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On the 27th of October, 1955, the Red Christ of Aquarius whose name is Samael, incarnated in his Bodhisattva whose name is Aun Weor, and since that time Samael Aun Weor started the unveiling of all the mysteries of knowledge (Gnosis) for the western world, and eventually for the whole world.

Bodhisattva is a Sanskrit word that means ‘a vehicle of wisdom.’ Samael Aun Weor incarnated with the mission of giving unto humanity the tools, the keys, for the development of the psyche and the Spirit. He wrote many books, gave many lectures, and this school belongs to him, because we are assisted by his force.

His mission implies different aspects. He said that—for the selection of psyches or the selection of souls—he wrote many books in order for people to study the doctrine and to comprehend the path of the self-realization of the Inner Being.

His mission did not end with his physical death in 1977, as many people think, because he physically died and entered into a transition that is called resurrection, which is a theme or a topic that we are not going to talk about today. Nevertheless, since that date, when he entered into his resurrection, people think that he disappeared and is no longer active, but they are wrong.

Previous to his death, he had an encounter with special people, with Resurrected Masters, immortal beings, with physical bodies—not only from this planet Earth, but with extraterrestrials, since he had a physical encounter with Masters from other planets. Thus, the continuation of this lecture is going to be related with that encounter, in order for us to comprehend and understand “The Great Selection of Souls” that is on his shoulders. Yet, he is not alone; many masters are behind helping him in the selection for the future golden age that we explained in the previous lecture.

So, when he was physically alive in Mexico in 1976, he narrated for us many times an encounter that he had with these beings. He narrated this event for us in order for us to meditate and comprehend the deep meaning of the message that he received and that was related with his development and mission, that presently he and we are doing in this day and age.

At that time—1976 or 1975, around those years—he decided to go into a forest that is in the city of Mexico; the name of that forest is The Desert of the Lions. It is not a desert or a wilderness, it is a forest, but it has that strange name. The name is associated, I believe, with the people that lived there in that area—their last name was Lion—somehow the landowner had that last name. So, he used to go there often because it is a beautiful forest, in order to meditate and reflect upon his mission and to receive more enlightenment and information about the topics and events that will happen to this humanity.

Let us know it through his own words:

One day, it does not matter which one, when residing in Mexico Federal District, I had to visit "El Desierto de los Leones" (The Desert of the Lions National Park). I wanted to peacefully abide there, even if only for a few hours; I wanted to deliver myself to the calmest of reflections.

All of a sudden, I felt myself attracted towards a certain place in the forest. I saw a space there, between the woods. I do not know why I had the feeling of personally directing myself towards that place, even when indeed I found an enormous cosmic ship standing upon a steel tripod.

Obviously, I confess to you that I felt completely confused, moved; that discovery left me absolutely astounded. However the story does not end here: a metallic hatch opened, and I saw the chief or captain descend from that ship… the crew came behind him. Naturally, I addressed the chief, the captain; I saluted him, and he answered my greeting in perfect Spanish…

"Good morning," I said to him.

"Good morning," answered the captain…

In other words, the captain and the crew had what in this day and age people call “the power of tongues,” which means the ability of speaking any language from any part of the universe, from any planet. Many Masters on this planet Earth have such a power; which, again, is called the power of tongues.

Amongst the crew I saw two elderly ladies. What age could they be? I do not know. Unquestionably, their ages would have to correspond to other times, not to our earthly time.

Master Samael said that their age was indescribable but they did not look physically old. He said it is as when you look at the face of somebody and you know that this soul is very old, very ancient, but their body does not look old but young. All of them looked young.

I spoke to the captain, saying, “Sir, I would like to know the planet Mars, since my own spiritual, divine, sparkling seed-germ relates to that planet of the infinite space.” (My Monad, we would say, speaking in the style of Leibnitz, who occupied himself so much with the Monads)…

After some minutes, the captain in charge of that ship took the floor and said, “To Mars is what you said?”

“Yes, I would like to know the planet Mars, and I would like you to take me there. I am willing to go with you now, immediately; nothing can hold me on the planet Earth.”

“To Mars,” said the captain to me, “such a planet is just there; indeed, that world is very nearby.”

Thus, when speaking in this manner, I comprehended that my request, or that my pretension had been too poor. I believed I had requested something very great, but so… why lie? My request had been indeed very poor… By certain intuitive signs, they made me understand that the ship that seemed so splendid to me came down from a mother ship that was hidden, orbiting the Earth.

Our solar system—well-known with the name of “solar system of Ors”—was not in any way unknown to the captain, yet it was but one of so many solar systems of the unalterable infinite… Undoubtedly, I found myself in front of intergalactic travelers, people who travel from galaxy to galaxy, wise and cognizant individuals.

“I am a writer,” I said to him, “and I would like to be taken to other inhabited planets, in order to write and give convincing testimony to this humanity about the existence of other inhabited planets… I am a man,” I said to him, “I am not a simple intellectual animal; the request that I make of you is not for me, but for this humanity in general. I would like in some way to contribute to the general culture of this world in which I live..."

In short, I set out many concepts, nevertheless, that captain kept silent. I even held on to that tripod of steel, with the purpose of not letting go of it until they agreed to put me inside the ship and take off with me; but everything was useless: they kept silent…

I examined that man and all the crew: they were personages of a copper color, ample forehead, thin body, stature of about one meter with twenty, thirty or forty centimeters [3.8 to 4.4 feet], at the most…

The crew finally sat down on some wood trunks that were in the forest. The ladies were two venerable elders, and I could not do less than to observe such strange creatures…

I could not see in them our terrestrial perversity. I carefully noticed the sense of human responsibility that they had. They spoke little, because they have a very high concept of the word; they do not speak at whim like us: they speak little and say much; for them, the word is gold, powdered gold; they only use it in very indispensable cases…

I did not see the face of assassins on them, like ours, the Earthlings, neither did I see that Machiavellian look on them (with which so many particular films are adorned). In those strange creatures only shone wisdom, love, and power. They are humans, but true humans, in the most complete sense of the word.

None of them wanted to abduct me; on the contrary, I fought too much, requesting from them that they take me; I am sure that if they had granted such a request to me, in no way would they have made me a “guinea pig for their laboratory.” We Earthlings are another thing; if by any chance we managed to catch an extraterrestrial, it is certain that he would immediately go to the laboratory, and as far as the ship we would confiscate it, and with it, like a pattern, we would be able to build many other ships in order to bomb defenseless cities, in order to conquer other worlds by force, and make devilish things and more, because we Earthlings—beginning with me—are truly terribly perverse; that is the crude reality of the facts.

In no way I have come here in order “to wash my hands” in front of you, and to say that I am a meek sheep; no! All of us here are “cut with the same scissors,” thus the defects that I have, you have them also, and vice versa…

Therefore, I assure you that the testimony that I give about those people is sincere, truly sincere; I am not trying in any way to deform the testimony, to deform the truth.

Finally, from those of the crew who were seated upon the wood trunks there, one of the ladies stood up, and in the name of all the crew she took the floor and said:


“If we placed a plant that is not aromatic next to another that is aromatic, the one that is not aromatic would be impregnated with the aroma of the one that is aromatic.”

