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The following text was utilized as the basis for discussion in a lecture of the free online course about the real meaning of the Book of Revelation.

Revelation 3

Chakra Vishuddha

"And unto the angel of the church in Sardis write; These things saith he that hath the seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars; I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead."

Which means:

"And unto the angel (or Atomic Intelligent part of your Being) of (the cosmic forces congregated in the Chakra Vishuddha – Clairaudient Center, which has the ability to apprehend the word of God and to comprehend the wisdom hidden within it - which in your spinal medulla is) the church in Sardis (that is related with the laryngeal plexus at the height of the throat, where, God creates with the power of the word) write (send the divine emanations of the sacred words or mantras, praying, conjurations and invocations that harmoniously vibrate with the Akasa Tatwa to all and each of the inner divine parts of your living God); These things says he (the Logos) that has the seven (esoteric vowels IEOUAMS that are sounds that in your plexuses vibrate with the seven) Spirits of God, and (who in Daath are the seven mighty Logoic rays of) the seven stars (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn); I know your (hearing ability to perceive the spiritual wisdom of the word of God and to distinguish good from evil) works (because of your godly discernment), that you have the name (of your Inner God and) that you live (in Him as Tiphereth, the heavenly man) and (yet, as a terrestrial man) are dead (because your Inner God is not yet incarnated within your body of flesh and bones)."

Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God.

Which means:

Be watchful (so that you can hear and comprehend the word of your Inner God), and strengthen (your will by comprehending) the (egotistical) things which remain (in your animal depths), that are ready to die (by the Akasic Fohat of Mother Kundalini): for I (the Word made flesh) have not found (the knowledge of) your works (of comprehension) perfect before (the uprightness of your Inner) God.


Alpha, Aleph

"Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent."

Which means:

"Remember therefore (that in the beginning was ‘Alpha’ the Word, and the Word ‘Alpha’ was with God, and the Word ‘Alpha’ was God, thus, you must dominate the element Ether that vibrates in the Akasa Tatwa in Daath and) how you have received and heard (that the words of God in Daath are the keys that open Yesod, the door of Eden), and (therefore) hold fast (at this Akasa with sexual transmutation, mantras and praying), and repent (of your animal concupiscence)."

Image Omega

Omega, Tav

"If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee."

Which means:

"If therefore you shall not watch (inside and stay negligent to hear the word of your Inner God), I (the Voice of the Silence, the Fohat of Pure Akasa, the Alpha and the Omega) will come on you (as the Omega, the end, from within the destroying forces of the elements of Nature) as a (good) thief (that abruptly through many cataclysms and through the second death takes, that which belongs to God), and (because of your sleepy state, you will not hear or comprehend the warnings of your Inner God, therefore) you shall not know what hour I will come upon you (to collect the karma of your evil deeds)."


"Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy."

Which means:

"(Nevertheless) you have a few names (sacred praying, mantras, invocations which are divine atomic forces related with the word of God and the golden language) even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments (or auric spiritual values); and they shall walk (by means of vocalization during the power of Kriya Shakti) with me in white (in Immaculate Conception): for they are worthy (chaste)."


"He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels."

Which means:

"He that overcomes (Nirvana and chooses Renunciation), the same (will become a reincarnation of the Logos Chokmah and) shall be clothed (in Tiphereth) in white raiment; and I (Chokmah) will not blot out his (Inner Sacred) name out of the book of life (because whosoever knows, the word gives power to; no one has uttered it, no one will utter it, except the one who has the Word incarnated), but I will confess his name before my Father (the Ain Soph), and before his angels (the Cosmocreators, so that he can return into the absolute happiness by means of his final liberation)."

"He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches."

Which means:

"He that has an (awaken spiritual) ear (Chakra Vishuddha), let him hear (apprehend the silent sounds which teach) what the Spirit (the Fohat, the double edged sharp sword that protrudes from the mouth of our Inner God) says (by means of the sounds of the Akasic Waters) unto the churches (or magnetic centers of the spinal medulla)."



Today we are going to study the fifth church, the church of Sardis, thus we are entering into the mysteries of the word of God, related with the chakra Vishuddha. Marvelous knowledge is hidden within this church or chakra which we are going to disclose as best we can in order for you to benefit from the mysteries of the word of God, because really, if you visualize the tree of life (the ten Sephiroth), you discover that the imaginary man who is placed behind the tree of life has the Sephirah Daath precisely at his throat; and remember that Daath is Hebrew for “knowledge,” which in Greek is Gnosis.

We discover the mysteries of the word of God when we comprehend why the word in Greek for “word” is Logos.

In Gnosticism, “Logos” refers to the holy trinity (the first three spheres on the tree of life), the holy Triamazikamno, which is the law of three, the law that creates:

  • Kether, Chokmah, and Binah
  • Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva

In Gnosis we call them:

  1. the First Logos
  2. the Second Logos
  3. the Third Logos

So, here we have the Three Logoi who create with the power of the word; this is why they are called Logos.

Many Kabbalists place the upper Eden in Daath (the throat), while the lower Eden is in Yesod (the sexual organs). Remember that the word Eden means “voluptuousness.” This voluptuousness is always related with the creative energy, the sexual energy that creates in Daath (the throat), but it does not create in the way we (as animals) create in Yesod (the lower Eden). This is why when we talk about sex, we talk about Daath and the association of this Sephirah with Yesod, but comprehend that Yesod is the lower Eden and Daath is the upper Eden.

In the upper Eden, God creates with the power of the word. That word is what we call “fohat,” fire. This fohat is pure spiritual fire, which unfolds into many elements.

Among the elements known to physical science, fire is the one that has always eluded laboratory analysis. Physical science states that air is mainly a mixture containing the gases oxygen and nitrogen with lesser amounts of argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, neon, helium, and other gases—but mainly oxygen and nitrogen, of which oxygen is related with our lungs and nitrogen with plants. Chemically, science knows that water is a compound of oxygen and hydrogen. But what is fire?

Scientists always answer that fire is the effect of combustion; that it is heat and light in motion in a correlation with physical or chemical forces in general. But Gnostic esotericism states that the Logos—the word—is fire, it is fohat; fire is the most perfect and unadulterated reflection of fohat in heaven as on earth; it is the one flame; it is INRI. Superlative reasoning in its strict analogy states that the Logos, the word, is the sound of Fohat, the fire. Fohat is the only element, the one element within which the development of its flames or attributes—innumerable monads, or monadic essences in the seven cosmos or cosmoses—takes place through evolution and involution.

