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We are in this very moment experiencing great events not only in this physical world that we can sense through our five senses but also in the superior worlds. It is very important to understand that the selection of psyches-a work that we are performing and that we have to perform-is something always related with the consciousness.

In many traditions they talk about the selection of souls that eventually will happen in order to initiate the Golden Age, or the new system of things that will come after catastrophes and many events that will happen in the physical world. So many theories, beliefs, dogmas exist around this topic related with the selection of individuals that will come to inhabit a new Earth, a new planet.

We call that future time "the Golden Age" so we are going to be very specific in order to explain in detail about this selection that is going to happen worldwide. To begin we have to emphasize that this selection that is written in many books, religious books, and that many traditions, philosophies, schools are preaching and waiting for has nothing to do with beliefs.

Yes - this is precisely the main point here: everybody thinks that if we believe in certain doctrines or philosophies then we are going to be participants of the great selection. Sorry to disappoint you, but we, the Gnostics, always base our investigations in our psyche, our soul, our own experiences. We don't like to talk about beliefs; we prefer to experience what we discuss, and since we are talking about the great selection, it is because we want to be selected - but we have to explain in which way this great selection is going to occur and in order to comprehend this we always point at the Tree of Life.

We always state that we live in Malkuth, which is the last Sephirah or sphere of this symbol called the Tree of Life, on which we study the Kabbalah. Malkuth means "the kingdom," so this tridimensional world is the kingdom. Why is it called the kingdom? Because the physical earth - this chemical earth - is related with four kingdoms: the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and the human kingdom; these are the four kingdoms of Malkuth, which in the East is called the Wheel of Samsara, about which we have talked many times in different lectures.

Every psyche, every soul, has a vehicle, a physical vehicle in order to exist in the kingdom, in Malkuth, in the wheel of Samsara. That vehicle of course is the one that we are using now and is related with nature. There are different types of souls (psyches) because any single organism - whether it is mineral, plant, animal, or human - is a trio of matter, energy, and consciousness. So any atom is a trio of matter, energy, and consciousness or intelligence. So when we study any kingdom from the psychological point of view - when we apply the techniques and methods that we teach here in which we activate the consciousness - then we discover the different levels of consciousness in the different kingdoms and how the bodies adapt that consciousness to their own development.

Present science studies natural selection according to the laws of physical evolution. Yet, from the Gnostic point of view, natural selection is studied psychologically in all the kingdoms because we know that natural selection is based on the consciousness. So, we disagree with that dogma of present science, which studies the dogma of evolution only physically. Further, we do not "believe" in the dogma of evolution; instead, we study the law of evolution consciously, directly, without beliefs.

Stated simply, evolution is usually defined as "development: a process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage (especially a more advanced or mature stage)."

What is the dogma of evolution? First, a dogma is "a doctrine or code of beliefs accepted as authoritative." The dogma of evolution started with Charles Darwin, and has become a worldwide "religion"; scientists now attribute to the law of evolution elements that it does not have.

We Gnostics study the law of evolution and go deep into it, into all the kingdoms, and for that we utilize the consciousness, our own particular individual consciousness, because it is impossible to discover all these laws only with the five senses.

So, we, the Gnostics we do not deny the existence and function of the law of evolution, and we study it but not only tridimensionally but in all dimensions in nature based on the fact, I repeat, that every atom is a trio of matter, energy, and consciousness. And this evolution and this selection or natural selection of the species cannot happen without the activity of the consciousness or the intelligence.

When we study the physical body and its origin we study it - of course - from the present time. We begin by studying the original cell from which this physical body was created. So we go deep down and we discover physically that before becoming what we are now we were sperms in the gonads of our fathers, and that is a fact. That sperm united with the ovum in the womb of our mother and from there started the evolution of this physical body that we study now.

So when we study - from the Gnostic point of view - that original primitive cell within the womb of our mother (which was of course the origin of the physical vehicle that we have) then we discover that the cell in development was a trio of matter, energy, and consciousness; it took nine months more or less in order to come out of the womb and to evolve until the moment in which we are alive here and right now. Nonetheless, we know that such a physical body eventually will decay, devolve, become old and will go again into the ground and disintegrate. So we are aware that evolution and devolution are two laws that are always acting in different ways. Yes, we, Gnostics also study the law of devolution.

The evolution and devolution of matter in this physical world are very complicated processes, and we already gave many lectures related with them. Now, we only want to emphasize the consciousness, because the great selection of souls or psyches is related with this natural selection in which "the survival of the fittest" is the main point. This survivor is the psyche, through its vehicles.

We have to comprehend and understand that - Gnostically speaking - the evolution of this planet Earth started in this tridimensional world based on three previous cosmic manifestations. Again, this is something that we have to comprehend and understand in order to visualize why are we living in this chaotic world and why are we living in the way that we are living, because this is a result of what we call the law of Karma. Karma is simply cause and effect, from the Sanskrit word for "cause and effect." So of course the effect of the creation or the evolution of this planet was the effect of previous evolutions in previous cosmic days.

Cosmic evolution is related not only with the physical body but with the protoplasmic bodies; this is something that we also emphasize because when we talk about evolution and devolution we have to go deep down into our minds. Please do not mistake the soul, the psyche, for the mind because the mind is one thing and the psyche is another. The mind is a vehicle that we also have within which we have the emotional body or the emotional vehicle - but not only we have that type of vehicle; irrational animals also have it, likewise plants and the minerals.

Of course, humanoids are at the top, the peak of evolution related with those protoplasmic bodies. The protoplasmic bodies belong to the internal dimensions. They are not physical but internal; the fact is that we have them internally. You cannot deny that when you think you feel your thoughts inside of you. You don't see the thoughts floating in the air because they are not tridimensional. Thoughts are something internal. You cannot deny that you feel emotions; those emotions are not tridimensional but internal, belonging to another dimension. So in our own particular individuality we can see that within us we have thoughts and emotions, and those elements belong to the protoplasmic bodies. We call them protoplasmic because are they are made of matter but not physical; that matter is internal.

Theosophy and other traditions study the protoplasmic bodies and they call, for instance, the emotional body, Kama Rupa. Rupa means "vehicle" and Kama means "desire" - the vehicle of desire, in other words. So if you want to know where you have the desires of lust, anger, pride, vanity, laziness etc. we would say - in Sanskrit - that these are in the Kama Rupa or inferior (protoplasmic) emotional body. Beyond this body of desires we have the mind, and through that vehicle, the mind, we think, thus, emotion and mind are the protoplasmic bodies. We think and feel through the protoplasmic bodies and these are united with the physical body without being mingled or confused with it.

