rune jeraThis Rune is related with the Solar Harvest.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a human being sows that shall he also reap. For the one who sows to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but the one who sows to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. - Galatians 6:7, 8
That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. – John 3:6
Be not wise in thine own eyes: ארי (Jera) fear הוהי, and depart from evil. – Proverbs 3:7

The Rune Jera or Yera, as you can see in the graphic of the Aztec Calendar, is formed by two Kaum Runes, or two Ar Runes, or one Ar and one Kaum, together.


Jera is the symbol of the Duality within the Trinity. If we carefully observe the sign of the Rune Jera, we see that in the middle of its two sickles, symbol of the duality, we find the Rune Sig, which is formed by three lines. Sig is the Rune of Fire. Sig in the Rune Jera is an invisible fire. Therefore, when we study the Rune Jera, related with harvesting, we have to understand that Sig, the Solar Fire, is hidden in it. Thus, the Rune Jera very clearly shows three fiery forces; one is hidden, and two are shown. We always have to use our intuition, in order to see these things.

In the Aztec Calendar we also find these Runes, or duality, in different places. If we go into the very center of the Aztec Calendar, we find the two Runes shown on top of the face of Tonatiuh, the center of the Aztec Calendar. If we want to see one above and one below, (as it is shown to the right of the graphic) you can find the one above on top of the Thorn that is over the head of Tonatiuh, and the one below is formed by the tongue, which is another vertex. Thus, we have one vertex above, and the other below.

In Aztec mythology, Omeyocan is the symbol of the place of duality; this duality is hidden within the Abstract Space. That is why all the symbols and Runes that we are studying are always hidden in this mysterious stone, since all of those archetypes that formed the letters of the Futharkh, or Runic Alphabet, are coming from the unknowable, which is the Omeyocan, the dual place of the Causal Logos. This is why we have to use our imagination, our intuition, in order to see other things that are hidden in this stone, things which can only be seen with our heart.

In Hebrew the word הרות, Torah (Law), comes from the root הרי, Jerah (teach, instruct, throw, show, flow, etc.).

It is clear and evident that the trunks of the tablets of the Law, upon which the prophet Moses wisely wrote, by command of Jehovah, the Ten Commandments, are nothing other than a double Runic Lance, whose phallic significance has been widely documented. – Mystery of the Golden Blossom by Samael Aun Weor

And הוהי said unto Moses, Come up to me into the mount, and be there: and I will give thee [two] tables of stone, and a (הרות Torah) Law, and commandments which I have written [with Sig]; that thou mayest הרי (Jera) "teach" them. - Exodus 24: 12

In the Aztec pantheon, there is a Deity, which symbolizes the Dual Causal Logos, the manifested duality of these two forces of the Rune Jera. This Deity is named Ometeotl. The name Ometeotl is formed by two words, "Ome" which means the duality or the two, and "Teotl" which means Deity, or Seity.

Sometimes we say Seity, with an S, instead of Deity with a D. Seity begins with the letter S, which is the symbol of the Fire. Seity is that which abides in the Omeyocan. According to the Aztec mythology, the Omeyocan is the Absolute, which is also called the Tloque-Nahuaque, the place where we find Ometeotl, the duality of the Divinity or the Seity. When Ometeotl is manifested in the Universe, it receives two names: Ometecuhtli, which is the manifestation of the masculinity or the positive force of the duality; and Omecihuatl, which is the manifestation of the femininity. Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl are the two polarities that we see in the Rune Jera, which according to Aztec mythology, are in the very center, the navel of the Universe, its origin.


This is why, when we carefully observe the Rune Jera, we see its duality in different places in the Aztec calendar. If you study the previous lectures that we have given, you will see how this Rune relates to the two graphics above; namely, the 8 arrow heads or angles that are around Tonatiuh in the Aztec calendar, which are also related with the wheel of Dharma.

The other symbol of Jera we find is the Yin-Yang, or better said in this case, the three forces of Taoism, which in English are written as Shen, Chi, and Jing. These relate to this other sign that we see in the center of the symbolic wheel of Dharma in Tibetan mythology, in which we find the Yin-Yang, but as I said, here the three forces are shown in the center. We are going to explain how these three modes of energy, called Shen, Chi, and Jing, are related with the Rune Jera.

In the Aztec calendar, we also find the Jera symbol in the very center of the wheel. The Aztec calendar is formed similar to the Dharma wheel of Tibetan philosophy, which has in its center these three modes of energy called—Shen, Chi, and Jing—which manifest through the duality, commonly called Yin-Yang. The Yin-Yang that we are naming in relation with the Aztec pantheon is Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl; they are the expression of the Duality which is Ometeotl-Tonatiuh, in relation with the Aztec calendar.

We also find these forces in Taoism or Buddhism, because they are universal forces. In relation with these energies, Taoism as Alchemy is a very profound religion to study. In Kabbalah, we also find these forces, and in different lectures we always name them as Kether, Chokmah, and Binah, the three primary forces of the universe that express themselves as duality, yet that duality is in itself the trinity. This is what we are going to explain today, in relation with this lecture.


Observe the symbols above, these are two dragons. One dragon has the face of the tiger, in accordance with the symbols of Taoism. Master Samael Aun Weor stated in the book Alchemy and Kabbalah:

Chinese Alchemy

Heaven is masculine, Yang, and its element is fire. The earth is feminine, Ying, and its element is water. In the Taoist doctrine, we find White Tantra. The Ying-Yang, the Dragon, and the Tiger are the axis of Taoism. According to Taoist interpretation, the Ying-Yang is the outcome of T'ai Chi [pronounced "Tie-Chee"], the Prima Matter of the universe; creation emerges from the sexual union of this pair of opposites. Maithuna (Sexual Magic) exists within the White Tantrism of India and Tibet. - Samael Aun Weor

As the Master explained above, Yin-Yang are the masculine and feminine forces, Heaven and Earth. Bear in mind, that when we talk about Yin-Yang, we are talking about another third force that is not visually shown in the symbol, since in order for the masculine and feminine forces to be active, another invisible force has to be present. This is why we state that the Rune Jera shows an invisible force, which is the Rune Sig that appears invisible in between the Jera glyph. This is what we have to understand, because without the "S," the fire, nobody can exist, nothing can exist.

In the western world when we go into Kabbalah and Alchemy we have to go into the Book of Genesis, which we always quote. This is because the book of Genesis hides the meaning of this duality, within the trinity. This mystery is hidden in the first verse of the book of Genesis:

"In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth."

Master Samael states that the Heaven is Yang and the Earth is Yin. Now, if we go into the Hebrew alphabet and the Hebrew words related with this first statement of the book of Genesis, then we read:

Berashith Bera Elohim At HaSchamayim Veh At HaAretz

In the beginning created Elohim the Heavens and the Earth

Thus, if we were to inquire into the different meanings of the word BERASHITH, then we would find that by Kabbalistically arranging the letters which form that word, we make another statement: BAT ROSHI. Rosh means head. Roshi means my head, and Bat is daughter.

So when we read BERASHITH, the first word of the book of Genesis in Hebrew, we also are reading BATH ROSHI ("The Daughter of my Head") BERA ELOHIM ("Created Elohim"), and that is a very profound statement.

Who is BATH ROSHI "The Daughter of my Head" that created Elohim? It is BERESHITH BERA ELOHIM. So, BATH ROSHI relates to the very beginning of the universe, because this daughter that we are addressing here is the "Ain Soph" whose "Aur" (light) created the Elohim. The Ain Soph is the origin of "S," the Aur (light) of Cosmic Days (sunrises) and Cosmic Nights (sunsets). Behold here, the Jera, the solar harvest.

