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tower-babel This is a lecture about the Tower of Babel, an event written of in the book of Genesis of the Hebrew bible. The book of Genesis is a Gnostic book written by Gnostics; the whole book hides the mystery of Daath, the Hebrew word for knowledge, which in Greek is Gnosis. So, Genesis is 100% Gnostic, whose myths hide a lot of knowledge.

Remember that a myth is like a coffer, a box, that hides a truth. This mythical truth is behind the scene, veiled by the narrative, veiled by the story; this is how the book of Genesis was written, based on events that happened in the past but written in the manner of stories in order to hide certain secrets or Arcana that only those with knowledge can understand.  This is why in this day and age you find a lot of arguments, debates, related with the book of Genesis, due to the fact that they do not have the clues in order to unveil these myths that hide a lot of psychological, cosmological, and natural truths that only the initiates who walk the path of the mystery of Daath, the mystery of knowledge, can clearly see, yet common people do not comprehend it, they do not understand it.

So, here in chapter eleven of the book of Genesis we find the story about the Tower of Babel, which is of course a very profound symbol that hides psychological truths. Here we have to emphasis from the Gnostic point of view the word "psychology" which is explained in the following way:

  • Psyche = the Soul
  • Logos = the Word, or the way in which the spirit manifests itself through the psyche.

So, "psychology" in Gnosticism is the way in which the psyche discovers or unveils within by itself in a direct manner the mysteries of the spirit, the mysteries of the "Human," which is another word that, as you know, we always explain as follows:

  • Hum = spirit
  • Man = Manas

"Human" means the mind who knows about the mysteries of the spirit and the mysteries of life and death.

We address the psyche as essence, soul, or consciousness, although, sometimes we use the other term "anima," which is a Latin word that describes the soul; thus, anima, psyche, consciousness, essence, soul are synonyms that hide the same meaning.

The consciousness-the soul, the essence, or the anima-descends from the stars; it descends from that which we call the Monad, the Spirit, the Unity, which in the book of Genesis is described as Jehovah Elohim.

Jehovah Elohim is that part of us which relates to our Monad, that part that begat the Essence; this is something that we must comprehend when we read the book of Genesis from the psychological point of view, since each one of us has their own particular individual Jehovah Elohim.

So, that essence that is created or engendered by the Jehovah Elohim of our Monad is what we call the consciousness. When we address the Being or the Spirit, we visualize the Spirit, the Monad, situated beyond this tridimensional world, even beyond the mind, and when we refer to the consciousness, we understand that such a consciousness is the inner reality of what we are; the consciousness is our own reality, yet we are out of touch with it: our consciousness is asleep.

Normally, the Jehovah Elohim that resides within each one of us, within the highest part of our Being, abides at the cosmological level of the Milky Way, which in Kabbalah is related with the sixth dimension; thus, from there the Spirit projects its essence.  So, the essence descends from the Milky Way, from the galaxy, it passes through the solar system, and enters the planetary zone in order to finally enter into the womb of a woman.  This is the way that psychologically, gnostically, we explain the descent of the soul into the physical world.

The First Level: The Twelve Doors and Seventy-two Pillars

According to Kabbalah, the base, the foundation of the Tower of Babel, has twelve doors and seventy-two pillars. By carefully studying this symbol, we understand that the twelve doors of the Tower of Babel enclose a symbol of all the constructive elements that we find here, which have built this physical world. We stated that the Monad resides in the Milky Way, which Kabbalistically, astrologically, is symbolized by the twelve zodiacal signs.

In any kabbalistic-astrological book you can find that the twelve zodiacal signs are directly related with the twelve tribes of Israel. So, according to the Law of Return, we enter into this physical world through any one of those twelve doors; you cannot enter through all of the twelve doors at once, but only one by one.  This is why astrologically we state that some are born under the sign of Virgo, or Aquarius, or Gemini, or Capricorn, or in any of these twelve signs of the zodiac.  This is how the essence passes through the zodiac through any of those twelve doors and enters into this physical world; this is why it is stated that the base of the tower of Babel is round, because is related with the circle of time.

It is also stated that we pass through the circle of eternity into the circle of time in order to build our own particular tower, our own particular destiny.

The seventy-two pillars are related to the number 72 that is always mentioned in books of Kabbalah, which state that the name of God has seventy-two variations; that is, there exist seventy-two manners of uttering the name of God. Thus, there are many books written where people had the diligence of writing and explaining the seventy-two names in detail; nonetheless, we, the Gnostics, explain them in a simple manner: by the imaginary Man of the Zohar.

The Man of the Zohar

Remember that we always address the Man of Zohar, which is an imaginary entity, whose head is symbolized by the infinite, which is the compound of all of the galaxies that exist in the universe. So, the head of that imaginary man of the Zohar, which is called the "Arik Anpin," is in the infinite; all of the galaxies of the infinite rotate around that head.  The chest of Arik Anpin is symbolized by one Galaxy, which is called the Macrocosm, and is where you find the twelve zodiacal signs rotating around his heart. Then, by descending to his lower part, to his waist, you find our solar system or any solar system from any galaxy, that rotates around the waist or hips of that gigantic man. So, the sun or any sun that is the center of any solar system shines in the sexual organs of that Arik Anpin, the Man of Zohar. Finally, by going down through his body we find that the Earth is at the level of his feet.  The right foot of that man is on the ground and his left foot is sunk in the waters of the sea. So the planet on which he is standing is of course the planet Earth. So, this is how the whole of this man is described.

In Kabbalah the whole of this is symbolized by Hebrew letters Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei.

  1. The infinite is symbolized by the Hebrew letter "Iod"
  2. The galaxy is symbolized by the Hebrew letter "Hei"
  3. The solar system is symbolized by the Hebrew letter "Vav"
  4. The planet Earth is symbolized by the Hebrew letter "Hei"

This is how we cosmologically symbolize the famous Tetragrammaton, which is the holy name of God.

Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei is Kabbalistically pronounced Iod-Chavah, yet, when we specifically refer to the two sexual polarities of that entity (Arik Anpin), we say Jah-Chavah.

In Kabbalah the Hebrew letters are associated with certain numbers that we have to know, since the science of Kabbalah is related with numbers. The twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet are related with the twenty-two Arcana; each letter is also related to a certain kabbalistic number. The first sacred letter of the name of God which is "Iod," has the numerical value of ten; then "Hei" has the value of five, "Vav" has the value of six, and "Hei" again the value of five.

