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Moses (with horns) leads the Exodus
Moses (with horns) leads the Exodus


The book of Exodus hides a very kabbalistic and alchemical guidance since it goes directly into our psychosomatic selves. So, we are going to study how Exodus, which in Hebrew is named שמות Shemoth, hides precisely different kabbalistic clues and alchemical mysteries, written in order to guide those who want to enter into Eden or the promised land. 

Shem שמ in Hebrew means “name,” so שמות Shemoth means “names.” Shemoth is a feminine plural word that also means “reputation, fame, moniker, denomination, distinction, death, demise, decease, end, passing, quietus, deadness, dissolution, doom, fate; mortality.”

Given that שמות Shemoth ends with the letters Vav and Tav (feminine plural), it is indicating that Exodus relates to the sephirah Malkuth, which in the first chapter is addressed as מצרימה Mitsrayimah. We are going to profoundly study the word  מצרימה Mitsrayimah because this word contains in reverse the word המים Ha-Mayim, the waters, and the word tsar צר, meaning “strait,” which refers to the straight path or the path in the middle of המים Ha-Mayim, the waters. 

It is very important to note that if in the word Shemoth שמות we place the letter מ Mem first and the letter ש Shin second, then instead of Shemoth שמות we then read משות Mashath, which in the Hebrew language means “to remove out.” What is the reason for this shifting of letters? It is in order to indicate that the one that (according to the Bible) guides all the Israelites in the Exodus is משה Moshe, which contains the letters Mem, Shin of מש (meaning: “to shift, move, remove; depart”), and the letter ה Hei, which is the letter that symbolizes the world of Assiah or Malkuth. 

According to the Bible, the name Moshe משה means “I drew him out of the waters.” So that is why when we read the Hebrew name Shemoth שמות, we can also say משות Mashath,in order to comprehend that משות Mashath, relates to שמות Shemoth or the different names that are - משות Mashath - drew out  by dividing - המים Ha-Mayim - the waters of מצרימה Mitsrayimah – Egypt by משה Moshe, Moses. 

Shemoth (“names”) relate to the different Kabbalistic archetypical alchemical names that are hidden within המים Ha-Mayim, the waters of Egypt. Every time we give a lecture related with the Bible, we always discuss these mysterious names that could be deciphered only Kabbalistically and Alchemically because this is how the masters, in this case Moshe (the one that wrote the first five books of the Bible), encoded. We must state that Moshe put the spirit that vivifies the word behind the written word. So when people read the Bible translated into different languages, since they do not see the spirit that vivifies the word, they only express that literally. But we see the spirit that vivifies the word. That is why Shemoth (names) relate to all of those different archetypical names that we have to develop, which are the prototypes that each one of us received internally. 

Shemoth or Exodus is the departure of these archetypes from our physicality, which is called Mitsrayimah (Egypt) into Eden or the Promised Land. This is something psychological, esoteric, and has nothing to do with anything exoteric, physical; as in the point of view that people think that Moses went into the country Egypt to rescue a lot of people from slavery and put them into the Middle East. We have to learn how to see things esoterically, for a better comprehension, we have to put ourselves in the place of these archetypes in order to understand. 

To begin, let us read what Samael Aun Weor wrote in The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled in relation with the alchemist, who is the one who enters into this mysterious Exodus and performs all the marvels that are written in the second book of Moses. We must know certain Buddhist terms in order to comprehend what Samael Aun Weor stated:      

The alchemist who does not sacrifice himself for humanity will never become a Bodhisattva.

Only the Bodhisattvas with (Bodhichitta) compassionate hearts, who have given their life for humanity, can incarnate the inner Christ. 

We must make a complete differentiation between the Sravakas and Buddhas Pratyekas on one side, and Bodhisattvas on the other.

The Sravakas and Buddhas Pratyekas only preoccupy themselves with their particular perfection, without caring a bit for this poor suffering humanity.

Obviously, the Buddhas Pratyekas and Sravakas can never incarnate Christ.

Only the Bodhisattvas who sacrifice themselves for humanity can incarnate Christ.

The sacred title of Bodhisattva is legitimately attained, only by those who have renounced to all Nirvanic happiness for the love of the suffering humanity.

Obviously, before the Bodhisattva is born, the Bodhichitta must be formed within ourselves. Furthermore, it is important to clarify the necessity of disintegrating the ego, the ‘I’, in order for the Bodhichitta to emerge.

The Bodhichitta is formed with the merits of love and supreme sacrifice for our fellowmen.

The Bodhisattva is formed within the environment and psychological atmosphere of the Bodhichitta.

We must not mistake the Bodhichitta with the Bodhisattva.

The Bodhichitta is the awakened and developed superlative Consciousness of the Being.

The Bodhichitta emerges in the aspirant who sacrifices himself for his fellowmen, long before the Mercurial bodies have been created.

We could never convert ourselves into Bodhisattvas without the complete work of the Interior Andrew.

Any one can be a Sravaka or a Buddha Pratyeka with his Mercurial bodies, but this is not sufficient in order to be a Bodhisattva.

Only those who have sacrificed themselves for the planetary humanities, through distinct Mahamanvantaras (Sanskrit, great cosmic days), deserve to be called Bodhisattvas.

H. P. B. conventionally referred to Bodhisattva as those who possess the superior existential bodies of the Being, or better said, Mercurial bodies. However, in strict Orthodox Buddhism, only those who have the Bodhicitta in themselves and who have renounced to all Nirvanic happiness for the love of humanity can qualify themselves as Bodhisattvas. - The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor

When we study the Tree of Life, we arrive at the conclusion that the sephirah Tiphereth, which is exactly in the middle of the Tree of Life, is the human soul who is precisely between spirit and matter. The forces of matter relate to the sephiroth Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkuth (the four inferior sephiroth); and the Spirit to the sephiroth Geburah, Chesed, Binah, Chokmah, and Kether (above). So, Tiphereth is between, in the center. 


At the birth of Isaac, justice (the sephirah Geburah) became united to mercy (the sephirah Chesed); these divine attributes, symbolized by the patriarchs Isaac and Abraham, became blended in the person of Jacob (the sephirah Tiphereth), their offspring; and, therefore, it is written: 'Thou art my servant, oh Israel, in which I will be (the sephirah Tiphereth תפארת) beautify' (Isaiah 49:3). —Zohar

So, according to the Zohar, the sephirah Tiphereth relates to Jacob, who, according to sexual alchemy, is Israel, the soul breath or the son of Isaac and Abraham. Isaac is the sephirah Geburah where we find Neshamah, the spiritual soul that we need to develop or that we need to be in contact with. When Abraham, our innermost, makes contact with Neshamah (the sephirah Geburah) we then enter into the level of Jacob; because a soul breath, detached from Isaac, descends into the sephirah Malkuth, our physicality. As we know, the book of Genesis describes how Jacob married four women, two sisters and two maids, who had twelve sons with him, which is an allegory. Those four wives represent the four rivers of Eden, or the four waters with which the Alchemist has to work. 

In many lectures we stated that in our physicality, which is called Mitsrayimah, we have those waters: the sexual fluid called semen and the cerebral spinal fluid in the man, are called the river Pison and Gihon respectively; the other two rivers are in the woman: the river Hiddekel and Euphrates. When the alchemists (man and woman) unite those four waters by means of Sexual Alchemy, they are then working with the four wives of Jacob, that is, we, as soul breath (meaning as essences). This is how we understand, that by working seriously in Alchemy, those archetypes that are called the twelve tribes of Israel descend into Egypt, our physicality. 

In the Bible מצרימה Mitsrayimah is translated as Egypt; but really, if we read the Bible in Hebrew, it is מצרימה Mitsrayimah. 

Mitsrayimah מצרימה is a very interesting word that little by little we have to disclose in order to comprehend המים Ha-Mayim, the waters of Genesis. 

Mashath משות, “depart, exodus,” relates to שמות Shemoth (“names”) and is not an occurrence that happens to many people, but an individual phenomenon that relates to a work of Alchemy. Now, if take into account an alchemist person with another alchemist person who work individually with the rules of Alchemy, and if we unite many other alchemists we then form an army or a large amount of people. But, comprehend that each one of them is a subject that is working internally with these archetypes that we are naming and that we are disclosing, explaining, little by little.

And (אלה Eleh) these are (שמות Shemoth) the names of the sons of (ישראל) Israel who had come into (מצרימה Mitsrayimah) Egypt. - Exodus 1:1

As we read here, the word שמות Shemoth, “names” translated as Mashath משות Exodus, is related to the word Israel and the word Mitsrayimah, which we are studying. Here we disclose  Mitsrayimah and place it according to the Sexual Alchemy cross. The cross is the union of the four waters, or the two rivers of the man and the woman. 

Here we also kabbalistically disarrange the word Mitsrayimah and place it next to ישראל Israel, which represents the alchemist that is leaving Egypt, or the archetypes that the bible calls “the people of Israel.” 

Mayim מים in Hebrew means “waters” and relates to the Tree of Life; the Tree of Life has three columns. The right column contains the water related to the man, and the left column the waters related to the woman. Both waters contain the Shakti potential, which is symbolized by the letter Iod: their seed: sperm and ovum. The letter Iod is the first letter of the holy name of Elohim (Iod, Hei, Vav, Hei) because Iod is the seed, the Shakti potential, the first element that appears from the abstract absolute space in order to create the universe (any universe). So this is why we must liberate that Shakti potential through the spinal column of Israel. By placing the Iod between the two waters or the four waters of the rivers of Eden, we form horizontally the word “Mayim,” which means “waters.” 

