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The Rune Wunjo is a Rune of joy... a Rune of bliss, happiness, and joy. It resembles the letter P of the Latin alphabet, and the letter Rho of the Greek alphabet.

rune wunjo

We placed the face of Tonatiuh in between the different symbols of these Runes in order to show you what is also hidden within the face of Tonatiuh (the fifth sun of the Aztec calendar). If you observe, you will see that the Rune Wunjo is hidden in the tongue – it is the line that is in between the mouth of Tonatiuh, with the tongue which is the triangular part of the Rune. This is related with the wind, what in English is related with an expression which means 'to go'. It is also related with the breath, which emanates from the tongue of Tonatiuh, and which brings joy. This is related, of course, with the Word.

Rune Wunjo

If you are observant, you will see that this Rune also resembles the Rune Thorn- but do not mistake it. The Rune Thorn has the thorn - or the angle - in between the line; precisely, as you see here, in the tongue of Tonatiuh, which is between the horizontal line. However, the Rune Wunjo is precisely at the very end of the tongue... of the vertical line or at the very end of the stream of the horizontal line, of the symbol. But by using our imagination we see that that Rune is related with the mouth, the centre, which is the Word. As we have stated many times, this relates to the Three Primary Forces, which we explained very widely in the previous lecture (Jera).

Today we are going to enter into the topic of this Rune, which relates with joy. At the very bottom of the face of Tonatiuh you find the Rune Wunjo in between the Rune Gebo. The Rune Gebo is also called Gibor, or Gebur, and is the X. This is the symbol of the Lord Christ in the Greek alphabet. The Lord Christ is symbolised with the X, which is the Chi of the Greek alphabet, and the letter Rho, which is the P of the Latin alphabet- this points to the first letters of the word 'Christ'.

We also find this marvellous symbol in the Nordic alphabet: the Gebo, which is the X, and the P, which is the Wunjo. The Wunjo is the joy, or the bliss, of the Lord... the fire that emerges from the X, from the marvellous swastika which we explained in previous lectures.

We have to understand that every Rune relates to another, because the Runes are the symbols that emerge from the Word of God... from that language that we stated is the Golden Language. The runic symbols are the root of the Hebrew alphabet, Latin alphabet, Greek alphabet, and many other alphabets. It is a very ancient primeval alphabet, and is found enclosed in the Aztec calendar. This calendar was made by Masters who knew about this cryptic alphabet, which we are studying from the Gnostic point of view.

You can see that this Rune has the same forces, or the same aspects, of the circle which we saw in the previous lecture, and which was related with Shen, Chi, and Jing. These are the three energies which circulate and that emanate from the Unknowable Divine. This symbol is also in the very centre of that Dharma Wheel of Buddhism.

tree-of-life-dimensions-color-2If you observe the Rune Wunjo, you will see that it shows three forces united. But if you observe the first line - the vertical line - of the Rune Wunjo, you will understand that the first force (which is called Shen, or in Kabbalah is called Kether) emerges from another force which we call the Ain Soph. This is precisely what we have to understand when we see this vertical line - that it is a line which shows us the Ain Soph, which is our own particular star... the very bottom of our own Being. From it emanates what in Kabbalah is called Kether. From Kether emanates Chokmah, which is the Son, and Binah, which is the Holy Spirit- making, of course, the Three Primary Forces within the Absolute Abstract Ain Soph, which is joy.

In other words, this marvellous Rune encloses four forces, as you can see: one invisible, and three visible. This is the famous Tetragrammaton, which in Kabbalah is explained with the first triangle of the Tree of Life- Kether, Chokmah, and Binah- which emerges from the Ain Soph.

When we study the Zohar, which is pure Kabbalah, the Masters (or Rabbis, as we say in Hebrew) explain there that the Great Face called Kether- which in this case is in the centre of the Aztec calendar- only shows the right side. That right side is the side which is related with the universe, because the left is hidden. The left, of course, is that part which relates to the Ain Soph. In other words, in order for us to experience the Ain Soph inside of us, we have to go directly to Kether, which is its visible aspect... because the Ain Soph is the invisible aspect of God. From the Ain Soph emerges that which we call Aelohim, the Seity which is dark fire; a light that is possible to see only in a state of Samadhi, in a state of bliss, in state of joy. This is precisely what this Rune encloses... because the Ain Soph is the very root of everything that we are.

The Buddha stated that there are three eternal things in the universe. These are Space, Nirvana, and Karma. Karma is the cause of the universe. Karma is a law, or force, that remains in repose within the Ain Soph, within that Abstract Space. It remains in repose within that bliss which is called Paranirvana, which is beyond the Nirvana which is in the universe. This is another term which we have to comprehend in this lecture; beyond the Nirvana which is eternal in the universe, is Paranirvana, which is also a synonym of Paranishpana, which is always related with the Absolute. In Hinduism, they also call this Parabrahma. Brahma, in Hinduism, is the universal spirit of life, Parabrahma is beyond that; it is the Abstract Space. This Rune teaches that mystery, which is expressed in the Aztec calendar.

We have to observe the Aztec calendar in order to comprehend why we always state that Tonatiuh is the fifth sun. Around the circle of Tonatiuh we find the other four squares that point us to the previous four suns (or the four elements), that existed before this present sun, which is the fifth.

But if we go deep into this study of the Rune Wunjo, we discover that it relates to the Ain Soph and the Three Primary Forces. The Three Primary Forces of these three lines of the Rune Wunjo relate to the three main things that are eternal - Space, Nirvana, and Karma. Karma is the origin of the universe - the universe exists because of karma, cause and effect. And, of course, Karma as a law, is represented among the numbers as the number five. The number five relates to Tonatiuh... that is why we said that he is the fifth sun. But the number five is also related to the fifth force, which is Karma - the origin of the universe.

This planet Earth - and any planet in our solar system and in any solar system, in this galaxy and in any galaxy- has its origin in karma, cause and effect. That is why the ones that chiselled this marvellous stone - the Aztec calendar - placed the fifth sun in the middle... pointing toward the fact that karma, the number five, is the origin of everything... even the origin of our own particular individual existence.

The Law of Karma is represented in this solar system by the God, or Monad, that was worshipped in Egypt... Anubis. Now, in this day and age, Anubis is vulgarised in many Hollywood movies. Anubis is a great being that exists in the superior dimensions of nature, and who rules that law.

When you examine the Tree of Life, you discover that the fifth Sephirah among the ten Sephiroth is called Geburah, justice. This is the fifth sun. That is why we are now in the fifth root race ruled by the fifth sun, which relates also with Karma. From that point of view we have to understand the relation of this law with the numbers. Because when we go into the study of the seven suns, we discover that the fourth - which is Michael, the Logos of the Sun - is also related with Justice... he is also related with the Law. We have stated in previous lectures that the Sun is related with that Law which is called the Cosmic-Common Trogoautoegocrat Law... the law that means the reciprocal nourishment of all the unities in the universe.

This law acts in accordance to Karma, in accordance to the law of the scale. This Law acts in different levels in different kingdoms... and also with Geburah. As we explained in our previous lectures, in our physicality Geburah is related with the systole/diastole - the power, the mighty force that contracts and extends, and which pushes the blood through our organism. If we understand that, if we comprehend that, then we have to also understand that Geburah - the fifth sun - relates to that force that emanates from the Absolute, which contracts and expands with those two laws which we call the Cosmic Day and the Cosmic Night; the Mahamanvantara and Mahapralaya in the macrocosmic aspect.

