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For the Gnostics, the Tree of Life is a marvelous cryptic icon that we must know how to use as present generations use their iPhones.

As you know, the iPhone is a practical device and it is a matter of practical study in order to know how to use it. In this day and age, almost every modern person uses it.  When we walk on the streets we observe a lot of people apparently talking to themselves when looking at their iPhones; almost all of them know about this device. Thus, in the same way that we learned how to use the iPhone, similarly, we have to learn how to use the cryptic icon called the Tree of Life. So we have to understand that if the Kabbalistic symbols of the Tree of Life are not familiar to us, it is because we do not know how to use it. But if we start studying it, then we will eventually learn how to handle it as we handle the iPhone; then the Tree of Life will become an easy device for our Kabbalistic studies.

Tree of Life 2.0 plain

The Tree of Life. Get a poster.

However, we have to study the symbols of the Tree of Life not only with our intellect, but also with our intuition. The Tree of Life, or Otz HaChayim (עץ החיים) in Hebrew, is a Kabbalistic cryptic icon that helps us to comprehend the secrets of the Bible. If we study the Zohar, in there we will find the lectures or writings of רבי שמעון בר יוחאי, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai - a great enlightened Rabbi, where he explains the Books of Moses and mentions the ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life and the easy interpretation of the Book of Genesis, which is actually a Book of Kabbalah and Alchemy.   

The word Kabbalah derives from קבל Kabel, which is a Hebrew word that means 'to receive.' You are receiving intellectual knowledge from us, and in order for us to give the knowledge that you receive, we have to intuitively receive it. Thus, there are two ways to receive; namely, intellectually and intuitively. Intuition, indeed, is the hardest part, because for us to intuitively receive we need to receive from God and from the comprehension of our transgressions by means of meditation.

Ath את (the Logos), the good, shall we קבל Kabel, receive from the Elohim; and Ve-Ath ואת, (the Logos) the evil shall we not קבל Kabel, receive (through comprehension)? - Job 2: 10

Through esoteric practices we learn how to receive within us the cosmic Prana, which is the energy that the Consciousness uses in order to perceive what we are spiritually doing, and thus to comprehend the gnostic doctrine. In Kabbalah Pranic energy is synthesized within the word Iod.  Among the Kabbalistic letters, the letter י Iod is just a spot or dot; the rest of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are just an extension of the letter י Iod, which in the Hebrew alphabet is the letter number 10. If we add the numerical value of this letter, which is the number 10, we find that 1 + 0 is 1, and it is because the letter י Iod relates to Kether, the first Sephirah, which is at the very top of the Tree of Life, at the canopy of the Tree of Life.  Kether means crown. Kether is just a speck of light that emerges from the Ain Soph Aur, the unknowable abstract absolute space. Kether is the first speck of light that appears in the universe; in Kabbalah we state that Kether is symbolized by the letter י Iod – by that speck of light. This is why י Iod is the first letter of the holy name of Elohim: Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei. So the rest of the letters are just an expansion of that speck; for instance, when we write we begin with one dot, and from that dot we write any other letter that we want to write. This, is why in Kabbalah we state that the letter י Iod is the origin of all letters, since, it is really the first dot or speck of light that appears in universe, which we call Kether. In Christianity Kether is called the Father, so it is wonderful to understand this because what we are learning here in this practical knowledge, is to know how to move the letter י Iod or that speck of light in different directions in order for us to get enlightened, in order to get comprehension, understanding of what we have to do inside us. This is very important, because the letter י Iod is found in the very first words of the Bible which are:

בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים

"Barashyth Bara Elohim Ath Ha-Schamayim"

In the beginning Elohim created the Heavens

The sound of the letter י Iod is (eee) and appears three times in בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים. "Bereshit bara Elohim Ath Ha-Schamayim," In the beginning Elohim created the heavens; the first letter י Iod is the fifth that appears in the word  בראשית “Bereshith;” and appears again as the fourth letter in the word אלהים Elohim; and appears again as the third letter in the word שמים Schamayim, heavens." The letter י Iod is playing precisely a very important Kabbalistic position in the Hebrew alphabet; among the ten Sephiroth, the letter י Iod belongs to Kether the first Sephirah, but also to Malkuth, since Malkuth is the tenth Sephirah.

This is why, when we talk alchemically about the letter י Iod, we are addressing Kether as well as Malkuth, the canopy and the roots of the Tree of Life respectively. This is why we also state that the Tree of Life is an extension of the letter י Iod, since we know that the value of the letter י Iod is ten, and that the Tree of Life has ten Sephiroth, this is how we understand that the letter י Iod addresses all of it. This is why Master Samael Aun Weor called Kether the Father of all the lights.

And thou, Beth-Lehem Ephratah (be open), Little to be among the Alephs of Judah! From thee to Me he comes forth -- to be the ruler in Israel, And his comings forth are of old, From the ancient of days. - Micah 5: 2

Thus, Kether, the father of all the lights, corresponds to us, to the pineal gland. Because there is where we have that crown chakra that is named in Sanskrit the Sahasrara chakra, which means the crown chakra, in Sanskrit, because crown in Hebrew is Kether. So the Crown chakra (the Sahasrara chakra) is the halo of the saints in Christianity; it is painted as the halo above the head. So when we transmute the sexual force from Malkuth, our physicality, we are elevating the י Iod or Shakti potential of Malkuth to where it belongs, which is the pineal gland, which is Kether.

Sexual transmutation is precisely the main point in alchemy; the practice of sexual transmutation is based in the knowledge that the letter י Iod is the first emanation of the Ain Soph Aur, the abstract absolute space, and the letter that receives or gathers all of the forces or lights in Malkuth; this is how we understand that י Iod is precisely the sexual seed in Malkuth, which receives the light with which we have to work, which is the light, the will that we receive and give in Kabbalah.

Iod, light, form the letters of the words which we find in the Bible; thus, in order to comprehend the Bible we need to understand at least the light meaning of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, because Moses wrote with י Iod the first five books of the Bible. Thus, when we read the Book of Genesis, we understand why Moses said:

אלה תולדות השמים והארץ

"These are the generations of the heavens and the earth." - Genesis 2: 4

This is why Bareshith is named Genesis by the translators, Genesis from "generation", yet in Hebrew it is named Bareshith, a word that has many meanings. If you go on our website, you will see how we explain the many meanings of the mysterious word Bareshith, which relates to many lectures that we already gave. Bereshith or Genesis is a beautiful book of Alchemy.

For instance, the name Moses hides the light of many things in heaven and in earth; if we read Moses backwards we read - Ha-Shem - the name. Moses is Moshe  (משה) - Mem-Shin-Hei in Hebrew, when we read Moses backwards, we read – Hei-Shin-Mem - which means in Hebrew השם Ha-Shem “the name.” Moses wrote השם Ha-Shem “the name” within different words, within different parts of his alchemical Kabbalistic books in order to hide the meaning or we will say in order for those, only those, who work with alchemy and kabbalah to see it.

When we read the story of Moses in the Bible, we read it in the Book of Exodus, which in Hebrew is called Shemoth. Shem means name; Shemoth means names. But because in that book Moses leaves Egypt to the Promised land, this is why it is translated as Exodus, which is another alchemical way in order for us to comprehend what Exodus is, or what the meaning of Exodus is, or what the meaning of what the Israelites leaving Egypt towards the Promised land is, which in this day and age many people talk about.  

Presently, people think that Egypt, which Moses mentioned, and which the prophets in the Bible talk about, is there in Africa and that the Promised Land is the state of Israel, in the Middle East. And this is why now there is a lot of fighting among ignoramuses, who try to occupy that land. Nevertheless, when we read the Book of Exodus in the alchemical manner, we discover many hidden things that have nothing to do with a land here in this physical world, since the people of Israel are the symbols of the 12 zodiacal archetypes. We know that a religious group that in this day and age, names themselves Israelites exists. Yes, they exist because the Great White Lodge used that race in order to deliver the doctrine that we are now explaining. Similarly, in India, we find the Brahmins - they teach Brahmanism, which is similar to this alchemical Kabbalistic science, yet people think that the real Brahmins are those people that live there in India. Since they do not know the science written in code within the Mahabharata and many other books of India, which relates to the psychological alchemical work that we have to do.

The books of the Bible, mainly, the Book of Genesis or Barashyth, Exodus or Shemoth and the rest of the books of Moses, hide an explanation of the alchemical work that we have to do, and of Moses, who is the one that is going to do it, or going to perform the alchemical work inside of us. But where is Moses? When we ask this, we are not addressing the Master משה Moshe (Moses) that was physically incarnated in this planet Earth and who wrote the first five books of the bible, but Moses the archetype, who represents the power of will that we have within.