Vertically, in the middle, we find the letters צר of מצרים Mitsrayim. The letter Resh which means Rosh, “head,” and the letter Tzadi, in the sexual glands because Tzadi is Tzadik and means “chaste, righteous.” This means that in order to enter into Exodus, we have to be righteous. By placing the letter Tzadi in the sex and the Resh in the head (by following the path between the two waters) we find the way of the Iod or the path of ציר Tziyr, the path of משה Moshe, Moses. ציר Tziyr is written with Tzadi, Iod, and Resh, this word in Hebrew means Rachis; so, ציר Tziyr “rachis,” is the spinal rachis, the spinal column, the reed of Moses. 

So, alchemically the word מצרים Mitsrayim indicate us that we have to divide the waters from the waters: the waters on the right (Pingala) from the waters of the left (Ida), in order to go into the middle (the Sushumna, our spinal medulla). This is how we leave Mitsrayimah מצרימה, which is our physicality where everybody is a slave of the elements, of the forces, and of matter. 

What we call evil is just the limitation of perception. What perceives? It is the soul, the consciousness. So as long as we have limitations to perceive the truth through the senses, we are not seeing what is the truth, but only parts of it. That is why we need to work with the waters in our spine in order to little by little awaken the seven chakras or the seven senses of the spirit (the soul). Along with the five senses of the physical body, we develop the twelve fruits of the Tree of Life, which is the rachis. This is how Exodus should be understood. 

If we do not understand that we have to leave Mitsrayimah (Egypt), our physicality, in order to enter into Eden, the Promised Land, we are just wasting time, because everything that is written in the Bible indicates that Exodus is something completely individual. 


ואלה שמות בני ישראל הבאים מצרימה את יעקב איש וביתו באו

“And these are the names of the sons of Israel who had come into Egypt; with Jacob (Tiphereth) had they come,

a - איש Eish - soul with his (zodiacal) household…” —Exodus 1:1

Exodus 1:1 states, “And these are the names of the children of Israel who came into Mitsrayimah.” So, the book of Genesis explains the alchemical way in which those names, those archetypes, came into our physicality. We know that מצרימה Mitsrayimah addresses the waters in our physicality. That sentence is written after the book of Genesis, at the very beginning of the second book. So, knowing that Mitsrayimah symbolizes the two waters or fluids in our central nervous system of our physicality, it is obvious that if we want to know how did they come into Mitsrayimah or how these archetypes descend into our physicality, we have to then study the book of Genesis, which explains how. 

Now, let us continue reading what Exodus 1:1 states. We read “with Jacob had they come, a soul with his household.” To begin, the word איש Ish means: “person, husband, man; somebody, soul.” So, it says, “A soul and his household came into Mitsrayimah.” That is, “one soul not many” can you see it? “And his household came.” It does not say that the whole town or the whole family, it says “a soul,” in order to indicate that it is Tiphereth, the human soul and all the archetypes that descended from the higher worlds into our physicality through Genesis, that is, through alchemy. 

The twelve tribes of Israel relate to the twelve zodiacal signs. And it is because the soul breath, that we call Jacob (Kabbalistically), has to gather (as the book of Genesis explains) all of those archetypes as his family because all of them are children of Jacob with the four women that represent the four rivers of Eden; all of this relates to sexual alchemy. So if we read Exodus 1:1 alchemically and kabbalistically, we read: “and this is how Jacob, or the soul breath of a man went down with his archetypes into our physicality, into Mitsrayimah.” So the mystery here is to know how to bring down those archetypes and to develop them, and this is only possible through initiation, by knowing Alchemy. 

We have divided the word מצרים“Mitsrayim” into two words: מים Mayim “waters” and ציר Tziyr “rachis,” in order to understand how the fluids of the central nervous system in Malkuth, which means “the kingdom,” our physical body, is the vehicle that receives the forces of ישראל Israel, the solar archetypes. 

The first letters יש Iod and Shin of the name ישראל Israel relates to the three logoic aspects of the Ain Soph that all of us have to understand. 

The letter Iod of the name ישראל “Israel” represents the אור Aur, “light” or Shakti potential of the abstract absolute space that Kabbalah calls the אין סוף Ain Soph. The Ain Soph is beyond Kether; each one of us has that Iod, or אור Aur, light, from our own Ain Soph. 

That Iod from the אין סוף Ain Soph, emanates three other Iods from within, which are represented by ש Shin, the second letter in the name ישראל Israel. 


Shin ש is the symbol of fire; thus, if we place the ש Shin into the Iod of the Ain Soph then we form a letter Shin with four Iods, which represents the first letters יש Iod and Shin of the name ישראל Israel, the four aspects of the unmanifested divinity. So, those four Iods are: Kether, Chokmah, Binah, and Ain Soph or Father, Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Ain Soph.

Kabbalistically speaking, when these four Iods manifest any universe, they form the Holy Tetragrammaton: each letter of Iod, Hei, Vav, Hei יהוה, contains the letter Iod hidden in its shape. This is why יהוה is the secret name of אלהים Elohim; the sacred and secret name of אלהים Elohim, because the manifested divinity also relates to the Ain Soph

When that Ain Soph, with its three particles, wants to develop, they need to create. So they emanate from within themselves a ray. So that ray which emanates from them form the letter ריש Resh, which means “head” (the head of any universe); the ray penetrates into matter and fecundates it. The Egyptians named ריש Resh, ר Ra, the Solar Logos or our Most Holy Sun Absolute, whose ray or what in other lectures we call the Theomertmalogos, that is, the prime emanation of the Ain Soph Aur, is form by the light of those Iods or Ain Sophs or Cosmocreators who have the three elements of the trinity or letter ש Shin already developed. 

Cosmocreators have the ability to help those unconscious rays that emanate for the first time from the Absolute into the universe; this is why ר Resh, the third letter of the name ישראל “Israel,” is after יש. The spelling of the letter Resh is ריש, and Resh ריש means "head." So, the letters of Resh ריש "head" in the name ישראל “Israel” are shifted as ישר "Is Ra" and symbolize the head of אל El, God, the Father who is in Heaven, from the famous prayer of the Lord, “Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, etc.” 

The kingdom of אל El, the Father ישר "is Ra," meaning, יש is established in ר Ra, the head, the Theomertmalogos, the prime emanation of the אין סוף אור Ain Soph Aur.  

The Cosmocreators are called in the book of Revelation 4: 5: “The seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.” Each one of the seven spirits is an אלהים Elohim, meaning, a God, El (אל in Hebrew) with power over הים Ha-Ym, the waters of creation. 

Thus, in order to help, the Elohim mix their three primary forces of the letter א Aleph that already have experience on creation with the three primary forces of the letter ש Shin from the Ain Soph of the Absolute, and form the word איש Aesh which alchemically means “man of fire. 

So, the mixture of these three forces of our own particular Ain Soph with the three forces of the Logos (the head of the universe) gives birth to what we call איש Aesh, the fiery man Chesed, who is El אל, the spirit, inside of us. 

Our fathers did not study your wonders in מצרים Mitzrayim-Egypt; They did not remember the abundance of your Chesed; but defiled him at the sea, even at בים־סוף B’Yam Soph, the Reed Sea. - Psalm 106: 7

The fourth letter in the name ישראל “Israel” is א Aleph, whose shape shows a letter Vav in between two letters Iod. The Vav represents, the rachis or Reed of Moses, dividing בים־סוף B’Yam Soph - the Reed Sea or fluids of the central nervous system. The waters of the right - containing the upper Iod or shakti potential of the waters of heaven – from the waters of the left - containing the lower Iod or shakti potential of the waters of the earth. In the human body these two waters are two fluids, namely, the cerebral-spinal-fluid and the semen or sexual fluid. The rachis, the central nervous system is the throne of אל El, the Innermost, Chesed, the רוח אלהים Ruach Elohim, the א Aleph of אלהים Elohim, which represents the spirit, the wind that hovers from the nostrils to the sexual gonads through Ida and Pingala. א Aleph represents אור Aur the light in the spine and head of the alchemists that unite the two Iods or shakti potential of their creative sexual waters.

Lamed is the last letter of the word ישראל “Israel.” Kabbalistically Lamed means: “a heart that understands knowledge,” because knowledge of God relates to the heart. So that is what the word “Israel” means. That is why the very bottom of the shape of the letter ל Lamed represents the heart that rises to what we call Kaf, the top of our head; and thereafter rises as a tower or letter Vav with the letter Iod on top. This means that the knowledge that we have and develop, we receive it through the Iod, the Father, into our heads and from it, is placed in our hearts. That is ל Lamed, “a heart that understands knowledge”, as we can see, the heart relates to Tiphereth and to the Spirit, who in the tree of life is Chesed, mercy, our innermost. The Bible calls it Abraham, because into Chesed into our own particular Abraham, which is Chesed, El אל, the Spirit, is where איש Aesh, the archetypes enter for the first time. 

Abraham is the monad that we call or name in many lectures, our own particular unity. When we pray to our monad (our inner God, our Innermost) we know that beyond that monad (the Innermost) the three primary forces abide. 