If you observe yourself related with this lecture, we will state that right now - since we are alive physically - that we are in our own particular, individual, Manvantara, cosmic day. Remember that 'Maha' means great... so Manvantara is the Cosmic Day, and Mahamanvantara is the Great Cosmic Day. We are now in our own particular Manvantara. When we die, because eventually we will die, then we will enter in our own particular Pralaya. This is precisely the rhythm of the force of the fifth sun, which gives and takes, in different levels. We are explaining this physically so that we can comprehend... it is explained in our own physicality.

When we talk about this fifth sun, we have to understand that it acts through the tongue, through the Logos, the Trinity... and that it acts in accordance to the law of the Absolute. We have to state then that - related with the Tree of Life - in our own particular heaven we find two suns; the sun related to Tiphereth (the forth sun) and sun related with Geburah, which is the fifth. Both suns relate to the blood, the power of life, and that is how we have to comprehend or understand them.

That is why, close to the face of Tonatiuh, which is the fifth – Geburah - we see the two mighty claws that squeeze Tiphereth, which is a heart... the two mighty claws which force the heart to work with his power of systole and diastole. Obviously, Geburah is beyond Tiphereth; but both of them are one force working together. And that is why, when we go into our heart, we have to concentrate on that mighty force that gives us Willpower, which is Geburah, in order for us to acquire it spiritually.

If you observe the Aztec calendar, in the very centre you find the Rune Gibor and the Rune Wunjo, if you move the sun towards the right in order to see it clearly. This is, again, the same symbol of Christ: the Chi and the Rho, of the Greek alphabet, which is a symbol of the Lord in activity. This means that the powerful force of the Ain Soph has to be active through the Three Primary Forces of the universe, which, in our physicality, are related with the three brains.

These three brains are located along the spinal column, which is that vertical line on the Rune Wunjo. The three brains are related with that thorn, or triangle, above the Rune – it is in this way that we have to see it. Why above? because in the brain we have the three atoms that connect to these three parts of the body. Remember that we have always stated that the atom of the Father is in the magnetic root of the nose, the atom of the Son is in the pituitary gland, and the atom of the Holy Spirit in the pineal gland.

That is the triangle above the Rune Wunjo that can give us joy, the bliss, or the experience of Samadhi, if we know how to enlighten the vertical line - which is related with our spine. We do this in order for the three brains to nourish the three atoms which are related to them... and to put into activity the chakra Sahasrara, which is called the crown chakra. This crown chakra is related with the Ain Soph, with our own particular individuality.

If you observe then, all the Runes related to this mysterious stone, we see that it shows us not only the prophecies related with the different root races that existed already - and the fifth that exists, and the two that will exist in the future - but that it also shows the different forces in relation with the manifestation of the universe... the different forces that we have to know how to handle with the science of Alchemy.

So, these three forces which act through our three brains and also in the universe, relate to the three energies which in Taoism we name Shen, Chi, and Ying, and that we need to handle, to manipulate, in the different practises that we perform in order for us to have the joy of any type of Samadhi... any type of experience out of the body. That is why it is necessary to know that every energy related with Shen, Chi, or Ying (Alchemy) is indispensable in order for us to experience any of these elements - or archetypes - that we have within, and that we have been talking about in different lectures.

We were explaining how the energies relate to our systems, and how those archetypes are within us. But it is necessary for us to have the joy, the pleasure, of experiencing these archetypes within us, which are part of our Being. This lecture goes into our intellect, in order for us to comprehend how the Being - the Spirit, our own particular Individuality - relates to these archetypes. But to comprehend this only through the intellect is not enough. We have to have access to a practical aspect of this, and of course this Rune is related with that which we call meditation. It is only by means of the technique of meditation that we can experience these elements that all of us have within, and that we need to develop.

Master Samael Aun Weor, in the book Gnostic Magic of the Runes, gives us an explanation about the Ain Soph. He stated:

'Beyond the organic machine (our physical body) and the three aspects (personality, ego and essence) that manifest themselves through it, many substances, forces, and spiritual principles exist that emanate from the Ain Soph.'

Now listen: when we talk about the Ain Soph, we said that it is in relation with the pineal gland. But if we understand that from the Ain Soph emerges the Ray of Okidanokh, which is that light that we were explaining in the previous lecture, which is called the Son, the Christ, and which relates with the Ain Soph Aur - the Solar Absolute - then we have to comprehend that the Ain Soph Aur relates to the sexual organs. Because remember that from the Ain Soph - which relates to the Sahasrara chakra, the crown chakra - emanates the Three Primary Forces that, we explained, relate with the Tree of Life, the Ray of Creation.

tree-over-body-colorIn the Tree of Life you see how from the Ain Soph emerges the Ain Soph Aur, and from it emerges Kether, and thereafter Chokmah, Binah, Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and finally Malkuth. But in Malkuth it goes directly into the very centre of the Earth: the Ninth Sphere. The Ninth Sphere in the centre of the Earth is directly related with Yesod- our sexual organs. That is why when we name Yesod, we said the sexual organs... we said that it is the very centre of our own particularity.

But Yesod is also related with our own Vital Body, which is called the Ethereal Body, and this is something that you have to grasp in order to comprehend these symbols, because this Tree of Life synthesises a lot, and only by using our intuition do we grasp it.

So, the end of the Ray of Creation is in the Ninth Sphere - the very centre of the Earth, and that Ninth Sphere relates to Yesod. So there is the very end of the Ray of Creation that emerges from the Ain Soph. In other words, the Ain Soph Aur ends in the very centre of the planet Earth, which relates to our own sexuality.

That is why we said that the Ain Soph Aur is the same Christ... and that Yesod is the Christic force, the Christic light, that we have in our sexual organs. So understand that the Ain Soph Aur, which is called the Cosmic Christ, has to return to his own origin, and that return is what we call the transmutation, the sublimation of the Lord, of the Christ, in order for us to go back into the Ain Soph, Christified. That Cosmic Ray - the Ray of Creation - creates in accordance to Karma when it descends... but when it ascends, when it returns to the Ain Soph, it creates in accordance to Willpower, in accordance with our own individual force, our own Consciousness.

We accomplish this with that famous law which is called the Cosmic-Common Trogoautoegocrat Law, in which we feed our own particular Ain Soph with our own particular work of Alchemy... the work that we have to perform with the Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness. That is precisely what the Rune of joy, Wunjo, is showing us - that we have to use the science of breath, the wind, in order to navigate in our spinal column to those different islands, or chakras - as Odysseus in the Odyssey of Homer - in order to return to our own particular island, here in the pineal gland, and to do the Great Work.

And on the journey, Neptune is going to test us. Remember that Neptune, the Lord of the Waters, is a symbol of Binah, the Holy Spirit, which is the origin of the worlds, beasts, Gods, and human beings. So to return that force of the Ain Soph Aur, from the sex, up to the pineal gland, is a work that every initiate has to perform. But since the Holy Spirit is the one that controls from the pineal gland the sexual organs, who is Neptune in Greek mythology - or better said Roman, because among the Greeks it is Poseidon - the same Poseidon, Neptune, controls the sexual waters, with all the fish, sperm and ova... which we have to transmute. And that is precisely hidden in the story of Odysseus, and in all those mythologies that we find in different parts of the world.

