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The word Atziluth derives from the Hebrew word “Atsiloth” that means literally, "nobility, aristocracy, upper classes." It is also related to the Hebrew verb, "to emanate.”

Atziluth is the first created world that comes from the Unknown which is the Ain Soph, the original seed of the universe.

Atziluth, the Archetypal World, is pure deity, the Divine World related with the different elements of God in which we find Divinity related to the Tree of Life.

It is the World of Divine, Splendorous, Archetypal Emanations.

We have to analyze and comprehend that which is before Atziluth.

Atziluth emanates from the Absolute, the Ain Soph which is the origin of Spirit and Matter.

The Ain Soph is a Negative Existence, not similar to anything we (can) know. It has its existence for itself.

Therefore the Tree of Life is that which exists, that which emanates from the Ain Soph.

The Absolute, the Ain Soph, is that which is. It has no center or circumference. We have to use our intuition in order to comprehend it.

Motionless space.
Abstract space.

The Verb:

In the beginning God geometries (in order to create). Form is related to geometry. Everything that exists has different geometrical forms. The Microphone records, prints on an audio tape the sounds of the words in geometrical forms. This is a proof that the sounding word is geometrical. The word is geometry.

The Current of Sound, the World of Sound, is Music that is always played in the higher dimensions. Beethoven and other great Master of Music brought these to paper.

When in the Internal Worlds one hears music, one also sees the music. The music forms like a river or flow of sound with geometrical forms.

The Elohim create with the Verb - but if we compare the Elohim with the Ain Soph they are not perfect.

Everything in the universe longs for perfection. All creation is imperfect; this is why they have different forms.

The only one who is perfect is the Unknown, the Absolute; this is why it has no form.

Time and Space:

Space is between created things. (Interstellar space is another analogy for the Absolute.)

Created things exist in different dimensional times (which is not chronological time) in order to acquire knowledge and become perfect. Time only exists in dimensional way.

The Ain Soph, the Absolute, is absolute perfection; therefore it has no form, and does not need time in order to be.

Time exists only for those things that are imperfect.

Absolute Individuality is Ain Soph (in Ain). It is Absolute Repose and Movement, Motion, Limitless.

The Elohim are like Atoms or Monads within the Ain Soph.

If Ain is like an ocean, then Ain Soph are the drops composing that ocean. Not all of the drops know themselves. They are perfect but without consciousness of that perfection. Perfection with consciousness of it exists only in Ain.

All of the Monads of the Ain Soph have a longing for knowing their own absolute perfection.

When one atom of the Ain Soph attains knowledge of its perfection it acquires “Paramartha.”

Para = Absolute
Martha = Consciousness

Paramarthasattyas are Beings with absolute consciousness of their own perfection.

How is this absolute consciousness of its own perfection achieved? It cannot be done within the Absolute. This is why creation exists.

When any of the atoms of the Ain Soph wants to achieve absolute consciousness of its own perfection, then its unfoldment appears as the Tree of Life.

The Ray of Okidanock is a Stream of Light. It is the first emanation. It is also called Ain Soph Aur.

Ain Soph is the Eternal Cosmic Common Father, within which is the Unmanifested Cosmic Common Mother.

From it emanates everything. It is not spirit or matter, it is nothingness.

Adi Buddha is the name for it in Sanskrit. The Adi Buddha does not exist, the Adi Buddha IS.

ImageAin Soph has no beginning and no end.

Everything from it has a beginning and an end.

Ain Soph Aur = Ray of Okidanokh

The first Creation in the same Absolute. Also perfect, but not abstract.

The Ain Soph Aur is a Circle of Light, with its center everywhere, and circumference nowhere (use intuition!)

The Ain Soph Aur is the Solar Absolute. It is a type of creation within the Unknowable Divine.

The Ain Soph Aur is a Spiritual Sun; it has a light, but it is creative light, not like that which we know; this uncreated light emerges from the unknown. It is spiritual light, Christ.

All Ain Soph projecting all rays form the Solar Absolute = Christ

In Latin, this ray is called Lucifer, meaing Light and Fire (Fire bringer/carrier). This is Spiritual light, not like that which we know. It emerges in the universe and descends through the Tree to the bottom.

We study the descent of that pure light as the Ray of Creation; this Ray represents the different unfoldments of Christus-Lucifer.

This Ray of Creation emanates from the Ain Soph to Kether and ends in the infernos.


