Thou shalt make thy light Shine.

Every paragraph of The Pistis Sophia throws a lot of light on the path.

To understand The Pistis Sophia and every other Bible we need to know Kabbalah and Alchemy:

  • Gnosis, or דעת Daath in Hebrew, means Knowledge - Daath is the Tree of Knowledge, Alchemy.

  • קבלה Kabbalah is the Tree of Life.

So we have to study both Trees in order to understand the Word of God, the Doctrine of God. God always speaks in symbols.

In Kabbalah we find synthesis, the different structures of the path we follow.

In The Pistis Sophia Master Jesus talks of the First Space, the Second Space, the Third Space and we have to understand these to understand what Master Jesus is talking about.

the four worlds of kabbalah Samael Aun Weor says that in the First Space we find the Father. Father, Son, Holy Spirit are the three supernals in the world of אצילות Atziluth.

The four worlds related with Tree of Life - Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, Assiah, are the four spaces.

Master Jesus calls the world of עשיה Assiah "the mixture," the physical world, and all the mysteries that are hidden from our physical consciousness, from our brain, our senses – all the mysteries start from the First Space above. Above Assiah is:

The World of Formation - יצירה Yetzirah

The World of Creation - בריאה Briah

The World of Archetypes, the Logos - Atziluth - the world in which we find Kether, the Crown, the Father of all the Lights, the Very Head of the Universe.

By knowing this we understand what Master Jesus tells his disciples. We need intuition to grasp the different dimensions.

In the beginning we study the knowledge intellectually, because our consciousness is asleep, but as long as we walk on the path of Self-realization of our own particular Being we experience the different spaces, and this is how we know that these spaces really exist. Of course the great longing of any initiate is to experience those spaces in order to know what Master Jesus is talking about. Samael Aun Weor explains about this.

Both Master Jesus and Master Samael are awakened Masters, and they know these spaces by direct experience, and that is why we have to meditate everyday in order for us to have our own experience.

In the third space, the World of Formation, is where we find the astral, the vital, the mental, and even the causal plane. And this is how we experience these places.

SOPHIA is Wisdom

PISTIS is Power

the arcanum 11 of the Tarot

Synthesis of the Eleventh Commandment:

In order to acquire or enter into wisdom one needs to perform the Eleventh Arcanum, the Arcanum of Persuasion. One needs not to exercise violence but persuasion, and persuasion (A-Himsa; nonviolence) is that attitude through which we attain what we want through the laws of God, by comprehending the laws of God inside of ourselves and transforming the infra-consciousness, sub-consciousness, and un-consciousness, into consciousness – to awaken through the Holy Denying (Chokmah). Persuasion is the way that we tame the Lion, which is the Fire and the Law of Karma, to enter into the wisdom. That is why we have the three factors because we have to defeat the Lion in different stages, in order to see the Light. Therefore we have to work.

The First Mystery is the First Commandment, and everything is hidden in the First Commandment; if we want to go ahead in this work we have to work with the First Commandment everyday;

To love God with all our head, heart, and strength.

The three brains have to be controlled by the consciousness, which is the soul .

As we awaken we enter into the knowledge of God, this is how we know what God is within ourselves.

And in order to perform the First Commandment we need the help of the Divine Mother - the Divine Mother works in the four-and-twentieth mystery, which is the Loom of God. It is also called the Great Work.

the arcanum 24 of the Tarot

To perform the Great Work one needs to perform the Sixth Arcanum, the Arcanum of the Lovers.

the arcanum 6 of the tarot

We have to put our center of gravity within our Divine Mother who represents chastity, because now the soul is always facing the whore, lust. The Human Soul always looks towards fornication, adultery, so we need to turn our face towards the Divine Mother who represents chastity, willpower, Thelema, in order to perform all of this.

the arcanum 12 of the Tarot

"Thou shalt make thy light shine."

The Twelfth Arcanum depicts the man who touches the earth only with his thoughts. His legs form a cross and his arms form a triangle; the whole work of the Arcanum Twelve is to invert the symbol until the triangle is above the cross: the monad controlling the sex. When the symbol is inverted, your light is shining.