Soon she continued, “The same happens on inhabited planets; worlds that previously advanced poorly, with perverse humanities, were little by little transformed by the aroma, the vibration, of neighboring planets. But, as you see, we just arrived here at this planet Earth, and we do not see that the same happens here. What is happening on this planet?”

Well, the question that they asked me was tremendous, and I had to give an answer, then, of high quality… Thus, without reflecting that much, but of course taking care of the word very well, I said, “This planet Earth is a mistake of the Gods…” But soon I completed it, clarifying the concept as best I could, and said, “This is how the Karma of the worlds is.”

Karma is a word that represents or that means cause and effect: such a cause, such an effect. The Earth has causes that brought it into existence, and if possibly those causes are mistakes more or less, the effect must also be mistaken” …

Thus, when saying, “This is how the Karma of the worlds is,” with great astonishment I saw that the elder lady who had spoke agreed, inclining her head with one respectful bow; she did not say anything, but simply agreed. The other elderly lady did the same: she made one respectful bow, and all of the crew, in moderate genuflection, agreed.

Well, I will say something to you: I thought that they were going to pull me by my ears, because to give an answer to people who travel from galaxy to galaxy, a poor devil like me, was terrible, but I did it; I did it, my answer worked, and that cheered me…

Of course, I resolved to take the best advantage of such assent. Thus, I said to myself, “Well, this is the moment,” thus, I returned to reiterate my request to be taken to another planet of the infinite space, in order to give testimony to the people about the reality of other inhabited planets…

“I am writer,” I said to them. “And it is not for me, it is for this humanity; take me…”

To no avail my requests were worthless. The silence was terrible. Finally, the captain pronounced a phrase, nothing but that, because they speak little and they say much, they never utter the word if they are not going to fulfill it; they are not like us; i.e. we tend to say to a friend, “Tomorrow we will meet in the morning at nine in the café so that we can converse about the business,” and the friend does not arrive, and if he arrives he appears around ten, or eleven, or twelve…

So, those people speak little and say much; it seems as if those personages were truly Gods with human bodies (they gave me that impression when conversing with them)… Thus, I obtained an answer, and as soon as they gave it to me, it is clear that I was satisfied, “Along the way,” said the captain, “we will see…”

Nothing more, that was the only thing that he said to me, but that for me was definitive. If an Earthling had said the same to me, I would simply have considered those words like an escape, like an evasion, for example as when one asks a job, and they say to you: “We will consider you when there is a vacancy” (when receiving such an Earthling-answer one feels like leaving running five hundred kilometers per hour, since we can be sure that we have failed in the request…)

Yet, I was not conversing with Earthlings, but extraterrestrials. “Along the way, we will see.” Which way was that captain talking about? The esoteric path of initiation, the path that I am following, and that many are following; the path that leads to the Superman: that straight, narrow, and difficult path of which the Christ speaks, that mysterious path tread by Dante, Hermes Trismegistus, or Jesus of Nazareth. I follow such a path; therefore, the words of that captain filled me with strength.

Well, he gave me his hand (his right hand), then he boarded the ship by a stairway, also those of the crew boarded. I comprehended that I should withdraw, thus, I did so; I did not want in any way that my body be instantaneously disintegrated by the force of that ship.


Thus, I withdrew a certain distance so that I could observe, through the trees, the moment in which the ship took off; it raised slowly, until a certain point, and soon it hurried through the infinite space, without making any type of noise...

This then was the end of the narration. The Master said we have to meditate on this in order to comprehend all the words, the message that is hidden within that event.

Samael saw them and noticed that they were beings like us—the same shape— and not as Hollywood and other cinemas always describe them, like monsters. They were really, Samael said, beautifully shaped beings, with the same human shape that we have, but more perfect. And, they did not talk. They always kept silent, only uttering words when it was necessary. But of course he wondered because until that time he had never had a physical intergalactic encounter on the planet Earth.

So we understand that these intergalactic travelers were going to take the Master Samael after his resurrection in order to help humanity—in this day and age—through many means, which now we are experiencing.

“Since that day,” Master Samael said, “I am waiting, and I know that they will help me, and they will come in order to help you.”

They are Immortal Masters. Their bodies are related to another time, not the time of this planet Earth. We have on this planet one time in which our bodies grow up, get old, and die—but they are submitted to other times, to other times that we ignore.

So, when we investigate that in meditation, we discover different aspects of the selection of souls that we always talk about. This is a physical world. We have to understand that the three dimensional world is not the only world of the many dimensions that has life. In Gnosticism we study seven basic dimensions and we know that there is life in each one of them. We talk often about superior dimensions and inferior dimensions. And when we say superior, we are referring to those dimensions above the three dimensional world in which we live. When we say inferior, we are referring to the dimensions that are inferior to this three dimensional world in which we live.

So, when the lady addressed the master with the example of the plants, she was addressing not only the three dimensional world, but the inferior and the superior, because the master is an awakened Bodhisattva and he was not fascinated only with this three dimensional world.

We know that this three dimensional world is the outcome of many evolutions of many developments of different forces from the higher dimensions. Look at this organism for instance—the physical body is called an organism—but we know that there are many organisms on this planet. I.e. animals are different organisms, plants, as well as minerals, are other organisms. But all of them, whether they are from the mineral, plant, animal, or human kingdom, are cellular. So that is precisely the difference. This three dimensional life or the organisms of this three dimensional planet, are cellular. And each cell is formed by molecules, and each molecule by atoms, etc. So this is what we have to understand and comprehend.

Why this physical body is called an “organism?” It is because it is made by many organs. We have many organs: the stomach is an organ, the liver is an organ, the eyes are organs, the lungs, etc.; these are many complicated organic systems in this physical body, which is called an organism because it is made by many organs. Of course, each organ is made by cells and that is why it is said that the physical world is a cellular world.

In Gnosticism we study the cell in order to understand what the extraterrestrial lady was telling the Master, which is that some cells that are not aromatic on certain plants, when they are impregnated by the vibrations of the scent, the perfume, of a plant that emits an aroma, they other plant becomes also perfumed. This is precisely what happens in every single organism.

We emit vibrations—like in this moment I am giving this lecture with this organism which is called a physical body and I am uttering words. Those are vibrations that you are capturing with your ears and therefore the word is entering into your brain and you are analyzing with your brain the topic that I am talking about. Thoughts also are emitted, and you know that because you think—yet, if you are a very sensitive person you will feel thoughts in the solar plexus, where we have the telepathic chakra that captures the thoughts of people. In our doctrine we teach the way to develop such chakra in order to communicate telepathically at a distance. There are many other senses that unfortunately people do not have developed, but that we teach how to develop.

The main thing here is to understand and to comprehend the cell. As I told you in the previous lecture, every cell has 48 chromosomes. Conventional science says there are only 46 because they only see 23 pairs of chromosomes, but they ignore that there is another pair of chromosomes related to the vital body, the superior aspect of the physical body which, in Russia was baptized with the name of “bio-plastic” body. In other words we have a tetra-dimensional part, a fourth dimensional part, that relates to this three dimensional body that we have. When we refer to the physical body we always refer to that superior aspect as well, and that is why we state the cell has 48 not 46 chromosomes.