Kether is symbolised by a point in a circle.

Kether is the Father of all the Lights. The Light from the Unknown. The Crown.

The First Becoming.

The First Existent between the universe and the Absolute.

Kether only shows us his right side. His left side is to the Absolute.

Each one has his own Kether. Also each one has his own Ain Soph.

When through meditation we experience the Ain Soph (we enter a space that is beyond the Infinite, the nothingness) and from nowhere appears something and takes the shape it wishes to. Thus the Ain Soph will tell you mathematically what you need to do in order to perfect yourself.

The first emanation of the Ain Soph is Kether; Kether appeared in front of Moses (Mount Sinai).

We have to climb to the top of the Tree of Life to see Kether. Through meditation, we climb through different ecstasies and go and talk to our own particular Elder.

It is not possible to see our own Kether without having died (in ourselves, psychologically). We have to eliminate a lot of ego for this privilege.

From Kether emerges Chokmah, which is that Sephirah that allow us to comprehend the Father. Chokmah means Wisdom.


Chokmah has the most beautiful atoms of the Ray of Okidanokh, Christ. Chokmah has no personality; it is universal. It is Christ in the Universe. It is in the foundation of any type of matter. It is in the center of any atom, sun, and galaxy.

From Chokmah emerges Binah, Understanding; here we find the force of Christ in evolution within any type of matter. Binah is the intelligence that multiplies each form that exists.

Atziluth is related to the three first Sephiroth. The Three Supernals, the Sephiroth of the Triangle of God: First Logos, Second Logos, Third Logos (Word). The Three forces in One; the Holy Trinity.

These three primary forces have their center of gravity in the first emanation, Kether.

Kether governs the world of Atziluth; the World of Divine, Splendorous, Archetypal Emanations of God.

When in the Astral Plane, Samael Aun Weor was teaching the Great Arcanum. The yogi Sivananda said to Samael that he was vulgarizing the knowledge, the doctrine, by publicly explaining in the physical world. Let us read about it in The Gnostic Magic of the Runes by Samael Aun Weor:

“Many pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists read the literature of Sivananda. There is no doubt that this man was truly a Guru-Deva who worked intensely for this suffering humanity. I truly confess that I never liked his Hatha Yoga. This type of acrobatics always appeared to me to be quite circus-like. I never found that someone could Self-realize by converting himself into an acrobat.

“Nonetheless, it is well known that this said Yogi profoundly worked and in strict secrecy with Sex Yoga. It seems that Hatha Yoga was only a bait in order to fish within the rivers of life.

“I am glad to communicate to our beloved readers that this Guru-Deva Sivananda, while being in a Maha-Samadhi (Ecstasy), joyfully disincarnated.

“I met him in the parallel universe of the fifth dimension. My happiness was tremendous when I witnessed that this man had built his Solar Bodies in the Flaming Forge of Vulcan.

“My surprise was extraordinary when I verified that this Master had already died within himself before physically dying.

“Sivananda intensely worked in the Great Work of the Father. Thus, he is a Guru-Deva in the most complete sense of the word.

“Our meeting was very special, it took place inside a precious precinct where I was accomplishing the obligation of teaching. Suddenly the Great Yogi entered and as if wanting to recriminate me he said, “You are vulgarizing the Doctrine.”

“It is obvious that he referred to the spreading of the knowledge of the Maithuna (Sex Yoga) among profane people.

“I was in no way speechless, my answer was strong and sincere since I belong to the virile fraternity, thus it could be in no other way. I expressed myself in an energetic way when saying, "I am willing to answer all the questions that will be asked unto me before anyone within this precinct.”

“However, the Guru-Deva Sivananda, being an enemy of any discussion, preferred to sit in the sacred buddhic posture, and thus submerged himself into profound meditation.

“I felt the mind of this Yogi inside of my own innermost Self. This man was diving, inquiring, exploring within my most intimate profundities. There is no doubt that Sivananda wanted to converse with my Real Being whose secret name is Samael, and this he achieved.

“Astonished, I could do nothing but exclaim: "Sivananda you are a true Samyasin of thought!” Filled with ecstasy, this Guru-Deva stood up and hugged me.

"He now comprehended the revolutionary statement of our Doctrine, and exclaimed, "Now I agree with you and I will tell the whole world to read your books.”