And Jesus said to his disciples: "I am come forth out of that First Mystery, which is the last mystery that is the four-and-twentieth mystery.” And his disciples have not know nor understood that anything existeth within that mystery; but they thought of that mystery, that it is the head of the universe and the head of all existence; and they thought it is the completion of all completions, because Jesus had said to them concerning that mystery, that it surroundeth the First Commandment and the five Impressions and the great Light and the five Helpers and the whole Treasury of the Light.

Master Jesus (when representing the Second Logos, Chokmah, the Son) says that he comes from the First Mystery - Chokmah emerges from Kether - Kether is the First Sephirah. The Son, Wisdom, Chokmah emerges; this is PISTIS SOPHIA emerges from the First Mystery. PISTIS SOPHIA emerges from the First Commandment.

The Son of God: in order to have the privilege of incarnating the Son of God, to be called Children of God, we have to come from, emerge, from the four-and-twentieth mystery which is hidden within the First Mystery, the Father of all the Lights. The Divine Mother is one with the Father of all the Lights, God is Androgyny.

Arcanum Twelve, Make Thy Light Shine: Christ is the way, the light and the life, Christ is an unfoldment of the Father. The Son is born within the womb of the four-and-twentieth mystery (Arcanum 24) at Twelve Midnight (Arcanum 12) thanks to the First Commandment, the Father, Kether, the First Mystery, which is before all mysteries, - the Father in the form of a dove (the Holy Spirit (Abba) in “Daath.”

This is how we create our own particular Jesus Christ, that particular, individual Jesus Christ that we have to form.

Paul of Tarsus stated in Galatians 4:19:

My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed within you.

We form our own particular, individual Jesus Christ when accomplishing the First Mystery within the Four and Twentieth Mystery by means of the accomplishment of the Sixth Mystery.

In other words, the Son of Man (the Solar Christ) is raised as the serpent ( Kundalini ) of Moses was raised in the Wilderness from within the twenty-fourth Arcanum (which is the Great Work) which is the First Mystery, Kether, which is the Father.

The First Mystery is hidden within “Daath” that twenty-fourth mystery.

In order to fulfil the First Commandment we have to perform the Great Work, the Self-realization of our Being.

Slowly, slowly, by working with the transmutation of the sexual energy (the Sixth Mystery) is how we fulfil the First Commandment in order for the Son to emerge from “Daath” the Four and Twentieth Mystery.

We must be born as Children of God from the sexual waters because the Spirit of God moves upon the face of those waters.

Matthew 3:16,17:

And Jesus, when he was baptized (in the waters of Yesod), went up straightway out of the waters (or better say, he was born out of the waters): and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the (Holy) Spirit of God descending like a (white) dove, and lighting upon him (upon his Pineal Gland): And lo a voice (the Word of the First Logos) from heaven, saying, This (word that I am pronouncing) is my beloved Son (the Solar Christ), in whom I am well pleased.

And Jesus of Nazareth developed the Cosmic Christ in all of the levels of his Being through the accomplishment of the First Commandment.

We have to ask the Solar Christ from moment to moment to fortify our three brains by means of the work of the Equilibrated Man and in Sexual Alchemy.

Nobody can fulfil the commandments of God, except in a methodical way, slowly, slowly, degree by degrees, level by level.

‘To love God above all things and thy neighbour as thyself’ is a duty that we have to perform consciously, little by little.

Remember the axiom of the Eleventh Arcanum:

Joyful in hope, suffering in tribulation, be thou constant in thy prayer.

This is the Arcanum between man (1) and woman (1) which makes the number 11, which is the control of the lion, of the passional fire.

To control the lion, to completely control the beast that we have within we need to do this in the sexual alchemy, in the Great Work, which is the four-and-twentieth mystery, how man and woman in the sexual act, by following the Great Work, by controlling the beast, by transmuting the sexual energy, are little by little obeying and fulfilling the First Commandment.

Within the First Commandment is hidden all the commandments of God.

Jesus-Christ, the Son of Man, the Cosmic Christ has born, grown and performed the Great Work of God within the Body, Soul and Spirit of many Masters of Compassion.

The goal of those Initiates who renounced their Spirituals Dons is humanized or individualized the Universal Cosmic Christ within their Body, Soul and Spirit. To perform this is not easy.

In order to perform this task we need the help of the Stellar Gods, his Helpers.