Thus, by Kabbalistic numerology you find the secret of the seventy-two pillars, which means the seventy-two attributes related with the whole of the universe, hidden within the very base of the Tower of Babel, which is the physical body. This is explained as follows:

  1. The first part of the Man of Zohar that is represented by his head (the Infinite) is symbolized by the Hebrew letter Iod, whose value is ten (10).
  2. The second part of the man of Zohar that is represented by his chest (the galaxy) is symbolized by two Hebrew letters "Iod" ten and "Hei" five, which by addition give the value of fifteen (15).
  3. The third part of the man of Zohar that is represented by his waist (solar system) is symbolized by three Hebrew letters "Iod" ten, "Hei" five and "Vav" six, which by addition give the value of twenty-one (21).
  4. Finally the fourth part of the man of Zohar that is represented by his feet (the Earth) is symbolized by four Hebrew letters "Iod" ten, "Hei" five, "Vav" six and "Hei" five, which by addition give the value of twenty-six (26).

Then by adding the sum of the structure, 10 + 15 + 21 + 26, we get the value of 72.



  1. In other words, the "Iod," the infinity, the universe, the "Uni" the Unity, the "One" (1) is the adverse of the Zero, or it is the number one that moves in the opposite direction from the absolute, which is represented as Zero (0). So this is why the infinite is 10.
  2. The galaxy "Hei" receives the influence of the infinite, symbolized by "Iod," this is why it is represented by "Iod" and "Hei." So this is why the galaxy is 15 (Iod plus Hei).
  3. The solar system (Vav) receives the influence of the galaxy (Hei) and the infinite (Iod); this is why the solar system is represented by "Iod," "Hei," and "Vav." So this is why the Solar system is 21.
  4. The Earth "Hei" receives the influence of the solar system (Vav), the galaxy (Hei), and the infinite (Iod); this is why the Earth is represented by "Iod," "Hei," "Vav," and "Hei." So this is why the Earth is 26.

Every cosmos (Greek: Kosmos, order) receives the influence of the cosmos (harmonious whole) or cosmoses above. This is why we say that the whole universe is Iod, Hei, Vav, Hei.

Therefore, the physical world, which is the world of Assiah, receives all of the forces, all of the powers from the higher dimensions, from the higher worlds: from the solar system, from the galaxy and from the infinite. This is why this physical body is a very complicated organism made by nature under the influence of the stars, that place within it the cosmic values that we need in order to build what in Kabbalah is called the K.H., the Kosmos Human, which is the creature who - according to Genesis - is made into the image of God.  The Kosmos Human reflects the image of God; this image is reflected in all of the constitution of the Kosmos Human.

God is God, it is perfect, yet its image has to be reflected in all of the parts ourselves; this is why it is symbolically written in the book of Genesis that the human being is "made into the image of God." The human being must be like a mirror that has to reflect the glory of all of that, which we call God.

When we reflect all of that glory, we show it not only physically but also psychologically. This is why it is stated in a Kabbalistic manner that the foundation of the Tower of Babel has twelve doors and seventy two pillars; this means that this is the foundation, the base upon which we build what we have to build.

Adam and Even and the Garden of Eden

Now, Adam and Eve-according to the Hebraic Genesis-are the ones who brought us into this physical world. Yes, Genesis states that all of us are children of Adam and Eve. We, Gnostics explain that Adam and Eve are symbols with many levels of meaning, but in relation to our physical bodies, Adam and Eve symbolize the two polarities, male-female; in Taoism the male-female polarities are called Yin and Yang, the feminine and masculine forces which manifest in different manners.  So, related with our entrance into this physical world, we know that we came from Adam and Eve who in this case are the symbol of our physical father and mother. Our father is symbolized by Adam, the masculine force, and our mother is symbolized by Eve, the feminine force; regrettably, our physical father and mother ate the forbidden fruit, meaning, they engendered us through fornication.

This is explained as follows: in the physical body of any human being we find the blood, which is the fire in our organism; this is why we say that we are creatures with heat, with fire within the blood, and our blood is a marvelous liquid, a fluid that is created by the metabolism or the chemical processes occurring within the different organs that we have in our organism, mainly the liver that creates the impure blood, which in the book of Genesis is related with the tempting serpent that induces or tempts Adam and Eve or the man and the woman in the Garden of Eden.  We have to understand what the Garden of Eden is: Eden means "voluptuousness"; thus when the man and the woman are performing the sexual act, they are in that moment in the Garden of Eden. Of course, it is in that moment when they are tempted by the serpent, which in that paroxysm is nothing else but the blood in their organisms; yes, the blood grants them that sexual arousal in the sexual act.

If the man and the woman control the fire of that sexual arousal during the sexual act, they then can defeat the tempting serpent, whose tempting source comes from the liver.  According to the Gnostic understanding of evolution, the liver is the organ that gathers the inheritance that we bring from the previous kingdoms of nature.  Sexual arousal is inherited from the animal kingdom; yes, this is how we inherited the animal desire from ancient times in the physical body.  So, when the development of the physical body is done, from its liver comes that arousal, because the liver is magnetically connected to those elements that we call ego or psychological aggregates that we have related with lust, anger, pride, vanity, laziness, gluttony and all of those animal elements that the conventional psychology mistakenly call "human" defects; nevertheless, these are not human defects, but animal elements. Of course, a true human being does not have these animal elements.

Therefore, our mother and father ate the fruit during the sexual act, since they did not know about the symbol of the serpent of Eden; they did not know the symbols of Genesis. Most people think that Satan is just the serpent that thousands of years ago appeared to a couple there in a little garden in the physical plane. They ignore that such story is a symbol of an action that always happens between a man and a woman that are performing the sexual act.  Yes, the serpent is always acting here and now, it is not something from the past: it is from this present.

Usually, the serpent conquers the couple. The serpent always tempts the couple, and the couple falls into temptation and eats the forbidden fruit, thus engendering a creature, who is us. Therefore, unfortunately, by means of a fall into temptation we entered into this physical world through one of the twelve doors of the Tower, and thereby we started building our own Tower of Babel; this is how we have to comprehend this psychologically.

So, when we as souls enter within the womb of our mother who, regrettably, was defeated by the temptation of the serpent, we briefly enjoy the psychic powers of any essence, of any consciousness that enjoys the psychic powers of the Spirit. The essence within the womb of the mother still has all of the awakened elements of the consciousness. For the essence, the womb of our mother is the Garden of Eden, that voluptuousness, where the physical body of that soul is developed, created.  Thus, after nine months, the physical body goes out of Eden.

