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Tuatha Dé Danann
Tuatha Dé Danann

Spiritualism, Mediums, Lucifer, Holy Grail, Witches, and Jinn Science

We are going to talk about esotericism, about occultism, in a way, we could say, that is very broad and generalized. We are going to talk about them, and analyze a little bit about spiritualism, theosophism, pseudo-Rosicrucianism, magic, sorcery, witchcraft, etc., etc., etc. It is really convenient that we know all these things, in order to know, certainly, where we are walking.

Obviously, there are many schools in the world, nobody ignores it, but it is necessary to have some knowledge about them; know something also about postmortem states, etc. We are going to all of these. We need to study all these things.


Very young, perhaps a child (one could say), I studied spiritualism. I even attended many “spiritualist sessions," which are also called “spiritualist." I studied some books on such subject-matters. I knew, for example, the works of Allan Kardec, León Denis, Richard Icharcof, César Lombroso, Camille Flammarion, Luis Zea Uribe, etc. I can tell you that from the age of 12 to 16, more or less, I was dedicated to this type of research.

Spiritualism has "mediums" ["channellers"] as the instrument. The medium is a passive subject who falls into a state of hypnotic or mediumistic trance; then, any of the entities of the “beyond” gets inside the body of the medium, and/or speaks, or writes, or makes objects to move, etc.

There are “writing mediums." Writing mediums write. The entity, coming from “beyond," submerges the medium in a state of trance and they, asleep, write. What do they write? They write what the "spirits" of the "beyond" dictate.

“Motor mediums”: in front of them tables move, blows are felt, and many physical phenomena occur.

“Speaking mediums”: through them the “spirits” from the “beyond” speak.

“Materialization mediums”: through them the entities of the “beyond” materialize.

Now, I am going to tell you what I know, not what others say, because it is good to say what one has experienced for oneself.

Well, in truth, I remember the case of a gentleman whose name I do not mention. Wherever I went with him, he always carried a little box in his right hand. A cross was painted on it. The man never said what he was carrying in that box, but one day he invited me to a "session," that "of spiritualism," he said...

He took me to his ranch. He put a table in the center of a room with a dirt floor. This was at 12 at night, and some other people sat around it... He opened that little box. I was interested in knowing what that man carrying in that little box, because the "I" of curiosity was "eating me alive." I didn't leave that man, that box, for a single moment. Always with that cross painted there, well, frankly, I was quite intrigued... What did he take out of the box? A skull! “This was the skull of an Indian," he said. He put it on the table. Then he began to recite some prayers, and we waited... The sky was filled with black clouds. Lightning and thunder began to fall everywhere. The table began to rock, and finally rose completely alone into the air, totally violating the laws of universal gravity.

It was not a trick, because that man had no interest in getting money from us. First, he was a rich man. Second, his religious faith was such that he was so fanatical that he never left the box. Third, he told no one about these things. It was lucky that he told me about it. And fourth, as a very exceptional thing, he invited me to his religious celebration. So, he didn't have to deceive me. Besides, I didn't have a single penny in my pockets, so he would not cheat me, nor was he interested in cheating me, because that man was extremely rich. He was a landowner, a very really rich man.

Thus, the phenomenon was in fact true. Also, I'm not that stupid, or as they say, I don't pretend to be very, very wise, but I'm not so, so stupid either.

It is clear that I looked carefully to see if the table really was in the air: it was in the air, there was no doubt! That skull also moved on its own, and came towards me. I had my arms opened wide. Then I crossed them over my chest. But well, the skull landed in my arms there. It even looked cute, yes, with its skull-like face there, its terrible “eyes”. Well, in any case, the skull didn't terrify me, frankly. ...

But the lightning and thunder continued. Suddenly a shadow physically materialized (I know that), entered that room, advanced and passed by me. The shadow managed to touch my body and I saw it, physically materialized... And the table, held in the air... But I saw that the man paled. To make matters worse, I noticed that he was trembling, full of fear. A few lightning bolts and the tremendous downpour of water, above, were enough for that man to stand up and say: “Enough, this is very dangerous! At midnight, and lightning strikes and, with this storm, something can happen to us!." I saw him quickly cast some spells and exorcisms, so that the table would return to the floor. Later, the skull, alone, passed to the table again. Finally, he took the skull from it, put it in a box, put a padlock on it, and said, “No more. Let's go!" There is no doubt that the man was visibly scared, frightened, terrified...

In terms of spiritualism, I know that; I say what I have seen.

On another occasion, I saw the case of a medium. It happened that they invited me to a house. They said that there was a woman who constantly saw a ghost, that said ghost came and indicated with his finger, a place where there was a treasure.

Well, we went as a group of people to that place. At that time, I also liked to investigate those things of treasures and others. Well, the truth was that when I entered that room, that woman laughed at me, she made fun of me, and it seems that my "dear ego" did not like her laughter very much. Total, I decided to hypnotize her, as if to show her, in her skin, the reality of these things. And that woman had never been hypnotized by anyone in her life; even more: she didn't believe, and she laughed at all that. With that, I ended up "stinging" more, right? and I said: "I'm going to show her that these things are serious.".. I was still very young, a boy; I was out there, then, enrolling myself in all that nonsense.

But it is worth investigating; otherwise, I couldn't be talking to you about these things today, right?

Well, conclusion: I stared at her between the eyebrows and spent a while using all my mental strength, with the purpose of submerging her in a deep hypnotic sleep. Then I made some strong magnetic passes, and with great astonishment I saw that she "collapsed", even though she was laughing, she "collapsed" yes, laughing, but she "collapsed", and already "collapsed", well, it was not difficult to be able to project her out of her body (I managed to put her out of her body and then I put her into her body again). Already projected out of her body, well, then I made her come into contact with that ghost, the one that appeared in those places. The ghost told her, “yes, to dig, to excavate the earth well, that excavating it, I don't know how deep, she would find nothing less than the treasure” ... conclusion? Yes sir! After the experiment was done, we proceeded to wake her up, and she didn't want to wake up anymore. Woe, woe; You see what trouble I got myself into! To put her to sleep, it was easy; but then to wake her up, to no avail she did not want to wake up, she seemed like she was deceased.

