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This is a transcription of a lecture that you can download for free: Moses, Israel, Satan and Job

It also has an accompanying pdf of related material: Moses, Israel, Satan and Job

In order to go deeper into the lectures on the doctrine of Moses, let us review what we explained in the previous lecture so that we can understand the Exodus.


The Levels of Spiritual Development

Here we see the Tree of Life with three grades or three selections that are related with the Exodus. These are always performed through initiation. 

Levels of Spiritual Development on the Tree of Life

In the triangle of the priesthood at the very bottom of the Tree of Life, we find the degree of “the vulgar man of the Earth,” which is related with the stages of the neophyte, devotee, and meditator. As we can see, to this degree belong those who are working in the development or creation of their internal solar bodies, mainly the astral and the mental solar bodies (represented by the Sephiroth Hod and Netzach, respectively). 

Then in the middle triangle is the degree of “the man who loves,” the initiates that reach adepthood, mastery. This degree begins precisely in the Sephirah Tiphereth. Thus, from Adeptus Minor in Tiphereth, we go into Adeptus Major in Geburah, and thereafter into Adeptus Exemptus, which is Chesed. 

“Know that the Bodhisattva who liberation changes for renunciation (who renounces Nirvana) to don the miseries of “Secret Life” (to live to benefit mankind), is called, “thrice Honoured,” O thou candidate for woe throughout the cycles. The “Secret Way” leads also to Paranirvanic bliss -- but at the close of Kalpas without number; Nirvanas gained and lost from boundless pity and compassion for the world of deluded mortals.” - The Voice of the Silence

So, those who enter into mastery and follow renunciation – the Direct Path – develop through three degrees. The first is Adeptus Minor, which is precisely the very beginning of adepthood; thus, when somebody reaches mastery – incarnates the human soul - they become an Adeptus Minor. 

Then, the Adeptus Minor starts another phase of what we call the Exodus, which in Hebrew is שמות‎ Shemoth, and means "names." Here the Adeptus Minor has to work very hard in order to enter into Adeptus Major; in order to do it, he/she has to incarnate the Lord Christ, which is something that most of us are listening or reading about, and that hopefully in this lecture we will understand it better because as you see, the Adeptus Major relates to the sephirah Geburah, and as we explained in previous lectures, all the plagues that came into Malkuth are precisely coming from Geburah, who is "the arm of God" that applies that. 

Arm is written ידא Iod daleth aleph in Aramaic and in Hebrew only יד Iod Daleth. It is pronounced "iad." Clearly, the word iad relates to the letter Iod. This is very significant, and if you look at the Tree of Life you find that the arms are related with the sephorith Geburah and Chesed, and at the end of the arms you find hands related with the sephirah Tiphereth. This is why you find in the sarcophagi of Egypt the mummies have their two arms crossed over the chest, the sephirah Tiphereth. This is what we call the crossing Iods, since arms or hands are named ‘Yad’ in Hebrew. This is very significant, thus, the Arm of Iod-Havah is either Chesed or Geburah. So, we read:

“And I will stretch out my יד yad [hand, arm, phallus], and smite Egypt with all my wonders which I will do in the midst [spinal medulla] thereof: and after that he will let you go.” – Exodus 3: 20 

The יד yad, arm of justice, is the sephirah Geburah. Thus, through this יד yad is Binah working from heaven, and the hand through which Binah is doing it is always the sephirah Tiphereth, the יד yad in the heart, which is the human soul. The human soul is the only incarnated part of the Adeptus Minor, who entered into the triangle of priesthood or the soul of the Masters that through their יד yad phallus [the clitoris is the feminine phallus] reincarnated in Malkuth. This is how we understand it and comprehend it and visualize it in the Tree of Life.  

So, from the sephirah Geburah emerges that archetype that we call the Angel of Justice, about whom we are going to talk deeply today, because it is related with Job. 

Thus, if we gain the right to enter into Adeptus Major, then we gain the right to incarnate the Divine Soul, which, as we see here, belongs to the sephirah Geburah. This is something very important to mention because, when somebody reaches adepthood, which begins in Tiphereth, people think that the initiate immediately incarnates the whole Monad, and this is wrong, since at that stage the only thing that incarnates in the Adeptus Minor is the human soul, which is related as we said, with the causal body or the body of will, which is represented in Moses, who has developed from Malkuth to Tiphereth. 

So then, if the Adeptus Minor achieves the annihilation of Nahemah, or the egos related to the sephirah Malkuth, then he gains the right to incarnate the Divine Soul (Geburah). The sephirah Chesed, the Spirit, Atman the ineffable, is within the Divine Soul (Geburah). Only the Adeptus Major has the right to be called the reincarnation of a master; before that, no, because the Adeptus Minor has still a lot of ego. This is why if he enters the direct path he has to descend again with the help of the Lord in Malkuth, into the ninth sphere, the sephirah Yesod, in order to start the work in relation to the incarnation of the sephirah Geburah. 

Yet, some initiates take the spiral path. And as we said in other lectures, the spiral path is the path of the Hasnamussen, those who through many Mahamanvantaras disintegrate their ego little by little. But those who take the direct path descend with Christ into Malkuth in another level in order to work in the Exodus. 

The goal of the Adeptus Major is to work into what we call the Enneagram or the nine Sephiroth above Malkuth.  

When the initiate, the Adeptus Major, reaches the sephirah Kether - through the Enneagram - he then enters into the degree of Adeptus Exemptus. In the sephirah Chesed is where we find the Adeptus Exemptus, who is the one that annihilated all those egos related with Lilith. Because, one thing is to annihilate the egos of Nahemah, which is the white moon, and another is the task of disintegrating the elements of Lilith, the black moon. As you know, it is Kabbalistically written that our psyche is split into two moons; thus, after the fall, Adam, had two wives, Lilith and Nahemah. These two wives or psychologies Kabbalistically, Alchemically speaking, are inside us. These are the steps, initiations, levels in order to disintegrate them; we cannot disintegrate the egos of Lilith if previously we did not disintegrate the egos of Nahemah. 

Nahemah is that psychology that we see, and Lilith is that psychology that we cannot see, because we need to awaken our consciousness. 

Likewise, if we reach or the initiate reaches Adeptus Exemptus, then he enters into the level of ""the Man who dwells in silence," which is the third triangle, in which the initiate has to acquire those bodies called Nirmanakaya, Sambhogakaya, and Dharmakaya. This is the Logoic step. In order to enter here we have to qualify the Eight Initiations, which is what the Adeptus Exemptus, Atman, received from the sephiroth Malkuth to Binah. These qualifications are the last step in order to enter into the sephirah Binah, the first level of "the man who dwells in silence." These qualifications are related with the book of Job.  

Job relates to many other things, but in this lecture we are going to emphasize why the book of Exodus relates to Job and to Moses in order for us to understand it better. 

The Son of Matrimony

So then we find here the third graphic of the Tree of Life what we are going to explain; these again are the first words of the of the book Genesis:

בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

Beresheet Bara Elohim At Ha-Schamayim Ve-At Ha-Aretz. 

“In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth,” 

This is how it is translated. Yet remember we always explain that these verses of Genesis hide many meanings. Thus, Kabbalistically we wrote with the same letters in the same sequence: 

בר אשית בר אאלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

Bar Ashot, Bar AElohim At Ha-Shamim VeAt Ha-Aretz

The Son of Matrimony, the Son of Aelohim with the names and with the earth

Bar ashot בר אשית means "son of matrimony." Smetimes ashot is written with Vav or with Iod.

What son are we talking about here? Well, the outcome of what we call matrimony--sexual magic on the Earth. Above, we find the holy matrimony of Abba and Aima and beyond in the absolute that we explained in previous lectures, how the Son, the light, emerges from the union of the Ain and the Ain Soph. So we have there, the son of matrimony, the Ain Soph Aur, the outcome of Ain Soph and Ain. We have another son of matrimony, the union of Abba and Aima, the male and female aspects of the sephirah Binah, the Holy Spirit manifested in the universe and the son of Matrimony. Below here in the Earth, Bar Ashot is the outcome of those individuals or vulgar men of the Earth who want to enter into the Exodus. The vulgar men of the Earth, this is what we are. Thus, as single vulgar men of the Earth we start working in our Nahemah-ego; and later on or if we are married, if we are practicing the holy matrimony, we have to follow the rules given by the Elohim.

This is very important to understand, because the neophytes, the devotees, and the meditators, the three degrees of ""the vulgar man of the Earth," have to follow the rules given by the Masters, the Elohim.