When we investigate the cell, the primitive cell, the primordial cell within the womb of our mother, then we discover how the physical body was developed in the past; we discover it by studying that factor that in Gnosticism we call Genotype. This Genotype is a word that relates to the inheritance within our genes or the elements that are the base for the development of that cell within the womb of our mother. The genotype is related with the genes. We will say that any cell is made by 46 chromosomes, the nucleus 46 chromosomes and two vital or ethereal chromosomes, which are difficult to find with a microscope. So in synthesis the human cell has 48 chromosomes. Each chromosome has about 100 or more genes. So within those genes is where we find the genotype.

So, the genotype is precisely related to those elements that act in the genes. So, when we enter, with our psyche, with our consciousness, in meditation, within the genes of that primordial cell we discover that those genes move and act according to the Karma or the cause and effect of the protoplasmic bodies that abide in the Eternity or the fifth dimension. There, in Eternity, is where we find the Karma or the cause and effect of that particular cell within the womb of our mother - but then how is this primitive cell receiving the effects of those protoplasmic bodies through the genes? And who is that one that is administrating this karma, little by little, mathematically, in order to create that body according to those values? Of course we have to state that that is the intelligence, the consciousness, which is beyond, beyond the protoplasmic bodies.

So, in order to study the consciousness we have to go into the sixth dimension. The sixth dimension is beyond the fifth (which is Eternity) and the fourth is Time. In other words, the consciousness prepares the vehicle in the circle of Time within the womb of our mother based on the Karma of the protoplasmic bodies, which abide in the fifth dimension. But everything is directed from the sixth dimension from our consciousness; specifically we will say that the consciousness is controlled by that that we call Monad. Monad is a Greek word (Monas) which means unity.

So there is an intelligence that exists beyond Time and Eternity within the sixth dimension and that is the Monad, the Spirit. This is why it is impossible to see or to prove the existence of the spirit in this tridimensional world because the Spirit does not belong to this tridimensional world. It belongs to the sixth dimension. It is beyond Time and Eternity. People usually experience this Eternity when the body rests and leaves the physical body within their protoplasmic bodies, they experience that through which they call "dreams." Some people call it "Astral Projection," which is simply an unfoldment or a projection of the protoplasmic bodies which leave the physical body in order for it to rest. This projection is a normal process done in order to restore the energies of the physical body for the next day. So, during the time when the physical body is resting and recuperating its energies, the protoplasmic bodies are acting within Eternity; of course, the consciousness, the psyche is the intelligence that is active, acting there within them.

Some people remember the events or their actions during the moments when they are out in their protoplasmic bodies and their physical body rests (sleeps) on the bed, they call those events dreams; some other people do not remember any of that. Why some people do not remember their dreams? It is because their brain is atrophied.

The cerebellum is that physical organ that receives all the information of all the events, all the actions that we are doing in Eternity (the sub-consciousness is related with the cerebellum) and from the cerebellum passes through the brain; so, this is how the brain recollects all the information of our activities in the internal planes, which we call dreams.

Of course the Monad acts in the consciousness in accordance to the Karma, which is, we will say, related with the protoplasmic bodies of the new body that is developed in the womb of our mother. So we have the physical body that we have, we were born in the country that we were born according to the law, according to cause and effect, according to those protoplasmic bodies. The protoplasmic bodies do not die and they are not born in the same way as the physical body because they are submitted to another, we will say, span of time. We know that the physical body begins in the womb of our mother, it develops, evolves there, and goes out to keep its evolution, thereafter, in time, it starts devolving, it dies and then goes to the ground, and it disintegrates. That is the span of time of the physical body; nevertheless, the protoplasmic bodies belong to Eternity and they were created from the mineral kingdom and were evolving from the mineral kingdom into the plant kingdom into the animal kingdom into the human kingdom.

So our protoplasmic bodies are very old, and within them we have the inheritance from other cosmic days. So this is how we have to understand and comprehend this, because the Karma of the whole planet is acting through the protoplasmic bodies of the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and the human kingdom, and each one of us, every single plant, every single animal, every single mineral has those protoplasmic bodies through which the law acts according to previous causes.

Listen: before this planet Earth was physical, it was ethereal, and was abiding in the fourth dimension. Yet, before this physical Earth was ethereal in the fourth dimension it was emotional, or better said, astral, molecular, in the Astral plane. And before being in the Astral plane it was in the Mental plane; there, of course it was made of mental matter. So the beginning of the development of this planet started in the mental plane and then descended into the emotional plane and then into the ethereal plane and finally into the physical plane, in which we are now. These cosmic development steps are called Rounds. In Theosophy they call them Rounds:

  1. the First Round (mental plane)
  2. the Second Round (astral plane)
  3. the Third Round (ethereal plane)
  4. the Fourth Round, which is this physical, chemical Earth

The Book of Genesis written by Moses explains the beginning of this physical, chemical earth but it doesn't explain the activity of the evolving life in the previous three Rounds; nonetheless, we, Gnostics, know them because in the protoplasmic bodies we have the inheritance of those previous forces by cause and effect. Thus, by studying them psychologically through meditation and by awakening certain senses we can consciously go further into those levels (previous causes) that we are talking about here.

Consequently, we have to state that the evolution and devolution of this planet is always organized according to the law, and the law is always administrated by the Monads. Each one of us has his own particular Spirit, his own particular Monad, and there are many hierarchies among the Monads, among the Spirits. Some religions call those Monads Gods, Divas, Angels. Indeed, it doesn't matter what name we give unto it. We can call it the intelligence, the Noumenon before the phenomenon.

Of course, in order to understand this topic we have to discover our own particular individual noumenon, our own particular Spirit, our own particular Monad, that is, to become in contact with it; understand that this is the main point here because we are the psyche, we are the soul within this physical vehicle and protoplasmic vehicles that we carry inside. Understand that the consciousness is related to every cell of this organism, this physical body, and also to the protoplasmic bodies' constitution.

Regrettably, as we explained in many lectures, people are identified with their physical body and with their protoplasmic bodies; that is, they identify too much with their mind and emotions and with their physicality. Very seldom do they go inside themselves and come in contact with the intelligence which is acting in their body according to the law.

In this physical world there are many religions that preach that you have to believe in God, who they name in different ways according to their tradition; namely: Buddha, Allah, INRI, Jesus, Jehovah, Tao, and many other names; so, they state that by believing in their particular divinity is how you become a selected one and go into the Golden Age, nonetheless, they cannot see that you become a selected one according to the law of natural selection, that is, the survivor of the fittest, who is the one who really works psychologically within himself; yes, this is the way to become selected.

We see psychological selection in the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and also in the human kingdom but with a big difference, since in the mineral, plant, and animal kingdom this selection is mechanical. Of course, in the case of the physical vehicle, the Monad, the intelligence guides it through its inner vehicles, in order to survive in the jungle, in order to survive among the many and to be selected in order to go ahead in evolution and to create another body or better bodies in order to inhabit superior kingdoms. This is a mechanical process that we see and study in this day and age. Nevertheless, in the humanoid kingdom - that is the level in which we are - mechanicity no longer places us in a higher level of evolution. For this to happen we need to activate the intelligence.