That trident of Neptune relates also to this marvellous Rune. If you observe the Rune and the triangle up on top of it... if you open the triangle then you make a trident - a trident which symbolises the man with open arms, with the head in the middle, which is called the Rune Man. So, the Rune Man - the trident - standing represents (or is associated with) this Rune, Wunjo, which we have to work with... because we always state that we have to work with the three factors - not two - three. Those three factors are necessary.

The first factor is called chastity: the transmutation of the sexual libido, from Yesod up to Kether, in order to create the Four Bodies, the Solar Bodies, of the Human Being. The Body of Liberation, which is called the physical body, together with the Vital Body, is an immortal physical body, which is represented by the Hydrogen. Then above it we have to create the Astral Body, which is represented by the Nitrogen. Then the Mental Body, which is represented by the Oxygen. And on top of them the Causal, which is related with the Carbon. Carbon, Oxygen, and Nitrogen, together with the Hydrogen, are the four seed atoms that we need to create, or that the Ain Soph - which is our own particular atomic star - needs to have in order to return victorious into the bosom of the Father, the Ain.

Remember that the Ain is beyond the Ain Soph. We have our own particular Ain Soph, and if you want to enter into the bosom of the Ain, which is the Unmanifested Father, we need to have Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, and Nitrogen within our own particular Ain Soph, because in Alchemy, or in Kabbalah, we know that every single Ain Soph - because each one of us has his own - has three atoms, or primary atoms. These three atoms are related with the three primary forces: Kether, Chokmah, Binah; Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva; Odin, Balder and Thor, which relates to the rune Thorn in the Nordic alphabet, or the Edda. And Shen, Chi, and Ying in Taoism - as we already explained.

Those forces are there within the Ain Soph, waiting for us to put them into activity. But in order for them to be in activity, they have to descend from the Abstract Space into our own physicality. The physical body becomes the temple within which these Three Forces work in our Three Brains. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are inside, as forces or energies that we need to work with... and we work with the Three Factors.

And in every factor, we work with the three factors. In order to have the joy of entering into the Kingdom of Heaven - as the Gospels state - it is necessary to be born again. Only the Ray of Creation can create within us the necessary vehicles which are these four seed atoms which we are talking about - Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Carbon - that gives us access to the Kingdom of Heaven. That means to create internal bodies with the creative energy of Poseidon, the Holy Spirit.

To be born again - as Master Jesus explains in the Gospels - is not a matter of believing, or of belonging to any sect. It is a matter of putting into activity the Three Primary Forces from our physicality... because the physicality that we have is what is called Adamah in Hebrew, which is translated as 'the ground' in the book of Genesis.

In the book of Genesis it is stated that Jehovah Elohim created Adam from the dust of Adamah, from the dust of the ground. That, of course, relates directly to our physicality - Adamah is our physicality. And that Adam has to emerge from that physicality by means of Alchemy... that is, to be born again. Because what is born from the flesh is flesh, and what is born from spirit is spirit. It is necessary to be born by the water and the spirit. And we explained that the waters are the Waters of Poseidon... the sexual waters, the creative waters that have to be controlled by our own particular Spirit.

That Spirit is Gedulah-Chesed... that is our own particular Monad, or our own particular Individuality. That Monad, that Individuality, is connected with the Ray of Creation, to the Ain Soph Aur in the sexual organs. In order for our own Individuality, our own Monad, our own Spirit, to create those bodies inside of us, Chesed needs to descend to the Ninth Sphere - Chesed needs to descend to Yesod and to work with the Akashic fires of the Ain Soph. Chesed needs to make contact with the Absolute Abstract Space, through that light which is the Ain Soph Aur, which is in our sexual organs; and from there, from the Ain Soph Aur Chesed works with the Three Primary Forces.

When the initiate-spouses are sexually connected, the man represents the positive force, the woman the negative force and the sexual act the neutral force; these are the three primary forces working in Alchemy in order to create... in order to work with the factor called 'to be born again'.

To die is the second factor. Why is it the second factor? Let me remind you that in the Gospels of Jesus Christ he said

'Whosoever wants to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me.'

These are the three factors. The Cross is the symbol of the Rune Gebo, on which if we place the Rune Wunjo, it gives us the joy of being born again... that is the Cross. But to deny ourselves also implies the three forces.

If virtue is a positive force, and a defect is negative force, then what is neutral force? In the factor of dying, there are the three forces there... The virtue is the one that we want to conquer, but remember it has to be a virtue with cognisance, which we synthesise in love. Love is the law, but love with cognisance. Obviously, the defect, which is the opposite of the virtue, is something that shouldn't exist, but unfortunately exists inside of us.

So what is the neutral force that we need in order to reconcile the defect with the virtue that we need, the consciousness which is trapped into the defect? What do we call that neutral force which will give access to the awakening of the consciousness? It is called comprehension. We need to comprehend. It's not just by denying ourselves fanatically that we are going to die psychologically... it is comprehension that we need, because we have virtues that we don't know how to use, we use them mechanically. So that's why meditation is a technique that we need in order to comprehend.

And, of course, in the third factor which is called sacrifice for humanity, charity - Chesed, who is what the Lord calls 'follow me' (follow your innermost, because the Law of the Lord, the innermost, Chesed is sacrifice, charity), we also have the three factors. You are the passive factor- you are listening to my active factor. I am giving the lecture, I am affirming here, and you are listening... you are in the passive level. So we need a conciliating force that will unite my lecture with your listening. And that is called 'questions', 'doubts', in order to unite this with your consciousness... in order for this lecture to have effect. So, questions and doubts are the third factor.

I remember, a long time ago, when the Master Samael Aun Weor was still physically alive, there was an individual who was boasting of being awake internally and accusing others of being asleep. He was saying, 'I know that, because I am awakened!' I found such and such a fellow very asleep in the internal planes. Everyone believed him, because nobody had the capacity of investigating what he was affirming.

I asked him in the internal planes 'what do we have to do in order to awaken?'

And he said 'work with the three factors, and do not follow anyone'. This was his actual advice, yes: 'don't follow anybody.'

'Well,' [I said] 'if I have to follow that advice, then I don't have to follow you.'

If you want to exactly comprehend the three factors... well, in a certain way the statement was right - work with the three factors, yes. And then he said 'don't follow anybody'- wrong. We have to follow Christ... because by ourselves we cannot do it. 'Don't follow anybody'? What is that? No, we have to follow the Red Christ. We have to follow the Avatar, the one that is connected with the Lord. That is why the Master Samael delivered his books, and wrote his books in order for us to comprehend the doctrine... he is one with the Lord.

So the Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness are hidden within this joy. Because in working with 'deny yourself', 'take up daily your cross', 'and follow me'- the third factor- is the joy of entering into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Remember, we have to follow the Lord: 'follow me', said the Cosmic Christ through the lips of Master Jesus of Nazareth, who in the Bible, in the planet Earth, represents the Cosmic Christ.

So, this is why Master Samuel Aun Weor, who is one with the Lord, with the Cosmic Christ, said:

The physical and vital bodies most obey the soul. The soul must obey the Innermost and (Chesed) the Innermost must obey the Glorian. Body, Soul and Spirit must convert themselves into a very pure and perfect universe through which the majesty of the Glorian (Christ) can be expressed. - Occult Medicine and Practical Magic.
Beyond the organic machine (physical body) and the three aspects (Essence, Personality and Ego) that manifest themselves through it, many substances, forces, and spiritual principles exist that emanate from the Ain Soph as a final synthesis. – The Gnostic Magic of the Runes

Thus, spiritual principles exist inside of us. It is stated 'beyond the organic machine', yes, because they are inside of our psychological space, these are the archetypes which we have to utilise. They exist within us as a final synthesis.