As Master Jesus of Nazareth represents an archetype that we have within, and that we have to develop, likewise, all the masters, avatars, prophets came in order to teach the part that corresponds to each one of them in relation with the archetypes. The twelve tribes of Israel are twelve archetypes that all of us have within, but in potentiality, not in activity. Thus, Moses is an archetype that we need to develop.  In plain English, Moses is willpower. In meditation it is always stated that we need willpower in order to concentrate, and imagination in order to see.

“Thought must be governed by willpower, and willpower by the consciousness.

We must open up our consciousness as when a temple is opened, in order for the priest (the Innermost) to officiate at his altar, before the presence of God (the Glorian).

We must dominate our seven vehicles and cultivate serenity in order for the sublime and ineffable majesty of the Glorian to be expressed through us.

When all the acts of our daily life—even the most insignificant acts—become the living expression of the Glorian in us, we will then never be sick.”  - Samael Aun Weor.

Baby Moses

“And God created great לויתנינם Levithanim," meaning Leviathan and its female. (Genesis 1: 21). - Zohar. “And a river went out of Eden, and from thence it was parted and became into four heads” (Genesis 2: 10). The four rivers of Eden are found in the two polarities: testicles and ovaries in the sexual fluids of man and woman. - Samael Aun Weor”

Willpower is Moses. The book of Exodus states that Moses was born from a priest and a priestess of לוי Levi:

And there went a man of the house of לוי Levi, and took to wife a daughter of לוי Levi. And the woman conceived, and bare a son: and when she saw him that he was a goodly child, she hid him three months. And when she could not longer hide him, she took for him an ark of bulrushes, and daubed it with slime and with pitch, and put the child therein; and she laid it in the flags by the river's brink. And his sister stood afar off, to wit what would be done to him. 

And the daughter of Pharaoh came down to wash herself at the river; and her maidens walked along by the river's side; and when she saw the ark among the flags, she sent her maid to fetch it. And when she had opened it, she saw the child: and, behold, the babe wept. And she had compassion on him, and said, This is one of the Hebrews' children. Then said his sister to Pharaoh's daughter, Shall I go and call to thee a nurse of the Hebrew women, that she may nurse the child for thee? And Pharaoh's daughter said to her, Go. And the maid went and called the child's mother. And Pharaoh's daughter said unto her, Take this child away, and nurse it for me, and I will give thee thy wages. And the woman took the child, and nursed it. And the child grew, and she brought him unto Pharaoh's daughter, and he became her son. And she called his name Moses: and she said, Because I drew him out of the water. - Exodus 2: 1-10

At that time יהוה Iod-Havah set apart the tribe of Levi to carry ברית־יהוה the creative It of Iod-Havah, to stand before יהוה Iod-Havah to minister and to pronounce blessings in his name, as they still do in היום Ha-Iom, the light. - Deuteronomy 10: 8

So, we have to practice בראשית Bareshith, or the priesthood of Levi, in order to carry the ברית Brith of יהוה Iod-Havah, by extracting Bara-Esh בר-אש, the creative fire, the fire of the Iod, the Leviathan, the sexual force, through the ית IT - the cross or letter Tav, in order for Moses to be born within us. And what is the priesthood of Levi? It is the priesthood of sexual alchemy by means of which we move, we draw out the אש Esh or fire from the Iod, the dragon, the לויתן Leviathan from the waters of our body in different directions, in different steps until Moses is born within us.

When we read the Bible, we find that the baby Moses was born in Malkuth, which is Egypt - our physicality, which the book of Genesis in the Bible calls מצרים Mitzrahim. Thus, Moses is the לויתן Leviathan, who is “drawn out" from the waters of מצרים Mitzrahim by the priest and priestess of Levi who make love through sexual alchemy. Moses is precisely the main point here, because by mentioning Moses and the לויתן Leviathan and the waters in different ways, we are attracting storms, tests, because water is precisely the main element of מצרים Mitzrahim, which is represented in the letter Mem, which is the first letter in the name of Moses.


The waters of Genesis always appear in the beginning of any alchemical work. According to the Puranas, Brahma was born from a lotus flower which grew from the navel of Narayana-Vishnu at the beginning of the universe. In Sanskrit, another name for water is Nara. The Supreme Lord Vishnu whose resting place ('Ayana') is ‘Nara’ is therefore called Narayana.

ורוח אלהים מרחפת על־פני המים

"And (Brahma) the Spirit of (Narayana) Elohim was hovering upon the face of Ha-Mayim (the waters)." - Genesis 1: 2

The former quotation contains the first time that the word Ha-Mayim (המים, the waters) is mentioned in Genesis. However, in verse one of the first chapter of Genesis we read the word השמים Ha-Schamayim, which is translated as “the heavens,” or waters above. השמים Ha-Schamayim has the letter Shin in between Ha-Mayim המים. If we want to address the waters below in our physicality we say המים Ha-Mayim, Yet, if we add the letter Shin, it means השמים Ha-Schamayim, the waters from Heaven. Thus, if we want Moses to descend from heaven, then we have to invert the word השמים Ha-Schamayim as “Mi-Moshe” מימשה; this way מי Mi, “Who,” the Holy Spirit, brings the letter Shin, the fire, down to “What” מה Mah, the earth, the feminine waters, because the letter Shin symbolizes fire, and this is how משה Moshe, Moses is born from the waters of heaven and earth. And as we explained, the letter Shin is made by three elongated Iods.

This is also very significant when addressing the letter Iod. In Hebrew Iod means hand or arm. Do you see how Moses hid everything in his books? In the Book of Exodus it says that יהוה said unto Moses:

“And lift thou up thy rod, and stretch out thine hand over the sea, and divide it...

And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and יהוה caused the sea to go back by a strong east רוח Ruach spirit all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.” - Exodus 14: 16, 21

If we read literally, we would say: "OK, Moses is holding the rod in his hand, and he is stretching out his hand over the sea, and thus dividing the waters with the power of יהוה אלהים Iod-Havah Elohim. But when we read alchemically "stretch out thine ‘Iod’ hand", we say: the letter י Iod, the speck of light, the Shakti potential of Malkuth, the physical body must be stretched within the spine or letter Vav, that is the meaning of stretch out thine hand or arm. When we stretch the י Iod, we make miracles, marvels inside the spine of our body.

Master Samael Aun Weor states: "Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei symbolizes: Iod - the phallus, Hei - the Uterus, Vav - the man, Hei - the woman". That is the meaning of the name of Elohim.

Thus, when it is written Elohim said, "stretch out thine י Iod," Elohim is talking to the man, because Vav is man and Vav is a stretched Iod, meaning, a man having an erection. And why is the man having an erection? Because the man is going to penetrate ה Hei, the woman in order to work with Alchemy.

Do you see how alchemically everything is so openly clear? But when we do not know, we are stuck in those stories where Moses was dividing the red sea, yet when we read the Bible, there is no Red Sea, but Yam Soph or Reed Sea ימה סוף. Actually, "sea" is written ים Yam Iod-Mem. Do you see the letter Iod in the word ים Yam? And if we see only the letter מ Mem by itself, the letter Mem in its shape has a little wave on top of it, which is a letter Iod or elongated Iod, a Vav. So the letter Mem contains the letter Iod in itself, and Iod together with Mem is ים Yam, which means sea. But we do not read the Red Sea, because red in Hebrew is Adam from Adamoth, which means the ground and also the red color. But why do they say that this is a Red Sea? Because it is addressing Malkuth - our physicality, which is אדמות Adamoth, and from Adamoth comes the name Adam. And that Red Sea is precisely our physicality; it is very simple when you know Alchemy.

So the end, the End Sea, Yamah Soph ימה סוף, is in Adamoth, Malkuth. Yet, zealots say: "Oh yes, Adamoth, Malkuth represents also the Earth, thus, if we see the map of the Earth, we see the Red Sea in Africa, the Sea that divides the Middle East from Africa.” But the Bible is not addressing that sea; the bible is addressing something alchemical. And this is why people miss it; a lot of people are missing the meaning, because they are not practical alchemists, they are just entangled in beliefs, traditions; they do not understand the meaning of the story, the meaning of the myth. Moreover, some silly people exist who are looking for reminiscences of Israel in Egypt in order to explain how Moses made these ten miracles before going into the Red Sea and dividing it. But when we read about the Red Sea, we find Yamah Soph ימה סוף, and Soph סוף means "end", the end of the water. Physically we are about 80% water.