Above Chesed on the Tree of Life we find Chokmah, Binah, and Kether, which represent איש Aesh, the three primary forces of the letter א Aleph, the manifested and the three primary forces of the letter ש Shin, the unmanifested, united thanks to the action of the letter י Iod or the Theomertmalogos that connect them. The Theomertmalogos is also called Christ; this is why Christ incarnated in the body of Jesus of Nazareth said, “No (איש Aesh) man comes unto the Father, but by me.” We are not talking about the personality of Jesus of Nazareth, but Christ which is not a person but an energy that was incarnated in Jesus and who taught what we are learning here; yes, Christ incarnated in many other masters: Christ incarnated in Buddha, incarnated in Moses, incarnated in Krishna, etc. So this is how our archetypes, which the bible calls Israel enters for the first time into Chesed, that is, into Abraham.        

To understand this better, let us study this graphic from the Hindu pantheon.

vishnu lakshmi

The Logos is represented by Vishnu with a crown of twelve serpents. They represent the twelve archetypes that eventually will descend in each one of us (into our physicality), thanks to the actions of the matter (or the abstract forces of the matter) that in this case is represented by Lakshmi, the wife of Vishnu. On top of the umbilical cord we see the God Brahma. These Hindu archetypes preceded the Hebrew archetypes. If the letter “a” at the end of the name “Brahma,” is moved to the beginning of the name, it will no longer be “Brahma” but “Abraham.” Brahma is written with the same letters of Abraham. 

Abraham is the sephirah Chesed, and Chesed is El אל, the outcome of the Logos. 

בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

Berashyth Bera Elohim Ath Ha Schamayim Ve Ath Ha Aretz

The book of Genesis starts: 

“In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.” 

ScytheBy studying each word as an anagram, we find that בראשית Berashyth is disclosed as בר-אש Bar Aesh, “the son of fire,” who manifests his cosmic power through the sacred ית It of crucifixion. It ית precisely represents Kether, the י Iod, the son of the uncreated fire, Christ, the son of Ra the Theomertmalogos, the son of the אין סוף אור Ain Soph Aur, crucified on top of the ת Tav or T the cross of the universe. That is why Greek mythology states that Saturn (sephirah Binah) took the universe from the Chaos or from the Sexual Cross, that is, from Uranus (sephirah Chokmah) in order to make the universe. Saturn represents the letter Tav.

SaturnThe symbol of Saturn is the serpent or the scythe at the foot of the cross. That is the sacred ית It, or the cross, the letter Tav together with the letter Iod; in other words, through the works of Binah, the Holy Spirit, which is Saturn, בר-אש Bar Aesh, “the son of fire,” descends, and that son of fire is ישראל Israel, or all the archetypes of (איש Aesh) the man in Chokmah. 

Thereafter we read, ברא אלהים Bara Elohim, which is disclosed as בר-אאלהים Bar Aelohim. בר-אאלהים Bar Aelohim is the Logos, the son of Aelohim, the Absolute. בר-אאלהים Bar Aelohim is that cognizance that emerges from the abstract absolute space. 

Thereafter, it is written, “Thou the names,” אתה-שמים Atha Shemim. In this case שם Shem is multiplied by ים Ym, the letters Iod and Mem, which at the end of the word forms masculine plural. Thus, שמים Shemim “names” above are masculine, and שמות Shemoth “names” below are feminine. Can you see how the forces are mixed? שמים Shemim, the names in heaven, descend and become שמות Shemoth, the names in Malkuth, or מצרימה Mitsrayimah. שמים Shemim and שמות Shemoth are the same archetypes. שמים Shemim in Heaven relate to what we call the Zodiac. By descending into Malkuth, they become שמות Shemoth. 

This is something that we have to see in order to comprehend Ve Atha Aretz,  ואתה-ארץ “And thou Earth,” which is our physicality. 

Comprehend what we are explaining here. שמים Shemim (or names) descend into Malkuth (the Earth) in order to become שמות Shemoth. If we analyze this in that way we comprehend that those archetypes need to descend into matter in order to develop; because within AElohim, or better if we say, within “the Seity in the Absolute (the Ain Soph)” the archetypes enjoy absolute happiness, but they do not have consciousness of their own happiness. So, who needs to descend from שמים Shemim as ש Shin into מה Mah, the matter and to develop as משה Moshe, Moses, in order to return with knowledge? It is the letter ש Shin, where the archetypes Abraham (the sephirah Chesed), Isaac (the Sephirah Geburah) and Jacob (the sephirah Tiphereth), become blended in משה Moshe, Moses, who through psychological (מות) death takes the (עצמות Otzemuth) power, strength, might, force, potency, bones, of Joseph (the sephirah Hod) with him, along with Aaron (the sephirah Netzach): for in Moses, the causal body, the body of willpower, the מלכים Melekim body, Tiphereth, are all the מלכים Melekim, the archetypes of Israel, the - יהוה צבאות Iod-Havah Tzabaoth - Jehovah of Hosts, integrated.

Who is He, this - מלך "Meleck" - `king of glory? - יהוה צבאות Iod-Havah Tzabaoth - He is the king of glory! Selah. - Psalm 24: 10

“The Heavenly Tzabaoth crystallizes within the Tzabaoth-Man, thanks to the inner Moses. Tzabaoth and Moses are totally integrated.” - Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor.

“Moses, the man who liberated the electric might of the willpower, possesses the gift of prodigies. This is known by the Divine Ones and humans. So it is written.” - Revolutionary Psychology by Samael Aun Weor.

So, when ש Shin returns with all the archetypes of מה Mah, we have then משה Moshe, Moses, who eventually becomes what we call a Paramarthasatya, an inhabitant of the Absolute. Thus, in order to acquire such cosmic cognizance and power, the archetypes have to descend into Malkuth, מצרימה Mitsrayimah. 

How do they ascend after that descent? They ascend through initiation. 

So the first step that we are studying is the descent of those archetypes from the Absolute into our physicality, this is called Exile or Diaspora. Diaspora means “dispersion.” So do not mistake Exile with Exodus, which is completely different. Exile (Diaspora) is the descent of the archetypes through the Tree of Life, as we explained, from the Abstract Absolute space into the first Trinity and thereafter into אל “El” which is אברם Abram (Chesed) and then into Geburah and from there down into Malkuth. This is what we read in the book of Genesis, that the forces of above talk to אברם Abram, which is in this case אל El because that is the name of Chesed in the archetypical world of Atziluth. 

You see now? Talking about Shemim and Shemoth: names. El אל  is the male שם Shem “name” of אברם Abram in the world of archetypes. His wife (who is his half-sister) is שרי Sarai, which is Neshamah, the spiritual soul, the breath of God. In the womb of Neshamah, the breath of God, is where these archetypes descend. That is why we find in the book of Genesis that Abram (who is the archetype אל “El”) is married to שרי Sarai. If we place the letters of שרי Sarai together with the letters of אל El we then form ישראל Israel. Moses hid this anagram very intelligently so that the profane people get lost in history and traditions, but alchemically, we do not get lost. We know that אברם Abram and שרי Sarai are the archetypes of ישראל Israel that need to descend into Mitsrayimah. That is why the Logos said:

“Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will show thee: And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curses thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” - Genesis 12: 1-3

If we read literally what יהוה had said unto Abram, we may think: “Abram was living in one country and left that country and went into another country.” This is how ignoramus people interpret that. If that is the case, then everybody here in USA is like Abram because everybody came from another land, namely from Europe, Asia, South America, etc. So we all did it, right? No, that is not the meaning of it. The meaning is that ישראל Israel is the monad, because שרי Sarai, Geburah, together with Chesed, אל El, form the monad.

So, how to abandon your country, and your kindred, and your father's house, unto another land? Well, Gnosis shows you the meaning of that; listen, the monad in his journey through Malkuth, the kingdom, evolves in the mineral, plant, animal kingdoms; the Monad always forms a type of relationship or attachment to those kingdoms. When the Monads enter for the first time into the humanoid kingdom, they continue with those habits which are animal, plant, mineral habits related to both inner and outer states of being. All of us have these inferior habits, this is why we state, we are “intellectual animals” (humanoids). We are habitually attached to our family, to our race, to our country, and this is why we make divisions. Why? Because, still, we do not abandon our country, our relatives, our family habits: our psychological habitat continues being within them. So to abandon your country, and your kindred, and your father's house does not mean, as we said in the beginning, to physically abandon your family and to go into another country. No! Such an abandonment is psychological: it means, to eliminate your animal habits, even when living with your father, mother, and your relatives (uncles, cousins, aunts, etc) we have to psychological cut those attachments and little by little become detached from the animal kingdom and to enter into the human kingdom. Because as long as we are very attached to blood races and psychological animal stuff that people have in this day and age, very strong, we will always be in bondage in Mitsrayimah, to the habits of the level of humanoid (intellectual animal). The intellectual animal is not the human being; the human being is a completely different being. 