Yet when one reaches the second triangle, which is the triangle of adepthood, which in Hebrew is called Debarim or Deuteronomy in the Bible, meaning, the second law, one is submitted to the law of his/her own particular Monad and to the ray to which that Monad belongs. This is why certain individuals in Gnosticism do not understand why the Adeptus or those that reach mastery behave in a different ways, and sometimes they break the laws of the first triangle. Likewise, some Adepts who enter into the second triangle are confused when they see the actions of the initiates that dwell in silence, who are those that at are at the very top of the Tree of Life, given that they indeed do not follow the laws of the second triangle or the first triangle. And it is because “Do what thou wilt; do what you wish” is the only law. But remember you have to answer for all your deeds. 

By understanding these three grades of the Tree of Life or three triangles is how we understand the different laws that are applied to the initiates. This is why it is absurd that some initiates from the triangle in the bottom want to understand the behavior of the Adeptus of the triangle in the middle. Their understanding does not apply, because the Karma is applied to each one according to his own level. Everybody advances on this path according to their own Karma. Remember that.

So this is why we wrote there בר אשית Bar Ashot, son of Matrimony, בר אאלהים Bar A Elohim, which is the second phrase. אאלהים Aelohim has the letter א Aleph written two times; the first א Aleph is addressing the אין Ain, which means ""nothing." After it we read the word אלהים Elohim.

Elohim on the Tree of Life

Ain Elohim אאלהים is what we wrote at the very top of the graphic of the Tree of Life, next to the word Ain Soph.  

Ain Elohim אאלהים means ""No Elohim", which the Master Samael Aun Weor in The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled called in short AElohim. In many languages, as in Spanish and English, the letter A is a prefix meaning “not, no, without.” So, when you place the letter A in front of the word Elohim it means No Elohim. No wonder why the three names of the Absolute are Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur, all begin with A, Aleph meaning not or no without. This is why we said AElohim meaning No Elohim. Because is not a Deity or Elohim but something else, a Seity, which is beyond the Elohim. And this is how Moses called it. The meaning of the term אאלהים AElohim escapes to those who are not initiates. This is why we wrote:

בר אשית בר אאלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

Bar Ashot, Bar AElohim At Ha-Shamim VeAt Ha-Aretz

The Son of Matrimony, the Son of Aelohim with the names and with the earth

We explained that השמים Hashamim, means Ha Shem, ""the name" and im is the plural, masculine ending; the whole word השמים Hashamim, relates to the names of God in Heaven. Thus, את השמים At Hashamim, ‘With the names’ means that בר אאלהים the Son of Aelohim, which we call Christ, light, is with the word אֵת ‘At’, which represents the alphabet with which we write all the names השמים Hashamim in heaven. Remember that the letters א Aleph and ת Tav are the first and last letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. The beginning of the word Ain is א Aleph and the End of the word Malkuth is ת Tav. What in the Hebrew alphabet are א Aleph and ת Tav is what Alpha and Omega are in the Greek alphabet. 

 The eternal parent wrapped in her ever invisible robes had slumbered once again for seven eternities. Time was not, for it lay asleep in the infinite bosom of duration. Universal mind was not, for there were no Ah-Hi to contain it. The seven ways to bliss were not. The great causes of misery were not, for there was no one to produce and get ensnared by them. Darkness alone filled the boundless all, for Father, Mother and Son were once more One, and the Son had not awakened yet for the new wheel, and his pilgrimage thereon. The Seven Sublime Lords and the Seven Truths had ceased to be, and the universe, the son of necessity, was immersed in Paranishpanna, to be outbreathed by that which is and yet is not. Naught was. The causes of existence had been done away with; the visible that was, and the invisible that is, rested in eternal Non-Being — the One Being. Alone the one form of existence stretched boundless, infinite, causeless, in dreamless sleep; and life pulsated unconscious in universal space, throughout that all-presence which is sensed by the opened eye of the Dangma.

But where was the Dangma when the Alaya of the universe was in Paramartha and the great wheel was Anupadaka? - Stanza 1, Book of Dzyan, quoted from The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky

“I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, says the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.” – Revelation 1: 8

So, השמים Hashamim, the names of that which is the Divine are hidden in between Aleph and Tav because with the 22 letters we write all the names, thus, the 22 letters plus the 5 sophit letters represent the 27 [2+7=9] archetypes entering into Yesod, the Ninth Sphere, the womb of the Earth. Thus, ואת הארץ Ve-At-Ha-Aretz ‘And with the Earth’ as we explained in the previous lecture, means, ‘and all of those archetypes within אֵת ‘At’, which in synthesis are named ‘Israel,’ leave Yehidah and enter into exile; and in Malkuth, Egypt, Mizrahim enter into disharmony, then after 430 years enter into the Exodus with Moses.

Do not mistake the Exodus with Genesis. The Exodus does not start in the Absolute. What starts from the Absolute is גלות ‘Galuth’, the Diaspora, or the dispersion of the Emanations or Generations: Genesis. So the first man that appears from the Absolute appears from Emanations. 


“3. From the effulgency of light -- the ray of the ever-darkness -- sprung in space the re-awakened energies; the One from the Egg, the Six, and the Five. Then the Three, the One, the Four, the One, the Five -- the Twice Seven the Sum Total. And these are the Essences, the Flames, the Elements, the Builders, the Numbers, the Arupa, the Rupa, and the Force of Divine Man -- the Sum Total. And from the Divine Man emanated the Forms, the Sparks, the Sacred Animals, and the Messengers of the Sacred Fathers within the Holy Four.

“4. This was the Army of the Voice -- the Divine Mother of the Seven. The Sparks of the Seven are subject to, and the Servants of, the First, the Second, the Third, the Fourth, the Fifth, the Sixth, and the Seventh of the Seven.” – Stanza 4, Book of Dzyan, quoted from The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky

These emanations are the archetypes of those that self-realized them; and those who have to self-realize them, whose archetypes are perfect, but not developed. That man from Emanation is placed in Yehidah, the world of Atziluth, and from Atziluth descends into the world of Briah, which is the second world of Kabbalah, creation. So when the archetypes enter into to world of creation, which is Briah, then the man of creation appears. 

The Four Worlds of Kabbalah

The Four Worlds of Kabbalah

So, understand the development of the archetypes, first, emanation then, creation, or as we said, first Atziluth then Briah. And from Briah descend into the world of Mizrahim, Egypt, Malkuth, in order to start their development. So the man or the Adam of Briah is the one we are talking about here that has to develop many things and that enters into sin, the man or the Adam of Briah is the one who becomes the sinful man; the sinful Adam is the man of Briah. The man of the world of Atziluth, the world of splendors, has no defects no vices, everything is perfect in him. But imperfection begins from Briah down. 

So we have said that evil exists. In Hebrew, evil is called רע rah, (spelled Resh Ayin). Where does evil start? Rah [evil] starts from the world of Briah; from the sephirah Daath is where we find evil. The beginning of the development of good and evil starts in Daath; evil relates to the left side of the Tree of Life. 

Sequentially, everything that is Rah [evil] relates to the left side of the Tree of Life, and everything that is good relates to the right side of the Tree of Life. So good and evil are the two columns: the column on the right (good), the column on the left (evil). But let us understand this word evil. What is evil? Evil is that which is not in the right place, according to God. When you place something in the wrong place, that is ""evil." For instance, the fire in the kitchen is good; it is in the right place because we cook our food with it. But the fire burning this house down is on the left, it is bad, "evil." 

“Remember, in pure esotericism, good is everything that is in its proper place, and evil is everything that is out of its place.

“Water in its proper place is good but if the water is inundating our House it would be out of its place, it would do harm, it would be evil and harmful.

“The fire in the kitchen and in its proper place, besides being useful is good; yet out of its place, i.e. burning the furniture of the living room, it would be evil and harmful.

“Thus, any virtue as holy as it might be, when it is in its proper place is good, yet out of place is evil and harmful. So, we can harm others with our virtues. Thus, it is essential to place the virtues in their proper place.” – Samael Aun Weor (1976)

You see, if we place things in the right place, then evil disappears. But because the archetypes are not developed, they fall in the wrong place, which is the place in which we have to be in order to learn, and to develop and to be as Elohim: knowing good and evil—right and wrong, in other words. 

So then that is why we wrote in the Tree of Life the word אלהים Elohim, which is the mystery that we have to follow. אלהים Elohim means ""Gods and Goddesses." That’s why we wrote in Kether the word אל El, which in Hebrew means God, singular. It is because in each of us we have our own particular individual אל El. To follow that Kether, that אל El, is the task of the consciousness. But as we are right now it is too difficult because we are asleep. Now, by following the spelling of the name Elohim, we read that in Chokmah, we find the word אלה Elah or Eleh, which means ‘Goddess’ and also means ‘these’, a plural word. So it’s because in Chokmah we find אלה ‘These’, all the developed and none developed archetypes of אל El within the ה Hei, that is, all the Kethers within the Goddess Nature.  

