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"Do thy duty."

Gnostics believe in and work in their duty with their inner intimate particular Jesus Christ.

The Christians, the fundamentalists, wait for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Until now, they wait for the Lord in a very mistaken way, because they ignore what their duty is.

Jesus Christ, the Venerable Master Aberamentho, came two thousand years ago in order to perform his duty to teach the doctrine of our inner intimate particular Jesus Christ.

The Adorable Seity called Christ is a formless entity; Christ is neither a divine nor a human person. Christ is a Divine Entity that has no form; Christ is coessential with the Abstract Space, is universal; that is why Gnostic Kabbalists call him the Cosmic Christ.

"The Gnostic Church adores the Saviour of the World, Jesus. The Gnostic Church knows that Jesus incarnated Christ, and that is why they adore him. Christ is not a human nor a divine individual. Christ is a title given to all fully self-realised Masters. Christ is the Army of the Voice. Christ is the Verb. The Verb is far beyond the body, the soul and the Spirit. Everyone who is able to incarnate the Verb receives in fact the title of Christ. Christ is the Verb itself. It is necessary for everyone of us to incarnate the Verb (Word). When the Verb becomes flesh in us we speak with the verb of light. In actuality, several Masters have incarnated the Christ. In secret India, the Christ Yogi Babaji has lived for millions of years; Babaji is immortal. The Great Master of Wisdom Kout Humi also incarnated the Christ. Sanat Kumara, the founder of the Great College of Initiates of the White Lodge, is another living Christ. In the past, many incarnated the Christ. In the present, some have incarnated the Christ. In the future many will incarnate the Christ. John the Baptist also incarnated the Christ. John the Baptist is a living Christ. The difference between Jesus and the other Masters that also incarnated the Christ has to do with Hierarchy. Jesus is the highest Solar Initiate of the Cosmos..." - Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

So, the Cosmic Christ is universal. The goal of any initiate who walks on the Direct Path is to incarnate that Universal Christ in order to make him human. This is to individualize the Cosmic Christ within oneself based on super-efforts and voluntary sufferings.

The Voice of the Silence has stated:

"Know that the Bodhisattva who changes liberation for renunciation (who renounces Nirvana) to don the miseries of life (to live to benefit mankind) is called "thrice honoured."

"The "Secret Way" leads also to Para-Nirvanic bliss (absolute delightful bliss) - but at the close of kalpas without number; Nirvanas gained and lost from boundless pity and compassion for the world of deluded mortals."

Nirvana has cycles of activity and cycles of profound rest. In this century, Nirvana is in a period of action.

What is important is to incarnate the Cosmic Christ within ourselves in order to accomplish our duty.

Jesus of Nazareth (Master Aberamentho) still exists with the same physical body of two thousand years ago; he is a Resurrected Master.  He is immortal, and he dictated the Gnostic Bible, “The Pistis Sophia,” to his Apostles.

dagnan-bouveret christ and the disciples at emmaus-724122

The word “Bible” is derived from Greek; Bible signifies "books" (biblos). There are many Bibles of different religions, which are the sacred words of the Cosmic Christ (who incarnated within different prophets) gave to humanity in different epochs. Christ, being universal, can incarnate in any human being that is duly prepared, in any initiate that takes the Direct Path in order to help him to perform his duty and to give the universal knowledge, wisdom, to humanity. Wisdom in Hebrew is Chokmah, the second sephirah, related to the Son.

Kether, Chokmah, Binah: Crown, Wisdom, Understanding

Kether, Chokmah, Binah: the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Samael Aun Weor (an incarnation of the Cosmic Christ) said:

"Christ as Cosmic Multiple Perfect Unity is divided in many parts – but the most beautiful atoms of the Cosmic Christ shine within the second Sephirah."

This word wisdom, חכמה Chokmah in Hebrew, is σοφία (Sophia) in Greek.

The Pistis Sophia, the Gnostic Bible, is the wisdom of Christ incarnated within the initiate.

"PISTIS is Power. PISTIS SOPHIA is Wisdom – Power."