It is during those nine months of gestation that the cosmic forces-through the soul-place in the fetus the seventy-two attributes that we need in order to build what we need to build. These numbers in Kabbalah are very profound: 7 + 2 = 9; the number nine is always related to Yesod, the Ninth Sphere, the sexual force; this is why the fetus endures nine months within the womb and goes out of Yesod after nine months, because Yesod is the very foundation of the Tower of Babel. Yesod is Eden.

The Second Level: The City of Nine Gates

Now, it is stated in Kabbalah that the second floor or the second level of the Tower of Babel is square, with nine stories. The square is always the symbol of the four elements. The nine stories are the nine doors of the physical body, which are the nine openings through which the impressions that comes from the physical world pass into and out of our consciousness, into our psyche; namely, we have:

  • 2 eyes: sight
  • 2 ears: hearing
  • 2 nostrils: smell
  • 1 mouth: taste
  • 1 anus
  • 1 sexual organ: touch

Total: 9 doors or openings in the physical body.

The anus is the exit door through which we throw all the waste, all of that which is not good for our human organism.

The Ninth Door or ninth gate is the sexual organ; it is that door from which we take pure life.

These nine doors are related to our five senses in the physical body, which in the book The Bhagavad-Gita the Lord Krishna refers as "the sacred city of nine doors." We have to take care of those nine doors in order to know how to develop the spiritual elements that we need to have inside of us.

The Personality

We often talk about the personality, which is vehicle that we have to build immediately after we come out from the womb of our mother. The personality is a vehicle that we need to build in order to communicate with other human beings, in order to recognize and to learn about the time in which we are born, because every time we enter into the circle of time, into this physical world, life is different; so we need to learn about such a time and also how to handle it; this is why we build within us the personality.  This is precisely the crucial aspect of our development, since most of the time, our parents ignore this aspect of life.

Master Samael Aun Weor clearly states that as essences (consciousness), from the moment that we come out from the womb we are fully awake, that is, with all of the psychic powers of the consciousness at that level, but regrettably our physical body starts building the personality by "hunting" or acquiring impressions, since the personality is the vehicle where we place the basic data in order for us to communicate in different way with the exterior world, the physical world.

This is why these nine stories or doors that we are talking about-which are related to the nine openings of the physical body-store impressions from Mother Nature and from humanity; and the square that we find in the second floor of this Tower of Babel is related with the four elements: fire, air, water, and earth. These four elements surround us and penetrate in us through the vital body, which is the superior aspect of the physical body. The vital body is that tetradimensional vehicle that attracts all of the force of nature and starts building with all of these forces within the same fourth dimension the personality.

From birth to seven years of age, we develop the motor brain-as you know, we cannot walk immediate after we are born-so, little by little the physical body learns how to move, thus with time we stand on our feet and start walking by developing the motor center.  So, the motor brain learns everything related with movements, for instance, the language: our throat learns little by little how to pronounce words and how to communicate through language. This also related with the instinctual center where all of these elements are placed in order for us to develop them; we might say that this center gathers many of the seventy-two pillars, or elements, powers that we need in order to develop.

So, the personality starts its development by means of the activity of the motor-instinctual-sexual brain, which develops according to examples that we imitate, purely by example, not precepts, only by imitation. This is why we state that at this time (0-7 years of age) the parents must give good examples to their children, in order for them to imitate through their personality their parents' good examples. This is how children will build a very steady personality that will continue its development according with their psychological elements and their essence.

Regrettably, in this day and age, people do not understand that the essence within that creature that is newly born, that is within a new body, needs to grow psychologically; yes, the psyche, the essence, the consciousness needs to grow up, but since people ignore about this, they only concentrate themselves on the development of the personality, which is the vehicle that the child will use in order to deal with life, to face life.  Sometimes, the child learns good manners, good behavior, when their parents behave in the right way when in front of them, yet, this is very rare, since most of the time, the behavior, the examples that the parents give to their children from birth to seven years of age, are terrible, thus based on bad examples, bad behavior, children develop a terrible personality. Thus children end repeating the same mistakes, attitudes, or mannerisms of their parents which latter, in time, will become the patterns for their life.

So, unfortunately, when the personality is already built, formed, by the seventh year of age, it has been built with wrong patterns, which continue influencing its development from seven to fourteen years of age, which is when the intellectual brain starts its development in the physical body; the intellectual brain is located in the head.  The intellectual brain also learns through the doors of the senses, but by precepts, by instruction; this is why at this age we must enter the school in order to learn how to write, how to read, about sciences, and all of these matters that we learn in the school in order to educate our personality. But of course, in the school teachers do not educate the essence (the consciousness).

Thus, at this age, the personality develops according to the norms of this society without any attention to the essence. So, the essence, the soul, the consciousness, is forgotten, and instead of it we start worshipping the personality. This is why this element, the personality, is named in the bible "Nimrod" as follows:

Nimrod And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before Jehovah: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before Jehovah. And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar. - Genesis 10: 8 - 10

In many bibles, you read "the Lord" instead of "Jehovah," instead of Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, which as we already explained, is related with the world of Assiah - Malkuth - the physical body; thus when we read "Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before Jehovah" or before "the Lord," this means, that the personality (Nimrod) is hunting, or in other words, the personality is trying to get a lot of information from this physical world in order to become strong, mighty, and this is precisely what happened within each one of us from our childhood to our adolescence: we were hunting and hunting and disgracefully forgetting our essence (soul). Thus, when we reach our adolescent life, we find that we have developed a strong personality with a lot of information, a lot of knowledge, and in most cases, that information or knowledge that we receive in the school, colleges, and universities is mere atheism. Yes, atheist people ignore the consciousness; they do not care about the presence of their Spirit within (a-theos means "without God"), they deny their own Spirit, and it is because their personality is a very strong, mighty hunter of impressions. They develop the personality without taking care of their essence, thus, they develop a very strong personality and have a very weak essence (consciousness).

This is how we lose all of the powers of the consciousness, powers that we had from the beginning when we came out from the womb. Indeed, all of us were clairvoyant, clairaudient, telepathic, we had intuition, we all had the psychic powers fully developed. This is why when you see a child, a newborn, his powers, the senses which are there in the psyche of that creature are fully awake. So, children see not only the physical world: children see the 4th 5th, 6th, and seven dimensions.  Children see very clearly the angels as well as the devils that are in other dimensions. But of course, their parents ignore about all this because they are already blind, and they say, "That is your imagination." The parents were blinded by the lure of the serpent. Remember the book of Genesis 3: 5 - 7

For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked.