“Wherever in scripture the word אלה ‘Eleh’' (these) occurs, there is an antithesis of some kind between what precedes and what follows it.” - Zohar

When we write ‘these’, in Hebrew or we begin writing ‘these,’ it means the beginning of something in plural, feminine and masculine. Chokmah is what is called the Christ in Christianity, which contains all of the rays, all of the forces, all of the developed and undeveloped archetypes; that is why we say that ‘these’ are the archetypes of Israel. Is-ra-el is how אלה ‘these’ are called. 

“Whether the archetypes of Israel [Chokmah] act uprightly or not, Iod-Havah is still its ruler and governor.” - Zohar

And in Binah, the left side we find יהוה אלהים Iod-Havah Elohim, the word completely written;  Elohim is completely written in the left side of the Tree of Life; in Atziluth, we don’t find the word Elohim on the right, only on the left. 

In the world of Atziluth, Binah is called Jah-havah Elohim, on the left side. Below the sephirah Binah is Geburah, and the name of Geburah on the left side is Elohim Gibor. Gibor is ""hero," the strength of the Gods, the power of the Gods. In Gibor, in Geburah, are placed all of those heroes that are skillful in using the lance, the spear of Achilles; even the word Achilles means in English achill: to kill; a killer. He was a great warrior. Samson relates to Geburah.

Below Geburah is Hod, the eighth Sephirah; the eighth sphere which is also related, not in Atziluth but in the lower levels of Klipoth to Lilith. That’s why when Kabbalists talk about Lilith, they talk about Hod, which is the dark light that we call Delilah, the night. So Samson has to fight against Delilah but Samson has to be born and to develop as a Samson, you know, in order to be Samson, he has to enter into Tiphereth, and then go into Geburah and to continue in order to fight against his defects, the Philistines, or the Palestines, as we call the invaders, the egos, in this day and age.

Who are the invaders, the Philistines or the Palestines? Remember, do not mistake these words, because in this day and age there is a problem there in the Middle East with Palestine. We write Palestine in the same way that you write Philistine (ee sound) or Philistine (i sound). It means ""invaders." Those invaders are the psychological aggregates that we have to eject from our own land in order to liberate the different archetypes called Israel. So Samson is the one that works very hard against the Philistines, which are not in Egypt, the Philistines are not in Egypt, are not in Mizrahim, they are in that land that is in the wilderness when the Israelites leave Egypt they enter into that land and they have to fight against the Philistines. Samson tried but he fell with Delilah, Lilith, the night. Samson could not conquer Hod at that level. You know, Delilah cut the hair of Samson, or that warrior of Geburah, because he was very strong, Kabbalistically, Alchemically speaking, and you know the story, you can find it in the book of Judges. 

And in Hod, in the world of Atziluth, the name of God is Elohim Sabbaoth. If you inquire, not in the world of Briah, but in the world of Yetzirah, which is the third world of Kabbalah, you find that the name of Hod there is Beni Elohim; again the word Elohim. Beni Elohim means in English "the children of the Gods."

So Kabbalistically, the word אלהים Elohim, whether in Atziluth or in the world of Yetzirah is always on the left side, on that side that we call evil. 

On top, of the left side is Jehovah Elohim, the holy name of God that appears in the Bible. If you follow the sequence of this Elohim you may understand why the first commandment states: You shall not have other Elohim before Me. What Elohim is He talking about? Geburah, Hod, those are the Elohim that He is talking about, because those parts are related with the lower part of our body called the liver and the spleen. 

When somebody is angry, is acting with Geburah, that reflects into the liver and then the individual is nourishing anger and that anger is a crystallization of Geburah, but below in Klipoth. And such crystallization becomes an Elohim, a negative Elohim, or as what we said an idol. You have not worshipped any idol; you have not carved any idol: it means that you have to know how to deal with your liver, with your spleen. Because Geburah is the creative male power that descends to the Earth, Malkuth. 

In the lecture Rune Jera we explained that Geburah relates to systole/diastole: the blood. When a man has an erection, it is because Geburah, the power of the heart, impels the blood towards the sexual organ and this is how a male gets an erection, and this is what is called the power of Lucifer or better said, Christus Lucifer. Because here we are talking about Elohim Gibor, which is Christus Lucifer: the might of the blood that comes down to the sexual organ in order for a male to have an erection and the woman to have humidity in the sexual act. Nonetheless, if they fornicate, they create an idol, which is called lust. In Hod, in the heart, we have a lot of egos - created by the infrared solar light - that we call, fear, pride, etcetera. These are the idols that the first commandment states:

“I am [Binah] Iod-Havah thy Elohim, which [from the top left side of the tree of life] brought thee out of the land of מצרים Mizrahim, Egypt [Malkuth], from the house of bondage [karma]. Thou shalt have none other Elohim [idols] before me. Thou shalt not make thee [with your mind] any graven image [idol], or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in [Malkuth] the earth beneath, or that is in the [Klipothic] waters beneath the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I Iod-Havah thy Elohim am a jealous Elohim, visiting the iniquity of [the Monads] the fathers upon the children [souls] unto the third [Hod] and fourth [Netzach] generation of them that hate me, and showing mercy [Chesed] unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments.”

In Iod-Havah Elohim, Binah, everything is pure. In Binah dwells the Man that dwells in Silence, because his mind is quite, completely clean-- has no egos, has no idols. 

So, Hasnamussen cannot enter into the level of Binah, since they have idols inside. It is very sad to see religious people in many parts of the world, who think they are not idol-worshippers. Meanwhile in the name of God they go and kill others. They are worshiping Moloch, the Klipothic idol of inverted Geburah, as we have explained. 

‘Not to bow down ourselves unto any graven image’ does not mean not to worship statues. Statues are inoffensive things that people make in order to refresh their mind and to understand what divinity is. They exist everywhere. Not to worship idols does not mean not to worship statues. Its meaning is psychological, it means that you have to be aware of your own self—the left side, because there is where you create all these false Elohim. 

This is why Moses wrote:

“See now! that I even I am He and אין אלהים Ain -Elohim stands with me.” - Deuteronomy 32: 39

The former is the translation that we made, because those that are not initiates translated it as follows: “See now that I even I Am He and No Elohim is with me.” 

What does אין אלהים ‘Ain Elohim stands with me’ mean? ‘Me’ is Yesod, where Binah Iod-Chavah Elohim, stands; yet remember, ‘and No Elohim is with me’ is a wrong translation because we find the letter ו Vav before the word אין אלהים Ain Elohim; the letter ו Vav which means ‘and’ represents the spinal medulla, which top is where Ain Elohim stands with Binah, because Iod-Havah Elohim is one with the first triangle: Kether [crown chakra], Chokmah [Anahata chakra], Binah [Muladhara chakra]. This is why it is called the holy tri-unity or trinity—three in one. 

Yet remember that when we address the trinity, we said Iod-Kether, Hei-Chokmah and Vav-Binah; but where is the other Hei of the holy name Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei of Elohim, Binah? It is in the Ain Soph, so when we said ‘Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei’ we are naming Kether, Chokmah, Binah and the Ain Soph which is Ain Elohim. 

This is why Moses before his death said: “See now that I [Tiphereth], even I [Geburah] Am He [Binah] and Ain Elohim [Aelohim] stands with me.” That is, the Holy Tetragrammaton, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, the holy name of Chokmah and Binah-Elohim, the first triangle of Atziluth plus the light of the world of Ain Soph Aur where we find the ray of Aelohim, was hidden within him. 


“I kill and make alive, I wound and I heal, and only “Ain” can rescue it from my hand.” – Deuteronomy 32: 39

If you read it literally, it says “and no one can take it out of my hand” this is how it is translated in the Bible; but Kabbalistically, Initiaticly, Alchemically it means that Kether the Father of all Fatherhood, the head of the Tree of Life has all the power in his left arm. And through the left arm he kills or can heal, and can bless you too. And the only one that can stop the actions of Kether is Ain because Kether is an emanation of the Ain Soph or the Ain. This is indeed a beautiful chapter and verse that we read in Deuteronomy in order to understand who God become finally within the initiate. There are actions that Deities take in all levels but the force that can change any Godly action comes from the Seity, the Ain Soph. 

As an example remember the lecture ‘Runes Rita, Ehe, Not,’ in which we were talking about the problem that occur in the Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Absolute, during the Chootboglitanical cosmic period in which Ain Elohim or AElohim changed the laws of the universe. Aelohim is a Seity - we do not say Deity but Seity – because Aelohim is beyond any Deity: Aelohim is the very root, the very source of all Elohim, Gods and Goddesses. To understand ‘that’ is important, in order to understand Exodus, because we have to work with the fire. 

