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The pentagram represents the Savior of the World, the Word of God made flesh.  This reminds us of the Gospel of John when he refers to the Word of God; he said:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God.  All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.  In him was life; and the life was the light of men.  And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.  --John 1:1-5

We always talk about these beautiful verses of John because we are always pointing at the Lord, Christ, who in the Book of Revelation said:

I (Eheieh - Kether - the Yod) am the Alpha and the Omega (IAO), the beginning and the end. 

The Pentagram is a symbol that we Gnostics use in order to protect ourselves from negative forces.  It has several symbols that we will explain today in short, because it implies a lot.

pentagram 800 


To begin, since the Pentagram, the Microcosmic Star, is the Word of God made flesh, the words written in it are related to different alphabets. Let us begin with the word written around it that says, “Tetragrammaton.”  As you see, Tetragrammaton is written with Latin letters, nonetheless it is a Greek word, which means “the four-lettered name of God,” which in Kabbalah, in Hebrew, is spelled Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei (יהוה).  These four letters are written on the right arm of the pentagram.  

On the left arm is written “Adam” with the Hebrew letters Aleph Daleth Mem-final.


In the Hebrew alphabet there are two Mems: an open Mem that you write in the beginning or in the middle of the word, and a closed Mem for the end of a word.  Mem-final is closed, which symbolizes a closed womb.  An open Mem symbolizes an open womb.    


The Mem-final of “Adam” has been drawn in different ways; for instance, observe the pentagram of Eliphas Levi, who talks in detail about it:  


If you see the image of the pentagram in his book, you will see that the letter Mem-final is a kind of “closed hand.” After having been copied over and over again, the symbol has become distorted. Thus, some people now think that the Mem-final is a letter Nun followed by the letter Iod, which instead of Adam would spell Adonai (Aleph Daleth, Nun, Iod).  But that is a misunderstanding caused by poor legibility of the Mem-final in the pentagram drawing by Eliphas Levi.  

So, the Hebrew word on the left arm is not Adonai but Adam, because the pentagram represents the androgynous man made into the image of God, called the Adam Solus or Adam-Iod-Havah, which is the Microcosm represented by the Kabbalists of the book Zohar with the term Microprosopus, and that is written with two Hebrew words Adam Iod-Havah, or Adam Chavah (Adam Eve), respectively, on each arm.     

Adam Chavah (Adam Eve) forms the Tetragrammaton, because Adam (after the division of sexes) symbolizes the phallus, the lingam, as the woman represents the vagina, the yoni.  Adam is related with the letter Iod.  So when you write the letter Iod by itself, it represents Adam, because Iod symbolizes the phallus, and because the letter Iod has the numerical value of ten, which represents the ten Sephiroth.  

In the Tree of Life, the ten Sephiroth, you find behind it the sacred image of the Zohar. The Kabbalists of the book Zohar place the great man, Adam Kadmon, which is also called Arik Anpin, the vast face or countenance, behind the tree of life.  The head of Adam Kadmon is in the infinite, which in Kabbalah is called Atziluth.  His chest is in Briah, the world of creation.  His waist is in Yetzirah, the world of formation and of angels.  And he stands on Assiah, the world of action with one foot in the water and the other foot on the earth.  That is the symbol of that gigantic man, or that gigantic Adam, which is called the Macrocosmos.  In this way, macro means huge.  


The pentagram is a symbol of the microcosm.  That is why Adam is called the microcosmic star.  Remember that it is written that Adam, the man, is the Microcosmos of the Macrocosmos.  So this is why we sustain that the word written on the left arm is Adam, and on the right Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei. So, the microcosmic star is made into the image of Arik Anpin, the huge star.  

When we say Iod, we say Adam. Iod relates to the ten Sephiroth, which synthesize the four worlds of Kabbalah.  The rest of the letters of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) form the word הוה Havah, which name Eve. 


So Elohim created Adam in his own image, in the image of Elohim created he Adam; male (Yod) and female (Havah) created he them. - Genesis 1: 27

So in Kabbalah, Iod-Havah (יהוה) means Adam (י) Eve (הוה).  That is why in The Conjuration of the Seven of the wise Solomon, it is written:

In the name of Adam and Eve, who are Iod-Havah (יהוה), begone Lilith!  Let us rest in peace Nahemah.

So the Hebrew letters יהוה on the right arm form the Tetragrammaton, which is the word written around the microcosmic star with Latin letters.  


Now, in the middle of the face of the microcosmic star, you find the Greek letter Alpha, which can be also the letter “A” in Latin, or the Hebrew Aleph (א). The beginning of the alphabet is A, Aleph, or the Greek Alpha.  Alpha and “A” in Latin have the same shape.  In Hebrew, the ancient symbol of Aleph ancientalephalso has three lines; however, present letter Aleph (א) is different, it is formed by a transversal line which is drawn from the top left down to the right, and above on the right has one dot, and another dot on the bottom left; thus Aleph is formed by three lines, which are the same three lines of the letter alpha (A).    

Aleph is the breath breathed by God into the nose of Adam.  This is why the letter Aleph is in the beginning of the word Adam; you can see the shape of aleph (א) is in the left arm of the pentagram.  So whether it is Aleph, Alpha, or the “A” of the Latin alphabet, it represents the trinity, the three primary forces: Kether, Chokmah, and Binah.  Aleph is what we call in Kabbalah the symbol of the wind, the air.

“A” Aleph, the breath, the sound of the wind, is symbolized in ancient Mexico by the triangular tongue of the face in the middle of the rune Olin (willpower and movement), which is in the very center of the Aztec calendar.  


The rune Olin among the Nordics is an open triangle with two lines in “X” protruding in each side; it is called the rune Thorn, which symbolizes willpower.   The rune Thorn is always placed on the head of Adam Solus, as it is shown upon the head of Ollin Tonatiuh "Movement of the Sun"—Thorn relates to the crown of thorns of Christ, which symbolizes the willpower that we should use in order to control the wind, the mind, the head.  This is why we teach to all the Gnostics, followers of this doctrine, to begin the movements of the magical sign of the pentagram, by performing the shape of the rune Thorn.  

If you do not have the runic alphabet at hand, it is good if you have the book Magic Runes, written by Samael Aun Weor.  