This clearly states that when the man and the woman ate from the forbidden fruit, that is, when they were defeated by the temptation of the serpent, their eyes were opened, and they discovered that they were naked. This indicates that the eyes of their physical bodies were opened, and they discovered the physical world, thus, they gained knowledge. And this is how they started developing physical knowledge. Yet, then they were cast out of Eden, and lost sight of God. They lost their spiritual vision. This situation is recapitulated when we are born in the physical world: at birth we exit from Eden, and as we develop the personality and ignore the consciousness we gradually lose what we once had in abundance: the powers of the consciousness to perceive Eden, and beyond Eden.

But remember, for instance, that according to the bible, Adam - which in this case, when he was still in Eden - before the fall, it is stated in Genesis 2: 19-20 that he was giving names to the animals.

And out of the ground Jehovah Elohim formed every beast of the field and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature (Nephesh Chaiah) that was the name thereof. And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field.

This is something very profound. When the essence is pure, when it is not fallen into the temptation of the serpent, then you can name animals. Nephesh means "animals" in Hebrew; Nephesh also means "soul." Nephesh Chaiah means "living soul." These animas are related with the elements of the psyche that we have to develop to those 72 pillars that we have there, that we must name. In other words, these are elements that we discover within, and that we are conscious of. When you develop the senses of your consciousness, you become conscious of other dimensions, of other elements. "To name them" means that you know how to communicate with these "animas" as we will say in Latin, or animals. This is why it is written that "Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field," because he was capable of communicating with other dimensions, with other forces, with other animas, other souls.

But in the case of Nimrod, it is the opposite; he is a powerful hunter of animals, this means that he kills animals. This is the psychological meaning hidden in the bible. When you hunt animals, this means that you are killing animas; in other words, you are killing the particles of your own consciousness in order to become strong in your personality. So, while the Edenic Adam can name animas and grow spiritually, in communication with the animas, Nimrod (the personality) does the opposite: he kills animas, or animals.

Understand that Nimrod is not killing outside in the forest; the garden or the forest represents the physical body. To kill an anima means to destroy your own Nephesh, your own soul, your own psyche, your own consciousness, for the sake, for the development of your personality. This is precisely what is happening in this day and age. People enter into life, and go to the school, to life, and develop a very strong personality, hunting and hunting and hunting for knowledge, killing the essence, and developing a strong personality.

And that is why it is written there, in the book of Genesis 11: 3, 4 that the people of Nimrod stated:

And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter. And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

So: "let us build a city and a tower," to build a city, a civilization, based of course on hunting. Nimrod was the king, he was the head at that time of those people that wanted to build a tower in case a great flood comes again.

Genesis 11: 6, 7: And Jehovah said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.

Nowadays, just as in the past, we have "one language," and this is related-psychologically speaking-with the materialistic ideal. People are only concerned with having knowledge in the personality. Yet, despite people speaking the same language (having the same knowledge) they do not understand each other.

Genesis 11: 8: So Jehovah scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.

Of course, the main goal of life is to develop not merely the personality, since according to the goal of life and of the cosmos the objective is to develop spiritually, psychologically. This is to acquire psychological unity, to gather all the elements that we have in one; because now they are scattered about. Now, they are latent, inert, asleep, in potentiality, within our physical body, within our psyche, within our mind. So, the goal of what we call "the self-realization of the Being" is to unite all of those elements in one or, as we would say, in biblical terms, it is to gather all of the children of Israel in one. All those children are the psychological elements, or parts of the essence that we need to unite in one; this is done by discovering within in each one of us, our level of Being.

Language and the Level of Being

That is why the Master Samael Aun Weor always stated that we have to discover our level of Being. Each one of us has a different level of Being, and each level of Being has its own language or way of communication. So, this is the difference (the speech)-psychologically speaking-between each one of us. Such a difference has to be discovered in order to understand one another's speech. Society has to be established based precisely on that difference that exists between each one of us. Such a difference is related with the vocation or with the level of Being that we have.

You have to recognize the vocational difference between your brother and your sister or your friends and you. There is always a deep difference, but unfortunately people (because of Adam, the brain) have lost the capacity to recognize it. Now we cannot see the difference in the psychological levels, because we are so superficial. We even ignore, or we do not believe, that the soul, the psyche, exists. Some people do not believe in the Spirit or God; in other words, they think that the personality is everything, and this is it. So, therefore, in this day and age, just as in ancient times, people are building a false society, which is represented by the tower of Babel, which relates only to the personality instead of being harmoniously built based upon the essence in balance with the personality. Essence and personality are precisely the harmonious elements for the development of any society, of any individual.

We need a personality in order to communicate with our neighbor, with society, in order to know how to behave. In this life, we need a personality, since without a personality it would be impossible to communicate. But we should not forget about our essence, about our consciousness.

Vocation and Innate Knowledge

If you observe, this is the problem, in this day and age, of our society; people completely ignore the essence, they do not care about it; they only care about their personality. They ignore that according to Gnostic studies we have also knowledge related with our own particular essence, which is called "innate knowledge" that relates to our Spirit, to our own Being, or better said, to our own vocation. These are capabilities that cannot be taken by anybody. Yes, when you discover your own capacities, psychologically speaking, capabilities of your Being, then you become somebody special that can help society and yourself in many ways. And that special innate knowledge that we each have within is precisely the difference between us all, between you and me, and the rest of the world.

Each individual in the world has a unique vocation, a capacity that others do not have, that only that person has. To discover that within and to recognize your own is to build a very beautiful society, in which you have a place, and your friend has a place, which nobody can replace. Such a vocation is related with the Being, with the forces of the psyche. That is an innate knowledge that we need to develop, which is related with the 72 pillars that we are talking about here, and which are given unto us from the stars, from the spirit.

The other type of knowledge that we have is borrowed knowledge, which is knowledge that we borrow with the personality; for instance, in this moment you are reading this type of knowledge and you are placing it in your personality; so, you can read a book, you can watch TV, you can listen to the radio, or you can watch a movie, and all of that knowledge, whether positive or negative, goes directly into your personality. Such is borrowed knowledge. So, we have to make a difference and to understand what innate knowledge is and what borrowed knowledge is. Borrowed knowledge is precisely in the personality; this is what we call Nimrod, the mighty hunter that has to build in order to be powerful and deal with life. But unfortunately the Nimrods of that time, according to the bible, forgot about their Spirit. And they said one to another, "Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly in order to build this tower of Babel, or this society, this city, in order to be one." But it is written:

Genesis 11:5: And Jehovah came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men built.