In order to understand the fire, let us go up into the Tree of Life again, because there is, as you see - if you observe Geburah, Tiphereth, and Hod - a triangle related with fire. There is a conjuration or an exorcism of fire that we pronounce in order to invoke the salamanders of fire, there we address such triangle, we say: 

“Michael, King of the Sun and of Lightning, Samael King of Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Anael Prince of the Astral light.” 

Michael, Samael and Anael are three Genii of fire: these Genii of fire relate to these three Sephiroth on the left, Tiphereth, Geburah and Hod respectively. We know that Tiphereth is ruled by the Sun. But in Gnosticism we also know that Tiphereth is also ruled by Venus, thus, the planet Venus and the Sun as well is ruling Tiphereth. Geburah is ruled by Mars, yet it is also ruled by the Sun because Buddhi is solar. So when we name Geburah and Tiphereth we are naming two Suns. 

We explained in previous lectures that the sun of Geburah and the sun of Tiphereth are two suns that are in Heaven, in other words, Samael and Michael are two suns that we have to see spiritually. Below them is Anael in Hod which is the Astral light, which is also related with Venus, but with the positive ray of Venus. Anael is the contrary of Lilith. As you know, Lilith is an eighth submerged sphere, it is related with Hod. Yet Anael, the Angel of Love, is the positive force of Hod, the eighth sphere. So we find the infrared Lilith and the ultraviolet Anael in Hod; Anael is the positive force of Hod. 

So when we name Michael, King of the Sun and Lightning we are naming Tiphereth. When we name Samael, King of Volcanoes and Earthquakes, we are naming Geburah because it is ruled by Mars—Madim in Kabbalah. 

Why is Samael-Geburah related to volcanoes? We explained that the fire of Geburah descends and coagulates in order to create Malkuth, the Earth. So when we talk about Malkuth the Earth, we always related it to the left side of the Tree of Life. Because the force that descends through the right side ends in Yesod, it does not go further. But the left goes into Malkuth. How do we call the fire that descends from Geburah and coagulates in Malkuth, the Earth? We call it lava, magma, which is what the volcanoes vomit. Thus, this is why Samael-Geburah is called King of Volcanoes. Because that fire of Geburah descends and coagulates inside the earth. And in our philosophical earth such fire is our own sexual power.

So, the sexual fire that we have, that we have to learn how to handle, is the fire of Geburah from Heaven that descends into Malkuth, such a power in Latin is called Lucifer and in Hebrew is called Satan; it is the power of Geburah, the fire of the left, yet, behold such fire is underneath Binah-Elohim, Iod-Havah Elohim. That power acts and works in Yesod-sex under the direction of Binah and Geburah. In Gnosticism, we call Satan, Lucifer, Christus Lucifer. Lucifer is something that people do not understand, because the Catholic Church changed, adulterated the meaning of that Latin name. Such a fire is related with the forces of evil, it is related with the left. But we have to understand the left in order not to fall into confusion, because in the left is Geburah, which is Justice, the fire on the left hand of Iod-Chavah that can liberate us. Because from Geburah descends Prometheus-Lucifer with the torch of fire to redeem us, you see. The left, Geburah is explained beautifully in the book of Job, when you know how to read it. 

So, the other Genie of fire is Anael, related with Hod. So when you are calling the three Genii of Fire, you are naming these Sephiroth, namely: Tiphereth, Geburah, Hod which relate to the left side, which is related with fire, with the south, because the south is fire-- Geburah. By understanding this is how we understand what is written in the first verses of the book of Job. 


“There was a איש [Aysh] man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that איש [Aysh] man was childlike and righteous, and one that feared Elohim, and turned away from evil.” 

So, understand that fear relates to Geburah, when we read that Job feared Elohim, we go to the left of the tree of life, evil is on the left, Elohim Gibor is on the left. Thus, Job is somebody that is working with the left side, working with what in Sanskrit is called Ida but in Hebrew it is called Obd. Because on the right side is Od. Od and Obd are Pingala and Ida. Man is written איש , remember אש esh means fire.

So, when we read that there was a איש Aysh, man, in the land of Uz, we wonder, what is this Uz?  We find that the first son of the brother of Abraham - which is Chesed - in other words, Abraham represents Chesed; so the first son of Abraham’s brother was named Uz. 

Observe the letters that spell עוץ Uz in Hebrew, these letters also spell Oz. So, Job was the Wizard of Oz. So, ‘There was a איש Aysh, man in the land of Uz,’ is the same as, there was a Wizard in Oz. This is very significant. Listen: the word Job in Hebrew is written איוב Aleph, Iod, Vav, Beth. If you take the Iod out of the name, אוב means "wizard, magician." You see? The meaning is hidden.

But why is the letter י Iod added to spell the name Job? This is in order to indicate that Job is a magician who is working with י Iod, with the left arm of Kether; Yad is arm and hand in Hebrew. Remember, יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei; Iod-phallus, Hei-uterus. Job is a magician, a wizard that is working with his phallus; in other words, Job represents somebody that knows sexual magic. Sexual mag-ic is from mag, a priest, a magus. Remember the three Magii that visited Jesus. So Job, in other words, is a magician, but not a vulgar magician like in this day and age—an Illusionist, no, Job is somebody that works with the triangle of magic. Job is placed in Tiphereth: so from Tiphereth, Job is working in the triangle of magic. In other words, with willpower Job is working in the triangle of magic. Thus, that is Job. 

Observe the word עוץ Uz has the letter ע ayin. The letter ע ayin is a letter Nun opened with the letter ז zayin on top of it. ז Zayin points to the sexual organ or if it is the letter Vav points as well to the sexual organ or the spinal column; open Nun means that it is receiving creative force from above. Ayin is the sixteenth letter, related with the Fulminated Tower. Ayin is related to the left side of the Tree of Life. 

Now, the second letter of the word עוץ Uz is the letter ו Vav. Many times in lectures we have said that the letter ו Vav relates to the spinal column; so, Ayin the left column and Vav the central column of the Tree of Life. Then the letter that follows is the letter ץ Tzade Final. The letter Tzade, is, as you can see, Sophit. So, ץ Tzade Sophit is a modification of the normal Tzade, it descends and goes into Malkuth. We always explain that the letter Tzade in the Hebrew alphabet is also named Tzadik, which means ""righteous." So the word עוץ ו Uz has the letter Vav between righteousness and evilness. 

In other words, the land of Uz is formed by the three channels, named in Sanskrit, Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. Such is the land of Uz. So, do not think the land of Uz is there some place in Egypt as many people think. Initiaticly, the land of Uz is your spinal column with the two cords, the two witnesses: Ida and Pingala, the Caduceus of Mercury. Thus, everybody is carrying the land of Uz in their back. Listen, if we take the letter Vav from the Hebrew word עוץ Uz, then we spell the word ץע Otz, which means "tree."

Thus, in order for us to be a man that fears Elohim, or as the book of Job states: ‘that man was childlike and righteous [ישר, קצדי], and one that feared Elohim’: it means that we, the two polarities, man and woman, need to work with sexual magic. Because ‘to turn away from evil’ means to work in the land of Uz [Ida, Pingala and Sushumna]; fornication is related with the left, in Ida are all the lustful problems that we have; thus, as we enter into this path it is through the left side of the Tree of Life. Klipoth is the problem that we have. We do not have problems with the right side, only with the left. 

Job was a man that feared Elohim. Understand that fear means that we have to have reverence or what is called ‘to be in awe.’ 

This, ‘in awe of God,’ happens precisely when we are in the sexual act; every time that we are in the sexual act, we are there with a lot of awe--a lot of fear, transmuting and very conscientious though, very conscious of ourselves; because if you allow the left side to take over yourself, you fornicate, you reach the spasm, the orgasm—which is what everybody is doing. 

The forces that come from the left, from Geburah, give you the sexual strength through your sanguineous vessels, through your blood, your circulatory system. Thus, at that moment of the sexual act you have to be aware, so that you do not lose control of your left side, which by the way is your own particular individual Satan, because nobody can go into the sexual act without Satan. So, Job was always aware of that, thus, he was a man that feared Elohim-Binah. As you know the sexual force of Binah comes down through Geburah, Hod into Yesod. And this is how Job was doing his job in the land of Uz. So he was a man that turned away from evil, turned away from the left side.