We have to go beyond the opposites of mechanicity in order to activate the intelligence, which is God, which is the Monad, which is the Spirit. This is precisely what we state in Kabbalah: Malkuth (the Kingdom) is exactly the negative aspect of Chesed (the Monad). In the Tree of Life, Chesed is the Spirit and the intelligence is connected to him (Binah is the intelligence) and the negative aspect of the Spirit is the physical body. So people are identified with the physical body with the matter.

As we stated, many religions think that just by believing in God the problem is resolved. Moreover, they believe the Spirit, the Monad, is outside of themselves; yes, people think that God is a being that exists outside, there in the clouds or there in the space, a long-bearded man seated on a throne of tyranny, and demanding: "You have to believe in me if you want to be saved," that is, if you want to be in the Golden Age, in the new order of things of the future. Listen: we the Gnostics don't believe in that God.

This is why we state, we do not believe in God, yet we love God, but the God within. Because if we deny the intelligence within nature and within the cosmos, then we are denying our own intelligence within, because intelligence is within; I experience that I have intelligence, in different levels; each one of us has their own intelligence. That intelligence is God, which has no form, yet it is within; and that God within doesn't need to be believed in, you know? If you believe in Him outside or inside of you, it doesn't matter. What you need is to remember Him. I say "Him" because there is no noun to say "it" or "she" or whatever - because it has all the polarities within; whether we are female or male, it is inside. Call it "it" or "that" but understand that it needs to be remembered; yes, we need to remember God.

In order to remember God, we have to understand that we are the consciousness, so we have to be here and now. This is what we always demand from each one of us. I demand that from myself; that is, to stay consciously here, to feel that I am inside this body, to see my mind, my emotions from within, to observe it, and to know that I as a consciousness have to remember my Being, my Self. I want to have integrity in myself, and this is the main point here in this selection. Yes, if we want to be selected, we have to activate the consciousness.

Comprehend, the phrase "human being" has its meaning: the word human derives from HUM meaning "the Spirit, the Monad," and MANAS meaning "the mind." So, Human means the Mind, the Man, that is directed consciously by the Spirit, by the HUM; this is what a human being is. HUMAN doesn't mean "an individual that believes in something."

This is precisely the main point here; it is necessary to remember yourself, to remember your Being, in order to be selected. Because in the animal kingdom, plant kingdom or mineral kingdom those individuals, those creatures, are always in contact with their Spirit, with their own Monads, and those creatures obey them. For example, sometimes when we are in the country we observe the birds; we see them when they fly in a flock. One bird is in front of the flock, like the geese which makes a big noise (squawk), and behind the main one are the rest in a very nice order. We ask ourselves: who put that one in front of the rest and who told them that they have to follow the one in front? This is how they do it always and not only the geese but many other birds, other animals. Who told them to do that? Better said: who is the one that is telling them in that very moment to them? How are they guided? This is intelligence. It is the intelligence that they have, within which is their Monad, and they have their hierarchies; they have levels of intelligence there. Obviously, the geese that are dumb have to follow the ones that are more intelligent, who follow the one that is in front of all, they have to follow, they have to obey that hierarchy and they know how to do it. Of course they don't reason but they are in contact as elementals, as souls, with their own particular Monad, and this is why they know what to do instinctually. This is the difference between the intellectual animal and the irrational animal. The animals that cannot reason they use their instincts, so instinctually they are guided by their own Spirit; this is how they know by being in contact with it. Through evolution that spirit acquires different levels.

Those elementals or Monads obey other higher intelligences that in many religions, many traditions, they call Angels, Buddhas, Masters, Gods, who direct them according to the law of Karma, according to the causal forces of the planet. Those intelligences are also in the sixth dimension because everything is organized with intelligences. We cannot accept the dogma of evolution that states that everything is just automatic or casual, that there is no intelligence behind the phenomenon. If that is the case, I have to admit that I have no intelligence here. In order to organize and to give this lecture, I have to concentrate and to ask to my own particular intelligence, my own particular Being, to organize my mind in order to communicate this knowledge to you.

Nevertheless, it is not my Being who you have to follow, it is not my physical body that you have to follow, nor my personality, but your own Being. You have to remember your own Being, because you are facing this selection, the great selection.

The human body devolves. You observe the mineral kingdom, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, and you see how everything evolves and devolves. A plant begins with a simple seeds, sprouts, grows, gives fruit, and eventually decays and goes to the ground, disintegrates. That is devolution, and that happens not only with a plant but as well with the animals in the physical plane; you see how they evolve and devolve. Of course the life in the mineral kingdom is very slow, but also devolves, and we can see evolution and devolution in metals. By applying, of course, the intelligence, we can see what in life is going up or going down.

So, the whole humanity, in this very moment, obviously, unquestionably, is devolving, because we see how nature is now acting in all the ways. Earthquakes, hurricanes, are more active, and likewise other destructive forces of nature are more active. And it is because we as human beings are devolving. There is no evolution for us in the physical plane anymore. We reached the top of evolution, which was precisely the development of the intellect; but if you observe the physical body, it is not evolving. Now people are being born with different atrophied organs and of course many sicknesses are appearing in different places, which are little by little destroying, polluting, the physical body.

The mind, the protoplasmic mind, the protoplasmic emotions that we have within, are also devolving; wars, tyranny, crimes, homosexuality, lesbianism, prostitution, pedophiles, all of that is a sign of devolution in the psyche, in the protoplasmic bodies. And this is why it is written when you see all these signs, when the degeneration will reign in all the earth, that is a sign that the end is coming; in other words, the devolution of the planet in order to start a new evolution, a new era because humanity as a whole also evolves.

The evolution of any humanity is always processed in four steps, namely: the golden age, the silver age, the copper age, and the iron age. When humanity reaches the Iron Age then it starts to devolve, to decay, in order to eventually start another golden age, another spring. And of course that spring, that golden age, is what people call "the new order of things" that will come and which everybody thinks they are already chosen for because they belong to this group, or this other religious group or that philosophical group, or just because they believe in this or in that. The selection has nothing to do with beliefs, because if you want to live at a certain level (psychologically speaking) you have to work on yourself.

For example, drunkards live in bars, in taverns, they drink alcohol and they are surrounded by all of those sicknesses related with their vice of alcohol, which is of course cirrhosis, and many other things, poverty that they bring because of the alcohol, etc. So each one of us is in a different level and we attract to ourselves according to our level of being, our level of consciousness the circumstances in which we live. A prostitute for instance will be surrounded by prostitutes and with the problems related with sexual diseases, venereal diseases, psychological and physical problems related with that, thieves as well. So each one of us has a different type or level of being and we attract that to our environment.