Why does the Cosmic Day exist? It exists because there is a need for solar harvesting, in the universe. When does the opposite of the Rune Jera exist (which is the Mahapralaya, the Cosmic Night)? It exists when the solar harvesting has been completed.

What is it to perform a solar harvest? It is to collect the good and the bad: the bad to the left and the good to the right.

In a common harvesting, after collecting the good, the harvesters burn the leftovers. There we can see the fire in activity, burning the bad. Now, when the burning is complete, when the field (the universe) is already clean, we might say, "Oh well, the fire did what it had to do and therefore it is gone." Wrong! The fire is still there. What happens is that in the universe we can only see the fire in activity, but we cannot see it when it is not in activity. Yes, when we see fire, when we see light, it is the solar fire in activity. Yet, the fire that is not active is still burning; it is there. That is what is called darkness, in Kabbalah. That is the glyph of the Rune Sig, the "S" in between the two sickles, which form the duality in the Rune Jera.

That S is blank because it is black fire. Have you ever heard about the black fire? It is stated that nobody sees that fire. Only the Paramarthasatyas, the inhabitants of the Absolute, can see that black fire. We in this part of the universe can only see the fire that is active, that is burning, shining, in the matter, because fire and light go together. This is precisely what we have to understand and comprehend when Genesis states, "And darkness was upon the face of the Abyss."

BAT ROSHI BERA ELOHIM. What was that, which was created from the daughter of my head? The daughter of my head created Elohim.

And what is Elohim? Elohim is precisely represented in the duality of the Rune Jera. In Hebrew "ELAH" means Goddess, and the ending "IM" is masculine plural, thus Elohim means Gods and Goddesses, or the duality, male-female. Therefore, this duality is what the daughter of my head created.

In any case, that head is the Ain Soph, or better said, the "Ain" and the "Ain Soph" which is "In the beginning" In English what is "IN"? In is the "AIN," the Absolute.

So, when we look for instance into our own Reality, our own Essence, we have to delve, to dive WITH-IN ourselves, into our root, which is our own particular Ain Soph, our own particular star, which is within "IN," or "AIN". This is why in English BERASHITH is translated as, "In—the beginning," because that "IN" is "AIN" which is "In the beginning" of everything. Thus, "IN" is "AIN" and "The beginning" is the "Ain Soph."

Thus, we can state that "IN" is "AIN," the Absolute, and "THE BEGINNING" is the "AIN SOPH," the Limitless Space.

"In the beginning created Elohim" which is, "The daughter of my head, created Elohim." But we can also say, "In the beginning," that is, "From the daughter of my head, emerged Bar," because the word "BERA" (which in Kabbalah means creation) also hides the word "BAR," (which in Aramaic means "SON") If we then take the letter Aleph from the word BERA and join it to the next word, which is "ELOHIM," we read, BERASHITH BAR AELOHIM, which means "In the beginning the SON of AELOHIM." AELOHIM is that Seity that in Kabbalah is not named.

And who is the SON of AELOHIM? It is the Fire. But, I repeat, it is a black fire. Bear that in mind, because usually, when we think about fire, we always think of the flame, active in the universe, burning something. But remember, when the fire has burned anything and is already no longer before our eyes, the fire is still there. It is shining in a black, or abstract, manner within the Absolute Space. That is what we call the Son of Aelohim, that Seity within the Abstract Absolute Space. That Seity within the Abstract Absolute Space exists inside of us; it is AUR (light) in the very depth of everything that exists.

AUR—in relation with Kabbalah— emerges from the duality of the Absolute. AUR expresses creation; AUR is the beginning of creation. That is why it is written:

"In the beginning, created Elohim the Heavens and the Earth."

The Heavens and the Earth are shown in the duality of the Rune Jera, Yin-Yang, within the Trinity. Heaven is air, which hides the fire. Earth hides the water. This is why, when we observe the glyphs of the Rune Jera, we find that these are made by two lines that form a vertex, or two lines that form an angle. Thus, we have two angles: the one above is the symbol of fire and air; the one below is the symbol of earth and water. Remember that between them is the third serpentine force (Rune Sig), which is always invisible; we need to use our imagination in order to see it. This is why, when we talk about the duality within the trinity, we always find the four forces together. These four forces form the famous Tetragrammaton, the four-lettered name of God—Iod Hei Vav Hei—which corresponds to the four lines that we find in the Rune Jera.

In the previous Runes, we see that fire, air, earth, and water imply movement. That is why, in the Aztec calendar, we find them around what is called the Sun of Movement. For instance, in the Rune Ingwaz, which is the square, we find these four elements of the Rune Jera, but united in a very equilibrated manner, in the sides of the square. The same happens with a man and a woman when they are sexually active, united. In the Rune Hagal, we find the same Rune, but rotating, spinning, just as in the Rune Gibor. If we study the Runes, we will find that the Rune Jera is hidden in all of them, as well as the Rune Kaum and the Rune Ar. The Rune Jera implies the movement, the forces, within all of the Runes together.

That is why, when we read, "In the beginning created God the Heaven and the Earth. And the earth was without form and void," we have to imagine the Rune Jera. In it, "the earth" is the glyph below, which also contains the symbol of water. Thus, "And the earth was without form and void," but thanks to the activity of Heaven—fire and air above—life is brought into it; that is, man (Chesed, or the Ruach Elohim that moved upon the face of the waters) brings life into woman (the earth).

But let us read the previous verse of the book of Genesis: "And darkness was upon the face of the deep." The deep is the Abyss. The deep is that Absolute Abstract Space. Darkness was hovering on that deep space. That darkness is fire, which is inactive in the universe, but which becomes active in the Absolute Abstract Space. That darkness is only darkness for us, but it is light for the Absolute. Part of that darkness is what in Kabbalah is called "Ain Soph Aur." This is what we have to understand when we read, "And darkness (black fire) was upon the face of the deep."

And then we read: "And the Ruach Elohim moved upon the face of the waters." In Hebrew, Ruach is Spirit, and also wind or air. Thus, we could say, "And the Air or Spirit of God, or Elohim, (which is above) moved upon the face of the waters (which are the forces of the lower glyph of the Rune Jera)."

"And Elohim said, Let there be light: and there was light. And Elohim saw the light, that it was good: and Elohim divided the light from the darkness." – Genesis 1:4

Here, it is very clear that the light we see in the universe, which the Elohim created, comes from the darkness. This is what Master Samael Aun Weor explains in Tarot and Kabbalah, chapter fifty-one:

"Ancient wisdom states that Darkness is in itself Father/Mother, and Light is its Child."

In Aztec terminology, that darkness or Father/Mother is Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl. That darkness is Ometeotl hidden within the Omeyocan, which is the duality. Thus, all of the manifestations of the Earth (that was without form and void) appear when the light appears, from the darkness. That is to say: "Elohim divided the light from the darkness," or better said, Elohim took the light from the black fire (darkness). That is how we have to understand this, because this is something we always repeat: It is said, that black fire, which is not visible in the universe, is what we call Christ, the Cosmic Christ that shines in different levels and that is within us, inside. At the very depth of our consciousness, we find that black light. We have it. If we close our eyes, in meditation, and we go within, we find that black light. Yet, we do not have the capacity to see that light, that dark fire, because we need to develop what the Master Samael Aun Weor explained as the Prajnaparamita type of vision, in which you can see the light as a Paramarthasatya, an inhabitant of the Absolute.