I felt a certain fear inside, but I took great care that the others did not see my fear. I said to myself: “If this woman ends up staying there dead, I will go to jail, what else?" What else? To answer for murder and who knows what other kind of “crimes," right? But, fortunately, after so much struggle, making "passes" from the bottom up, I managed to wake her up.

To put her to sleep, I made "passes" from top to bottom, according to Vedantic hypnotism. I took her "etheric head" and made it hang from here, physical head down; but, to return her to her normal state again, it was necessary to make “passes” from the bottom up, to place the “etheric head" inside the physical head.

Well, after a bit of struggle, finally, and giving her water, and pouring water on her face and “fifty thousand things," we finally got that woman to wake up. Woe, woe, what a scare she gave us! That was ugly, right? What if she doesn't wake up? At least twenty years in prison, what else? but she woke up... When that woman woke up... Ah! I was very careful to leave in her memory. I told her: “You will remember everything you have seen and heard, you will not forget anything."

Well, conclusion: when she already awoke, she looked everywhere, she looked at me, and I already saw her that she didn't laugh anymore. She said: "Ah, damn it, you made me fall asleep!." Since then, the woman remained respecting these sciences, she abandoned her little mocking laugh (her little mocking laugh that she brought, but in truth, in a very bad taste). And of course, I with my ego there, of self-esteem, I felt annoyed, I felt "bitten", and I decided to do the experiment.

Luckily it turned out ok for me; if not, it would even have been ridiculous.

Well, you see that case. Well, the curious thing about the case was the subject-matter and immediately, to excavate, to work with the pick and the shovel, in order to dig up earth and all people, "to look for the treasure of Cuauhtémoc", as they say around here in Mexico, everyone wanted the treasure." Sadly, I did see, among such people, such terrible greed. What a barbarism, how people behave just for money! How they turn! Their face is already transformed, they are no longer the same! That was getting even dangerous!...

Well, conclusion: well, in the place where she said the treasure was, nothing was found. As she did not find anything, her ghost appeared to her later and she told him that "not there, that the treasure was beyond that point, it was in another place." And everyone “to fly," with picks and shovels, to the other place, until I told them: “stop, it is enough; what she has seen is nothing more than a mental form, there is no such treasure there; so it would be better if we stop digging that land more, that we leave this in peace..". Yes, if I don't tell them that, I assure you that they would have torn down the house, knocked it down, walls and everything would have gone down, no not even a fence would have been left standing. That was the way things were. I better stand up and ask for peace. Well, that, as far as spiritualism, I'm telling you...

Another case that I am aware of was that of a blacksmith. This man, then, made shoes for horses; that man put horseshoes on horses, he made them because he was a blacksmith. He had a forge where he worked iron, and he shod the horses there. They said he was a medium.

Well, I made friends with him and invited him. Well, we sat around a table; Suddenly, the table began to rock, that man entered "in a trance" (he was a speaking medium), and a demon called "Beelzebub", prince of demons, expressed himself through him. And he spoke, he said: “I am Beelzebub, prince of demons; what do you want from me?” Well, we wanted to tell him to tell us something, to tell us something important. He said that “he would sign a pact with us, to help us," and then the medium, he wrote on the paper, with his fist like this, trembling, wrote:

“Bel, tengo mental la petra y que al el le andube sedra; bao, genizar les des..".

A strange language, well, I understand that belongs to the universal language, right? And then he signed with such a strange signature (a demon signature): “Beelzebub,” he wrote, but with a strange signature, all that was demonic...

Well, it took us a lot of work to get such demon out of that wretched man. He was a strong blacksmith, that used to deal with horses. He wasn't a "meek sheep" either, but that demon threw him against the ground, against the fences, hit him hard, and I conjured him there, yes, I prayed everything I knew, because I had no other choice, right? There I recited the conjuration of the four, of the seven, all the exorcisms that have been and will be, everything that has been written and not written, etc., etc., etc., because the thing was ugly, right?

Suddenly that man advanced (trembling, because he was possessed by a demon), over all the attendees, and they all ran, scared, horrified, with their eyes out of their sockets. And he had developed such a force that I think not even a thousand policemen could have tamed him. Things were serious!

Well, over there I appealed to an iron rod, and conjured and exorcised and “fifty thousand things," until finally it “collapsed." what if it doesn't "collapse"? The thing was serious, he could have killed someone in attendance... And the way he spoke was cavernous, it was a cave voice; it was a voice, there, that came out from within the bowels of the earth. It was not the normal voice of a man; no, it was a cavernous voice.

Fortunately, the man fell there "collapsed", slept for a while and woke up. When he looked at himself, he was all covered in bruises, bruised all over his body. At last they took him over there, to his blacksmith shop; I was intrigued by the question and the next day, very early in the morning, I said: “I'm going to go over there, to see what this thing turned out to be." I passed by, he had the “devotional” of Allan Kardec, he was reading some of Allan Kardec's prayers there, very sorry, heartbroken, for having served as a vehicle for a demon.

Then, he showed me all the black spots or blemishes on his body (the demon had hit him “very badly”), and he told me “That from then on he was going to make an effort not to serve as a vehicle for the demons.” He was all sorry, praying Allan Kardec's prayers. I said, “Well, luckily this man, at least, is already brokenhearted, repentant. Well, that's not bad” ... In the end I didn't hear from that wretched blacksmith again, who knows where he would have gone! I am narrating to you, then, these aspects that are interesting, so that you can learn something about "mediumism."..

I drew a conclusion from all this, and it is that the mediums serve as an instrument, not properly to the spirit of the deceased, because one thing is the Being of oneself, the Being of people, and another thing is their egos.

Have you not heard that Jesus of Nazareth expelled seven demons from the body of Mary Magdalene? Well, they are the seven deadly sins: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc., etc., etc., and "many other weeds." Conclusion: as Virgil, the poet of Mantua, said:

"No, not if I had a hundred mouths, a hundred tongues, and throats of brass, inspired with iron lungs, I could not half those my horrid crimes describe, nor half the punishments those crimes have met.” —The Aeneid

Indeed, there are so many, and each one of those defects is a demon that everybody carries within!