We always explain that the end of the four rivers of Eden that Genesis talks about is Malkuth, the garden:

And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and משם M’Shem, from the name it parted, and became into four heads. Genesis 2: 10

Thereafter Genesis gives the name - שם Shem in Hebrew - of each of the four heads: two heads of water, one above and the other below for the man, and two heads of waters for the woman. Euphrates relates to the feminine sexual force of Malkuth, the queen, Eve, the woman. The sexual force of Eve is the end of the trajectory of the waters of Heaven into Malkuth, which is Egypt and what Exodus calls ימה סוף Yamah-Soph - the End Sea, and not Red Sea. When we know Kabbalah and Alchemy we know that creation ends in Malkuth, the woman.

The story of Exodus tells us how to go out of Malkuth, the misery, in which we are, because we are in Egypt, this physicality. As souls, we enter into Malkuth, and as souls we have to leave. But how do we leave? Well, Moses has to come and perform the miracles in front of the Pharaoh. And who is this Pharaoh that Moses wrote about? It is you; it is our mind, פה-רע Phe-Ra, the evil mouth; in Buddhism, it is that monkey that bothers us when we meditate - the monkey that does not allow us to do the work, the monkey that is always bothering us. פה-רע Phe-Ra says: "I can do better miracles than your Inner Moses", and he starts putting images in your mind and says: "look, for instance, the cellular that you have - I invented that," thus, you become fascinated with it. That is פה-רע Phe-Ra, the evil mouth of your intellect that you have within your head.

According to Kabbalah Moses is the one that controls the mind, which is called Netzach - the mind. People ask: "How is it that Moses is the one that controls Netzach (the mind)?" It is because Moses is related with the pineal gland. Is not perhaps Moses the one who sees God face to face? It is written:

And there arose no more a prophet in Israel like unto Moses, whom יהוה knew face to face. - Deuteronomy 34: 10

Yes, there arose no more a prophet higher than Moses, but people do not understand that the heavens, השמים Ha-Schamayim is - “Mi-Moshe” מימשה - who Moses is, since they are always stuck with earthly personalities.  They say: "Oh, yes, Moses, the one that appeared thousands of years ago and who wrote five books." Listen, the master who wrote those five books knew that Moses as an archetype is inside of us, an archetype that we have to develop. When we develop our archetypical Moses, then we will see God face to face in השמים Ha-Schamayim, the heavens. But to develop the archetypical Moses within is not easy, because Moses is willpower; and what is the opposite of Moses? It is is פה-רע Phe-Ra, the evil mouth, it is the mind. And what is the weapon of the mind? It is called desire.

In Kabbalah there are two Hebrew words that described Moses, namely, Ratzon l'kabel - will to receive. Ratzon l'kabel is Moses, who receives from השמים Ha-Schamayim. But when our mind— פה-רע Phe-Ra, the evil mouth—receives it is called desire to receive. There are many Kabbalists that are stuck in their פה-רע Phe-Ra, their evil mouth. They think that just by receiving intellectual knowledge and the wealth of the Earth eventually they will explode with a lot of light. Their ego, פה-רע Phe-Ra through the intellect accumulates a lot of knowledge, but only Moses can take the particles of light or people of Israel that are trapped within our physicality, because Israel (the twelve tribes of Israel) are the archetypes that are trapped in our lust, anger, pride, envy, vanity, laziness, gluttony, and all of those defects that are very abundant inside of us, which belong to פה-רע Phe-Ra, belong to the adversary – desire.  Master Samael Aun Weor stated:


We would never be able to liberate the Essence without previously disintegrating the psychological “I.”

Religion, the Buddha, Wisdom, the particles in pain of our Father who is in heaven, and all the information we need for the realization of our Innermost Self, of our Inner Being, are within the Essence.

Moses would never be able to liberate the particles of Israel if we do not meditate, because the Iod, the spark of light of the Father Kether, who is in Heaven, is trapped in Egypt, Malkuth, our physicality. So we have to liberate Israel in order to go into the Exodus towards the promised land, which is of course Yesod, the Sephirah above Malkuth. In order to go there, we have to divide the waters of Yesod, which relates to the sexual force. If you observe the word Yesod, it contains the letter Samech, which is the Ouroboros, the serpent inside the word Iod. So the word Iod, the mysterious letter Iod is also in the spelling of Yesod, and related with the serpent, the Ouroboros - Samech.  

As you see, knowing Kabbalah and Alchemy is how we are entitled to unveil the mysteries written in Genesis and what is written in the Exodus, because in this day and age we affirm that a new exodus is coming. But it is not that we are going to be physically raptured by believing in Gnosis or as some people think that the extraterrestrials will come and will take us with all of our psychological misery to a promised land. Extraterrestrial (people beyond Malkuth) can come and will come to help us; yes, they will, but if we are working psychologically; they will come to help us to understand that in order to get rid of our psychological misery, we have to do what Moses did, as we are explaining here in practice, that is, stretching the Iod energy above and below.

By stretching the Iod energy we make light in the earth, and by rising it up we make lights in the heavens.

בראשית בר אאלהים את השמים  

"Barashyth Bar AElohim Ath Ha-Schamayim"  

In the beginning the Son of Aelohim Ath in the Heavens.

It says what it alchemically reads - In the beginning the Son of AElohim Ath (the Logos) Moses in the Sea. You might ask, is Moses in the heavens? if you read the Hebrew word Ha-Schamayim—the heavens—backwards, then when reading it backwards we read “Mi-Moshe” מימשה Who? Moses? Ath את is the Logos and Ha-Schamayim השמים the heavens is Who Moses; so, we find that Holy Moses is in Heaven with the Logos. Moses is an archetype.

Through who is the Holy One doing all the work? The Holy One is doing it through Moses. Who? Moses? The backwards of Ha-Schamayim, the heavens. Likewise Moses, משה Moshe backwards is השם Ha-Shem, the name.

The Hebrew word Mi מי spells Mem and Iod and means who? But when we switch the letters, it reads ים Yam, which means Sea. This is why the Book of Zohar says:

Mi of the heavens above is the highest pole, Mah of the heavens below is the lower pole, and (Shin ש) the heritage of Jacob (Israel) stands between these extremities of the heavens Mi (who) and Mah (what). - Zohar

The mystery of creation is hidden between Mi and Mah.  But who is Mi and what is Mah? They are המים Ha-Mayim - the waters, backwards.

Yes, המים Ha-Mayim backwards is מימה mimah. And what does מימה mimah means when we read in that way? It means מי Mi Who? and מה Mah What? So we find that Isaiah says in the Bible:

Lift up your eyes on high, and see who has created these. -  Isaiah 40: 26

"Who created the heavens?" People ask: "Oh, is this a question?" No! It is not; it is a statement.  We are affirming that “who” created the heavens—Mi מי, the Mem and the Iod, created these. And you might ask: "So, what created the Earth?"

He, (who) reveals the deep and secret things knows מה Mah “what” is in the darkness, and the light dwells (also) עמה with Mah. - Daniel 2: 22

Mah מה spells Mem and Hei. So מי Mi and מה Mah are the only two words that we always see very easily related with Alchemy - מי Mi Who? and מה Mah What?, which backwards means המים Ha-Mayim (the waters).

Thus, in each one of us, alchemically speaking, מי Mi, who, is masculine relates to our cerebral-spinal fluid, the central nervous system. And what is מה Mah relates to our feminine waters, our seminal fluid in our sexual glands. So when we read המים Ha-Mayim, we are actually addressing two types of waters - the positive and the negative or the masculine and feminine within male and female bodies.

Who of you understood this? Are you following me? I mean who understood this lecture - do not follow me, but who. You comprehended, right? This is why we insist that we have to learn the Hebrew letters in order for you to understand מי Mi and מה Mah, the mysteries of the waters.

So when you understand מי Mi and מה Mah you then know how Moses divided the Reed Sea, because the word Soph, which in Hebrew means End also means REED. Where do we have our reed? In our back, right? There is where our reed, our spinal column, is. The spine is our reed. Thus, when we are working with the Iod, when we are stretching the Iod in the spine of our physicality, then that Iod rises as light in our reed from our own particular Yamah Soph ימה סוף End Sea, which in Hebrew also means “Reed Sea.”