We have to develop the human being. In order to develop the human being we need to develop our soul, our psyche. This is precisely done by Chesed אל “El,” Abram. The Zohar explains it as follows: 

“And there was a famine in the land: and Abram went down into מצרימה Mitsrayimah - Egypt to sojourn there;”  that is, 'through laxity of life and non-observance of the good law, a decline in moral and spiritual life occurred to such an extent that it is further stated, “for the famine was grievous in the land.” - Genesis 12: 10

"On observing this general depravation of manners and modes of living, it is written, 'And Abram went down into מצרימה Mitsrayimah - Egypt to sojourn there.' Here the question may arise, what was the reason and object of his going down into (Malkuth) מצרימה Mitsrayimah - Egypt? It was because at that time מצרימה Mitsrayimah - Egypt was a great center of learning, of Theosophy and the science of the Divine Mysteries, and therefore referred to in scripture as 'even as the garden of יהוה, like the land of מצרים Mitsrayim,' In it (there is מים Mayim “waters”), as in the garden of Eden, of which it is stated, 'From the right of it went forth a river called Pison that encompassed the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold,' Genesis 2:11 flowed a great mystical river of divine knowledge, very precious and unobtainable elsewhere. Abram having entered into the garden of Eden and become an adept in the secret doctrine, desirous of passing through all its grades on two the higher mysteries in order to become 'teloios' or perfect, went down into Mitsrayim מצרים - Egypt where there was gold, or the Hidden Wisdom." - Zohar

This is how Chesed אל El, Abram, the innermost received the nine initiations of minor mysteries. Thereafter, he received the higher initiations. Thus, as in that time, today, we are observing general depravation of manners and modes of living; this is why we are unveiling these mysteries to everybody through our lectures, so that the people can enter into the Exodus. 

Samael Aun Weor stated in his lectures, “We are going to make three selections for the Exodus. The first selection will be formed by those that enter into the path, for those that study the doctrine and practice it.” That is the first selection and in order to enter into that you have to enter into the book of Genesis. You have to generate. You have to imitate Abram and you have to pray. That is why we always advise: begin with praying. The Tree of Life is showing you that all the great patriarchs of the Bible descended into Malkuth in order to start. Abram is the one that receives the minor mysteries, which are nine degrees related with the inner layers of Klipoth in which you have to fight against your defects and vices.


You see here, beneath Malkuth, are nine very dark layers, which Dante Alighieri describes beautifully in his Divine Comedy. We have to descend there because we have connections with Klipoth, which in English is called Hell or Inferno. Subconsciousness, infraconsciousness, unconsciousness is here, it is not outside, it is inside us. In the same way that we have physically living here and we meet other people, as well psychological, if we are in Hell, we meet people that live in Hell (like all of us). But if we enter into the mysteries, we start leaving Malkuth, but through initiations. This is what the Zohar states, and this is what the Bible also states. Regarding exile or diaspora Samael Aun Weor wrote: 

“A divine ray exists within the human being. This divine ray wants to return towards its own star that has always been smiling upon it. This star which guides our interior is a super-divine atom from the Abstract Absolute Space. The Kabbalistic name of this atom is the sacred Ain Soph. Know, all of you, that the Ain Soph is secretly related with the lotus of one thousand petals. This star which guides our interior (the Ain Soph) has sent its own ray into the world in order to build consciousness of its own happiness. Happiness without consciousness of its own happiness is not absolute happiness. This is the reason why this ray had to have mineral, plant, and animal consciousness. 

“When this ray (the Spirit) incarnated for the first time into a savage and primitive human body, this ray awoke as a human being and had Self-consciousness of its own happiness. This ray could have returned towards its own star which guides its interior. But, disgracefully, within the profound bosom of the voracious and dense jungle, wild desire gave birth to the “I.”

“This is the way in which the instinctive forces of nature trapped the innocent mind of the human being. So, the false mirage of desire emerged, and the “I” continued reincarnating in order to satisfy its desires. Thus, we remained submitted to the law of evolution and karma.” - Samael Aun Weor

Yet, right now, we are submitted to the law of devolution and karma. So understand and comprehend what Exile or Diaspora is, do not fall into the mistake of misinterpreting Exile for Exodus. Exile or Exodus both are related to the soul, to the spirit. Physically everybody experiences Exile in different ways, and different times: the First World War, the Second World War, and in these times, everybody is going from here to this other place in Exile and looking for refuge; but we have to understand that all of us as souls are here in this physical world in Exile. Thus, we need to return to our Spirit in order to comprehend life, and this is what we call the Diaspora. After we understand Diaspora and perform what the Diaspora demands, then we can go into the Exodus. It is erroneous to call Exodus the Exile of the Monads from the Absolute, because such exit is not Exodus but Exile (Diaspora). Exodus only happens from Malkuth, מצרימה Mitsrayimah – Egypt, towards the higher planes.    

We are submitted to the law of recurrence through what people call reincarnation and return, gaining experience, life after life, but we need to sit down and meditate to comprehend our life in order to return with wisdom. Such is precisely the path of initiation, which is the first initiation, the first step that Abram did with Sarai when adding the letter Hei to their names.

But Genesis states that Abram had a son with Sarai’s handmaid, an Egyptian, whose name was Hagar; so she had a child with Abram, whose name was Ishmael - because יהוה has heard your affliction.

And Abraham said unto God, O that Ishmael might live before thee! And God said, Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a son indeed; and thou shalt call his name Isaac: and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed after him. And as for Ishmael, I have heard thee: Behold, I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and I will make him a great nation. But my covenant will I establish with Isaac, which Sarah shall bear unto thee at this set time in the next year. And he left off talking with him, and God went up from Abraham.” —Genesis 17:18-22

Abram was mistaken, misunderstanding what God said unto him in a vision saying: 

“And behold, the Logos of יהוה came to him, saying: He shall not be thy heir: but he that shall come out of thy bowels, him shalt thou have for thy heir. And he brought him forth abroad, and said, Look now toward heaven, and count the stars, if thou be able to count them: and he said unto him, likewise happen with thy - זרע Zera - semen. And he believed in יהוה; and he counted it to him for righteousness. And he said unto him, I am יהוה that brought thee out of אור Aur of the Kashedim, to give thee this land to inherit it.” - Genesis 15: 4-7 

“Look now toward heaven, and count the stars, if thou be able to count them: and he said unto him, likewise happen with thy - זרע Zera - semen.” So, comprehend that he that shall come forth out of the bowels of the Spirit, Abram, Chesed - by means of sexual alchemy - is not physical but heavenly. For a better comprehension:

“Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” - John 3: 5, 6

In the first initiation שרי Sarai Geburah, the Spiritual Soul, the Neshamah has to give a son to אל El, Chesed, Abram. Thus, when Abram understood, he entered into Hei, the covenant, which is the mysteries of sexual alchemy. 

When Abram received the fire of the Hei of שרה “Sarah,” Geburah, in his physicality, he was no longer Abram, but Abraham; and his wife was no longer Sarai but Sarah, because they began to work with the two Heis of sexual alchemy. 

This is how, Chesed, Abraham אברהם engendered יצחק Isaac in the womb, spinal medulla of שרה Sarah, Geburah. Isaac relates to the First Initiation of Major Mysteries that אל “El,” Chesed, the Spirit absorbs from שרה Sarah Geburah and this is how the archetypes of Israel for the first time enter development into the rachis of Malkuth, whose soul-breath is an exhalation of Neshamah, Geburah. This is how a Monad Master is born in heaven, a Monad Master of alchemy. 

This Monad Master alchemist is alchemically called מצרימה Mitsrayimah. Jews from Egypt call themselves Mitsrayimah, because they were born in Egypt. But kabbalistically, alchemically, מצרימה Mitsrayimah is the alchemist who enters into the path of Nirvana, through the initiations of major mysteries, and start the development of the mysteries of Mitsrayimah-Egypt within their soul, which, as you see, relates to the development of Thelema, willpower, by means of the sublimation of the power of their זרע zera, semen, sexual waters, within their spinal column. 

The work of sexual alchemy separates the waters from the waters within the spinal column, in other words, those two waters are what Genesis called the Tree of Good and Evil; same meaning, a sexual mystery. 


“Experiences and pain complicated the “I,” for evolution is nothing more than a process of the complication of energy. Therefore, the “I” became vigorous and complicated with experiences. Now it is too late, for millions of people are already converted into abominable demons. Only a tremendous revolution can save us from the abyss. When the human being dissolves the “I,” then there is a complete revolution. The human being will stop suffering only when he is capable of dissolving the “I,” since pain is nothing more than the result of our evil deeds. Thus, pain belongs to Satan (the “I”) because he is the one who commits the evil deeds. The Absolute Abstract Space, the Universal Spirit of Life, is absolute happiness, supreme peace, and abundance. Therefore, those who make a mysticism out of pain are masochists, since Satan (the “I”) was and is the creator of pain.” - Samael Aun Weor

We will say: complication of energy is complication of the Spirit. When the Spirit enters into the matter, he reduces himself to the limits of matter and that is why that matter is called “evil” because we as souls cannot perceive beyond our matter. 

Initiation means to enter into the path in order to develop the consciousness and to perceive beyond our individuality, to perceive the Absolute, or what Buddhism calls, “the development of Bodhichitta.” 

Bodhichitta is soul breath detached from Neshamah (from Isaac) and whose name is Jacob. 

Jacob has to be very clever in order to know how to develop the archetypes. That is why Jacob is related with Tiphereth (the human soul). Jacob needs to descend into Malkuth in order to develop the Bodhichitta (compassion, heart). Everybody has that capacity of Bodhichitta; but Bodhichitta develops completely (100 percent) when the individual, the initiate understands the nature of his own Ain Soph. 