“Afterwards, he added, "I know your Mother (referring to my particular Divine Mother), I saw Her very well dressed, She wears a white mantle which reaches to Her feet.”

“This meeting was formidable. Many other things happened that I now omit because they are not suitable for this chapter.” - from The Gnostic Magic of the Runes by Samael Aun Weor

Through meditation we can interview the Being of anyone.

Elohim = Gods and Goddesses, many male and female masters.

To interview the Monad of Joan of Arc one needs to go into Atziluth. This requires a lot of skill in meditation. There are many levels and levels.

When the Ain Soph achieves Self-realization of Itself, it does so through Kether and all the parts of the Being represented by the Tree of Life. Thus Kether is transformed into a Cosmocreator, a Being capable of creating a planet, a world.

Consider the planet Earth. Where did the life of this planet come from? Through meditation you can go into the heart of the planet. There is a Temple in the world of Atziluth. The creator of this planet is Kether, but not yours or mine. It is the Kether of an Ain Soph that Self-realized in the past Cosmic Days. The Name of that God is Melchisedec (Sorochotorah Melchisedec).

We live in the planetary body of Sorochotorah Melchisedec, the Planet Earth is his body. He allows other Monads to be here.

Elohim means Gods and Goddesses; they are Ancient Initiates who were in contact with the creators of other planetary bodies.

The Cosmocreators not only govern a planet, but have influence in the whole solar system.

This is Monistic Polytheism, it is Polytheism within Monotheism. But all the Elohim, Gods and Goddesses, come from one source, the Ain Soph.

From Kether emerges Wisdom in order to sustain creation, and from Chokmah-Wisdom emerges Binah to multiply creation.

Holy Eight (8); this sign is the symbol of the infinite, it contains the 3 primary forces in creation, the Head, Heart and Sex of the planetary genie of that cosmic unit.

The 3 primary forces work in Atziluth in Kether.

In Atziluth we find the Gods and Goddesses longing for more perfection in order to get into the Abstract Space.

Image These Divine Beings have to perfect the Trikayas: 3 glorious bodies.

Those beings in Kether in Atziluth are called Dharmakayas. They have created the Body of Law, and are under only one law.

In Chokmah we find the Sambogakayas possessing the Blessed Body.

In Binah we find the Nirmanakayas possessing the Body of the Holy Spirit. Those are the Bodhisattvas who are sacrificing themselves for humanity in this physical world.

Dharmakayas and Sambogakayas are preparing to enter the Abstract Space. They do not manifest any more.

The Adhikayas are other beings close to the Dharmakayas.

The 3 primary forces related with the Law of Triamazikamno or Triamazicamno have their foundation in the first triangle. Every religion has the Trinity.

Christianity came from Judaism as Buddhism came from Hinduism.

Brahma with 3 faces represents: Kether, Chokmah and Binah: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, the Triamazikamno.

Brahma with 4 faces represents: Kether, Chokmah, Binah and the Ain Soph, the Tetragrammaton.

Different images of Brahma symbolize something unknown, which has no form because nowhere in the universe you can find a person with three or four faces. But the Initiates used these images to get an understanding of Divinity. Ignoramuses thought the Brahmans were idolaters.

Trinity of Buddhism: Kether: Amitabha; Chokmah: Avalokitesvara; and Binah: Buddha Shakyamuni.

Every religion symbolized the trinity in different forms.

Hebrew: God is the Holy Tetragrammaton -> the four letters of God: Iod Hei Vav Hei.


The four parts of that which is Divinity.

Hebrews say that Jehovah is the sacred name of God. Some initiates said the God of Moses was IAO, and had only three letters. These three letters are the manifest God.

Iod = I

Hei = A

Vav = O

The fourth “He” at the end of the Name is the Ain Soph = the cosmic uterus.

The most powerful mantra, which represents the three primary forces is IAO. IAO emerges from Unknown. IAO is the God among the Gnostics.

Each one of us has his own particular IAO.

Christ is universal. He is everywhere. He has no individuality.

God in Chokmah is everywhere. Kether is individual in each one of us. Binah is individual in each one of us. But all 3 are 1. We need to grasp this with our intuition.

IAO. Is Elohim in everything, in different levels.

In Atziluth, the Tree of Life is manifested as Arikanpim, the "Vast Countenance."