Here in this verse, our own particular Monad, or better said, our own particular Spirit, descends from heaven in order to see the tower that we the children of men are building, that is based only in superficiality, in personality. That tower has nothing to do with Him. According to Kabbalistic books, it is written that in the tower of Babel there were three different types of people that were working together, even though they had different goals.

Three Types of Personalities

The first type said: "Let us build a tower, go to the top, and rest." Of course, this is the phrase for those who want to establish themselves on the top, in the intellectual center, as leaders. Those people were the ones that were scattered abroad from thence in different groups upon the face of all the earth.

The second type of people said: 'Let us ascend and wage war against God," or "Let us go to the top, and shoot or slander the world." These are the instinctual ignoramuses that, of course, only develop the motor-instinctual-sexual centre. They only think of becoming powerful through wars, through fights, through battles, to arguments, debates, etc. These are very abundant in this day and age. These are hasnamussen people that are very strong in their personality, and are no longer are in contact with their particular individual Being, with their own particular Jah-Chavah. So these people are also atheists, or they really do not care about spirituality. They are part of this society, or this tower of Babel, and they go on top of the tower and make war. But - according to the laws of evolution and devolution - those people devolve into monkeys, they enter into the body of devolving animals, because they are no longer in contact with their own particular Monad.

The third type are those related with the emotional center, who want to worship God, who want to enter into the path, but through the wrong way. This third type says: "Let us ascend and serve idols." Precisely those of the third type were scattered to the earth because of their confusion of tongues. What is the basis of the confusion of tongues of this type of people that worship idols? Well, they are those people that identify with the personality (idol) of some individuals that are related, of course, with this tower of Babel.

The Third Level: Astral Solar Light

Now, the third level of the tower of Babel, it is written, was a triangular spiral with forty-two turns in a triangular, spiral way, or in a spiral manner. Of course, this is in relation with the solar force. The triangle is always the symbol of the three brains that we have, and which we have explained here:

  1. The motor/instinctual/sexual brain (developed from birth to age 7)
  2. The intellectual brain (developed from ages 7 to 14)
  3. The emotional brain (developed from ages 14 to 21)

From 21 until the 42 years of age we enter into the solar epoch of our life. The solar epoch relates to the solar force that enters within the three brains (the triangle), in different ages, different turns (42, to be more precise). Many times, we have been talking about the solar force (Christ, the first Sephirothic triangle). Thus, we have to understand that the youth in our physical body is based on the solar force that is active for 42 years; but especially from 21 to 42 years of age-which is our second youth-the solar force is very active. And during that epoch we establish our position, our place in society, in this life.

Unfortunately, the solar light, the solar force, is squandered through the three brains and through the personality. There are many individuals who waste the solar force in the motor centre through activities such as abuse of sports, with violent sports like boxing, karate etc. Others squander the solar force in the emotional centre through the experience of negative emotions, like drugs, many types of degenerated music which is very common in this day and age. And the brain that is most abused is the intellectual brain, through which we receive intellectual information from the seven years of age and sometimes before that age. Thus, the rest our life we continue abusing the intellectual, emotional, and motor centers and fortifying the personality, Nimrod. We will say in simple words, that each one of us has a Nimrod in his head, in his heart and in his sex; since we are always hunting and hunting.

Now, Jacob and Essau come into my mind; Jacob and Essau are precisely opposites. Jacob was concerned with the development of the essence. Essau was concerned with the development of the personality. That is why Kabbalistically we always state that Essau - through time - was the offspring of Nimrod; because Essau and Nimrod are related with the lure of the serpent, which is the blood in the human organism.

So we find here how this tower of Babel is now fully developed in each one of us. And of course the 42 elements, or 42 attributes related with the astral triangular light, or solar light that we have to develop, has been developed in a negative way. The triangular part of that tower of Babel is related with the astral solar force. When we point to the solar force, we always point to:

  • the triangle Kether, Chokmah, Binah
  • the three brains: intellectual brain, emotional brain and motor brain
  • the 3 primary forces of the universe, through which the solar light expresses itself

This solar light has to be put into activity. These 42 elements are related with the superior emotion, in which we learn how to transform the instinct into intuition. These instincts are animal (anima) parts of us that behave mechanically, through the personality, whether they are from the motor centre, emotional centre or intellectual centre. These are 42 parts that we have to awaken and put into activity through the emotional centre; they are related with Mastery. This is why in ancient times the Egyptians talked about the 42 judges of karma, or the 42 young men that are related with these 42 aptitudes or the 42 ways in which we have to act through the heart. This is what we call "good will."

Unfortunately, since we are slaves of the animal elements, we manifest these 42 aspects in the negative way. The judgment of our karma is related with the way in which we act through these 42 forces. Remember that the heart is in relation with the solar force. In the heart, we have that which in Kabbalah (the tree of life) we call Tiphereth-the solar force, the soul, the good will-in which we have to act with compassion. Many people talk about compassion, but they ignore that this compassion is related to 42 attributes or 42 forces that we have to awaken and discover on the path through which we become transformed by the solar energy, the solar force, in the three brains.

Why is this triangular spiral with forty-two turns related to the heart? Because in the heart we have the Nous Atom, and Nous is in relation with Tiphereth, symbolized by Jacob in the bible. The way of Jacob is the way in which we learn how to control the lure of the serpent, which is the blood - Essau, which is the blood that comes from the liver and enters into the heart. In the heart is Jacob, who transforms that animal action - that always acts in the negative manner - through these 42 forces, and learns how to do it in the positive way.

In the Book of the Dead of the Egyptians is written the Negative Confession; this is related to the initiate who-after learning how to transform all of those negative forces into positive-is allowed to pronounce the negative confession. He learned positively-through meditation-how to transform one by one these 42 elements into positive actions and to act accordingly; this is how he acquired what we call the Sacred Being Partkdolg Duty, which is the way in which you transform the solar light positively in the three brains. This is the symbol of the third level of the Tower of Babel, which is triangular with 42 turns in a spiral. These 42 turns are the continuity of the way you learn how to do it, because the 42 (4 + 2 = 6) turns are a symbol of the returning or persistency of the will (6 = Tiphereth, human will) in which we come and learn little by little how to act positively.

It is coming into my mind this very moment the ascension of Elijah; and Elisha the prophet, after receiving the garments from Elijah, or Elias (Helios, the sun); because Elisha was always following Elijah. Elijah and Elisha, are similar names, right? Elisha was the disciple of Elias or Elijah.

So when Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven, Elisha saw him and took up the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and went back, and stood by the bank of Jordan.