But even before developing that vision, we know that the dark light, that black fire is there. And we see it by means of the activity of the light that comes from that darkness. Thus, in order to see it, "Elohim said, Let there be light." That is precisely the work that we do in Alchemy. We want to awaken that light, that Rune Sig, which is the Kundalini . When it appears, it comes from the darkness. That is why it is stated that when we practice sexual magic, we have to do it in darkness, because light emerges from that black fire. The Catholic Church named this Darkness "Lucifer," as something evil, ignoring that this Darkness is beyond good and evil. Lucifer means, carrier of light. "Luci" is light; "fer" is fire, ferry. Lucifer is the fire that carries the light, but that fire that carries the light, my friends, is not this fire that we tridimensionally see, but INRI, the black fire. Do you understand this? Lucifer is black fire; this is why Lucifer is represented as something black, because the light comes from the darkness; that black fire is inside and not outside of us. Bear that in mind in order to comprehend this marvelous symbol of the Rune Jera, which is symbolized by these two dragons that are the Yin-Yang.

Now, if we carefully observe this Yin-Yang symbol of the two dragons, we see another serpent behind. That serpent is the dark fire, that dark light from which the light emerges.

"And God called the light, Day." This is the Cosmic Day, in the macrocosmic manner, the Mahamanvantara which is what the activity of that light is named in Sanskrit.

"And the darkness, was called Night," because the darkness corresponds to that black fire which is not active in the universe, which is in repose, cold. That is what we call night, or better said, the Mahapralaya in Sanskrit.

Do you see how everything is hidden in the book of Genesis, in relation with the duality of the Rune Jera? Day—cosmic day; Night—cosmic night; "And the evening and the morning was the first cosmic day."

What is shown here in a Macrocosmic manner has to be recreated within us in a Microcosmic manner.

If we think that the Absolute is out there, we are wrong. The Absolute is within us; it is the abstract space. When we inquire into our physicality, into our psyche, into our Spirit, beyond them is space; beyond matter in different densities there is always space. That space is called the abstract space. Each one of us has his own particular part of that space, which is called the Ain Soph.

The Ain Soph, is "the daughter of my head," but not my physical head, as it is simply written in Hebrew. "BATH" (the daughter of) "RASHI" (my head); this head is AIN, the head of the universe, because AIN is the origin of everything. Thus, that "Bath," (daughter) is the AIN SOPH, that creates the Elohim within her belly, in order for them to appear in this multidimensional universe. Those Elohim are the Gods and Goddesses, in Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiah—everywhere. It is the Elohim that we have within, that we need to self-realize.

Let us now go into this trinity we are talking about—Shen, Chi, and Jing. The Tao manifests its power through the three treasures of the light. There, in the Pistis Sophia written by the disciples of Master Jesus and explained by the Master Samael Aun Weor, it is written about the treasury of the light, which is called Barbelos.


Let me tell you that the manifested light of that treasury is the three primary forces. That is why, in Taoism, they say there are three treasures of the light, or three modes of energy—Shen, Chi, and Jing—which are the three principles of the universe. These three treasures of the light manifest in the heavens, in the earth, and in the human being. Each of them contains their own three treasures of the light.

The three treasures of Heaven are the stars, (Shen, Spirit, related with Atziluth), the sun (Chi, related with Briah) and the moon (Jing, related with Yetzirah).

The three treasures of the earth, which is Assiah, also called Prithvi, are air (Shen, Vayu), water (Chi, Apas) and fire (Jing, Tejas).

Now, the three treasures in the human being are the intellectual brain (Shen), the emotional brain (Chi) and the Motor-instinctual-sexual brain (Jing). So these three modes of energy, related with Taoism, relate to our three brains.

We have to have a great deal of intuition in order to understand this, because remember that in Taoism, Shen, Chi, and Jing, which are symbolized by blue (Shen), yellow (Chi), and red (Jing), are the three primary colors of the universe. This is what in Christianity is called, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We have often stated that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of Christianity are not persons; they are forces. In Taoism, these forces are presented beautifully. In Kabbalah it is Kether, Chokmah, and Binah, related with the Holy Trinity, which is called the Triamazikamno Law, the law that creates.

This Law of Three that creates is Kabbalistically expressed in the abstract manner and in the concrete manner in the first verse of the Book of Genesis. But remember that the book of Genesis talks about seven days. People used to make the mistake of thinking that these seven days of Genesis are seven days of twenty-four tridimensional hours, as the physical time that we have. Those who think that way do not understand the cryptic manner in which the Book of Genesis was written.

We have to understand and comprehend that the seven days are related with the Law of the Heptaparaparshinokh, the law that organizes. When we talk about harvesting or creation, we have to understand the Law of Seven is the law that organizes it. This Law of Seven is marvelously shown, as we always say, as the harvesting of the Seven Suns. Remember that, in the lecture "The End of Kali Yuga," the Master Samael Aun Weor talked about the Seven Suns. In the very center of the Aztec calendar we find only four suns, and the fifth in the center, which is Tonatiuh. This is because, on this planet Earth, in this very moment, we are in the Fifth Root Race, or in Aztec terminology, we are the Children of the Fifth Sun.

If you remember the seven spirits before the throne of God that are described in the Book of Revelation, we stated that they are named Gabriel (the Moon), Raphael (Mercury), Uriel (Venus), Michael (the Sun), Samael (Mars—the fifth), Zachariel (Jupiter), and Orifiel (Saturn). These are the Seven Spirits, or Seven Cosmocreators. These are precisely what the Aztec calendar shows us as the harvesting of the Seven Suns. This relates to the Rune Jera. This is why we see the glyphs of the Rune Jera above the head and on the tongue (symbolizing the triangular tongue of Tonatiuh, the Sun of movement) and we also see the glyphs of the Rune Jera united—expressed in the squares that we call the Rune Ingwaz. You can also see the glyphs in the eight Runes Kaum, or eight arrow heads around the circle, which are the same glyphs of the Rune, in the octuple manner, as we see in the symbol of Tibet, the Dharma Wheel, which has Shen, Chi, and Jing, the three forces, at its center.

These three forces express themselves in the whole universe, not just in the physical body. Shen, Chi and Jing, as we can see them, manifest in the world of Atziluth (archetypes), the world of Briah (creation), and the world of Yetzirah (formation), because these three modes of energy are the base of life, in different densities. They are the three primary forces that we have to work with, within the duality. Commonly, in Taoism, they only refer to Yin-Yang in relation with Chi, but they do not talk about Yin-Yang in relation with Shen and with Jing.

But we the Gnostics talk about Jing, which is essence-energy. Jing as essence-energy is related with the kidneys in our physicality. Jing creates the ovum and the sperm, masculine/feminine. As energy, that Jing rises, transformed as Chi energy; thus Chi energy rises from Jing, the essence-energy (in other words, the semen) up to the brain, thanks to the two cords that we have—Ida and Pingala, as they are called in Sanskrit. These are Yin-Yang, the two witnesses of Revelation.

But we have to understand that, thanks to the union of the these two polarities—the Yin-Yang of Chi—that originate from the Jing (essence-energy), our sexual matter, another third force, which is Shen, Spirit, rises through Sushumna in the spinal medulla. This is how we can see the three modes of energy in our physiology.

Here we are talking about the sublimation of those forces within our physicality, psychology, and spirituality. Yet, we have to understand that these three modes of energy descend from Heaven as well, as we have explained. Master Samael Aun Weor explains them as the three modes of Akashic force, or the three breaths of Akasha, that enter into our nostrils and descend through the three nervous systems, or better said, the three channels called Sushumna, Ida, and Pingala. So the Rune Jera, is really a Rune of Alchemy. It is very profound.