Each chromosome is a threadlike linear strand that science in this day and age calls DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Each chromosome (Greek khrōma colour + sōma body) consists of two long winding connected strands like parallel handrails; they are complementary to each other and make what is call the chromosome in itself—which is the DNA, which encodes the secret of how genetic information is stored, transferred, and copied. Within the DNA are the genes. The genes connect the cell to the superior dimensions, and this is something that conventional science ignores.

In the previous lecture we were talking about the protoplasmic bodies and we emphasized that the protoplasmic bodies are related with the mind and the emotions that we have within, and which we always sense within, yet we do not see them because they are molecular and atomic, while the physical body is cellular.  This is the connection that we have to understand and comprehend, which in the previous lecture was called the genotype.

Geno- relates with the genes; the genes that I am referring to are precisely in the DNA, which are the recollection of the inheritance that we bring when we are going to make a new physical body.

The genes of the DNA are connected to the protoplasmic bodies. This is something that we have to understand and comprehend. In the protoplasmic bodies we have that which we call the inheritance: the inheritance, or cosmic inheritance, that we experienced when we were animals, when we were plants, when we were minerals.

The protoplasmic bodies evolved from the mineral kingdom to the plant kingdom, then to the animal kingdom, and finally to the humanoid kingdom. In every kingdom those protoplasmic bodies project that inheritance in the construction of the physical body, whatever the kingdom (mineral, plant, or animal). Within the protoplasmic bodies is the essence, the consciousness of that which we call the intelligence that is directly connected to the Spirit, connected to that which in the previous lecture we called the Noumenon—the intelligence that will create that phenomenon. In science, the phenomenon is called phenotype.

Our genotype is the cause of our phenotype; phenotype is the outcome of genotype. In other words, the genes are the cause of the phenomenon that we call our organism. In this physical world there are many phenomena; each organism is a phenomenon, the physical body is a phenomenon, a tree is a phenomenon.

When we go beyond the cell, we find the genome, which is a word that is a mixture of gene with chromosome—when we take all the genes from all the chromosomes of the centre of the cell, we then form that which the scientists call genome.

Each one of us has a unique genome, because the genome is based on the inheritance that is taken from the protoplasmic bodies. As I told you, the genes and the chromosomes are made by molecules, those molecules are directly connected with the molecular bodies, the protoplasmic bodies, which are precisely the cause of our physical body.

In the previous lecture, I told you that the origin of those protoplasmic bodies comes from very ancient times. The evolution of this planet Earth comes from the Saturnian epoch, a very ancient epoch. During the Lemurian epoch (which is explained in the Bible as the fall of “Adam and Eve” humanity) certain Cosmo-Creators or sacred individuals came to this planet Earth from other worlds in order to help the development of our genome, which means in order to alter the structure of the cell of the physical body of that time. All of this was profoundly sexual.

It is clear that we transmit our genome, our inheritance, through the sexual act. The sexual act is necessary for the human organism to alter the genome. When a man and a woman are united and the sperm leaves the physical organ of the man and engenders the ovum of the woman, we then have the first cell which is the union of two causes: the man and the woman.

Understand that our inheritance—taken from our parents—is also influenced by the inheritance that we have in our protoplasmic bodies, and this is precisely what we call genotype.

The genotype is influenced by the father, the mother, and by the protoplasmic bodies that every soul has internally, psychologically.

When you see the development of the cell within the womb of the woman, it divides into four, the four into eight, the eight into sixteen, and eventually it becomes a fetus and then a baby, that will be the outcome of two phenotypes or two phenomena. The woman is a phenomenon, the man, physically speaking, is the other phenomenon, and they are creating another phenomenon—that is the phenotype.

The resulting phenotype will develop a different individuality from the parents, which is precisely related with the protoplasmic bodies, with the consciousness, and with the Inner Monad of each one of us. This is something that we have to comprehend, because one thing is an inheritance and another thing is individuality.

We receive a mechanical inheritance—you know that from birth to age seven, eight, or nine years of age, the child is really a duplicate of his father or mother because the genome multiplies or projects its influence into that body, the new phenotype. But that phenotype—the child—is going to develop a personality that will give him a certain kind of individuality related with the inheritance that he received from his or her parents and his own or her own inherited cosmic forces that he has in his protoplasmic bodies.

In this case the Monad is related with his quasi-individuality; the Monad, the Spirit, the Noumenon, in accordance with cause and effect, in accordance to karma, directs the development of the new body. Within the womb of the mother, the Monad that is creating the new physical body fights very hard against the mechanical inheritance from nature.

The karmic inheritance that we have in our genes is very strong, and when the child goes out of the womb of the mother, the Monad still has power to change the essence and change the genome of that boy or that girl during the first nine years of age. This is how you see that the presence of the Monad and the Essence is very obviously shown at that age.

But, as the boy or the girl develops that quasi-individuality that we call “personality”—which is another vehicle within the physical body—this creature acquires habits through the motor center, and all the examples that he sees from his father and mother. And during childhood, I repeat, there is a struggle, a battle, between the Monad and those inheritances that he is receiving through the senses.

As the extraterrestrial lady explained to the Master, the aromatic plant impregnates with its aroma the plant which is not aromatic. That is what happens with the boy, with the girl, when they are small, when they are babies, seven, eight, nine years old—they receive the aroma, the scent or the stench of their parents, and unfortunately this is how the personality is developed and impregnated with some good things and bad things. We absorb such inheritance in the protoplasmic bodies. Yes, the protoplasmic bodies absorb the impregnating stench of the vibration of parents, sisters, brothers, relatives—at that age the protoplasmic bodies absorb that.

In other words, those impressions are internalized, and eventually they are exteriorized in order to be manifested through the personality. This is something that we have to understand and comprehend—how the genome of a cell of a new organism receives impressions in order to be an individual.

Thus, unfortunately, the examples that the child receives from adults only create a false personality, since most of the time we are transmitting our own egotistical inheritance; people identify too much with their egotistical inheritance.

Our mission, at this level of humanoids, is to become cosmic individuals, to develop our own individuality, our own wisdom, our own idiosyncrasy, that is, in other words, to express the Being, to express the Monad, the Spirit in us. To become what is called a hu-man: a manas, a mind, a man, that expresses his HU, his spirit, his own individuality, in himself. Within us there is a struggle between the individuality of the Being and the quasi-individuality of the personality that receives its influence from the exterior world and from the protoplasmic bodies – which externalizes former impressions not only from this life but from previous lives.

So we have to understand and comprehend: all the impressions that we receive in this physical body are internalized and crystallized in the protoplasmic bodies. When a person dies, the physical body dies, but the internalization of those impressions that he received do not die, they return into a new body. When that new body is made, it is made based on those impressions that were internalized in the protoplasmic bodies, plus the inheritance that the boy or the girl receives from his new physical parents.