Listen, those demons that one carries inside are the ones that get into the bodies of the mediums to speak; that's it. It is not the soul or the spirit of the deceased, which enters the body of a medium, there is no such thing. I was able to prove that, much later, through my experiments.

Well, roughly speaking, I am telling you something, well, from what I know, in a matter of spiritism.

William Crookes managed to materialize the deceased. William Crookes was the one who presented the "radiant matter" in his glass tubes. He materialized entities, he materialized a certain Katie King, who had died I don't know how many years ago, and made her visible and tangible in a laboratory. That, in itself, is interesting, right? The body of that medium, they tied it inside a hermetic chamber, they wrapped it, that scientist wrapped it, with electric wires. He made those wires pass through the holes of the ears, so that with any little movement that he tried to do, like that, a bell would sound; there was no possibility, not even a remote one, of being able to commit fraud. And Katie King materialized, in the presence of two mediums, who were the Misses Fox.

There Katie King was materializing for three years in the presence of unbelieving scientists, materialists, that they did not believe "not even one iota" of what was being done there. And that entity allowed itself to be photographed; they subjected her to different analyzes and then, in the presence of the same scientists, it dematerialized little by little; dematerializing, and in the presence of cameras and everything. And besides, still, as if that weren't enough, she left them a lock of materialized hair, that was more than enough.

I still don't think that it was the spirit or the soul of Katie King; I think it was one of Katie King's egos, the one that became so visible and tangible. But the experiment was interesting nonetheless.

Let us now consider the question of magic. Undoubtedly, being a magician is one of the greatest desires of many people. I consider that there have been magicians, and very good ones, black and white.


Doctor Faust, for example, was a tremendous, terrific magician. I say he was a white magician. Over there, in one of my books, named precisely The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac, I quote something extraordinary: a group of people, in Vienna, in the midst of a banquet, decided to call Dr. Faust, and he was in Prague. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door: Dr. Faust, who had gotten off his horse. The servants report to the master of the house, who becomes surprised, he looks out, and there is no doubt: Dr. Faust is there. They open the door and Faust enters (the horse was passed to the stable). and Dr. Faust sits at the guests' table, shares the wine with them; happy feast.

Over there, at three in the morning, the horse neighs. Then Dr. Faust says: "I get to go!" They try to stop him. For the second time, the beast neighs again, and the third time (and no more), Dr. Faust gets up, says goodbye to everyone and leaves. Those who saw him say that he rode his horse, that he came out and that he flew away, like the horse of Pegasus, like the famous Pegasus, a mythological horse.

Wonders, that people are free to believe or not believe! Everyone can think as they want. I find it very interesting and I see no impossibility. Simply, I understand that this horse is the same Lucifer of Dr. Faust, because each one of us has his particular, individual Lucifer.

The belief that Lucifer is a personage sitting there, on a throne, with an iron fork in his right hand, as a unique entity in the entire universe, well, that belief is absurd, that is a fantasy, that does not have reality; nonetheless, indeed, everyone has their own Lucifer.

What is Lucifer within us? He is (Christus-Lucifer) a reflection of the solar Logos within us, the very shadow of the Logos within us.

Why do we have him inside, for what purpose? I say that Lucifer, indeed, is the Christ, disguised within ourselves. But you might ask: Why does Christ disguises himself like that? Well, for something else! For what, for what purpose? Listen ladies and gentlemen, this is, in order for us to use him as a ladder, yes, ladies and gentlemen, in order for us to use Lucifer as a ladder, so that we can climb up!

"Expect that by such stairs as these," thus spoke the master (Virgil), panting like a man forespent, "We must depart from evil so extreme." – Divine Comedy canto 34

Haven't you read Dante's "Divine Comedy"? I advise you to study it, it is worth it.

In "The Divine Comedy," Lucifer appears in the heart of the earth; Virgil says:

"Thou deemest thou art still On the other side the centre, where I grasped The abhorred worm, that boreth through the world. Thou wast on the other side, so long as I Descended; when I turned, thou didst overpass That point, to which from every part is dragged All heavy substance. Thou art now arrived Under the hemisphere opposed to that, Which the great continent doth overspread, And underneath whose canopy expired The Man, that was born sinless, and so lived. Thy feet are planted on the smallest sphere, Whose other aspect is Judaica. Morn Here rises, when there evening sets: and he, Whose hairy pile was climbed, yet stands fixed, As at the first. On this part he fell down From heaven; and the earth, here prominent before, Through fear of him did veil her with the sea, And to our hemisphere retired. Perchance To shun him was the vacant space left here By what of firm land on this side appears, That sprang aloof." - Divine Comedy canto 34

So, above he walked on the surface of the earth and descended vertically, there in the heart of the earth, thus, in that heart is Lucifer.

Dante Alighieri says:

“At six eyes he wept: the tears Adown three chins distill'd with bloody foam.” – Divine Comedy” - Divine Comedy canto 34

Behold the sixth arcanum of the tarot: Tiphereth.

Tarot 6

In arcanum 6 of the Tarot, the human soul appears between vice and virtue, that is, stuck in the alley of temptations, between vice and virtue. And do not forget that the number of the "great harlot", according to the apocalypse of Saint John, is six repeated three times [666].

To this point, are you already understanding why, "At six eyes, Lucifer wept"? When Virgil wanted to go down to the ninth Dantean circle, together with Dante, they had no choice but to go down, he says, “on Lucifer's back," which served as a ladder. Each lucifer hair was like a huge beam that served as a ladder. That's where they went down. When they wanted to go up, they had no choice but to also use Lucifer as a ladder.

It is good to understand this, it is good to understand it; all this is symbolic. Obviously, "lucifer is a ladder to go down and a ladder to go up."

Now you will understand why Christ disguises himself as Lucifer. It would not be possible to go up by another way, we have to go up on that ladder; We can't go down the other way either. No, “Lucifer is the ladder to go down and the ladder to go up.”

Lucifer gives us the sexual impulse.

How could one work in the forge of the cyclops, in the ninth Dantesque sphere, without that "luciferic impulse"?

Of course, in that impulse there is rebellion.