This fire or fohat’s characteristics are collectively reflected in each one of “the Seven Spirits before the throne of God” (which the book of Revelation talks about) which we Gnostics call the Seven Logoi; this fire is also reflected in each of the seven Tattvas, everyone of which contains in itself—in the same progressive order—a portion of the various fires and elements. These seven spirits or Logoi are, in other words, the seven words, or as we say in Gnosticism, the seven Weors, because “Weor” (ve-or, ve-aur) means “and light.” Light is related with the word, because the word itself is light, fire, vibration.

So then we have the seven Tattvas. The seven Tattvas are:

  1. prithvi
  2. Apas
  3. Tejas
  4. Vayu
  5. Akash
  6. Adhi
  7. Samadhi

These are the seven vibrations of the word. Tattva means “vibration.” These vibrations emerge from that blue substance which is the primordial matter, the Divine Mother, Her pure essence that we call Akasha or Akash. However, we also place Akash Tattva as the fifth element and we say that it is related with ether; this is because Akash modifies into different elements.

The seven Tattvas in themselves are really the garb, the vesture of the fire. So the fohat acts through the seven Tattvas—the seven vibrations—in order to materialize or crystallize in different dimensions into different matters. Remember that we have seven cosmoses: our tridimensional world is just one of them.

But why do we say that this tridimensional world comes from the ether and that it is a crystallization of Akash, and what is the cause for this tridimensional world to be called “Earth?”

Did you ever ask yourself why this planet is called Earth? Esoterically speaking, we know that the planet Earth is called planet Earth because we are in the fourth round or the fourth cosmic round, meaning that before this cosmic round there were three previous rounds or manifestations of the Logos, of the word, through the upper Tattvas.

The first manifestation—that was in the mental plane—was the Vayu Tattva. So the fire was vibrating within the Vayu Tattva, and from the Vayu Tattva it came into the Tejas Tattva, which is fire—not fire as the pure element, but an unfolding of that fire, because fire always exists in all dimensions, but the pure element, the one element that we call fohat, is the ray of Okidanokh, the Ain Soph Aur, the first emanation of the unknowable divine.

The third manifestation of that fire was in the vibration of Apas, or the tattva Apas, which was the third cosmic round.

Finally the fourth round appeared, which we are in right now, which is the crystallization of the Tattva prithvi, the Tattva of earth.

That is why in Kabbalah we state that all life that emerged on this planet Earth came from the three primary letters, which symbolize the three primary elements: Shin (fire), Mem (water), and Aleph (air).

Did you ever ask yourself why the element earth does not appear there Kabbalistically? Well, it is because earth is the whole planet, which is the crystallization of those three elements, meaning—as the master Samael explains—we inherited the three consequences or karma of the three previous cosmic manifestations.

So then, the whole Mahamanvantara (this word means “great cosmic day”) is an unfoldment of seven manvantaras or seven cosmic days, or we will say - in synthesis – it is the crystallization in different levels of the seven Tattvas or vibrations of the word. The future cosmic day according to the sequence of this Tattvas will be the ethereal world, which will exist in the fourth dimension, and then the next one will be the Adhi Tattva, followed by the Samadhi Tattva. These are two very high Tattvas that escape our intellectual understanding; scarcely in this day and age is even the ether talked about.

Ether is the fifth element, which is the Akash, and in this round the ether will become more visible in the physical world little by little as a fifth element. But the ether will really be in activity in the future cosmic day. Remember that we are in the fifth root race, the Aryan root race, and we are expecting the great cataclysm that will destroy this Aryan race. Another sixth root race is coming and after that another (the seventh) in order to finish with this prithvi cosmic day or earth fourth round. Thus in the sixth and in the seventh root races the ether will be more visible. This is in order to prepare the entrance into the next cosmic day where the seven main elements will act in the ethereal way; this is something that you have to grasp intuitively, because in this very moment in this fourth round in this tridimensional world, all the seven elements are acting in the prithvi way or in the material-physical way. With this we have to state that the word crystallizes in different dimensions in different ways.

The elements as we know them in this day and age were not as they were in the previous cosmic day. Take note here, for instance: science studies all the elements and they know that water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen; but when we Gnostics talk about water in itself, as an element, we are not talking about the compound element which crystallizes in this tridimensional world. We are talking about the water itself as a vibration of the word, which is called Tattva Apas. When we talk about the Tattva prithvi, it commands all the elements in this three dimensional world. Whatever the scientists examine in this day and age is the Tattva prithvi. All the Tattvas manifest through that Tattva physically—that is why they can investigate for instance the air; the air in this prithvi state is made of nitrogen and oxygen. They can investigate that and many other gases. But these are elements that are crystallized in this three dimensional prithvic world; it doesn’t mean that in the fourth, fifth, or the sixth dimension the air has the same elements: no, it is different, because it crystallizes in different levels. The water here in this three dimensional world is composed of hydrogen and oxygen. This is how it is manifested through prithvi. But water itself—as Tattva Apas—is different. It is a vibration that can crystallize in the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension, the sixth dimension, and all the dimensions with all of the elements. This is why when we investigate this tridimensional world, this materialistic-physical world, we discover that Earth—which is the Tattva prithvi—is compounded by multiple elements. The science of this day and age has discovered something like 112 elements.

The true human being of this present fourth round is composed by all the great elements fire, air, water, earth, and ether; behold, they are symbolized in the sphinx. The ether in itself will be that stuff that is between the paws of the sphinx. That’s why the sphinx is a great symbol of the forces of nature. The elementals which belong respectively to these elements obey the true human being by reason of their coessence, because the true human being is an individual that Self-realized these elements. His physical body is the earth, the vital body is the water, the astral body is fire (the Tejas Tattva), the mental body is the air, and the causal body is the ether, which is the element directly related with this chakra Vishuddha, since in order to create these elements (or bodies) we utilize the vibration of the word, because God creates with the word. This is why we say that the whole Genesis or creation of the true human being is made by the word; since we are in this tridimensional world we need the energy of this tridimensional world in order to come from the bottom by the action of Yesod (the sexual organs) in combination with the throat (Daath). That’s why in sexual magic we pronounce different mantras, and the main one is I-A-O: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or First Logos, Second Logos, Third Logos, which vibrate in our bodies when they act through this mantra related with creation.