And he went up from thence unto Bethel: and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head.

And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of Jehovah. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them. - 2 Kings 2: 23, 24

When you read these verses literally, you might say: "Two she bears killing 42 children? What in the name of God is this Prophet doing?" Listen, this is related to Gnostic (Daath) psychology.

The children symbolize part of his consciousness that was acting in the negative way; or the part of the consciousness that was acting with these 42 aspects - which we are talking about here - in the wrong way. Of course, by killing them, Elisha turned everything (the 42 aspects) in his favor, and after the Negative Confession became a prophet, an upright prophet. To become an upright prophet of Iod-Chavah, your own particular Jehovah Elohim, is to know how to uprightly transform these 42 elements of the solar light.

Of course, these 42 are given unto us little by little, from childhood until 42 years of age. But, unfortunately these 42 elements of the solar light-related to the solar youth that endures until the 42 years of age-are taken by the ego through our personality, and used as a base in order to be strong. In other words, these 42 elements that we should have opened and awakened, are dormant, thus, these solar forces, solar potencies are used in the wrong way.

So, these are the children that came to Elisha when he was in his ascension towards becoming a prophet of God. Of course, he immediately killed the 42 of them. But that "immediately" is not of course as the bible explains, in one shot. This is a process. If you want to become a prophet of God, you also have to kill those 42 symbolic children. Those children are negative transformations of your consciousness in relation with the solar light, within you. It is not that you are going to kill 42 children in the physical world. No, those elements are within you, because the sun (Elias Helios) symbolizes precisely the child of God.

Thus, this is how you also understand and comprehend why in Gnosticism we say that there are 42 judges of the law of Karma. Karma, the law, is related with the sun. That is why Michael, who is the angel related with the sun, is represented with a sword in his hand and a scale in the other; that is the scale of justice, on which the solar light is always measured. So, when you physically die, you go before the 42 judges; each judge knows how to handle his part of that solar light, which is in relation with the law of equilibrium; or the law of Cosmic-Common-Trogoautoegocrat, the law of equilibrium.

In order to be in equilibrium with that law, you have to know how to handle these 42 forces. And this is why it is stated that the third part of that tower was precisely related with 42 turns in a triangular way. This is a pure psychological and kabbalistic statement that you can understand only by knowing how to walk on the path.

The Fourth Level

Now, the last part of the tower was cylindrical with 72 stories. That cylindrical aspect is in relation with the cerebrospinal nervous system, in relation with the mind. Remember that when we study the terrestrial man upon the Tree of Life, we begin from the bottom, we say: physical body (Malkuth), vital body (Yesod), astral body (Hod) and then the mental body (Netzach), so, the mind is the end, the top. This is why we always state that upon the top of the tower of Babel is the moon; because unfortunately, our mind is lunar.


Our Psychological Babble Moon


It is unfortunate that we only live in a small part of ourselves and we ignore many things about ourselves.

The hidden side of that unknown part is normally really profound and we need to know it. This will be possible if we project the light of our Consciousness onto it.

That hidden face is important because it is in this part where we find the origin of our errors, the innumerable mechanical reactions, our stinginess. Obviously, so long as we have not illuminated that occult side with the rays of the Consciousness we will relate incorrectly not only with ourselves but also with our fellow men.

When one illuminates the hidden face of our own Psychological Moon it is possible to know one's own errors; only then is it possible to see our fellow man correctly.

However, when one does not illuminate that hidden part of oneself with the Consciousness, one mistakenly projects all of one's psychological defects on others. - Our own Psychological Moon by Samael Aun Weor

When one mistakenly projects all of one's psychological defects on others, one then falls into “the confusion of tongues.” It is only by comprehension of our defects in Meditation how we illuminate the hidden face of our own Psychological Moon. Meditation is the system to control all that which is stored within our mind; so Meditation is the way in which we transform the solar light positively in the three brains. Only thus can we acquire our cosmic duty, which is what is called the Sacred Being Partkdolg Duty.

What is our cosmic duty?  I will tell you what our cosmic duty is:

First:  The intellect.  Not to allow intellectual concepts to pass through our minds in a mechanical manner; in other words, I will state, become conscious of all the intellectual data that comes to the mind.

How do we become conscious of this data?  By means of meditation.  When we read a book, we should meditate on it and try to comprehend it.

Second:  The emotions.  We should become conscious of all the activities of the emotional center.  It is deplorable how people act under the impulse of emotions, in a completely mechanical manner, without any control whatsoever.  We should become conscious of all our emotions.

Third:  The habits and customs of the motor center.  We should become conscious of all activities, of all movements, of all our habits.  Do nothing mechanically.

Fourth:  Instincts.  We should take possession of all of our instincts and subdue them.  We should comprehend them in depth.

Fifth:  Transmute the sexual energy.  By means of the Sahaja Maithuna, we will unceasingly transmute our sexual energies.

Thus, in fulfilling our cosmic duty, it is obvious that our life will develop harmoniously.  The Superior Existential Bodies of our Being will be formed, built in us, and thus, we will be in harmony with the Infinite, attuned with the Great Law.  We will be able to arrive at an old age full of ecstasy and conquer Mastery and Perfection. - Samael Aun Weor

This means that the lunar mind that we have always reflects or projects images; it does not absorb the solar light for the consciousness. The outcome of that reflection or projection is this personality that we have; the personality is precisely that. In the mind, we reflect, we imitate, we project and we like to worship those mental representations or idols. This is why it is stated that the third type of people that were building that tower of Babel are the people that say: "Let us go build a tower, and on the top of the tower let us build an idol, and let us worship the idol." So, this is the problem of this society, or these mystic groups, in this day and age, including the Gnostic groups. They are in a confusion of tongues because all of the different groups are following personalities: idols. They forget that the unity that we need to build is inside, not outside; this is why they identify with personalities. This is why when the master Samael Aun Weor was alive, he always said: "I do not give 5 cents; I do not give a nickel for my person." When he said "for my person," he was talking about his personality.

The personality is only a vehicle. You see, we said that he died in 1976, but what died in 1976? It was the personality that he was using. We know that Samael Aun Weor is precisely the consciousness, the Being, who came as an Avatar in order to give his message. Thus, when he was in the physical plane he said: "Do not follow me!" When he said that he was referring to his personality. The personality is just something that is born in it's time, grows in it's time, and dies in it's time. He wrote about all of this in many of his books.