Master Samael explains what is shown in the Aztec calendar in relation with the harvesting; namely, the children of the First Sun were devoured by wisdom, by tigers, symbol of the fire, or wisdom. If we understand Alchemy, we will comprehend that the fire burned them completely, and they became one with the tiger, with the fire, or with the dark fire. The children of the Second Sun were destroyed by great hurricanes and became transformed into apes. Some of them degenerated. The children of the Third Sun, the harvesting of the Sun related to the Lemurian Race, were destroyed by a rain of fire, and they transformed into birds. Thereafter, the Atlantean Root Race (which existed before this present Root Race) was devoured by the waters and transformed into fish. So when we study the Aztec calendar in relation with the harvesting of these four previous Root Races, it is very clear in symbols.

But they do not say anything about us, the Fifth Sun's harvesting. Into what are we going to be transformed? Into what symbolic animal are we going to be transformed? However, they do say that the children of the Fifth Sun—which is Tonatiuh, in the very center of the stone—will be destroyed by earthquakes and fire, which is being fulfilled. That fire is the fire of volcanoes. Remember that it is stated that Samael is the king of volcanoes and earthquakes. Now, the bible talks about the symbolic animal into which this Root Race is going to be transformed. Master Jesus said:

When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit on the throne of his glory: And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

Then shall the King say to them on his right hand, Come, you blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: For I was hungered, and you gave me meat: I was thirsty, and you gave me drink: I was a stranger, and you took me in: Naked, and you clothed me: I was sick, and you visited me: I was in prison, and you came to me.

Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we you hungered, and fed you? Or thirsty, and gave you drink? When saw we you a stranger, and took you in? Or naked, and clothed you? Or when saw we you sick, or in prison, and came to you?

And the King shall answer and say to them, Truly I say to you, Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it to me.

Then shall he say also to them on the left hand, Depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels: For I was hungered, and you gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and you gave me no drink: I was a stranger, and you took me not in: naked, and you clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and you visited me not.

Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we you hungered, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister to you?

Then shall he answer them, saying, Truly I say to you, Inasmuch as you did it not to one of the least of these, you did it not to me. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal. – Matthew 25: 31-46

Here we find again the duality of the Rune Jera; the harvesting of this Fifth Root Race will be goats and sheep.

Now, if we delve into the symbol of the Ram, or sheep, we discover that it relates to the sign of Aries. Astrologically, Aries is related with the head, this is why we find that in the very center of the Aztec calendar is the Fifth Sun, which is a head. This is because the Sun of Aries rules all of the head and it is ruled by Samael, whose symbol is the Ram, the Lamb, the sheep. In order for that head to shine we have to transmute the sexual energy with the mysteries of Taoism, Alchemy, Yin-Yang, and the three modes of energy, or treasures of the light, as taught in Taoism.

However, if we do not do that, then we will become goats. We have seen that the symbol of the goat is the sexual energy utilized in the wrong manner. The goat is something that we have to transform, because all of us present here, without exception, are goats. We are goats, so we have to transform ourselves into sheep. The goat, like all animals, is a fornicator.

We are the children of the Fifth Sun. Right now, we are in the dilemma of "to be or not to be." Master Samael Aun Weor, who rules the Fifth Sun, came and gave the knowledge for us, so that we can be transformed into sheep, that is, if we want to belong to the harvesting of the Fifth Sun.

That which is bad, the goats, will be thrown into the Abyss so that the everlasting fire of Klipoth will cleanse them; there, the fire of their own passions will burn them, as well as the atomic fire of the Earth. Remember that in the very center of the Earth the ego is incinerated, cremated. Behold the dilemma: whether we are cremated in the devolving way, or in the Alchemical, Initiatic manner.

This is why we are teaching Gnosis, in order for us to become sheep. Remember the parable of the sheep and goats, which states that Jesus said to the sheep on the right:

Come, you blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. – Matthew 25: 34

And I say unto you, that many shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of heaven. – Matthew 8: 11

And to the goats on the left Jesus said:

But the children of the kingdom (Malkuth) shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. - Matthew 8: 12


"Into outer darkness." Understand, this outer darkness is not the same darkness about which we spoke in the beginning. That outer darkness is the darkness of the Abyss; there are many types of darkness. Outer darkness is the darkness of the abyss that is OUT of the kingdom of heaven. In the Absolute we find the black fire, which relates to the darkness we spoke of in the beginning, which is Divine.

The Aztec calendar states that in the epoch of the Children of the Fifth Sun, the Gods will die, and indeed, the Gods are dead in this Root Race. Many bodhisattvas of great Gods and Angels fell in this epoch. But it is written that in the Sixth Root Race, which will emerge after the destruction of this Fifth Root Race, the Gods will resurrect.

However, the Gods will not resurrect merely as a gift, or just because the Aztec calendar states it, no! The Gods will resurrect if their bodhisattvas annihilate their ego, and shine again within themselves.

There are many bodhisattvas that are fallen, thus they have to rise again and shine in order to resurrect. Resurrection is something that we have explained in other lectures. There are many types of resurrection. The Gods have to resurrect. If you are entering into this path, your God will resurrect within you. That is precisely the mystery of the Rune Jera, because it means Solar Harvesting.

In the epoch of the Seventh Sun, everything will be Divine. This is how we understand the symbol of this Rune Jera, in relation with Taoism, the Aztec calendar, Christianity, and Kabbalah.

Let us go deeper into this and study the Tree of Life. Remember that we stated that there are two main laws in relation with the universe. The first is the Law of Three, which is the Law of the Triamazikamno, related with Kether, Chokmah, and Binah, and also with Daath. This is because that mysterious Sephirah Daath, which is below the first triangle, hides the mystery of the duality within the trinity, as we have stated in previous lectures. In Daath, there is a trinity within the duality, and this is precisely what we have to understand. One thing is the trinity in the first triangle, and another thing is the trinity in Daath, which expresses itself through the duality. In other words, the Rune Jera really belongs to Daath, which is the duality, Father/Mother, the Elohim manifesting its power of creation thanks to the force which is always hidden, which is the fire, the "S," the Rune Sig between the two sickles, symbols of the Duality of Jera. Sequentially, below we find the other seven Sephiroth, which relates to the Law of Seven, the Heptaparaparshinokh, the law that organizes.

Let us now go down into our physicality, in order to understand how that which is done in the Macrocosmos has to be performed in the Microcosmos.

It is stated in many parts of the Bible that the physical body is the Temple of God. Malkuth is the Temple of God. Paul of Tarsus states in the Bible that, our physical body is a temple of the living God and many people that hear this, or read this, and do not understand in which way is God within us. Let us study that and see.

The respiratory system relates to Shen. When we study Taoism, we find that there are specific points where Shen abides in the body, and the main one is the lungs. This is because the Spirit of God enters through the nostrils. Remember what is written:

And Iod-Havah Elohim formed Adam of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and Adam became a living soul [Thus, Shen is Soul , Spirit, and also mind]. – Genesis 2: 7

This is how we have to understand this: Shen enters into our physicality mainly through the nostrils, in order for us to be alive. So when we talk about the respiratory system, we are talking about Kether, which is abstract, like the air. Remember that we already talked about Aleph, the breath, in many lectures. When we talk about the air, the oxygen, related with the lungs, we talk about the heart as well. Remember that the heart is between the lungs, and the heart is that organ that deals with the blood. When we talk about the blood, we are talking about Chi. In other lectures we have talked about how Chi (blood) is related to Shen (air), which is why when we talk about Shen or Chi, we go here, to the center of the chest, to the heart or the lungs.