So if you want to know how Moses divided המים Ha-Mayim the waters, then go into your reed, your spine. First of all, Yamah Soph ימה סוף reed sea, implies plurality. Did you ever see a sea of reeds? If we count the reed of each one of us here—because each one has a reed behind (the spinal column)—if we take all of our reeds together, then we have a Reed Sea. So, who is dividing the waters of the Yamah Soph ימה סוף reed sea? We answer, who, is dividing it, and who, is willpower; who, is Moses. Thus, by dividing המים Ha-Mayim the waters is how we are going to walk on dry land in the middle of the Yamah Soph ימה סוף reed sea—our particular Yamah Soph ימה סוף reed sea, our particular Akashic waters of Yesod-sex.

Now, in order to explain how, we have to mention two Sanskrit words, which relate to two types of creative energies or two energetic polarities that emerge from our sexual waters in our body.  Two energetic cords emerge from our sexual waters; these are rooted in the testicles or in the ovaries and rise up towards the root of our nose, the nostrils, and entwine along the spine, forming the shape of the Holy Eight. We know that in Sanskrit those two cords that entwine in the spinal reed are called Ida and Pingala, but that is Sanskrit. Now, how are these two cords named in Genesis? Genesis named them Adam and Eve, as simple as that.

It is stated that this whole race that exists on the planet Earth is born from Adam and Eve.  Humanity sprouted from Adam and Eve because Adam and Eve are the two sexual polarities rooted in the testicles or in the ovaries. Thus, alchemically speaking, any one of us is a child of Adam and Eve, even in the fornicating way, in the animal way. So when Genesis states that the parents of all of these generations of the Earth are Adam and Eve, it is not lying. It is the same truth, alchemically speaking.

But, if we think that Eve was a single woman and Adam a single man, physically speaking, living in a little garden some thousand years ago and that this humanity, here and now, is the outcome of that couple, then such statement is frightfully ludicrous. This is why there are many atheists that contradict this belief, because this belief does not make any sense.  We know that people ignore that Adam and Eve are alchemical symbols, so they do not know what they are reading. But alchemists know what we read, because the books of Moses are books of alchemy. It is written:

So he drove out Adam; and he placed at (Yesod) the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming חרבה Charabah, sword which turned every way, to keep the way to the Tree of Life. - Genesis 3: 24

And Moses stretched out his יד “Iod” (phallus) hand over הים Ha-Yam, the sea (of Yesod); and יהוה caused הים Ha-Yam, the sea (of Yesod) to go back by a strong east רוח Ruach, wind (spirit) all that (sexual alchemical) night, and made (from) הים Ha-Yam, the sea, a חרבה Charabah, a sword, and the waters were divided. - Exodus 14: 21

Who-Moses “Mi-Moshe” מימשה from השמים Ha-Schamayim, the Heavens, divided the waters of the Reed Sea by blowing from his nostrils the רוח Ruach, the wind, the spirit. Neshamah נשמה also means Spirit and breath; so, we can also say: and יהוה breathed into his nostrils the breath (of the tree) of life; and the waters were divided.  

Thus, by knowing what the breath is, when all of us are performing our Pranayama, when we are standing or seated and breathing alternately from one nostril to the other and imagining the sexual energy flowing up to the brain, we all are dividing the Reed Sea, because we are driving the breath through our nostrils, which is the breath of God, because God blew in the nostrils of Adam the breath of life, and Adam became a living soul. So when we are doing pranayama, we are practically working with our own particular Elohim. “Who” is breathing the breath of life through our nostrils, and dividing the Red Sea.

Notwithstanding, this is a long alchemical process; for in order for you to walk in the middle of the Reed Sea, know that it is as to walk on the sea, which is as to walk on your reed, your spine, through the initiations. Thus, this is how the Israelites, which are the archetypes, prototypes of the Soul that are trapped in the ego were walking towards the promised land, which is a long walk. Moses wrote other books that now we do not want to mention, because they are in relation with the alchemical work that we have to perform. Alchemy is related to the science of breath that we perform here; namely, Pranayama, which is also performed during the sexual act, which is called sexual alchemy, where we have to be more careful with our breath, because it is related with the division of our own waters; sexual alchemy is a powerful work since two breath forces act there - Adam and Eve, working together within the breathing forces, better said, within the supreme breaths of the archetypical Adam Kadmon. This is why the Book of Zohar states:

“This is (Genesis) the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that Elohim created Adam, in the likeness of Elohim made he him; Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.” (Genesis 5: 1, 2)  

From the terms male and female, we gather that every figure that does not bear the form of the male or female, is not in the image and likeness of Adam Kadmon, the primal ideal human of which we have formerly spoken. Observe that in any place of scripture where the male and female are not found (sexually) united together, the Holy One is said not to dwell or be present with His blessing and the name Adam is only used when such is the case.” - Zohar

Adam is symbolized by the letter י Iod, because י Iod is precisely the first emanation of the Absolute. That י Iod is the head of Adam Kadmon, the primordial light, primordial Adam. Thus, when we say Iod, we say Adam, and this is because י Iod also means phallus, and Adam represents the phallus. In Hebrew Chavah חוה (Chet-Vav-Hei) is Eve, because ח Chet is life sprouting from וה Vav-Hei, male female; this is why she is אם Em, mother, because Chavah חוה means to experience חיה Chaiah, life.

When we read the Books of Moses, we find that he is always the one that is doing the whole work, because מי Mi, the willpower of השמים Ha-Schamayim is always joined to משה Moshe, Moses. So, in order for us to be born from המים Ha-Mayim, the water and the spirit, we need to extract the י Iod from המים Ha-Mayim, the waters. In the beginning we start working with desire, but during the sexual act we have to do super efforts in order to overcome desire, by extracting the power of י Iod, that is, by extracting, the will of God, the י Iod from המים Ha-Mayim, the sexual waters. The ש Shin of משה Moshe, Moses has to be born in מה Mah, down here within us, so that מי Mi, the will of השם Ha-Shem, the name, is done, on earth as it is in השמים Ha-Schamayim, the heavens.

And why do we want משה Moshe, Moses to be born in us? Because we want him to perform the Exodus in us, because משה Moshe, Moses is the one who will take us to the Exodus.  But משה Moshe, Moses is in השמים Ha-Schamayim, the heavens; משה Moshe, Moses is in relation with מי Mi, the forces of השמים Ha-Schamayim, the heavens. So, we have to bring the will of השם Ha-Shem, the name, down here, into our physicality.

Through the runic practices we perform, we always beg for that heavenly energy, that Iod energy, that Iod from heaven, to come down in order to feed our psyche, our soul, because we want Moses to be born in us. That prototype or that archetype is very high.  In order for him to be born in us we have to work with the Book of Genesis. Little by little he is going to develop and when we are ready for the Exodus, he is born to perform Shemoth.  

In the lecture Zohar Ha Adam [Gnostic Mysteries 09 Zohar Ha Adam AUDIO] we wrote the mantras that Moses gave in the Book of Numbers Chapter 10, Verse 35, which all of us should practice, because it is the way in which Moses taught it in the Book of Numbers, which in Hebrew is Bemidbar.

Now the term Bemidbar (in the wilderness or Numbers) in its real meaning is "by the Word or Logos," and everything that was done unto them was done by the Word of the Lord. And this is true generally. -  Zohar

After the Book of Numbers we have another book called Deuteronomy that in Hebrew is called Debarim, which means words. Everything is hidden in Bemidbar and Debarim; everything is hidden in Dabar, the word (words, things that we have to learn). People do not read the Hebrew Bible; they only read the translations that people who knew Hebrew did into English and other languages, people who were not alchemists, people who were not initiates; so they were translating everything literally, because even the ones who know only Hebrew do not get it, because in order to get it, you need to work with the Iod, you have to stretch the Iod within you. For instance, the holy name of Elohim is Iod Hei Vav Hei and Kabbalists say that Iod Hei Vav Hei is an unpronounceable name. Yes, it is unpronounceable because its pronunciation relates to some “thing” practical. We have to practice with those four letters. If you stretch the letter Iod hidden within the letter ה Hei of the holy name of Elohim (Iod Hei Vav Hei), what happens?  

It happens that the letter ה Hei whose shape is made by a horizontal line joined to a right vertical line and with a letter Iod in bottom left (beneath the horizontal line) becomes a letter Chet. Again, if we stretch the Iod of the letter Hei towards the top, what happens? The letter Hei disappears and appears another letter, which is called Chet. Hei ה and ח Chet are very similar, right? So if we practice that stretching, if we stretch our Iod, that is, if we start practicing the stretching of the Iod, whether through Pranayama or sexual magic, which means, extracting the Shakti potential from your sexual energy in your body, we are stretching the Iod, the light of Kether within us. The letter Hei symbolizes the feminine sexual organ, and if you stretch the letter Iod of the letter ה Hei, which symbolizes the sexual organ, it is no longer ה Hei, but ח Chet. And what does Chet mean? Chet means life, Chet’s shape is made up by two letters: the letter Vav, which symbolizes the man, and the letter Zayin that symbolizes the woman, united by the letter Iod.