Of course, you find many mantras, words, sacred powerful words that put in activity your sexual energy, or we may say in other words the liquid Akash. You see, we need to mantralize because in the sexual organs we have the liquid Akash, which is called semen (the sexual energy of either a man or a woman), the entity of semen or the Ens Seminis, which becomes activated by the word. That’s why it is necessary to pronounce the mantras when we are in the sexual connection, because through the throat the Logos acts, the word, the Father; however, it is not only mantralization: we have to be also in concentration, but concentration and visualization is related with the Ajna chakra which we are not going to talk about now because this is the topic of another lecture.

So, in the world of creation, Briah, the word is born from the one substance in nature, the Akash, and the root of it is the fohat. The seven Tattvas or vibrations of that primordial substance are the garment, the veil of the fohat.

The human being—whether physically, psychologically, mentally, or spiritually speaking—comes directly from that essence, from that fire of that Akash that we have in our sexual organs (that we can put into activity with the word, with the mantras). Only four elements are generally spoken of in relation with the planet and terrestrial people. For the Akash Tattva, the body of the ether, that Akash that vibrates in the throat, is not yet fully manifested in this tridimensional world and in the common human being; for this, the essence must be liberated from the mind, because this omnipotent creator or fohat, which abides within the ether, within the Akash Tattva, within the word, only creates when in combination with two Akashic Tattvas: the Tattva, the vibration, the word, which is the fire of the Akash Tattva in the throat (Daath) and the fire that is in the liquid Akash within the sexual organs (Yesod).

So, the fohat through Akash vibrates in the four elements, and is that which composes and decomposes the compound bodies. The crystallization of its Tattvas forms the compound bodies that contain numberless sub-elements that now - as already stated - are studied in chemistry and physics. So as you see, Daath or the upper Eden—the pure Akash—is the primordial matter from within which emerges the Logos, the fohat that manifests in matter.

So, this Logos, this word that acts in the creation of the true human being, is the one that incarnates in the true human being—if this human being takes the path of renunciation. The whole development of this word is an activity of the same word, or the same Logos. This is why the mysterious incarnation of the Logos always happens in Daath, and this is something that the Gnostics must comprehend and understand because it is related with the whole work.

Remember it is written in Relevation that from Daath—that is, from the throat—emerges the double edged sword; it protrudes from the mouth of the Logos. The Logos in itself is that sword, which means that the Logos has the whole knowledge (Daath) of the whole work that we have to perform, and since that word is that fohat, that vibration that is hidden within all of matter (whether in this tridimensional world or in other dimensions) it is capable of transforming the intellectual animal into a real human being, and that human being into a super human being—or better said, into a superman. But for that, we have to comprehend and understand how the Logos, the word, works in the throat with the sexual energy. This is why the master Samael explains that the whole work is with the sexual energy.

And I saw heaven opened (Daath, Upper Eden), and behold a white horse (Akash); and he (the Fohat) that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he (the Fohat) doth judge and make war.

His eyes were as a flame of fire (Fohat), and on his head were many crowns (Kethers); and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.

And he (the Fohat) was clothed (within the physical body) with a vesture dipped in blood (the blood is the vehicle of fire): and his name (in Daath) is called The Word of God (the Logos of God in the Throat).

And the armies (or Tattvic elements) which were in heaven followed him upon white horses (Akashic forces), clothed in fine linen, white and clean.

And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword (Daath, Knowledge), that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron (Thelema, Willpower): and (in Yesod, Lower Eden) he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath (Chai) of Almighty God (El Shaddai).

And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. - Revelation 19:11-16

So, if we want to walk on the path we have to work with the sexual energy and with the mantras, with the word of God.

Understand that the word crystallizes not only within one man but within many who follow the path of renunciation or the direct path.

But as many as received him (through renunciation), to them gave he (the Logos) power to become the sons of God, even to them (the Bodhisattvas) that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. - John 1:12-14

Of course these individuals (the Bodhisattvas) give the message, give the knowledge. This is why we always state that the bible is the word of God. People answer, “Well, God did not write it,” yet, they ignore that God is the word itself hidden within that knowledge (Daath). And when we say that it is the word of God, it is because it is related with the development of that word or Logos within the human being.

This is why those beings or Bodhisattvas—who acquire the development of the Logos in themselves—deliver the word, deliver the knowledge (Daath). This is why it is written, and why the master Samael Aun Weor always repeated many times the following phrase:

“Whosoever knows, the word gives power to.”

You see: whosoever knows is Daath, because Daath is knowledge. So, whosoever applies that knowledge of Daath, the word itself gives power to; the word is Christ.

“But no one has uttered it; no one will utter it, except the one that has the word incarnated.”

And that is an initiatic process, because the word incarnates in different levels.

This is how the chakra of the throat acquires the power of understanding the word, because here (in Daath) is the power of God that writes the word, that teaches the word and that comprehends what is written in the word or in the knowledge. And this is why all the great scriptures—whether they are the scriptures of Moses, the Prophets, Jesus in the Pistis Sophia, Mohammed in the Koran, or the writings of Buddha and many other writings of great initiates—are written in that way.

chakras The word is always hidden, and we have to liberate it. Why did these masters write in mysterious ways? Why did they not clarify everything? Because the word is always hidden, the Word is the mystery of God which we have to discover: it is inside of us.

The word is what makes us to be alive in this physical world. The word is vibrating in the Tattvas and these are vibrating in the vital body. This is why we stated that everything comes from the ether in order to return into the ether, because the ether is the Akash Tattva. And of course, this is why the mystery of all of this knowledge is given by Samael, because Samael is the fifth of the seven. Yes, if you count the chakras from the bottom to the top, the fifth is Vishuddha, which is the one that we are talking about, which is Gnosis or Daath; this is why Samael gives the synthesis or this is why Samael explains the other four gospels; because the meaning of them is in the throat (in Daath). Do you understand this? Do you follow this?