Everyone has his own Ain Soph. There is no excuse, “I cannot comprehend the Ain Soph because it is far away from me.” No, it is inside of you. All of us are detached from it. Through meditation we little by little connect with that Ain Soph, which is the aspect of the Abstract Space. By making that union, then the Bodhisattva develops in that environment of the Bodhichitta. 

“H. P. B. conventionally referred to Bodhisattva as those who possess the superior existential bodies of the Being, or better said, Mercurial bodies. However, in strict orthodox Buddhism, only those who have the Bodhichitta in themselves and who have renounced to all Nirvanic happiness for the love of humanity can qualify themselves as Bodhisattvas.” - The Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor

The Bodhisattva is Tiphereth connected to Soma Psychikon, the Bodhichitta. The Bodhichitta develops here and now within us. The Bodhisattva is Tiphereth (above) and has to be created as well. The Bodhisattva is Moses. This is why according to the book of Genesis, Jacob established himself in Yesod (the Second Initiation of Major Mysteries). In Yesod, Eden, is precisely where we find the Soma Psychikon, which the Master Samael called, “The Body of Liberation” or “The Body of the Exodus,” that we have to develop little by little. 

The Bodhichitta is the Auric Embryo that we need to develop with patience in order to gain the title of Bodhisattva. 

The clue in order to develop Bodhichitta is compassion, but this compassion develops in different levels. 

When the Bodhichitta is completely developed, the consciousness is then completely liberated, then the Bodhisattva is born within. But for that, we need to work with three factors. 

In the Tree of Life, we understand that physically we are Malkuth, and inside of this physicality, when we enter into initiation (into sexual alchemy), then we start to develop our archetypes. We all have to develop all of the capacities of the archetypes within each one of us. In order to do that we need three factors. We always talk about the three factors of the revolution of the consciousness. 

The first factor according to Jesus is, “Deny yourself.” Jesus work begins in the heart, because Bodhichitta means “wisdom heart.” Jacob is Tiphereth and is precisely in the heart where the forces of Christ descend in order to help the human soul. 

As you see, there are three chambers or sephiroth above Malkuth in the central column of the Tree of Life. Yesod is the first, Tiphereth is the second, and Kether is the top. These three chambers relate to our three brains, and this is why we state that when, for the first time, you enter into this knowledge and start practicing, your soul develops in the three chambers of the first triangle (Yesod, Hod, and Netzach). Yesod is sex, Hod is the heart, and Netzach is the head. This is why Master Samael says we have to work with three factors. That is why in the Tree of Life we see the three chambers or factors in the middle pillar. The first chamber is Yesod, the second chamber is Tiphereth, and the third chamber is Kether. 

We have to know how to place each triangle in relation with our three brains or the three sephiroth of the middle pillar of the Tree of Life, in order to comprehend the alchemical work. 

People who right now enter into the first chamber must understand that in order to enter into the path or to be initiated, have to be in chastity; this means that they have to take care of their sexual energy (which is in Yesod). 

Very few alchemists understand that Hod, the second chamber, relates to Tiphereth, which is above Yesod. Hod הוד means “glory, splendor,” and relates to the second chamber, Tiphereth תפארת, which also means “glory, splendor, beauty,” etc. Tiphereth תפארת is where the Solar Christ manifests. The kingdom of Chokmah, which is Christ the Son, is in the heart, תפארת Tiphereth.

The Kingdom of Binah, the Holy Spirit is in Yesod, sex. 

The kingdom of Kether, the Father is in the head. 

So the trinity Kether, Chokmah, Binah works through the three brains: intellectual brain, emotional brain, and sexual instinctual motor brain. 

So, Alchemists need to work with their three chambers. To deny the second chamber is to deny Hod, Tiphereth and Chokmah, Christ, the Son. It is to deny the hierarchy, because the hierarchy of the Lord, the Christ, comes from the superior worlds, from Hod, Tiphereth, and Chokmah, from within the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions. Hod is the astral body, Tiphereth is the Human Soul, the causal body. 

People who start practicing these Gnostic teachings of Yesod,begin working individually in their own chastity; and struggle dealing with their own lust when working themselves with sexual alchemy. Thus, they must not ignore that they need guidance. The only one that knows the level in which we all are is that consciousness or cognizance that is called Chokmah (Christ), who has his kingdom in the heart. Chokmah is the one that gives us wisdom. So we need to receive Christ in order for the Lord to guide us as members of the first chamber; meaning, of the lower triangle, which alchemically is called the Triangle of Priesthood. 

By working in the first triangle we eventually rise to the second triangle. But in order to rise to the second triangle, we need to work a lot. Master Samael says, “Those that reach the 50 percent of the annihilation of their ego can enter into the Second Selection.” 

It is easy to see that the First Selection relates to the beginners, the Second Selection to the Companions, and the Third Selection, who are the ones that are on top, are the Masters. In order for those of the First Selection to enter into the Second Triangle or Second Selection, they have to annihilate the ego. When people hear the former statement, they say, “What, my whole ego?” No, just the ego that relates to Malkuth, which is the ego of the 96 laws, which Kabbalists call the egos of Nahemah.   

In order to enter into the Second Triangle or the Second Selection, we need to receive a lot of help from Hod, the second chamber, through the Eucharist. Because we have to receive Christ in our heart. When we receive the Eucharist, we eat the bread; then Christ says, “This is my body, receive it for your redemption,” and when we drink the wine, Christ says, “This is my blood receive it, for in it is the solar fire that the Solar Christ is shedding into your heart in order to redeem your soul.” Thus, through the mysteries of the Eucharist, we place in our heart the fiery solar atoms of Chokmah-Christ that will guide us in our particular individual path. For our goal in Hod is to receive the light of the Logos in our heart through the Eucharist. 


But in order to incarnate Christ, the Logos within our soul, we need to reach Tiphereth, the Causal World, and in order to reach Tiphereth we need to draw Moses out from our sexual waters and to place him in the heart, because the heart relates to Tiphereth, where we find the splendors of the kingdom of the Solar Logos, the splendors of the letter ש Shin. We incarnate the Lord in the Venustic Initiation. This is why Moses represents Tiphereth. Moses the son of a priest and a priestess from the tribe of Levi. Levi is Geburah. The book of Exodus states:

“And there went a (Eish איש) man of the house of Levi, and took to wife a daughter of Levi. And the (אשה Eshah) woman conceived, and bare a son: and when she saw him that he was a goodly child, she hid him three months.” - Exodus 2: 1, 2

A daughter of Levi is a daughter of Geburah, a daughter of Neshamah, had (משה Moshe, Moses) a son that was a goodly child. So, Moses was born from those alchemists of the triangle of priesthood. Thus, in order to reach the level of Tiphereth, that is in order for Moses to be born in us, we have to work first in the Triangle of Priesthood. 

Master Samael Aun Weor talks very abundantly about the Triangle of Priesthood, about Hod and the Third Initiation of Major Mysteries, he states in his book, The Seven Words:

“Within the legend of Joseph, son of Jacob, is enclosed the initiatic process of our Chrestos. Joseph represents (Hod) the Astral Body of the Human Being and Benjamin represents the Superior Astral, the Divine Chrestos, which is contained within the Astral Body of the human being (as the silver cup is contained within the sack of Benjamin). Properly stated, the sack is the Astral Body, and the Divine Astral or Benjamin is our Chrestos, who is Benjamin himself, the Superior Astral.” - Samael Aun Weor 

Through Joseph and Benjamin Israel-Jacob enters, with all those archetypes, into Mitsrayimah-Egypt. But they need willpower in order to go out and to return to that star, that is the Ain Soph. And for that, they need Moses. 

Moses is the willpower that we start developing little by little. Moses develops very well when we start controlling the mind, Netzach, because that is precisely the Sephirah that we have to control. 

Zohar states: 

“Moses and Aaron, who rejoiced, the one in Netzach, the other in Hod.” 

Moses rejoiced in Netzach because willpower is the only force that gets victory against the Pharaoh, which represents the mind. And willpower can guide and take all of the archetypes out of Malkuth towards Tiphereth and beyond. 

So in theosophy, Moses is the Superior Manas or Abstract Mind; which is the Human Soul, the Causal Body that controls the mind. Aaron, his brother, is the solar mind that rejoices in Hod. 

We need to create the Solar Mind in order to control Hod (the Emotional Body). So behold we need to control our emotions with the mind, which is Aaron, the priest. Thus, we need to be priests in order to control Hod, the emotional center. 

In order to be a priest we need to be in chastity. We need to be as the Bible says a Tzadik, a chaste, a righteous one. 

Thus, by developing in the triangle of priesthood, we eventually meet Moses and between Aaron and Moses, we go out with all the archetypes towards Tiphereth and beyond into the Mount Sinai. This is what is called Shemoth, the Exodus; of course the Exodus for those who reach that level. 


Look now toward heaven, and count the stars of the 12 zodiacal constellations, and if you are able to count them, understand that the man and the woman of Levi are Abraham and Sarah together with all the archetypes of Israel. And understand that all of them develop within when the alchemists sublimate their זרע Zera, semen.  