But, what is this Ain Soph? We answer in an abstract way when saying the Ain Soph is the absolute "No-Thing" without limits.

Meaning, the Ain Soph is No-Thing in the universe but it is Some-Thing within the absolute; it is our own true individuality.

Nonetheless, it is necessary to be precise and concrete, in order to comprehend: the Ain Soph is our super-divine atom, which is singular, special, specific, genuine, and super-individual. This definition signifies that in the final synthesis, each one of us is nothing more than an atom from the Abstract Absolute Space, the interior atomic star that has always smiled upon us.

A certain author said, "I raise my eyes towards the utmost, towards the stars, from which, for me, all help has to come, but I always follow the guidance of my inner star."

Thus, that Inner Star is our own particular Ain Soph. But remember, that before relying on our own particular star, we need to be loyal, faithful, to our own Guru or Master. In this case, the Master Samael Aun Weor, because he is the one who is helping us in the internal planes; so we are not alone, we explain here, through our lectures his doctrine... a doctrine that you can read in the different books of Master Samael Aun Weor, who has the joy of being one with the Cosmic Christ- he is a Self-realised Master.

When we state this, people always ask us 'why do you say that the Master Samael Aun Weor is one with the Cosmic Christ? Because you read it in his books?' Well, this is a very relevant question.

Master Samael Aun Weor explained in his different books how he attained the union with the Cosmic Christ... not only in this cosmic day, but in previous cosmic days. But personally, of course, if I talk with a lot of emphasis, it is because I experienced- through the clues and practises, exercises, that the Master Samael gave us in Mexico- the truth that we are talking about here.

Thanks to him we comprehend many things, because we are experienced in practising and we have faith. But also we want you to have that faith, that security in this doctrine... and that is only attained when you experience directly what the Master Samael taught in his books. Let us continue reading what he said in the Book of Runes, and after that I will explain to you my own particular experience related with what he is talking about. He said:


'It is clear that this super-divine atom is not incarnated, but yet is found to be intimately related with the chakra Sahasrara, the lotus of one thousand petals, the magnetic centre of the pineal gland.

I have directly experienced the Ain Soph while in the state of very profound meditation. One day (the date and hour does not matter), I attained that state that in India is known as Nirvikalpa-Samadhi, where my soul was totally absorbed within the Ain Soph, and able to travel throughout the Abstract Absolute Space.

This journey started in my pineal gland and continued within the profound bosom of the eternal space. Thus, I saw myself beyond any galaxy of matter or anti-matter; I was simply converted into a self-conscious atom.

How happy I was while in absence of the "I," beyond this world, beyond the mind, beyond the stars and anti-stars. What one feels during the experience of Samadhi is unutterable. It is comprehendible only through experimentation [if we practise what he teaches].

So, I entered through the doors of a temple while inebriated with ecstasy, and then I saw and heard things that the intellectual animals are not allowed to comprehend.

I wanted to converse with a divine priest, and it is obvious that I achieved it so that I could console my painful heart.

One among many of those Self-realized atoms from the Ain Soph (Abstract Absolute Space) increased its size and assumed the venerated figure of an Elder of Days before my unusual presence.

Then, spontaneous words that resounded within the infinite space emerged from my creative larynx, and I consulted about someone I knew in the world of dense forms.

The answer from this very illustrious Atomic Master was certainly extraordinary. "The mind is for us, the inhabitants of the Ain Soph, what the mineral kingdom is for you." And he added, "Therefore, we examine the human mind in the same way you examine any mineral."

In the name of the Truth, I have to say that such an answer caused me great amazement, admiration, astonishment, and surprise.' – Samael Aun Weor

As you see here, the Master states that through meditation you can enter into Nirvikalpa-Samadhi, thus anyone of us can do it; and if I affirm that anyone of us can do it, it is because I experienced exactly the same as the Master described. In the state of meditation, I entered into that state as well. However, what I experienced in that state in relation to the mind was different. I followed the same rules that he teaches in his books, and which he personally taught me, in order to experience my own particular Ain Soph. In my case, what I wanted was to face my own particular Ain Soph- and certainly I achieved it. So, as he was absorbed into the Abstract Space I also was absorbed.

Thus, from the Abstract Space my particular atom, or star, emerged in front of me. He didn't talk. In this case I was astounded before my own Individuality there in that Abstract Space. He didn't talk; he just moved his hand and made to emerge from the Nothingness a table. I saw the table, and from the Nothingness he also made to emerge a piece of paper and a pencil. Then, I understood: something is going to happen here, or to be written on that blank paper with the pencil. And he advanced, and looked at me in silence... and he wrote on the piece of paper 'be careful with mythomania'. And then the paper disappeared, the pencil disappeared, the table disappeared, and he also disappeared... thus, everything was again Nothingness. Then I returned into my physical body.

I could not forget such an experience... because what the Master explained here in this Book of Runes is the exact thing I experienced. But what I received there was different, because the Master at that time wanted to know about a certain individual that needed to be assisted- he needed the assistance of an atom of the Ain Soph in order to do what he had to do. If you read the Book the Gnostic Magic of the Runes in it you will find what I am talking about.

So, my own particular Ain Soph warned me against mythomania. The table that appeared there, I understood, was related to the Sephiroth Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkuth... what we call the Inferior Quaternary, which is related with the terrestrial man. In other words, with me- the one that is here in front of you: physical body, vital body, emotional body, and my mind, that I am using now in order to teach this. But of course, the one who experienced that was my consciousness, not my mind... my mind received the information once I returned into my physicality. Then I understood that I had to control my own particular mind, my own particular terrestrial man- matter- in order not to fall into mythomania.


We cannot overemphasize something very distressing that we have been able to verify through many years of constant observation and experience.

In plain language, I wish to refer to mythomania, a marked tendency among people affiliated with various metaphysical schools.

After a few hallucinations, people who seem to be very straightforward, become mythomaniacs overnight.

Without a doubt such people with subjective psyches almost always manage to take many the unwary by surprise, and they in turn become their followers.

The mythomaniac is like a wall without a foundation, a light push is enough for him to become rubble.

The mythomaniac believes that matters of occultism are matters "as easy as apple pie," and from one moment to the next he declares that he is Mahatma, a resurrected Master, Hierophant,


The mythomaniac generally has impossible lures and invariably suffers from what is called "delusions of grandeur."

These people present themselves as reincarnations of Masters or fabulous legendary heroes from fiction.

However, it is clear that we are emphasizing something that deserves explanation.

Egoic centers of the animal subconsciousness, which through their interrelationships follow certain mental groups, can provoke through association and imaginary reflexes something like "spirits"

which are almost invariably only illusory forms, personifications of the same pluralized ego.

It is not unusual for some aggregate psyche to assume the form of Jesus Christ in order to issue false oracles...