So, there is no future for the personality. This is why it is stupid to name as "Master" the personality of somebody. The Master is inside, not outside. But the people who do not understand the doctrine, who are not serious, who do not study, they form idols. In other words, they worship personalities. And some personalities like to be worshipped. And that is a problem.

Some people think that the whole thing of life is to become powerful in this physical world. They do not understand that the only one who wants to become powerful in this physical world is Nimrod. This is why it is stated that Nimrod made a war against God. It is not as the ignoramuses think, that Nimrod was making war to a certain God there in the clouds. When you see the building of the tower of Babel as painted in many images, you see that the top is reaching the clouds. Thus, in the mind of those ignoramuses who do not understand the myth, the symbol behind the myth, they think that the God written in the bible is there in the clouds. Yet, now in this day and age because we have airplanes and rockets that go into the space, they no longer say that He is in the clouds, now, they say that He is a gigantic Being somewhere far beyond, in the space. Thus, according to their nonsensicalness, Nimrod was trying to make war upon that puppeteer, to that tyrant of the ignorant multitudes. That "God" never existed, and does not exist, because God is within.

When you forgot that God is within, that God is inside of you-when you forget that you have to make the unity of that God within-then you try to make that unity outside. And this is why people in this day and age are trying to make one language, one speech, because there is confusion, since people only see differences in each one of us in relation with the personality. They say, "How much money do you have, because if you have a lot, you then have a strong personality. You have no money? Well then you are nobody!" They forget to see inside.

For instance, this great master, the Dalai Lama, is a master whom I admire; I see how he really is developing his inner Being. He is in contact with his own Monad, with his own particular Jehovah Elohim, and at the same time he is developing a very wise personality. But his personality is not just based in science, material things, in bricks, but also in his Spirit.

It is written in the bible, they say: "Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly." What is brick? It is clay; it is the matter of this physical world. You take clay, you make bricks and you make them in series, and you make a tower. This is precisely the way in which people behave in this day and age with their mind. They just make bricks. In order words, they give value to material things. If one brick of that tower falls down, they are so worried, because this society doesn't care if the one that was putting that brick there falls dead. "Oh, he fell dead, it doesn't matter, take him away, since another person will appear in order to put more bricks here and to make this society strong." So, they do not care about the individual, but only about the material things. This is how society is. It is another tower of Babel, in which there is confusion, in which people are placed in different positions, in different occupations, based only in the personality. And that personality is Nimrod, the mighty hunter. They do not care about God; they are even making war upon God. So do you understand this? Since this is precisely one of the most important matters to understand.

Gnostic Towers

Listen: when you enter into this knowledge of Gnosticism, you will find many people whose personalities tend to say, "Let us build a Gnostic group, which we will call with another name." So, we see many groups everywhere, and people forming them saying, "Let us call it the New Order." Here is another saying, "Let us call it AGA or IGA, or CIGA, or AGEAC, or CEG, or AGEACAC, etc." Thus every group builds a particular idiosyncrasy related to their personality. And they say, "Now let us put on top of that tower a leader, an idol, a personality!" And the rule is that everybody who wants to be in that tower has to follow that personality, and they have many reasons why such a personality is so important. And you hear all the time, from every direction, from every group, "If you do not follow the one at the top of our tower, then you are on the wrong path." Nevertheless, in these sad cases, their mistake is that the personality has nothing to do with the Gnostic way. The Gnostic way is psychological (Psyche - Logos).

The personality is important. And yes, groups are necessary. This is why in this group to which we belong we respect all groups and we welcome all of the other groups. But we are not saying that our group is better or  that in order to be in our group you have to worship some person, or follow somebody, or worship any idol, in other words, the personality of this individual because he is the one that follows after Samael Aun Weor, etc.

Listen: there is only one individual who is the head of this doctrine, this wisdom that we represent, and his name is Samael Aun Weor, who said: "I am only a messenger." The knowledge in itself belongs to the universe. Gnosis does not belong to any group or movement. Gnosis does not belong to any personality. Gnosis is universal, and belongs to Christ, who gives it to us through his messengers.

Thus, we have to make unity within and discover that unity inside of ourselves, and make a society based upon that, but if we forget that then we will fall into the "confusion of tongues." This is how we will start following idols, or precepts given by personalities who do not understand the Arcanum (the Ark), thus they built a tower of Babel and call it "gnostic."

This is why when you read the bible you find that immediately after Noah reaches Mount Ararat his descendants begin to multiply; the sons of Noah were Shem, Ham, and Japheth: and unto them were sons born after the flood. Thus, from Ham, the third son of Noah, comes Canaan, who was already damned by Noah. And from Canaan comes Cush.

And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before Jehovah: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before Jehovah. And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel. - Genesis 10: 8-10

Thus, studying this from the Gnostic point of view, we see precisely why we have to be careful. In these times Samael Aun Weor represents Noah who reaches Ararat, the heights levels of realization. Now we are following his precepts, his doctrine. But many are in a "confusion of tongues." Thus, there are many groups that state that in order to be in the right path we have to belong to their order, to worship their idol, or to follow a certain personality. Those who state "let us worship an idol on the top of the tower of Babel" are the ones that enter into "confusion of tongues." And this is precisely what is happening in this day and age. Everybody is confused because they say: "You have to follow this group!" Then another one says, "No! Over here is the organization that we must follow!" Listen: all of this is politics in the per-son-a-li-ty, Nimrod!

We have to comprehend and understand that each one of us has a different level of Being and a different personality. We have to respect that. We know and we comprehend that there are some people who are suitable for this group, and others are suitable for another group. But we have to understand this, and not to point and say: "If you are not with this group, you are then condemned," because this is wrong. Such statements belong to Nimrod, or Nimrods that are creating a "confusion of tongues," building another tower of Babel.

There are people who take the Gnostic doctrine or the knowledge of any religion and place it in their motor brain (as habits), others in the emotional brain (as beliefs), and others in the intellectual brain (as theories). Nevertheless, only those that have cognizant equilibrium in their three brains are the ones who build the upright tower, which is inside, which is the Man of Zohar, the Kosmos Human. Yes, the Man of Zohar is the contrary of the tower of Babel.

It is not by following anybody, any personality or any group the way to realize our Self; but by making a unity within and by being faithful to the doctrine of Samael Aun Weor.