On the Tree of Life, God has different names in Atziluth. These names can be used in meditation in order to access particular levels of consciousness. For example, to penetrate into the Causal Plane (Tiphereth), vocalize Eloah Va Daath, in order to understand what is happening in that level.

Names of God in Atziluth:

Kether: Eheieh Asher Eheieh.


“I am the one that I am.”

When Moses asked Kether, “What is the name that I should tell the people?” Kether answered: “I am the one that I am.” However we have to say “He is the One that is.”

Chokmah: Iod Heva.

Translated as Jehovah (in the Old Testament). Christ itself as the Son.

Binah: Jehovah Elohim.

The name of God in the 3rd Sephirah. Some translations in the bible just changed all divine names to Jehovah. Adam and Eve were created by Jehovah Elohim, the Holy Spirit. It is the sexual force manifested in God.

Chesed: El. Love. Mercy. El = God; our own particular Spirit, our Innermost who emerges from the Holy Trinity. Within the Monad are the 3 atoms (of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit). El, the Monad has Cosmic Consciousness that is:

Geburah: Elohim Gibor. The Might of the Gods and Goddesses, which is Severity. When Elohim Gibor is in the Initiate, he is a warrior.

Tiphereth: Eloah Va Daath. Name of God in Tiphereth is Eloah Va Daath Iod Hei Vav Hei: "Goddess in knowledge."

Netzach: Jehovah Sabaoth. Iod Heve Sabaoth. Heve is written with the Hebrew letters: Hei Vav Hei. Sabaoth means "host or army." Jehovah Sabaoth is the "Army of Jehovahs." Jehovah of Hosts in the Bible. Book of Ezekiel = that book in relation to the Solar Mind.

Hod: Elohim Sabaoth. "Army of Gods and Goddesses." Elohim Zabaoth is the name of God in the Astral Plane.

Yesod: Shaddai El Chai. "The Almighty Living God." The sexual force. Chai is a singular Hebrew word for "creature." Chaioth is plural, it means: "Creatures." When God spoke to Moses, “When I made my pact with Abraham, the pact with man, I appeared as Shaddai El Chai, but to you I appear as Jehovah.”

Malkuth: Adonai, "The Lord." There is no name of God below the physical plane because the Tree of Life is inverted when we study Hell.

Klipoth: Baalim. Baalim is a Hebrew word that means "Misters" or "Sirs." This applys to Demons, the names of the beings below. From the Conjuration of the Seven:

“In the name of Gabriel may Adonai (the Lord) command thee and drive the hence Baal (mister).”

Baal is singular of Baalim. Many worship Baalim, the "Sirs" of Klipoth.

We worship God in the physical plane as Adonai, the force of God in this physical plane (Malkuth).

Now we can understand the Bible, and know which Sephirah is being referred to.

The One who governs the whole of Atziluth is Kether.

Atziluth is a Divine plane unknown to us, but it helps us to know that it exists. We can experience it if we enter into ecstasy. There are many types of Samadhi (ecstasy) in all of the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, as for instance the Astral Plane (Hod), the Mental Plane (Netzach), etc.: Maha Samadhi, Mahakalpa Samadhi, Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

We can experience God in different levels.

We try to go up and up like a bird... but we are heavy with the ego.

The opposite of Samadhi is a nightmare, going down to Hell to experience the Baalim.

We can enter into all of these worlds through meditation.

The name Jah is a Hebrew mantra.

HalleluJah = "Praise Kether, the Father of the Lights." (Kether = our own particular, intimate God).

Here the image of Adam Kadmon, the Archetypal Man

Right brain - Left brain



To meditate we need willpower and to feel drowsy. Concentrate and remember God.

Gate Gate ParaGate ParaSamGate Bodhi Swaha .”

(the meaning of this mantra is as follows: Proceed, Proceed, Proceed Beyond, Thoroughly Proceed Beyond, be founded in enlightenment )

By pronouncing this mantra mentally, we are put into contact with Kether through the pineal gland.

“Gone, gone, gone beyond, there goes the goer, to the Other Shore.”

This puts into activity the lotus of 1000 petals, and we escape as soul from the pineal gland.

The legions of egos are our own Baalim within us. They stops us from conversing with Kether.

Willpower is the Holy Spirit in itself; it is pure energy.

In the beginning when we practice the Arcanum AZF (sexual magic), we start with transmuting desire into willpower. So when we start, we still have lust. Later, as we eliminate lust, we can work without desire.