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The Book of Revelation is really a guide or an encoded document, which is written for initiates, written for students, or aspirants on the path of the Self-realization of the being. By initiates we mean those who are accomplishing the work, who are experiencing the path.

This is particularly true when we read the second chapter, when reading about the seven churches; of course we have already discussed that these seven churches are magnetic centers, psychological magnetic centers, energetic centers which reside in our physiology. The activation and full functioning of these centers only occurs in those who are actually working in the path - people who have already passed through some form of internal initiation. That is why such a person is called “an initiate.” Someone who is studying the path, or considering entering the path, can study the Book of Revelation, and try to grasp the meanings of the symbols, but its real application, its true, direct usefulness, is really for those who already making some steps, those that have already accomplished some degree of work. So we can say that the real comprehension of this book is reserved for those who are working in the path of initiation. This means that we have to have patience, we have to have a great deal of discipline in order to understand the real meanings of the text, the very practical meaning.

Having introduced the first few churches, we have now arrived at the heart. The church Thyatira is related with the heart, which is related with the chakra Anahata (Sanskrit). Thyatira is the 4th of the 7 churches; being the 4th, we understand that it will have a relationship with the number 4, but also when we look at the structure of the Tree of Life and count from the bottom sphere up, we arrive at the 4th: We are talking about Netzach, which is related with the mind, with the mental body. When we study this church Thyatira we are really dealing with important qualities of the heart and mind.

"Unto the angel of the church in Thyatira write…"

This is indicating that we have to work in practical steps. The deeper meaning of this sentence would be:

"And unto the angel (or Atomic Intelligent part of your Being) of (the cosmic forces congregated in the Chakra Anahata – Intuitive Center, which has the ability to perceive our Being’s Spiritual Insight in order to direct the activities of our life - which in your spinal medulla is) the church in Thyatira (that is related with the cardiac plexus at the height of the heart, where, by means of Initiation, all thoughts are infused by the Divine Fires of Nous) write (send through Nous the Divine emanations of your Inner God)."

The angel of this church is an atomic aspect, or one part of our inner Being, a kind of intelligence which is within us. And each of the 7 are of course magnetic centers, or energetic centers which have the capacity to transform energy in a particular way. But the use and activation of that church is only granted to those who earn it, who have proven that they have the capacity to manage and handle those energies with wisdom, with prudence, and in accordance with the will of their own Being. That is to say, no one can open a church, or activate a chakra unless they deserve it - unless they have proven that they can be responsible.

The activation of any magnetic center confers power and abilities onto a person. Of course our own inner Being, that divine wisdom, that intelligence, is not going to give it to a foolish child, someone who is going to act foolishly.

So of course this church this chakra of Anahata is directly related to intuition. Now it seems that intuition is not well understood; to “be intuitive” or “to intuit” something, is to know without reason - without reasoning is to know something without have been told, to know something without having a good argument or having logic. So many people say, “Well, I am doing this because I feel it is right because of this or that reason, because I have these things support my decision.” Well, that may or may not be intuition; true intuition says, it is right, and that is all, intuition just knows. So in ourselves we have to look how to distinguish between instinct, or those feelings that we have in our guts, in our instinctual center, verses intuition, which is more a quality of the heart.

Real intuition comes to us in a very quiet voice, especially in the beginning. Intuition works in a very subtle way, and if our mind is agitated we cannot hear it. If the mind is very identified, if we are facing a very difficult situation, something like a big decision that we have to make and our mind is very active, very agitated, we will not be able to hear the guidance of our intuition. It is important to understand this because the best guide that we have to navigate life is intuition.

Intuition is directly connected with the intelligence of our inner Being, and it is through the heart, through the atom Nous, that our Being can directly give us pushes, impulses, guidance. But it will not come as a clanging bell, and it will not come as a loud trumpet, it will come in a little nudge, a little sense, a little feeling, subtle, quiet. So we have to learn how to listen to that. We have to develop the ability to be present, to be watchful, and to listen.

If we have a given problem, or facing some kind of difficulty, the best thing we can do is not think about it; this is very difficult, to not think and to instead listen to the voice of the heart. To develop that requires discipline, patience and a great deal of carefulness.

It is easy to confuse instinct with intuition because they both seem to come from somewhere in our belly, somewhere in our solar plexus, somewhere in that region, we have a sense or a feeling, “This is what I have to do.” And to distinguish or to discriminate between fear and intuition is not easy; fear can also vibrate within us as a subtle impulse, as a subtle push to act in a particular way. So it requires an additional tool in order to discriminate between these voices: of course, that is meditation. There is no better way to develop intuition than practicing meditation.

So in order to understand this church, this chakra, we have to understand that it is a center or an energetic center, a place for processing energy, which requires us to apply discipline and carefulness in order to activate it and use it.

In order to receive the insight, the intuition that we can get from our Being, we need to work with the chakra of the heart.

Continuing in the book we see that John wrote:

"These things say the Son of God, who hath his eyes like unto a flame of fire, and his feet are like fine brass."

The esoteric meaning, on one level, is this:

"These things says (the Atom Nous) the Son of (your Inner) God, who hath his eyes (spiritual insight) like unto a flame of (Christic) fire (that penetrates everything), and his feet (in the circulatory system) are like (a carrier of) fine brass (or a pure metallic feminine and masculine alloy attained by means of sexual Alchemy)."