Now, the rune Thorn is made in this way:  You open your legs and touch the tip of your hands on top of your head.  This is how the rune Olin, which means movement, wind, air, is formed in the first shape-movement which you are performing - as you can see in the video called the Microcosmic Star. 

microcosmic star

The first movement is opening our legs and placing the tips of our hands on top of the head.  That is Thorn, which represents the savior of the world, the cosmic will, the third aspect of the Holy Trinity in Briah, which is Father-Mother-Son.  This is precisely what you have to understand and comprehend when you begin to perform the sign of the pentagram.  


The Two and the Three

Why do we have the numbers one and two on the right side?  Why do we have the numbers one, two, and three on the left?  Because in the numbers—one, two—we are seeing the duality, because the pentagram is dual, as you can see.  Left and right.  


The sign of Mars is on its arms, which represents willpower.  On the right arm is the sign of Mars, which is a circle with an arrow; it is a masculine force, which also expresses itself in the feminine way, because if we said that only men had willpower, it would be absurd.  Women also have willpower.  And, of course, feminine willpower is represented by this same symbol, with the exception that it has a vertical line crossing the arrow, and which is on the left arm.  

Likewise with the feet; one is feminine and the other is masculine.  The one on the right is masculine, and the left is feminine.  

Behold also the center: the sun is masculine and the moon is feminine.  

So, these are the two polarities: Adam-Eve, which are also represented in the spelling of the word Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei. Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, the Tetragrammaton, means phallus-uterus, man-woman.  This is the duality.  But that duality is related with the trinity, that is represented in the upper triangle of the Tree of Life, formed by the two joined arms on your head. As you can see, the triangle Kether Chokmah Binah is formed by shoulders and arms when you touch the palm of your hands over your head.  

The sacred name of God יהוה has indeed three letters, because the letter “ה” (Hei) in יהוה is written twice. The clue to the proper esoteric pronunciation of יהוה is hidden in the Hebrew name אליהו (Elijah), which the Hebrews pronounce El-IAO (God-IAO). This is why ancient priesthood Initiates pronounced יהוה as IAO, which represents Kether, Chokmah, Binah.

This is why the numbers one-two and one-two-three are above the shoulders of the star, because this is indicating that the duality (Father-Mother) emerges from the Trinity  (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).  

Now, another trinity appears from that duality that emerges from the upper trinity. The second trinity is: Father, Mother and Son.  

We have to understand that there are two trinities hidden within יהוה.  The first one is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit "יהו" in Atziluth, which emerges from the unmanifested "ה", the Ain Soph, the Absolute.  Now, through the Holy Spirit, Binah in Atziluth, emerges the manifested "ה" in Daath, in Briah, to form "יהוה" the duality, Phallus-Uterus-Father-Mother.  Thus, from "יהוה" the duality, Phallus-Uterus-Father-Mother, in Briah (creation) emerges the Pentagram, the microcosmic star, which is the Son, represented in the words Zeir Anpin, which the Book of Zohar calls the Microprosopus, the man, Adam.  

kabbalah-the-tree-of-lifeAdam the man has seven bodies.  Adam the man is Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkuth: the seven lower Sephiroth.  This is why the pentagram has to have the seven metals, because within it are enclosed the seven bodies.  All of them are between Adam and Eve: Iod-Havah, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, the Androgynous Adam.  

So, this second trinity that we are talking about (Father-Mother-Son), one, two, three, are symbolized in the numbers above the pentagram.  In ancient Egypt, this Trinity—Father, Mother, Son—was named Osiris, Isis, Horus.  Osiris, the "Yod" in Briah, represents the trinity "יהו" from Atziluth; Isis the "Hei" in Briah, represents the unmanifested and manifested "ה"; and Horus, the "Vav" "ו" in Briah represents the Lamb with seven horns, the Son, the word of God made flesh in the seven spinal columns. The Son is the Savior of the fallen "ה" (Malkuth - Assiah). Savior in Hebrew is Yeshua, which is Jesus in English.  Horus, Yeshua, and Jesus represent the same symbol.   

So, as you can see, the Tetragramaton and the ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life are represented in the pentagram. This is why when we talk about the Tree of Life, we always talk about the right side, the left side, and the central pillar.  These are symbols that you have to learn how to use with your intuition, because it is through your heart how you comprehend symbols, this is how you study them.  This is something that you have to be habituated to do. The following quotation explains it:

We must delve for the basic science of interpretation of dreams in the Law of Philosophical Analogies, the Law of the Analogies of the Contraries and the Law of Correspondences and Numerology. -Samael Aun Weor, The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac

When you enter into these studies, you have to understand that you have to learn a new language.  That new language is related with your God, with your Spirit.  It is not something that you have to learn just because you want to impress somebody.  This is something very common in any Gnostic, any initiate, because when you enter into the world of dreams, then the astral images reflect in the magical mirror of imagination; you must never translate those images literally, since these are only the symbolic representations of archetypical ideas.  They must be handled in the same manner as a mathematician handles algebraic symbols.  It is not irrelevant to affirm that such a type of ideas descend from the pure world of the spirit.  

What is that world of the spirit from which those archetypal forms come? This is the world of Atziluth.  


We invoke those forces when we begin performing that sign called the Rune Thorn above our head, which is the son of the Cosmic Christ: the Son of Man.  So this is why every single movement in the performance of the microcosmic star has a meaning.  

For instance, when you begin the first movement as it is shown in the microcosmic star video, you start normally with your arms straight next to your body.  But then the first movement begins by opening your legs to the right.  What are you doing in that movement?  If you know about the alphabet of nature - which is behind the Hebrew alphabet, the Latin alphabet, and the Greek alphabet, which are shown around and within the pentagram - you will see that you are making the letter A with your body, which is called the rune Ar.  


This is how we form the rune Ar of the runic alphabet when performing the first movement of the microcosmic star.   

That A or AR is the alpha on the head of the pentagram. The pentagram in itself is formed by five alphas.  This is why it is also called the Pentalpha: five alphas.  

If you observe your body when you move your right leg to form an open angle and from that position opening your arms to the right and left, you then realize that you formed one alpha (rune Ar) between your legs, one alpha (rune Ar) in between each of your arms and legs, so forming three alphas, and two other alphas (two runes Ar) formed by the other spaces between the vertex and your arms, meaning, arms and head; so in total we have five Alphas (five Ars).  Those five runes, Alphas, form the Pentalpha.  