This is how we understand what the lady was telling the Master. The vibrations of the perfume of the plant impregnate the other plant that is not aromatic. But those vibrations of that plant are not only physical, they are related with the vibration that the plant takes from the cosmos, from the environment, from nature, and from the vibration that that plant receives from his own particular individual Noumenon (Monad or Spirit).

When you are in contact with a plant or animal, you are not only in contact with the physical element, with the cellular organism, but with the protoplasmic bodies of the animal and the Spirit or the Noumenon of that particular animal, which is what makes the sum total vibration of the genes, or the genome as we say, of that particular element.

In Lemuria, at the time when humanity was not fallen, the genes were perfect, pure, because they were not manifesting the vibrations of the inheritance of the protoplasmic bodies, but the vibrations of the Beings who at that time were Masters. The gene was pure; there was no lust, anger, pride, vanity, laziness, within the protoplasmic bodies. The vibrations that were coming from those bodies were spiritual vibrations, perfect psychological vibrations—and since they were inter-related, they were expressing harmony, peace, wisdom, knowledge.

But as you know—I do not want to repeat in detail the event that happened in Lemuria, I just want to tell you that their genome was altered by the activity of a certain archetype, an element that we call Lucifer.

Lucifer is the sexual potency that acts in the sexual act. Thus, by what we call the orgasm or spasm - the eating of the forbidden fruit - the genome of those Lemurians was altered.

Therefore, by an erroneous objective calculation, the genome was altered. After such event, after the whole mistake was fixed at that time in Lemuria, a new nature was born within the protoplasmic bodies of those people, which is this topsy-turvy psychological nature that we call ego, and in Tibet they call psychological aggregates, meaning that certain psychic elements were added to the protoplasmic bodies, meaning that we have a double type of psyche, and this is our problem.

When the genome of other humanities that receive such help is altered, they also start identifying or acquiring different conduct when manifesting themselves to the world.

Nonetheless, because of such alteration, the protoplasmic bodies of the Lemurians were altered. As a consequence the Lemurians started developing in their physicality the Kundabuffer organ.

The alteration of the genotype is made through the sexual act—this is the only way that it can be altered. Of course, through the sexual act our present genome can be beneficially altered. Thus, through natural selection, we are transforming our phenotype, our phenomenon, our physical body, by changing our way of thinking with Gnostic transformation, with the practices of sexual transmutation that we do etc., thus eventually our sexual genes are changed. Eventually, the children that we have will be the outcome of different influences that our physical body - which is our phenotype - receives.

Sequentially in the story, there was a mathematical miscalculation—a transfinite mathematical blunder—and unfortunately that alteration in the genome was corrected too late, at the wrong time; it went too long beyond the normal, objective time calculations. With other humanities where this alteration is done (because this alteration happens not only in the planet Earth—it also happens in other planets) humanity starts knowing what we call “evil” or wrong things, death, devolution , then the vibrations of other humanities, of other planets, starts to impregnate the psyche, the protoplasmic bodies—the cellular body of those humanities—and they change, they turn into good, they become aromatic. They become aromatic like the other planets, like the other humanities who have a beautiful psychological aroma.

But such impregnation on this planet is not happening. Why we are not transformed? Why is the humanity of this planet not transforming their genome in order to have beautiful bodies and a different type of psyche? The answer is, first: because of a mistake, made in Lemuria, and second: because of the inherited Karma that we have carried from other cosmic days in our protoplasmic bodies.

When you read the book The Revolution of Beelzebub, you discover that Beelzebub was a being who came from the Saturnian epoch: three cosmic days ago. Yes, he sustained himself with those protoplasmic bodies that he had since the time of the Saturnian epoch, Solar epoch, and Lunar epoch. The protoplasmic bodies of Beelzebub do not belong to this three dimensional world, but to the fifth dimension, as our protoplasmic bodies belong to the fifth dimension.

So let us understand: an individual who develops the Kundabuffer organ acquires certain abilities or powers: his protoplasmic bodies can maneuver lunar energies, thus can sustain himself during many cosmic days with the protoplasmic bodies when life is downwardly crystallizing. When life is descending from the superior worlds. But when cosmic involution reaches the bottom - which is the three dimensional world in which we live – then from this three dimensional world life starts revolving and returns towards the heights.

The involution of the planet goes like this: first, mental plane in the fifth dimension, then astral plane in the same fifth dimension, then the ethereal plane in the fourth dimension, and finally the cellular plane, the physical plane, in the third dimension. So here, physically, at this very moment we are at the bottom.

cosmic evolution

So as you see this cellular world in which we are right now, this chemical earth is the outcome of three previous developments of the planet in other dimensions, the descent through the left line of the “v.” Now the planet has to become ethereal again, it has to return into the fourth dimension and eventually in the fifth dimension into the astral and mental—it has to return upwardly in order to ascend through the right line of the “v.”

Beelzebub, in the example that we are giving here, descended from the Saturnian Epoch, Solar Epoch, Ethereal Epoch, into this Physical Epoch—but he cannot continue to exist with his protoplasmic bodies because now cosmic evolution is not descending but ascending, and protoplasmic lunar bodies cannot ascend, they only descend—thus, they necessarily have to be disintegrated. If Beelzebub had not entered the White Lodge, he would have been disintegrated, because from this planet Earth, from this three dimensional world, only the inferior dimensions, Klipoth, protoplasmic disintegration is what lingers, and that is it; so, there is no more future for the protoplasmic bodies in this round and future rounds.

When a planet starts ascending towards the light, protoplasmic bodies have to be disintegrated, and only Solar Bodies can abide; this is something that many students ignore.

Therefore, as you see, unfortunately the karma that we brought through our protoplasmic bodies comes from a very ancient time, and this is the inheritance that we carry in our protoplasmic bodies: namely, in our mind and emotions. This is what in Tibetan Buddhism is called the five skandhas.

The causal-inheritance of our protoplasmic bodies is very ancient; we take it each time when they are being created anew: planetary karmic inheritance that we inherit, the karma of the protoplasmic bodies of the fifth dimension. So in order to alter that we have to work with the genome, we have to work with the genotype; if we do not work with the genotype to alter the genes of our cells, then that psychological work cannot happen—or that revolution, that transformation—is impossible. This is why we need this physical body in order to start transforming ourselves from the very bottom, and the only way is by altering our own particular individual genome which is related with the genotype, which is only possible to alter with sex. The sexual energy is the only one that can transform it.

Otherwise, if we continue with degeneration, then the genome becomes more degenerate. The genes, in this day and age, in this population that we have on this planet Earth, is completely altered, degenerated. If we go into the genes of any cell of any physical human organism and we see the connection, if we see it clairvoyantly, from the genes to the protoplasmic bodies, we then discover that within those protoplasmic bodies, is the karma, the cause of that cell—and that such cause has a very ancient origin.

Moreover, within the protoplasmic bodies we have lust, anger, greed, pride, envy, laziness, gluttony, and many other defects, because the ego is molecular. The ego is made by many organisms. Listen carefully: many organisms. As our physical body is an organism, but it is a cellular organism, likewise, the egos, or the skandhas, are made by different organisms. But those organisms are not cellular, they are molecular, and many others are atomic organisms—because only molecular or atomic matter can abide within the protoplasmic bodies.