Yet, Shen also relates to the spleen and to the liver, in a very subtle manner, because the Shen that we have in our lungs purifies the Chi in our heart, which eventually descends into Jing, which is related with our kidneys. That Jing becomes semen, sexual matter. That is why, in Taoism, it is advised not to ejaculate the semen, but to retain it. This is because if we retain the Jing, eventually it will be transformed into Chi and then into Shen. Thus we will be filled with energy.

So, behold the kidneys are in relation with Jing; the heart, in relation with Chi; and the lungs in relation with Shen. Yet, the liver and spleen, which are related with the blood, also relate to Chi.

There is, in esotericism, a seal that we have to learn, which is called the Ankh Cross Seal. It is also called the Tao Seal, or the Tao Cross. Sometimes we call it the Tao Cross, other times the Ankh Cross.

We perform it by tracing a circle, starting up from our chest—which is where our lungs and our heart are located—and descending left, to our spleen, then passing the kidneys and liver, in order to form the ascending right arch of the circle by going back up again, and closing it on our heart. That is the famous seal of the Ankh or Tao Cross, which unites those meridians, or dantians, in the human body.

Remember: heart and lungs, spleen, kidneys, liver; these, of course, relate to Shen. You find Shen in different modalities in the trinity, or the three treasures, which are called the Shen, Chi, and Jing of Taoism.

Once we have traced that circle, we trace the vertical line of the Tao cross from our solar plexus to our genitalia; that is, we descend the Jing force from our kidneys to our sex. This means that our Shen and our Chi, which are accumulated in our kidneys as Jing, descend from our kidneys to our genitalia. Thereafter, we trace the horizontal line of the Tao cross, from the spleen to the liver. This is the esoteric seal of the Ankh, or Tao cross, that initiates perform in order to protect themselves from negative forces; first the circle, and then the cross below it. Remember that the three treasures are deposited in the human seed, because the kidney contains the Jing; the heart, liver and spleen, the Chi; and the lungs, the Shen.

There is also another seal that is known amongst the Gnostics. They call it the Seal of the Cross. In this seal, the cross remains in the middle of the circle. This is another seal that protects us. We start with Shen, which is in the root of our nose, which is precisely the root of the atom of the Father. From there we say, "In the name of the Father;" then we go into the heart, "and the Son," the Chi, because the heart is the kingdom of the Son; "And the Holy Spirit" which is directly related to our sexual glands.

However, in order make the cross, we need to trace the horizontal beam. Pay attention because here is the symbol and the meaning of the next movement: from our sex we lift our hand towards our left shoulder, which is Geburah, and from it we trace the horizontal line towards Chesed, which is also called Gedulah, in the right shoulder.

Did you apprehend the movement? Why we lift our hand from our sex to the left? Why the left? Because the left is Ida, which is the fallen serpent with which we are accustomed to fornicate.

Thus, when we trace that seal it is as if we are saying, "I, Tiphereth, am placing the force of Jing, the Holy Spirit, within my Monad." That Monad is Geburah (Shen, the Spiritual Soul in the left lung), Tiphereth (Chi, the Human Soul in the heart), and Chesed (Shen, the Spirit in the right lung). So, you are uniting Jing, the Holy Spirit, in your Monad (Shen and Chi). That is a protection, you see? In the name of the Father (root of the nose), the Son (the heart), and the Holy Spirit (sex), and then we lift Jing to our left shoulder, and cross it to the right, our Monad. Thus the Holy Spirit remains united with the Son and the Father in the heart.

People think that the Holy Spirit is the Heart. They think the Son is in the sex. No, the Son is in the heart, the Holy Spirit is in the sex. Yet, if we understand the movement of that seal, we will understand that we are uniting them in the heart by transmuting the sexual Jing into Chi and Shen.

Then, we encircle the cross by tracing a circle from our head, down towards the left and up to the right, and say, "By the most holy Tetragrammaton"

What is the Tetragrammaton? It is Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, the four-lettered name of God. So when we trace the circle, descending towards the left, and ascending towards the right, we are encircling the cross with the famous Tetragrammaton; this is how we are sealing, protecting ourselves.

Many Gnostics perform that seal, but they do not understand why they are doing it. Listen, it is the three primary forces—Shen, Chi, and Jing, the cross—enclosed by the circle, by the four elements—fire, air, water and earth. When we say Tetragrammaton, we are naming the four elements. God, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, the famous Tetragrammaton, commands nature in our own body. Thus both the Tao cross and this other cross, this other seal, are related with the Holy Trinity in Taoism.

Do not mistake the second cross with the common cross that Catholics perform. They say, "The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit," but they only cross their heart. They do not go down to their sex, because it is a mechanical action; they do not understand what they are doing. Yes, the Son is in the heart, but for the Holy Spirit to be in the heart we have to descend and to lift it from the sex, because we have to raise the Holy Spirit, which is our sexual energy, Jing.

Likewise, do not mistake the word Jing, J-I-N-G, with Yin, which is very similar. If we spoke Chinese, it would not be a problem to understand the difference. Chinese is a very difficult language. For instance, Tai-Chi is pronounced Tie-Hai.

Did you understand how—in relation with the Shen—the forces, the Spirit, protect you?

Now, let us go down into Chokmah, the Chi, which is related with the bone marrow. You might ask why. In the Bible, we will find the answer:

Be not wise (Chokmah) in thine own eyes: ירא (Jera) fear (יהוה) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, and depart from evil. It shall be health to thy navel (thy Chi and the Jing energy in your solar plexus), and marrow to thy bones. Honor (יהוה) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei with thy substance (your Jing), and with the first fruits of all thine produce (your semen) – Proverbs 3:7-9

What is the meaning of Proverbs 3:7-9? The marrow is the main element in our organism that produces red cells. Blood is produced by organs like the spleen and liver, but the main source is the marrow of our bones; these are where the red cells are produced. Red cells are related with Chokmah. Chokmah is Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei in Kabbalah. The first Sephirah in the Tree of Life in which the name Jehovah appears is Chokmah.

Do you want to find where your Chokmah is? It is in the marrow of your bones, physically speaking, creating red cells, which is life for you. The solar plexus in the navel is a source of Chi, which is also the same energy we are talking about. This is why, in Kabbalah, when we address the Chi, we talk about the bone marrow. Further, how many drops of blood do we need in order to create one drop of semen, whether masculine or feminine? In Gnosticism the woman also has semen, but feminine; we call her Jing semen too.

So how many drops of blood do we need to create a single drop of semen? Or we will say, how many drops of Chi, red blood cells, do we need in order to create one drop of Jing? We need eighty drops. There are many quantities in different philosophies, but the important point here is that we need many drops of blood in order to create one drop of Jing. So when we ejaculate one drop of semen, imagine how many drops of Chi we are losing.

This is why, when we transmute our substance (our Jing) into Chi, this is what, in Kabbalah and Alchemy, we call "The Soul of the Mercury," which rises through Ida and Pingala (the two witnesses of Revelation). Thus, Chi comes from our own Jing when we transmute it. Eventually this Chi will generate Shen. We also fortify our own Shen (Spirit) with the Shen that we take in when we breathe. Behold the importance of Alchemy.