Yes, the rebellion of Lucifer. But the impulse exists in us, and without that impulse it is not possible to work in the ninth sphere. That is, the sexual union, without the impulse of Lucifer, would not exist. Lucifer is in sex, and lucifer gives us the impulse.

Now, if one, during metaphysical copulation, or chemical intercourse, restrains the animal impulse, and instead of committing the crime of spilling the cup of Hermes, transmutes the sacred sperm into energy, one unquestionably climbs on the ladder of Lucifer. And if one keeps repeating that, every time one keeps doing it or repeating it, one'll keep going up. Because lucifer wants to make one to fall, but if one doesn't fall, then one goes up, up, and one takes advantage of it to die, because if one pierces Lucifer (as Michael did) and defeats him, then on that basis, one climbs up, up, and up from degree to degree, until one becomes a real magician, but a white magician, with powers over fire, over air, over water, over earth.

The Holy Grail

Behold the intimate relationship between Lucifer and Christ. It is said that Christ drank, at the last supper, from the chalice; and that chalice was sought after, in the Middle Ages, by the knights of the Eucharistic Crusades. That chalice is nothing but the holy grail.

But why did Christ suffer so much, in the presence of the holy chalice?

I am talking about very esoteric matters. If you pay a little attention to this, you can even self-realize, liberate yourselves; but if you do not pay attention to it, then you might lose the "opportunity." It is all about paying attention. If you are sleepy, then wake up; in such a jolt, wake up. Listen, what happens is that the ego... The ego doesn't like to talk about these things, because his life is in danger. This is serious for the ego, and it prefers that the body falls asleep, or that it gets tired, that it feels bored, something like that. This is why this is well worth paying attention...

Why does Jesus Christ, in the presence of the cup, say:

“Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.” – Luke 22: 42

Are you understanding what that chalice is? That sacred chalice is the hermetic vessel itself, it is Solomon's cup, it is the sacred urn of the great mysteries, it is the holy yoni, that is, the creative organ of the eternal feminine; that's obvious. Without that sacred vessel, no one can reach the intimate self-realization of the Being.

The legend of the centuries says that “when that terrible revolt of the angels against God, that then Michael, with a lance that he gave him, hit the head of Lucifer..., with the lance, and there, in the head, on his forehead, he carried an emerald-shaped chalice. That chalice fell to the ground," so they say. Since then, it is ensured that this chalice is in the temple of Montserrat, in Spain, Catalonia.

How did that chalice get to the temple of Montserrat? I'm going to tell you: first of all, it is claimed that the king of the world, Melchizedek, gave that cup to Abraham. But how did he deliver it? When Abraham came from the war against the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah (this was in the days of Methuselah, but it is well worth quoting). Already victorious, he found (where Jerusalem was later built) he found a great stone fortress, a military fortress. In that fortress he found the king of the world, Melchizedek. Tradition tells that with Melchizedek, Abraham celebrated the holy Gnostic Unction; and Abraham paid Melchizedek the tithes of all. It is also said that Melchizedek gave Abraham the holy grail, that chalice.

Later that chalice, I don't know for what reason, the Queen of Sheba had it. The Queen of Sheba brought it to Solomon, but before giving the chalice to Solomon, she subjected Solomon to tremendous tests. Solomon, in all tests, came out well. The last test was the definitive one: the queen of Sheba brought 25 young people of both sexes (males and females) dressed in the same way, both females and males; all arranged in the same way and in the same fashion. The men were careful to shave very well and were even slightly painted, so that it was not known if they were men or women. And King Solomon had to say who were men and who were women (that was the little problem that the Queen of Sheba posed to him), but Solomon-King was very wise and made them all wash their hands, and in the way they washed their hands, he knew who were men and who were women.

Well, the Queen of Sheba needed a little more cunning, I say, right? Because if she had trained them before, so that they would have washed their hands in the same way, who knows how King Solomon would have done, right? But she lacked that detail. So of course, each one washed his hands in his way; then he said: “This is a man, this is a woman, this is a man, that is a woman..". Well, overall, he did very well in the test, and the Queen of Sheba gave him the holy grail.

They say that Jesus of Nazareth, when he celebrated the Last Supper, he drank the wine right there, in that sacred cup, and when they took him to Golgotha, Joseph of Arimathea approached Calvary and in that cup, collected the blood that fell from the cross and filled the whole chalice with that blood.

Then he hid the cup and also hid the spear with which Longinus wounded the lord's side. When the Roman police raided the house, well, they simply didn't find either the chalice or the spear. So, for not having handed over those treasures, they put him in jail, he spent a long prison term.

When he got out of prison, they say he was in prison for forty-nine years (it seems to me, frankly, that there is an exaggeration in that: forty-nine years in jail, already old? It seems to me that they exaggerate, those who have narrated this; I think they kept him prisoner for a little while and threw him out; that's all), then he left, took out those treasures and went in search of Christians in Rome, but found Nero's persecution against the Christians.

He continued along the shores of the Mediterranean and one night, in a dream, an angel appeared to him and said: “That chalice is very sacred; in that chalice the blood of the redeemer of the world is contained; bury it there.” And he took him to the temple of Catalonia (temple of Montserrat, Catalonia). Since then, that chalice is there.

In the Middle Ages, the knights were looking for the cup (this is why they went to the holy land) but did not find it. As a reminder of that search, there is the "cup" that is given to the Olympic champions. So that "cup" that is given to the different champions, that trophy, comes as a remembrance of the time when the holy grail was sought.

So, as you see: in order to triumph and have the holy vessel in power, and reach the intimate self-realization of the Being, it is necessary to fight against the Lord Lucifer. Lucifer is within oneself, not outside oneself; but people don't understand this, they look at that wretched devil in such a bad manner, right? Nevertheless, we need to whiten Lucifer. He is black, like coal; behold this is how we have it. He is "ugly", but if we intend to eliminate the ego, well, we will whiten Lucifer, and one day, he will be dressed in the resplendent, brilliant tunic; that's obvious.

When that happens, he will integrate with us, and we with him, and we will become archangels.

Behold how much Christ's love is: disguising himself as a devil so that he can serve us as a ladder so that we go up! This is a bit abstract, and the mind, the reasoning, refuses to understand it; but if you sharpen your intuition a little, you will be able to intuit it very well... This is fundamental in magic.