Any of these many entities which together constitute that which is called ego can, if it so wishes, take the form of a Mahatma or Guru, and so when the dreamer returns to a state of wakefulness,

he will say of himself, "I am Self-realized; I am a Master." - The Mystery of the Golden Blossom by Samael Aun Weor

Mythomania can be split into two words. The word 'myth'... well, we talk about myths many times, explaining the different myths of different religions and philosophies... and 'manas' or 'mania', the mind. In this case, mythomania is related to the mind that boasts about knowing the mysteries. Sometimes, 'myth' means to lie... or the mind that lies.

So what is that mind that lies? Of course, it is the tendency that all of us, the Gnostics- and every esoteric group has- to boast about things that relate to the Spirit. Sometimes we have certain experiences and think that we (as mind) are already Masters, without understanding that mastery is only related with Chesed- with our own particular Spirit... and that the mind is only an instrument. The astral body is only an instrument... and the physicality is also an instrument, within which we have the personality. So, of course, since that time, I observed not only my own particular Individuality but other Individualities of other initiates... that boast too much about themselves.

If I am telling you about this experience, it is because it is directly against me. It is not something that is going to edify me in relation with my personality, but to decline me. He, my Inner Star, said 'be careful with mythomania', because this is precisely the problem among many Gnostics- that they boast too much about their Being. Having the ego alive is very bad, because this Rune Wunjo has also a negative aspect, which is that pleasure- egotistical pleasure, mundane pleasure- that the ego acquires thorough mystic pride of the mind... boasting always with mystic vanity that we are this or that we are that.

Of course, to experience spiritual things is necessary... but not to boast about doing so. Because in this way we fall into the danger of become a mythomaniac... thinking that the one which is capable of unveiling the mysteries is us. In my case- for instance- I always meditate, because through meditation I discover many things... I have the bliss, the joy, the Wunjo. But I always remember that warning from my Particular Star, in which I have to understand and comprehend that it is not my mind but my Innermost the one who knows.

In this moment, it is coming into my mind Odysseus. When he was boasting about the conquering of Troy, Poseidon listens to his boasting and says, 'ok, you are insulting the Gods, for you are boasting about something that you didn't do- we did it'. And then, when he is in all his troubles in the journey to the pineal gland, to the union with his divine soul, he says 'why are you treating me like this?' And the Poseidon says, 'because you have to understand that without the Gods... men are nothing' so without the Gods man is nothing... and man, manas, relates to the mind.

When our mind boasts about something- 'oh, this is because I did it' or 'this is because we did it', or whatever- no... we are just vehicles. Once, in the internal planes, I heard somebody who said, 'such a Master, or Monad, is acting through these hands'... and I was seeing those hands, and it happened that those hands were attached to two crossed arms of somebody else. This means that the hands of that individual (Tiphereth) were the vehicle of that Master (Chesed and Geburah), but Tiphereth is not the Master. And this is something that you have to comprehend and understand... do not mistake the personality and the physicality with the Inner Being, with the Ain Soph, with the Three Primary Forces. Because that is the very depth of our own Divine element: the Ain Soph and the Three Primary Forces- the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit... that is our own Divine element.

But below that, we are just vehicles. Even our own Monad is a vehicle of the Lord. But below the Monad is the table, the square. As when we sit, we say, 'I am going to sit at the table', likewise, the Being says, 'I am going to sit at my table'. And what is the table? It is your mind, astral vital and physical bodies. You have to serve Him, then you bend and say, 'yes, I'm your table. Write whatever you want to write'... as my Ain Soph said to me: 'be careful with mythomania. Don't think that because I am writing on your back- that because I am giving the lecture through your mouth- that you are the one who is doing it! Comprehend that, understand that, and have the joy of being one with me.'

Therefore, the Innermost says this to the mind, "Do not say that your eyes are your eyes, because I see through them. Do not say that your ears are your ears, because I hear through them. Do not say that your mouth is your mouth, because I talk through it. Your eyes are my eyes, your ears are my ears, your mouth is my mouth." This is how the Innermost speaks to the mind. – Igneous Rose by Samael Aun Weor

When one falls into the heresy of separativity- believing that the mind is the one that knows, and not the Being- then we fall into mythomania. As we said in previous lectures, in order to be a mythomaniac you don't need not to have reached mastery... people think that only the Masters are not mythomaniacs, but we have to understand that even the mind of a Master can become a mythomaniac.

I am saying this in order for you to understand what is coming into my mind... when we were in Mexico with the Master Samael Aun Weor, there was this individual who knew that he was a fallen Bodhisattva- and the Master also corroborated to him that he was indeed a fallen Bodhisattva. By this I mean a vehicle of a Master in ancient times, but that now he was fallen.

And this individual was in every single lecture, when were with the Master, asking, 'but a Bodhisattva this and that... that he has the ability, and is more in contact with the Masters, because he did the work in past lives... so he is capable of comprehending more knowledge than ordinary people.'

And the Master said, 'yes, it's right...' Next reunion on the Third Chamber, with the Master Samael, the same individual was again asking the same thing. And the Master explained it in different ways... but this individual was always trying to point out that he was a fallen Bodhisattva.

The last time that he asked, I remember, the Master Samael stood (because he was always seated to give the lecture) and said, 'Ok, let us stop this mythomania, because it's not good! Even I here- by repeating and explaining things- because I am also a Bodhisattva, I don't want to fall into mythomania'. So let us not fall into mythomania... to boast about ourselves too much. It is only necessary to talk about what we need to talk about.

But we need to understand how the ego can nourish itself with feelings of pleasure, bliss, and joy and mingle them inside of us (which is related with the Rune Wunjo), or thinking that 'oh, I am great, or that I am a wise man because people who admire me say so.' That is also mythomania.

We have - boast many leaders of many groups – a lot of people; they remark that there are many people interested in Gnosticism who follow them... that they are thousands... that's mythomania- feeling proud, boasting about being many. If there are a lot of people having knowledge of this doctrine and listening to the lecture, it is because each one of us is guided by his own Star who is pushing us to the doctrine. We are just organisers, helping people to follow themselves... or as we said one time to another Gnostic, if we have to follow somebody, we have to follow Samael Aun Weor, who has no ego. Below him there are many Hasnamussen.


Related to הנס (Hanas-the magic) or הסנה (Hasna-the bush) מוזן (Muzen-nourished); those who are nourished with the magic, the bush, joy or marvels, with the Rune Wunjo, here is another anecdote.

In the North of Mexico, I was seated in front of the Master Samael Aun Weor who was with his wife, the Master Litelantes. Because I was concerned about many things that he told me in private, I asked him: 'Master, tell me frankly. Am I a Hasnamuss?' And he said, 'Yes, you are'.

Well, nothing new for me! And then the Master Litelantes looked at him, and said, 'all of us are Hasnamussen, and all of us are helping you to spread the doctrine in the world- the Hasnamussen are helping you!' she said.

And then the Master said: 'It is true- Hasnamussen are helping me to spread to doctrine all over the world... but that doesn't take away the fact that they are Hasnamussen!' And it is true, and I said, 'well Master, at least we know that all of us are Hasnamussen'. 'But to awake with a double centre of gravity', the Master said, '...that is different.'

To be a Hasnamuss with a double centre of gravity is very grave, because then you awaken in evil and for evil, whilst at the same time your Being is a Master. So this is what we have to understand, that we can fall into the double centre of gravity if we boast too much about our own Being... and people do it because of the fact that the fact that the Master did it. I mean, he didn't boast... he was commanded- because he is the Avatar- to write and say things that the ordinary initiate does not say.