Those elements or psychological aggregates express themselves through the brain. Our physical brain is the physical vehicle of the mind, the protoplasmic mind.

In the solar plexus, from the heart to the navel, we have the emotional brain that expresses the molecular elements of the protoplasmic bodies, that we call desires—kama rupa.

So therefore here you find that we always alter our physicality with the vibrations of our mind and emotions plus the inheritance that we received from our parents and the environment. This is why we say that as phenomena, we are the outcome of phenotype, genotype, and paratype. The genotype that we are talking about here is the genome, the genes of our cells. The phenotype, which is related with the physical body and the influences that we receive from other physical bodies—in the school, in the university, etc.—all of that goes into the personality, and when that is internalized then they become psychological aggregates.

What is worse is this: we have psychological aggregates related with Christianity, with Buddhism, with Islam, with many religions, and with science, because those elements are all the information, the knowledge that we receive through the senses, through the physical senses; we internalize them but we do not comprehend them. When knowledge, when the information, when the vibration is captured by the senses of the physical body and is not comprehended in the consciousness, in the Noumenon—because each one of us has his own particular Noumenon—then what happens? It becomes another psychological aggregate that influences the inheritance. So therefore, when we incarnate again into a new body, we have in that psychological element those elements that will make us to psychologically incorporate ourselves to certain families of certain idiosyncrasies.

For instance, there are people that know very well that the inheritance is transmitted through the blood. In the left ventricle of the heart we have the Nous atom, which is connected to the Monad. The only element in our physicality that connects to our Spirit, to our Monad, is the Nous atom in the left ventricle of the heart. Through the Nous atom the Spirit transmits commands into the body. Did you ever hear that the physical body is the temple of God? And that God abides within the body? Well, this is how it is, because life comes from the Noumenon, the Spirit, through the Nous atom, and through the blood spreads through the body. But, unfortunately, in the blood we find also the inheritance that we receive from the liver that is related to the protoplasmic bodies, thus in the blood of our organism there is a battle where the superior forces of the Monad fight against the inferior forces of our protoplasmic inheritance.

There are some people so identified with their protoplasmic inheritance that they do not allow their Monad, their Spirit, to develop because they think that their protoplasmic inheritance is more important, has more priority over the Spirit, as what happened with Beelzebub. People exist that never hear the influence of the Inner Spirit—their own Noumenon, their own Spirit, their own Monad—because they only follow traditions related with the motor instinctual centers, their inheritance, which is related with the protoplasmic bodies.

When the genotype is transmitted in the sexual act, the outcome is the phenotype, the phenomenon. If that information that the psyche is receiving through the influence of others will be explained and comprehended in the consciousness, then the individual will develop internally, spiritually. The problem is that through the physical body - the phenotype - we receive a lot of information about religion that creates another psychological aggregate that the Bible calls the hypocritical Pharisee.

The hypocritical Pharisee is precisely that psychological element that everybody carries in their protoplasmic bodies. Such hypocritical Pharisee might be related with Christianity, with Judaism, with Islam, with Buddhism, with Zoroastrism, with any religion, or even with science—but in this case we will call it a “scribe”: an element that is related not to the spirit but to the knowledge of religion but to only science without believing in the Noumenon, without believing in the Spirit.

So there are people who unfortunately when they get their new body, they return to  follow their same traditions, but which are now altered. As Master Jesus said unto them:

Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition? For God commanded, saying, Honour thy father and mother: and, He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death. But ye say, whosoever shall say to his father or his mother, It is a gift, by whatsoever thou mightest be profited by me; and honour not his father or his mother, he shall be free. Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition. Ye hypocrites, well did Isaiah prophesy of you, saying: This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. –Matthew 15:3-9

Thus when you only follow traditions, which means your inheritance that is completely altered, then you are making of religion an idol.

Those individuals who want to become spiritual or who want to develop, to make the revolution of the consciousness, they have to fight against their wrong inheritance. They have to study carefully and meditate on all those elements, all those concepts related with their religion or all of those concepts related with science in order to comprehend with their consciousness and to internalize them in the consciousness, not in the protoplasmic bodies.

When we internalize or capture any knowledge and we do not comprehend it in the consciousness, not only is it stored in the protoplasmic bodies but moreover we form a psychological aggregate which is an obstacle for the improvement of the genome in order to make a superior element. Justification or condemnation of those elements does not help. Unfortunately, people of this day and age justify those elements.

Our physical planet, as you know, this humanity, is completely altered. We think that we are evolving, but in reality we are devolving. The genome is devolving. Some creatures have more that 48 chromosomes, they have 49—there is more lust, more density; we need to clean the protoplasmic bodies, we need to create superior bodies in order to have that transformation that we are hoping for.

So this is how we understand, how we comprehend, how an aromatic plant impregnates the plant which is not aromatic. Many Masters came in the past to this planet in order to impregnate with their good vibrations the genome, the psyche, the spirit of many creatures on this planet Earth. Unfortunately, contemporary people as in ancient times are so attached to their inheritance that they do not hear the solar thoughts, the solar ideas, and they think that their way of thinking, their way of feeling, is the best, ignoring that such a way of thinking and feeling is related with their protoplasmic inheritance that sooner or later will descend into Klipoth, into the inferior dimensions.

The alteration of the physical body in the positive way, the mutation of our physical body, is only possible by altering through the sexual act our own particular individual genome by the activity of the sexual energy; this is precisely what we call the transformation of the genotype: transmutation, transformation. This is why all messengers from ancient times from all religions always emphasized the transformation of the individuals through three factors.

Master Samael Aun Weor told us that we carry the inheritance in our blood, in our bones, because it is in each cell. By going inside of our own particular body, we connect with the protoplasmic bodies and can discover the ancient civilizations from ancient times, because everything is recorded, the data is in the protoplasmic bodies, which is transmitted to the cell. Then we can discover and see the reality, the defects and vices, the mistakes that we need to correct.

It is not by believing in something that we are going to do this transformation; it is by interiorizing ourselves, by going deep down into the very cause of this mistake that was made or that occurred in this planet since the time of Lemuria.

But I repeat: the mistake was because the three previous cosmic days have a very low effect in the genome of this physical body—too much karma, too many individuals in those epochs that became degenerated and that transmited their degeneration in the new protoplasmic bodies through the mechanical evolution of nature.

Thus, the only way to transform ourselves is by doing it consciously, which is, by doing an inner transformation from the very bottom of our Being, which is our Monad. This is how this transformation is transmitted and explained through many sacred books that in this day and age, unfortunately people do not understand, they do not comprehend. I.e. In this very moment it comes into my mind, Genesis. This word comes from the very root of genes, generation, genotype, genome, etc. and of course, the ignorance of this is the reason why there is a great discrepancy between conventional science and religion because both of them ignore the superior dimensions and the inferior dimensions. However, when you Gnostically study the book of Genesis then you discover that every narration, every story is related with different symbols, archetypes interpreted in different manners, in seven ways.