Now, there are black magicians, that is very serious, isn't it? For example, if an individual develops mental strength, let us suppose, and does not dissolve the ego, he becomes a black magician, that is obvious..., but that is obvious: an individual armed with powers: clairvoyant, clairaudient, with terrible mental strength, but that does not dissolve the ego, what is he? He is a black magician, that much is clear! So, one needs to become but a white magician, not a black one.


"Jinns." There are white jinns and there are black jinns... What is meant by "jinns"? Let's talk about jinns, what is meant by jinns? If one puts his physical body within the fourth vertical, he enters the jinns state. Thus, in the fourth vertical there are many people who have physical bodies. In the fourth vertical there are human populations that are alive. There are magical cities, with people of flesh and blood, cities that are within the fourth vertical.

Precisely the Tuatha de Danann, was a Jinn race. They came from Atlantis, they walked all over Europe, founding magical cities. They always carried four symbols: first, a sword; second, a cup, the chalice; the third, they carried was a spear; and the fourth, a cubic stone, the stone of truth...

The lance of Longinus is nothing else but Minerva's shaft, or the sacred weapon of Achilles, the phallus, without which no one can attain self-realization. Without the virile sexual power, who can achieve self-realization? Nobody, no eunuch can self-realize his Self, no impotent person can attain self-realization.

The cup, the chalice, is the sacred yoni, the eternal feminine. Who could attain the self-realization without the holy grail? The woman's sexual organ is blessed, it is divine, because it is the holy chalice, in which Jesus the Christ drank the last supper.

And then we have the stone of truth, which is nothing else but the philosophical stone (the stone of truth). The day that we have managed to manufacture the superior existential bodies of the Being, and even more: the day that these bodies have been perfected and are made of pure gold, then, the Intimate Christ will dress with them. That is the philosopher's stone, or cubic stone. Whoever has this stone in his possession will be able to perform wonders: transmute lead into gold, make diamonds of the highest quality, unleash storms, calm volcanoes, make the earth tremble, etc., to immortalize for him/herself a body of flesh and bone, physically, and many more wonders. But you have to have the stone; that stone is achieved by indeed working on oneself.

So these Tuatha de Danann carried those four symbols and founded magical cities in the fourth dimension. When they returned to Ireland (because they had first been "expelled" from there), they returned in a jinn state and faced a tribe of black magicians that was in Ireland. The "the battle of Mag Tuired" was terrible; they won the battle, they defeated the tenebrous ones. That is the reality about the Tuatha de Danann. And do you believe that the Tuatha de Danann died forever? There is no such! It is true that after the submergence of Atlantis, the Tuatha de Danann disappeared; but what happened was that they submerged themselves within the fourth dimension, they live in the fourth dimension: they reproduce in the fourth dimension, they have a body of flesh and blood, they are people like us.


Nonetheless this does not mean that everything in this life is of rosy color; next to the roses, there are always thorns: there are also the black jinns. I know them, I know some and I know others. Among the black jinns, well, they perform everything they call "witchcraft" and "Witches' Sabbath."..

There is a joke, a prank that says: "One should not believe in witches, but they exist, indeed, they exist." Well, who are those infamous witches, who everyone worries about? After all, what are they?

Eliphas Levi says that he once wounded a witch with a metal spike. But properly, it was not Eliphas Levi who hurt her, but Papus, Count Papus. The witch appeared in the astral, she wanted to invade the room, and finally one day, this man couldn't stand it anymore, he resorted to a metal spear and when the shiny figure appeared inside his room, he "hit" it with the tremendous spear. Excuse me, I'm remembering it wrong..., he didn't hit her with a spear but with a bayonet, he "hit" her with the bayonet...

The truth was that the next day, they informed him that the lady so-and-so, known to him, had woken up mortally wounded, with a blow from a metal weapon to the head. Conclusion: she died, well, that was what Papus did. Papus killed her, rather; he eliminated her, he disincarnated her... That was a crime of homicide? Yes. Under those conditions Papus considers that he did not commit a fault. I say that he did commit it, but he thinks he didn't.

It is worth reflecting on this: was it the astral of that witch, as count Papus says, that appeared there, or what was it that appeared?... Eliphaz Levi, says that Papus himself said, that “ the vibration reached the body of the witch and she died..".

I am remembering, at this moment, something that was narrated to me in the little town of Santiago de Tepalcatlalpan, it is a specific case. Santiago de Tepalcatlalpan, is famous for being the land of sorcerers, there, near to the federal district. Well, I am talking about this, "a little ugly", because if there were someone from Santiago here, they would possibly react furiously, right? But we are, fortunately, in these studies; If not, bless my soul holy Mary, mother of God! Where would we end up? Well, the truth was that this friend narrated to me and I believe him, because he is a very serious man. Some big dogs were always bothering, they came to a door of a house, and those dogs were always bothering at the door of the same house (the house over there, of a such-and-such guy), until one of those many days, that guy couldn't stand the dogs anymore, and said, “Something is going on around here, and I suspect this is an “ominous situation; this dog must be a Nahuatl magician" then, he went and got his "machete" and strongly hit one of those dogs, the others fled.

Well, the next day, a summons appears in the “delegation” of Santiago de Tecalpatlalpan: the man who hit the dog was summoned. But if the dog disappeared, who was he? Well, the same sorcerer filed the complaint: "Mr. so-and-so hit me with a machete last night and I am seriously injured." The authorities checked: yes, he was seriously injured; with several blows to his body. Well, it was to no avail that the accused man, said: “I did not know that this was a person; what I macheted was a dog.” since the sorcerer answered: "yes sir, I was that dog and you came to hit me with a machete.".. 

Conclusion: well things got very serious, and I don't know, in the end, where it stopped. But it seems that this turned into a lawsuit in the delegation. It is a case, then, concrete, physical, concrete.

Now, it would be worthwhile for me to say something that I know, because stories are very nice, and what do you know? Right? Well, well, I do know, I'm going to tell you what I know.