Vishuddha is called “the magic ear.” That magic ear has the power to listen, to comprehend, to understand the word of God. There is a phrase that says, “God works in a mysterious ways.” We say better, “God speaks in mysterious ways,” which are mysterious for the mind, for the protoplasmic mind, but not for the magic ear, not for the chakra Vishuddha, nor for the Church of Sardis, because there we have that element, that angel, that you might know according to the other lectures that we already gave on energy; in those lectures we stated that such an element is Phillip. Phillip is the apostle that understands and comprehends the meaning of the word inside of us and when we read any book. Philip is that power that comes from the Innermost and has different levels or degrees of development. Every initiate has his own Philip or understanding of the word, according to his own initiation, degrees, etc.

But the great meaning of Philip comes when that initiate reaches the throat. Meaning when that initiate reaches Daath, when that initiate enters into the 6th dimension, that is, into the world of the Gods, into his own Monad, or the lower part of that Monad which is called Superior Manas, or the Human Soul, Tiphereth, the Abstract Mind, where everything is abstract but has a meaning there.

So, this Tiphereth, this Son of Man is the one that comprehends the Word. Why? Because the Word, the Second Logos descends through the Third Logos into the primordial substance Akash in Daath, which is in this case the individual particular Akash that rose from Yesod to Daath.

In order to raise the energy (the Fohat) of the liquid Akash, the primordial substance or the Mother, which is the Kundalini in Yesod (the Lower Eden), in order for it to reach the throat, Daath (the Upper Eden) we have to reach the fifth initiation of Major Mysteries. That is the whole journey from Yesod to Daath.

So, when we reach Daath (the Upper Eden) in the fifth initiation we become the warrior of Akash, who is the Sattva that becomes united with the body of Chokmah that descended through the Third Logos into the womb of Akash, the Divine Mother. But if our individual Akash is there in Daath, it is because we placed it there. You see, everyone of us has their own Divine Mother, but we have to develop her essence within us: she is what is called the Kundalini. As the Kundalini, she has to rise in prithvi Tattva, thereafter, she has to rise in Apas Tattva, then She has to rise in Tejas Tattva, then She has to rise in Vayu Tattva, and finally She rises in Akash Tattva; meaning: physical, vital, astral, mental, and causal bodies.

So, in that Akash, in that causal body—where the Divine Mother is already risen within the human soul, her own son, her own Tiphereth—that Akash in Daath (Upper Eden) is ready for the descension or advent of the Second Logos, which belongs to any of the seven rays of the Heptaparaparshinokh, because another development of that Word is coming within that bodhisattva who renounces nirvana.

And where is Nirvana? Nirvana is there in the 6th dimension, in that Daath of the world of Briah, the world of creation. And this is how Chokmah, the Second Logos, enters into that Akash, which is the particular individual Divine Mother that rose from the physical body (Malkuth) to the human soul (Tiphereth). Thus, the Logos enters there and unites in Akash; the Logos is being born in Akash. We may say when remembering the Spanish language “Akash becomes su casa,” this is just in order to put a little bit of emotion here, you know, because you are just here, like with the open eyes reading this lecture, but your emotional center also has to be in activity.

Thus, from that casa or Akash, the Logos descends as a child into the body of that human soul in order to develop, to grow, and this is how it is written,

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. - John 1:14

And this is what happened within the soul of the master Jesus, and what happened within the soul of the master Samael Aun Weor, the 27th of October, 1954.

Everybody is talking about the advent of Samael in different forums, about the anniversary of the advent of Samael. Samael incarnated into Samael Aun Weor in 1954, within the flesh of his own Bodhisattva. And this is why Samael had the mission of explaining the four gospels, explaining the whole doctrine, the whole knowledge the whole Gnosis, because Samael is the Fifth of the Seven.

Of course, Samael transformed himself into a child and entered into Samael Aun Weor in 1954, thereafter he developed and grew up within him. Master Samael Aun Weor under the Logos Samael’s guidance destroyed all of his egos; and this is how Samael, the Logos, was completely alive within him in 1977. Yes, the whole of Samael, the Logos was within him; the whole fire; of course this is what we call the incarnation of the Logos.

In this case, Samael itself is the fifth Logos or the fifth Weor, because there are Seven Weors or Seven Logos, or Seven Logoi or Seven Spirits before the throne of God, the Word. This is how the word incarnated within him and this is how the word can incarnate in each one of us.

In the beginning, the Word manifests in different initiations. But the incarnation of the Word as in the Venustic Initiation is a great event only for those who follow the direct path. So, Chokmah, the Word, knows very well all of the initiates, because the word abides within all initiates. Thus, nobody can cheat the word. Do you understand why?  It is because the word itself is the foundation of matter and the foundation of creation of any internal body of any individual.

That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. He came unto his own, and his own received him not. But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God. – John 1:9-12

Samael is the fifth Logos who is in charge of this Fifth Root Race called the Aryan Race. He knows each one of us very well, because any Logos expresses in nature through the Tattvas. A Logos is an element of a sacred individual that is everywhere, who has the power of ubiquity. This is why it is written that the Logos knows very well each one of us.

And needed not that any should testify of man: for he knew what was in man. - John 2:25

He knows the heart of every human; this is something that we have to comprehend and understand because the Logos itself, any Logos of the seven, has in itself the other six. But it acts according to its own force.

And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne (central nervous system) and of the four beasts (symbol of the four elements), and in the midst of the elders (of the zodiac), stood a Lamb (the incarnated Word) as it had been slain (sacrificed through initiation), having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God (the Seven Logoi) sent forth into all the earth. - Revelation 5:6

In this case, we state that Samael, the fifth horn, acts in Scorpio. The sign of Scorpio rules the sexual organs. So the fifth horn vibrates in the sexual organs of everybody. Because it is the king of fire, it is the fire itself. This is why every Logos is dual because it is fire. It helps the evolution of the Monadic Essences that evolve through plants, minerals, etc. But it also acts as a devolving force, when the individual degenerates. Then that fire burns, disintegrates the matter. But it never is, we must say, adulterated. This is why the fire is the only element that cannot be examined, that cannot be tested in the laboratory. They do not know what the fire is. And this is why the bible states that the fire is God or God is fire, Fohat.

So, with this, what I am telling you is that the Master Samael—I am talking here about the Logos itself, the fifth of the seven spirits of the solar system, Samael the Logos, the Spirit of fire—knows every single Gnostic, because Samael vibrates everywhere. This is how a Logos can help anybody. However, Samael’s help as a helper or as a savior comes in different levels. The level which we are explaining here is related with the throat; that is when we incarnate that Spirit, when that spirit Samael enters. This is something that we have to analyze and comprehend, because if you see the story of all the great masters that incarnated the word, all they said that they will come back.