What this passage is expressing is that the chakra Anahata is enlivened by the fires of Christic energy, Christic fire. And that Christic fire is developed in the process of alchemy, combining the masculine and feminine metals - those principles, but in purity, which of course is white Tantrism. This is the combining of male and female without lust: the combining of these two forces in purity. Truly, this is the very foundation of the book of Revelation.

When the chakra of the heart is being activated, it means that the initiate, the person who is working in the process of initiation, has already raised the serpent of the kundalini up to the heart. And in order for that to happen, that person has to be working in sexual alchemy with a spouse. The kundalini can only be awakened and raised by a couple working together. A single person cannot awaken the kundalini. So to awaken the fires of the heart, to fully activate the church of Thyatira, requires someone working as a couple - in a marriage - with white Tantrism.

Those fires arise vertebra by vertebra very slowly up the spinal column, up 33 degrees, little by little.

The entire process of awakening the kundalini, from the very first moment to the last, is conducted according to the merits of the heart. Well before this church is even activated, the heart is involved, so even to have the advent of the fire, even to awaken that fire in the very beginning, requires moral purity, moral progress, qualities of the heart. It is more so once we reach the activation of the heart center; to activate the heart center requires moral progress, but that progress of course is achieved by making changes in our behaviors: renouncing wrong behaviors and adopting good ones, and of course the basis of that is chastity.

Spiritual insight – intuition - is fed by that fire, as we transmute the sexual forces, as we conserve that energy.

We are cultivating a flame, an energy that is very real, it is not theoretical. That energy is a source of fire, a source of light, a source of fuel. That fuel is what empowers and enliven, activates the churches, chakras. So as we work in this way, gathering and storing the sexual energy, little by little, we feed better energy, more pure and more potent energy to each of these churches. This means that in particular when we open this church of the heart, little by little the capacities of that church grow and our intuition becomes clearer, becomes more comprehensible, and becomes more prevalent. This is a process, something that requires patience, and again the basis of it is in sexual alchemy.

So continuing with the book, we read,

"I know thy works, and charity, and service, and faith, and thy patience."

Obviously this has a deeper meaning than the superficial, the literal. Going deeper, we see:

"I (the Solar Logos or the Christ that nourishes your thoughts with divine fiery emanations collected by your Atom Nous through the cardiac plexus)"

The root of this energy - the sexual force - and that force as its distributed to our organism, to the blood, the breath, to the nervous system - the root of that is the Christ; that energy is sacred, that energy has the capacity to transform us into something better than we are. That energy is managed, directed within us by certain intelligent forces.

We know we have intelligence simply in the instinctive part of our physiology, the intelligence that manages all the physiological processes that are happening in us right now. But those forces are guided by a superior intelligence. Within the body we know the atom Nous is directly concerned with the development of superior energy and forces within the organism, particularly related with the blood, fire, with the energy that circulates in the nervous systems and the energy that feeds our spiritual body. The source of that force is the Christ itself; the atom Nous is like a charioteer, the one who is holding and controlling the direction of that energy. But that can only happen if we provide for it - if we waste our energy, then there is nothing the atom Nous can do.

If we do not give pure energy, if we do not transform energy the right way in ourselves, then instead that energy becomes corrupted and it feeds the development of what we call the Secret Enemy, which is a diabolic intelligence, which directs those energies into harmful behaviors and activities.

So it is really up to our will from moment to moment. This is not just to decide, “Well, I’m going to do the right thing and I am going to serve the atom Nous in myself and try to do good things,” that is fine – it is good to have that intention, but we have to perform it in action, and that action is from moment to moment within our mind, within our heart. It is not enough to simply believe in it or want it; we need to do it. This is not easy.

That transformed force is nourishing the heart, nourishing the blood. The book continues:

"I know thy works (or initiations, because here in the intuitive center or emotional superior center is where the sacred initiations that your Innermost receives in the Internal Worlds are registered)…"

As I mentioned, this chapter is really addressing people who have worked in initiation. To have a church or chakra active requires that the kundalini is awake and is being raised up the spine. And to reach this church of Thyatira requires that you at least have raised the serpent of the physical body - the first serpent of fire - up to the level of the heart, at the minimum, and of course that is a big accomplishment – it is only the very, very, beginning of the work, but it is a great accomplishment.

Those initiations, for example the initiation of the first serpent, are not received by us. Initiation is something that is bestowed upon our own inner Being. We as terrestrial people do the work; we perform our part, which is to work on ourselves, to save our energies, to learn. When the given process is complete, when we have satisfied the tests and ordeals related to it, the actual initiation, the gift, is not given to us: it is given to our Being. It is given to that divinity which resides within.

Our pride does not like that, our pride wants to say, “I have accomplished something, I have received a certain initiation, or I have raised the kundalini a certain amount,” or even to the point of saying “I have awakened the kundalini,” - we feel very proud of that, we want to show everyone, we want to tell everyone, maybe in a subtle way we want to broadcast it. This is the quickest way to lose any initiation; the quickest way to corrupt yourself is to talk about it, to broadcast it.

Initiations should never be spoken of; this is something that is very intimate, very sacred, very personal. Moreover, it has nothing to do with you: initiations have to do with the Being, and the Being receives them for His glory, not for ours. We do our work to glorify our Being. We perform our processes, transmutation, meditation, work on ourselves, we do all of that, for Him.