Even though we know that PISTIS means something related to the mind, in this case Master Samael says that SOPHIA is related to Wisdom and PISTIS to Power; this power is related with Understanding, Binah.

Samael Aun Weor states that Pistis is Power; yes it is true, because the Power of Powers resides in the sexual organs, where we have the energy of the Holy Spirit “Binah” (Understanding, Pistis). In Sanskrit, this is called the Kundalini.

Of course, all the power of the Lord Chokmah (Wisdom) is within Pistis – Understanding, the Holy Spirit, which is in direct relation with the sexual glands.

PISTIS SOPHIA is Power-Wisdom, but a Power that is acquired with Wisdom and a Wisdom that is acquired with Power, PISTIS, or understanding “Binah.”

Samael Aun Weor also emphasises in his bookIgneous Rose that all the power of the mind (Pistis) is in the sex, in an atom that we have in our sexual glands, in the semen, which is the atom of the Holy Spirit.

In order to understand this it is necessary to study the Bible dictated by Master Aberamentho Jesus Christ. The Cosmic Christ performed his duty through him. The Master Jesus Christ knew very well that we have to create the vehicles, the receptacle, in order to incarnate the Cosmic Christ, in order to individualise the Cosmic Christ within each one of us, so that we can also perform our duty.

This happens when we enter into the initiation, and especially in the Venustic Initiation.

The Pistis Sophia is a Kabbalistic book.

A true master has to know how to perform her spiritual duty, thus she has to study very deeply Alchemy and Kabbalah: the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.

These are the two trees in which the whole wisdom, the whole knowledge of the universe, is synthesised.

Within these two trees: the Tree of Knowledge (Daath) and the Tree of Life (Kabbalah), we find psychology, anthropology, and all the sciences of the universe.

Master Jesus knows all of this.

The Pistis Sophia is a book or Bible formed by six books, written in Kabbalah and based on “Daath,” written for initiates in order to help themselves and for them to help humanity.

Everything that happened to the Venerable Master Jesus was previously planned by him and his disciples in order to give the Gnostic Kabbalah to all of mankind in order to help every single soul to perform their duty so that they can reach the level of Self-realised Master.

This is the reason why The Pistis Sophia was written 11 years after His resurrection; every year or number is written for a Kabbalistic purpose.

Master Jesus Christ was eleven years after his resurrection with his Apostles. Indeed, Jesus Christ was eleven years on the earth dictating The Pistis Sophia, but why not ten, eight, seven or five? Why eleven? It is because eleven has a profound significance.

Master Jesus taught and revealed the Kabbalah and the mystery of “Daath” with his own life.

arcanum 11 of the tarotThe first explanation that Samael Aun Weor gives to explain the beginning of The Pistis Sophia is an axiom – this axiom belongs to the Arcanum 11, to the Eleventh Commandment.

"Joyful in hope, suffering in tribulation, be thou constant in thy prayer." - Romans 12:12

When we study the axiom of the Arcanum 11 based on Gnostic Kabbalah, we then find that it is related with the Eleventh Commandment:

"Thou shalt perform thy duty."

The first paragraph of The Pistis Sophia textually states:

"Jesus hitherto instructed his disciples only up to the regions of the first mystery."

The First Mystery is Kether, the Father of all the Lights, who is related with the First Commandment.

The First Commandment is related to Kether; because the Willpower of Kether, the Will of God is to perform the Great Work, to perform his duty. That is why the Eleventh Commandment says "Do thy duty" or "Do thy obligation." As Monads we are obligated to Self-realise ourselves – that is precisely the reason of creation, of existence, why we have come into this physical world.

The reason of the whole universe to be is precisely to Self-realize our Beings. In other words, God, our Monad, wants to awaken, wants to Self-realize himself, wants to perform His own obligation, which is to awaken, to give a reason, a meaning to creation, or to give meaning to Himself.

We know that we are the lower part of Kether in this physical world. If we want our own particular Kether, our own Monad to perform His duty we have to feel that that duty is also our own duty.

This is the Eleventh Arcanum – "Do thy duty" - the Self-realization of the Being.