...And his disciples have not know nor understood that anything existeth within that mystery; but they thought of that mystery, that it is the head of the universe and the head of all existence; and they thought it is the completion of all completions, because Jesus had said to them concerning that mystery, that it surroundeth the First Commandment and the five Impressions and the great Light and the five Helpers and the whole Treasury of the Light.

Let us comprehend now why everything is inside the First Mystery, because Kether is the head of the universe, because everything is contained within Kether, and so if we fulfil the First Commandment then we attain everything, because Kether is the Completion of the Completions.

But, what about concerning that mystery that surrounds the First Commandment and the five Impressions and the great Light and the five Helpers and the whole Treasury of the Light? The whole of this precisely represents the Self-Realized Human Being, the Human Pentagram who emerges from within the Father of all the lights.

The Red Christ of Aquarius, Samael, the Spirit of Fire, explains that the Pentagram is that mystery that surrounds the five impressions and the Great Light and the five Helpers and the whole Treasury of the Light. So, the outcome of the Great Work that we have to perform is the Pentagram.


The Pentagram symbolizes the Human Being made into the likeness of God.

The Pentagram represents the omnipotence of the Heavenly Man.

That is why Samael Aun Weor synthesises the Heavenly Man in the axiom of the Fifth Arcanum of the Book of Tarot that states:

I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee, and my heart feeleth thee.

In other words, in the beginning we hear about God and about the mysteries and the Light (I have heard the commandments of thee by the hearing of the ear) but when our “Light Shines” through the achievement of the Twelfth Commandment that is within the First Commandment, the Great Work is finally fulfilled (now mine eye seeth thee, and my heart feeleth thee) because God is incarnated.

Moses sees God face to face because he is a Living Pentagram, a Resurrected Master.

The Heavenly Man, the Bodhisattva, the Pentagram, represents also the five solar bodies that we must build: physical, vital, astral, mental, causal bodies – this is why the Pentagram represents the Heavenly Man that is formed within the Loom of God or Arcanum 24.

The Pentagram represents the Son of God - the synthesis of the Great Work is the Son of God, which is the Human Being in the image of God; that is the Pentagram.

The Pentalpha is formed by five Alphas, five Greek letters ‘A’s.

The Pentagram

Penta = Five

Grama = Letter

Pentagrammaton is = יהשוה Iod He Shin Vau He (Yeshua, which means "Saviour")

There are many ways in Hebrew that you can write Jeshua, but this is the proper Kabbalistic writing of יהשוה Jeshua, with ש Shin between יהוה Iod He Vau He (which is the name of God, the Tetragrammaton).

So when in English we count the letters of the name “Jesus” we find then that it has five Latin letters, and we count the letters of the name יהשוה Yeshua in Hebrew we also find that is has five Hebrew letters. So, either way we are naming the Pentagram.

The name Jesus encloses the mystery of the Living Son of God, the living Pentagram – the Word made Flesh.

The Greek Word Tetragrammaton signifies: four-lettered-name. This word is written around the Hieroglyphic called the Esoteric Pentagram.

Tetragramma = four letters

Tetragrammaton = four lettered

We find in the Pentagram the Greek word Tetragrammaton, meaning the four-lettered name.

Quaternary means: four elements in one. So this divine quaternary is the Tetragrammaton (יהוה Iod, He, Vav, He = the sacred name of God, the Word, the Logos, Christ) that is incarnated within the Pentagrammaton (the Kosmic Human who is represented by the five points of the Hieroglyphic Esoteric Pentagram: one head, two arms and two legs). So, the Tetragrammaton is within the Pentagrammaton.


This Tetragrammaton (holy name of God) is written on the right arm of the Hieroglyphic named Esoteric Pentagram.

יהוה Iod He Vau He – יהוה Iod-Havah – יהוה Jah-Havah = יהוה Jehovah

On top of the Hieroglyphic Esoteric Pentagram, on its forehead we find the sign of Jupiter (the Christ), the Father of all Gods- and the eyes of the Spirit are always open, because in the Heavenly Man the consciousness is always awakened 100%, the power of God in the pineal gland, that is Jupiter.

On its left arm we find the following Hebrew letters: אדם Aleph Daleth Mem

אדם Aleph Daleth Mem = Adam – This is the Human Being made into the likeness of God. This is the Adam-Eve who is Iod-Havah or Jah-Havah, in other words: Adam and Eve who are above within the Heavenly Man in Daath.