Firstly, of course we take ourselves out of suffering, we are tired of suffering, but the benefits that come from those works have to be dedicated to our Being. If the ego takes credit, then we are walking in 2 directions at the same time and you cannot do that, you cannot serve two masters. If your ego is taking credit for your works, for your meditations, for your sacrifice, or your initiations, you are walking in the wrong direction.

Initiations are directly related with our emotional center, with the quality of our heart. Again: everything in initiation is based on the merits of the heart.

The book continues:

"...and charity, and service, and faith, and thy patience, charity, service and faith, and patience."

Of course these are the virtues that we cultivate, that we activate, that we enliven, when this church of Thyatira is awakened. Do not assume that if you work in the processes of initiation and awaken this church, this chakra, that these qualities or virtues will be bestowed upon you. It does not work like that. Virtues are crafted; not in the sense that we make them, because the Being does, and the Being makes virtues in us the same way that a blacksmith crafts metal.

The blacksmith applies heat and pressure to the raw elements, and that is what the Being does with us. We suffer, we have ordeals, we have difficulties, and we have to thank GOD for them. Of course, we do not want them; we want life to be easy and we tend to think that we deserve for life to be easy, and we think that since we are doing this Gnostic work, that we deserve gifts and virtues and powers to be bestowed upon us. When we face difficulties, we complain; when we face problems, we whine; when we receive criticism, we retaliate; when we are blamed, we proclaim our innocence. All of these demonstrate we do not comprehend the nature of this work.

The process of Gnosis is the creation of what is called Vajrasattva in Sanskrit, Vajrasattva, the diamond soul. Vajra is a Sanskrit word that means “thunderbolt” or “diamond.” Sattva, is of course “the essence of” or “the embodiment of.” So a Vajrasattva is a diamond soul, a perfected soul. To become that requires that all impurities are removed, and for impurities to be removed we have to apply heat and pressure; it is this way in nature, in all levels.

For the blacksmith to create a beautiful ornament, or the metal worker to craft a perfect piece of jewelry, they have to apply heat and pressure to those metals in order to extract the impurities. The same is true with our psyche, yet in this case, the one who is applying heat and pressure is our own Being. The fire itself is Christic. We as the raw matter are subjected to the fire, to the pressure, in order for all our impurities to come out, and our job is to observe them, to withstand it and not react, to observe it in order to comprehend, and to separate ourselves from those impurities.

The problem is we believe that we are the impurities. We believe we are our pride. So when we are criticized, or we think someone is betraying us, we feel pain; where do we feel that? In our heart. When someone is attacking us, saying things against us, we feel pain, we feel anger; where do we feel that? In our heart.

To activate this church and to fully work with the virtues and powers of this church requires that we learn how to manage negative emotions. To develop the capacities of charity, service, faith and patience, these are not just bestowed upon us, like GOD descending from heaven to give us a gift. They are earned. They are created.

To acquire the virtues of charity and service requires that we disintegrate pride, to have humility instead. To be a charitable person, to be of service to others, means that you need to be reducing your pride. Someone who is proud will only serve others to serve himself, like the publican and the Pharisee in the bible. This type of person will proclaim their service to others: “Oh yes I donated this much money, and I go and I serve in the homeless shelters and I go and I feed the poor and I do this and I do that.” This is pride, and this undermines the development of real charity and real service.

To develop faith requires works, it requires experience. Of course, in Gnosis we know faith has nothing to do with belief. Faith is based in experience, which means that when we have faith, we have experienced it, we know (gnosis). The virtue of Faith is arrived at precisely through experience. But real experience in Gnosis can only come when we have sincerity. When we approach Gnosis with greed, with pride, or with envy, we are not being sincere. We want experiences to feel pride, or we want experiences because someone else has had them and we want that too. Or we want to have experiences because we have a craving for sensations; we think Samadhi is a great ecstatic experience that must be a fantastic type of sensation that we want to experience; this is gluttony and greed. So long as we vibrate with that negative quality, we cannot develop real faith.

The whole process is related to the chakra Anahata, the church Thyatira, and of course it is going to encompass ordeals, challenges, difficulties, as the Being is applying heat and pressure to us, a great amount of heat through the process of ordeals, problems, difficulties, situations that seem insurmountable, a great deal of suffering and pressure, as the mallet of the blacksmith strikes against us, again and again. If we respond to all of that with humility, with patience, with meditation, we can separate ourselves from those impurities, and little by little positive qualities become revealed in us in the same way that the beautiful metals are revealed as the impurities flow out of it .

So what I am saying is that we do not create these virtues, the Being reveals them in us. We do not own these virtues, they are the Being itself. To say “I am humble” is a lie; the Being is humble, the Being has humility, and that light may shine in us if our ego is out of the way. But we as terrestrial people do not have virtues, we have the ego; if we work, and clean ourselves, the light of the Being can shine though us. We are just a vessel. We are a vessel within which a light can shine, if we clean the glass.

The book continues:

"And thy works, and the last to be more profound or to be more than the first."