Without restraining himself in (Gnosis) the knowledge of a cause, but turning his back on the (teachings of the) Guru (Master Samael Aun Weor), he worked in Vulcan’s Fiery Forge in vain because Devi Kundalini never rewards treason... - Samael Aun Weor, The Mystery of the Golden Blossom

"So, in this day and age, it is very dangerous to just simply follow someone. What is best is to seek the Inner Master. The best thing is to follow our "I Am." The best thing is to learn how to travel in the Astral Body in order to visit the temples of the White Lodge and to receive the teachings directly in the temple." - Samael Aun Weor

We are in the times of the end; we have to comprehend the way in which we have to make that unity within, that is, the self-realization of the Being within. And stop worshipping idols. Only Nimrod worships idols, and remember that Nimrod exists inside of us. It is not outside.

The 72 stories of this final cylindrical aspect of the tower of Babel relate to the way in which the mind utilizes the foundation or the basis of this physical life in the very wrong way. Nonetheless, if we learn how to awaken the seven serpents of fire, then we learn how to build the seven staircases that join each of the storeys to the others of that tower, which in this case symbolizes the whole structure of what we are right now, namely: physical, vital, emotional, mind, and personality.

The round base of the tower of Babel, with twelve doors and 72 pillars, is the physical plane.

The vital plane is quadrangular with nine storeys, which are the nine senses, or the nine doors through which we store many things in our psyche.

The triangular, with 42 turns, represents those 42 elements or vital astral solar forces that we need to put in equilibrium in order to become a vehicle for our own particular God. If not, we do the contrary, which is what the people normally do, in their personality.

And the final one is the cylindrical structure that represents the mind, the brain, the spinal nervous system, which is the vehicle of the mind with 72 stories. In other words, we develop that for our personality. Those 72 stories in the mind are what Nimrod, the personality, uses for his own development.

There are as many Nimrods in this society as there are men and women. And each one of them is, of course, making war against some particular being. Others are scattered abroad because they are lazy. They just want to rest on the top and make a lot of money. This is what the people do in the motor brain, this is, to accumulate a lot, and when they reach a certain age, rest like logs; lazy ones, who oppose the others who want to go to the top and make war in order to be powerful, in order to be remembered. Attila, Hitler and many other military personalities bring war and try to conquer the world; for what? For certain ideologies? And the others are the spiritual ones, who want to make a tower, but who want to place an idol on top of it. So, there were many idols in the past as there are many idols in the present; people who idolize certain individuals; they say, "If such and such person tells me that I have to marry this one, I have to do it." Or, "Because this person is a very old Gnostic and he knows a lot, so therefore if he says that I will do it." This is a stupid way to live life. Listen, you have to follow your own Being, not personalities.

We have to respect and honor the elders, the ones who gave and give us the knowledge, but first you have to follow your own particular individual God, since, if you put your steps, your feet outside of the path, that is wrong; the path is inside your Being. Yes, it is positive to receive guidance, in order to not go in the wrong way. But always meditate on any advice you get. Otherwise, we fall into mistakes and we become entangled in this tower of Babel.

So be aware that each one of us is indeed a tower of Babel. And each one of us in a group makes another tower, so, this society in itself is a big tower. Thus, of course, all the groups of this whole humanity form a big city, a big civilization, with a big tower of Babel. This society in this day and age is indeed a big tower of Babel. There is confusion; there is a great confusion in the world. But if we learn how to be meek and to follow our inner Being, we will not be confused.

Master Samael Aun Weor stated:

"It is written that when the Gods want to punish men, first they confuse them." - Gnostic Magic of the Runes

When the Elohim and the Superior Beings want to punish humanity because they are no longer in contact with their own Being, but only following Nimrod, then they confuse them, in order to punish them. Listen, such confusion enters through Nimrod, the personality. Therefore, only those who follow their Inner Being and do not allow to become confused by Nimrod are not punished.

Questions and Answers

Q: What does it mean to say that our monad resides in the Milky Way, [does it have a physical location]?

A: The meaning of that is that every single star in the Milky Way is a physical vehicle of a Fohat, which is not tridimensional; such Fohat resides in the seventh dimension, or zero dimension. Fohat means fire; a fiery element from which the flame of our own being descends. In other words, we are connected, psychologically speaking, to one star, to its particular Fohat. That is why we say that we descend from the stars, from the Milky Way, but not tridimensionally speaking. Tridimensionally speaking, we find stars, planets, comets, whatever is in the galaxy. But in this lecture are talking psychologically, about the psyche. And for this you have to comprehend that the Monad is within the superior dimensions connected to any of those Fohats, that the bible calls Elohim.

Q: [You said Iod Hei Vau Hei... ??]

A: Yes, if you add the numbers of each wordHere you find 6, 3, 8, in relation with the numbers that we are talking (about) here, about the values of the worlds of the man of Zohar. We said that the first is the value of 10, the second is the value of 15, the (third) is 21, and the fourth is 26. The question is: If we add those numbers, and we have the synthesis, do those numbers have any meaning? Of course, Kabbalistically they have.

Q: 26 equals 8 right?

A: 26 is equal to 8. And 8, of course, is [the Arcanum Eight] the patience of Job. It is the way in which we expiate karma. Of course in this physical world all of us are born in order to expiate karma. That is the way in order to develop. So you see, the tower of Babel, really, if you read carefully, is a symbol, a psychological symbol, in which all of us come into this physical world and develop. If we follow the message of the Ark of Noah, and then really we can avoid becoming "fulminated towers" [Arcanum Sixteen]. Because according to Kabbalah, the Sixteenth Arcanum is the fulminated tower. That fulminated tower is the tower of Babel within each one of us. Each one of us is a fulminated tower of Babel, if you observe yourself. Unless you enter into contact with you Being and don't make the cosmic forces fulminate you.

Remember the three types of people in the tower of Babel. The ones that go on top and make war, turn according to devolution into monkeys, and go into Klipoth. The ones that just go unto the top of the tower and rest, they are scattered, everywhere. And the ones that want to make an idol and want to worship the idol on top of that tower, are the ones that enter into "confusion of tongues." And some of them, they abandon the building of that tower or the building of their own Being, the development of their own psychology.

Q: Where does the word Babel come from?

A: Babel is the root of our word "babble, babbles." Babel is from Akkadian and means "gate of God." Babel, of course, is something in relation with God, against God. El is God, Bab-El. We will say: A tower built, without taking in account the Spirit. Or something that you build inside of you, in your psyche, in your personality, without taking into account God. And that is precisely the meaning of the tower of Babel. To build something and not care about the rest, about God, about anything. This is how this society in this day and age is built. Many "Nimrods" in this day and age are getting together and they want to build a society of atheists. They don't believe in their own Being, in their own selves, only in their personality, and that is it. And that is why, when somebody acts in that way, they call it "Nimrod." So do not be a Nimrod.