In Mexico, for instance, they were waiting for the second coming of Quetzalcoatl, who was an incarnation of the Logos. But people at that time misunderstood the meaning of “the second coming.” They mistakenly thought that Quetzalcoatl was that Spaniard called Hernan Cortez because he was blond like Quetzalcoatl was according to the legend.

So, Samael the Logos, Christ, the Cosmic Christ, also promised to return. Comprehend that the Cosmic Christ can return in any bodhisattva that follows the path of renunciation; the Logos is not submitted or encaged in any particular box. He has the power of creation as the word in Daath. And this is why the Logos says, “I am the alpha and the omega.”

Observe the letter alpha together with the letter aleph. They are equal; their shape is different, but each one of these letters has three lines.

The two lines merged like a pyramid united by one transversal or horizontal line in the middle is Alpha; these lines represent Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So, Alpha is the word that is in the very beginning.

Aleph also has three components, that is, one line united with two small lines. This is why Aleph symbolizes the wind.

In these three lines we find why: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,” because in Daath, God creates with the power of the word. On the other hand, when the word descends into Yesod—as right now for instance in our sexual organs—God creates through our sexual organs; so, sexually speaking, Yesod is the letter Omega, which - if you see the shape of the letter Omega and the letter Tav, which is also at the end of the Hebrew alphabet, You find that both have an opening in the very bottom. We depart from the Omega, whether we go up to the superior dimensions or down into the infradimensions; it all depends on how we use the sexual energy.

So the final journey of that ray of creation that emerges in the tree of life reaches the ninth sphere. In the ninth sphere we find the sexual organs, even though that you see at the bottom of the tree of life Malkuth. But if you follow what is after Malkuth then you find Klipoth with the nine spheres, and the ninth sphere is Yesod related with the sexual forces.

It is stated that Milarepa always sings his teachings with a soft voice, and he is shown with his right hand near his ear or close to the ear, which means the development of the occult ear, Vishuddha. With this he is showing that we need to learn how to listen, right? To listen with the Chakra Vishuddha. So that hand symbolizes the Chakra Vishuddha that we should put there in the ear in order to learn how to listen, to understand, to comprehend.

This is why Master Samael states: when you read a book, meditate on it, because the understanding of the word of God comes through meditation. The word of God is spoken when you know how to listen, when we are meditating, when we open our internal world; because the word of God is not going to be understood intellectually. Yes, we give an intellectual interpretation, but this we acquired with our comprehension, with our meditation, our analysis. We then try to explain this intellectually, which is very difficult. But we get it there by meditating again and again until we get the meaning of it.

Of course, as we said, the word of God crystallizes in us; for instance, in this day and age all Gnostics dream of reaching the fifth initiation in order to follow the direct path, because the teachings of the master Samael are the teachings for the direct path. Nonetheless, Samael knows all his disciples very well. In order to understand this, it is coming into my mind at this very moment something, we would say, funny, but not so funny, because he said the following:

“I know,” he said, “that many of my disciples when reaching the fifth initiation will enter into the spiral path. I am sorry if they want to follow the spiral path; they can go on the spiral, but I am a walker of the direct path. Thus, to all of those who follow the spiral, we have to tell them ‘goodbye.’”

He did not say all of that in English, he said everything in Spanish except the last word in English: “goodbye.” He meant with this to state that those who want to sacrifice for humanity have to learn English in order to enter into other countries in order to help. We do not have to identify with any language, yet, we comprehend that English is the international language that is spoken in different countries; thus, from that base we can enter into other languages.

Thank goodness Master Samael—who is the owner or the one that unveils all this knowledge—is giving us the opportunity to deliver this knowledge through the internet. It is not because we are super-wise, no! It is because the Logos has given us the opportunity to teach. That opportunity is given to those who follow the right path. Not the direct path. The direct path is the goal when you reach Daath. Yet, in this case when I said the right path, I meant that instructors must utilize the internet for the help of the souls, in order to help the souls. In this day and age you find a lot of students—pseudo-Gnostics that utilize the internet—that utilize the word of God or Gnosis in order to slander, in order to criticize their neighbor, in order to defame “such and such” master and state that such a master is fallen and that this other one is a black magician and so on and so forth.

The Gnostic Teachings website utilizes the internet in order to explain the knowledge—this is its main objective—and to show the dangers. But we do not want to go into the particular life of anybody and to gossip about what this or that person is doing; we have no business with the private life of any one. The business that we all have in the Gnostic Teachings website is to explain the doctrine, not to criticize the private life of anybody. This is something that we have to learn when we deal with the throat, because the meaning of the word is hidden from the Pharisees, those Pharisees that think that they own Gnosis; those Pharisees that think that we have to follow their rules in order to conquer.

There are certain groups or pseudo-Gnostics that state that if we want to walk on the path we have to follow them. Of course, this is incongruent because the only one that we have to follow is the Inner Christ, the Word; yet, for that, we have to awaken.

All of us here in this physical world are demons who want to become angels. Why do we state that we are demons? Because we have the ego alive, or the red demons of Seth, as the Egyptians stated. The red demons are all the egos inside, thus, in synthesis all of us are demons—repented demons, perhaps, but it is funny sometimes to hear or to read in the internet or to hear from pseudo-Gnostics that “such and such” man is “a black magician.” Yet, we say, “Here is this person—a demon—accusing another demon of being a demon.” This is really absurd. Instead of accusing or seeing the splinter in the eye of the neighbor, let us take care of the trunk or the big ego that we have inside, and teach the real doctrine.

Moreover, we have to stop boasting about ourselves, because there is a lot of boasting everywhere: i.e. “I am this or I am that.” Listen: we are nothing. The Logos is the Logos, and we have to die psychologically. This is the doctrine of the dead. The master Samael brought “the doctrine of the many,” the many egos that have to die through the Buddhist annihilation.

Only those that are Resurrected Masters are holy. Before resurrection—even if we reach the fifth initiation—we are not holy. Because with the ego alive, why do we boast of being holy? God is holy, but we are not holy.