Again, the letter Iod is everywhere in Alchemy. So Chet is man-woman sexually united by the י Iod energy, the Shakti potential, the sexual energy. This transformation of Iod-Havah into Iod-Chavah happens practically through sexual alchemy. When this happens then we no longer utter Iod Hei Vav Hei, but Iod-Chet-Vav-Hei: Iod-Chavah  יחוה means, to experience. It is written:

“Day after day they (Adam and Eve) utter speech, And night after night they (Adam and Eve) יחוה־דעת experience knowledge. - Psalm 19: 2

In the name of the angel Anael, by the power of Adam and Eve, who are יחוה Iod-Chavah, begone Lilith! Let us rest in peace, Nahemah! - Solomon Meleck

“The duad is unity multiplying itself in order to create, and hence in sacred symbolism חוה Chavah, Eve issues from the inmost bosom of Adam (the י Iod). Adam is the human יהוה tetragram, summed up in the mysterious י Iod, type of the kabbalistic phallus. By adding to this י Iod the triadic name of חוה Chavah, Eve, the name of יהוה Iod-Havah is formed, the Divine Tetragram, which is eminently the kabbalistic and magical word, יהוה, being that which the high-priest in the temple pronounced יחוה IOD-CHAVAH.” - Eliphas Levi

So alchemically, Iod-Chavah יחוה means Adam and Eve, because Iod is Adam and Chavah is Eve, but the word יחוה Iod-Chet-Vav-Hei in itself means to experience. To experience what? To experience the power of י Iod from חוה Chavah by means of Sexual Alchemy, because י Iod is Adam, the brain, and חוה Chavah is Eve, the sexual organs. That is why in many of our lectures we said Iod-Chavah and sometimes we say Iod-Havah. Why? Well, because י Iod is an alchemical point that we don't have to sexually miss. In order not to miss it, we have to move the י Iod energy, the Shakti potential, the sexual energy towards the brain; then by moving it, we become a practical Kabbalist. And this movement occurs when we pronounce the mantra, given by Moses. It is written:

And it came to pass, when the ark set forward, that Moses said:

קומה יהוה ויפצו איביך וינסו משנאיך מפניך

Kumah, Iod-Chavah, Veyafutzu Oyevehha, Veyanusu Misanehha Mipanehha.

Arise Iod-Chavah and let your enemies be scattered; and let those who hate you flee before you. - Numbers 10: 35

Since Moses said it, then we have to use willpower in order to say it, because Moses is willpower and in order to transmute our sexual energy and to control desire, we have to use willpower. Thus, with Moses within, which is our willpower, then we pronounce these 7 Aramaic mantras, and we will feel the fire, that is, we will feel the Iod stretching along our spine.

When we say: "Kuma, Iod-Chavah," we are pronouncing the name of Elohim with Chet; these words mean: Arise Iod from my המים Ha-Mayim, because Chavah (Eve) addresses מה Mah, the letters מ Mem and ה Hei, of מצרימה Mitsrayimah-Egypt, the feminine fluids in our sexual organs in Malkuth, our physicality. In many lectures we have explained that Chavah (Eve) represents the sexual organs, and Adam represents the brain and medulla, whether we are male or female. Observe the syllable מה Mah in קומה "Kumah." This word means arise; it is what we say with willpower. Moses says: "Kumah Iod-Chavah." If we know Alchemy, we understand that Moses is obviously working with the י Iod of המים Ha-Mayim, and by saying these words Moses is showing us also that he is raising the י Iod of מצרימה Mitsrayimah-Egypt along the, צר Tzar, strait narrow path, of the spine, when doing this alchemical work within oneself.

People through their fanatical fancy say: "Oh, yes, this prayer dispersed the enemies of Moses and those who hate יחוה Iod-Havah, who are the same enemies and haters of Israel, who were in the land at that time; thus when Moses was saying that prayer, Moses was killing, destroying all the enemies of Elohim in those fields, physical fields of the middle east." Yes, Moses was reciting that prayer in the physical field, during sexual alchemy, because that field is Yesod in his physicality, because he was an Alchemist. This is how all his enemies, the enemies of his Inner Christ, were dispersed, eliminated from his heart, Tiphereth, the middle, the east, of his Tree of Life.

sexual alchemy

Thus, when we say “Kumah Iod-Chavah,” we are invoking the י Iod of our sexual Chavah, our sexual energy, to rise along our spinal column. Then we pronounce the rest of the words as follows: "Veyafutzu Oyevehha" means scatter your enemies, better said, “Kumah Iod-Chavah, Veyafutzu Oyevehha”—rise י Iod from my Chavah against your enemies.

Observe the Hebrew spelling of the words that are pronounced: "Veyafutzu Oyevehha" ויפצו איביך both have the letter Iod in them. Veyafutzu Oyevehha are mantras that when we pronounce them, our enemies flee away from us. What enemies? These are not the enemies that you have in your home, town or country? No, no, no. Behold, the enemies of God are within us; they represent our psychological defects.  Those are our lustful inner enemies, the animal lust that in the sexual act pushes you to ejaculate the י Iod, the Shakti potential of יהוה אלהים Iod-Havah Elohim. So, we fight against our lust when we say: "Kumah Iod-Havah Veyafutzu Oyevehha"—rise י Iod from my Chavah against your enemies; Enemies, flee away!

The Struggle Between Good and Evil by Johfra Bosschart

We then feel how the י Iod, the creative energy of אדני Adonai, the Lord, rises.  Then we continue reciting the rest of the mantras and say: “Veyanusu Misanehha Mipanehha" וינסו משנאיך מפניך meaning, “Veyanusu” וינסו through the spine we attempt the energy to rise even more, towards our brain and say: Misanehha Mipanehha – "let those that hate you flee from your face"; this is the meaning in Aramaic.

Observe מי Mi Who, the letters Mem and י Iod within the words משנאיך מפניך Misanehha Mipanehha; the letters Mem and Iod are always present in our forehead. So, Misanehha Mipanehha, are the two final words of this mantric prayer that Moses wrote. The complete translation of the prayer is: "Arise Iod-Chavah and let your enemies be scattered; and let those who hate you flee before your face." Seven mantras in total.

To memorize these seven mantras is very important, because if we repeat this prayer with faith, we will force our enemies to appear from within our subconsciousness. We might start having certain type of experiences in our dreams, some would not be very pleasant, because we are invoking the force of our Inner God to fight against our enemies, which are inside of us.

Such is the alchemical practice that Moses gave in order for those alchemists that are doing the work in themselves to know what they have to work against, what are those enemies (psychological enemies) that are within us. So if you pronounce those mantras, when you are doing your Pranayama or when you are doing your sexual alchemy, I warn you, your inner psychological enemies will appear from within you.  Ask for it as follows: "I have to do the great work. God help me to see against whom I have to fight, not outside, but within.” And then you pronounce the mantras, when you are doing the Pranayama or during sexual alchemy. Kuma Iod-Havah Veyafutzu Oyevehha, Veyanusu Misanehha Mipanehha. Seven are the mantras of this Moses’ prayer that work when we are in chastity, when we are doing our work in the Sabbath, which is our physicality; Malkuth is our Sabbath. To worship the Sabbath doesn't mean to worship your physicality, but to activate the Iod, which is in the waters of Malkuth, מצרימה Mitsrayimah-Egypt, your physicality. That is the meaning of keeping the Sabbath holy. Your physicality—keep it holy.

To keep the Sabbath holy is not easy, because we are not holy. Only Moses is holy. That is why we say: "Holy be thy name,” that is, holy Moses, help me!" Because Moses in Hebrew is Moshe (משה) - Mem-Shin-Hei that when red backwards is Hei-Shin-Mem השם Ha-Shem “the name.”

Ha-Shem השם, the name, sends מי Mi from, Ha-Schamayim השמים, the Heavens. Who is the one that Ha-Shem השם sends to the Israelites to liberate them from bondage, from slavery? That who is משה Moses, willpower.