This is why the microcosmic star begins with the letter A, Aleph, the breath of Kether. The three lines of the letter Aleph represent the Trinity, because Kether is the head of the trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Aleph symbolizes the willpower of the Ancient of Days in action:

The Great Wind [Aleph] is the terrible law of the Ancient of Days. – Samael Aun Weor

Again: one alpha (rune Ar) below between the legs, other two alphas in each side below the extended arms, other two above the arms, five in total, forming the Pentalpha (five Ars).  This is what we are describing in relation to the body.  

Now, when we open our arms like the cross and begin the movements, then we are performing with the body what in the runic alphabet is called the rune Hagal.   


The “H,” Hagal, is made by an X crossed by horizontal or vertical line; whether an “H” or an “X” crossed by a horizontal or vertical line, it symbolizes the rune Hagal.  

A catholic priest asked an Aztec magician, “How do you name God?” And the Aztec magician answered him with a deep sigh. This sigh was the vowel “H,” this is why the word ‘breath’ has the vowel “H.” The letter “H” is a vowel, even when the grammarians do not affirm it is. The “H” is the breath of life, the igneous breath. – Samael Aun Weor - The Seven Words

Thus, if you observe the movements that you do when performing the microcosmic star, you will notice that you are forming the rune Hagal.   

According to the Nordic or the runic alphabet, all the runic letters are hidden within the Hagal rune, the “H” or Hebrew "Hei", the igneous breath of God.  This rune is powerful, magical; it hides the mystery of the Word.  This is why we repeat,

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 

The pentagram encloses the runic alphabet in many ways, because the pentagram comes from the runes. That is, the runes are the origin of the pentagram.

rune-sigFor instance, if you carefully observe the pentagram, you will see that it is related to the rune Sig, which has the shape of lightning with three lines, or the lightning-bolt of Jupiter (IO-Piter) that comes from heaven.  The rune Sig is related with the Divine Mother, the power of the Kundalini.  The name, in the runic alphabet, of the Mother Kundalini is Sulu-Sigi-Sig, which is the central sun, the force of Christ. The Divine Mother Sulu-Sigi-Sig has five aspects, represented in the pentagram.  For instance, if you trace the shape of the pentagram, you see the rune Sig, which is made with three lines in the form of lightning; the rune Sig is hidden in the making of the pentagram.  It is like lightning on each side of the pentagram; down, left, right, up. You hear lightnings that hiss as serpents when you make the rune Sig, which is the Divine Mother, symbol of the Kundalini, thus all the power of the Divine Mother Kundalini is in the Pentagram.  

The rune Sig is enclosed within the rune Hagal, because the rune Hagal, which is the X cut by a horizontal or vertical line, symbolizes the whole force of Mother Nature.  

Samael Aun Weor explains that when you trace the sign Hagal on paper and concentrate on it, then you can invoke any angel of the elements, whether an elemental or an angel from the fire, water, earth, or air, the creatures from the four elements. The four elements are related to Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, the Tetragrammaton.  

The rune Hagal is made by six points, which in Hebrew and Tibetan symbols is related with the six-pointed star.  When you work with the forces of nature, you work with the rune Hagal, which is the same as the Star of David, the six-pointed star, which is also hidden within the body movements of the pentagram.  This is why underneath the right arm of the pentagram, where is written Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, you find the Star of David, which is the magical sign that controls the four elements.  You see how beautifully it is all enclosed?  


So when you are performing the body movements related with the microcosmic star, through them you are uniting the macro with the micro, the large with the small, because the runic alphabet is related with the movements of the body.  

We have to state that the runic alphabet is the origin of the Latin alphabet, the Hebrew alphabet, and Greek alphabet. Yes, the runic alphabet is more ancient than the Hebrew alphabet. This is why when you see the pentagram you can only see the runic letters  in it by means of your imagination. The runic alphabet is related with the forces of nature and with the forces of the cosmos, of the universe.  These forces crystallize through the body movements and are shown in the Hebrew letters, in the Greek Alpha and Omega letters, and in the Latin letters of the word Tetragrammaton.   

The Tetragrammaton is related with the four exorcisms of the elements: the exorcisms of the air, the fire, the earth, and the water.  When you are performing the body movements of the microcosmic star, you are invoking the forces of the elements.  So, when you consciously know that, then you are consciously doing it, too. Thus, when you perform the seal, you remain protected from the negative forces, because you are invoking and transmuting the forces of the elements when you perform all the movements of the microcosmic star that is shown in the video.  

I repeat, those body movements, if you see clearly, are related with the rune Hagal, which encloses all of runes.  However, each movement relates to different runic forces, which is the alphabet of nature, the Nordic alphabet, which is very ancient.  

The Eyes of God

ZeusThere are two open eyes on the head of the pentagram; these eyes represent Jupiter / Zeus, the father of all Gods, who is represented by the sign of the metal tin, which is above the eyes. Above the symbol of tin is a circle, which symbolizes the pineal and pituitary glands, which gives you the open eyes of God.  They are open because God never sleeps.  He, IO-Patar, Jupiter, who is God, is always awakened.  

When in meditation you can experience Kether, the head of the Tree of Life, and when you see him, he can present himself with the eyes of fish, meaning they are always open.  His eyes are always moving to the left and to the right, to the left and to the right, meaning that he is always awakened and aware of everything in the left and everything in the right, everything evil and everything good, because he is God, Jupiter, the father of all the Gods.    

But who is Jupiter?  He is IO-Piter. IO is the dualism of the one-two, the number one and number two; IO: phallus - uterus, Iod-Hei, or Iod-Havah as we say in Kabbalah.  Yes, within IO-Piter is the androgyne.  Piter is Peter, Patar, Pater in Latin, the Father of all the Lights.  Thus, IO-Piter is:

Pater Noster who art in heaven, hallowed by thy name.  

Jupiter is IO-Patar or Pater, as you say in Latin.  From Patar comes Peter the apostle, who sits in the pineal gland, because Peter is the one that through the pineal gland controls the sexual forces, down in our sexual glands. So, Jupiter, IO-Peter is in your pineal gland.  This is why the open eyes are there.  We have to awaken the consciousness, awakened like God.  

When we do the Rune Thorn movement upon our head - after forming the Rune AR with our opened legs, and after having formed the five A’s when we open our arms to the right and to the left, forming the star, the microcosmic star - we start then evoking the forces of the Father, because the Father is above: whether, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; or Father-Mother, or  Father, Mother, Son, the Father is always first, always the number one.    