So, those many pseudo-Gnostics who are trying to acquire followers, or those who are following personalities, are ludicrous. It is true that we need to have an organization here, and that many Gnostic groups have organizations in order to spread the knowledge: good; but we do not have to state stupidities - for instance - what if we state that if you want to really walk on the right path you have to go and become a member of this website? That would be really stupid. Because here we are just delivering the knowledge that we comprehend thanks to God and Samael who gave it to us; but each of us has to follow our own particular individual God, and this is the main thing, because Gnosis / Knowledge / Daath is in relation to the throat, with the way that we spread the doctrine. This is why everybody spreads the doctrine at his own or her own level of the Being.

So, we are trying to make more basic—into this world—what is from above, and it is not easy. We are trying here to explain the word of God or God itself which vibrates in the very bottom of any matter, which is beautiful. For instance, the Earth is called earth because we are in the 4th round, which is related with the Tattva prithvi; that is beautiful to understand. Earth is the Tattva prithvi; this is the Tattva of the earth.

Student: Why are you saying it's called Earth?

Instructor: It’s called Earth because of the Tattva prithvi.

Student: Why exactly the word Earth?

Instructor: Because of the previous three rounds.

Student: My question is, you are saying “have you ever thought why is it called Earth.” E-a-r-t-h. Yes, I have. Why is it? You are saying because it's related to prithvi, but why Earth? Why the word Earth?

Instructor: Esoterically speaking, the planet Earth is called the word Earth because Earth is the fourth element. When we talk about elements, esoterically speaking, we talk about the seven Tattvas, which means elements or vibrations within which the fohat, the fire, God, is hidden. You have to understand this. It is like for instance when you see the rainbow. You see seven colors there in the rainbow. The light is hidden within each of those seven colors. So the rainbow is only the garb, the vesture, of that light which you see as a rainbow. In the same way, if you apply this similitude, you find the seven Tattvas or the seven elements. When we say elements, we are not talking about material elements; we are talking about the seven Tattvas or vibrations of the word that eventually with the action of the fire crystallizes as matter. So when we see here for instance any type of matter, compound or simple element, it's nothing but the crystallization of the fire through the Tattvas.

These Tattvas are:

  • Tattva of the air: Vayu
  • Tattva of the fire: Tejas
  • Tattva of the water: Apas
  • Tattva of the earth: prithvi

So you see the fourth one is prithvi. And this is why esoterically we are in the fourth round, meaning in the fourth manifestation of those vibrations of the word, the fourth manifestation which is prithvi, Earth. So, meaning, in the first cosmic day or round, matter was manifested through Vayu.

Student: So then was it named something different?

Instructor: The elements were different.

Student: No, was the name of Earth different?

Instructor: Well if you discover a person of that time who knows how they called the planet you can ask them. I do not know how they called it. But the thing is we are explaining why the Earth is called Earth and it is because the present planet in this three dimensional world is the crystallization of the seven Tattvas within the Tattva prithvi, which is the Tattva of the Earth.

Student: But, what I'm saying is Earth called Earth to others?

Instructor: Well, if you want to call it Earth or not, it does not matter. We call it Earth, and science, religion, and philosophy repeat the same word planet Earth. We call the people from the Earth, Earthlings, right?

Everybody thinks that the real human being is physical. But the physical human being, physical as we are right now, appeared only in this current round, yet, if you go into the previous round or cosmic day which was the crystallization of Apas, the Tattva Apas, (meaning that all the seven Tattvas were crystallizing as elements within the Tattva Apas; that epoch is called the lunar round), obviously the elements of that epoch were not as we know them now. So if we think that the planet Earth was as it is right now with all the elements as we know them now, as if they were like that in previous cosmic rounds, we are mistaken. The elements manifest in other ways because the word crystallizes in different ways.

For instance, the future round or cosmic day that is approaching is not going to be like this. We are in the lower realm, the physical, prithvi; the next one will be Ether, which is the fifth round. So this planet which is called Earth may be baptized as “the ethereal, the ethereal planet.” All the elements that we know here will crystallize, but within the ethereal level, in the ethereal world, in the fourth dimension.

This means that in space you find different planets vibrating in different Tattvas, whose humanities have different types of bodies. It is something that you understand and comprehend when you understand the seven Tattvas which are vibrations of the word. Do you get it?

Student: Isn't there a real name for this planet, like the real word? Because “in the beginning was the word and the word was God,” so when he created this Earth wouldn't this Earth have a specific name, and don't all planets have a real name?

Instructor: Yes, of course.

Student: Do we know what that real name is?

Instructor: The planet itself as a crystallization of the Logos might have a name. For instance, it is written that the Martians call this planet “Dogue,” and the planet Mars “Loga,” according to their language. So on the other planets different humanities call this planet with other names.

However, because the great initiates of the past were explaining how this planet crystallized in this fourth round, they call it Earth. Kabbalistically, you see that Kabbalists say that only three elements are symbolized in their Kabbalah. Shin is fire, Mem is water, and Aleph is air. So what is Earth? And we said, Earth is Adam; Adam is the crystallization of these three elements. Adam itself is the Earth. That is why Adam means “Red Earth” or something like that in Hebrew. And the whole planet of course is Earth, is prithvi.

So the whole vibration that you see - for instance - right now, you see how the air vibrates, you see the air and you can study the tridimensional air - as we said - scientists have stated that there is mainly nitrogen and oxygen in relation with the tridimensional air of this fourth round, in prithvi. But in the previous round the air was maybe only nitrogen, fire was maybe only Akash, because water was that primordial liquid where - according to Moses - fohat was floating in the beginning of this cosmic day.

This is how we have to understand and comprehend Genesis. Otherwise we fall into many mistakes, which are precisely the mistake of the scientists of this day and age; they think that the universe is only tridimensional. The universe is Heptadimensional: it has seven cosmoses, and in every cosmos there are different matters, which are the crystallization of the Logos of the word through the Tattvas, which, as we said in Daath, through Akash crystallizes in the seven Tattvas.

Yet, here in this physical world we say for instance that this physical world emerges from the fourth dimension. And we say that that fourth dimension is Kabbalistically Apas. But also alchemically it is Akash, liquid Akash, which is called water; that's why Genesis says that on the waters the fohat was floating and that God created the earth from that water. He said: “Let the dry land (or prithvi) appear from the water.” That water is Apas; it is written “water” because in the previous cosmic day the Tattva that was ruling was Apas and within that Apas all the seven Tattvas were vibrating and crystallized in different forces, different elements; not like in this prithvi epoch, but like in the Apas way.