See this society, which we call humanity, is in chaos: hatred, war, anger; why? Because this is what we have within, but we have the custom to point always to the neighbour without comprehending that we belong to this humanity. And of course, we think because we believe in this or we believe in that we are going to be selected and those people that do not believe in what we believe will be left and be destroyed and then we will go and float in the air and go into heaven. This is what many people think. Listen, it is not like that. You are free to believe in whatever you want, but if you want for instance to be surrounded by Angels, then you have to have the psychological level of an Angel.

If you go, for instance, and say: "Oh well I belong to China" and you go to China, so then people there will talk to you in Chinese and if you don't speak Chinese, then you don't belong there. If you come from the United States speak English, maybe if you go to England you will understand and can fit in. But if you want to live in China or Japan you have to learn the language otherwise you are excluded, you are not "selected." The same rules apply to the superior worlds. If you want to be selected, to belong there, then you have to follow the rules of those worlds which are above Malkuth, which are above the Kingdom. This is why Malkuth is in the very bottom of the Tree of Life. Above Malkuth we find the 9 heavens or the 9 spheres. Many religions talk about the 9 heavens where they place the Angels, the Archangels, Cherubim, Seraphim, Thrones, Divine Beings above, and of course the demons are below Malkuth, where we find the nine inferior spheres of Kabbalah which are named Klipoth.

So if you observe for instance the planet Earth (Malkuth) that is in the center between Klipoth and the Heavens, what do we observe in this planet? The intelligence, the consciousness of this planet is related with what? Is it related with the Heavens, or with Klipoth, with Hell, with what people call Inferno (Inferno is a Latin Word which means inferior); the inferior dimensions or the superior dimensions? Understand that we have within all those elements that make us to be in affinity with Klipoth, with Hell. Listen, anger doesn't belong to Heaven but to Klipoth. Lust doesn't belong to Heaven but to Klipoth. Pride doesn't belong to Heaven but to Klipoth, to Hell, to the inferior dimensions that we have within.

Observe yourselves: your own particular hell, your own particular inferno is within you which is reflected, of course, in the infra-dimensions. So in this very moment for instance you say "I would like to be selected for the golden age" but the golden age is an age where only the consciousness of the same level will be incarnated; consciousness, Souls that will vibrate with the Gold, with the Golden age. You see, the Gold as a metal is pure, is solar. Gold is related with the Sun. Of course the Sun is above; this is in relation with sphere on the Tree of Life called Tiphereth. Tiphereth means "beauty" in Hebrew and that beauty is related with the consciousness. In other words, in order to belong to the golden age, you have to be beautiful: but don't interpret that word beautiful as ordinary people interpret it. They think that to be beautiful means is to be in shape, to be thin, or to maybe have ten plastic surgeries after you become wrinkled in order to always be stretched and beautiful and to have a nice body. That is a false beauty. Real beauty is eternal, it belongs to the soul; that is why it is called Tiphereth in Kabbalah. To be beautiful means to not have anger within, to not have pride, to not have laziness, gluttony, greed and all of those defects that we have in abundance. That is to be beautiful.

When a new creature is born, the protoplasmic bodies cannot enter into that creature, into that baby, because the baby needs to develop the personality. And that is why the only thing that enters into that baby is the little percentage of consciousness which is not trapped into the ego, into the protoplasmic bodies, which is 3%. And that is why when you see a baby, a little newborn, you see how beautiful it is, how innocent. That is why everybody is in love with a new creature that is born. It is beautiful! But what you see there in that beautiful baby is the soul without protoplasmic negative forces, without ego. But of course as the body grows and the personality is developed that beautiful element disappears and appears the devil, appears what we are. And then we realize that we belong to the inferior dimensions, but of course, that ugliness that we have within is psychological and in order to belong to the golden age we have to be beautiful, we have to clean our psyche. And the psyche is not cleansed by believing in something but by applying methods, psychological methods, in order to clean our own particular psyche if we want to belong to the new system of things that will come.

When the Kali Yuga appears, which is the Dark Age in which we are right now, then the superior intelligences start to act with a lot of strength and give to the lower intelligences elements, methods, rules, codes in order to go out from the devolving forces that are sinking the souls into Klipoth, into Hell, into the inferior dimensions and in order to give them the opportunity to be selected for the Golden Age and to go out of those devolving forces. This knowledge, this doctrine that we are teaching now, doesn't belong to us. It is a doctrine that is eternal; it is called Gnosis. We did not invent this. This doctrine, this knowledge, was taught in different times by the great Avatars in order to help in this level in which we are (the human kingdom) the psyches that want to belong to a new level, a new system of things above.

Of course, always when humanity degenerates, Gnosis appears; some call it knowledge, Gnana yoga, different names. In this day and age, we call it Gnosis, we use the Greek term for knowledge in order to teach what we are practicing. In order to tell the people: if you want to be selected, you have to work in yourself, because the planet is now passing into a very strong transformation. Eventually, the whole physical world will be changed. Now you hear for instance about the global warming, about earthquakes, and all of that about which people are alarmed; all of this is normal from the cosmic point of view. It is not the first time that this is happening, nor will it be the last. Of course, the problem here is not how to survive physically but how to survive psychologically because if the problem were only physical we would say "okay what is the big deal?" Whether we receive this doctrine or not sooner or later we will physically die anyhow. So, eventually everybody is going to physically die, thus, this is not the problem.


Not every one that (in Malkuth) saith unto me, Lord, Lord (Adonai, Adonai), shall enter into the kingdom of heaven (Yesod and beyond); but he that doeth the will of my Father (the Monad) which is in heaven (sixth dimension). Many (Pharisees) will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord (Adonai, Adonai), have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you (in Daath-Gnosis): depart from me, ye that work iniquity. - Matthew 7: 21-23

The problem is in the protoplasmic bodies, which do not belong to this tridimensional world and which are submitted to other laws. If we are not changing, if we will not change psychologically, then the protoplasmic bodies, which are already devolving, will sink into the inferior dimensions, since we will no longer have physical bodies, because the end of what we call Kali Yuga is always processed in two steps: Physical and Psychological.

This Kali Yuga or Iron Age is the last age in order for our root race to be finished, to be destroyed; this Kali Yuga started in the times of the Romans and Greeks, in the time of Jesus, a few years before him is when the Kali Yuga started. This is why this civilization that we name here, the present civilization, comes from that epoch, from the times of Greeks and Romans. Julius Caesar started the scenario for the Kali Yuga and Jesus of Nazareth and many other great masters came at that time in order to start the spiritual development and to help the souls of these times. So from that time to the present times, Kali Yuga, or the Iron Age is acting, yet, only the half of it because Kali Yuga acts in two halves or two parts. The first part is for the physical plane and the second part is for the protoplasmic plane. This is how you have to understand the end of Kali Yuga, because we are physical and we also have protoplasmic bodies, that is, mind and emotion.