These Hebrew words written on the two arms of the Hieroglyphic Esoteric Pentagram represent the heavenly forces of the Heavenly Man, the Man-God, Adam Jah-Havah. This is the Human Being made into the image of God. This Heavenly Human can be: Jesus, Moses, Krishna, Kuan Yin, Joan of Arc, Perenelle, Mataji, Babaji, Samael Aun Weor or any other Master who achieves the Inner Self-realization of his Being.

Adam Jah-Havah or Adam Jot-Chavah is the Human Pentagrammaton:

א Aleph has the Kabbalistic value = 1

ד Daleth has the Kabbalistic value = 4

ם Mem has the Kabbalistic value = 40

So, the Kabbalistic value of Adam is 144

Revelation 7:4-8:

And I heard the number of them (who made the Light of God to shine within themselves through the Twelfth Arcanum) which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand (144000 is the Kabbalistic value of Adam, these are Human Beings made into the image of God) of all the tribes of the children of Israel (Initiates of all the twelve zodiacal signs).

Of the tribe of Judah were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Reuben were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Gad were sealed twelve thousand.

Of the tribe of Aser were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Nepthalim were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Manasses were sealed twelve thousand.

Of the tribe of Simeon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Levi were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Issachar were sealed twelve thousand.

Of the tribe of Zabulon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Joseph were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Benjamin were sealed twelve thousand.” (These are those who accomplished with the Twelve Commandment, the Twelve Arcanum)

Axiom of the Twelfth Arcanum:

Even though the sun makes thou fatigued during the day and the moon makes thou grievous during the night, thou shalt not take thy feet unto the slippery, neither shall thou sleep when thou art on guard.

Revelation 14: 1-5:

And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand (144000 is the Kabbalistic value of Adam, these are Human Beings made into the image of God), having his Father's name written in their foreheads.

And I heard a voice (the Logos) from heaven, as the voice of many (sexual) waters, and as the voice of a great thunder (the sacred word of God): and I heard the voice of harpers (like Orpheus) harping with their harps (spinal medullas):

And they sung as it were a new song before the throne (Binah), and before the four beasts (of Alchemy, Chaioth ha Kadosh), and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand (144000 is the Kabbalistic value of Adam, these are Human Beings made into the image of God), which were redeemed from the earth.

These are they which were not defiled with (the) women (Lilith and Nahemah); for they are virgins (Chaste). These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goes. These were redeemed from among (fornicator) men, being the first fruits unto God and to the Lamb.

And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne (the cerebrum-spinal nervous system) of God.

Revelaton 21: 17:

And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a man (144000 is the Kabbalistic value of Adam, these are Human Beings made into the image of God), that is, of the angel.

On the left leg of the hieroglyphic esoteric Pentagram we find the Hebrew letters: Phe, Chet, Daleth which are read: פחד PEHAD. Pehad means Fear in Hebrew. Proverbs of Solomon Chapter 1:7 states:

The fear of Jehovah (Iod He Vav He) Elohim is the beginning of knowledge “Daath”: but fools (fornicators) despise wisdom (Chokmah) and (Divine) instruction.

Better if we say: The beginning of knowledge “Daath” is to fear the losing of the sexual seed that is the Lower Eden where the Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of Jehovah (Iod He Vav He) Elohim abides.

פחד Pehad is the fear of losing the seed, the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that flows within the sexual libido.

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eat thereof thou shalt surely die. - Genesis 2:17

Daath,” the tree of knowledge, is related with the four and twentieth mystery (the womb of the Divine Mother) the mystery related with sex (the sixth mystery) where Chokmah (Wisdom) abides. This is why we find on the left thigh (close to the genitals which are symbolized by the Caduceus of Mercury) in the Hieroglyphic Esoteric Pentagram (that is the emblem of Geburah-Mars that symbolizes the Word of God made flesh) written the word PEHAD.

And out of (the Living Pentagram) his mouth (symbolized by the letter Alpha) goes a sharp sword, (the Kabbalistic word in the mystery of Daath) that with it he should smite the (ignorant) nations: and he (the Logos of Aquarius, the Pentagram of Geburah) shall rule them with a rod of iron (willpower): and he treads the winepress (the Letter Omega based of the Caduceus of Mercury, the Sexual Organs) of the fierceness (sexual fire) and wrath (justice) of Almighty God (Shaddai El Chai).