They say that there was a woman there, they say that she she was one of those, she was a harpy, by the way, she wouldn't be very beautiful, when she was a harpy, right? Well, I tried to make friends with the harpy, because I've always been a researcher, I've liked to explore directly, not sticking only to the question of "little books", but going to see, to see, to see what there is of truth in everything, right? And I advise you the same: be daring in your investigation. One has to investigate, to find out for oneself, right? I became a friend of the harpy (as if not to call her “witch," right?). Well, and it took a lot of work for her to tell me that she did know something, but in the end I managed to get her to tell me, of course! She did experiments; she told me, “Well, tonight I invite you..".

I told her, “Perfect; where?."

“Well, don't worry about where; I invite you..".


At midnight I laid down in supine position, with the body relaxed, waiting to see what would happen... twelve!... well, I was so awake. One o’clock!..., nothing happened. The hours came and went; and I said “here what is going to happen is that I am going to be awake all night. And all sleep-depraved, tomorrow I will have tremendous dark circles under my eyes, but we are going to wait, to see what happens." As she had told me, that lady, who had a reputation for having powers, who invited me for one of those stranger walks, I said: "let's see what happens."..

Well, suddenly I felt awake, just as I am here. I felt a weight on my body. I had left the lights on. I should have left them off, right? It was stupid of me to have left them on; but, well, I left them on, no way! Well, then I felt a weight on my body, on my chest. I was going to breathe and I couldn't. I felt like I was drowning. And then the voice of that lady: "Well, come on, here I am, walk!."

She had lain on top of me. I felt that her feet weren't like ordinary feet; it looked like a fish tail that moved over the lower parts of the body, that is, over the feet.

Since I am not afraid, frankly, and I like to be daring in the investigation, I said: “Let's see what happens, because I am not afraid; tell me let's go?" Well, I got up and she got off of me, so I could get up, and she even helped me up. I got up, stood up, to see what was going on. Standing up, she tells me, “Come on, don't be afraid!." 

“No, I am not afraid of anyone!” I said

“Follow me!” she said.

“Of course, well, I am going to follow her, right now." And I went behind her, walking.

I crossed a patio there, at midnight. What I had not done was, well, I had not taken off my clothes. I had them on, just in case. That of going to turn out with "underclothing" and in the middle of the street, with that cold, help me God! That's why I did so...

Well, already in the street, when going out to the street door, outside, at that time, a group of ladies come to me, very respectable ladies... “I am very pleased to introduce to you this friend." They all came to greet me,“Nice to meet you."

I counted them; it was a group of sixty people, all very respectable ladies. Well, then they bowed to me, with great respect, those sixty ladies and they told me, "Follow us!"

"Fine!." I followed them.

So, they told me, “Go ahead!” Then I came to the edge of a precipice. They said, "Jump and fear not!"

Well, frankly, I saw the abyss, below, and in a body of flesh and blood, dressed like this, as I am now and everything, but I thought to myself: “I'm gambling, I'm not going to be afraid. If I fear, I may lose a chance, an opportunity; I better not fear!” I threw myself into the air, and with great astonishment floated in the atmosphere. There was no doubt: my physical body had entered the fourth vertical. Thus, floating in the atmosphere, they carried me across the ocean. I know that I saw the Atlantic Ocean below, there was no doubt, and I floated in the environment, and those sixty Jinn people accompanied me.

I didn't see anything like they say, that witches ride on brooms for travelling, or something like that. There was none of that there; I saw those sixty ladies, all venerable, very respectable, floating in the surrounding environment and encouraging me not to be afraid; that was the harsh reality of the facts.

I said, “Well, let's see what this whole thing is going to do." I finally arrived. Where? "What place is this?"

I was told, “It is Spain, sir..".

“Ah, this is Spain!."

I advanced a little more and found myself before a strange building. “This building, what is it? Help my soul Holy Mary, mother of God! Where am I now?" Well, that building was nothing less than Klingsor's castle. So, I said: “Aha! So, from Richard Wagner's marvelous opera, Klingsor's Castle, exists. Then Richard Wagner was not a fool: he knew them all, and of all, all ."..

I immediately knew, by intuition, that this Klingsor castle was the antithesis of that other castle, which is the Monsalvat castle, where the Holy Grail is, no less. Well, I continued to the place. There I could see that they had a Christ, but they had the Christ under a large copper pot... Behold, how did I end up right here? Well the castle was surrounded by splendid gardens, everything was wonderful. In the center, inside the castle, there was a large hall, with one of those eighteenth-century-style rugs. What rock crystal mirrors, with what exorbitant luxury! Everything was splendid there: a candelabrum that hang there, illuminating the room, and under that candelabrum a table appeared!...

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I tell you that I was there. There I saw couples dance, happily, at midnight (men and women dancing). I found that this was a population of human beings who carry their bodies in a Jinn state and who travel through the fourth vertical. But there is something that did shock me: it was forbidden to name the divine mother Kundalini; it was forbidden to name the Christ. Then I already realized that those people were black Jinns. When one dares to name the Christ, they say to him:... ...“Be careful with those evil words!." When one names the divine mother, the virgin-mother, this is enough for these people to immediately become furious, and from friends they become terrible enemies to death... Then I said: “These are black jinns. Well, I've already met this thing, no way” ... I left that room, alone, on my own, and through the atmosphere again, I said: “I'm going to return home." I was able to return safe and sound, nothing had happened to me, but I had had a nice experience: I had met the black jinns.

Thus, if there are white jinns, there are also black jinns. And I know the white jinns, because I have been, personally, in the temple of Chapultepec, in Mexico. Furthermore, I am going to tell you a great truth, I am going to confess it to you: I am an active member of the Chapultepec temple in Mexico. In that temple, we have a copy of the holy grail; In that temple, we have a precious altar, we have a marvelous hall and Gnostic brothers meet there. The one who is running that temple now is the Master Rasmussen and his wife; both are Gnostics. There the Christ is followed, they are white jinns.

So that you see the two antipodes: black jinns and white jinns. And I know both of them from direct experience, not from what others say or don't say...