In relation with this lecture, it comes into my mind, for instance, Abraham. Abraham in Hebrew means “exalted father.” Abraham is related with Chesed or Gedulah in the Tree of Life. Chesed, Gedulah, is our own particular Monad; that is what we call in Genesis Abraham—this is what Moses wrote in Genesis.

It is written there that Abraham came from the city of Ur, from the Chaldeans. When you read that literally, you just do not get anything. But when you read in the Hebrew letters the word Ur—the right translation should be “light.” Abraham came from the Light. This is how you write light in Hebrew: Aleph, Vav, Reish: Aur—and which in the english Bible is translated as Ur.

Our own particular Monad (Chesed or Gedulah), which the Bible calls Abraham, is a spark from any of the seven Cosmo-Creators that are related with the Ain Soph Aur, which is the ray of Okidanokh, the ray of creation—that in order to create divides itself into seven aspects (the seven Spirits), and the fifth of those seven Spirits is the angel Samael—the Cosmo-Creator Samael.

All of us, individually speaking, came as a ray of light from the Absolute. That ray of light is what we call Glorian, Okidanokh. Abraham came from Okidanokh, Abraham came from Glorian, the city of Ur as it is written in the Bible. We will say that really that city is Okidanokh, because each one of us without exception, from the Noumenon point of view, came from the Ain Soph Aur as lightning, a ray of light, yet an unconscious ray of light. In order to acquire consciousness or individuality, knowledge of oneself, the seven Cosmo-Creators impregnated each ray with our own particular individual Abraham—so there are as many Abrahams in Heaven as there are people on the earth. That Abraham is a spark of light that came from the city of Aur or Ur, which means light.

The seven Cosmo-Creators that we are explaining here develop in the world of Briah, the world of creation, and they are related with the Sephirah Chokmah. Chokmah is the second Sephirah in the Tree of Life that in the world of Atziluth receives the name of Iod He Vav He or Jehovah, in other words, as translated into English, the name of God in Chokmah, in the world of Atziluth. Chokmah is related with creation in the world of Briah, which is divided into seven Spirits. This is why it is written in the book of Revelation that the Lamb of God, Chokmah (wisdom), has seven horns and seven eyes.

So therefore, the one who (in Genesis 12: 1) said unto Abraham, “Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee” is Jehovah, that in the Bible is translated as: “Now the LORD (Iod, Hei Vav, Hei. Chokmah) had said unto Abram.” Jehovah is the ray of light, the Glorian, that each one of us has within, because our own particular Glorian is connected to one of the seven Glorians which are directly related with Chokmah in the world of Briah.

So the one who is telling Abraham go down out of this light into a place that I will show you is precisely Jehovah-Chokmah in the world of Briah, which is the world of creation.

Abraham goes down with Sarah (Sarai) the feminine aspect of that light, which is called the Shechinah, down into Malkuth. How? As I explained it in this lecture. The Monad (Abraham) commands the forces according to karma in order to create in the physical world (Mizrahim, Egypt) or Malkuth. But in Malkuth—there are two ways of creation, that is why Mizrahim (Egypt) has the other aspect which is Agar, which is the way in which we multiply physically. Everybody here multiplies physically—I do not need to explain how—in the previous explanation we explained how everything is transmitted, physically speaking.

From physical orgasm is born what we call Ishmael. Ishmael, the fire of God in the activity of Mother Nature. All of us, in that sense, are Ishmael. But Jehovah, Chokmah, the Glorian do not want to have anything related with that particular procreation or multiplication; that is only through inheritance. What we want is to be born from Isaac, which is precisely the first initiation of Major Mysteries in which the superior Monad that we call Geburah is united with Chesed that is also called Gedulah. When Geburah and Gedulah are united the result is a Master.

This is why in Kabbalah we say that Abraham and Isaac are one. The wife of Abraham, Sarah, is equal to the wife of Isaac. But it is the way in which we utilize nature in Malkuth in order to transmute the sexual energy and to make that transformation of the genome inside of us. The outcome of that transformation or that mutation or sexual transmutation of Abraham is Isaac, which is the one that is the outcome of the Solar forces of Jehovah inside of us.

When the Bible talks in that way about Abraham and Isaac, it is related with the first initiation of Major Mysteries in which the individual starts transforming his own sexual force in order to be born—listen—to be born for the first time in the superior worlds as a Master. That is possible when Buddhi is united with Atman, or when Isaac which symbolizes Geburah is united with Abraham, which is Chesed.

The whole story in Genesis explains that mutation, but the people think that by believing what is written there the mutant is going to appear. That is why it is written that Hagar had Ishmael:

And the angel of Jehovah said unto her, I will multiply thy seed exceedingly, that it shall not be numbered for multitude. And the angel of Jehovah said unto her, Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael; because Jehovah hath heard thy affliction. And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren. – Genesis 16:10-12

Thus, Ishmael is the outcome of this entire mechanical physical world, this humanity which also receives blessings, but that have nothing to do with being born again internally.

Better said, as Paul stated in the New Testament:

For it is written, that Abraham had two sons, the one by a bondmaid, the other by a freewoman. But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh (fornication); but he of the freewoman was by promise (chastity). Which things are an allegory: for these are the two covenants; the one from the mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which is Hagar (the wheel of Samsara). For this Agar is mount Sinai in Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem (Malkuth) which now is, and is in bondage with her children.

But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all. For it is written, Rejoice, thou barren that bearest not; break forth and cry, thou that travailest not: for the desolate hath many more children than she which hath an husband. Now we, brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of promise (sexual transmutation). - Galatians 4:22-28

So, there are two covenants: one covenant multiplies physically, and the other covenant in order to multiply internally with the transmutation, with the seed of Christ, Chokmah, with the seed of Christ, which is Jehovah in the world of Atziluth—this is the full explanation.

Christians know very well that the Bible speaks about the two covenants, the two wives of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar, the two children of Abraham: Isaac and Ishmael. But they ignore that when Isaac is born, which is the superior part of the consciousness that we call Neshamah, he also has to multiply in order to create the true human being within.

Thus, the first initiation of Major Mysteries is not the end of this mutation, because also the vital body which is the superior part of the physical body has to be influenced by the Monad.

The Monad is a trio of Chesed, Geburah, and Tiphereth—and Tiphereth is related with that element of the Bible called Jacob. Jacob appears through transmutation, the transformation in the world of Yesod. Yesod is related with water, and many great Kabbalists symbolize Yesod as a man, a human being, and all the great men that appear in Yesod are related with that man, with that willpower, we will say, because Tiphereth is related with Yesod in relation with willpower.

This is why you find that Isaac has two children: Jacob and Esau. Here again the inheritance. When you start advancing in this transformation that is written in Genesis, after the first initiation of Major Mysteries, you enter into another initiation—but, there is a division—an alteration we will say in the self, in the physical self. Because then, Esau appears first, which is that transformation that we acquire with this science—mingles with the protoplasmic bodies, mingles with the inheritance that we have through the blood, the impure blood or the venom blood. But then we have to follow our own willpower in order to overcome Esau that is the outcome of the protoplasmic inheritance.