So physically, the whole planet will pass through a tremendous transformation, which will be the end of the first half. Of course, earthquakes will multiply, tsunamis and many other catastrophes that physically will happen, in which thousands and millions of people will die physically, and eventually the poles will become the equator and the equator will become poles. This is a physical-chemical transformation of the Earth, because the Earth needs to start another nature because this present nature is polluted. The water is polluted, the earth is polluted, the air is polluted. We cannot start a Golden Age with smog. We cannot start a Golden Age where the sea is polluted, where the fish are dying. We cannot start a Golden Age with hunters killing creatures in the forest. We cannot start the Golden Age with homosexuals, lesbians, with degenerated seed. The Golden Age is for clean souls with beautiful souls, without ego. So therefore, everything will be wiped out and we are in the midst of this process. Physically, all of us without exception will be wiped out; nevertheless, after that, already without physical bodies, the other half of the Kali Yuga comes, which will be applied to the protoplasmic bodies within which we have lust, anger, greed, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc. This other half will happen in the inferior dimensions, that which people call hell, and which you can experience with your consciousness.

If you awaken your consciousness, you will consciously discover and study the inferior dimension as Dante Alighieri described them very well in detail. Any person that has nightmares experiences the inferior dimensions in a very unconscious way. The fact is that the inferior dimensions are made in order for the protoplasmic bodies to be disintegrated and to little-by-little descend in a devolving way through 9 spheres which are exactly the opposite of the 9 heavens. Dante described the 9 spheres of hell; understand that those are infra, not physical, because they are for the protoplasmic bodies.

This is how the soul will descend for about a thousand years of the time of this physical plane, this, in order for the souls which are average (not too evil, not too degenerated) to be disintegrated in Klipoth, in the inferior dimensions. When that ends, when the disintegration of the protoplasmic bodies happens, that is the end of the whole Kali Yuga. Then the Golden Age will start and this is something that we have to comprehend. And it is not a matter of believing in this or believing in that how we are going to be excluded from the inferior dimension. It is a selection that we have to do and we have to do that selection on our own: to change psychologically in order not to descend into the infra-dimensions.

Regrettably, now humanity is entering in big surges into the infra dimensions and everyone is applauding degeneration. Of course, to be selected for Klipoth is easy: just degenerate yourself and see how easily you enter into Klipoth, which is what this humanity is doing. They are applauding homosexuality, lesbianism - "that's okay," they say - thus little-by-little as time passes and everybody applauds when something evil happens, "this is okay" they say, "no problem"; no problem, of course, no problem in Klipoth, because there the actions of adultery, fornication and sexual degeneration are normal. The protoplasmic bodies as degenerated bodies enter into Klipoth by following degeneration; this is how you are selected for Klipoth but not for Heaven.

In order to enter into the superior spheres above Malkuth, you have to regenerate your psyche - regenerate means that you have to apply superior forces in order to generate within you the superior forces within you. But for that you have to eliminate the degenerated forces that are sinking your psyche into Klipoth, into the inferior dimensions, and that is only possible by following the superior laws, superior rules from the superior dimensions.

And who is the one that is performing those laws in the superior dimensions within us? It is the Monad, the Being, the Spirit. That is why it is written that Jesus of Nazareth said: "Thy will be done on earth as is it in heaven," meaning, in heaven the superior dimension, the sixth dimension of nature the law of the spirit is done according to the superior forces, but in Earth it is not. We cannot say that the will of God is being done on Earth as it is in Heaven; unless you think that our own spirit agrees with degeneration, no?

So we have to work to be selected, but the selection is made in three steps.

The first step is to receive the doctrine which is written in the Bible, which is written in the Koran, which is written in the Bhagavad-Gita, which is written in many sacred books but in code, only for those that are working with their consciousness, with their intelligence to discover because the rules are written with intelligence. And how do we call those rules or those codes? Myths, mythology, allegories; within every myth is hidden certain truths or codes that only those that are working with their intelligence discover; this, in order to be selected. If those codes were read openly from the beginning, then the animal mind would have abused them. Now the unveiling is given, delivered for free through this Gnostic teaching, because we are acting out of compassion as there is no time to degenerate the doctrine in the physical world. Time is close and close and close. So start acting in you right now or lose it. And this is why we are talking openly and we are unveiling many myths, many secrets, because we know that humanity needs it. Humanity is not in the level of entering into the college of initiates, or to awaken the consciousness first and then to discover the rest. There is no time for that. So the great intelligences of the superior levels are teaching in order for us to do something. We are giving this free, delivering the knowledge so openly that people don't even realize it, thus, they say "I don't believe in that." Well, it doesn't matter. It is not a matter of believing. It is a matter of practicing. So this is why the first selection is for those people who receive this knowledge, whether through a book, whether through a lecture, whether through the internet or by talking in the street with somebody and receiving the codes and secrets that before were hidden. Just by that if the person follows their Being and continues, the person will be a selected one. This is the first level of psychological selection, which is just to know the doctrine and to practice it. It is not to believe in it, but to practice it. If you start practicing it, then you belong to the first selection.

During the practice of the Revolution of the Consciousness, you apply the three factors, three methods in order to release your consciousness, in order to awake your consciousness and to eliminate those animal elements that sink you into devolution, into your protoplasmic bodies, in order to eventually - if you succeed - to belong to the second selection. The second selection is not about somebody that will come and will say to you: "Okay, you belong to this school right? So come with me, since you belong now to the second selection." No! It is not something like this.

The first selection occurs in any group when you just listen to the doctrine. The second selection is inside you. So, that call is from inside. Listen very carefully: it is from inside. There are beings, superior beings, that are of course working now in this second selection but they are only looking for those people that are working psychologically in themselves, those who are changing their psyche. Listen: you need, at least, to annihilate 50% of your own degeneration, not 50% of the degeneration of your neighbour. Your neighbour has their own psychological problem; so, if they want to disintegrate that, or if they want to be selected for Klipoth, that is their own business. So, that 50% of degeneration in your own psyche is your own business, it is not mine, it is yours. If you meditate and you annihilate and you comprehend your own self, eventually you will be selected in the second selection.

The second selection is involved with great beings which also have physical bodies and who people call "extraterrestrials." They are extraterrestrials from the point of view that they are above the Earth (Malkuth) and also because they live on other planets and whose level of being is not like our level of being: it is superior. Because in order to conquer the space and to travel in the space, you have to first have conquered your psychological space; these are laws which the people of the Earth ignore; earthlings think that they can travel in the space because they qualify themselves as human beings, but they are not. So you have to follow certain rules and there are psychological rules that you have to follow in order to travel in space from planet to planet; these rules are not only psychological but also physical.

So, the beings that are superior and that travel already in space know very well the chaos in which this planet is and they want to help us. But earthlings think based on that psychological element of war and conquering that all of us have, that they are coming in order to conquer this hell of a planet. Who wants to be a king of a mental hospital? They do not think as earthlings think. Why would an extraterrestrial come from a superior civilization in order to be a king of mad people, people that are trying to kill them? I personally would not come from another planet in order to be king of this madness, why? Maybe because the megalomaniac Nibelungen people of this planet think they are superior? No! Listen the Nibelungen are inferior, very inferior not only physically, or technologically but also psychologically.