The Holy Spirit is Shen within Jing, the creative energy. The Holy Spirit is the mystery of the duality. Remember that if we want to find the duality expressed physically in this three-dimensional world, then we find the man and the woman. When they unite, sexually speaking, then we have Shen, the third force, which is uniting the Yin-Yang. Remember that when we see Yin-Yang, there is a third force hidden there, which is putting them in movement; or as we say, when the man and the woman, Yin-Yang, are in the sexual act, there is a movement of Shen in our Jing. That is sexual energy, the Holy Shen, the Holy Spirit.

Chi also relates to the two modalities of the blood. That is why we find the blue, the impure blood, and the red, the pure blood that contains Chi and Shen. They are also related with the lower organs, and with the circulatory system. They are related in that way because if red cells are Chokmah, Chi, the Son Christ and Kether, Shen the Breath, the Father, then the outcome of them is the creative energy, Binah, the Jing, the Holy Spirit. That is the Trinity, within us.

Remember, the simple way to comprehend the trinity is to take every triangle of the tree of life and place it on our three brains; namely, our head, the intellectual brain; our heart, the emotional brain; and our sexual organs, the Holy Spirit, the motor-instinctual-sexual brain. This is how we have to place each triangle.

That is why we find that when we talk about Kether, we talk about the breath in the head, how we breathe Shen. When we talk about Chi, Chokmah, we put that Chi in our heart, which deals with the red cells; then, the Holy Spirit, Jing, the sexual energy. Those are the three modalities of energy in our three brains. However, we find that below this trinity is Daath, which relates to our three nervous systems: the central nervous system, the grand sympathetic nervous system, and the parasympathetic nervous system.


We always state that Daath, the nervous system in our physicality, is related with the Tree of Good and Evil. In this way, we can understand how this nervous system relates to the three primary forces. But do not mistake the first triangle with the trinity of Daath, the Tree of good and Evil, because there they are inverted, the forces are inverted, in order to create. For instance, Chokmah, through Daath, works in the central nervous system, through the Sushumna channel. The Father, which is Kether, works through Pingala. And Ida is Binah, which is the Parasympathetic or Vagus nervous system. They are inverted there in order to work. This is because the Holy Spirit controls the sexual energy, but in the three nervous systems, the Son is Sushumna. That is the way in order to comprehend this, but I repeat, do not confuse this trinity with the first triangle.

We have talked about the first triangle in relation with the three brains, but we are now talking about the three nervous systems, which also relate to the three brains, but in the way of Alchemy, creation. Remember that duality is Daath, Pingala and Ida, and the outcome of that union is Sushumna, which is the fire in our physicality.

Below Daath we find Gedulah or Chesed, which is the Spirit, our own particular Spirit, which is called the True Man and which relates to the skeletal system. Remember that the True Man is the Spirit that has two souls : the Spiritual Soul and the Human Soul. Below this trinity are four bodies: the mind, the emotion, the vital body, and the physicality. However, the Spirit is Gedulah. That is why we find written in the Bible:

And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. – Genesis 2: 23

You see that? The Bible quotes the bone and the flesh in relation with the True Man, Adam. However, when people read that, they do not understand this in relation with the different symbols of the Tree of Life. When Adam says, "This is now bone of my bones," Adam is saying, "This is part of me, Chesed, and part of me, Geburah, which is 'flesh of my flesh,' my own blood." This statement relates to the superior part of the Monad, and not only as people think, that women here are only part of the physical bones and flesh of Adam. No, they do not understand the symbolism.

When we talk about bones, we are also talking about Abraham. Remember that we always say that Chesed is Abraham. Who is the God of Abraham? The God of Abraham is Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, Iod-Havah. And where is Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, the God of Abraham? It is in the marrow of our bones. This is the symbolism of the bones in relation to Abraham. The Kabbalists of the Zohar and many other Kabbalists state that we have 248 bones in the body. There is a debate about how many, but they say there are always 248. Why? It is because the numerical addition of the word Abraham is 248, according to the values of the letters, and because Abraham relates to the skeletal system, the bones. So the bones relate to Abraham, our own Chesed, in our physicality, and the flesh is Geburah.

Now let us go down into Geburah, which is the circulatory system. In previous lectures, we have talked about how the circulatory system has to two forces, the systole and diastole, the two movements of the blood in the body, which are controlled by the heart. The heart is the organ that receives that systole/diastole, but the one that enacts that might is Geburah. This is what people do not understand. If you take the triangle of Chesed, Geburah, and Tiphereth, and you place it on the body, Geburah is on the heart, related with the circulatory system; Chesed is on the head; and Tiphereth is on the sexual organs. There we find why Geburah relates to the circulatory system.

However, in reality, Geburah also relates to Tiphereth, in relation with the heart. Geburah and Tiphereth, as we have said in previous lectures, are related to two Suns. Geburah is one Sun and Tiphereth, the heart, is another Sun. These are two mights, two forces, that work within our organism. Remember that this is in relation with the Heptaparaparshinokh, the way in which our body is organized according to the energies of the Law of Seven and the Law of Three. Our body is a Temple of the Living God.

Now we will go into the next system, the muscular system, whose center is the heart. The heart is a gland, but it is also a muscle—we could call it a muscular gland or a glandular muscle—which relates with the entirety of the muscles of our organism. This is because, thanks to the circulatory system, the blood nourishes all of the tendons and muscles of our physicality. This is what gives us physical beauty, because in the muscles is the beauty. You know how in this day and age everybody wants to develop their muscles and have an attractively shaped body, a muscular body? That is why Tiphereth, which is called Beauty, is also called Splendor or Glory. Sometimes in Kabbalah, when we say Glory, we are talking about Hod, but Hod and Tiphereth have the same meaning. We can use both, Tiphereth or Hod, to say Glory or Splendor in Kabbalah. However, in this case, the muscular system relates with Tiphereth, which relates with the heart, which is the center of the muscular system.

When we place the next triangle—Netzach, Hod, and Yesod—on the body, we find that Hod remains in the center, in the heart as well. Netzach, which is the mind, is in the head; Hod is in the heart; and Yesod is in our sexual organs. Thus we find that Hod and Tiphereth are mixed in relation with the three brains, or the energies that relate to our system, our physicality.

Netzach, which is the mind—as we have explained in different lectures—is ruled by the endocrine glands, which are ruled by Peter. We talk about Peter, the first Apostle of the Lord, which is that intelligence, archetype, whose Chi controls the sexual glands, but which is also the head of all the glands. They relate to each other. This is precisely what we have to understand, because when we talk about the endocrine system, we are talking about the milk, which is that fluid of the hormonal system. In the Bible you read about the milk. What is that milk which the Bible talks about?

He swore unto thy fathers to give thee, a land flowing with milk and honey. – Exodus 13:5

The rivers of Eden flow with milk and honey, as we have talked about in previous lectures. That milk is the secretion of the glands of the endocrine system, which relate to the mind, Netzach. If we go into the previous Sephiroth, in relation with the Heptaparaparshinokh, the Law of Seven, we find that Geburah relates to that fluid called wine that contains the Alchemical Eucharistic fire, the outcome of the transmutation of that fluid which is called Water (Semen), which relates to Chesed (the Ruach Elohim). Finally, Tiphereth is related with that fluid called blood.

Do you see what the fire in the water, wine, and blood is? In the previous lecture, we talked about how that water, which is Chesed, that descends to the sexual organs, has to be sublimated in order to become wine, the wine of the Transubstantiation, which is Geburah, the blood of the Lord.