Every time that you are in the sexual act, you are in the left side, in the evil side. Thus, in the very sexual act to turn away from evil means to transmute the sexual energy, chastity is to turn away from evil. But if you fornicate, if you spill the sexual force, you are not away from evil--you go into evil, in other words, you sink into the abyss, into Klipoth. So this is what you alchemically find regarding Job. In the previous lecture we told you that Job was one of the advisors of the Pharaoh. The next verse, of the book of Job says: 

“And there were born unto him seven sons and three daughters.” - Job 1: 2

Remember that we always state about the law of seven and the law of three. And understand why Job had seven sons and three daughters. What do you think these seven sons and three daughters are? The law of three is the law that creates--daughters--female, creation. Seven sons: we will say that this person, this Job was already with the seven bodies. A perfect man or a perfect Adam, created from Chesed to Malkuth, all the seven bodies. And the three daughters are: Neshamah, Ruach and Nefesh--the three souls that we talk about in Kabbalah. So everybody that reaches adepthood has always seven sons and three daughters. They have to deal with, work with, seven bodies and three souls. 

“His substance also was seven thousand sheep, and three thousand camels, and five hundred yoke of oxen, and five hundred she asses, and a very great household; so that this man was very great advisor-rabbi, of all the men of the east.” - Job 1: 3

The sheep or the goats relate to the left side, they represent the sexual animal substance that we are talking about here. Seven thousand, well, in Hebrew א Aleph means thousand, א Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Seven relates always with the seven bodies. This means that Job was working with all of the forces, all of the substance of the seven bodies and building them, multiplying them. By working alchemically by meditating, psychologically speaking. 

“Three thousand camels” The trinity, thousand means א Aleph. So three א Alephs relate to the three primary forces or the three ways in which we take advantage of the Logos, א Aleph. Camels, you might think these are the animals that live in the wilderness, yet camel is pronounced in Hebrew Gamel and that is the root of the letter נ Gimel. The letter נ Gimel is a rich man. That rich man is Abraham that gives. It is Chesed, your own spirit. The letter נ Gimel, or camel, as we say in English. 

“Five hundred yoke of oxen.” Five and oxen relate to Geburah, that goes down through Tiphereth into Malkuth. The number five always points at five bodies of the terrestrial man. Remember that we explained in the previous lecture that the pentagram relates to the vulgar man of the earth. Again, five hundred yoke of oxen. Remember that we explained that the word ox relates to aleph. But it is a word that is pointing out that we are controlling the forces of aleph which are precisely in the vulgar man of the earth, with a lot of difficulty. But by meditating and by sexual alchemy we control the oxen, that behemoth that we have underneath the belly. So understand that. 

“And five hundred she-donkeys: she-asses.” Hundred always relates to Malkuth, yet, when it state five hundred, remember that we explained that one hundred years-first initiation, two hundred years-second initiation, three hundred years-third initiation, four hundred years-the fourth initiation and five hundred means the fifth initiation of Major Mysteries. To control the donkeys, which are the animals below Tiphereth is the task. And when we do it, we are multiplying our consciousness.

In the first triangle, in the second triangle, as it explains here, in this verse in which it is stated that his substance also was seven thousand et cetera, et cetera. People when they read this, they think that this is somebody who was there at that time having a lot of camels, a lot of sheep, a lot of oxen and they explain that in that way. They ignore the true meaning. 

“So that this man was a very great advisor-rabbi, of all the men of the east.” A very great advisor-rabbi, a great Master, in other words, that’s the translation. So this man was the greatest of all the men of the East. Where is the East? Do you know where the East is in the Tree of Life? It is in Tiphereth. It means that, that man was not in any other Sephirah but in Tiphereth where he was working with the heart. That is why the Zohar states that Job was one of the advisors of the Pharaoh, and he was working with that element which is called fear or awe. Job was always in awe. But he was a great Rabbi, in other words, a great Master, a great Guru, who was walking in the direct path. He was not a guru or rabbi that was working on the spiral path, or a rabbi that was working in Klipoth; because there are many types of Kabbalists. Black Kabbalists worship Klipoth. Yet, there are other Rabbis or Gurus, Kabbalists that take the direct path, like in this case, Job, who was working psychologically on himself, thus, he was a very great advisor-rabbi, of all the men of the east. 

“Jethro was one of the three advisers of Pharaoh. One adviser was Jethro, one Job, and one Balaam.” – Zohar

We explained about them in the previous lecture. We are now emphasizing Job, because Balaam was a black magician, a Hasnamuss who knew how to use the left side with the ego alive. Sorry to tell you, but that Balaam is also inside of us. Jethro, Job and Balaam are inside of every one of us. 

Look at the graphic: the man with a crown is the Pharaoh. What do you find that is very peculiar in this graphic?

Moses and the Pharoah

What is peculiar about those persons that are painted there? If you are observant, you will find that they have the same face. The Pharaoh is the same face; Aaron is the same face; Moses has the same face; behind Moses is Job, who is a very wealthy man with the same face and another face is behind, we can call it, maybe, Jethro; and another face here in the very left side of the Pharaoh which is Balaam. All of them have the same face. Whoever painted that painting, do you think that he painted that way just because, as they said, “oh, the painter cannot make another face so he painted the same face on all these men”? Why? He did it that way because all of them are the same: the Pharaoh is you, Moses is you, Aaron is you. All of them are "Jew," Jewish, meaning, those who work with fire; indeed, it is very intriguing.

You have to work against yourself. Everything is inside you. The Pharaoh is you. And you have to build Moses too.

“The awe of יהוה Iod-Havah is the beginning of (Daath; Tantric) knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” – Proverbs 1: 7

Now, this is what the Zohar says, related with Job.

“Job was a master of awe. This veneration was the essence, his mainstay. For a person is not able to draw down the (Ruach) Spirit from above, whether in the realm of the holy (Elohim) or the Other Side [sides relate to the Tree of Life], and cannot get close to it, unless the worship is in awe. By concentration, brokenheartedly, his heart and mind will have to be directed in awe, thus, only then can he draw down the (Ruach) Spirit from above, and the needed effect (sexual transmutation) achieved.” – Zohar 

In the Zohar they state that when people read literally that he draw down the (Ruach) Spirit from above, they think that they are talking about somebody that is invoking spirits; because Job, as we said, was a magician, since, this is what his name means, a wizard. Some Kabbalists think that Job was someone who was a necromancer, someone who was invoking spirits in order for them as phantoms to physically appear. Wrong! When Kabbalists talk about the Spirit in Hebrew, it is Ruach, which means the Ruach Elohim, which is Chesed: that archetype that within us is Abraham.

So when you are in the sexual act, in awe, very afraid of reaching the spasm yet transmuting your sexual energy, you have to remember your inner Spirit. The Ruach--you have to bring him down, with a broken heart. Broken-hearted, that is how you have to work. It means worshipping your inner God: “Help me God!” Because the Ruach Elohim is the one that does the work. And this is what Job was doing, and knew it. He was invoking not only the Ruach Elohim , but also Jehovah Elohim. And descending from above was that godly force coming into his self and helping his sexual transmutation. The problem of many Gnostics Initiates when they go into the sexual act is precisely this, they do not invoke their Ruach. You have to be aware, remembering God, and be aware that you are a worthless creature. Remember that only God can create. And that you are entering into the path, the degree of the vulgar man. So invoke God with your heart - Tiphereth - as Job was doing. Concentrate on your own Monad. Chesed, the Ruach Elohim that was hovering upon the face of the waters in the beginning; because the sexual act is your Genesis, your beginning, your initiation. 

“And the [Ruach Elohim] Spirit of God was hovering upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” – Genesis 1: 2, 3 

Then, concentrated on your God you pronounce the mantra, and this is how your Ruach Elohim works with the waters. But remember, that this Ruach Elohim - Abraham - knows very well that in the left side is the Adversary - Satan. You are in the sexual act and you are invoking the right side, which is Chesed, to assist you. Chesed relates also to Aaron, the priest. Concentrate on your Iod and take the waters of Mizrahim, Egypt. Make the transmutation, because that force that comes from the left is the blood. Remember the river: the first plague. And this is something that you have to understand; because the strength of the blood, the systole/diastole of the heart comes from Geburah down to the Earth, to your physical body, Malkuth. So the fire is in Geburah and the outcome of that fire in the Earth is the blood, because we, our physical body, come from the sexual fire. The Earth is the physicality that we have. So when you talk about the Earth, the element Earth you talk about your physicality. But when we talk about fire, the element fire, you talk about the left side; because it relates to your blood. Yet when you go into the right side of the Tree of Life, which is Chesed, remember, he commands the water that goes into Yesod, into your sexual organs--the sexual waters of Yesod; above those waters is the air, the Ruach. Remember that in the beginning, the Ruach Elohim was hovering upon the face of the waters. So, on the right side of the Tree of Life you find air above and water below. And in the left side you find fire above, earth below.