If you follow or listen to the Dalai Lama, for instance, he just sits down and says: 'If you have come to me because you want me to heal you, you are wrong, because I am not a healer. And if you ask me who I am, I am a simple monk- this is what I am.' And this is a very wise answer- he is a simple monk... but his Inner Being is not a simple monk, it is something else, it is a Master. But he was very centred, not to boast about himself... because that is wrong. To say, 'I am the Master such-and-such' or 'my Inner Being is from this, from that'. Why? Why do we need to talk about that? The Master needed to talk about it because humanity needed to know the source of the doctrine that we are delivering. So, we don't need to boast about our Being. Except if it is commanded, in special cases, as in the examples that I narrated to you.

You can also experience the Ain Soph, Kether, Chokmah, Binah, and all the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life if you meditate. Why? because all of us are structured in the same manner. But there is the tendency in us to idolise somebody else too much. To have the virtue of gratitude is good- for we have to be grateful- but it is not good to forget yourself. Remember: 'you shall not have any other gods before me!' says your Ain Soph, your Kether-Chokmah-Binah inside of you, meaning that you have to love your Inner Being, and respect the other Gods... but first, your Inner Being.

Those who demand that they are worshipped are mythomaniacs, and if you worship them you feed their mythomania, so you are hurting them. We have to comprehend that... in order not to hurt each other. And for that we need to meditate.

With this Rune, Wunjo, there is a practise that the Master Samael gives, and which taps precisely into the necessity for us to experience through meditation our own particular Being, or whatever you want to have experience with. And this is a meditation with the mantra Wu... the sound of the wind. We say this because really the Rune Wunjo is related with a W of the Latin alphabet. So, it looks like a P in the Latin alphabet, but it is really a W among the Runes.

So this mantra Wu is very good. It is the mantra which I utilised in order to experience what I told you. We have the problem that our mind talks too much. If you close your eyes, and go into meditation... and then your mind starts talking to you- the chat 'blah blah blah blah'. That is precisely your mind talking about something- about what you read, or what you said, and there is a big scenario in your mind... and you are wasting your time.

You are of course with the Mudra, the thumb and the finger united... in that position that is always shown in advertisement. But inside, you are making a James Bond movie of yourself... and the mind is always telling you that you are a hero or heroine... that you are the number one.

And meanwhile, you have your eyes closed, you are relaxed... but you are thinking baloney. So then you have to attack you mind- 'do you want to talk, you want to boast about yourself? Do it. But here is the only thing I want you to pronounce: wuuuuuuuuuu.... wuuuuuuuuuuu...' which is the sound of the hurricane... the sound of the Ain Soph, of the Word. And this is a mantra that acts like dynamite that enters into your mind. Thoughts, conversations that come- analyse them. And understand that you mind is only a vehicle... your mind is not you. The real you is your Being, and your Being never boasts about itself, because it doesn't need it. The mind is the one that does it.

So yes, pronounce wuuuuu and say: 'Mind- shut... I don't want to listen to you. Just listen to this: wuuuuu' And remember your Being... the Master always said that when you are meditating, you have to remember your Self. But your self is not your mind... your mind is just a parrot that likes to talk too much, and it needs to be silent. When the mind is silent, and only wuuuuuu is heard inside of you, then you can concentrate on whatever you want to concentrate on, and experience will come as a bliss, as a Wunjo for you... as a joy, a happiness.

And this is precisely what we want in order to have faith... because faith is that energy that is built after that type of experience. You awaken and you have that strength in you... but then you have to comprehend the problem of mythomania. And don't forget this: even though it was a teaching for me, it is also for you... 'be careful with mythomania'. Because when you meditation and you relax, you have beautiful experiences. I have had many experiences with all the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. But I didn't create the Tree of Life, it was already there before I experience it.

So, comprehension is what you need- even after Wunjo, bliss, Samadhi- when you remember what you heard, or what they taught you... you have to analyse that, and to comprehend and to put aside your mind as the mind. Say to the mind 'this is not your business- you are just a vehicle of mind, but you are not the Master. The Master is inside, and you are not.'

And remember that, because along this Path- working with the three factors of Wunjo, of joy- you will develop... and the ego always has the tendency of talking about it. But if it is not necessary to talk about it, just be silent... if it is necessary, then say it. But remember always that you have to meditate after that.

Questions and Answers

Do you have questions? Remember that in the third factor, I am the affirmative force- I am teaching. You are the passive, you are receiving. But questions are necessary in order to have comprehension.

Audience: This relates to something you were talking about at the beginning of the lecture, where the Buddha stated that there are three permanent things- space, karma, and nirvana- I think Samael said that too. Does that mean that these things exist even during the Great Pralaya?

Answer: Yes. But we have to understand that the Great Pralaya, or Mahapralaya- the Great Cosmic Night- exists in different units of the universe, different parts of the universe... not in the whole universe. Because when we think of the Mahapralaya, the Great Cosmic Night, we think that all the universe is in it, right? No... just a part. One unit or one group could be in Mahapralaya, while other parts of the universe are in Mahamanvantara- active. So it is not a 'zero hour' like many people think... that everything will be in repose. No, just part of that everything.

For instance, right now, we are in our own particular Cosmic Day- we are alive physically... but that doesn't mean that we are going to die at the same date. Some will die soon and others later, so they will enter in different Pralaya in different times... the same happens with the universe. Now that karma is in suspense when the Pralaya starts... it is in suspense because in order for the karma to be paid, it needs the cosmic day. The cosmic day exists because of karma- in order to pay what the Gods owe or what we owe. So at the end, of course, everything is in repose... but it will eventually be active, because of karma.

For instance, there are Monads that created the Existential Bodies of the Being- the vital, astral, mental, and causal bodies- but that entered in their development through the Spiral Path. There are two paths in order to pay karma... and in order to be free of this universe, we have to pay what we owe.

The Direct Path is the doctrine that we teach here in this school, because this school belongs to Samael Aun Weor, who walks the Direct Path. So we are following the direct path... and it is the way in which we pay what we owe, in one life. The Direct Path is very accelerated, but it doesn't mean that all the people who listen to us- every single Monad- will follow the Direct Path.

Master Samael Aun Weor, in Mexico, was giving a lecture, and said: 'My doctrine is a doctrine of the Direct Path, because I am a walker of the Direct Path... but I know that many among you will take the Spiral Path. Well, to those take the Spiral Path, we have to tell them "goodbye", because I am a walker of the Direct Path, and I have nothing to do with the Spiral Path'. And yes, many Gnostics who reached that level of mastery took the Spiral Path. And usually those that do so boast about themselves.

The Direct or the Spiral paths are ways in order to pay karma, with the Three Factors. In the Direct Path, you work with the Three Factors every day, all the time. But in the Spiral Path, you work with the Three Factors very gently... when you want it. You work in this life a little bit... you die, and then in the Golden Age you reincarnate again, and you work a little bit on you karma. And like that, through millions of Mahamanvantaras, you go to the Absolute... whilst the walker of the Direct Path goes directly, faster. Every Monad has his freedom to pay his karma in one shot in the Direct Path, or in the Spiral Path. This is up to the Will of God... of each one of us.

So, there are many Monads that when they reach mastery- the Fifth Initiation- they go along the Spiral Path, because the Direct Path is very painful. It is written in the Four Gospels that the one who takes the Direct Path has to renounce his powers... meaning all that bliss, that joy, that happiness that the Monads of the Spiral receive when they enter into the Spiral Path... the Direct Path walker renounces it.