Of course, coming right after these virtues of charity, service, faith, and patience, we know that “and thy works” is related to meditation. The science of meditation provides the only way we can understand ourselves, understand our lives, and understand the challenges we face. The intellect cannot grasp it. The intellect cannot penetrate all the workings of karma and all the workings of the complexities that surround us. In particular, the intellect can never comprehend the Being. So to work in this process, in opening this church, you cannot rely on the intellect; in fact, the intellect can poison it. We have to rely on superior emotion and superior intellect - and these aspects of our psychology are utilized through meditation:

thy works (of Meditation); and the last (level of Comprehension) to be more (profound) than the first (or intellectual), the last to be more than the first.

Obviously first aspect of our psychology that we apply to anything is our intellect, the most present aspect in most of us. We have to go deeper; we can only go deeper, have deeper comprehension, have deeper understanding, when we learn how to meditate.

So the book continues:

"Notwithstanding, I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat impure things sacrificed unto idols."

The esoteric meaning is:

"Notwithstanding I have a few things against your (discernment), because you suffers that woman (or protoplasmic lunar Mind) Jezebel…"

“Jezebel” indicates the self-centered, egotistical, vain, animal psyche - the animal mind we have within.

Now we see how these numbers 3 and 4 are related here. We talked about how this church Thyatira is related with the heart, Hod, the 3rd sephirah, the sphere of Hod, but it is also related with the mind, the sphere of Netzach, the 4th sphere of the Kabbalah.

Jezebel is our animal mind, the lunar mind, in other words our ego.  It is all of the animal elements that we have in our psyche and we process in our animal intellect, through our inferior emotions, through our bestial instincts, and our animal passions, who by means of fanaticism, sophism, politics, journalism, diplomacy, and materialistic science, etc. calls herself “a prophetess.”

The animal mind is very much in love with itself, and this animal mind is that diabolic intelligence which is feeding our politics, our newspapers, magazines, TV shows, movies, our music, and we worship that, we ingest that food on a daily basis, hungrily. This is what “to eat impure things” means - to consume the food of Jezebel, or to consume her teachings, is to take all these impure ideas, impure theories, her concepts, impure images from materialistic science, from atheism, from our culture which worships fornication, worships crime, worships gossip, and envy, vanity.

She calls herself a prophetess because the animal mind believes that it knows, the animal mind, our own ego, believes it knows the best things to do, it believes it knows what is right and good, it believes it knows what to do and how to behave. This is why when we encounter Gnosis we are shocked, because our animal mind believes that it already knows the right things to do and say and believe. This is Jezebel in us; but that same force is active in our environment.

There are many people who enthrone their own Jezebel (their animal mind) and they teach Gnosis, they teach religion, they teach spirituality, but they teach it in a impure way, mixed with pride, with envy, with lust. So that is why the scripture says “to teach and seduce my servants to commit fornication.” The servants are of course the initiates, anyone who is truly working with the forces of the kundalini.

Jezebel is present everywhere, trying to convince the initiates to mix their teachings with the teachings of Jezebel; what does that mean? There are many who want to mix the sacred doctrine, the doctrine of the Christ, with impure doctrines. For example, channelers, mediums, these are people who open themselves up to spirits who come and teach, and give oracles, making prophesies, but who are these spirits? Well, they call themselves Jesus or St. Germain, or Cagliostro, or Moses. But anyone can call themselves whatever they want. These spirits teach a little bit of the truth and a little bit of a lie; they mix the sacred doctrine with impure things so they corrupt the mind of the students.

In the same way, we have teachers and students of the sacred doctrine who mix the pure teachings with modern psychology. Modern psychology, materialistic psychology, is an invention of people who are stumbling in the dark. It has some helpful things, but it has a lot that is harmful, and when we mix that teaching with Gnosis, we are blending elements that are not compatible and the result is poison. Put a little poison into a pot and the whole pot is spoiled.

When we take teachings that mix elements of impure doctrines of grey or black Tantrism, when we take teachings that are related to channeled material, teachings of black magic, teachings that involve any efforts to manipulate the will of another person, then we are mixing impure things, we are corrupting the doctrine.

The problem occurs because the student relies on the intellect.

Real gnosis, the true doctrine, the sacred doctrine is not in any book. Truth cannot be communicated; it has to be experienced.

The mistake that the student can make - very easily - is to make the assumption that the book is the truth; it is not. The book is a signpost.  The truth has to be experienced, and this has to do with the heart, not the intellect.

So the student, hungry for experience, for direct knowledge, studies, and tries to understand with the intellect, but does not activate the heart. That person will remain hungry and seek food to feed the mind, because they have not activated the heart.

What this means is that a student may come to Gnosis and read the books, study the books, become very impressed, but if they are not working in the right way, if they are not meditating in the right way, if they are not opening and activating their heart through inner change, if they are not listening to their intuition, but feeding the mind, feeding the mind, feeding the mind, they will become tired, that craving will not be satisfied, the craving of Jezebel. And so they will start to search in other books, maybe reading books of witchcraft, reading books of psychology, reading books of other religions, and they will start to mix, because they are not having the experience in themselves, in their heart, and the mind is hungry, Jezebel wants to eat, wants to feed, so they start searching elsewhere and they become diverted. And they do this believing that since Gnosis is the doctrine of the synthesis, they should be able to find it anywhere.  This is a subtle mistake. It is unfortunate, and it shows that the student really should develop their heart.

The heart is developed by the fires of the cosmic Christ, which enliven our intuition and opens the doors for us to receive the direct guidance of the Being. That does not require that we have the kundalini awake; certainly it is stronger if the kundalini is awake, but opening the heart can begin immediately. The difficulty is we tend to over develop the intellect, and what we need to learn is to balance the heart and the mind.