This is how you see the four ordeals. Because anybody that enters into this path has to pass through the four ordeals. Those four ordeals are related with the vulgar man of the Earth in different levels. That is why it is written in the book of Job. 


"Now there was a day when the children of God [Beni Elohim] came to present themselves before Iod-Havah [Binah], and Satan [the adversary] came also among them." – Job 1: 6

Here is Mephistopheles, which is the same Satan before God. The Beni Elohim are in Hod, this is how you call them in Yetzirah. Hod is a Sephirah in the left side of the Tree of Life. The Beni Elohim, the children of Elohim from Hod came to present themselves before Iod-Havah- Binah, the top Sephirah on the left side. Satan [the adversary] came also among them. 

Who is this Satan that the book of Job talks about? It is Geburah, because it is in the left side too. The Beni Elohim or the children of Elohim are those that are conquering or we will say, those archetypes that are being liberated and are presenting themselves before Jehovah Elohim - Binah. This quotation is only addressing the left side. The Beni Elohim , children of Elohim, Satan, Geburah before Iod-Havah Elohim - Binah. 

“And Iod-Havah said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered Iod-Havah, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.” – Job 1: 7

As you see, we already know who Satan is--he is that fire that descends from Geburah into Malkuth, right? Iod-Havah asks, “whence cometh thou? And Satan answered Iod-Havah and said, “from going to and fro in the Earth - Malkuth. Because from Geburah comes the fire into Malkuth: from Geburah comes the strength of the blood into the sexual organ. “And from walking up and down in it [through the blood]” Through the blood is how the fire of Geburah comes up and down in the body. So, the blood is involved in everything that we do, if we fornicate, the fire of Geburah knows very well what we are doing. You cannot cheat God: Elohim Gibor. That fire is the fire that descends to the Earth and goes even further: it goes into Klipoth. 

It is coming into my mind on this very moment: when the master Samael was investigating Rasputin in hell, in Klipoth. Master Samael said:

“This is where you ended up, Rasputin. This was the result of your unruly life and your many orgies and vices.” 

“You are mistaken, Samael,” answered the monstrous figure, as if to defend or justify his sensual life. Then he added, “What you are lacking is intuition.” 

“You cannot deceive me, Rasputin.” These were my last words. Then I left that sinister place situated in the Limbo or Orcus of the classics, the entrance into the submerged mineral kingdom. – The Mystery of the Golden Blossom by Samael Aun Weor

In other words, Rasputin cannot deceive Samael, since the fire of Geburah knows who each one of us is. We can cheat anybody, but not the Genie of fire, because the fire penetrates everything very well, INRI. 

One time Master Samael in Mexico said: “there are people that fornicate even fifteen times in the day”. And he says “I know them”. That’s why I am affirming this to you.” Samael, Geburah, Madim is that fire which descends into the Earth, and knows very well each one of us. There is no way to hide from the fire. You can insult the fire; you can do whatever you want to Samael, because as fire he is in your blood, inside of you. All depends on what you do with that fire, for how Samael is going to reward you in Heaven or in Hell. It is up to us. Do what you wish--that is the only law. 

And this why the Zohar states that Jehovah called to Samael or to Satan and asks: and how do you find my initiate such and such?” Well, Samael knows each one of us; because he is an archetype, a very intriguing archetype. Christus Lucifer knows us very well in Heaven and in Earth. Because He is the fire that goes up if we transmute. But it is the fire that goes down if we fornicate. And this is why Satan says “from going to and fro in the Earth” the physicality of us. “And from walking up and down in it” That is the Ish, the esh, the fire. No wonder why we are children of Samael, right? This Aryan race is made by the children of Samael; this is why he came and is now giving us the opportunity to become children of Samael in a positive way. Not in the wrong way, because we do not want to go to Klipoth. 

Moses and the Burning Bush

Now, in this graphic we see Iod-Havah and the Beni Elohim before Moses: And Iod-Havah said unto Satan.... Why do we see here Moses instead of Satan? Well, remember that Moses has horns also. So, remember that! Moses represents the willpower of that initiate inside that conquers Lucifer. 

“And Iod-Havah said unto Satan, Behold, all that he hath is in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thine hand. So Satan went forth from the presence of Iod-Havah. – Job 1: 12 

“Come now therefore, and I will send thee unto Pharaoh, that thou mayest bring forth my people the children of Israel out of [Mizrahim] Egypt. – Exodus 3: 10

“And Moses answered and said, But, behold, they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice: for they will say, Iod-Havah hath not appeared unto thee.
And Iod-Havah said unto him, what is that in thine [Iod] hand? And he said, A rod. And he said, Cast it on the ground. And he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent [a Nachash or Seraphim from Geburah]; and Moses fled from before it. 

“And Iod-Havah said unto Moses, Put forth thine hand, and take it by the tail. And he put forth his hand, and caught it [the serpent], and it [the serpent] became a rod in his hand: That [through the serpent] they may believe that Iod-Havah Elohim of their fathers, the Elohim of Abraham, the Elohim of Isaac, and the Elohim of Jacob, hath appeared unto thee.” – Exodus 4: 1-5

So, to send Moses with a rod, a serpent, in his hand to Pharaoh, and to send Satan, the Serpent down to Job in Egypt, Mizrahim, the Earth, hold the same meaning; because Job is one of the advisers of the Pharaoh inside the initiate. Sequentially, the book of Job states:

“And Iod-Havah said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth [Malkuth], a perfect and an upright man, one that fears God, and turns away from evil?” – Job 1: 8

You realize that this is the left side, right? Who is the only one that can consider if Iod-Havah Elohim is speaking the truth about Job?  Satan, because, he goes up and down in the Earth and from Geburah is going up there to Binah to the top of the left side with all the archetypes, or Beni Elohim, children of God, the Israelites who are already free in the Exodus, yet not all of them because Satan is still working himself. Iod-Havah Elohim says, “how do you find that man, isn’t he perfect?” That happens not only to Job, but to each one of us. You can hide yourself in your room and do evil things i.e. lechery and hiding from the public. But you cannot hide yourself from Samael. You cannot hide yourself from Elohim Gibor. He knows all your actions, because it is in the left side. Remember that.  

“Then Satan answered Iod-Havah, and said, Doth Job fear God for nought? Hast not thou made a protective fence about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side? Thou hast blessed the work of his hands [left and the right side of the tree of life], and his substance is increased in the land. But stretch forth thy [Iod] hand a little, and touch all that he hath, and see if he blesseth thee not to thy face.” – Job 1: 9-11

He says “But stretch forth thy [Iod] hand a little, and touch all that he hath”...what [Iod] hand? The left hand, because Geburah in the left side is the Seraphim, the fiery serpent, the fire of Ida that belongs to Satan.

This is why it is written in the Zohar that the one who came down from Heaven in order to inflict the plagues was Samael, the left hand, Geburah. So, Samael descends and puts the four ordeals. 

Moses and the Burning Bush

“And Iod-Havah said to Satan, Behold, all that he hath is in thy hand; only upon himself put not forth thy hand. So Satan [as Moses] went forth from the presence of Iod-Havah.” – Job 1: 12

To Moses Iod-Havah said: 

“And I will stretch out my hand, and smite Egypt with all my wonders which I will do in the midst thereof: and after that he [the Pharaoh] will let you go.” – Exodus 3: 20

So, Moses descends with the Serpent in his hand; in other words, Moses and Satan descend to Egypt, Malkuth, the Earth. 

The Zohar affirms that all the wonders, all the plagues that Moses did in Egypt was with the left hand of God. In other words, Moses did it with the fire of Geburah. Thus, Samael was the one who did it. 

 “Only upon Job put not forth thy hand.” Just make his life miserable; this, in order to see what is he going to do. 

And Satan [as Moses] went forth from the presence of Iod-Havah …. and Sheba doth fall… – Job 1: 12, 15 

So, Satan descends and starts working in Sheba; the translation in the Bible says Sabeans. Job works in Sheba: Sheba is Malkuth, the seventh Sephirah of the seven lower Sephiroth that form the true man. In other words, Sheba is Malkuth, the Earth and therefore Sheba is the ordeal of Earth; the first. If you study the book of Job, you will find that Sheba is the first ordeal. Then the ordeal of fire comes:

“The fire of God has fallen from the sky, and has burned up the sheep and the servants, and consumed them, and I alone have escaped to tell you." – Job 1: 16

So, the ordeals of Earth and Fire are related with the left side of the tree of life. Malkuth: Earth on the bottom and fire on the top. Then Satan comes and does the work with the forces of Yesod, which are called the Shaddim in Hebrew. These are called Chaldeans in the Bible. The Shaddim are the evil forces related with Yesod

"The Shaddim made three bands, and swept down on the camels, and have taken them away, yes, and killed the servants with the edge of the sword; and I alone have escaped to tell you." – Job 1: 16 

And then the wind that comes from Chesed. 