Why? Because the Lord will be incarnated into him or her in order to pay that karma with him. The Lord will take that karma into his own flesh, and that is precisely what is called the Sacrifice of the Lord. It is not by believing in him that the Lord will take away the sins of the world... the sins of the world are your own karma. But this only happens if you take the Direct Path. If you take the Spiral, the Lord doesn't incarnate. The Spiral Monads don't renounce their power- they enjoy them. But the one that is on the Direct Path enters into his Cosmic Night, or spiritual night... he has to make his own light. And that is precisely the point.

There are other Monads that do not want the mastery, and they prefer to pay their karma by annihilating the ego, by following the doctrine of the annihilation of the ego. That is called the intermediate path, in which they are not creating the Solar Bodies- or the Existential Bodies of the Being- but are just paying karma by annihilating the ego. This is a path which is very rare, as it has many ordeals which we have to pass through.

The other way in which to pay karma is the way that humanity chooses in its billions: entering into Hell. Hell exists because karma has to be paid- that is the truth. It has a beginning and an end, but every hundred years you pay a bill in Hell. So the masters of karma exist. There are millions of masters of karma... not only this solar system, but many other solar systems have masters of the Law... and they work with the Law. And you walk the Direct Path, the Masters of Karma are behind you with a whip: 'Walk! You chose the path, walk! Pay what you owe!' If you take the Spiral Path, the Masters of Karma will appear unto you- eventually- and say, 'Ok, now you have to pay this. Maybe in your next life you will pay the whole thing, but now you have to suffer a little bit... not too much.'

Those that never choose the Direct or Spiral Path, who choose the Lunar path- Hell, Inferno- they enter the Abyss in order to pay what they owe. That is why there exist nine layers... seven main layers in which you pay what you owe. You enter into every layer, and every hundred years a Master of the Law comes and says, 'here is another bill that you paid', until you reach the Ninth Sphere and are disintegrated. If you are completely disintegrated, it is because you have no karma to pay. But that descent is very painful. Here in this physical world, we are suffering in this day and age- you know that. This planet Earth is suffering physically, because of karma. But what we owe is not going to be paid only in this physical level. If we choose to enter into Hell, well, every hundred years you will pay something of your karma.

Audience: What if every hundred years you don't owe anything?

Answer: When I said 'every hundred years', I am not talking about every hundred years of the Earth, physically, here. When I said 'every hundred years', it means that after a certain number of lives, the 108 lives that you receive in this physical plane in order to choose the path that you want to choose... whether it is the Spiral or Direct, or whatever with the Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness... but if you received the doctrine and said 'I don't care', 'I don't want to follow this and that, I just want to live life, I just want to be a good citizen', then in the last life- the 108th life- you enter into Hell in order to pay what you owe. The ordinary people that were good endure in Hell about 800 or 1000 years in order to pay what they owe, and to be disintegrated.

But it depends on the amount of karma that you have, in order to endure in every circle the time, with your soul of course- we are talking about the soul here, not the physical body. So every hundred years, we pay a certain amount of karma that we owe. And if we were good people- if we were not doing too much bad in this world- well, then in 800 years you pay the whole thing.

Audience: So, to avoid that...?

Answer: In order to avoid that, you have to choose the way in order to pay what you owe, by your own Will. If you say 'I don't want to pay the karma that I owe in a mechanical manner in Hell, I want to pay it by my own Will'... for that you have to enter into Initiation. Initiation is applied and accommodated to you in accordance with your own karma. Then, you have to pay that in different steps, through the initiations: nine Initiations of the Minor Mysteries, and seven Initiations of the Major Mysteries... and that way you are paying. And at a certain level- the Fifth Initiation- you have to choose how to pay what you owe: in the Spiral way or in the Direct way... and that is another thing.

But first you have to work with the Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness, in order to pay what you owe. Chastity, the annihilation of the ego- which is the cause of karma- and sacrifice for humanity.

Question: Will the walkers of the Spiral Path eventually have to take the Direct Path in order to enter into the Absolute?

Answer: Not necessarily. But the problem is that those walkers of the Spiral Path, when they return in every reincarnation, have the danger of falling, because of the mind, the devil. The devil can say, 'ok, I am the one', and the Bodhisattva can fall... this is the problem that the walkers of the Spiral Path face.

The Master Samael stated: 'Only those that have strong Willpower never fall in every reincarnation.' But usually the human soul, with the mind, falls in love and fornicates... and then he looses everything. That happens with many walkers of the Spiral Path. There may be Masters of the Spiral that have a strong Will and never fall, but it is very rare. The Spiral Path is the path of the hasnamussen, because anybody is a hasnamuss as long as he has ego. Even if it is 3%, he is a hasnamuss. Only those that have no ego, 100%, are not hasnamussen.

So, sometimes they are in the danger of falling into the double centre of gravity, like the case of Andrameleck. He is a master, and his Inner Being sent him to continue his work, and the human soul started practising black magic... and now the Master has the problem that his Soul is a master of the Black Lodge, and He is a master of the White Lodge... a double centre of gravity. He is one of the heads of the hasnamussen.

Question: If you are on the path and run out of lives, do you still have to go to Hell?

Answer: Let me tell you one thing that we have to understand, comprehend. One-hundred and eight lives are only for the intellectual animals, Meaning for those that do not have any Existential Body. It is enough to create the Astral Body in order to be out of those 108 lives.

So if you create your Astral Body, then you enter under other laws- though it doesn't mean that you cannot enter into Hell. You still can go down, but not by the 108 lives that are given to any soul, to any Essence. If you enter into the Path, and you are on your 108th, the Masters of the Law can give you a 109th, 110th, 111th, in order for you to do, because you have the Will to do it.

But if you are young- believe me- if you practise the Three Factors, you can create at least the Astral Body... and then you are out of the 108. Other laws will get you... but if you don't behave you can go also to Hell. Andrameleck, for instance, is in Hell. He is a fallen Throne. So the danger of falling into Hell exists as long as we have ego, and if we are not serious.

But if we are serious, it doesn't matter if we have finished our 108th life as intellectual animals... because then the Law can give us a 109th, 110th etc, in order to keep ahead in the work we are performing and doing.

Question: To be loyal to one's Guru... what does that encompass? And is it better not to follow any teacher besides our own?

Answer: To be loyal to our own guru means to Samael Aun Weor... because he is the Guru of the Gnostics. That is why the books exist... that is why he wrote his books- the doctrine is there in order to us to follow it. Below him there are different initiates at different levels... but we have ego. If you want to be loyal to your instructor, or the to the guru who is teaching you, you have to understand that he has ego, and that everything that he says has to be meditated upon, analysed- it has to be corroborated with the teachings of Master Samael Aun Weor.

There are many that reach the level of mastery and teach something that doesn't go with what the Master taught. That is why we translated the books of Master Samael Aun Weor. Otherwise we would teach only in English, and say 'follow us- this is what the Master Samael taught'. No, we translate all the books.

Read the books, study the books, because he is the Guru- or Guruji, as we say in Sanskrit- of the Gnostics. And all of us below are doing our effort to guide you but remember- for instance in my case- I have ego. My Being is great, is powerful, but that is He... I am not. I am the table upon was written 'be careful with mythomania.' And I have to be careful with that. Others are not careful, they like to be worshipped... only God has to be worshipped.