Likewise, when you go for instance into the Saturnian epoch (which was the first cosmic day or first manifestation of life in the mental plane) you find that the word the fohat was crystallizing all the elements within the elements Vayu, which is in relation to the mind; then you find for instance how those individuals have – as the master Samael states - physical bodies, but physical from the point of prithvi vibrating within Vayu, and not physical from the point of prithvi vibrating within prithvi as we are right now. We are physical right now, but from the point of prithvi, and they were physical from the point of Vayu. Do you understand this? Do you get that vibration? Do you follow me? Ask questions because this needs to be comprehended.

Student: Is there any relation between the chakra Vishuddha and the church of Sardis with Earth physically?

Instructor:  Yes.

Student: What is that?

Instructor: The chakra Vishuddha with the earth means that the Logos crystallizes with the word, the word crystallizes in this physical world by utilizing Yesod within which is the liquid Akash. You see because if you study the doctrine the lecture that we gave on energy, there we explained how the Tattvas finally arrive at the sexual center, right? And that is our own Akash. We explained there how the seven Tattvas or the Pancatatwa in this case because we are now in this fourth round, and in it, from the seven Tattvas only five are visible. You see the air you see the fire you see the water you see the earth the four elements crystallizing in many elements and sub elements. The ether is like a blue substance seen from afar on the top of the mountains. And that element, that fifth element, will be more visible in the next sixth root race, and in the seventh root race will be more and more visible. In the next root races, that fifth element called ether will be more and more manifest in order to be the base for the future round or cosmic round. The next cosmic day that comes the matter will be ethereal, thus all the elements that we know here right now will be ethereal. Not physical, but ethereal.

Student: Is the clairaudient center somehow more related with the earth, with prithvi, than others?

Instructor: The Vishuddha or clairaudient power is related with all the seven Tattvas but more particularly to Akash because Akash is the origin of all of them. And this is what we are explaining here. For instance, your own particular body has the chakra of the throat, the plexus or the throat which is that particular energy that enters your physical body and is the church of Sardis or chakra Vishuddha; and also in the vital body, and also in the astral body, the mental body, the causal body, and Buddhic body; in all the bodies that chakra vibrates. And this is why you have to understand and comprehend that in each level the chakra vibrates in different frequencies; we have to understand that.

When someone starts learning Gnosis, they have no fire at all in their throat because they are missing that energy, or were using the word in the wrong way, because when you use the word in the wrong way you distort the whole vibration of that chakra. And this is what happens in this day and age. People just use the word in a very wrong way. But when you start controlling your word, controlling what you say, what you think, etc., then you start understanding the doctrine in your own level. As you advance into the vital body or second initiation, then the third initiation, fourth initiation, or fifth initiation, ultimately that chakra gives you more and more knowledge, because it is related to the word. If you incarnate the word, if you follow the path of renunciation, that word will give you more and more understanding, because you need that in order to Self-realize yourself. That is why it is written “not only from bread alone lives the son of man,” meaning not only through meditation, but from the word that comes from the mouth of God. And that meaning comes from the chakra Vishuddha. Each one of us develops that chakra Vishuddha in different levels; I am telling you different levels, because it depends on which initiation you are working on, which degree you have. This is why it is good to read the books of the Master Samael, because he is directly related with the chakra Vishuddha, that is, with that double-edged sharp sword. His inner being Samael is the ruler of that Gnosis or that Daath, because he gives the synthesis. So if we associate with Samael in different initiations and if we or our inner Being follows the direct path, Samael will come and give you more understanding in order for you to Self-realize his doctrine.

Now, related to this, something is coming into my mind that I have to say, because everything that now is coming into my mind is coming from above. Master Samael states in The Pistis Sophia Unveiled:

We, Samael Aun Weor,  tell ye, in the name of the First Mystery of Pistis Sophia and the Saviour of the world, that I will unveil the remaining part of the Gnostic Bible in the half of the half of the time.”

This means that he has to come into you. It is would be worthless if the Master Samael would unveil the whole Pistis Sophia, the whole Bhagavad-Gita, the whole Koran and all the books of the world if he doesn't develop that within you. So, the meaning is that he will do it in you; he promised that when he said: “We, Samael Aun Weor.” When he says “we,” he means that he the Logos is many. In The Pistis Sophia Unveiled he explains that after the seven Logoi or seven spirits before the throne of God, you find the twelve Logoi of the solar system, twelve saviors, and each one of them has the same power, that is, to develop that within you, in order to make of you a Kosmos Man with objective reasoning.

Student: This just might be totally intellectualizing the word, but as you were talking I was relating “the ear” and “to hear” with Vishuddha using the clairaudient center and we are in the fourth round—that is why I was asking is there any relation, could that word be a combination of the ability to hear with it being the fourth round, making the word Earth? That's why I was asking if there was a specific correlation with Vishuddha and the Earth.

Instructor:  Let me tell you, if you associate all the words, the meaning of the words, all of them have the same root, and the root is in the Logos, because the Logos is the root of everything. So that's why it says when we reach a certain level the Logos itself can give us the gift of speaking all the languages. That gift was given, for instance, to the master Saint Germain who is a Resurrected Master (who doesn't need to enter into any chaneller or into any medium in order to give his knowledge, because he has an immortal body. He has his own vehicle in order to teach). So Saint Germain speaks all the languages of the world. Why? Because the Logos that incarnated in him gave him that gift. It is the gift the power of tongues. The power of tongues is that; understand that the power of tongues is not related with epileptic attacks, as many people think.

Student: And so this would be something that is perhaps possible through the word?

Instructor: Yes, everything is possible with the word. But always remember that also we have that ego inside which is the crystallization of our fornication. And that can play with the word.

Student: Well, that's what I'm saying; I'm wondering how much of that is playing with it and how much is real; that's why I was asking if there is a real name for this planet as well.

Student: Another question I have relating to the word is this: is there anything that, when you have a word, for example, Samael Aun Weor, right? Within that word are many words. If you just move around the letters and this and that you have other words within that word. Is there any meaning to that or is it the specific order of the letters that make up the word? For example, I was just sitting here looking at that word and in Samael Aun Weor for example, alone, you can see there is the word “mars” and “wars” and there is like specific words within that word; is that something, or is that again a game of the intellect? Is there a reason why there are words within words?