The Throat

In the pineal gland, the Father is the Holy Spirit, Binah, but when He unfolds Himself into She (the creative fire), then the first ineffable divine couple is formed, the creator Elohim or Ruach Elohim that in accordance to Moses, cultivated the sexual waters in the beginning of the world. Thus we understand what is written in Latin:

Exorcism of the Air

Spiritus Dei ferebatur super aquas, et inspiravit in faciem hominis, spiraculum vitae, sit Michael dux meus, et Sabtabiel servus meus, in luce et per lucem.  

Fiat verbum halitus meus, et imperabo spiritibus aeris hujus, et refrenabo equos solis voluntate cordis mei, et cogitatione mentis meae et nutu oculi dextri.  

Exorciso igitur te, creatura aeris per Pentagrammaton et in nomine Tetragrammaton, in quibus sunt voluntas firma et fides recta.  Amen, Selah (Hebrew), Fiat (Latin), So be it (English).  

This Latin recitation has to be memorized, because as we said in other lectures, Latin is the mantric language of Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.  So you must pronounce it with strength. Now let us understand what the Latin translation means:

The spirit of God moved upon the waters and breathed into the face of man the breath of life.  (That breath is Aleph, symbol of the air.  Thereafter, you invoke the angels.)  Be, Michael, my leader, and Sabtabiel my servant, in and by the light.  

May my breath become a word, and I will rule the spirits of this creature of air, I will curb the steeds of the sun by the will of my heart, and by the thought of my mind, and by the apple of the right eye.  

Therefore I do exorcise thee, creature of the air, by Pentagrammaton, and in the name of Tetragrammaton, wherein are firm will and true faith.  

This exorcism is printed in many books of Samael Aun Weor. The Master Samael always gave this Exorcism of the Air in order to invoke the forces of the air, which are related with the head.  As you see, Aleph (symbol of the air) forms the nose and mouth. The exorcism explains very well that we have to make our breath the word of God.  Let us remember that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  Aleph symbolizes the Spirit of God that moves upon “the face” of the waters. Aleph is Kether, Chokmah and Binah.  In Hebrew those heavenly waters are called Schamayim—the fiery waters of heaven, charged with Christic energy.  

Now, if you observe when - from the position of the microcosmic star – legs, arms and hands open to left and right, you begin extending your arms and hands up on each side of your head, you are performing another rune, which is the rune Man, in other words, the rune M.



So, thereafter you perform the rune Thorn, then we realize that when we descend our hands to our shoulders, we are invoking the will-forces of the Spirit of God, in the pineal gland, to descend and fecundate our throat (the womb of the Word) by performing a variant of the Rune “M”, Mother.  So this is why the exorcism of the air is related with the head, with the Tetragrammaton.  Thus, when you are doing that movement, understand that is what the exorcism explains.  This does not mean that you have to pronounce the Exorcism of the Air when you perform that movement.  Understand that if we mention it here, it is only in order to teach you that when you are really performing it, you are indeed invoking the forces of God—the trinity and the duality—in your throat, which is symbolized by the Sephirah Daath, where the Word is made flesh.  

These are the two variants of rune M in the runic alphabet. M is related with the superior or inferior waters. M is Man, manas, mind, the head, and Latin mater, mother, the matrix (the inverted M, the W of woman, womb and word), and also mano in Spanish.  Mano is hand.  Every single movement that you are doing is with your hands (manos), with your will, the two polarities, masculine and feminine of Mars in each side of the pentagram.  The feminine W on the left is related with the Walküre (Valkyries), women with willpower, which also represent the elementals of nature: gnomes, pygmies, salamanders, and undines—all the elements of nature that you are invoking when you are performing the star.  

The rune Man is an imploration, so that the forces of the heavenly "Man" will descend on your throat, the "Woman", the Womb of the Word, the Son.  Thus, when you elevate your arms up to heaven, what you are doing is a supplication: to the three primary forces, to your Father-Mother inside of you, to the number one and two, to the number one, two, and three.  Thereafter, you perform the triangle, the rune Thorn, above your head, in order for that supplication to be fulfilled, because everything that comes from above descends through the Word, the Son of Man, symbolized in Thorn, the crown of thorns on your head.  So: ecce homo, behold the Man, and Self-realize that Man. 

After you perform that imploration, you bring your arms down to your shoulders, thus forming the W or inverted M (as we already explained).

Then you perform the position of the microcosmic star again, the Pentalpha - there, you have the duality (the M and W) in your two hands—the two wills.

Now, you bring your arms down to the left and to the right, thereby performing another rune: Tyr.  The rune Tyr is the T of the alphabet, and also relates to Tav of the Hebrew alphabet.  Aleph is the first letter and Tav the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Tav relates to the rune Tyr, which is like an arrow pointing to heaven.  You form the arrow with your body and your arms.  That is Tyr, Tav.



Remember that the Lord says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega.”  The letter omega is precisely in the sexual region of that mysterious pentagram.  

Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, which coincides with the letter Z, or Zeta, which is like the rune Sig.  Remember that we talked about the rune Sig. 


The rune Sig is related with the Zeta, Z, and also with the S. 


That is why the symbol of the fire of Kundalini, the sound of the serpent is SSSSSSSSS, whether it is an S or Z, ZZZZZZZZZZZ, which is at the very end of the Latin alphabet.  This is why it is written that the Great Arcanum is A.Z.F.  

A is Aleph and Alpha, which is related to all of this which we are explaining here, in synthesis: the Pentalpha, the wind, the air, the breath, the word, is aleph, which is also Alpha, the A.  

Z, the last letter of the Latin alphabet, is related to the rune Sig, the fire of the Kundalini, which is enclosed within the chakra Muladhara (coccygeal chakra).  This is why after the position with your hands down, you cross your hands over your sexual region to make the sign of the rune Gibur. 


When you cross your hands over your sexual organs, you are crossing the masculine will and the feminine will, the right over the left.  This represents the sexual union of man and woman, sexual magic, Maithuna. The hands are over the Omega of the Greek alphabet, where we find the Sig, the Z of the Latin alphabet, the crossed fire of the rune Gibur.  A.Z.F.  This is why we state: A (the breath. the Father) and Z (the Mother, the Omega or Tav, the cross, the crossed fire of the rune Gibur through the waters of sex) are equal to (F) the rune Fa, fire (F) of the heart, the fire of the Kundalini.  This is because through love you are uniting the two forces, the Alpha and the Omega. AZF: A and Z are equal to F the rune FA, the marvelous forces of love.

There is another rune of the runic alphabet that explains this: Laf.  The rune Laf is the letter L. Laf is represented in a simple way, as one vertical line and a transversal line. 