In Egyptian mysticism, we always see the image of Anubis with the scale, and this has different meanings; of course, he is measuring good vs. bad, dharma vs. karma, but he is also balancing a measurement of the heart vs. the mind. On one scale we see a jar, and the jar is a symbol of the heart; on the other scale, we see a feather, and the feather of course is related to the air, related with the mind. So for the initiate to work properly on the path we have to have equilibrium, which is the balance of the heart and the mind, or these two working together in harmony. We need to study, we need the intellect, but in the West in particular, the heart is dead; we have to open the heart, we have to balance them together.

Opening the heart is not an idea, it is not just a nice thing to talk about. It is something that has to be felt and experienced.  You cannot fake it.  Many people act emotional, sensitive, compassionate.  But someone with an active and living heart can feel the fakeness of others, and can feel things that an intellectual cannot comprehend.

The life of the heart is felt through qualities of emotions, which many Westerners have lost the capacity to feel.

The heart is opened through meditation. It is opened through transmutation. It is especially helped with vocalizing, particularly the mantra O. To extend that vowel O directly impacts the heart, and causes it to vibrate.

This is an excellent practice; spend a certain amount of time everyday concentrating in your heart, visualizing a light glowing in your heart, a fire warming the heart, and vocalize aloud the sound O. This is a very strong food you can give to your heart.

Of course, if you are listening to really loud music, you are doing the opposite, for example the people nowadays who have very loud speakers in their homes or in their cars; that vibration is damaging the heart, destroying the emotional center, with the rap music and the metal music and other things like that. That vibration is extremely damaging to the emotional sensitivity of that person. And this is why we see many people who listen to that music become very cold emotionally, even cruel, very angry, very mean, because their heart has been damaged. Listening to good music, sacred music, this opens the heart, awakens the heart, and feeds it.

The qualities of the heart are subtle. There are great, strong feelings, but we have to develop the capacity to feel the subtle ones, little differences, little changes, and this has to be done in balance with the intellect.

Many students are attracted to Gnosis or to spirituality because they want to have an understanding of things that are beyond the physical world.  Perhaps we have had a dream where we knew we were dreaming, or we had an experience where we awaken out of the body, or we have an experience in meditation; all of these experiences are fueled by the energies of the heart.

The capacity to be awake in the astral plane is based upon emotional energy, and if we are wasting our emotional energy during the day through pride, fear, envy, we will have no energy to have those spiritual experiences at night.

People who abuse the intellect by reading and theorizing always wonder why they do not have experiences of the astral plane: and it is because they are abusing the intellect and ignoring the heart.

If we are identified all day long with our anxiety, with our fear, with gossip, with resentment, then we cannot have our intuition working properly because we are wasting our energy.

Moreover, if we are identified with our intellect, analyzing, theorizing, reading too much, having useless conversations, trying to conceptualize very complex theories, we are wasting energies. We are stealing energies from the heart to feed the mind; the intellect is over-developed at the expense of the heart. And the intellect in us is already far over-developed.

The one who achieves the capacity to travel in the astral plane, to have comprehension in meditation, to have the powers of the heart awake, is one who has opened the powers of the heart by balancing it with the intellect.

The heart center can be awakened again by listening to the music of the great masters (Beethoven, Wagner, Verdi, etc), by meditation, by becoming more mystical.

In one of the Upanishads (which are the commentaries on the Vedas) is written:

Put away scholarship and be like a child.

Of course this reminds us of Jesus. He says:

And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. - Matthew 18:3

This is the innocence of the mind. It is not to be naïve like a child, or inexperienced like a child, it is to have the quality of the mind of a child, to have a mind that is open and at rest, that is not fascinated with foolishness, with theories, not worried about transient things.

So this book continues:

And I (The Cosmic Christ, Vishnu, Avalokiteshvara, Kwan Yin) gave her (through the doctrine of my Avatars, Angels or Messengers) space to repent of (her animal behavior by transforming his inferior nature into a superior and thus finishing with) her fornication; and she (persistently, throughout many returns) repented not.

The cosmic Christ out of compassion gives us the opportunity to repent of our mistakes. But of course humanity - being very identified with desire with material things, with lust - chooses to follow the teachings of Jezebel, the animal mind, and of course does not repent for its mistakes. The cosmic Christ gives us the opportunity to change and this is clear in the Gospels. But Jesus says that we have to become perfect like our father in heaven…

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. - Matthew 5:48

And St. Paul says:

Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. - 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

This means we have to change, we have to stop being what we are. The book of Revelation continues and says:

Behold, I will cast (this protoplasmic mind and) her (animal elements) into a bed (or cultivated, planted Abyss of corruption, which she Waters with her own corrupted lustful adulterous sexual foulness), and them (all those animal inhuman elements) that commit adultery with her (animal reasoning) into great tribulation (karma), except (if by meditation they comprehend and annihilate their engenders from hell and thus) they (liberate these particles of God trapped within them, meaning, except they) repent of their (inhuman) deeds.

We suffer right now. Some of us suffer intensely. We have to look at the cause of suffering. The cause of suffering is our own mind. What suffers in us is the mind itself. The mind suffers because it contains karmic elements or impurities, which vibrate in such a way that we suffer. We are trapped; we as a consciousness are trapped within that suffering. That is, these particles of the Being, sparks of consciousness, are trapped within the ego, and so that consciousness suffers, therefore we suffer. In order to transcend suffering, in order to escape suffering, we have to extract the consciousness from those impurities. Right now is our opportunity; life itself is the opportunity to change.