And he (the Pentagram, living emblem of Geburah-Mars that symbolizes the Word of God made flesh) hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. - Revelation 19:15-16

The beginning of knowledge of God (Daath) is פחד PEHAD, fear to lose the solar seed that produces interior illumination and that grants the knowledge of good and evil.

Daath is that mystery related with sex – that is why on the Hieroglyphic Esoteric Pentagram, we find Pehad close to the sexual parts (the Caduceus of Mercury) where we find the letter Omega. Alpha and Omega are the beginning and the end.

Jesus the Living Pentagrammaton says:

I am Alpha (because in the beginning was the Word) and Omega (because the Word was made flesh “Sperm and Ovum”), the beginning and the ending, (of the Initiation) saith the Lord (Shaddai El Chai), which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty (in Yesod). - Revelation 1:8

Alpha is in the mouth of the Pentagram, and Omega is in the sexual organs of on the Hieroglyphic Esoteric Pentagram.

The word Pehad, which means fear, is close to the sex. Why? It is because the beginning of Knowledge, Daath, is to fear Jehovah, or to fear Iod He Vau He. But it is not that type of fear that we experience commonly. It is a fear like the word zealous. It is a kind of fear that you experience when you are defending something because it is good for you. Not because you are afraid of God, but because you know the value of that.

For instance – you run in a forest, and you stop because of a cliff. This is not fear, but common sense, otherwise you will kill yourself. It is caution, based on knowledge that you know, it is not because you are a coward. You stop doing something because your common sense tells you to, but it is not fear.

That is the type of fear we are talking of. For instance, we have the knowledge of chastity, transmutation, in order to achieve Self-realisation of the Being - so therefore it is stupid to fornicate if you know that. So the initiate is always afraid of losing his own sexual force, it is that kind of fear, Pehad, the beginning of Daath, Knowledge.

Pehad is Phobos in Greek and it is related with Mars in the zodiacal sign of Scorpio.

The beginning of that kind of Knowledge is to have that kind of fear, fear of losing what is valuable to us, the sexual energy, because with it we acquire the Self-realization of our Being. So, it is stupid to fornicate if we want the illumination. We have to be cautious in order not to lose the solar light that lies within our sexual seed. This is Pehad.

On the right leg of the hieroglyphic esoteric Pentagram we find the Hebrew letters: כפר Kaf Phe Resh. כפר Kaf Pe Resh is read = Kefair. This is translated as expiate – to suffer voluntarily through expiation in order to spiritually acquire what you are longing for. For example, in some religions in order to receive help from a saint or a demigod they walk on their knees from the atrium to the altar of the church or long distances. This is expiation, in order to receive pardon or a miracle etc.

So if we want to receive the power of clairvoyance we have to expiate, to suffer humiliations, because through the humiliation, your anger will come out from you and you will have the opportunity to annihilate that anger, so that the outcome of that work, that suffering, that expiation, is to be clairvoyant. Nothing is given free, you have to fight for it, and that is to expiate - to suffer in order to attain what you want.

This type of suffering is voluntary – Master Samael says that the path of Self-realisation is voluntary suffering that you have to perform, and you have to look for humiliation, or as another Master says, you have to debase yourself in order to injure your pride.

Kafair is voluntary expiation for the Great Work’s sake; every exaltation is preceded by a terrible humiliation so that the flower of humbleness will appear in you.

But in order to debase yourself you have to meditate, you have to do the work. That is why it is very close to Pehad, fear, being on the other side – to acquire all the powers. It is on the right side, in which we acquire powers. Nobody acquires powers without suffering the annihilation of their ego, or as Master Samael says, nobody rises if they have not previously descended – ‘Every exaltation is preceded by a terrible humiliation.’

You suffer in order to have material to comprehend yourself, because in the worst circumstances of life are precisely where you can see yourself, your anger, your pride, your greed, your lust, and this is precisely the way that you expiate yourself in order to annihilate that and awake your consciousness. Nobody can awaken his consciousness if he does not suffer - but it is voluntary suffering.

Remember Buddha, a Prince with all kinds of riches, but he realised that if he wanted to annihilate the ego he needed to abandon all of those commodities and become a common and current person, in order to see himself, and to annihilate the causes of illness, the causes of death, of everything that makes life miserable in this physical world.