And of course we have to be faithful to our own Guru- For instance, to be grateful to the instructor who teaches you- be grateful to that instructor. Not because he is a master or because he is not, but because you have to develop that virtue of gratitude... and remember, that is the third factor.

We always ask of you for donations in our lectures and on the website, and people say, 'why are you asking?' Because we want you to advance! If you don't give, you don't receive. We give you the opportunity to give in order to advance. Remember love is love, but conscious love.

Why don't we get a loan from the bank of $100,000 and do what we have to do, and forget about the Gnostics... they never give. We could do that, and make a great business, but we said 'no, let them give'... and they have to teach, they had to learn that they had to give also. Because if we do not ask for help, we would take all the Dharma for us, and then you will be sitting there, receiving the lectures, practising the exercises... but if you don't give anything, you will be stymied, because you have to pay what you owe.

We could do that, then all the Dharma would be for us, and we will go up as rockets! But no, we have to give you the opportunity too, for you to help.

Question: You keep saying 'follow gurus', but on the back of the books it says that Master said 'do not follow me, I am just a signpost, reach your own Self-realisation'. So what does it mean by 'signpost'? The tools that we have?

Answer: When the Master said 'I am only a signpost' he was talking about his mind, about his personality at that time. When I met the Master physically, in Mexico, I had already seen him and met him many times in the internal planes... so I knew who he was. When I met his personality- his physical body in Mexico- I knew that one thing was the physical body, the personality, and another thing was his Inner Being.

So, when I said 'I follow Samael Aun Weor', I am talking about the Logos. I am talking about that Being without ego. I am not talking about the personality that existed... because that personality was disintegrated, burned to ashes, and was the one who said 'I am only a post'. At that time, when the Master wrote that, he was dealing with his ego, and he was isolated and hidden. Why? Because the Law said, 'if we allow you to see all the students, everyday, you will feed your pride, because they love you very much.' So the Master allowed us to see him physically only when his ego was completely annihilated.

At that time he was meditating hours and hours before that congress that we had in Guadalajara in 1976. Why was he meditating when he did not have ego anymore? Because he said, 'I want to meditate in order to not to be in the danger of building again what I annihilated. Because I know that Gnostics are coming here, and they love the doctrine, and they love my Being. And if I am not aware, I will build again the ego of pride.' So he was very conscious at that time in order not to build ego again. Because he saw that it was a danger... especially if someone is praising you, and then the ego of pride grows very fat.

So that's why the Master said at that time: 'I am a signpost'. It is true, because a Bodhisattva is only a signpost- somebody who delivers the doctrine, the knowledge. But sooner or later we die, we disappear. Otherwise we will fall into the mistake of Christianity that is still worshipping the personality of the Master Jesus, and interpreting the Bible in accordance with the Master Jesus 2000 years ago... and thinking that because they believe in that personality, they are saved.

We don't want to fall into the same mistake, and the Master understood that. He did not want the Gnostics to fall into that mistake, or to think that by worshipping him we would enter Heaven... it doesn't work. And if he comes unto us and helps us, we have to deserve it. But remember that that signpost is a Bodhisattva, and when I said we follow Samael, I am talking about the Logos. For that, you need to experience it... to meditate, and to comprehend what that is, in order to have the certainty of saying it.

When we say that we have to follow him, we are not saying his personality or his photograph- even though we can have a photograph to remember what he was when he was alive in Mexico. But one thing is Samael and another thing is Samael Aun Weor... and another thing was the physical body that existed at that time. So please comprehend that, understand that, because this is necessary in order to be faithful to the Guru, the Guruji Samael Aun Weor... and to be grateful to the instructor that teaches you. Because if you are grateful to the instructor that teaches you, you are helping that instructor to help. Help your instructor to help. That is the main thing here.

But remember that as long as we are alive, egotistically speaking, we don't deserve praises- only God deserves praises.

Question: Is it necessary to have the mind completely silenced in order to comprehend the ego? I'm not there yet...

Answer: No... only in the higher levels. When you start comprehending your ego, you start comprehending your ego in the intellectual level- you start using your intellect and analysing things. But after you have comprehended on that level you have to deeper, to another level, then another level, and another level.

There will be the time in which you want to grasp that which the Master called the 'deep significance' of that which you are meditating upon. But in order to trap that deep significance on which you are meditating... yes, you have to enter beyond the 49 levels of the mind.

But when you are starting, don't think that you have to be in the silence of the mind in order to comprehend and ego. That would be absurd. Silence comes when you comprehend, when you analyse, when you are always attentive. Because in the comprehension of one ego, other egos are talking to your ear. It happens to me... and I seem very well concentrated on one particular ego, and all of a sudden I hear another ego talking, trying to take my attention to other things. And I don't care about it, I just want to comprehend this, and I am analysing myself. Utilising, of course, the process of comprehension in relation with what I am analysing.

But to expect that I have to be in complete silence... well, if I wait for that, I will fall asleep first and maybe I will forget about it, because there are too many egos. When you start, you have a lot. But of course, if you have the ability to reach for the silence of the mind, when you bring that ego in order to be analysed, that ego is your mind... and then it will start talking, 'no more silence for you, I am here'.

Question: Not being clairvoyant, is there any possibility to know the state of our karma?

Answer: Clairvoyance is active in each one of us in different levels. Imagination is the same clairvoyance. In order to know about your karma, and at which level it is, then practise the mantra Wu. Meditate on that and pray to your Inner God, 'My Father, My God, show me please my karma'.

If you are well concentrated, your Being will bring you the experience in order to show you your karma. Clairvoyance, or intuition, or polyvoyance- or whatever- will be developed during that Samadhi. In any Samadhi, the chakra Sahasrara enters into activity, and all the chakras... and then you see what you need to see.

That brings into my mind another experience- which is very funny- that happened to me. There were certain doubts about my behaviour in relation to something that is related with my private life. So a certain Master came in the astral plane to talk to me about it. I was discussing with the Master and I said 'well, this and this and this happened, and this is precisely the truth'... but in that moment when I was talking, I felt the pressure of my Being, from above, entering and giving me super-lucidity... what I always would like to have.

With all my chakras in activity, and I was aware of the astral plane 100%... and I was really marvelled. And then the Master was questioning me and was looking in my eyes- and then he saw my Inner Being and then he said, 'ok, I understand'. Then the Master withdrew.

Then I, screaming in the astral plane to my Inner Being: 'please, I promise you, that if you keep me, awakened in this way, I will be good. Don't take your light from me, I promise you!' And I was kneeling. Yet the light was taken, little by little by little. And I was screaming 'No!' Screaming 'to no avail please, I promise you!'

Obviously he didn't trust me... he took everything! And I was again in the same level. And when I woke I said 'I understand- you don't trust me. And believe me, if I was my father I wouldn't trust me either.' I have to die, because God doesn't give his powers to the devil. And who is the devil? I was the devil! I am the devil.

So, when you enter into Samadhi, you're Being gives you in that moment what you need, in order to experience what you need. But after that, he takes his power from the devil, and says 'now the devil has to die'.

So don't worry that you are not clairvoyant, not intuitive... because at the moment when you need that, you Being will give you that... if you deserve it.

No more questions? Well, go and practise your 'Wu'. Thank you very much.