So as you see, before you cross your hands over your sexual organs, your body forms two Lafs.  In other words, the rune Tyr is formed by two Laf’s: the one in the right is “El,” and the one on the left is “Elah.”  El and Elah in Hebrew are God and Goddess. In Latin or Spanish, el and ella means “he and she.”  So the two L’s, two Lafs, form the M of matrimony. Likewise, “he and she” are united when you sexually cross them, by symbolically uniting your two hands over your sexual organs and thus forming the rune Gibur.  

So as you see, everything in the movements of the microcosmic star is related with the alphabet of God, which is the runic alphabet, the runes related with the forces of nature.  We are moving the forces of the Macrocosmos within the Microcosmos.  That is why everything has an explanation.  

Do not do your spiritual practices mechanically. Gnostic students perform the sign of the microcosmic star in order to protect themselves, but they do it unconsciously, mechanically, and merely imitating others. They do not know the meaning of what they are doing.  They do not know why they do those movements.  We are explaining here in synthesis, because we can talk longer, but we are just giving the clues.  Get the book Magic Runes in order to understand about the Runic alphabet that is hidden behind the pentalpha, because on the surface you only see the letters of the Hebrew, Latin, and Greek alphabets in the mysterious star.  Yet, the runic alphabet is abstractly behind it.  You have to see it with the eyes of the spirit, with the open eyes of the pentagram, since the microcosmic star is in relation with the forces of nature.  This is why it is powerful.  It is the mighty symbol of Christ.  

Now, when you are performing all of those movements, all of those runes with your body, remember that in your hands and all of the plexuses of your body, you have chakras.  You are invoking, attracting forces, inside your body, inside your soul, inside your spirit. The whole runic alphabet is synthesized in the rune Hagal, which relates to the forces of nature within you, inside you.  

To perform the sign of the Zeta or rune Gibur or swastika over your sexual organs and to remain with the crossed hands over your sex is not the end of the microcosmic star, even though some misguided people believe that. No, one must go on, because with this movement you have evoked the superior forces, and they have descended into all of the parts of your spirit, soul, and physical body, to finally reach your sexual glands.  But, what do you have to do with all those cosmic forces?  You have to transmute them, because you have to perform, to create, the microcosmic star within you, because you are the micro, but you have to become a microcosmic star, which is the reflection, or the image, of the macrocosmic star.  The only way to do that is by performing the rune Hagal inside of you.  That is why when you are with your crossed hands over your sexual organs, you close your legs to make one vertical line with your body.  Then you raise your hands towards your chest (Tiphereth).  By that movement, you are placing the rune “X”, the Gibur, as you see, the crossed arms, over your chest. This means sexual transmutation.  Thus, you are forming the rune Dagaz, the D (Deus, Daath), the rune Dagaz of the Pharaohs.


Why do you think the pharaohs have the crossed arms, the whip and the scepter over their chest?  The body is the vertical line, and the arms are forming the X on the middle of that vertical line, thus, forming the rune Hagal which is the outcome of two wills (the whip and the scepter), Dagaz, which is the rune of transmutation. Thus, all the power of the Word (Hagal) is developed through transmutation (Dagaz). Pharaohs are Self-realized Masters of the Day (Dagaz), because Hagal hides the alpha and the omega, the A and the Z, the Aleph and the Tav, within them. Thus, the entire alphabet, the Word is inside of them.  Why is that?  Because they self-realized all of the archetypes of the Word through Dagaz, the transmutation of the sexual energy, because all the powers of God that descend from above crystallize in the sexual energy.  That is the power of the Logos.  

It is true, no lie, certain, and to be depended upon, the superior agrees with the inferior, and the inferior with the superior, to effect that one truly wonderful work.

As all things owe their existence to the will of the Only One, so all things owe their origin to the One Only Thing, the most hidden, by the arrangement of the Only God.

The Father of that One Only Thing is the Sun, its Mother is the Moon, the Wind carries it in its belly; but its nurse is a Spirituous Earth. That One Only Thing is the Father of all things in the Universe, its power is perfect, after it is has been united to a Spirituous Earth.

Separate that Spirituous Earth from the dense or crude by means of [the rune Dagaz] a gentle heat, with much attention. In great measure it ascends from the Earth up to Heaven, and the superior and the inferior are increased in power.

By this thou wilt partake of the honors of the whole world. And the Darkness will fly from thee.

This [rune Hagal] is the strength of all powers. With this thou wilt be able to overcome all things and to transmute all what is fine and what is coarse. In this manner, the world was created; the arrangements to follow this road are hidden (in the Pentalpha). In this (Pentagram) is hidden the Wisdom of the whole world.

Thus, by means of all those body movements, we are saying: “I am invoking the forces of the Elohim above, into my body below, thus, all the forces descend into my sexual organs as a final journey.”  

When we invoke those forces we have to place them within our soul, within our heart, within Nous, which means to perform the rune Hagal through the rune Dagaz.  Thus, we just close our legs and raise our crossed hands towards our chest, forming the rune Hagal, as it is shown in the very center of the Aztec calendar, the Olin.  This movement means all the creative powers of Hagal and the universe are inside of us, thanks to Dagaz (transmutation).  That is the meaning of the final body movement of the microcosmic star, the pentagram.  


Pechad: Fear

On each side of the pentagram, at the level of the waist, two Hebrew words are written.  On the left is written pechad (פחד), which means fear.  Pechad is related with the left column of the Tree of Life, with Geburah, justice. Pechad means that you have to fear the laws, that is, to fear Geburah, the justice of God. It does not mean that you have to be afraid of God.  It means that you have to comprehend those laws and apply them, and to be afraid of not performing them, because if you do not perform them, you do not Self-realize yourself, you do not acquire that microcosmic star within you.  Thus, pechad is that kind of fear.  

pentagram 800

This is why pechad (פחד) is close to the sexual organs, to the omega.  When you are performing transmutation, you are afraid, cautious, of not losing the sexual force that you evoked and placed in your sexual organs. Usually, people lose that force, and it is because they are not interested in (Dagaz) the transformation of their psyche, or the acquisition of the realization of their Inner Being within themselves.  Only those who want to Self-realize their Inner Being are interested in the transmutation of that fire that descends into the sexual organs.  