So the same is with us - we have to abandon commodities – we have to abandon our own self-esteem. We always want everybody to pat our backs etc. We have to abandon that and annihilate self-esteem, because self-esteem is the root of many egotistical aspects of us.

Another type of expiation in order to perform the Pentagram is when somebody reaches the Fifth Initiation, when somebody has the five solar bodies.

This person has to expiate, to renounce Heaven, to renounce Nirvana, in order to descend and annihilate the ego, because in Nirvana everybody is happy, blessed, and nobody irritates you. But if you renounce that and you come into this world – you abandon the laws of Heaven, which will give you honour and praise, and come down into hell, the opposite of Heaven.

That is why the Masters that abandon Heaven to work in Hell, are called Infernal Gods. Because they are Gods, but they are not content being in Nirvana – like Buddha, they renounce that Kingdom and descend into Hell, into the infra-dimensions where humanity is suffering. And humanity always treats these Masters like garbage.

If you read the account of all these Masters, like Jesus of Nazareth, Moses, etc, they are always betrayed, stoned, killed, because this is the law of hell. Many initiates don’t understand this. The Masters that renounce Nirvana are walking with two feet, as Master Samael explains. The right foot means that they are Masters connected with their own Fathers in Heaven, and the left feet because they are working in Hell.

Kether, in order to attain Self-realisation, as the Pentagram, has in the arms the symbol of Mars, Thelema, Will-Power, and in the feet, Saturn, the symbol of Death.

On the ribs of the Hieroglyphic Esoteric Pentagram we find the symbol of the Sun, the Moon, and in the middle of its chest the symbol of Venus and Mercury, enclosed or hidden within the Caduceus of Mercury.

The Cup in left arm represents the water, and then we have the Staff of the Patriarchs which represents the air. Fire is in the feet as the Sword, and the earth is symbolized by the six-pointed Star of Solomon.

These are the four elements that are under the control of the Self-realized Master.

The Hieroglyphic of the Esoteric Pentagram contains that mystery that surrounds the First Commandment and the five Impressions and the great Light and the five Helpers and the whole Treasury of the Light.

The Living Pentagrammaton contains the whole Treasury of the Light, the Universal Cosmic Christ.

The Heavenly Man, the Kosmic Human is the outcome of the Twelfth Arcanum, the Twelfth Commandment that is accomplished when the Light shines in its plenitude.

The Living Pentagrammaton the symbol of the Heavenly Man, or that Being that has in its heart God, is represented in the Hieroglyphic the Esoteric Pentagram. It is obvious that the demons are scared before this symbol – it is the symbol that represents God within the Human Being - the Living God.

Christ is universal, it is a force that is cosmic, but when that Word, Verb, Christ, becomes human in any initiate, that initiate is a Living God, which controls not only Heaven, but earth and Hell as well.

And that is why Master Jesus says that the First Commandment encloses or surrounds the five Impressions of the Great Light, and the five Helpers and the Whole Treasury of the Light, because the Human Being made into the Image of God is the outcome of the Twelfth Commandment. It is the Self-realised human being within is all the Treasuries.

We should begin to understand the necessity of becoming a living Pentagrammaton, and why the Great Magicians, the Great Initiates, always have a pentagram in their homes.

Of course when a living human being, a living Pentagrammaton, that is the personification of God, forgets about the First Commandment and starts following his own mind, or in other words when the initiate fornicates, falls into sin, the star of five points becomes inverted - the two feet become the horns of the devil.

the inverted pentagram

The male goat of Mendes represents subversion, or disobedience to God, and any fallen angel becomes a demon.

The angels that fell became demons – Hannasmussen. The Inner God, Iod He Vau He, of that angel is a Living God above, but his son that fell is an inverted Pentagram, a demon. This is a hasnamuss (singular for hasnamussen). A hasnamuss that fulfills the laws of hell, following the ego.

And his Inner God is a God, a Master that was betrayed by his own son, his own Human Soul. The Human Soul is the one that is a demon, and from the Spiritual Consciousness above we find the Monad that is always perfect, because God never falls, the only thing that falls is the Human Soul.

There are many examples in the religions of fallen angels.

If we want to attract the Heavenly forces we must always use the Pentagram with the head pointing upwards.