They, the extraterrestrials, the masters of other planets, intervene and help you in the internal planes, with your physical body as well, if you are working in yourself psychologically. They already came and discovered that the seed that created human bodies in this planet is polluted. So therefore they arrived at the conclusion that the future root race - physically speaking - is impossible to create, or to be created with the seed of the earthlings or people of this planet, because their seed is polluted. So therefore they are doing super efforts in order to mix the seed, the sexual seed of the people of the Earth, with extraterrestrials in order to form a new genotype that will help the phenotype. You see?

The future root race of the Golden Age will be a different phenotype that will inherit a genotype that will be a mixture of the seed of the human being of this planet with extraterrestrials; they are already doing it, this is, mixing the sexual seed etcetera in order to bring the new genotype within those phenotypes which will be the physical bodies of new creatures who will inhabit in the Golden Age. This is the help, the extra help that this planet is receiving because the extraterrestrials, the superior brethren, are worried because they don't want this root race or this planet to disappear completely because the seed is polluted. And this is something that earthlings ignore.

They also help you psychologically in order to acquire that 50%, so that you can belong to that second selection. So that selection is also in the psyche. Of course when the psyche is changing that affects the physical body because as a consequence we will have a better body. So when we talk about the selection of souls we are talking about the psyche and this is something that you will realize. It is not something that someone will tell you, i.e. ‘Now you belong to the second selection because I saw you doing this or doing that', no! You have to see it. You have to experience it. You know?

For instance, in my case when I talk about extraterrestrials it is not because I read something about it, but because I experienced that. I know they exist, but I don't want anybody to believe me because it doesn't matter; that is concerned only to me, to my own development. So, I know you can also receive help if you work in yourself, but if you don't work you won't realize that. You have to work. This is why we work with the Three Factors of the revolution of the consciousness in order to be selected and to be assisted by the superior brothers of the space and of the internal planes.

So then, by working, you become selected for the second selection; thereafter, they wait for you in order to see if you will do the super effort in order to annihilate the rest of the 50% of your animality in order to belong to the Golden Age. Because in order to be selected for the Golden Age or the new system of things that come after the great catastrophe, you need to annihilate completely 100% of your ego. You have to pass through a complete mutation or transformation, and for this you are not left alone; they also help you. It doesn't matter how long you are going to take, as long as you are doing it, they will assist you on this planet, whether in this land or in other lands that will be saved for such purposes, or in other places of the space, because the universe is big.

So, you have to understand that the Golden Age, the new system of things that all religions are preaching, the selection that will happen, is not going to happen just because you believe in something, but because you are going to show internally the change in your psyche and therefore you will be in the affinity with the environment of the Golden Age because it is precisely the survival of the fittest and this is something inside, psychological. So this is the work, and of course as I said you have to follow the direction of your own Monad, of your own Spirit, because that is the only part of us which is in contact with the superior dimensions. Because if you just follow here theories, dogmas, beliefs, those are just things related to the mind, which are related to Klipoth, when you experience Klipoth.

Personally, I have experienced Klipoth with my consciousness; I descended consciously to the inferior dimensions, what people call inferno or hell. I went there awake and I talked with people; there I found in the first sphere, which is called Limbo, people with the bible in hand teaching me and telling me that they will save me, yet, they don't realize that they are already there! I said to them "how are you going to save me if you didn't save yourself? Why are you warning me about things but you didn't warn yourself?" This is because people think that by believing in something is how you are going to go up.

Understand: this is a transformation and something that only you can realize. It is not like the people think: "because I believe in this eventually when I die I will go up" just something that who knows? Listen, here in this physical plane you have to experience that; you have to experience those dimensions, not believe in them.

In the beginning, you receive the doctrine, concepts which are beyond your mind but we give clues, methods, keys in order for you to practice and to activate your consciousness in order to see that. Many of our students when they activate their consciousness, they awake suddenly their consciousness but they awake there in Klipoth. They then come to us saying "oh yea that is nice I was awakened but I realized that I was not in the superior worlds I was in the inferior worlds. I was in the infra, in Klipoth, in Hell." Yes, of course, that is natural, we answer, and it is because you belong there. Now you know that if you don't work on yourself after death you will descend there. You want to go up, well, you have to fight for it, you have to change your level of Being and go up in order to be selected there. So, it's a matter of working in yourself. It's not like being lazy and thinking "oh yea because I believe in this, or because I believe in that I am going to be there."

This is the great selection of souls, the great selection of the psyche. And in this level in which we are mechanicity doesn't work anymore, we have to use willpower. That is why we the Gnostics say our motto is Thelema, Willpower. All the time we have to remember the Being in order to attract the superior forces from the Being. Not to believe in God, but to remember God from moment to moment, from second after second, in order for those forces that belong to it, our own particular individual God, or Spirit, or whatever you want to name it, to come down and to guide you. And this is how you understand that Elohim means Gods and Goddesses. God is not one, it is many inside. Each one has his own, his own particular part of the whole thing. And of course we rather like to call it intelligence because that intelligence is called Binah; the superior aspect of the Tree of Life that we have to activate and in many lectures we teach how this Binah, this intelligence is related with your physical body and with your internal protoplasmic bodies.

So the great selection started already and Malkuth, the Kingdom, is a filter which will take us to the inferior dimensions or the superior dimensions. It all depends on us, and remember that filter is your physical body. Your physical body is the vehicle that nature gives you as a gift and all depends how you use it. It has all the energies, all the elements you need in order to do this, because it would be unfair to tell you that you have to do it and you say where are the tools, where are the keys? Well all of them are in your body, you have them. The problem is that you are not interested in knowing this and that is why you are just identified with the physical world and despising the clues, the keys that everybody has within.

Now we teach you, we guide you, and we tell you this is the key. Here it is. It is within you: do it, awaken, activate your consciousness. Remember your Being; do not believe in your Being, remember. In order to remember you have to stay awake in the moment, here and now. The omni-presence of your Being is here and now. Do you have questions?

Question: Can you tell us how the laws of nature can take advantage of us, like we are in a state of degeneration, and how we can translate that?

Answer: Yes of course, the laws of nature, how we take advantage of the laws of nature in order to transcend them is what your question is?

Question: How does the law of nature take advantage of us in the state of degeneration?

Answer: How the laws of nature take advantage of us in the state of degeneration that we are? Well the thing is this. Nature in this Malkuth, the Kingdom, gives us the physical body for free, you don't pay for it. The protoplasmic bodies that we have, where we have the mind and the emotions, are also free. Nature gave us that since we were minerals and we evolved with those bodies through the plant kingdom, animal kingdom and we have them right now; is where we have the intellect. That is a gift. So we have to take advantage of that.