Invocations: There are many ways to make invocations. In my past existence I taught some, for example, to invoke the Lucifer-Nahuatl. Which Lucifer am I referring to, the devil, that one invented by the "priests"? No! I am referring to the inner Lucifer of each one of us, to make him visible and tangible. Then our great friend Arturo (who at that time was named Antonio Vargas) was saved nothing less than being shot... He was in the extremism, at the time of the revolution, and they were already taking him, to shoot him, a group of soldiers, yet, he remembered the key that I had given him: the clavicle of Solomon, in order to invoke Lucifer-Nahuatl. He recited it, vocalized it. Conclusion what happened? Well, he managed to become invisible. He got on his horse; They all saw that there was a horse, but without a rider. The soldiers said: "But what happened?" Well, they made a huge scandal at that time, in the newspapers, and they looked for him "as a needle in a haystack." They never found him...

They commented everywhere on the matter: "Witchcraft," they said, "witchcraft, for sure he is a sorcerer!" Solomon’s clavicle gave him a good outcome, the wretched one was saved. If not, how about? Look: "fuisssh, they would have given him chicharron [execution]", no more than that, no more! So, it is true that there are keys to becoming one invisible.

But at this moment, something interesting comes to mind: Dr. Faust taught someone how to invoke Lucifer-Nahuatl. The subject had asked him to give him "little classes" and Dr. Faust gave them to him, he showed him King Solomon's clavicle. So, that subject went to a place where two path roads crossed, he stood in the center, and pronounced the clavicle of King Solomon several times, invoking nothing else than the Lord Lucifer, finally he appeared. Yet, he appeared: horrible, terrifyingly ugly. Why? Because this disciple still had a long way to go, he was very new and had a very fat ego, and, well, Lucifer reflects exactly the state one is in; it is none other than the psychological state in which one finds oneself... Well, the wretched man did not resist: he ran away, frightened. He arrived at his house and bang! "he collapsed, private"! Three days later he died.

The wretched man was only able to confess and take communion before he exhaled his last breath... So, do you see? He went into “an asylum straitjacket.”

So, the first thing you have to have, in life, is a lot of courage to be able to make an invocation of that nature. Well, one already aware that it is his own Lucifer, he may not be so afraid anymore, right? But normally people are always horrified by such things.

So that is very true and completely true: in matters of magic, then, simply, it is necessary to have awakened the sacred serpent, to have, let us say, marched firmly along the path of the great light...

How to Enter the Jinn State

There are black jinns, there are white jinns, etc. I believe that the best invocations should always be done while one is outside the physical body, or with the physical body inside the fourth vertical. If one, for example, puts his physical body in the fourth vertical, one can make all the invocations one wants, and with very good success. But how does the physical body get into the fourth vertical? Well, it's a matter of having a little bit of faith, ladies and gentlemen, faith... One lies down on the left side, one puts one's head there, on the palm of the left hand; then one focuses on Harpocrates, but you have to know how to call him. One says: har-po-crat-is, (pronouncing the “h”) with full concentration on Harpocrates (they say he is a deity who handles a variant of the Christic force).

If one invokes Harpocrates..., I'm going to write here how the Harpocrates mantra is pronounced: see it! (he writes on the board) this is how it's pronounced: look at it! Do not stop taking the respective note. Har-po-crat-is.

One concentrates, invoking Harpocrates, but profoundly, and then, when one already feels that one's body is itching a lot, one does not scratch it, because if one scratches one’s body, the experiment is damaged. You have to lie on the left side and in the way that the chicks are inside the egg, in the shell. You have to do it in that way, and you get very good success...

It is convenient, for example, to put a shell (one of those egg shells) on top of the “desk," painted blue. But, for that, a magical operation must be carried out: the pointed side of an egg is cut, so that the yolk and the white are removed, but, before doing this operation, the egg is passed through warm water, to warm it; then yes, the pointed side of the egg is cut, the yolk and the white are removed, then it is painted blue, it is placed on the “desk," thus, immediately, yes, to imagine, to see with the imagination that one is inside that shell, and one’s body must take the form of the chick inside the shell, and well concentrated in Harpocrates, which is a deity, an angel of light.

Listen, you are not going to confuse him with a midnight harpy. No, sir, he is an angel of light.

So, then, well focused on Harpocrates, when you begin to feel "itchy", don't scratch yourself, because scratching damages the experiment; do you get it? one does not scratch one’s body. So then, when one begins to see one’s body a little "half inflated", like swollen, it is the sign that one’s body is already entering the fourth dimension. Seeing your body like this, gently sit up on the bed. One sits gently, with the feet on the ground, one stands up. And standing up, take a long jump, with the intention of floating. If your body floats in the surrounding environment, it is because you have already achieved it, your physicality is already in the fourth dimension. Thus, with your physicality already in the fourth dimension, you can travel wherever you want; notwithstanding, you are only prohibited from taking your physical body to other planets (this is an inviolable factor). So, content yourself with traveling within the planet Earth, do not try to violate laws.

You can travel, for example, to the magical cities founded by the Tuatha de Danann. In Europe there are magical cities; The Mayans, in Yucatan, have other magical cities, and instructions can be received there. You can also travel to the Chapultepec temple in Mexico. Nonetheless, I do not assure you that they will allow you to enter. You must knock at the door, to see if they allow you to enter; you just fulfil with knocking. If they let you in, fine, and if they don't let you in, then accept it! Since by not letting you in, you realize that you still have to work a lot on yourselves, that you have to dissolve the animal ego; that's clear. This is called, then, traveling with the physical body in a jinn state, such state is extraordinary...

Student: Master, can I ask you a question?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes ask me...

Student: In the case, if one were to float, how would one move through the fourth dimension?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, frankly, I never thought about that, you know? I just jump and fly away and then I continue flying...

Student: And how does one get to a place that one doesn't know?

Samael Aun Weor: It is a matter of telepathy; telepathically one sees the place where one is going; little by little, slowly. Of course: what can happen is that you knock at the door and they don't open it; because many times one arrives at a certain temple of mysteries, for example, and since one is not prepared, they "running" take one out from there. What are you going to do?... Being a “nosy” one, well, they take one out. So, you have to know, then, where one is going to “poke one's nose," one must not go where one shouldn't. There are places where they are pure Mahatmas, pure hierophants; thus, when a wretched beginner arrives, from there they "running" take him out because "no other way."..