Out of compassion, the cosmic Christ is applying karma to humanity; that is the heat and pressure of the blacksmith who is sinking those impure elements into the heat of the forge, which is the application of karma.

If we resist, if we complain, if we continue with bad behaviors, we have to sink deeper into that forge, that pit. But here is the difference. If we continue with our behaviors as we are, we will continue to sink within that pit, the abyss, the klipoth, until all our impurities are removed, but this will take a long time and is very painful. In these moments, right now, while in a physical body, we have the opportunity to accelerate the process of purification, by conscious will, by choosing to change, by demonstrating the willingness to take on the purification of our own selves.

If we do that, we receive help, a lot of help. That work is very difficult, but it is a lot easier than sinking deeper into the abyss, into suffering.  The work is painful, but it is a lot less painful than being recycled in the klipoth, through hell.

But to do the Work, to work on oneself, to actually accomplish it, not just to think about it, not just to believe in it, but to actually do it, requires the power of the heart. The intellect cannot do it. You cannot build a beautiful temple, a beautiful city, with one screwdriver; the intellect is a screwdriver, it is a tool, that is it. To build the celestial Jerusalem of the soul requires a great deal more than just the intellect.

As long as we remain attached to our pride, to our envy, our resentment against others, our selfishness, we remain victims of karmic cycles, karmic recurrences and we remain submerged in suffering.

So the book continues:

And (by means of the Second Death) I will kill her children (or the products of the animal mind)…

The Second Death is the completion of that recycling process through the depths of hell. To reach the stage of the Second Death requires thousands of years of suffering, intense suffering. The actual moment of the Second Death is when all of the ego is purified out of the consciousness of a person, and what remains is the Essence, the spark of the soul, the embryo. Unfortunately the one who passes through those many, many years of suffering in the submerged worlds and comes out the other end through the process of the Second Death has gained nothing, they have nothing to show for it.  They have simply suffered for a very long time, and they come out of that process the same as they started millions of years before: a simple spark which does not know itself.

And (by means of the Second Death) I will kill her children (of this animal mind, meaning, all of the intellectual animals who dwell on this planet earth: atheists that make business with oil, Gold and silver, precious wood from deforestation, brass, iron, marble, bread; and hypocritical Pharisees that make business with the souls of men) with death (in the abyss);

The cosmic Christ is the great architect, the one who has put in place the laws and processes of nature for the great purpose of helping souls develop themselves in order to return into the Absolute as perfect beings. Even though it may be hard to comprehend, hell is an important part of that structure, and it exists out of compassion, to give those souls, those sparks, a chance to try again, but they can only try again once they are purified of their karma, purified of their wrong actions.

We remain trapped and in danger as long as we are identified with the animal mind, with the sensations that we get when we make a good sale, the sensations that we get when we make money, with the sensations that we get when we buy some new product, that we believe will make us so happy… Those sensations are what keep us attached to the ego, to pride, to materialism, and those egos are what keep us cycling through degeneration, trapped in suffering.

What is worse are those that make business with the souls of men, that make religion and spirituality into a business, into a money-making venture. This is a blasphemous crime, but of course it is very common now. The teachings of the Christ are given freely out of compassion by the Christ itself. The wisdom, the knowledge, the understanding, for any soul to accomplish its very purpose, that wisdom should be free. That wisdom should be made available without restriction. The very well-being of the soul of a man depends upon it, and to restrict him from accessing it because he cannot give you money is a gross example of the teachings of Jezebel, the animal mind. In particular, to say that to receive these teachings we have to pay not only hundreds, but thousands and in some cases tens of thousands of dollars to receive help, is absurd.

Jesus did not charge money, he gave freely out of compassion. Buddha did not charge money, neither did Krishna nor Mohammed nor Quetzalcoatl nor Padmasambava nor any of the great masters who taught the true teachings; not one charged a cent. They gave freely of themselves, sacrificing their own well-being, giving everything they had in order to help others, without any restriction whatsoever.

The student is well-advised to bear this in mind as a measure of a true teaching or teacher. A teaching that is charging money is a teaching that has a weak foundation. A teaching that demands money is a teaching that is questionable.

The qualities of the heart are charity and service. True charity, true service, is given freely.

…and all the churches (magnetic plexuses of the spinal medulla) shall know that I am he (Christ, the breath of life in the blood) which (through the circulatory system) searches the reins (the chakras of the kidneys the suprarenal glands, seat of carnal affection and passion) and hearts (where the Atom Nous –or coachman - whose only concern is to lead the fires of the Christ who sits in the back – along the spinal medulla…

The Christ is that life, that force, that energy, which enlivens every atom that exists, but in particular that force and energy is active in our blood, which courses through the heart. And that process of the blood coursing through the heart is guided by the atom Nous who is receiving those Christic forces and energies from above, combining them with the sexual forces that we transmute, circulating them through our energetic system.

The atom Nous is the coachman who controls the reins: the suprarenal glands related with the kidneys. And of course the kidneys, as a purifying aspect of our physiology, are closely related with the forces of our sexual energy. The clairvoyant who observes the kidneys can see the quality of the sexual energy of a person. If the kidneys radiate a bloody red color, that person is obviously very lustful, but if the kidneys radiate a pure white beautiful light, then that person is chaste.