Samael Aun Weor in The Pistis Sophia Unveiled explains how to make a Pentagram with the seven metals related with the seven planets. But a simple way to make a Pentagram is to trace, carve, the Pentagram on white virgin marble. But you have to carve it with gold. This is a powerful symbol that will help defend you against the negative forces. You also have to pronounce the different exorcisms and to do many things to consecrate it.

  1. Silver - Moon
  2. Mercury - Mercury
  3. Copper - Venus
  4. Gold - Sun
  5. Iron - Mars
  6. Lead - Saturn
  7. Tin - Jupiter

Of course the best thing is to make ourselves a living Pentagram, through the five serpents that we have to awaken.

To obtain the Golden Fleece is to attain the resurrection.

The Loom of God functions only with the sixth mystery - the mystery of love. The transcendental sexual electricity is that marvellous force that originates the motion in the Loom of God. Those who never transmute the sexual energy into transcendental sexual electricity leave the loom in suspense. Sperm in alchemy is the sexual energy of both man and woman.

It is necessary to worship Iod-Heve; however, if the worshipper does not continue his work in the Great Work he becomes stagnant.

The hermetic glass represents the feminine sexual organs.

The lance represents the male sexual organs.

To become a worshipper without fulfilling the mysteries one becomes a Pharisee.

Annihilate the interior Pharisee.

We have to study the book of Tarot and Kabbalah, The Pistis Sophia and the synthetic explanations of Master Samael, and other books, and if we seriously study then we will become serious in knowledge, and understand Master Jesus was a Kabbalist, the Divine Rabbi of Galilee. Rabbi means Master.

Master Jesus knew Kabbalah very deeply, related not only with the Hebrew religion but with the knowledge of all religions, because the book The Pistis Sophia talks of other things outside of the Hebrew Doctrine.

To study wisdom we have to study Kabbalah.

The present humanity does not know Kabbalah and so they do not understand the Bible. That is why Master Samael taught a lot of Kabbalah, in order to explain his last book. The unveiling is possible when we know Kabbalah.

The Pistis Sophia is a book for meditation. It is knowledge for our consciousness.

What Master Jesus wrote is obscure for us, and even what Master Samael wrote unveiling this work is also obscure, so we have to become very serious in study and meditation.

The written law is for those who cannot see, who are still asleep, that cannot see the way, the Twelve Commandments etc.

Christ in the Master of the Direct Path handles the laws of Heaven and the Laws of Hell according to his own Will, which is the Will of God.

God is God of Heaven and Hell.

To become a Living Pentagram is what is necessary for the Masters of the Direct Path.

I have said all this to you to keep you from falling away (from the Right Path).

They will put you out of the synagogues (Second Chambers); indeed, the hour is coming when whoever kills you (by pushing you away from the Rituals of Hod “Glory”, the Cosmic Christ) will think he is offering service to God.

And they will do this because they have not known the Father (the First Mystery), nor me (the Cosmic Solar Christ).

But I have said these things to you, that when their hour comes you may remember that I told you of them.

I did not say these things to you from the beginning, because I was with you.

But now I am going to him (the First Mystery) who sent me; yet none of you asks me, `Where are you going?'

But because I have said these things to you, sorrow has filled your hearts.

Nevertheless I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Counsellor (the Fifth Helper) will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.

And when he (the Fifth Helper, the Red Christ of Aquarius) comes, he will convince the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment:

Concerning sin, because they do not believe in me (the Cosmic Christ);

Concerning righteousness, because I go to the Father, and you will see me no more (Physically);

Concerning judgment, because the ruler of this world (the Ego) is judged.

I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.

When the Spirit of (the fifth) truth comes, he will guide you into all the (cosmic) truth; for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.

He will glorify me (the Cosmic Christ), for he will take what is mine and declare it to you.

All that the Father has is mine; therefore I said that he will take what is mine and declare it to you. - John 16:1-15)

Even though the sun makes thou fatigued during the day and the moon makes thou grievous during the night, thou shalt not take thy feet unto the slippery, neither shall thou sleep when thou art on guard.

The Light of the Red Christ of Aquarius must illuminate all the revolutionary spirits of Aquarius.

Thou shalt make thy light shine.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light. - Romans 13: 12

May the Cosmic Christ illuminate thy Spirit.

End of the Twelve Commandments.

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