Our protoplasmic inheritance follows us in different steps, and we have to fight against it. The first step is the alteration of the physical body, a mutation within the body of the initiate, yet God does not want anything to do with such alteration of the physical body because it continues influenced by the physical world. What we need is the outcome of Isaac which is the Solar fire rising in the world of Yesod in order for the will of God to appear—which is that beautiful aspect of the Essence related with Tiphereth within which the Essence has to grow by means of chastity.

The story of Jacob relates with that aspect. It is written that Jacob is the one that fights against an angel in that world of Yesod; that angel is the power, the Aun, the power of the sex that we have to overcome, because in it is unfortunately the protoplasmic inheritance, the animal inheritance that we inherited through the sexual act. So in the very sexual act we have to overcome Esau again, in order to give our first right to Jacob.

It is written in the Bible that Jacob rested his head on the stone. By studying Kabbalah we discover that Jacob (Tiphereth) expresses itself in the pineal gland. Many times we said that the pineal gland is the seat of the soul—what soul?—the willpower soul—the human soul which is Jacob. Even though it is related with Tiphereth it expresses in the pineal gland which is in the head.

When you read in the Bible that Jacob rested his head on the stone, that means that he is starting the second initiation—the initiate starts the second initiation in which he is going to Christify the vital body by putting his head (pineal gland) on the stone, which is in this case the sex which represents the coccygeal bone.

The coccygeal bone is the stone of Yesod, which is connected to the sexual organs. To put the head on the stone means to start transmuting the sexual energy in that level. And this is why it is written:

“And Jacob rose up early in the morning, and took the stone that he had put for his pillows, and set it up for a pillar, and poured oil upon the top of it.” - Genesis 28: 12

The pillar of Jacob is the spinal column. To build that pillar means to raise the energy from Yesod up to Kether—in the head, in the pineal gland, where Jacob is. And this implies a fight against the Lord of Yesod which is Lucifer, the sexual potency that we have to transmute, because if you do not do it, you go down.

It is written in Genesis that Jacob anointed the stone, on top, with oil. To anoint the stone with oil means to transmute the sexual energy and raise it through the column, the pillar, to the head. All the sexual energy from the world of Yesod goes to the head in order to fortify the soul, which is in the pineal gland, which is Jacob.

The same thing is symbolized in Hinduism in the Shiva lingam. The Shiva lingam is the power of the Holy Spirit in the lingam—which is the stone where they pour oil on top of it—the same symbol here of Jacob pouring oil on the stone of Yesod means to pour oil on the Shiva-lingam or the lingam of Shiva in other words.

Shiva is the Holy Spirit, which is the sexual energy, and this is how by anointing the stone through sexual transmutation, through White Tantra, Jacob discovers that there is a ladder from the matter up to the spirit. The ladder, where the angels go up and down, is the spinal column. Through the spinal column you raise in degrees, the thirty three degrees of Masonry, and acquire one initiation and another initiation, this is how Jacob discovered in order for him to grow up as a human soul he has to develop that.

The third initiation of Major Mysteries, which is in the Astral Plane related with Hod, comes after Jacob. Thus, when Jacob discovers that, he becomes the vehicle of the angel Israel—in other words his own Monad, his own Glorian whose name is Ish (fire) Ra (the Solar force) El (God).

Israel has twelve sons. This is a mystery related with the transformations in which all the forces of the zodiac, related with the twelve tribes, enter again into the genome of the physical body and make another transformation, because they go into Egypt. It comes from above into the protoplasmic body into the protoplasmic forces in order to go into Egypt in order to make another transformation, which is the creation of the astral solar body which the Master Samael explains in The Seven Words.

The Astral Solar body is in relation with Joseph and Ephraim. Ephraim and Joseph are related with the astral solar body that the Master explains in The Seven Words. But before that which is in relation with Joseph happens the Christification of the vital body.

There are only three living entities that follow the law of God in heaven, which are: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth. They form the Monad. That is why Jesus said God, Jehovah, the Glorian, is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living. Who are these ‘living’? The living ones are Chesed, Geburah, and Tiphereth—Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Those are the three living elements that each one of us carries within, but that we have to develop. They have to descend into the matter, into Malkuth, and to perform that mutation that we are explaining here.

This is how the superior aroma of the Monad will impregnate “the plant,” which is the physical world, which is our own particular genome, and the transformation occurs, which is the spiritual individual mutation which will be like those space travelers.

Many great messengers came and gave this knowledge to humanity in the past, but they were so attached to their protoplasmic inheritance, to their traditions, they did not follow the rules. Still we find in this day and age people that are attached to their religion—even to Gnosis. To be attached to Gnosis is bad. We have to make consciousness of this knowledge; we have to meditate, to comprehend, in order to not be a fanatic, to not make a psychological aggregate out of Gnosis, because that will become a protoplasmic inheritance and we will be altering our genome in the wrong manner. The right way to alter it is by making consciousness of this knowledge that we are receiving and what is cryptically written, as you see, in the Bible.

The stone of Jacob when he rested his head is Yesod, the sexual organs, the coccygeal bone which is exactly below the head—because it says that he put a stone beneath his head. And if you see your head, your skull, what you have at the very bottom is the coccygeal bone. That is the stone of Jacob. If you go there you will see the ladder, which is the spinal column where you can go up to heaven by knowing how to transmute the sexual energy. That is Jacob’s mystery. This is why it is written in stories that relate to genotype and phenotype—which are the initiatic alterations or individual processes through initiation.

In other words, what we want in Gnosis is to alter our genome, and the only way to do it is through initiations. Those initiations are made through the sexual transmutation between man and woman. We need sexual cooperation in order to acquire the individualization that we want of the person, the psyche.

The quasi-individualization that we have in the personality is lost when we die physically, because the personality disintegrates after we die physically.

A lot of people have that quasi-individuality in their personality and they worship that personality, which is the outcome of the protoplasmic inheritance. As Esau, they hunt in order to make that personality stronger and stronger—which of course becomes an obstacle for the individualization of the psyche. At the end, we become failures, because the physical body is not eternal—it dies and the personality also dies in its time. Thus, if we have another opportunity, another return, we will inherit this genome that we are acquiring through our phenotype and through the genotype of our future parents.

So—are you following this? Do you comprehend this? This is how it is written in the Bible, the Book of Genesis—it is a book in order to meditate in order to go and dive within in order to get the wisdom that was written by Moses. Unfortunately, it has been altered—as I said, Abraham came from the light, but they write it as the city of Ur, which existed, but everything is related with certain symbols in the physical plane in order for those that are unworthy to get lost in it and not acquire the knowledge.

Audience: The Jinn state—is that a law that applies to certain dimensions? Why do extraterrestrial beings travel in spaceships? Why don’t they just travel in the Jinn state?