We are suffering; we are really in danger of falling into klipoth, hell; thus, we want to free our consciousness, so willpower, Moses is the answer. Little by little he will grow up within, and when he reaches that age that we read in the Bible, then you will see that all those events that you read in the Bible in the Book of Exodus happen inside of you. And then you will say: "Now I understand why Moses is the only one that can see God face to face, because Moses is my willpower, the causal body that I developed until now and now Moses is great in me and now I have to fight more against my enemies". So, these are the mantras that Moses gave, and remember that Moses was the one who divided the Reed Sea. The Reed Sea is your spinal column; that is the Reed that Moses divided, because willpower is the force that divides the waters of fornication from the waters of chastity. Thus, this is how you go into the Exodus. This is a psychological alchemical work. Always study the two polarities of המים Ha-Mayim, מי Mi and מה Mah, masculine and feminine, and learn how to work with these two polarities through Pranayama and likewise during sexual alchemy where we really work with these two polarities, because the woman represents the feminine forces and the man, the masculine, and inside man and woman are also the two polarities represented in their central nervous system. This is what Alchemy is.

Memorize those mantras, and know that if we know them by memory, it is because we pronounce them daily. Now, study Kabbalah, study the Zohar. Those mantras are related with the reed. The reed in the Bible, in Kabbalah, relates with the letter Vav, which represents the reed. And this is why among the orthodox in Judaism there is a ceremony that is practiced every Saturday; they perform what they call the Mikveh מקוה. The Mikveh מקוה is a pool made with the shape of the letter Vav or Hei; thus, within the waters of that pool, of that Mikveh מקוה, Vav-Hei, man and woman submerge themselves and pronounce those mantras, when they are submerged, this, in order to clean themselves from larvae, or to clean themselves from whatever putridity they think is causing them harm. We don't know if they know that the Mikveh מקוה represents an alchemical work related with psychology (psyche-soul and logos-word) when we are in chastity. If they know this, then they will know that to submerge oneself into the Mikveh מקוה, means to submerge into המים Ha-Mayim, better said, into Mem and Kuf, your own cerebral spinal sexual waters or fluids, during sexual alchemy in order to pronounce those mantras, because most of them know those mantras by memory. But are they really, קומה Kumah, “rising” their sexual energy from their מקוה Mikveh? Do they really know how to apply those mantras? Observe that קומה Kumah and Mikveh מקוה are written with the same letters. When I started pronouncing those mantras in sexual alchemy, I really received a big surprise. I saw my filthiness or putridity coming out from my deepest psychological waters. I said: "This is another lustful ego; since I am meditating, asking for the annihilation of my lust, because the Iod is the same energy that rises and destroys the enemies of God not outside of us but within us. We have enemies outside.  I don't know how many you have, but I know that I have many enemies outside, but I do not worry about them; I only worry about my own psychological inner enemies.

So this is a practice that is performed in a sacred pool—the Mikveh מקוה, with the shape of the letter Vav or Hei. This type of practice in sacred pools was also practiced in Rome, in the time of what people call paganism. Romans also had sacred pools, few of them knew the meaning of it; as in Christianity, few are those who know precisely the meaning of baptism, that is, when they go and submerge themselves and they are baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. All of these religious watery ceremonies have the same meaning. They submerge in the waters and they do it symbolically, but they never experience it practically, because nobody has taught them about sexual alchemy. So, we are the lucky ones that know the symbol of these watery ceremonies and that is why we are teaching them publicly, in order for us to take advantage of it. I think that for now this is enough.

Audience: Did Moses enter the Promised Land?

Instructor: Well, the first one who entered into the Promised Land was Moses, because he died. Another one that entered into the Promised Land was Jesus. Why? Because he died. Death is another symbol. But people ignore why the tomb of Moses was never found. And it is because they do not know that Moses is a prototype, an archetype that everybody has within. Moses disappeared with all the archetypes, his own archetypes. But those initiates that were following him, they were not prepared to enter into the Promised Land, because they were having problems with their inner enemies. It is like in these times, in this day and age, Master Samael Aun Weor taught us how to eliminate the ego. He died in 1977; he passed into the Promised Land. But only he did it. Now, he is helping us internally, in order to perform the same alchemical work. Like Moses, he died and disappeared. But if we don't do what he did, how we are going to enter into the Promised Land? This is something that we have to study Kabbalistically, Alchemically. Do not read the Bible literally, and do not think as people do in this day and age, when millions of people still believe that the Israelites came from Egypt into the Middle East. That is not the message. Exodus is something alchemical that we have to perform. If those fanatics finally triumph and physically establish themselves, with their very fat ego, with their “I” the size of a gorilla, on that land in the Middle East called Israel, we don't see how this is going to be something good for humanity.

Audience:  So the process of transmutation is the separation of the rarified or refined aspect of sexual energy from the root of the raw aspect of it. And this is the separation of the waters that we talk about. But could you elaborate a little more on the meaning of the dry land? Is that the same dry land that appeared in the seven days of Genesis?

Instructor: Well, the dry land in our central nervous system is the spinal column, because the Iod as the pure fire of the light rises from the waters in the spinal column. The fire, the Ouroboros, the serpent, the Iod goes beyond Yesod, it goes up to Kether. This Iod is dividing the waters from the waters, but that division of the waters from the waters occurs on the second and the dry land appears on the third day of Genesis, as it is written:

And Elohim said, Let there be a firmament (of lights) in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.

And Elohim said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.

The dry land of the third day of Genesis, in this case, means the astral body, the mental body, and the causal body that we have to create in order to reach the level of human being. Actually, the causal body is Moses, but this is a long alchemical process. All of us have willpower, which is here in Tiphereth, and that willpower is connected with what we call the Essence, the embryo of soul, which in Buddhism is the Buddhadhatu. That is the element with which we have to work in order for Moses to eventually appear. All of this is done in steps, initiations. And the one who receives initiations is Abraham. Abraham is Chesed, and we know this because Moses told this to us, because Moses wrote about this in Genesis. Who wrote Genesis? Moses did. And he wrote it because he knew about it. Abraham is Chesed, the Ruach, which means, wind and also Spirit:

Hovering upon the waters

"And the Ruach Elohim was hovering upon the face of המים Ha-Mayim, the waters". - Genesis 1: 2

We already know that מי Mi and מה Mah are המים Ha-Mayim, the waters that Moses was talking about. The Ruach Elohim of Genesis is the same Ruach that in the Book of Exodus is named wind:

And Moses stretched out his “Iod” hand over הים Ha-Yam, the sea; and יהוה Iod-Havah caused הים Ha-Yam, the sea, to go back by a strong east “Ruach” wind all that night, and made הים Ha-Yam, the sea, dry land, and המים Ha-Mayim, the waters, were divided. - Exodus 14: 21

In Hebrew we read Ruach, which means wind or spirit. Well, the one that was dividing the waters, is the wind that was blowing through the nostrils of Elohim, that wind was Chesed, dividing the waters, but this is an alchemical work. And you do it, when you do your Pranayama and alternate the nostrils; you are dividing the waters and playing with the polarities in order to release the soul of the Mercury. This is what the alchemists call it - the soul of the Mercury. And what is the soul of the Mercury? It is the Shakti potential of the letter Iod. You have to release it, to stretch it in many ways. In the Rune Man we stretch our Iods, our hands, physically speaking, in order to attract the Iod from the Heaven into our bodies.

Audience: If you study the Bible in Hebrew, how much of the difficult alchemy is lost in the translation?

Instructor: Well, I don't know how much is lost in the translations, because unfortunately there are many interpreters in the Kabbalistic way also; some Kabbalists confuse ratzon l'kabel (the will to receive), which is Moses, with desire to receive. Intellectual kabbalists preach desire to receive, which is completely wrong. And this is because ratzon is both will and it is desire, but if you know Alchemy, you know how to apply the same word in two different ways. And of course in order to understand what is written in the Bible, you need to be practical, meaning you have to be alchemist. If you are losing the Iod of your sexual energy in any way, you are losing the light that gives comprehension to what you are reading. So I advise you to always meditate on what you read, and comprehend that chastity is essential, because the books of Moses; namely, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, are guidance for alchemists, guidance for those who are transmuting the sexual energy. The same happens with the book of Revelation.

Audience: We already are learning multiple practices here to get kind of to the same goal. If someone approaches the work, experiences, initiates, and falls, would you suggest looking at the different method or leaving the work that they were doing to approach it from another angle or just broaden their horizon in multiple views?

Instructor: Well, if you are falling in the work, it is because your own ego is making you fall.

Audience: Yes, and then if you have, then is there a different way?