So, all this that we have discussed tonight is interesting. Now, for those who find it difficult to leave with the physical body from the bed, they can do it (if they want to be in jinn state on easter), well, you can do it in a different way: tend first to leave at will, in the astral, right? Taking advantage of the transition state between wakefulness and sleep. And when you are between asleep and awake, you get up "gently" from the bed, put your feet on the ground and stand up, get up. If one goes back to look at what was left, there on the bed: the body was left. But one has to take advantage of the transition state between wakefulness and sleep. Then one “projects” oneself, as we say, “in the astral.” Thereafter, if one wants to carry one’s physicality, then withdraw from the physical body, walk out in the astral, but call your physical body. Call it, call it! “Physical body, come, come behind me, walk behind me; come, physical body, obey me!” One solution is to concentrate there, on that physical body. Then, your physical body gets up and comes after you, without knowing at what time that body penetrates inside your astral, thus, the physical body has already stayed within you in the fourth vertical.   

After that, which allows you to "be in jinn state on easter," you leave, as they say in esotericism, "you leave here praying" (it is an esoteric way of speaking) and one leaves with a physical body and everything, They go, as we say, with a body of flesh and blood, and everything, inside, within the fourth vertical, studying the wonders of nature and the cosmos. 

I have done it, I know how to do it; I can't find any difficulty for that, it seemed too easy to me. Now one, with the body within the fourth vertical, can make great invocations. If one calls, for example, the angel Anael, one pronounces the angel's name Anael and the mantra Aum several times, it may take a while. There are times when such a master is very busy and takes a long time to come, but when he arrives, one is amazed to see the master: his blond hair on his shoulders, his white robe, full of extraordinary beauty (the angel of love) and great wisdom. One in the presence of Anael, feels like one returns to childhood, he provokes one to play innocently, one feels happy. If you ask the angel Anael something, he answers you with exact wisdom, he never fails, never.

Student: Master, may I ask you a question?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes!

Student: Recently I met a person who didn't want to tell me, but he had a drawing similar to the one I'm showing you, with a very ugly blue eye. And he said, "that such was his god." I asked him: who is it?, and he didn't want to answer me. He just said: “no, you're not allow; he is my god!” That's what he told me.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, zenón, well, zenón zanoni, right? But in this case I would say..., and in the shape of the eye is not very good.

Student: No, the eye is very ugly...

Samael Aun Weor: The eye is a bit sinister. Because there is no doubt that he was a black magician...

Student: I believe so...

Samael Aun Weor: Because one thing is the eye of divinity, with which god is represented, very well done and with thirteen rays, that is, the eye of truth to symbolize the "ancient of days."

So that was a black magician, the one who played that trick on you...

So, you see how interesting the work of high magic is, then. Already, in the practical way, patience is needed. I, in honor of the truth, tell you: in order to learn how to put my physical body in a jinn state, I took a whole year: I went to bed invoking Harpocrates, for example, and falling asleep slightly, carefully checking my sleep; but many times I would get up, go for a walk, take the leap and nothing, then I went back to bed again. And sometimes when it was raining, I went out to the patio of the house, very convinced that it was over, then I jumped and nothing. On the other hand, yes "the rain hit me, and I got a good wash", right? And in wintertime, do you know what that is? a whole year; miraculously I didn't get a bronchial pneumonia! Well, the curious thing about the case was that, yes sir, one of those many days, about fourteen times I had gotten out of my bed, doing the same experiment. Somewhere around the fifteenth time, at the fifteenth I went out, I took the elongated little jump, with the intention of floating, and it finally worked. I said, “wonderful!” Well, already in that state, I was able to go where I wanted. Then I kept doing it and I kept doing it; finally, that practice gave me very good results.

Another, take advantage of the precise moment of waking up. If you are sleeping soundly and suddenly woke up, you should immediately take a long jump, but without thinking about it, because if you put in a little bit of reason, you have already failed. Instantaneous, automatic, without thinking, by pure instinct, you must take the leap and you will see what results: it remains floating, in a jinn state. This also gave me very good results.

Well, the truth is that one, with the body placed in the fourth vertical, can truly invoke the masters. One can summon if one wants, for example, Orifiel, Michael. You can invoke whoever you want: Master Kuth Humi, Master Moria, talk with the ineffable beings, learn directly from them the great truths, the great wisdom. But one also has to be careful of the tenebrous ones, because the tenebrous ones attack you, yes. I'm not saying they don't attack; they do attack. So, one has to learn to form a magic circle around oneself, a well-made circle, which imagines a white one around you, well done. Combine one's imagination and willpower, in vibrant harmony, and form a circle around you. With the circle one is protected from the tenebrous ones, so that they cannot attack you. And besides, one must learn by heart the conjurations of the four and the seven, which serve for defense. With those conjurations, one defends oneself very well, the tenebrous ones flee when reciting the conjurations. But you have to "utter them out" with force, at the moment of danger.

There are many other mantras that we will teach you later, as you advance in these studies. Today I wanted to tell you how to put the physical body in the fourth coordinate; I have explained to you that there are white jinns, and that there are black jinns; that there are lands of jinns. The lands of jinns are lands of the fourth dimension; that is the earthly paradise, of which the bible speaks; the “Elysian fields," as they say, the garden of Eden. There one finds beautiful humanities, of flesh and blood, that live, next to us (and yet, people do not see them), that eat, drink, reproduce, are people; the only advantage is that they have no ego. Behold what a tremendous advantage: they have no ego, they are innocent, pure, beautiful! Races of flesh and blood, humans; they know about here, about the people who live in the three-dimensional world, and they see these people with horror. They are races that have not left the garden of Eden, that live in the garden of Eden.

So, the people who live here, in this three-dimensional world, are not the only people on the planet Earth; there are other races that are currently living in the fourth vertical; they are human persons, but one comes to evidence, to verify, when one learns to enter into the fourth vertical. Not before, before it can even be a reason for a belief, or a disbelief, or a laugh, or sarcasm, or a story for young children; but when one has really trained in the use, let's say, in learning how to enter into the fourth dimension, that becomes a tremendous reality for oneself.

In any case, this is practical esotericism. It is better to be practical and not waste our time in so many theories of substantial content that do not take one anywhere. One has to be practical; that's it!