The Caduceus of Mercury

caduceus-goldWhy do we find the Caduceus of Mercury in the center of the pentagram?  It is because the Caduceus of Mercury is the symbol of the Tree of Good and Evil. The two entwined serpents are Ida and Pingala.  We have to handle these two forces, the right and the left, Ida and Pingala, good and evil.  We have to open the wings of the Spirit.  

Likewise, we have to understand that in Kabbalah the hands symbolize the wings that we are utilizing when we are attracting the forces from above into the forces below, and again, we are flapping, using our wings (hands) in order to lift up the forces from below into our heart above; our will is the hand.  

They (Adam and Eve) shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. - Psalm 91: 12

When you cross your arms over your chest, your hands symbolize the wings of your Spirit, the two wings of the Caduceus of Mercury upon your heart, which is the level where the wings open. When the fire of the Holy Ghost reaches the level of Anahata - the chakra of the heart - then the igneous wings are open.  The two hands are the two wills.  This is why, speaking symbolically, when somebody flaps their hands over their chest like birds, they symbolize the wings of the Spirit.  Yet, the wings (hands) over your sexual organs is different; everybody has them there.  It takes willpower to raise them up to the heart.

The wind, the air (Aleph), is precisely what we invoke when we say: “Spiritus Dei ferebatur super aquas…etc.”  The Spirit of God who is above is now hovering in your sex.  Thus, we have to transmute it.  The Spirit of God is the Ruach Elohim that is above in heaven.  Now that Ruach Elohim, or Spirit of God, that wind, descended down to our sex.   Thus, lift up the fire of the Spirit to your heart with your hands (wings), which are the symbol of willpower.  

Kaphar: Expiation

On the right side of the pentagram, below the sign of the sun, you find the other Hebrew word, kaphar (כפר), which means expiation, and is also used for mercy.  In chapter 21 of the book Deuteronomy of the Bible is written: “Be merciful, O Jehovah, unto thy people.” Here the Hebrew word for mercy is kaphar, which is spelled Kaf, Peh, and Reish. Kaphar means expiation, yet the word for mercy in “Be merciful, O Jehovah, unto thy people” is kaphar. Well, one understands that in order to receive mercy from God, one has to expiate, to repent, to atone, to pay ones debt. In other words, we have to fight for it.  It is not that you say, “God, please forgive me,” and continue doing the same sin.  You have to meditate, you have to annihilate the ego, and when the ego is annihilated and that source of evil within you is eliminated, then you raise your eyes to God and say, “God, forgive me, have mercy on me.”  Then God says, “I have mercy on you, because you have no ego.  I forgive you.”  But when one is asking for forgiveness with the ego very alive, that is not possible.  Mercy only comes when you do something for it, in other words, when you deserve it.  

This is why those two words are there close to sex—kaphar and pechad—because you perform this work through chastity.  First you become chaste by fearing the law, and then when you are purified, you deserve kaphar, mercy.  

So what we see in kaphar and pechad are the two columns of the Tree of Life: mercy and justice.  Pechad, fear, is justice, on the left.  Kaphar, mercy, is on the right.  That is why in the Tree of Life, Chesed, which is on the right side of the Tree of Life, is mercy, and Geburah is justice, the opposite.  You have to work with the two pillars of the Tree of Life: mercy and justice, represented here on the legs of the pentagram.   

Now, when you cross your hands over your sexual organs, you are pointing to pechad and to kaphar.  Thus, you have to lift them up to your heart.  When you lift those forces up to your heart, it is because you are working with those two pillars, mercy and justice (Jachin and Boaz), within you.  That is an alchemical work.  When you perform that, then you realize why the Exorcism of Water that you find in many books of the Master is written in this way:

The Exorcism of Water

Fiat firmamentum in medio aquarum et separet aquas ab aquis, quae superius sicut quae inferius, et quae inferius sicut quae superius ad perpetranda miracula rei unius.  

Sol ejus pater est, luna mater et ventus hanc gestavit in utero suo, ascendit a terra ad coelum et rursus a chelo in terram descendit.  

Exorciso te, creatura aquae, ut sis mihi speculum del vivi in operibus ejus, et fons vitae, et ablution peccatorum.  Amen.  

This exorcism has to also be memorized in order to control the forces of the water.  The translation is:

Let there be a firmament [Tiphereth] in the midst of the waters, and let it [the heart] divide the [Daath] waters from the waters [of Yesod]; the things which are above [in Adam] are like unto things which are below [in Eve], and things below [in Eve] are like unto things above [in Adam], for the performance of the miracle of the unity [the sexual act].   

The sun [in Tiphereth] is its father, the moon [in Yesod] its mother, the wind [Aleph, Mercury] hath gestated it in its womb [the spinal medulla]. It ascended from earth [the female] to heaven [the male], and again it descended from heaven [the male] to earth [the female].

I exorcise thee, creature of [the sexual] water that thou may become unto men a mirror [image] of the living God [Shaddai-El-Chai] in His [alchemical] works, a fountain of [eternal] life, and ablution [expiation] of [comprehended] sins.

How do we accomplish that? On the pentagram, the waters above, Schamayim, are in the throat, Alpha. The waters below, Mayim, are in your sexual organs, omega.  

So when we say, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters,”—which is what the Exorcism of Water says—it is precisely when we are raising our arms, our crossed hands from our sex up towards our chest.  “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the water,” that firmament is the heart, because Tiphereth is the center of the Tree of Life.  Tiphereth is the soul, and in order to make the firmament in the midst of the waters, we have to create the astral body, the mental body, and the causal body, because we end the body movements of the pentagram by placing our crossed arms and hands over our chest, which is Tiphereth.  Thus, when we reach Tiphereth we finally say, “I finally created the microcosmic star, which is the man into the image of God, because I already created the astral body, the mental body, and the causal body.”  That is the meaning of the raising of the hands from the sex to the heart, which is the alchemical work with the Caduceus of Mercury.  Through it you are making what Hermes-Mercury said:  

That which is above is like that which is below, and that which is below is like that which is above, in order to perform the miracle of one thing.  - The Emerald Tablet

And what is that one thing?  It is the microcosmic star, which is precisely what God made when He was making Adam, the androgynous man.  When God started making Adam, the androgynous man, he said, “Let there be a firmament.”  That firmament (which in other lectures we explained)is Israel, the stars, the twelve zodiacal signs.  Remember the graphic of the man of Zohar; the zodiac is related with the chest of that gigantic man.  So the heart is the center of those twelve tribes of Israel.  In other words, your particular individual Israel is your Tiphereth, your heart, and the twelve tribes are around the zodiacal belt, the twelve zodiacal signs. That zodiac is the firmament that you are evoking, because the causal body is related with the six laws of the galaxy.  Yet, in order to reach the causal body, your heart, you have to create your mental and astral bodies first.  Thus, that is the making of the firmament in the midst of the waters, because you are using the waters from above and the waters from below inside of you.  