Jesus,—that is Aberamentho,—said unto his disciples, [...] "And the fire, the water and the wine are for the purification of all the sins of the world. The blood on the other hand was for a sign unto me because of the human body which I received in the region of Barbelo, the great power of the invisible God. The breath on the other hand advances towards all souls and leads them unto the region of the Light." – Pistis Sophia, Chapter 141

This is why, when we perform the Transubstantiation, we are working with the fire in the triangle of Chesed (water), Geburah (wine), and Tiphereth (blood) in our heart. This is the marvelous way of the Transubstantiation. However, we need a lot of energy (fire) in order to perform this work; we need milk. That milk is related with our endocrine system.

Now we go into the next Sephirah, called Hod, which is related with the immune system. The immune system is the main system that allows us to reject the microbes and fight the different sicknesses that we have in the body. It is ruled by the moon. We find that the red blood cells are created by the different organs in our body, mainly by the marrow of our bones, but there are other cells created in our physical body, in our blood, which are called white blood cells. Those white blood cells are related with the lymph. The lymph is that liquid related with Hod, ruled by the Moon. Remember that in Gnostic Esotericism, we state that the Moon rules Hod, as well as Yesod. Those white cells circulate in the blood. This is why sometimes we say Hod relates to the blood. However, Biblically speaking, the fluid of Hod is called DEW. The dew is secreted by our immune system. Remember that the dew circulates in our blood, together with the milk, the water, and the wine.

Further down, we find Yesod, which fluid is symbolically related to olive oil; Yesod, our reproductive system, within which we find very clearly the two polarities of Yin-Yang. Remember that the Rune Jera is related with these systems. It works in every system. Remember we said that the first triangle—Kether, Chokmah, Binah—relates to the Law of the Triamatzikamno, the Law of Three, and the rest relate with the Law of Seven, which organizes. The female reproductive system and the male reproductive system relate to Yesod, where we find the Jing, the forces of the Holy Spirit, which we need to work with.

Down below, we find Malkuth, about which we have already given many lectures, Malkuth's fluid is symbolically related to Honey. Malkuth relates with our digestive system. Malkuth is also related with our skin, which protects all the systems that we have. Remember that our physical skin shows the different systems that we have within. If one of those systems is not working properly, your skin is going to show that. A healthy body is shown through the skin, through Malkuth, which also relates to the digestive system.

We cannot forget Klipoth, because it is inside Malkuth. Klipoth is related with our intestines, which are related to our digestive system. When we put food in our stomach, which we need to survive in this physical world, our intestines take the nutrients and what is left over is thrown by them into the toilet. That is related to Klipoth. In our physicality, Klipoth is related with the refuse of our digestive system.

If we want to talk about Klipoth in relation with creation, it does not enter in the creative way with the Law of the Heptaparaparshinokh, because that is the law that organizes creation, and Klipoth deals with annihilation, the leftovers.

Notwithstanding that Klipoth is related with our intestines, it is Malkuth the digestive system the one that takes - from the intestines - the nutrients (namely Chi, Jing, and Shen) that we need in order to create; that is, if we know the science of Alchemy.

So, did we understand how our physicality relates to all the Sephiroth?

Jesus answered and said to them, destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. Then said the Jews, Forty and six years took this temple in building, and will you raise it up in three days? But he spoke of the temple of his body. – John 2:19-21

In the Alchemical and Kabbalistic manner, the temple of our body is—as we have explained here—where all of these forces, all these energies, are involved, which ignorantly we destroy. Usually, we destroy them, thus we grow old and then we die. However, Master Jesus said, "Destroy this temple," addressing the Sephiroth in his physical body, "and in three days I will raise it up." These three days are symbolic.

When therefore he was risen from the dead, his disciples remembered that he had said this to them; and they believed the scripture, and the word which Jesus had said. – John 2:22

Now do we understand this saying of Master Jesus? It is not like the common and ordinary people think, "Oh, if I believe in Jesus I will resurrect." Jesus was talking cryptically about the temple of his body, since he knew about this knowledge that we are talking about here. Jesus knew about the Kabbalistic systems of the body and how they are related with the Law of Seven and the Law of Three, the three primary forces in Taoism—Shen, Chi, and Jing—and the duality, Yin-Yang. Does Jesus explain this Alchemical procedure in the Bible?

Jesus answered: Truly, truly, I say to you, except a man is born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said to you, You must be born again. The wind blows where it wants, and you hear the sound thereof, but cannot tell from where it comes, and where it goes: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

Nicodemus answered and said to him, How can these things be? Jesus answered and said to him, Are you a master of Israel, and know not these things? Truly, truly, I say to you, we speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen; and you receive not our witness. If I have told you earthly things, and you believe not, how shall you believe, if I tell you of heavenly things? – John 3: 5-12

This is why we always end with Malkuth, by telling you earthly things that relate to our best friend, Martha. Martha is always here, showing us that if we want a lot of Chi, we have to know how to feed our physicality. We take the Shen, which becomes Chi in our body when we breathe. But we also feed ourselves through the impressions we receive, through our physicality. Yet, the many nutrients needed in order to have a healthy body are in the hands of Martha, which is that consciousness with wisdom, Sophia, hidden in the body that transforms the food in the positive manner so that we can take advantage of Paramartha (Absolute Consciousness) .


Questions and Answers

Audience: What should we do in the process of the cross with the circle? What has to be done? Is it just for meditation or when we go to sleep?

Instructor: If someone is looking at you while you are performing this sign, he might think, "What is this person doing?" Thus, when we are in public, we must do it with our imagination. However, when we are alone, we can do it physically. The Catholics know this sign very well: "In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." However, the right way is as we taught you; that is, start with the Father, in the root of your nose; then the heart, which is the temple of the Son, Chokmah; next is the Holy Spirit, the sexual organs; thereafter, raise that Holy Spirit, first to the left, then trace the horizontal line to the right; finally, we say, "By the most holy Tetragrammaton," and we make a circle descending to the left and rising to the right.

Once, I was teaching this seal, and someone said, "But the Chakras rotate clockwise." And I said, "Who is talking about Chakras here? I did not talk about Chakras; I am talking about the seal, which is different. Leave the Chakras alone." Right? Chakras should rotate clockwise, but this is a seal, not a Chakra. "But why do we trace the circle counterclockwise?" Simple, it is because in Hebrew Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei is written from right to left. If you write it from left to right, you are then writing Chavajoth, or Chavah-Yod, the opposite of Yod-Chavah "Jehovah," do you see? If you trace the circle to the right you are opening, not closing, the circle; you are ending it with Yod. It is written with Yod in the head, Hei in the left shoulder, Vav in your sexual organs, and the other Hei in your right shoulder, and then you close the seal. That is the famous Tetragrammaton. That is the seal. The other seal is more advanced—the seal in relation with the Tao Cross. It is very powerful, too.

Audience: How do we relate this to the three souls of Kabbalah?

Instructor: Well, we will say that the Jing energy is related with the Animal Soul , Nephesh; the Chi is related with Ruach, the intellectual soul ; and Neshamah, the Spiritual Soul, with Shen. That, we will say, is related with the lower triangle of the three primary forces, because the three souls of Kabbalah— Neshamah, Ruach, and Nephesh—express themselves as energy in different levels, according to the Initiation. So really, the Rune Jera, which is related with harvesting, depends upon how we use our energy. We need a harvesting of Solar Men, but in order to perform that harvesting we have to take care of our body, because the rest of the bodies that we will eventually create are archetypes, with the exception of those initiates that have already created them. For those initiates, these bodies are not archetypes; they are already made.