“Behold, there came a great wind from the wilderness, and struck the four corners of the house, and it fell on the young men, and they are dead. I alone have escaped to tell you." – Job 1: 19 

Remember that Iod-Havah Elohim is giving power to the left in order for Satan to work with the right too. 

So these are the four ordeals with which Satan smote Job with, we find earth below, fire above, water below, the forces of Yesod are called Shaddim, no, Chaldeans, yet, the Bible calls them Chaldeans, Shaddim is related with Shaddai, and the Shedd, evil spirit; and finally, the ordeal of air which is above in Chesed. 

And after that, comes the fifth which is Tiphereth in the column of the middle. If you blaspheme and if you protest you do not pass your ordeal. What does Job said in Tiphereth after losing here and there all the possessions that he has. 

"Naked I came out of my mother`s womb, and naked shall I return there. Iod-Havah gave, and Iod-Havah has taken away. Blessed be the name of Iod-Havah [in Binah]." – Job 1: 21 

We explained in the previous lecture that the five first plagues are always applied to the vulgar man of the earth in different levels, namely, the neophyte to the devotee and to the meditator. But not only those initiates of that degree “the vulgar man of the earth” receive that exam, but also those of other grades, because the four ordeals of earth, fire, water and air are always placed in different levels for everyone that enters this path. 

“The gross or vulgar men must pass through the ordeal of fire.” – Gnostic Ritual

“For our God is a consuming fire.” - Hebrews 12: 29

Those who fail, those who cannot conquer their own Lucifer, their own Satan in the left side, the side of fire, are always protesting, complaining and accusing others of their own failure: trying to justify their mediocrity by accusing others. They cannot see that the mediocrity that they have within is what makes them fail on the path. So therefore, if you understand that the ordeals of fire, water, air and earth are placed according to your own karma, then you know that if you succeed you are overcoming yourself. 

“Fire envelopes and bathes us totally; it comes to us through the air, through water and through the earth itself. These are its preservers and its diverse vehicles.” – Samael Aun Weor

But do yourself a favor, if you do not succeed in any ordeal when you enter into this path, do not accuse others for your failure, because more karma will be added on to you. I can give you this advice: just close your mouth and do not say anything: if you fail, you fail, for every circumstance. Whoever was placed in front of you in order for you to follow the path and that person was a person with defects, vices, whatever he did against you, just be humble. Because nobody forced you to do what you did. Do what thou wish is the only law. So, on this path you have to understand that. Otherwise you fail, and if you fail and if you protest and if you blaspheme, not only against the instructor or against your guru, but against the Heavenly forces, the Elohim, you are really adding more karma: more pain to your pain. So the best advice is precisely what the Master Litelantes advises: she said (she is the Lord of Karma, master of Karma) she said: For every circumstance, you leave this doctrine--go. It is your will. We cannot force you to stay here but I advise you, do not criticize, do not accuse others of your own failure. If you cannot do it, we understand, because otherwise, more karma will be added on to you. The same advise I give, because in this day and age there are a lot of people who want to do the first step and after they fail, they are accusing others of their own mediocrity and that is bad.

Michael Binding Satan

“And I saw an Angel come down from Heaven [of Geburah] having the key of the bottomless pit. And a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold of the dragon. That old serpent, which is the Devil and Satan. And bound him a thousand years and cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, until the thousand years shall be fulfilled and after that he must be loosed a little season.” – Revelation 20: 1-3

The Angel of Geburah that descends and chains the dragon has the key of the bottomless pit. Remember that Geburah-Samael is also rule by the Sun, the forces of the sun, in other words, Apollo, who when descending into the bottomless pit with the key of the abyss becomes Apollyon. Remember Geburah also has power down here in Malkuth; Apollo above, the sun, Apollyon in Yesod, the bottomless pit of Malkuth below. This is how you have to understand Kabbalistically the forces of Geburah. This is why Samael has the power to chain the dragon. What dragon? The black dragon which we have within, which we have explained in a previous lecture: DAGON, the power of the water, or dragon, or in other words, TANNIN the great crocodile, the Pharaoh, the Pharaoh, which is inside of us. If we start doing the work that we have to do, he, the power of Samael chains the dragon, a thousand years, this is esoterically speaking. Remember it is written, Saul killed his thousand and David his ten thousand. Understand that. To hold the dragon for one thousand years, esoterically speaking, in the initiate, is to perform the work of Samson. But it is one thing to hold that dragon: when that dragon is liberated again you have to work ten thousand times, because there are ten thousand egos, as the Master Samael says. Its meaning is related with this. Many initiates succeed on the path of Saul, the king, or Sheol - Hell, but it is very rare to reach the level of David, who killed ten thousand. To kill one thousand is alright, but ten thousand is even better. But remember that with the help of Samael, we hold the dragon for a thousand years. Thus, if you reach that height, that age of one thousand, then the dragon is liberated again, and you have to fight again with it, esoterically speaking. That is the Exodus that we have to work. It is a long path, psychologically speaking. To understand this better, let us study the next graphic: 

Jacob Wrestling with the Angel

“And Jacob was left alone, and there wrestled a [איש Ish] man with him until the breaking of the day.... And he said unto him, What is thy name? And he said, Jacob. And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with Elohim and with Enosh, and hast prevailed.” – Genesis 32: 24, 26-28

The man [איש Ish, male fire] who is wrestling with Jacob--who is he? He is Samael-Geburah-from the left side. So then, Jacob is Israel. Do you realize that fight; people think that that fight was just one time. Jacob represents all the archetypes of Israel. To fight against Samael is to hold all the archetypes with him until the breaking of the day. It is not easy--you can keep one archetype--meditate on a certain defect or vice, and you will liberate one archetype. But you have to work all night; all your spiritual night, until you awaken your consciousness. And that is why Samael said unto him: What is thy name? I mean, Samael asked Jacob, what is your name? He says: Jacob. And he says, “thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel, for as a prince hast thou power with Elohim and with Enosh and has prevailed. 

What God, what Elohim has power with Elohim and with Enosh [humans], which is here talking about? It is Geburah, the left side. The fire of Samael has power with humans in the Earth, Malkuth and with the Elohim in Hod, Geburah and Binah, namely, Beni Elohim, Elohim-Gibor and Iod-Havah Elohim. Thus this is a fight that all of us have to have. So, if we conquer all those archetypes, then in that initiation, we receive our name. In this case, Jacob is the Bodhisattva of Israel. But esoterically, Kabbalistically, Alchemically speaking Jacob or Israel represents all the archetypes that we have. We want to conquer all our archetypes? We want to be an Adeptus Minor, at least? Well, we have to conquer the fire of the left side: Samael. That is why this path is written in different steps and different ways, i.e. Moses descending from the mouth of Sinai to put all the plagues on the Egyptians, or Satan coming down from God and putting all the plagues on Job; or Jacob wrestling with the Angel; same meanings, different levels. And this is how that force, which is the force of strength, the force of Samael, Mars, holds in the dragon that we have within, but also the Soul, which is fighting there for its liberation, is receiving his own name. First you have to chain the dragon, but in order to chain the dragon you have to fight with the one that is coming down from Heaven in order to chain it. And you meditate and you transmute until you gain the favor of Iod-Havah Elohim and then you receive your sacred name. And that is the step: that is the Exodus.

So, when finally you reach the level of Tiphereth, after succeeding, only the half, as we were explaining in the previous lecture because we always reach just the half --in a different way we are explaining it in order for us to understand and to comprehend that it is an internal, psychological and spiritual path. We have to overcome the Philistines; or as we say in this day and age, the Palestines, the invaders-understand they are inside of us. They are not outside, they are inside: this is a psychological initiatic path. 

Thus, after you succeed, coming from the vulgar man of the earth and into the adepthood. Iod-Havah Elohim said unto Satan: 

God Commands Lucifer

“And Iod-Havah said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that fears God, and turns away from evil? and still he holdeth fast his integrity, although thou movedst me against him, to destroy him without cause.?” – Job 2: 3

You see? God praises Job because Job humbled himself and said, “I am nothing, Iod-Havah is everything”. He is not proudly in Tiphereth, uttering words of pride and vanity in order to bring proselytes. You have to humble yourself when reaching Tiphereth. 