All of this is in relation with the rune Hagal, with the forces of the elements, and the rune Dagaz over your chest, through which is accomplished the complete transmutation of you into the microcosmic man.  This is why it is written: "The sun is its father."  You can see the sun on the right side of the pentagram.  The moon is its mother, which is on its left.  The wind hath carried it in its belly, thereof.  That wind began in Aleph from above and descended in Omega, your sex.  Thus, when you transmute your sexual force, that wind emerges and rises as vapor through your spinal column through the two cords Ida and Pingala entwined around your spinal column.  It ascendeth from earth to heaven.  Because all that alchemical work that you perform with your waters are coming from the earth.  And what is that earth?  It is your physical body.  That is the earth—your physicality.  “And ascended up to heaven”—up to Kether, up to your Monad, because he is the one that receives all of those powers.  And again descends from heaven to earth.  Because the forces have to descend in order to keep doing and doing and doing the alchemical work.  You have to raise the serpent of the physical body, of the vital body, of the astral body, of the mental body, and the causal body in order to make the microcosmic star, the five bodies, the five serpents, the five initiations of major mysteries.  

Thus, sequentially, it says: "I exorcise you, creature of the water."  Do you realize that?  If you want to command the undines of the water and you are a fornicator, how do you think that the undines of the water are going to obey you when you are a slave of desire?  You have to control those waters, to raise them, in order to make the firmament within you, which is a long process.  All of that process is symbolized in the movements of the microcosmic star, in which you are working with the letters of the alphabet, within which is the mystery of A.Z.F., the fire, Alpha and Omega.  This is what the Lord said.  “I am the Alpha and the Omega.”  He says as well, “I am A and Z,” the same as saying “I am Aleph and Tav,” because, as you see, the Word contains all the letters shown through all the movements that we perform, as well, the rune Thorn which in symbols could be the letter O or A in the alchemical sense.  Christ says, “I am Alpha and Omega,” meaning that He is the Word hidden within each letter. 

Sacred Letters

In times of yore, people only used letters to write things related with the spirit.  So, in ancient times, they never dared to use the alphabet in order to write, for instance, filthiness, because that would have been to use - in the wrong way - the letters of the Word, which is the geometry of God crystallized in matter.  Now, you find all alphabets in the Internet, within websites and books, used in order to write even pornography.  Everybody is using the letters in the wrong way.  Ancient people never dared to do that.  Anything they were writing was really upright, poetic, in order not to create karma.  This is why we have to be careful with everything that we write or say, because the word is geometrical, it is the expression of those letters, those archetypes that are hidden behind the runic alphabet, or Hebrew letters.

I remember, for instance, when I was in Israel, walking the streets of that holy land, I found pornography written with Hebrew letters.  So they do not respect the letters, even when knowing that it is a sacred alphabet.  

Presently, the only alphabet that has not been infected is the runic alphabet.  It remains, still, with the power of nature.

The Latin alphabet is even more degenerated. Yet, if you trace the rune Hagal and observe it, you will see how all the letters of the Latin alphabet emerge from it. Indeed the Latin alphabet is hidden within the rune Hagal, which relates with the forces of nature, because the rune Hagal relates to the four elements.  

So, this is why the pentagram is a powerful symbol.  When you are performing its movements, you have to understand that you are evoking all the forces within nature and within you.  

At the very bottom of the pentagram we find the sign of Saturn, which is also the symbol of lead.  In the graphic of the huge man of Zohar, we find that the left foot is on the ground and the right submerged in the waters.  Right?  This means that the forces of Saturn descend from the left.  Saturn is Binah, on the left.  They descend to the earth.  That is why when you work the exorcisms of the earth, when you want to control the element earth, you turn your face towards the north, which is at the left of the tree of life; yet at its right is the fire, which is related with the south.  All of this is related with the pentagram.  South is fire; earth is north.  The east is above in Tiphereth, which is the air, at the west is Yesod-Malkuth, the water.  When you perform those exorcisms, you have to know how to utilize the four cardinal points.  Notwithstanding, in order to control those forces you have to be an alchemist.   

I did not pronounce the exorcisms of the earth and of the fire because they are easy.  They are written in English in many books.  The only two exorcisms that are written in Latin are those for the water and the air, because they are in relation with the higher waters and the lower waters, the higher Eden and the lower Eden, Schamayim and Mayim in Kabbalah.  By manipulating those two forces is how you (earth) control the fire, because the fire is within the air, and within the water, and within you, the earth.  The earth, of course, is the salt; it relates to all the forces that we have within.  

Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt has lost his savor, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. – Matthew 5: 13

So, all of us have to memorize the exorcisms.  That is why Samael Aun Weor gave the four exorcisms: two of them in Latin, and the others in Spanish, English, Portuguese, or French, or whatever the language you are reading is.  We have to know the four by memory.  Fire and earth are not difficult to memorize, but Latin yes.  But remember, they are pronounced in Latin because Latin is a mantric language.  It is beautiful.  Thus, when you know the meaning of Latin, then you know what you are uttering. The four exorcisms are related with the Tetragrammaton, the Holy Name of God.  

Other Symbols

When observing the symbols around the microcosmic star, we find that above the left arm is a cup, which obviously symbolizes water.  It also symbolizes the yoni, the feminine sex.  It also symbolizes the mind.  That is why it is related with the head.  

Below the left arm, you find the staff of seven knots with three spheres, which represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the forces of the Trinity.  It also can be symbolized by the magic key, which symbolizes the air.   