The book continues:

But unto you (Gnostics) I say, and unto the rest (of people who sublimate their sexual energies to the heart) in Thyatira, and as many as have not this (abominable) doctrine (of Jezebel), and which have not (failed in the) known (temptations of Daath in) the (fiery passional animal) depths of Satan, as they speak (IAO); I will put upon you none other (karmic) burden.

This is basically a statement saying that for those who perform their work of transmutation, who reject the doctrines of Jezebel, who do not fail in their temptations related to their use of their energies, the Christ will relieve their burden. The Christ will intervene in relation to karma; this is the help that we receive.

The karmic debt that we each have is really unimaginable, if you consider how many lifetimes we have been processing through nature, and each of those lifetimes is a long period of performing actions and accumulating the consequences of actions.  This is a lot to answer for.

But that (fiery chaste fire) which ye have already (in your heart) hold fast till I come (to incarnate as your savior in the Venustic Initiation).

Of course this is after the 5th initiation of fire. This statement is saying that we need to hold on to the fires of the heart, to be patient and listen to intuition, to transform inferior emotions into superior ones until he arrives within.

And he that overcomes (his animal fiery passions throughout all of his Solar Initiations), and keeps my (chaste) works unto the end (or Annihilation of his animal nature), to him will I give power over (the Elementals that control the four elements: air, fire, water and earth) (that dominate the inferior nature of the entire populace of) the nations (of the earth).

The initiate who holds the energies, who manages the energies of the heart, the energies of the sexual force in purity, is assisted by the Christ and uses that energy to annihilate the impure aspects of the mind, to begin to reduce Jezebel. Through that process the initiate is retrieving aspects of consciousness; that combination of killing the impure elements and returning or receiving back pure ones gives the initiate power. Those fires of the heart, those forces that circulate in the blood, in the breath, give that initiate powers to control the elements.

And (under the Dominion, Wealth and Glory of his Innermost) he shall rule them (the elements of nature) with a rod (spinal medulla) of iron (willpower); as the vessels of a potter shall they (the inferior elemental forces of nature) be broken to shivers: even as I received (the power) of my (Inner) Father.

Firstly comes the power to control the elements within, as we face our ordeals of life. All the ordeals are processed in accordance with the four elements, which are water, air, earth and fire. And of course related to the heart we are dealing with processes of air, related to the mind with Jezebel. Gaining control over the animal mind in turn gives power over those elements, and that power is rooted in the spinal column, the rod of iron, willpower. And that will, is will that is expressed over, or dominating the animal elements that we have within, and how is that will developed? Through transmutation, through listening to the intuition that arises in the heart; we have the will to transmute, the will to change, but that will has to be guided, has to be guided through the intervention of the Being, and we know that will when we listen to our intuition.

And I will give him (through the resurrection in the fire and in the light) the morning star (or Venustic Initiation that announces the birth of the first begotten of the light - Christ - into the heart of another perfect one in the dawn of creation).

This is the announcement of the birth of the Christ in the heart of the bodhisattva.

He that hath an (awaken spiritual) ear (Chakra Vishuddha), let him hear what the (Ruach or) Spirit (of the wind) says (throughout the bloodstream) unto the churches (or magnetic centers of the spinal medulla).

He that has awakened the Chakra Vishuddha, the spiritual ear, let him hear what the Ruach Elohim the spirit says unto the churches, that is the wisdom that we receive from within.

The awakening of the heart, the opening of the heart is something that is accomplished in degrees; something that has to be arrived at with patience.  It cannot be forced. The initiate who wants to accomplish these works has to act in prudence, that is to say we need to work in balance everyday.

In a given day, we should work with all three brains, we should have a little time where we have some physical activity, we should have some time where we have emotional activity, and some time working with the intellect.

Working that way, we learn how to balance and how to equilibrate the three brains, and we may quickly find that there are certain aspects of our development that we have been ignoring. And I would guess that most people find that they completely ignore the development of the heart, that they spend all their time in physical activity, or intellectual activity, but no time at all developing the heart.

A good exercise, a good practical thing, very enjoyable thing to do to open the heart, is to listen to beautiful music. That is not to say put on classical music then go and read or to put on a nice symphony and then go and clean the house. What I mean by listening to music is to sit down and close your eyes and listen with your heart; listen to each moment of that music, not anticipating what will come, not analyzing the structure, not trying to figure out what key it is in, not trying to figure out what instruments are playing, but listening to the emotional qualities that are being transmitted through those sounds. Even better: go attend a symphony, go and see an opera, because the musical instruments produce a vibration which is very powerful and has a strong influence in the awakening of the heart.

Any Questions?

Question: (inaudible)

Answer: The question is about mediumship and spritualism, can we say the something about séances. Of course, a séance is just a group pf people inviting in spirits that they do not know. It is like opening up your door to have anyone in the streets come in, opening the door and saying “Hey anyone want to come in and talk?” but you live in a bad neighborhood, a really bad neighborhood.

Any other questions?

Question: Besides the initiates, Beethoven, Wagner and Mozart, which other composers should we listen to whose music is good for the heart?