“Now the sojourning of the children of ישראל Israel, who dwelt in Mitzrahim מצרים, was four hundred and thirty years. And it came to pass at the end of the four hundred and thirty years, even personally in that day it came to pass, that - יהוה צבאות Iod-Havah Tzabaoth- all the hosts of Jehovah went out from the land of Mitzrahim מצרים.”  - Exodus 12: 40, 41

We explained that - יהוה צבאות Iod-Havah Tzabaoth- the Hosts of our own particular יהוה Jehovah are all the archetypes in Netzach. We must not mistakenly think superficially as many ignoramuses think that all the Israelites were physically in Egypt for 430 years in slavery and finally they left into the Middle East or Promised Land. No, that is not the meaning of it. We have to understand that time esoterically speaking relates to initiations. One hundred years relates to the first Initiation of Major Mysteries (Malkuth). Second Initiation of Major Mysteries: two hundred years (Yesod). Third initiation of Major Mysteries: three hundred years (Hod). Fourth initiation of Major Mysteries: four hundred years (Netzach) the mind. So we have to add one hundred for Malkuth, one hundred for Yesod, one hundred for Hod, and one hundred for Netzach. This means that in order to enter into the second selection of the Exodus, we have to have four hundred and thirty years. 

Now, thirty relates to the thirtieth vertebrae of the Causal Body (which is Moses). Moses or the body of willpower that we have to develop in Tiphereth, has to reach the age of “430.” Many people do not understand this until they read what Master Samael Aun Weor wrote in Christ’s Will (one of his books). He says when talking about the creation of the Causal Body, or Moses inside of us: 

“The sacred fire has entered the thirty-first chamber of your spinal column. You have been submitted to all types of ordeals, and have become victorious (Netzach). Walk towards the Gnostic Church carrying the child of your Christified will in your arms. The crown of saints shines around your head. Enter the temple to celebrate the festivity, sibling of mine. This is the thirty-first card of the Tarot: Impediments. These two children symbolize two paths that open before you, like the great "V" of victory (Netzach). You are before two paths: The first path is the Logoic path, the path of starry skies, the spiral path of the Firmament. The second is the long path of bitterness and woe that takes us to the very gates of the Absolute. 

“Swami Vivekananda has said that tempting gods appear when the initiate tries to enter into the Absolute, they offer to make him a king of certain zones of the universe, so that he does not become liberated. These tempting gods have not been able to become liberated, thus, jealous of their own hierarchy, they tempt the candidate to prevent his entrance into the Absolute. Those beings are a thousand times more dangerous than humans.

“When arriving at the point of departure between these two paths, a great divine hierarch comes to meet you. This being is of a terrible appearance; he shows you the two paths. The Nirvanic path is a good work, yet the path to the Absolute is a superior work. The Nirvanic path follows the spiral of life. The path of the Absolute is the long path of bitterness and woe. The Nirvanic path is full of paradises. The path of the Absolute is the desolation of the Gods.

“The Nirvanic path is a path of happiness, where through many Mahamanvantaras the Gods liberate themselves from the planetary masses to finally enter the indescribable bliss of the Absolute. Nevertheless, there are certain Logoi ―like the God Sirius, governor of about eighteen million constellations―who still have not managed to be liberated from the cosmos, in order to enter the Absolute.

“Thus, sibling of mine, you are before a jealous guardian of the cosmos. Define yourself right now for either of the two paths. Define yourself, and do not think about it anymore, because here, there is no longer time to think.

“This great hierarch offers you the wonders of the infinite, thus, jealous of his own hierarchy, he invites you to enter the Nirvanic path, and warns you against the dangers of the long path of bitterness and woe that leads you directly into the Absolute. Define yourself right now, and advance.” - Samael Aun Weor

Of course he later explains in that book that in that thirty-first chamber he confronts the Guardian of Nirvana and he decides to go into the direct path (meaning the Exodus) in the second selection or to go into Nirvana and forget about it. The thirty-first chamber means the vertebra in your spinal column. We are not talking here about the physical body, the vital body, the astral body, or the mental body. We are talking about causal body. People think that first you have to receive the fifth initiation and then enter into the path (the direct or the spiral), and they are wrong because the path is taken in the thirty-first vertebra before the Initiation of Tiphereth. If you take the direct path then you receive the Initiation of Tiphereth, which is the fifth Initiation where you incarnate Christ. You see incarnation of what we call “The Son of God” or what the people call Jesus Christ. Jesus means “savior” and Christ is an energy. The mixture of Jesus Christ or the savior or that energy (cosmic energy) with the Human Soul make what Jesus called “the Son of Man.” And that Son of Man is the one that enters into the Second Selection of the Exodus. And this is how we kabbalistically see it and comprehend it when we study the doctrine. 

Now, the initiatic sojourning of the archetypes of Israel or the Israelites in the four lower sephiroth, namely, Malkuth, Yesod, Hod and Netzach were 400 years, yet when Moses reached the esoteric age of 30 years, he appears before God and made the first step towards the direct path, thus, they enter into the esoteric age of 431 years, and then they leave with Moses and confront all of those wars and battles that we read in Exodus and the rest of the books of Moses, which is something kabbalistic, alchemical and psychological; it is not easy. 

So, the first selection relate to very difficult initiations that reach the second triangle. Yet after we reach 500 esoteric years of age we have to work a lot. A friend of mine told me, “If we make the kabbalistic addition of those 430 years, that is 4+3+0, we make 7. And I said, “Yes of course, those are the seven serpents of fire that we have to have developed in our seven rachis of our psychosomatic system.” The seven serpents of fire. Why? Because the man is seven: seven sephiroth: Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkuth. Those seven fires or seven Kundalinis have to be developed in the Reed of Moses. This is how we reach 430 esoteric years of age in order to enter into the Second Selection. 

To reach the fifth initiation does not mean that we are ready for resurrection, because we have to annihilate the egos related with Nahemah. Nahemah נחמה according to Kabbalah is the mother of adultery and prostitution. To clean ourselves psychologically, spiritually from those egos is very difficult. In this day and age people is addicted to observe prostitution or pornography, from Greek pornographos" (one) depicting prostitutes," Porno from porne "prostitute. This humanity, in this day and age, especially here in the United States, Canada, and Europe are slaves of pornography; meaning graphics of prostitutes whether they are feminine or masculine.

"We cannot serve two Lords. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other." - Matthew 6: 24"

"For what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion has light with darkness? And what concordance has Christ with Belial?" - 2 Corinthians 6: 15.

We have to define ourselves for Christ and to disintegrate Nahemah, which belongs to Belial, namely, prostitution, adultery and fornication. Such is the task that is given to those who enter into the Second Selection. If we disintegrate Nahemah נחמה before entering into the Second Selection, very good. From what I know, there is only one who did it: Yogananda. He did not create the internal bodies but he advanced a lot disintegrating the egos of Nahemah נחמה thus he has a lot of Bodhichitta developed. So, if Yogananda enters into the path of the alchemist, the Bodhisattva will be developed in his psychological environment rapidly, as a compassionate hearted being he was, but he has to go beyond because it is not enough to develop that compassionate heart at the level of Yogananda. We have to go beyond, beyond that, in order to become a Bodhisattva. So, to annihilate Nahemah within themselves is a duty, for those who enter into the Second Selection, in order not to be a slave of Malkuth because Malkuth relates to Nahemah. 

About the Bodhisattva and Nahemah, it is written in the book of Genesis: 

krishna gopis

“And (like a tree) יהוה אלהים Iod-Havah Elohim formed Adam from the dust of the ground (Malkuth), and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and Adam became a living soul.

And יהוה אלהים Iod-Havah Elohim planted a garden eastward in Eden - A garden enclosed is my sister-bride, an enclosed spring, a sealed fountain. - Song of Solomon 4: 12; And in there he put Adam whom he had formed.

And Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים also made to grow out of the ground (Malkuth) every tree – נחמד Nahemad - (be desirable, covetable) to the sight.

And good for food and in the midst of the garden, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. - Genesis 2: 7-9

The tree of life (the spinal medulla) and the tree of knowledge of good and evil (the genitalia) in the midst of the garden, are trees good for food but not until the extermination of Nahemah, which is when the archetypes of Israel flourish and spring forth as trees and green herb out of the ground (Malkuth) alluding to in scripture; “for till then Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים had not caused it to rain upon the earth (Malkuth) since there was no Adam to till the ground” - Genesis 2: 4, 5

“As the apple (Otz עצ) tree among the trees of the forest, so is my beloved among the sons (of Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים). I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste.” - Song of Solomon 2: 3

Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים is the sexual force. All those trees, that were created pleasant to the sight, are the male or female physicality of you, me, your brother, your sister, your father (when they are young). Because when we are young, all the hormones in our physicality flourish. And we are attracted to the opposite sex; naturally because of the sexual hormones. We have to conquer Nahemah, which are those forces of sexuality. And that is why Kabbalist says Nahemah is the mother of prostitution, adultery, and fornication. So we have to conquer Nahemah נחמה. 

Nobody enters into heaven by believing in Jesus, but only those who conquer Nahemah נחמה in themselves. This does not mean that we are going to go out there and protest against pornography, against prostitution, and against adultery because a lot of people enjoy lawlessness. They take the devolving path, they like to tread on the path to Hell; they like Belial.

Present human beings are simple slugs from the mud who were born with the purpose of forming an Angelical butterfly within them that could soar towards the justice of God without any impediments. Unfortunately, these defected insects, these miserable chrysalides, almost all remain without any development. Indeed, they only serve as nourishment for the entrails of this planet on which they live. - Samael Aun Weor

But if we enter into the path of Christ, we have to fight against Nahemah נחמה within, not outside; inside because we have it inside. What we see outside, we have it inside abundantly. So we have to fight; and by fighting in this way, disintegrating Nahemah נחמה psychologically, we incarnate Abraham. We incarnate the Innermost in Malkuth. We incarnate our own Innermost Spirit. Because the Klipothic Nahemah is annihilated, because Chesed, the Innermost, Abraham relates to mercy, charity. 