When the Monad receives a vehicle with intellect, it immediately starts working on the consciousness in order to jump to another level. The problem is that the consciousness when it is inheriting a body with intellect identifies with the intellect and thinks that is already a human being, is already developed without understanding and comprehending that eventually the internal protoplasmic bodies and physical body will devolve. So nature takes advantage of that because nature needs, listen carefully, needs your protoplasmic bodies in order to give solid consistency in the interior of the Earth. You see the interior of the Earth, the planet needs very low vibrations in order to make it strong and in order to receive those vibrations the planet needs, nature needs the protoplasmic bodies in devolution.

So the devolving protoplasmic bodies channel lunar forces that give solid consistency to the planet. So therefore the protoplasmic bodies are necessary not only on the surface of the planet (in the law of evolution) but also are necessary for the devolution. So therefore nature doesn't care about your beliefs or your practices in your consciousness. Nature knows that your physical body belongs to it. You will die and that will go to the ground and will continue the process, whether you believe, whatever you do not believe. The same with the protoplasmic bodies; Nature will take them down whether you believe in this or you believe in that.

So nature is taking advantage of your own vehicles that She gave you as a gift. So you have to work with a great revolution. That is why it is called the Revolution of the Consciousness, in which you revolt against your own nature, you see? Because the laws that we are taking here about evolution and devolution that act mechanically and that destroy the soul are within you, not outside. You have it in your physical body, you have it in your blood, in the very marrow of your bones. Those are the laws and you have to fight against that. But if you allow those laws to work in a devolving way through you then you are selected by nature in order to go to the inferior dimensions. Just by following degeneration, the devolving way. That is called the broad way that takes us to destruction.


Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. -1 Corinthians 6: 9, 10

Question: You mentioned Phenotype. What is Phenotype?

Answer: Phenotype is the outcome of the Genotype. The Genotype is where we have the inheritance and accordance to the development, and the environment that we receive in the physical body when we survive in this nature and then the outcome is the Phenotype, which is a species that is of course selected in the struggle. And that Phenotype gives into their offspring another type of Genotype. The Genotype changes according to the activities of the Phenotype. The Phenotype for instance, the characteristics that I have right now in my physical body in my mind, in my emotions, in my personality, that is my Phenotype. And I have and I will transmit that through my Genotype that eventually will create another Phenotype.

That is the natural selection of nature (mechanically) but in our way of course we want to create another type of being; a super human being by transforming the Genotype. That is why the Gnostic work goes directly into the sex. We are teaching superior sex, that is, how to transmute, how to transform the degeneration that we have already in order to transform the Genotype that eventually will give a different Phenotype, but this is done through revolution of the consciousness and not through mechanicity, because if we follow the mechanicity of nature as many people are already doing it, that is, Phenotypes that agree with sexual degeneration and who are degenerating their Genotype.

You see for instance what can you obtain in your Genes, in your sexual genes - because the sexual organ transmits and gives energies - when you connect your sexual organs in another ways (the normal way is the phallus within the vagina that is the normal way) but when the phallus enters into the anus it takes vibrations of the excrement that alter the Genotype and as a consequence degenerate Phenotypes and sicknesses appear in the physical world. So that is degeneration.

Of course the way that we teach is how to alter the Genotype in order to create a superior Phenotype that is different. I don't know if this is understandable. I don't want to go deep into this because this is not related with today's topic. But that is the terms here. The Genotype in relation with the genes, the sex and the Phenotype is your own constitution, which is the outcome of it, the Phenomenon.

Questions: Can you talk about the law of 108 chances that the soul receives to annihilate 50% of degeneration.

Answer: Well when, according to evolution, the essence, the consciousness enters into the humanoid kingdom it receives 108 opportunities - in other words 108 physical bodies with intellect. Because before entering into the humanoid kingdom that soul was receiving irrational animal bodies according to the law of evolution. So the psyche, of course, was acting in the irrational animal kingdom through instinct. Now receives the intellect which is this level in which we are, that is when that soul receives intellect, this is why we call it intellectual animal level because in Latin animal comes from anima which means soul. The soul's mind becomes intellect. The soul acts through a protoplasmic body with intellect and then receives 108 opportunities mathematically according to the superior laws in order to do what they have to do, that is, to go into another level or to go and follow the laws of nature. If you follow the laws of nature, then devolution sinks you into the infra-dimensions. If you revolt against those laws, against your own psyche, your own mind, and you work as we are teaching here, then you go up and you create another type of Genotype and Phenotype. And of course through 108 opportunities.

Question: Is it negotiable?

Answer: Everything is possible when you start doing it. It doesn't matter if you are in your 108th life - if you start doing your work, you receive more bodies with intellect in order to keep your work. If you don't do the work then you no longer receive bodies with intellect but bodies without intellect that we call irrational animals. That is why in many traditions they say that the monkey, the pig and many other animals are devolving animals that come from the humanoid kingdom.

Questions: You mentioned that Limbo is beneath the surface of the Earth and the material world. Does Limbo also include that which is on the surface and what would be called Lunar Astral plane?

Answer: Does Limbo belong to the tridimensional world as well as the inferior? Well we will state this, the inferior Lunar Astral Plane, is what we call Limbo. Lunar because Limbo belongs to the moon, the mechanicity of the moon, mechanical laws of nature; and of course in the lower dimensions of the astral dimension because Limbo belong to the inferior astral dimensions. You can experience Limbo through nightmares. So limbo is that first sphere of the inferior dimensions related with 96 laws, mechanical laws and that vibrates with the protoplasmic bodies (the mind and the emotions in a degenerate state).

So people usually in this day in age vibrate with Limbo because if you see for instance it is rare not to find the laws of Limbo even in Tibet that is invaded by the hoards of people that are related with Limbo. They fight against religion, against Buddhism. Why? Because the laws of Klipoth are not related with the superior laws, taught by Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, etc. In Klipoth people are atheists. Some of them worship atheism. So therefore there is not a single place on this planet Earth where we do not find the vibrations of Limbo vibrating because we agree with degeneration.

You just put on the TV or hear the radio and be aware how everybody is applauding degeneration and accepting it. And they say if you do not accept it you are prejudiced. Right? And they qualify you as somebody with phobias, i.e. if you disagree with homosexuality, they say your are homophobic which means to be afraid of man because homo means man and phobos - fear, fear of man. I am not afraid of man neither of alcohol. But if they ask me if alcoholism is good I say no it is negative, degeneration. Same with homosexuality and lesbianism but it doesn't mean that I am pointing at somebody. If somebody likes that, it is their business not mine, but if someone asks me if I think that is good, I will answer, no it is not. It is completely bad. It belongs to Klipoth. If you want to be selected to Klipoth, it is your own business, but I don't want to be selected to Klipoth, I want to be selected to the superior dimensions. That is why I am working with this revolution of my consciousness and inviting those that want to enter into their revolution to do it as well, but there is always freedom to choose our way. Nobody is going to force you to do it.