But no one can perform that Eleventh Commandment, which is related with the Eleventh Arcanum, if one does not know anything about sexual alchemy, “Daath,” or about the Lion of the Law of Karma.

The Virgin that is controlling the jaws of the lion is the Divine Mother Kundalini that we have to awaken in each one of us through “Daath.” The Pistis Sophia states:

"It came to pass, when Jesus had risen from the dead, that he passed eleven years discoursing with his disciples, and instructing them only up to the regions of the First Commandment and up to the regions of the First Mystery, that within the Veil, within the First Commandment, which is the four-and-twentieth mystery without and below - those [four-and-twenty] which are in the second space of the First Mystery, which is before all mysteries, - the Father in the form of a dove."

In this paragraph of the first chapter we find a lot of light, a lot of wisdom, a lot of SOPHIA, a lot of Chokmah.

In order to perform our own duty one needs to understand the First Commandment.

The First Commandment, which is the First Mystery, is the Father, Kether.

The First Mystery is within the four-and-twentieth mystery. The four-and-twentieth mystery is the Great Work. In other words, the Great Work (Duty) that Kether has to perform is done within the Womb of the divine Mother Kundalini, the Weaver.

When we look in the Book of Tarot, the Twenty-fourth Arcanum is the Weaver.

arcanum 24

The axiom of the Twenty-fourth Arcanum is:

"My loom is weaving net after net, a cloth for my honour and cloths for honour."

The "cloth for my honour" is the solar bodies and cloth for honour because these solar bodies are the vesture of the Solar Light, which is Christ.

You find that the whole work in the Twenty-fourth Arcanum is done by the Divine Mother weaving her own loom, because the one that performs the whole work, in the Great Loom of God, is the Divine Mother, so she is the one that performs the work inside of each one of us. She is the Holy Spirit.

This is why the First Commandment is the four-and-twentieth commandment, this is the first and the last commandment, because in the Loom of God is hidden the Great Work that we have to perform that is our own duty.

If we make the addition of the Twenty-fourth Arcanum, we find that 2 + 4 is 6.

This is why if we want to perform the Great Work, which is the four-and-twentieth mystery we have to know the mystery of the Sixth Arcanum.

the arcanum 6 of the tarot

The axiom related to the Sixth Arcanum is:

"My Lord, you are giving me works, and with these, strength."

This strength is sexual strength or Will Power; in other words, like Samson.

Those labours that our Lord gives us are the sexual labour; because the Sixth Arcanum is precisely the Arcanum related with the Lovers, in which we find the Human Soul between two women. One is a prostitute, and the other is a virgin, a vestal. The Human Soul is always looking at the prostitute because this is the situation we are in right now.

The prostitute is the symbol of lust - in other words, we are slaves now of the lion of passion.

The lion of passion always devours our own integrity, so we have to turn our face towards scientific chastity and we have to learn how to kill that prostitute, which is that whore which is inside of us, whose number is 666, the ego inside of us. The ego is lust itself, that always invites us to fornicate, whether through the mind, the heart or through the sex (lust in the three brains – 6,6,6).

Our only hope is to remember God, to remember our Divine Mother and to annihilate that lustful woman in our three brains. This is a patient work that we have to perform in the Loom of God. This is our duty.

"Joyful in hope, suffering in tribulation, be thou constant in thy prayer." In other words, "Do thy duty." The first task that any Master who walks on the Direct Path has to perform in order to acquire the Self-realization is to tame the Lion.

If we study the tasks of Hercules, we find that the first task that he performs in relation to his Self-realization is to kill the Lion of Nemea.

If we study the Bible in relation to the myth of Samson and Delilah, we discover that the first task of Samson also is to kill a lion.

samson slaying a lion

Samson:  שמשון Shem Shaun
Shemesh:  שמש sun
Aun: און strength; Sexual Virility.

און “Aun” is the synthesis of all the powers. Even the physical strength relies on sexual strength – testosterone is the first active ingredient of the sexual energy.

Hermes Trismesgistus in his "Emerald Tablet" speaks of the strength of all powers; that strength is און AUN.

The sexual power of the sun, that solar force that gives us sexual virility, is deposited in the sexual glands.