Instructor: Well, Samael itself is the God of war. It's called Mars or Aries, Aries.

Student: All those words can be found within his name that's what I'm saying so is there...

Instructor: Of course, as we've said, Samael vibrates in any type of matter because he's the fifth Logos of the Heptaparaparshinokh; obviously people utilize the negative aspect of his vibration.

Student: Are there words within words and does that matter?

Instructor: The seven meanings of any sacred words are known only by it's owner, but also you can find the meaning of that because Samael Aun Weor in Hebrew means “strength and light,” Aun Weor. But Sam is also called “a bitter beverage,” thus Samael is “a bitter beverage of God.” Meaning that when we explain the doctrine it is very bitter for us because then we see the reality of our psychology; that's why I say Samael is the one who gives the knowledge. In the Zohar, Samael gives the knowledge through the tree of good and evil, tree of knowledge, to Adam and Eve. And it all has a meaning that the ignoramuses are interpreting in the wrong way. Because of course Samael is a poison for the ego, because that's the fire that annihilates the ego. Samael, the fire, the spirit of fire, only loves Daath, the Logos, God, and is a poison for the crystallizations of the ego, because Samael destroys them with his doctrine, the doctrine of the many. I know what you mean with words and weor, etc.

Other instructor: There is a science to that, but it's really only possible to find through meditation and not intellectualism.

Student: That's what I'm asking, because I want to know if within the word or is the order of the letters the only thing that matters.

Other instructor: There is a science to that.

Instructor: It's a science.

Student: But even within that…

Other instructor: The intellect can take that and pervert it.

Student: Exactly, well, that's my question, is there a real, you know....

Other instructor: Yeah there is.

Instructor: That's why I said sometimes I don't like to talk about that, because we have the ego and the ego plays with that and creates other things. The best thing is to comprehend. We have to be careful when we walk in this path, to be careful with the word.

For instance, we meditate to comprehend the word, but we don't have to follow the meaning of certain intellectual Kabbalists that give the name of different things and it's just a waste of time.

The best way is to meditate and to find how Samael or Akash Tattva is in relation with our own particular psychology, with our own particular mind and spirit. There are infinite things there hidden within the word.

Student: I am amazed with the name Aberamentho, master Aberamentho, the words that are in that name. It was amazing it's like Amen, Om, Omen, Ra, Aom, Abe, it's like all the words that we use around him are within that same word.

Instructor: Aberamentho is the sacred name of Jesus of Nazareth. Of course, every sacred name has many meanings. Esoteric meanings. That we have to learn through meditation. Do you have any other questions?

Student: If one belongs to the ray of Mars and incarnates the Logos, does that mean they incarnate Samael? Don't we have our own particular Kether, Chokmah, and Binah?

Instructor: Only the Logos—a Cosmocreator—has the power to incarnate as Christ within any bodhisattva that belongs to his own particular ray. Yes, we have our own Kether, Chokmah, Binah, but they are not Self-realized. When you have your own Kether, Chokmah, Binah Self-realized, you are a Logos. And that Kether, Chokmah, Binah, which is precisely the word, Aleph, expresses as Samael in different directions. So we as Monads connect to that particular Cosmocreator through our three primary forces.

It's like when you take for instance any electrical plug and there are always three: the Earth, or the ground as you call it, and the other connections that take the positive and negative forces. You connect the three and you receive the energy. Similarly, we have  our own particular individual Kether, Chokmah, Binah, which are connected to that ray and receives the energy of Samael. If we belong to the ray of Samael. But within that Samael there are also the other seven. Like the rainbow remember.

Student: What virtues or faculties are related with this particular chakra?

Instructor: Well, if you want to know really how to develop this chakra very well, read the epistle or the letter of James in the new testament. There you will find all the rules. . That's a beautiful explanation for you. In order to use your word in order to develop your chakra Vishuddha in the right way.

Student: I was wondering if, you said that the previous rounds correspond to the letters Shin, Mem, and Aleph; in Hebrew that spells the word shemhal which means “to hear or listen,” I was wondering if that has any correlation to what were talking about.

Instructor: The letter shin symbolizes the fohat. The fohat is the one that gives that power to hear, and all the powers. To hear the sound of the fire. This reminds me for instance of the event that happens to Elijah hearing an earthquake and after that he was hearing a wind, before the wind he was hearing the sound of the wind like very subtle sound. And that sound is precisely the voice of the silence which you can hear, which is the sound of the fire or shin; and if you see for instance, how this letter shin also is made with three wicks which symbolize the three primary forces as fire. Shin is the fohat while the letter Aleph is like wind. Spirit. The letter Mem is working also there, but more as a substance, liquid substance. Water.

There is a mantra that the master gives in one of his books in order to put into activity the chakra Vishuddha, which is AOM-CHIVAT-TUM-E.

That sound vibrates in the throat cheeee vaaaat tuuuuummm aaaaaaaa. Through that chakra you put in activity your magic ear and then you can Kabbalah, you Kabel, you receive the knowledge of God. Because that's the chakra that listens, that comprehends the word of God. That's why the other speaker said in another lecture, the book of revelation was written by initiates, from initiates to initiates, that is, only for those who are developing that chakra; this is why I said those who have the chakra Vishuddha developed will understand. The common and ordinary people do not understand the scriptures because they do not have the chakra Vishuddha in activity. They read the book of Revelation and they say, “Wait a minute what is this?” because they don't understand, because their chakra Vishuddha is not active. And this is precisely one of the main things here. If you want to understand Gnosis, the books of the master Samael in depth, the Bible, and any sacred book, then vocalize just the vowel Eh, that is enough. Eeeeeeeeehhhh (the “E” sounds as in “step”). Feeling the vibration in the throat, this will give you a lot of comprehension of the word. Of course, different invocations, conjurations, mantras, prayers, are related with the throat. That's why the word is sacred. That's why the master gave a lot of mantras, because when you pronounce them you pronounce them with your throat. So the chakra Vishuddha enters into activity. Remember that all the powers in the chakra Vishuddha also are in combination with the other chakras. So the chakra Vishuddha by itself is not enough; that's why we have to develop all the seven chakras. The Heptaparaparshinokh. All the seven churches, but we have to study in depth each one of them.