So, of course, the 96 laws of Klipoth "Limbo" are vibrating now in the tridimensional world. Even though we physically belong to the 48 laws of this tridimensional world. But if you observe the Limbo's laws of adultery and fornication are accepted now in this tridimensional world. There are few people that are against it. This means that Limbo is already vibrating, that the laws of the protoplasmic bodies are already conquering the Earth. We are really in a havoc.

Question: You said that the average person devolves in the infra-dimensions for about a thousand years. What about those that created the solar bodies?

Answer: Well that is according to Karma, the devolution is according to Karma. Those that started creating the solar bodies and eventually decide to go down, well the law punishes them severely, because those that do evil with consciousness, well the laws are severe against them, you know what I mean. In every level the laws are strong. But there is always a way of compassion even in those inferior spheres. If you start changing they help you but that depends on you. So those people with solar bodies they stay more time there because the solar bodies don't belong to nature and in order to disintegrate those bodies takes time, a long time. So I don't advise you, if you create solar bodies, to go down there because you will pass eternities there.

Question: What about those that say that we just wait and eventually everyone will go back to the surface. If you think about the natural evolution then everyone...

Answer: The question is that some people think that if you just wait eventually we will be there. That we will enter into heaven sooner or later. We will say that that is true. You don't need to do anything in order to return to heaven. That is true, but before you have to pass through hell. Of course hell is, or inferno is not what the Catholic Church believes and many other religions that it is eternal. Those infra-dimensions are in eternity, yes, in the dimension that is called Eternity. But Eternity has a beginning and an end as well. It depends. People that enter there are disintegrated in about a thousand years. That people will be there forever and ever, no, that is stupid. They need to pass through a time of purification, we will say. In other words if you don't disintegrate your ego, if you don't do the revolution of the consciousness here in order to go up eventually nature will destroy that for you in the infra-dimensions. That is why the infra-dimensions exist, in order for nature to destroy that. And when you are completely clean, when your consciousness becomes clean in hell, then it is released and returned to the Monad but as a failure. So we will say everybody will be there, but not everybody will become fully developed. You understand that? To become is to awake, to develop consciousness as a Buddha, an illuminated one. For that you have to fight, you have to work and to do the work inside of you and then you return to the same source but as a triumphant person, as a conqueror, an illuminated one, a Buddha as it is called in Sanskrit; but if you don't do it then nature will do it for you and eventually you will return, but as a failure. You will return there and you will be like an ant in comparison with a human being.

To stay in this cosmos, to be alive, to exist in order to return, in order to suffer a lot and to return as a failure, it really doesn't make any sense. For me, of course, I will fight for it. I don't want to return as a failure. It's easy to be a failure: just follow the laws of nature and you will disintegrate. You will return to the superior worlds, yes, but you will not even know why you returned. You will be there, but you won't know.

Question: Explain that...??? mineral kingdom were once...???...developed the ...???... body but since irrational animals only have two brains and not intellect do they only have a Kamma Ruppa and not a lunar mental body? What about plants and minerals?

Answer: The question is do the plants and minerals have a mental body because people think that the mental body is only intellect. The mental body exists in the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom but they don't have intellect. We are the ones that develop intellect. That is why it is stated that we are on the top of mechanical evolution. The same mental body that we have the animals have but not so evolved. The same mental body that the animals have the plants have but not so evolved. The same mental body that the plants have the minerals have but not so evolved. You see? They are evolving little by little in order to reach this level in which we are.

There are many experiments that scientists are doing with plants and minerals in order to discover there that there is some intelligence there, you know? There is intelligence there but not in the same level that we are. Of course above us there is more intelligence, higher levels of intelligences but we are not going to enter there automatically or mechanically, no! we have to do the effort. We have to use willpower in order to enter there.

If you don't do anything, if you just go home and turn on the TV and watch your soap opera or football or baseball, whatever and after that you go to the bar and drink some beers whatever or go to another party enjoy and eat Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, and whatever you wish, you will never go there. You need to work on yourself. If you like to do that, do it but consciously. Work on yourself, remember yourself. You have to select your food.

Question: How is devolving through hell experienced? A long nightmare? a sensation of burning and real (similair to physical) pain?

Answer: Hell is a plane from Nature which is similar to the physical chaotic environment which is now on Earth.

The souls of people that enter hell establish themselves in it according to the devolving laws of each of its nine circles.  They have the same customs which they had when they were physically here, yet in a very degrading and denser way.  So, they adapt themselves to the same yet devolving environment, such as they had on the surface of the Earth. The Hierarchs from the black lodge are obeyed by these billions of failed souls. 

Protoplasmic sensation of burning and pain is more real than physical sensation since the protoplasmic matter is more sensitive than the physical matter.

Question:. So essences that are devolving, devolve in hell, but while beeing purified enter into devolving animals right?

Answer: No! devolving essences first enter into devolving animals that live on the surface of the Earth, then they sink definitively into submerged devolution.

Question: So is this also experienced that way? that devolving essences feel the ego's dying as well as living/dying in devolving animals at the same time?

Answer: No! as we stated above, before sinking definitively into submerged devolution until the second death that crudely occurs in the eighth and ninth circles, dying and living in devolving physical animals is just a prelude for devolving essences.

Question: An instructor told that after essences are purified they have an edenic evolving experience until the humanoid kingdom where the consciousness is lost through the orgasm. So that would be reason for some hope for right? How long does it take for an essence to enjoy the evolving edenic process into humanoids?

If it takes more than 1000 years we could say that for essences (that don't seek initation) on a large view and timescale have hell as night and evolution as day. Or hell as pain and evolution as bliss. Repeated 3000 times.

Essences have 3000 x 108 births in order to acquire mastery, in this present rootrace on this earth very few aspire initation. but is their knowledge about how many essences overall aquired mastery in one of their lives? is it 50/50, a lot less, or as less as here on earth?

Answer: The essences are purified after they have descended from circle to circle to the ninth circle where their ego is completely disintegrated, then, and only then they ascend in an Edenic evolving experience until the humanoid kingdom where the consciousness is lost again through the orgasm.  So they receive again 108 humanoid opportunities.  There is no stipulated time for the evolution of the essence in the evolving Edenic process into humanoids

In the humanoid kingdom, essences have 108 births in order to acquire mastery, in many root races on the surface of many planets through the 3000 cosmic cycles that happen through many Mahamanvantaras.

Do you have another question? Well this is not the end, unfortunately for your ego more lectures come. But let me tell you: I invite you to practice in order to experience what we say here, because most of the things that I was telling you I experienced them and I have faith because I am touching and seeing things and I want you to do the same thing. Here we are not trying to convince sceptical people because that is a waste of time. If the sceptical wants to prove things, let him or let her experience by himself/herself in his/her own flesh, psyche, etc., then this is how they will have proof. Thank you very much.

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