The foundation of the strength of  שמשון Samson was in the solar energy of his sexual genes; Samson took advantage of the solar energy through scientific chastity.

The solar potency (Christ in substance) of the sexual gonads of Samson was rising throughout his spinal medulla in order to nourish his human will or human soul in his pineal gland. His long hair growing on his head as solar or fiery rays (symbol of his unbreakable willpower) that gave him access to RECEIVE (Kabbel, Kabbalah in Hebrew) the wisdom (Chokmah) of God (which is what is needed in order to defeat the Lion)

"Woe unto the Samson of the Kabbalah if he permits himself to be seduced by the sinner Delilah!"

samson and delilah

Delilah is  דלילה “D’lilah” (the night, black magic of לילית Lilith).

The Philistines represent the egos of Samson, those egos are the ones who close Samson’s clairvoyance, or the ones who remove his spiritual eyes from his head.

In order to become a Samson or Hercules (meaning "the Aura of Hera," the Divine Mother), it is necessary to perform the Arcanum 11, the Eleventh Commandment: "Do thy duty."

The first thing that we have to perform in the Eleventh Arcanum is chastity. This is to control the lion, the bestial passional fire within ourselves in order to be victorious.

"The kings and queens of sexual fire work with patience in the Great Work."

The Great Work is between man and woman: the Eleventh Arcanum. These are these kings and queens of sexual fire. These are the Human Souls who achieve the level of Malachim: kings and queens.

In order to achieve this level, we need to create the astral, mental, and causal bodies in order to dress ourselves in the bodies of kings; we need a lot of patience to achieve this.

The Intimate Christ instructs the mind and the heart and helps us to perform the First Commandment: To Love God over everything, and to love thy neighbour as thyself. This way we can perform our duty that is the Eleventh Commandment.

So when a devotee comprehends the First Commandment, he then easily understands the four-and-twentieth mystery, because in order to perform the Great Work in the Loom of God one needs to love God above all things and thy neighbour as thyself, because the law of God is sacrifice, the law of Christ.

Our duty as Monads is to resurrect from the dead. This is to kill the lion, the beast that symbolizes the passionate instinctual fire, which is the origin of the egos of Nahemah and of the common or ordinary Karma that enslaves the Buddhata.

Only our Divine Mother Kundalini can with a lot of serenity to control the jaws of the furious lion of Karma. Only our Divine Mother Kundalini can disintegrate to cosmic dust all of those egos of Nahemah that belong to the 96 laws. She, herself is the secret weapon of the Eleventh Arcanum.

This lion is the symbol of fire, and reminds us of the constellation of Leo, the house of the Sun.

The lion is always related with fire, that in The Pistis Sophia is always called "the Lion-faced power."

That lion that Hercules and Samson killed symbolises the sexual passionate power, the solar light within the sex that unfortunately is devouring all intellectual animals.

That lion, or sexual solar fire, is always devouring and destroying the life that circulates in our physical body; this is because the intellectual animals are fornicators; they cannot control their lion or beast of passional fire.

The lion, Leo, is also related to karma, because the origin of karma is fornication. Because we broke the Law, the Divine Law, the Sixth Commandment, this is precisely the reason why the Sixth Commandment was the First Commandment that we receive.

"But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eat thereof thou shalt surely die." - Genesis 2:17

Karma (cause and effect): The Lion of the Law hurls himself against any intellectual animal that breaks the law of chastity.

To defeat the lion means to defeat the law, to pay the karma, to be forgiven the karma, and only our Divine Mother can do this, because She is the only one who knows how to work with our bestial ego.

Remember that the couple, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, is related with the number 11. The first 1 is the Holy Spirit, and the other 1 is the Divine Mother, which when united in Daath is creation.

And it is precisely in Daath, in that Loom of God, when God creates as the Divine Mother, because you know in this physical world, the man, which is the 1, fecundates the 1 which is the woman, but the one that makes the whole work of creation in this physical world is always the woman.

