by these igneous particles." - Samael Aun Weor, The Aquarian Message

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