“And Satan answered Iod-Havah, and said, Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life. But stretch out thine hand now, and touch his bone and his flesh, and he will curse thee to thy face.” - Job 2: 5

So as you see the left side, Satan is not resting until He makes of you a pure soul, and says to Iod-Havah, “well, if you want my opinion...” But, why is Iod-Havah Elohim asking the opinion of Satan? Why does he not ask the opinion of Michael Angel, or Raphael or other Archangels? Why is he concerned with Satan? Because, in order for Iod-Havah to be really disguised, he does it through the left side; you understand now why. Remember Faust that was trying also with Mephistopheles. 

“Skin for skin, yea,” Satan says, “stretch out thine hand now, and touch his bone and his flesh”. Do you remember the previous lecture when we were talking about the bones? The bones relate to Chesed, the skeletal system. Abraham. That is the Monad. In other words, he says, “Well, we did the first triangle. We put the ordeals there in the first triangle. But now that he is entering into the second triangle, which is Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth; let me [through the skin of his Iod-phallus] touch his bone now and his flesh, because the inner flesh is related with Geburah, and Tiphereth to the skin, sense of touch. Remember we said the muscular system relates to Geburah and Tiphereth to the blood that circulates in the skin and muscular systems; these are Satan’s forces of Geburah. And the bones relate to Chesed. Satan says allow me now work in this level, touching through his skin his spirit. Chesed--the bones; Geburah--his flesh. And You will see if he does not blaspheme in Your face. 

Understand, skin-Tiphereth, bone-Gedulah and flesh-Geburah are related to his physical body, namely, circulatory, skeletal and muscular systems. And that is why when the initiate enters into the level of Adam he says: 

“This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.” – Genesis 2: 23-25

Thereafter, he receives an impure sickness. And this is what many people do not understand. They think that because he is a high initiate he is not going to be punished. No, he is punished. And the one that knows how to punish Adam is Satan, why? Because that initiate uses the sexual force of Satan the force of Geburah in the wrong way. And Satan knows very well in which way, in all the ways we did it; because Satan was involved in the fall. And Satan says, “Well, Adam deserves a sickness, and I want to give it to him. He made me suffer as fire in hell a long time. And he has to suffer now the effects of my suffering. Because, if he fails, I go back to hell again. But if he succeeds, he is going to liberate me from my shore, as a tutor”. Behold here your Christus Lucifer or Satan--he is our tutor. 

Questions and Answers

Audience: In the Zohar, this is going to be a little different, but it explains how Samael injects slime into Eve is that meaning his, in the Satanic way, that his power is basically inversed, and that is what created Cain? 

Instructor: Okay, yeah, the question is: In the Zohar, it explains how Samael injects poison into Eve. Now, listen carefully: Geburah is Samael, Geburah descends into Malkuth. Malkuth is She--Eve, the female aspect. Because the positive aspect is Tiphereth, on the right side, right? Adam and Eve. So Malkuth is Eve. And all the power of Eve is under Geburah. And of course, Geburah says, “if you succeed me this temptation, you will be like Elohim. Knowing good and me, my left side: evil. And then offers the fruit, which is precisely the sexual power. But Eve does not succeed. The man on the Earth fornicates. And ultimately falls under the power of Geburah, the Justice of God. But Jacob, as you see there, is wrestling with Samael all night, and we, that is how we do it. And we conquer the left side. But unfortunately, the humanity in Lemuria, in ancient times, that was ready to enter into the Realm of the Man created by God, by Elohim, did not succeed. And failed. And up to now, we are here. We are failures. We are always receiving the tempting fruit, through our physicality, that is Eve. When we go into the sexual act, Eve, our physicality or, if we are as men, physically speaking, with the other physicality, which is Eve, is even more explicit. We eat the fruit and then we fail. But then, let us not fall into the mistake of accusing Samael of doing it. Samael is a force, giving us the opportunity to become men. If we do not succeed, well, it is our own will. Because all of us have our own will to do it.

Audience: So it is as if he gives us that option in order for us to grow?  

Instructor: Exactly. That opportunity is given by Iod-Havah Elohim, because Samael-Geburah works under Iod-Havah Elohim, who is above in Binah. Right? And he gives through Geburah that opportunity to Adam under his command. Now,, the other one who succeeded was Abraham, in the first initiation of Major Mysteries, you see, he succeeded in transmuting and created out of him Isaac. When Isaac is created, which is Geburah, the left side, then comes Iod-Havah Elohim and says, “I want your son. Can you sacrifice that son for me?” You see, that is the great ordeal of the left. And then, Abraham was fearful, like Job, submitted, and says, “okay, I am going to kill him for you”. But when he was going to do it, the left side, the Archangel Samael holds his arm and says “do not do it’, you passed, overcame the ordeal. Anyhow, the soul, or the outcome of the initiation will be absorbed by Geburah, by Buddhi. And the darkness will remain in the Earth. So, Isaac is not killed, but the purity of his Soul is absorbed by Iod-Havah Elohim, according to Alchemy. Because the outcome of the first initiation of Major Mysteries is that it is absorbed by the Monad. It does not remain here. That is why Isaac is always in Heaven, in Geburah, absorbed. And then in union with Chesed, with Abraham, is the first initiation. And then remember instead of killing that, there is a transition, or explanation of that with a goat. Or the ram that is there that is going to be sacrificed. That ram or that goat is also a symbol of Geburah. It is an alchemical transformation that is happening in the initiate. So Abraham has succeeded with his act, also Jacob has succeeded with him, fighting there also. Also us, you know, if we succeed because also Moses succeeded in the higher level, right? Because Moses worked against the left from Malkuth to Binah. This is a long work. So that is the work, precisely, and why many Kabbalists do not understand the forces of Samael. But Samael is Samael: he is just an archetype, a force that has come down from Heaven to do his job. If we take advantage, he will liberate us. If we do not, well, we will go to Hell, There are two ways to be liberated. In Hell or in Heaven. It is up to us.

Audience: What happens with the force of Samael when someone is practicing keeping their chastity but they are not transmuting?

Instructor: Your question is, what is happening when someone is keeping their chastity but is not transmuting. I do not understand that.

Audience: Well, they are not having any sex or spilling but they are not transmuting the sexual energy.

Instructor: In other words, when they are sexually in abstinence, but they are not transmuting. That is negative. Because if you are single, if you have no sex then you have to do your pranayama in order to handle the forces of Samael--the sexual forces. Right? Otherwise, the volcanoes will erupt. Right? You have nocturnal pollutions. Because the fire of the earth will force that to the surface. But if you transmute that fire, right, there will be a lot of earthquakes inside you, anyhow. But that is the main point, to be in chastity is to transmute: if you are single, through pranayama, if you are married, in sexual magic, like Job. 

Audience: Before, you said only the left side descends to Malkuth is that correct? Why not the right side, even a regular person like us who shows compassion through any spark of anything, how come none of that, is it true that none of that descends? Maybe I am missing something...

Instructor: The right side descends through Yesod, when you pray, when you are submitted to the will of God in the sexual act. Because the Ruach Elohim is there always in Heaven, is Chesed. Is Abraham. Your own Innermost. He has the power to descend, if you invoke Him with your heart in chastity then He descends down. Usually, the forces that descend are the left. That is why, if you want to be compassionate, you have to work with your passion. And to bring the forces of compassion, which is Chesed into your physicality. That is work, because the good side helps also, but only if we do our work. That is the work that we have to do, we have to understand the Tree of Life, is very important in order to understand the path: to work with the right and the left. When you are doing your Pranayama, you are working with the right side. But remember that the left side is polluted. Because when Eve, the sexual organ eats – fornicates - through the left side, Ida, she pollutes Adam, Eve offers the fruit to Adam, in other words, the brain, and he says “hey, this is good”,, thus, the brain also likes the fruit. And then the two sides are polluted. But still, the right side is the one that receives the help, because it is in there where we find Chesed, the Ruach Elohim: the Spirit, the Monad. But on the left is where we have our ego, because remember that from the left come the protoplasmic bodies. That is why many Kabbalists say that Netzach was not in the right but in the left in previous ages. But they do not know how to explain that. Netzach in the left means the protoplasmic mind, it is not on the right, it is on the left. Because the left is related with Klipoth. And the lunar bodies, the emotional lunar body plus the lunar mental body: the protoplasmic bodies are to the left side. If you want to put the mind into the right side of the Tree of Life, we have to create the Solar mind. To create the Solar mind is to follow the path of Ish, Shemuel. Shemuel is the Master of the Mind, and Hod also. Because before creating the Astral Solar body, Hod, you have to be chaste in the physicality. And then to create the Solar mind, which relates to Netzach in the right. When you investigate yourself, you will find that your mind belongs to the left side of the Tree of Life. Because it is protoplasmic. Only the Solar belongs to the right. 

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