The woman needs nine months in order to create a physical body. Therefore the woman is the one that creates, or that has the duty of working in the Loom of God within nine months in order to create the physical body that we have. And if the woman is the one that does this in the physical body, then in the same way we have to understand that our Divine Mother Kundalini is the one who is responsible for making the Second Birth, the creation of the astral, mental, causal bodies, and the whole transformation that we have to pass through. She is the one that performs it in the Ninth Sphere.

the four worlds of kabbalahThat is why in the four-and-twentieth mystery, which is explainable with the sixth mystery, the Divine Mother is the one that is weaving in the Loom of God. That is why nature, which in this case is our Divine Mother, which is explainable only with the sixth mystery, is found within the Second Space. The Second Space is the world of Briah, the World of Creation, where we find the first couple called Abba and Aima (the Divine Mother).

The passionate fire or the lion in our physical body always devours our health and all the values of our consciousness when we fornicate.

That is why the Master Samael explains that the Eleventh Arcanum is synthesised in two Latin words: Coagula and Solve.

We coagulate the sexual energies in order to create the solar bodies, and we have to dissolve the ego. So the one who creates the solar bodies and dissolves the ego performs the Eleventh Arcanum, Solve et Coagula.

The Spirit, Atman, Gedulah, the initiate (thanks to his Divine Mother Kundalini) first coagulates his sexual energies in order to create his solar bodies and afterwards he dissolves the egos of the 96 laws, in other words, he performs the Arcanum 11 in himself, he accomplishes the Eleventh Commandment, the dominion of the Lion.

The Eleventh Arcanum, the Eleventh Commandment is made of two ‘unities’ (i.e. 11 = 1 and 1). The first is the man, the second the woman. The two united ‘unities’ make the 11. When the two ‘ones’ of the number 11 are added together we get 2: the esoteric science related with number 2, which is a feminine number related with the Divine Mother or Mother Nature.

In other words, in order to obtain control of Mother Nature, or better said, for Mother Nature to be able to give us the power to defeat the lion of karma and to disintegrate the fire of the lion of passion, is only possible through the accomplishment of the Arcanum between man and woman, the two units, in order to obtain the resurrection from the dead.

There are many types of resurrection – the first type is the resurrection in Third Initiation of Fire when for the first time we control the lion, or kill the lion of passion within ourselves, in a beginner’s level.

That lion is the symbol of fire, and we have the lion or solar plexus where we have the deposit of solar energy that commonly we waste with negative emotions.

When through the initiation and in the path of Self-realization we learn how to control the negative emotions and we start saving the emotional energy of our solar plexus, we are then taming the lion, dominating the fire.

As a result we have, eventually, through transmutation between man and woman, the creation of the astral body, and this is our own particular individual Jesus Christ, the first solar body that we create, that is an experience that we pass in the internal worlds. The creation of the astral body implies the experience of the birth, life, passion, death, resurrection and even ascension of Christ in the astral world.

That is why we say in the Gnostic Prayer:

"I believe in the Cosmic Christ, the powerful astral mediator, who unites our physical personality with the supreme immanence of the Solar Father."

But in the Third Initiation of Fire we create our own particular, individual mediator which is the Solar Astral Body, which the Master Samael (the Spirit of Fire) calls the Eidolon, which means "the double." It is named "Double" because is an organism similar to the physical body, it is the double of the physical body. But it is also possible that it is named the double because it is the double of our Lord Christ, because Christ is universal, the astral mediator in the entire universe.

When we create the Eidolon, the Astral Solar Body, this becomes our Individual Particular Mediator for our consciousness, our soul. This is the first type of resurrection that we experience in the Initiation. This is the first type of dominion of the lion that we achieve in a lower level, because afterward we have to create the mental and causal bodies, and raise the other Serpents of Fire.

When we achieve the raising of the Seven Serpents of Fire, then we achieve the resurrection in the fire.

Some Masters (Gedulah, Spirits, Monads or Buddhas) only resurrect in the fire.

Only the Masters (Gedulah, Spirits, Monads or Buddhas) who after reaching the Mastery in the Fire, renounce Nirvana and continue their Self-realization through the Direct Path, only these SPIRITS can resurrect in the Light.