“The Klipoth are the inverted sephiroth, the sephiroth in their negative aspect, the inverted virtues. For example, the qualities of Geburah are severity, the law, and when it is inverted it is tyranny, dictatorship. Sometimes a prostitute delivers herself to males because of charity; here we find the principle of an inverted sephirah. So, the charity of Chesed, when inverted, could be complacency with crime.” - Samael aun Weor

So, the contrary of charity is prostitution. Prostitutes deliver themselves to men or women (we will say) for charity, for compassion, but of course in the inverted or negative manner. We have to invert the sexual force and give that energy to our Innermost, which is Chesed, which is Abraham. How are we going to give it if we have egos of lust, egos of adultery and prostitution inside of us? We have to annihilate Nahemah נחמה. By annihilating those egos of 96 laws, then we finally incarnate the Spiritual Soul within whom is Chesed. Only then we can say, “This master is a reincarnation; a reincarnated master in Malkuth.” But a master who now has to go beyond reincarnation and for that he has to annihilate the egos of Lilith; which is a psychological work beyond Assiah, after we surface at the level of Malkuth. 

We can only enter into the Third Selection if we annihilate all the egos of Lilith, when we reach 100 percent of innocence, such is the Third Selection in the Exodus. Read the book of Exodus, and you will see how many, who were walking there, failed because of this or because of that ego. They failed because they did not understand that to work in the Exodus, which is the middle column of the Tree of Life, we need to work always with the Three Chambers: Yesod, Tiphereth, and Kether. 

Many Gnostics despise the splendors of the Sun, they despise Hod and Tiphereth; they think that they can walk without the splendors of Christ. We need humbleness in order to enter into Hod and Tiphereth, the Second Chamber. 

We need the Eucharist even if we are at the level of Moses because יהוה Chokmah, Christ, is always the one that helps us internally. 

I remember an experience that I had when I was meditating, precisely in the Second Chamber; meaning in Hod, Tiphereth, because those sephiroth are related with mysticism, with mystic rituals that are celebrated in any religion related with the Eucharist. So, I needed to comprehend how such splendorous force of the Second Chamber will help me through the Eucharist to annihilate my ego. Thus, during meditation the Divine Mother Kundalini shrouded completely by a blue light, soaring in the air came to me. It was such a beautiful experience to see the Divine Mother glowing like that, from her heart emanated that splendorous blue light that expanded and covered her body completely. Then I understood that the splendors of Hod and Tiphereth relate to the heart, which is the Second Chamber. The splendorous blue light is the light of love that descends from Kether into Tiphereth and Hod and guides the ascension of the Kundalini; because it is written that the fires of sex, called Kundalini, develop according to the fires of the heart. And in Tiphereth, the heart is the kingdom of Chokmah, Christ. Thus, if we do not receive splendors of Elohim, the splendors of Christ, how are we going to be enlightened by the splendors of the Schekinah? Thus, the Divine Mother was enveloped, imbibed by the blue light of Christ. So, thanks to that experience I comprehended what the Second Chamber is; I comprehended what Hod is, that Tiphereth is to work with the splendors of love, the splendors of the heart, the splendors of the Eucharist. It is worth to mention that in Hebrew both sephiroth, namely, Hod and Tiphereth (תפארת הוד) mean “splendor.”

When we talk about compassion (Bodhichitta: compassionate heart), we talk about Christ. The Divine Mother is love. Love is law; but conscious love. So we have to receive Christ in many ways. Of course the great goal is to incarnate the Lord in our heart, in Tiphereth, that happens when we reach the first level of the Second Selection. Before that, we receive the Lord, the blue light of the heart through the Eucharist, and through that light we understand how advanced we are internally. All the masters that walk on the path of compassion glow with that blue light from the heart. And they always say, “This is the Second Chamber.” If you are clever, you will understand the meaning of it. It does not mean the Second Chamber in the internal planes or in the physical plane; it means the fires of the heart are fed by Hod and Tiphereth, meaning, by the Eucharist in the Second Chamber and by the Bodhichitta: the compassionate heart on the path. Because the First Chamber is Yesod, the Second Chamber is Tiphereth, and the Third, of course, is the highest where you deliver the doctrine (sacrifice for humanity); but first we have to comprehend the doctrine in our heart in order to utter it through our head, through our mouth. Through the heart, with the help of the fires of the heart is how we comprehend the Three Chambers, the Three Factors of the revolution of the consciousness. And this is how we advance. This is why Master Samael wrote: 


“I say to my Arhats that it is better to enter the long path of bitterness and woe. I tell them that the Logoic Nirvanic path offers us many paradises, but it is dangerous... Millions are the gods who are full of very serious karmic commitments.

“Millions are the gods who have not been able to enter the indescribable happiness of the Absolute. The long path of bitterness and woe leads us directly into the uncreated light of the Absolute. The long path of bitterness and woe leads us to the indescribable happiness of the Not-Being, which truly is the Reality of the Being. The long path of bitterness and woe leads us to the profound darkness of the Not-Being.

“The uncreated light shines within those profound darknesses. Through the long path of bitterness and woe, we awaken the Consciousness plane after plane, until totally awakening it in the Absolute. The state of existence ceases for whosoever awakens absolute Consciousness; he passes into the state of Being.

“Whosoever awakens Absolute Consciousness enters the indescribable bliss of the utmost pure Paranishpanna.

“Whosoever awakens absolute Consciousness becomes a Paramarthasatya, someone who is beyond Consciousness. The Absolute contains the knower, the knowledge, and the known, in complete unity.

“The Absolute is beyond light and darkness. The Absolute is beyond Spirit and matter. The Absolute is beyond reasoning, it is beyond silence and sound, and ears to perceive it. The Absolute is beyond Consciousness. The aspects of the Absolute are abstract space, eternity, and movement, which are three. The void, the darkness, and the Not-Me are the unity of the Absolute. That void is plentitude, those darknesses are uncreated light, and that Not-Me of philosophy is the BEING, the real me; it is the Innermost already liberated.

“When the utmost hour of the first instant sounded, the resplendent children of the dawn of the Mahamanvantara emerged from the bosom of the Absolute, since they had not yet awakened absolute consciousness, and the Absolute without absolute Consciousness is not absolute happiness. Paranishpanna (absolute bliss) without Paramartha (awakened Consciousness) is not bliss.” - Samael Aun Weor

Notwithstanding, the former quotation from Master Samael Aun Weor is for those who enter into the Second Selection of the Exodus. For those that, psychologically and esoterically speaking, reach 430 esoteric years of age, so let us comprehend that if eventually we reach that esoteric age we will then receive the title of Arhat. Let us now study the Zohar:

“Now from tradition we are informed that the word בהבראם 'behibaram' (when they were created) should be read, 'behi baram' (by or through Abraham). It may be objected, how can it be said the heavens and the earth were created by Abraham, who corresponds to the Sephirah Chesed (mercy) on the Tree of Life, since we know also from tradition that the word בהבראם†behibaram' signifies that the heavens and the earth were created by the Shekinah, of which the letter H is the symbol? Our reply is that these two traditions are not really contradictory to each other, but refer and amount to the same thing."

“Another explanation of the words, "These are the generations or children of the heavens and the earth," is gathered from the words:

"And Aaron took them and cast them into the furnace and formed of them a calf." Then said the Israelites: "These ( אלה eleh) are (the archetypes or) Elohik Israel, who (asher) brought up out of the land of Egypt. - Exodus 32: 4

“On the day that all these ( אלה eleh) different races [ אלה these egos] were exterminated, the Holy One (Mi מי or asher אשר ) along with the ( אלה goddess) Shekinah created the heavens and the earth anew, as it is written:

“For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith Yod-Havah, so shall your seed and your name remain.” - Isaiah 66: 22, which words are the complement to "on the day that Yod-Havah Elohim forged . . . ." - Zohar

The Zohar explains the mystery of Abraham in regard to what alchemically and esoterically is described in Genesis 2:4 as the creation of the world, or rather, the generations of the heavens and of the earth “when they were created” - בהבראם “behibaram” - meaning, באברהם “by Abraham,” Chesed. 

Likewise, the mystery of Abraham in regard to what alchemically and esoterically is described in Genesis 5:2 as male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, “in the day when they were created” - ביום הבראם “be yom hibaram” - meaning, ביום אברהם “in the day of Abraham,” Chesed.

Moreover, “eleh” אלה is always translated from Hebrew into English as “these;” ignoring אלה “elah” (the same letters) meaning “goddess.” So Genesis 2: 4 alchemically says:

אלה תולדות השמים והארץ בהבראםביום עשות יהוה אלהים ארץ ושמים

“The אלה goddess’ generations of the heavens and of the earth - through (Chesed) Abraham באברהם - in the day that יהוה אלהים Jehovah Elohim made the earth and the heavens.”  

Likewise, the Zohar explains the mystery of Abraham in regard to what alchemically and esoterically is described in Genesis 5:2 as the creation of Adam. So Genesis 5: 2 alchemically says: 

זכר ונקבה בראם ויברך אתם ויקרא את־שמם אדם ביום הבראם

“Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam - ביום אברהם “by the light of Abraham,” Chesed. 