Answer: There are hundreds. Franz Lizst, Chopin, Brahms, Verdi, Bach, Hayden, Vivaldi, there are many. All the great classical composers, not the 20th century ones, but previous to that.

Question:  What about really loud classical music, will it damage the heart because it is really loud?

Answer:  If it is hurting your ears, yes, you should turn it down, you need to listen in a balanced way. Having it loud so you can hear it and feel it is fine, it is really according to your taste, how you like to hear it.

Question:  How can people although asleep sometimes sense anger frustration or hatred in others, is it something to do with the senses of the heart?

Answer:  Well, we have to understand that the consciousness itself is the capacity to perceive, so to sense someone’s anger is no great feat; we sense that because we have it too, we vibrate in that way. To perceive anything is possible for any of us, so just because you sense anger in another person does not mean that your heart chakra is awakened.

What I am trying to point at is that the consciousness perceives, whether it is free of the ego or trapped in the ego. When you sense that someone is angry you sense that, but that does not mean that you are awake, it does not mean that the consciousness is free; to perceive something while free of ego is another thing. To perceive someone else’s feeling or anger or to see their thoughts is another thing.

The powers of the heart are related to intuition; they are really related to sensing things that are not necessarily visible and are not necessarily perceivable by, let us say, instinct. Instinct can also sense fear in other people or anger in other people; we instinctually feel with our lust, you can be facing one direction and sense there is something lustful to see behind you and turn all the way around to see it; your intellect did not know, your five senses did not know, but your animal instincts did. That doesn’t have anything to do with the heart, but to sense something with the heart is for example to know something with out having any reason, even with out any visible perception, and to know it in a subtle way, in a quiet way.

For example, a person who recently said to me, “Did you send a letter to this other person?” and I was astonished because I  never mentioned anything, never said anything about it. But my friend knew, just had a feeling, and according to my perception that was something that was intuitive. So the point is that we have different ways of perceiving through different parts of our psyche, some are infernal, some are superior and learning to discriminate them requires experience.

Other questions?

Question:   What is the difference between intuition of the heart and intuition of the Manipura Chakra spoken of in the last lecture?

Answer:  It is the same thing; intuition is a quality of the Being. Intuition is a sense of knowing, a way of understanding something; it is rooted in the heart, but it is also received through the telepathic center in the Manipura Chakra, it is also something that is related to the intellect, to the mind. So it is not something that is limited simply to the heart.  It is a power of the Being which utilizes many different aspects of our psychology and physiology.

Question:   Since the Being is the one who has the virtues, what qualities can the essence itself develop, is it just either asleep or awake?

Answer:   The essence is part of the Being; the Essence is the vessel through which the  light of the Being expresses. The Essence itself is the means by which the virtues of the Being are manifested, that’s all. We are asleep, so we need to awaken, we need to activate the Essence, we need to bring it to the front in us and make it work and when we do that, those qualities of the being will shine, but it doesn’t mean that we are the light.

All the chakras are related with each other. When you talk about one, they always relate to the other ones, and that is why you know in each chapter or each little section here we always read, “He that hath an ear let him hear.”

They are all related, they are all interrelated, they are all transformers of energy in our psyche that work together, but we activate them and open them one by one as the kundalini awakens. That does not mean that they are not functioning to some degree, even when the kundalini has not reached that level. For example, a single person who is not awakening the kundalini can still work with the chakras, can still do the vocalizations, can still feed them, and have sparks become active in them.  It is not the same thing as having the kundalini active, where that center is filled with fire, becoming fully active, but a single person can put some energy there and have sparks there so they will have intuition, they will have other capacities. You know, there are yogis and practitioners who work as a single person, and they worked with the chakras to a certain degree, but it is not the same as someone who has awakened one or more serpents of fire, and even beyond that, the serpents of light. So there are degrees, many degrees of work.

Question:    Could we say that information or packets of information being received through intuition is information being transmitted to us by the Being, or do other beings give that to us as well?

Answer:   Intuition is how your Being communicates with you, you understand what is right and wrong, what you need to do, because your own Being is communicating through that means, in your heart, in your mind, through the consciousness.

You can sense help from other beings, from other masters, from whatever forces may be trying to assist you, also through intuition, but that arrives because your Being allows it. The Being is the one that takes that information and gives it to you. That is to say, you as an Essence are part of your Being; everything you have and are in the positive sense is because of Him.  If you receive help, you receive guidance from any other source, it is because He allows you to receive it. Period.

And of course anything that is bad and harmful and wrong is your fault, it is Jezebel, it has nothing to do with the Being. We have to clarify that by saying, you have to be very careful about how you interrelate, how you transform impressions, how you receive assistance. You have to always, always, always rely on your Being first, always.

You may have an experience with a certain master or a certain angel, a certain entity; you may even have people come to you physically and say “this and that” to you – that is all fine, it is good to receive help, we need help; but always rely on your Being first. If you receive help, confirm it, and then act on it when your Being has proven it to you - has proven its value.

It is very easy for us to be deceived.  There are many people who may act humble, who appear to be very good instructors or very good people or even great masters, but they are not your Being. Your Being is the only one who knows what you need, and if you act on other peoples advice, other peoples help, its very easy to fall into mistakes.

Most of all, your Being wants to you to rely on Him.  If you continue relying on the help of others, always depending on someone else to tell you what to do, then how will you become the fully developed soul that your Being needs to shine through? A weak soul cannot transmit the light of the Being.