Instructor: Yes, comprehend the ego. Comprehend that ego, because if the ego continues being alive within you, you always will fail. And be patient, because the main enemy of alchemist is called L U S T, that lust that everybody has within. Lust is the enemy, who is not outside, but inside. And lust is not one, but many. For instance, we were talking the other day about the symbol of the Medusa that has many vipers on her head. That Medusa is each one of us; it is our own ego.  Each viper is a lustful ego and if we identify with those vipers of Medusa, then remember, she has the power to transform us into stone—meaning, devolution to the mineral level.  So we have to fight against Medusa.  But don't identify with Medusa, meaning don't identify with your lust. Which lust? Well, any of the vipers that eventually will emerge there in your head. Be patient and work little by little until all these vipers are annihilated, because when you are annihilating them little by little, you are always walking ahead, ahead. Don't look backwards. Remember what happened to the wife of Lot. She looked back, meaning, she went back into her same sinful life, whatever this was, and she became a statue of salt, mineral; the same devolution, the same meaning. There is something that is very profound related with the story of Lot, who was the only one that came out from Sodom and Gomorrah, or sexual depravation, which is actually very strong in all the countries of the world.

Audience: Do those mantras help, even if you do not transmute your sexual energy?

Instructor: You have to transmute the sexual energy when you are pronouncing those mantras, because you have to submerge within your own Vav, your own reed. You have to divide the waters, so when you are doing that, repeat the mantra in order for your God to help you to comprehend the type of ego that you need to comprehend. For that you need to memorize the mantras. It helps if you study the letters of those mantras, because if you do not know the Hebrew letters, you won't understand. But let me talk to you only about the first word, Kumah, which means rise.  Kumah  קומה begins with the letter ק Kuf, whose shape relates to the brain and the reed. Just by saying "Kumah" and observing that it begins with the letter Kuf, which means monkey, you comprehend many things. I am not accusing anybody here, but remember that materialistic anthropology states that Adam comes from the monkey, or the man comes from the monkey. In an alchemical manner we work with our Kuf, which in Hebrew means monkey, and if we eventually create the man, well, this man was created, came, from your central nervous system, your ק Kuf. So when you say Kumah, the letter Kuf shows you that you are working with your central nervous system. You also see the syllable מה Mah in the word, which is the sexual fluid. The letter ו Vav of Kumah is alchemically saying to you, work with your sexual force in your central nervous system—Kumah Iod-Chavah, because we have to experience Iod-Chavah with knowledge. And when you concentrate on that and pray that to your Inner God—Kumah Iod-Chavah—that Iod goes up along your spinal column.  And when you pronounce the other mantras, then you are fighting against your enemies. Those mantras also help you to transmute your sexual energy, especially if you are doing sexual alchemy.  Pranayama is easy because you don't have the problem of facing Lucifer or Satan. In the sexual act Satan is there offering you the fruit - eat it, eat it! And by saying the mantras you are actually saying: "Begone from me Satan," who is within you. Don't think that Satan is coming from outside.  Satan is coming from within you; Satan is within you. In other words, your mind is Satan.

Audience: Can one incarnate Moses without having completely eliminated the ego?

Instructor: Yes, of course, since Moses is the one that is going to help you to eliminate the whole ego.

Audience: In that case, could it mean if I understand it correctly that we do not need to reach Tiphereth?

Instructor: Well, in order for Moses to be born in us, first we have to work with Abraham, and Abraham has to give birth to Isaac, and thereafter Isaac has to give birth to Jacob, and the twelve brothers, children of Jacob have to do the evil thing – that is to sell Joseph to the Ishmaelites so that Joseph can go down into Egypt, etc.  All of these are symbols of initiations. Thus, finally, when the alchemists are working in the third initiation of Major Mysteries, then a priest of Levi and a priestess of Levi give birth to Moses, because we need to control the mind.  Yes, Netzach is the most difficult task. And only Moses can do it with willpower, but because Moses works under the power of Elohim within you, and Moses is fulfilling the commandments that he is internally receiving from Iod-Chavah and developing, developing, developing, and eventually they cross the filthy waters of the Reed Sea with the waters, which are on the right, which are the pure waters of chastity, and eventually they go to the other side. And through that work, all of the army, all the chariots of פה-רע Phe-Ra, the evil mouth, and all of those fornicators that follow him are destroyed by the waters—they are drowned inside of you. And then you keep working, because there are more enemies to be defeated. If you read the Bible, you will find that after all פה-רע Phe-Ra’s fornicators are drowned there are more enemies ahead, and Moses is always doing a great work with his two hands, by raising his two Iods, the two polarities within him. All of that is a psychological work.  

Audience: Once Moses liberates Israel from within, from the egos, is it because we know that once the resurrection happens that is when we eliminate the totality of the ego, and that is when we resurrect, not before. Is that correct?

Instructor: Well, there is an initiatic resurrection, a resurrection in the fire, a resurrection in the light, and resurrection in the Promised Land, which is Eden. You cannot experience the last resurrection if you don't perform the first, the second and the third. The first one is performed in the third initiation of major mysteries—it is an initiatic resurrection. Everything about the different types of resurrections is already written in the books by the Master Samael Aun Weor, who performed the last resurrection, the main one, in himself.  It is the resurrection that Jesus of Nazareth represented with his own life, which is the resurrection with the physical body of liberation. That is the last one. Do not expect that you are going to resurrect physically just because; this is a long process. This is why we just mentioned, touched it, a little bit, not too much of it, because we have to begin from the level in which we are. Presently, we are at the level of מצרימה Mitsrayimah-Egypt, and we are slaves of our own sins. Who is the true father of sin? He is called Cain. But if you resurrect Abel, which in this case is almighty Moses, that will be different. But now Abel is dead in us, but he can resurrect. He resurrects as Moses.

In our website’s store you will find all the books of the Master Samael Aun Weor and many other books by the masters of the past that you can buy; notwithstanding, this type of knowledge that we teach here is just for those types of people who are really working in themselves. We also publish it on our website, but regarding that, I was talking with a friend of mine and he says: "I do not know if we should talk about this, because maybe there are some people that will not understand it." Because there might be somebody doesn't know that one has to be an alchemist in order to comprehend this and doesn't know even what alchemy is. But we are in the times of the end of this root race and the knowledge is given to us in order to deliver it to the people, because they need it. We cannot hide it now. There is no way to hide it, because they need to know at least these basic things in order for them to know that the work is inside—everything that is written is inside—and to not identify with all of the millions of Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc., who interpret everything literally and that are making a mess of our planet, and making it worse in order to make business. Unfortunately, this is what happens in this day and age. So if this lecture that we are dictating right now is transcribed, it will eventually go into my hands and I will do what I always do—update it.

Audience: Double it.

Instructor: Double it in order for people to enjoy it and to understand it, I hope.

Audience: Could you repeat the mantras one more time?

Instructor: Kumah Iod-Havah Veyafutzu Oyevehha, Veyanusu Misanehha Mipanehha. Did you observe that the two last mantras have Mem and Iod in them? When you read in Hebrew, you find the letter Iod, but hidden in the letter Mem. This is always like that. This is how Moses wrote it in order to hide things from the profane and profaners.

Audience: So in the lecture you talked about מי Mi and מה Mah. And מי Mi represents the masculine waters, because water is represented by Mem, and that is combined with the masculine Iod, and then the מה Mah, represents the feminine waters, because here Mem is combined with the feminine Hei, but you also talk about how מי Mi, creates the Heavens and מה Mah the Earth. So could you elaborate on what the Heavens and the Earth are in this context and why one is created by the masculine and the other by the feminine?

Instructor: Both heaven and earth are created by these two polarities. השמים Ha-Schamayim is the first word where המים Ha-Mayim appears, that is, מי Mi and מה Mah, but joined to the letter ש Shin, which is fire. There is fire and water in השמים Ha-Schamayim. If we translate השמים Ha-Schamayim alchemically, it means: the fire and the waters.  If we read the Aleph hidden in the letter Hei, it reads Ha-Esh-Mayim. It is a beautiful word. Before השמים Ha-Schamayim there is written another beautiful alchemical word that hides a lot, which is the word את Ath. Yes, everything in there is written in symbols, as in the Buddhist manner, here in these murals that we have around. So understand that: In the beginning Elohim created through את Ath the Heavens and the Earth. ואת הארץ Va-Ath Ha-Aretz, and the Earth: Ve-Ath ואת. Vav is the reed in you, and you are the earth, and את Ath is the Logos. But there is something very beautiful here underneath the first triangle of the Tree of Life, do you see this yellow Sephirah here?

Audience: Daath דעת.  