It may be objected, how can it be said that Adam was created by the light of Abraham, who corresponds to the Sephirah Chesed (mercy) on the Tree of Life, since kabbalistically is written: Bara Elohim B’damoth Elohim ברא אלהים אדם בדמות אלהים, that is, Elohim created Adam in the likeness of Elohim; that is to say, from the dust of Malkuth - אדמות Adamoth – the ground, or rather: ביום הבראם B’Iom Ha-Baram – created by the light of the Shekinah, of which the letter H is the symbol? Our reply is that the Ruach Elohim of the first day of Genesis is Chesed or the archetypical אל El that hovers upon הים Ha-Yam the waters, and the same Elohim אלהים that says “let there be light,” and the Elohim אלהים who called the light of the Shekinah, יום Iom Day. So, the day of Abraham is the light of the Shekinah, the first day of Genesis.

Abraham is Chesed, but remember that Abraham is also אל El, who works with שרי Sarai, meaning, all the archetypes of שרי Sarai and אל El or ישראל Israel in order to generate light. So, if we change the word “generation” to “initiations” then we will understand that those archetypes or generations of the Earth have to be developed inside of us as light. When they are created by Iod-Havah Elohim because Iod-Havah Elohim is the power of Binah in Yesod, sex. So, הבראם Ha’Baram, אברהם Abraham or בהבראם behibaram symbolizes the Sephirah Chesed (mercy), which we already talked about.

We have Abraham, the Spirit, Chesed mercy within ourselves. According to the book of Genesis, if we deliver ourselves to our interior Being, Abraham, we will then enter into the path, and then Chesed Abraham, will develop the generations of the Heavens and the Earth within us. This is how the book of Zohar explains it. 

The book of Zohar explains very broadly about these mysteries that we are explaining to you about the word “Eleh” אלה which means “these.” But when “these” (Eleh or Elah) are not united with the Holy Spirit, the only thing that we create is ego. This is why “Eleh” אלה these are also the egos that we create; or we will say these “Eleh” אלה  are the archetypes of Israel bottled up within lust, anger, pride, vanity, laziness, gluttony and all of that, which we have in abundance within. We have to liberate and unite “Eleh” אלה these archetypes with what we call in Hebrew “Mi” מי, meaning, “Who,” the Holy Spirit. “Mi” backwards is ים “Ym” Iod, Mem. So, if we unite ים “Ym,” the Holy Spirit with “Elah” אלה, the goddess Schekinah, we form Adam in the likeness of אלהים Elohim within. Behold how the likeness of Elohim develops inside of us in the Exodus. 

The Army of the Voice progresses and develops in nine circles (which correspond with the nine spheres of the sensible world).

Starting with the inferior circle (Yesod), the adept has to convert himself into an Angel, later into an Archangel, and finally he enters into the kingdom of the Principalities.

Continuing with the second circle (Tiphereth), the adept has to transform himself first into a Virtue, afterwards into a Potency, and later into a Dominion.

Concluding with the third circle (Kether), the adept has to convert himself into a Throne, later into a Cherub, and in the end into a Seraph. - Samael Aun Weor

We must learn how to place the three sephiroth of the triangles of the Tree of Life, always in relation to our three brains, in order to understand the Exodus. Because there is a lot of speculation about it. Exodus is the mystery between the waters, study the second day of Genesis where it is written, “And God said let there be a firmament in the mist of the waters,” such a firmament is the column of the middle of the Tree of Life. In other words, that firmament in the middle of the Tree of Life begins in Yesod, continues in Tiphereth, and gets its completion in Kether. That is the firmament that we have to develop, the three chambers in the midst of the waters, the waters of the male to the right and the waters of the woman to the left. 

So let us make that firmament in the mist of the waters and separate the waters from the waters. This is a great work of Alchemy that we have to do. But in order to understand that, we have to make the light of the first day of Genesis, “And God said let there be light,” because we are in darkness. We do not see the path; we do not see that the path is in the spinal column. We do not see that those waters relate to our fluids in our physicality. Why do not we see it? Because we are asleep and always intellectualizing what we do not understand. 

If we always relate Genesis to our physicality to our creation and initiations, then we will understand the Exodus; which is the return into the light which is above, beyond, the third chamber (beyond our head), where we find the Ain Soph. 

Pain is created because of our ignorance. It could be physical pain, emotional pain, or mental pain, and psychological pain as well. We have to overcome pain through initiation.

“The human being is corrupted because of pain, for pain is satanic. So, no one can be liberated with pain. We need to be alchemists. Only with Alchemy can the “I” be dissolved. The root of the “I” is desire, and desire can be transmuted with Alchemy. If you want to annihilate desire, then you must transmute it: Sexual desire is transmuted into willpower, and willpower is fire. Desire of accumulating (greed) is transmuted into altruism. Anger, in other words, frustrated desire, is transmuted into sweetness. Envy, which is also frustrated desire, is transmuted into happiness for our neighbor’s good fortune. All the words of desire can be transmuted into words of wisdom, etc. Analyze all the human defects and you will see that they all have their foundation in desire. So, you must transmute desire with Alchemy. Thus, this is the way for desire to be annihilated. Whosoever annihilates desire dissolves the “I.” Whosoever dissolves the “I” is saved from the abyss and returns towards his own interior star, which has always smiled unto him. We can dissolve the “I” only with Holy Alchemy. The fundamental base of Alchemy is the Arcanum A.Z.F. The Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, Potencies, Thrones, etc., are exactly the result of tremendous interior revolutions. We have already passed through involution (descent of the Spirit into matter). We also suffered horribly in evolution (process of complication of the energy). Now, a complete revolution (dissolution of the “I”) is urgent. Only based on internal revolutions can we return, little by little, to our own super-divine atom. Thus, this is how we pass through Angelic, Archangelic, Seraphic and Logoic states, etc., until our ray finally becomes fused with its own happily shining star (the Ain Soph). The abyss is terribly painful. The horrible antithesis of the Ain Soph is (Klipoth) the abyss.” - Samael Aun Weor

Moses and Aaron with the ten Commandments 1674

When Moses was giving all of this doctrine to the people of that time and guiding them he said:

“But it shall come to pass, if you will not hearken unto the voice of your יהוה אלהים, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I give thee this day; that all these maledictions shall come upon thee, and overtake thee: (Through karma) יהוה shall make the rain of thy land powder and dust: from heaven shall it come down upon thee, until thou be destroyed (in Klipoth, which is the second death). (In Sheol) יהוה shall cause thee to be smitten before (your egos) thine [inner] enemies: (yes, through the second death) thou shalt go out one way against them, and flee seven (sinful) ways before them: and thou shall be dispersed (לזועה le za`avah) back and forth into Malkuth, the earth.” - Deuteronomy 28: 15, 24, 25

We wrote (לזועה le za`avah) which is the Hebrew word for “dispersion,” and that is translated as “diaspora.” It means that diaspora (dispersion) will continue if we do not do the work (that we have to do) the work that we are teaching through different lectures. Otherwise, we will go down there to the infradimensions of nature, where nature will take care of us in order to clean our soul with pain as it is written there in that quotation. 

There are always two ways: the way of the Tree of Life and the way of the tree of death, Klipoth; which is the second death. Master Samael wrote more than 70 books in order to guide us into the Exodus. But we have to understand that Samael is the Logos of Mars. It is that Logos that controls Geburah (Neshamah). And we have to receive his strength in different levels. The First Chamber is the chamber in which we receive his public doctrine. The Second Chamber is where we receive the energy of his Logos through the Eucharist; because he is a Logos. And the Third Chamber is precisely a guidance for those who are annihilating the ego, those who want to reach that level after entering into the Second Selection. By studying the books of the Master Samael we will find how symbolically he is always teaching us; how to walk out of slavery into our own freedom (spiritually speaking). Do not fall into the mistake of interpreting the doctrine physically but psychologically. I can say more about Exodus but it was indicated to us that this is enough. People need to learn more by themselves in order to be selected. At least with this lecture we are selected in the First Chamber if we continue we need to do all the work of Genesis in order to enter into the Second Selection, which is Exodus.

“Now the sojourning of the children of ישראל Israel, who dwelt in Mitzrahim מצרים, was four hundred and thirty years. And it came to pass at the end of the four hundred and thirty years, even personally in that day it came to pass, that - יהוה צבאות Iod-Havah Tzabaoth - all the hosts of Jehovah went out from (Malkuth) the land of Mitzrahim מצרים.”  - Exodus 12: 40, 41

Thus - יהוה צבאות Iod-Havah Tzabaoth - all the hosts of Jehovah, the archetypes of Israel left Egypt at the age of 430 years and that is esoterically the 4 Initiations of Major Mysteries and the thirtieth vertebra of the Causal Body, the body of goodwill.

"And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel (יהוה צבאות Jehovah Tzabaoth) a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest; and on earth peace to men of good will." - Luke 2: 12-14

"Now is come the last age of the Cumaean prophecy: the great cycle of periods is born anew. Now returns the Maid, returns the reign of Saturn: now from high heaven a new generation comes down. Yet do thou at that boy's birth, in whom the iron race (Kali Yuga) shall begin to cease, and the golden (Satya Yuga) to arise over all the world, holy Lucina, be gracious; now thine own Apollo reigns." - Maro Publius Vergilius