The Hebrew word Adam united to the Latin word Solus represents the Polar First Root Race who possessed a pure Androgynous-Physical-Spiritual existence. From them emerged the Second Root Race: the Hyperboreans, who expressed the Twin Souls , Adam-Eve or Iod-Havah, or pure Androgynous-Physical-Psychic existence. The Hyperboreans (by means of physical psychological transformation) originated the Lemurian Hermaphrodite Third Root Race, who when dividing themselves into opposite sexes (event symbolized in the Bible by the allegory in which the Inner Iod-Havah physically separates herself Eve “Havah” from his self “Iod” Adam) who by means of their physical fall divided their consciousness into Cain (the consciousness bottled up into Evil - the Mind) and Abel (the innocence of the Soul ). The innocence of Abel died by the evilness of Cain, who by means of regeneration produced the Atlantean Fourth Root Race, Seth-Enos. The Atlanteans (by means of successive transformations) originated Noah, the Vaisvasvata Manu (the son of the Hyperborean Surya, “the Sun”), the forefather of the post-diluvium race, the Aryan Root Race. The Fourth and the Fifth (the present Aryan Root Race) are the outcome of the tasting of the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil (orgasm) .

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