The ego, the personality of my buddy and everybody with name and surname with all of their university titles, money, etc…. NEVER resurrects. That vulgarity that we are is the lion that we have to kill.

In order to resurrect in the Light, the Spirit (Atman or the Monad) has to pass through the experience of the Venustic Initiations that are related with the Serpents of Light.

the seven serpents of initiation

The Serpents of Light can only be awakened by the Incarnated Christ.

"Whosoever knows, the Word gives power to, no-one has uttered it, no-one will utter it, except the (Spirit) whom has the word (Chokmah-Iod-He-Vav-He) incarnated."

The incarnation of the word is only for those Master Monads who have renounced the happiness of Nirvana and who with their deeds have demonstrated love towards mankind.

After having received the Eight Venustic Initiations, the Master needs to control the solar light or the lion; Atman needs to resurrect in another level, he needs to perform the Arcanum 11 in another level.

This is how wisdom is coming into the initiate in different steps.

Wisdom, Chokmah, or SOPHIA, is therefore the illumination that one is receiving in different levels through the Initiations, in accordance to the crystallisation of the Solar Fire, or SOPHIA - through PISTIS, or the power of the Holy Spirit.

Another type of resurrection is with the Body of Liberation, which is a physical body that the Inner Monad creates, through the initiation within the fourth dimension.

The Body of Liberation is used by the Spirit, is created with the best atoms of the physical body, and belongs to the fourth dimension.  This Body of Liberation is the body that the Spirit utilizes when he wishes to do so, even when the Spirit’s human soul still with ego is using the common and current physical body.

"It came to pass, when Jesus had risen from the dead, that he passed eleventh years discoursing with his disciples, and instructing them only up to the regions of the First Commandment..."

The Masters, or better to state, the Monads or Spirits, that only create the astral body, experience a type of individuality in relation to Christ, however this is a lower type of individuality within the spiritual scale.

A supra-type of individuality is experienced when in the Venustic Initiation the Initiate incarnates the Word, the Verb or Logos within his Human Soul. This individuality in Christ is not in the astral body but in the Causal Body.

The Human Soul (the Causal Body) united to the Cosmic Christ gives us that Divine Individuality which the Master Jesus Christ calls in the Bible the Son of Man.

chesed and tiphereth

The Son of Man is a union of two elements: The Universal Christ and the Human Soul of the Spirit.

When the Christ raises his 7 Serpents of Light, the Initiate experiences the resurrection in the Light, which is associated with the Eighth Venustic Initiation.

The highest level of the resurrection is when we resurrect with his/her physical body. This is achieved when the Initiate has disintegrated his physical personality and the entirety of his ego: 100%. Then the Holy Spirit creates a Tetradimensional Body from the dust (atoms) of the physical earth (physical body) by selecting the best atoms from the physical body of the Initiate. The Initiate finally resurrects in Eden.

To return into Eden is a great task, it is to perform the Arcanum 11. This is the great task performed by any Master. In this task the Holy Spirit transforms the body of sin into a living soul, into a soul body; the physical body becomes a solar body. The donkey is converted into a man. This is the last synthesis of the Arcanum 11. All of the Sephiroth from Malkuth till Binah are found within this tetradimensional body.

The King Magi, the Kumara, the monarchs of ancient times, sit upon Thrones (Binah) made with pure gold and with the shapes of lions. Only a Samson or a Hercules can sit upon a Throne made with pure gold and with the shape of lions.

We can be at peace with the Divinity only by accomplishing Alchemically and Kabbalistically with the Arcanum 11, with the Eleventh Commandment.

Luke 17: 7-10:

"But which of you, having a servant farming or feeding cattle, will say unto him after a while, when he is come from the field, ‘Go and sit down to eat?’

"And will not rather say unto him: ‘Make ready wherewith I may sup, and get yourself ready and serve me, till I have eaten and drunken; and afterward you shalt eat and drink?’

"Would you thank that servant because he did the things that were commanded him? I think not.

"So likewise you, when you shall have done all those things which are commanded you (which is the Eleventh Commandment), say, we are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do."

Do thy duty: the duty of every Monad is its Self-realization.