However, in those who are beginners in this knowledge, all of those bodies are archetypes, and they need energy in order to build them. That is why the Master Hilarion IX, Paul of Tarsus, said:

Flee fornication [spilling of Jing]. Every sin that a man does is without the body; but he that commits fornication [spills the Jing] sins against his own body [Malkuth]. What? know you not that [Malkuth] your body is the temple of [Shen] the Holy Spirit which is in you [in your breath, blood and sexual substance], which you have of God, and you are not your own? For you are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in [Malkuth] your body, and in [Chesed] your spirit, which are God's. - 1 Corinthians 6: 18-20

Thus, if we take advantage of those forces, we will then create. So let us not deceive ourselves. If we are wasting those three modes of energy, what are we going to create? We need to save energy, to get all of those energies to circulate in all of the systems in our organism, as these relate to the Tree of Life.

Audience: Does the Leviathan have any relation to the digestive system?

Instructor: Leviathan is related to all the systems. Leviathan, or the energy of Levi, is that energy of willpower that we have to work with. It is not only related with the physical but with all of the energies derived from the three primary forces. Leviathan is related to Shen, Chi, and Jing. Leviathan acts in different levels; this is why it is written that Leviathan has the power of swimming in the waters and flying in the air. That Leviathan is the power of Lucifer, which is the Ray of Creation that descends in different modalities, within us. First, it is the black dragon; then it becomes the Heavenly Dragon in Taoism. Do not mistake the black dragon we mentioned here with the black dragon of the Book of Revelation, which is the ego. That is completely different. You have to be skillful in interpretation of symbols in order to not fall into mistakes, because if we do not know how to read, then we make a lot of mistakes. That is why we need much meditation. So, the Leviathan is that intelligent force that we have to control and that we have to learn how to manipulate.

Audience: You talked about the milk, the water, the wine and blood, but how do these substances relate to each other, how do they work together?

Instructor: If you study the relationships of all those systems in the physical body, you will see the relation. The blood, the heart in the center, deals with the circulatory system, the immune system, the endocrine system, the reproductive system, the skeletal system, the muscular system. You see, the blood relates to Tiphereth which is the one that is in charge of the work of the heart, because the heart deals with all of those forces. The food that we eat transforms into energy that the heart takes and purifies through the lungs. The liquid or fluid related with the reproductive system is called olive oil in the Bible. I told you in other lectures that the fluid related with the digestive system is honey. Honey is related with the digestive system, olive oil with the reproductive system. This is because, during the sexual act, the sexual organ is the one that emits that oil or lubricant in order to have the pleasure of the sexual act, yet olive oil is also related with Shen and Chi that has to be transmuted, which is deposited within the substance Jing. Olive oil is Shen and Chi that we have to liberate from the Jing. This is why the sexual organs are related with the olive oil. The anointment with olive oil implies sexual activity. This is the meaning of the anointment of the Holy Spirit. Then, the dew that circulates in the blood is related with Hod, which is the lymph, the white cells that help to fight the sicknesses and microbes in our organism. That circulates in the blood.

When you transmute your olive oil, which is the fluid of your sexual organs, it circulates in the blood too. So every system relates to every other in that manner, this is how we find the relationship of all of those fluids in an Alchemical manner.

They relate alchemically, even if we do not know about it. However, because we ignore it, man and woman go to the sexual act, ejaculate the semen, and lose all the fluids, because the sexual fluid is precisely the synthesis of all those fluids. Even what we eat down here in Malkuth gives us our sexual energy. The sexual energy is the outcome of what we think, what we breathe, the impressions we receive, and what we eat. That is the synthesis of all those fluids that relate to the Heptaparaparshinokh.

Audience: You mentioned that Adam's words "Bone of my Bones and flesh of my flesh" were referring to Chesed and Geburah. Does this imply that Adam and Eve share the same Spirit and consciousness? How do we interpret this in relation to the symbolism of the story?

Instructor: Yes, Adam and Eve in the higher level relate to Geburah and to Chesed and to Tiphereth, part of the Monad. As you see there, the "bone of my bones" relates to Chesed. "Flesh of my flesh" is related to Tiphereth, which is alive as the muscular system thanks to the circulatory system of Geburah. So when you said flesh, you take into account Geburah and Tiphereth together; it is the Monad. So when Adam says, "Bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh," it is the real Being talking there, which is the Monad.

Audience: The question seemed to imply that Adam and Eve referred to a man and a woman.

Instructor: Yes, Adam and Eve are also two souls separated physically in two Edenic bodies. When we say physically, we mean the two self-realized souls separated in two Edenic physicalities, but in a higher level. The symbolism of Adam and Eve in Alchemy are related with many levels. In this lecture, we are exploring how Adam and Eve relate to the Monad, to the separated forces of the Monad. Adam and Eve are the twin souls .

For instance: When we say, "I want to find my twin soul ." Well in this case, I am the Human Soul and I am Tiphereth, then my twin soul is Geburah, inside; that is my flesh. This is because she is the bones of my bones, you see? Tiphereth expresses the bones and flesh of Chesed and Geburah. So when I said bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, spiritually and alchemically speaking, it is related with the Monad, Atman Buddhi.

Now, the other levels of explanation regarding Adam and Eve in the physicality, Malkuth, are another thing. This is a very deep topic.

Audience: The physical Rune Jera itself?

Instructor: The physical Rune Jera itself is explained alchemically as we were explaining here. It is a seal in which we apply the Chi, the Shen, and the Jing when we are sealing ourselves with the sign of the cross and by the Tetragrammaton. Also when you are performing the Tao Cross, which is the encircling of your Shen and the uniting of your Chi and Jing with the cross below, or the Ankh Cross, which is another seal that relates with energy. Those are the practices of the Rune Jera—seals. Any type of seal is related with Jera, with those forces: Yin-Yang, the harvesting. Remember that when we perform these seals, if we are not sowing our energy correctly then they take no effect. This is because in order to have an effect, we need to practice Alchemy, and that is the meaning of the Rune Jera. It is the Solar Harvesting.

People take care of their solar harvesting, the meaning of the Jera, in relation with their outer nature, but here we are Gnostics, and we have to talk about the harvesting inside of us. We have to deal with those energies in order to harvest something good. If we have a lot of Chi, we can heal, we can use our Chi through our hands, but we have to transmute Shen, Chi, and Jing; we have to be Alchemists in order to save Shen, Chi, and Jing. If we are fornicators, how are we going to save the Shen, Chi, and Jing? We might save Shen, Chi, and Jing or take them from nature with the Tai Chi dances, and many of the other practices from Taoism, because we can charge our body with the Runes that we teach here also.

Take the Shen, Chi, and Jing from the atmosphere with the Runes in order to charge your body, but if you are a fornicator, what are you doing? Charging your body with Shen, Chi, and Jing in order to throw them out in the sexual act; it is just a waste of time. We have to learn to save energy. Here we learn how the energies are related with the systems of our physicality, because the physical body is the temple of God that we destroy. Indeed, we are not in the level of Jesus who can say, "Destroy my body and I will resurrect three days after." He was talking to the Jews, which are precisely those Pharisee elements that in this case represent the defects and vices that we have, that destroy the body of God, or the Temple of God, because this is what we do. We destroy the temple of God in many ways: anger, lust, pride, envy, laziness, gluttony. The Bible talks about how we destroy the Temple of God:

My house (Malkuth, the physical body) shall be called the house of prayer; but you have made it a den of thieves. – Matthew 21:13

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