Instructor: Yes, Daath דעת is located at the level of the throat because it relates to את Ath, the Logos. Daath דעת means knowledge. And Daath is related to את Ath, two letters. The first letter and the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet—Aleph Tav—which is translated as “The.” But don't be confused—Daath דעת is written with Ayin, but the word את Ath, which I am addressing, symbolizes the Logos. There are two "a"s in the Hebrew alphabet—Aleph and Ayin.  את Ath—Aleph-Tav—is written in the very beginning of the Bible. It says: "Bereshith bara Elohim את Ath Ha-Shamayim, ואת Ve-Ath Ha'Aretz". את Ath relates to that mysterious Sephirah Daath, which relates to Alchemy. את Ath contains the first and the last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. את Ath is the Greek Alpha and Omega, from את Ath comes all the words, Hebrew words.

Audience: Daath represents the upper waters and Yesod the lower waters, and Moses is Tiphereth right? Is it from Tiphereth where Moses is diving the upper and lower waters?

Instructor: Yes, Moses descends from Tiphereth in order to divide the right waters from the left, the upper from the lower waters, because Moses is in השמים Ha-Schamayim, the heavens of Tiphereth. Moses is connected to מי Mi “Who,” the Iod, the willpower that divides the waters. Moses is the one that is, up there, connected to מי Mi, the will of השם Ha-Shem. Thus, God’s law, השם Ha-Shem’s will is done in Heaven. Thus, you have to bring Moses down in order to do God’s law, השם Ha-Shem’s will, on Earth. Moses is the one who is willpower. The willpower, the will of השם Ha-Shem is made in Heaven, but not in Earth. For that to happen Moses has to be born. And Moses is willpower. It is the electric power of the sexual energy that performs all of those marvelous things against the Pharaoh, which are written in the Book of Exodus. So, all the enemies of Elohim, all the enemies of our Inner Elohim have to be destroyed by Moses. And where are those enemies? You are those enemies. I am one of them too. We have to die, psychologically speaking.

Audience: What is the difference between Moses and Jesus Christ?

Instructor: The difference between Moses and Jesus Christ is that each one of them represents a different archetype. Moses represents Tiphereth, willpower, but Jesus represents Chokmah, from where the archetype, which is called Yeshuah—the savior—descends into Moses. In other words, we need also to develop Yeshuah within us (the savior). This is what Jesus represents, he came in order to represent that archetype. But everything is in steps. Obviously, Moses incarnated Christ, that is why I am talking now about the Master Moses, another archetype. Master Moses that is the founder of Judaism, he incarnated Christ, and represented Tiphereth, which is the archetype where the savior manifests. But Jesus came and represented another archetype that is Chokmah, higher than Moses, who represents Tiphereth. but now we are not going to talk about it. Yet, it is written:

Ath את (the Logos), the good, shall we קבל Kabel, receive from the Elohim; and Ve-Ath ואת, (the Logos) the evil shall we not קבל Kabel, receive (through comprehension)? - Job 2: 10

On the website we talk about different archetypes. This is how Gnostics know about the doctrine in its purest symbolism. Unfortunately, the problem in this day and age is that humanity has the Bible, but they don't know how to read it, and this is sad. And there are many people there that wait for the coming of the Messiah, which is good, but they do not have even Moses developed within them. Build Moses first and then we will see if Joshua, the Messiah comes down here from Chokmah. Observe that the book of Joshua (Jesus) appears after the five books of Moses. We know very well that in his past existence, Jesus was Joshua, the Son of Nun.

Audience: This is a question about Gnosis. Recently talking with some friends of Catholicism the word Gnosticism was mentioned and the word heresy was also mentioned. But I also learned that it seems to be public knowledge that John Paul II was himself a mystic and I am wondering where is the heresy (the idea of the heresy) coming from? The church itself or just the ignorance in exoteric environment?

Instructor: Ignorance, because this fight against darkness is always there. If I was giving this lecture in the times of the Middle Ages, I would be right now burning at the stake. And I would say: "Good bye” to everybody. But thank goodness we are not in the Middle Ages. Yet, fanaticism still exists and is even worse.

Audience: In the bible everything is in steps as shown in the book of Genesis in relation to psychology and alchemy. Are the books of the new testament related with sexual alchemy and do they show all the steps too?

Instructor: All the books of the Bible are Kabbalistic and alchemical—all of them—yet, written in different epochs. Moses wrote the first ones, and believe me, I admire his writings; they are so full of light. Now, remember the transfiguration of Jesus where Moses came and shone to his right and Elijah to his left. Jesus studied and taught what we are teaching here. This hermetic science is not something we are making up because we procrastinated.  We study this science also in the new testament.

In the Middle Ages, that hermetic science passed from the Arabic world to the lands of Europe, then the enthusiasm for the hermetic art awoke everywhere. Within the doctrine of Hermes is contained — as much in essence as in potency — the greatest keys and the purest knowledge that allows us to walk the “narrow path” mentioned by Joshua ben Pandira, Jesus the Christ. We know very well that in his past existence, before fulfilling his mission in the holy land, the great Kabir Jesus was Joshua, the Son of Nun. - Samael Aun Weor

Thus, Jesus is a resurrected master as Moses is and there are also many other masters from other religions. Mohamed is a resurrected master. I personally never studied the Quran, because it is not written in Hebrew, it is written in Arabic, but it is an alchemical Kabbalistic symbolic book too...

Audience: You mentioned that these mantras are to be used, when you apply this practically and you are going to see all these vices from within that you have to fight. But without these mantras you see a lot of them and you struggle to understand them. Is it worthwhile to use this from the certain level?

Instructor: Well, these mantras are worthwhile, because through them you are asking the help of God in order to fight against the ego that you are struggling with. Here we teach you how to meditate in order to comprehend what you need to comprehend. Yet, with those mantras you are invoking the forces of God. Let us be aware that your inner willpower is not as strong as Moses yet, but you have to start working with the little willpower that you have, because Moses is not going to come from the air. He has to be born from a priest and a priestess. And for that you have to be an alchemist – priest and priestess of alchemy in Yesod. As it is written:

Jacob Wrestling the Might of YSod

And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a איש “fiery Iod” with him until the breaking of the day. And when he saw [on his thigh a name written, King of kings, and Lord of lords] that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob's thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him. And he said, Let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me. And he said unto him, What is thy name? And he said, Jacob. And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for [in the fluids of Yesod-sex of Scorpio] you are immersing together with Elohim (Gibor) and with men, and you are prevailing. And Jacob asked him, and said, Tell me, I pray thee, thy name. And he said, Wherefore is it that thou dost ask after my name? And he blessed him with the name. And Jacob called the name of the place פניאל Pineal, saying: for I have (sublimated the Iod energy towards the פניאל pineal gland and with the third eye I have) seen (פני-אל Pheni-El, the God's) face to face, and my soul has been saved (by אל-הים El-HaYam, the sea God that hovers upon the face of the waters).- Genesis 32: 24-30

Thus, as Jacob wrestled a איש “fiery Iod”, likewise when we practice, when we immerse within the fluids of sexual alchemy, we develop the willpower of the King of kings, and Lord of lords, little by little, in different levels. Until one day Moses will appear within us, but we have to start right now. In Genesis, Moses left a lot of knowledge for all the people that want to do this alchemical sexual work, and the mantras, the words, in “Bemidbar - Numbers” that we are teaching you. All orthodox in Judaism (people that are practicing Judaism) practice these mantras, but symbolically, I believe, as they pronounce them in the Mikveh מקוה, where they go every Saturday. In the Mikveh מקוה they pronounce all of those mantras. When I was in Israel talking about this Mikveh Minith מקוה מינית, sexual alchemical bath, with a friend of mine, he said: "Well, let me tell you. When it is a very hot day, I go into the Mediterranean Sea, into the waves. And when I am in the waves, I pronounce the mantras". I said to him: "That is good." God is more present there than anywhere, within the forces of the waters. But remember I said: "If you are not in chastity, if you pronounce the mantras and you are ejaculating your seminal force, it is just worthless." Those mantras work when you are in chastity in your level, remember that, in your own level. Because if you start thinking, "Oh, I have to do all these miracles in front of the Pharaoh," if you are not at that level, don't worry about that. Let Pharaoh work with you in different ways. Everyone starts working in different levels, different steps.

Audience: Are these mantras both offensive and defensive, in other words, do they bring out the enemies in order to see them and also to protect yourself from them?

Instructor: Yes, of course. It helps you to protect yourself against your own enemies, but also according to my own experience it comes and shows you psychologically what it is that you have to work with. And sometimes it is not pleasant, because the enemies of God are very filthy and they are not outside, they are inside of you; inside, not outside. Forget about the others that are outside. If they enjoy wallowing in the mud, let them wallow in the mud, but you work in yourself and say: "I have to kill all these pigs that I have within me". These are our egos, which are three, seven and thousands. Ten thousands. Remember King David, who killed ten thousands.