Speaker: The question is: Why don’t extraterrestrials travel in the Jinn state and not in cosmic ships? Because in order to assist any humanity on other planets they need equipment, they need elements that they cannot take in the fourth dimension. Technology is related with science. The technology of the extraterrestrials is united with religion but not religion as people understand: believing in something. Theirs is religion in the sense of religare: being united already, the physical genome with their own Monad—so therefore they have the ability of manifesting themselves in any dimension and also they can have powers of Jinn science. But in order to manifest with you, they have to do it physically. And they have ships that can travel faster than the speed of light.

These are humanities whose genome is exactly as our own in the sense of shape. This humanity unfortunately has the habit of thinking that the extraterrestrials evolved in different ways and they have different shapes like monsters, like chickens, like octopuses or something of the sort—which is very stupid by the way. They ignore that the origin, the seed of any human being is in the Monad. The Monad expresses itself—that example or that blueprint—on any planet. Unfortunately, on this planet, the genome is altered, completely altered—it is sick and is becoming sicker and sicker, more and more, as the time passes.

So of course, in order to help this humanity, these extraterrestrials have their cosmic ships and mother ships so they can do it. Unfortunately, when they come down to help they even renounce their immortality in their physical bodies and incarnate with a body—they inherit the physical body of the Earth in order to help. And when they grow up and they start teaching what they need to teach in order to help and teach this humanity, humanity takes them and gives them poison, like Socrates—even the Buddha was poisoned, Jesus was crucified. And many other great Solar Beings that came in order to help, they kill them on this planet. And when they come in their cosmic ships in order to assist us etc., they are persecuted with airplanes, machine guns, in order to shoot them down.

So they are trying to help and they are always compassionate, but unfortunately this humanity thinks that they come in order to conquer us.

Here, of course, we are making the final effort in order to help.

They can come in the Jinn state, but for that you have to work hard to gain it.

Remember, the genome of this physical body needs to be impregnated with good vibrations. That is why the Master Samael taught Tibetan exercises, runes, and many practices in order to alter the genome, in order to fortify the phenotype, and to cause a transformation in the genotype, in the sex, in order to transmute it and cause a transformation.

But people, instead of doing that, they like to go to bars, cantinas, and to take alcohol or smoke marijuana, take drugs or to hear rock and roll music and all of those vibrations that alter their phenotype, and the consequences are terrible degenerated genes that transmit to the children.

How are we going to have a Golden Age when the genome is completely altered in a very rotten way?

We need to transform our physical body. We have a physical body, let us transform it and get good vibrations in order to be aromatic, because we stink. We need to be aromatic and for that we need to take good vibrations in the psyche, in the mind, in the emotions, everywhere—and start transmuting, transforming the humanity from a sexual level.

Audience: What about the crossing of blood. America is really a nation of--

Speaker: Of course—the crossing of blood is very important. We have to choose, always. The genes are the final crystallization of the blood, but also of our inheritance. That is why in ancient times when the genes were not so degenerated, I explained to you in other lectures about the Atlantean epoch, when the Hyperboreans mixed with the fourth sub-race of the Atlanteans, and they prohibited the offspring to intermingle, to cross their blood, make the sexual act, with other races of the Atlantean epoch in order to have that inheritance pure for the future generation for the Aryan race.

But in this epoch, the genome of this Aryan race is so degenerated that we cannot say, “Oh they are not mixed with any others.” Unfortunately through the blood, through the genes, many races, many ethnic groups, are inheriting fanaticism and are making of religion a weapon in order to kill other people because they do not understand nor do they comprehend that the change it has to be in the psyche. They think that their race is better than the other and that is precisely the ignorance of many ethnic groups in this day and age. Religious wars and race wars are ignorance—only ignorance makes religious wars. But when you understand religion in your psyche and that all religions have the same principles, you do not make wars, you do not think that you are better than anyone.

In this day and age there is a massive blood crossing happening in order to form the seventh sub-race. The seventh sub-race that will be the outcome of this crossing is not only being formed with the blood of people of all the races of the Earth, but with extraterrestrials as well; this is an extra help for our genome.

But, the great beings demand the complete cleansing of the protoplasmic bodies, and moreover, the annihilation of those protoplasmic bodies completely in a very systematic way, and the creation of the Solar bodies in order to belong to the Golden Age.

Audience: Why is it that if I can’t alter the karma of the other person and we both share the karma, I could inherit theirs—through the sexual act?

Speaker: The answer is there: through the sexual act. Precisely because adultery is so common we are in the sexual act taking the values that stink that are in the bodies of other people. The psychological stench of people is transferred through the sexual act. In every sexual act you interact not only with the vibrations of the protoplasmic bodies, but of the physical body and of the psyche of the person. And if you cross sexually with other people, you are attracting that to your genome and are altering your physical body in a very degenerate way. Therefore in a future life you may be a celibate but you have that inheritance in you because you committed adultery and on top of that you were receiving those influences from the other person…

Audience: I am talking about practicing alchemy with a person…

Speaker: When you practice alchemy with another person, you start transforming your own genome with your transmutation. That is the base you see; that is the stone. If you build on beliefs, which is the sand of the Gospels, then you do not acquire anything. You have to build, to change, from the stone which is the rock, which is sex—from the Solar Light which is Okidanokh, which is the Glorian, which is Christ—this is how Christ can transform you—by transmuting. And of course you need the cooperation of the opposite sex because you need the vibrations of the two polarities in order to create.

Audience: So in that sense am I negotiating my karma? Are we both negotiating our karma?

Speaker: No no—in that sense every individual negotiates his own karma. But when you are united sexually you are sharing two karmas. You are one individual when you are sexually connected: “the man will abandon father and mother and cleave to his wife and be one flesh.” That is why a boy, a girl, a child, that is the outcome of that sexual union has two influences, inheritances, the father and mother, plus his protoplasmic bodies.

So, our duty is to change that inheritance beginning with that—without caring about if the other is doing it; you have to do it yourself—it is the only way psychologically speaking and alchemically speaking. And your genes will be altered; the type of sperm that you will have will be different, and eventually when you multiply, the child will have a different type of cells, of DNA; we have to alter our own DNA. To alter the DNA is only possible by the action of the Monad, the Noumenon that created that DNA. And if every individual does that everywhere, then a big change in society and humanity will happen.

But, unfortunately, humanity is not doing that. Humanity is wrongly altering their DNA, their genome, by sexually degenerating themselves. You see, the sexual organ is the most powerful organ that transmits forces and gifts—but if you unite your sexual organ in the wrong way you acquire elements that will alter your DNA in the wrong way. AIDS is the outcome of that, and many other diseases that are appearing in this day and age—it is because we do not take care of our sexual energy and we applaud degeneration—we think that degeneration is o.k. It is o.k. in order to descend into hell—but it is not o.k. if you want to go upwards in the revolution of the consciousness.

If you want to devolve, well keep going, because degenerated elements, protoplasmic elements go into hell in order to be disintegrated. Yet, another humanity will be developed that hopefully will not have this same genome that we have now, which is very degenerated.

Plus—on top of that—the experiments that scientists are doing in their laboratories with the cells where they do not take into account the Noumenon, the Spirit. They think that evolution relates only to the cell, and that the psyche is the outcome of the genes, and whatever—they think backwards.


Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. - 1 Corinthians 6: 9, 10

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