Underneath the pentagram we find the sword, which symbolizes fire.  The sword symbolizes the energy that rises in our spinal column of our physical body. When we awaken the Kundalini and raise the sexual energy little by little, internally, we receive first a little dagger; but when the Kundalini is raised up to your brain, then that is transformed into a big sword, the flaming sword, which is the first weapon that the Monad receives internally—the flaming sword.  It is a symbol which is underneath the pentagram, because if you want that sword, you have to take it out from the stone, the cubic stone of Yesod—sex.  Through alchemy is how you make it.  On the stone is how you make it, because on the stone is how we are tempered.  That stone is Yesod, sex, thus when you are taking the sword from it, it is not done in one shot like is shown in Excalibur in symbols.  Arthur who is the Ar-Tyr-Man, the king of the twelve knights, the twelve forces, takes the sword out of the stone.  You see it relates to the same symbol of the 12.  Arthur comes, which is the AR, the Ara, the altar.  What is the altar of God?  It is the sexual force, the sexual organ.  That is the altar.  From it, Arthur, the king of the knights, takes the sword from the stone, which is the cubic stone of Yesod.  Arthur does it little by little until he finally gains the sword out of the stone.  This legend is related to the entire first Initiation of Major Mysteries.  

We have told you that that sword is Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei.  The very sharp tip of the sword is Iod. The whole body of the sword is Vav.  And the two sharp sides of the sword is Hei-Hei.  So, the sword is the power of our Iod-He-Vav-He, rising in our spinal column.  This is why samurais, when they unsheathe the sword, they unsheathed from their back.  They unsheathe their sword from their spine, from their backbone, because within the spinal medulla is the sword, within our spinal column.  The sheath of that sword is in our spinal column.  Thus, from there is where we have to take it in order to fight against our enemies, whether they are your internal enemies, or the enemies outside.  

Underneath the Tetragrammaton or Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei on right arm of the pentagram we find the sign of the Star of David, symbol of the forces of the earth that we have to conquer, the four elements.  The Star of David is equal to the rune Hagal.  We have to acquire its power.  

The rune Hagal is precisely the same Nahui-Ollin in the center of the Aztec calendar. 


The horizontal line - crossing the X - are two paws of a tiger crushing two human hearts.  Those paws are a Masonic symbol called the Strong Grip of the Master Mason or the Lion's Paw.  The X is formed by the four suns:  the sun of fire, the sun of air, the sun of water and the sun of earth,.  This is the famous Nahui-Ollin, or the rune Ollin Tonatiuh, the fifth sun with its triangular tongue that describes the four movements of the sun, the four elements in movement by means of Dagaz (transmutation), and Gibur (the cross), the swastika in order to acquire such a power inside of our heart.   

It is very clear that the sign of Mercury is in the center of the pentagram, because Mercury is the symbol of air, and at the same time, of water:  water above, in our head; water below in our sex.  Schamayim above are the fiery heavenly waters:  Mercurius est Spiritus Dei ferebatur super aquas - The Spirit of God is Mercury hovering above the waters; whereas the waters of sex below are the brute Mercury.  Thus mercury is above and below.  Brute mercury is our sexual matter.  Soul of the mercury is when you raise the energy through your wings up to the heart.  The Kundalini is the fecundated Mercury.  But for that, in order to acquire perfection, we have to annihilate the dry mercury, which is our ego—crystallization of our fornication, crystallization of our sins, defects, vices.  We have to annihilate all that, and this is why Mercury is in the center—because the whole work that we perform is with Mercury.  

But Mercury without Venus cannot do anything.  Venus is related with the sexual force, with the sexual union.  Mars has to be united with Venus in order for the hero or the heroine to be born within us.  The sign of Venus is a cross underneath a sphere; Venus’s sign is hidden within the symbol of the Caduceus of Mercury, namely: the horizontal line of the cross is formed by the wings, which are always below the top sphere of the staff that forms the vertical line of the cross.  And that is in synthesis what the entire symbol of the Pentagram encloses, which we have to understand and comprehend through meditation.  

Obviously, when the pentagram is upside down, it means that the micro, the man, is not doing anything that we have explained here. It is a person that is good for nothing, zero.  That person is all of us.  All the millions of people on the earth are not doing this.  They ignore the deep symbol of the pentagram, so all of them are an upside-down pentagram, since they are utilizing all those forces for the abyss.  They are going down.  That is why the upside down pentagram symbolizes a demon, somebody that is going down with all the cosmic forces.  Somebody that is just a waste, somebody who does not care anything about what we explain here. Somebody who thinks that by justifying degeneration they will go to heaven.  But the upside down star is pointing that he goes to the abyss; since in order to go up to heaven, we have to see the pentagram in its upright position, the upright position.  Through the three factors of the revolution of the consciousness is how we go little by little up, up, up, and up.  Thus, we end the body movements of the pentagram up, not down.  

Questions and Answers

Audience:  When and how should students perform the movement?  Why?  When should they do it?  

Instructor: The body movements of the microcosmic star make a seal of protection.  You must know how to do them in order to be protected, to seal yourself.  Before going to sleep, for instance, in order to be protected— to protect your physicality—or before going into the streets.  When you go to face the world and you want to seal yourself, then by comprehending all these movements, you perform them, and you imagine all of those superior forces coming down into you, and sealing you for that day in order to face life.  Or if you are, for instance, in the Astral plane and you are having a very bad nightmare or experience, then if you perform the body movements of the microcosmic star and imagine everything that we explained here, that is, the forces of the macro coming into you and protecting you, then immediately all of that nightmare will cease, because you are sealing yourself against the negative forces that are going to hurt you or are hurting you.  

This is why you have to memorize those movements.  When you read in the books of the Master, “Perform the seal of the microcosmic star,” you then know what is what you have to do.  You start doing all the movements, since you understand and you know what we explained here.  You know that all the forces are within you.  

The seal’s body movements are usually done in Second Chamber.  All the disciples of Second Chamber learn how to perform them. The Master Samael explains the seal in a simple manner in some of his books:

Before lying down, one must perform the sign of the Microcosmic Star. To that effect, the arms are raised upwards until the palms of the hands touch each other above the head. Thereafter, extend the arms laterally so that they remain in a horizontal position, forming a cross with the rest of the body. Finally, cross your forearms (the right over the left) on your chest, touching it with the palms while the fingertips reach the front of your shoulders.

No more details, why? Because it is something that all of us should investigate and practically know by intuition.  

There are a lot of pentagrams shown in many websites; yes, when you go into the Internet there are a lot of people that do not even know what a pentagram is, nevertheless, they show a lot of pentagrams on their websites. They boast of knowing about it, yet, they do not know that they do not know, thus, they are only playing with it.  Other people like to bear the pentagram in order to show that they are “evil,” to show that they are practicing Satanism, but indeed they are not doing that.  They are just wasting their time.  The truth is that we have to know the meaning of it.  It is a very powerful protective symbol, whose body movements we learn to do in order to reject any negative force, whether inside or outside of us.   

So, perform the movements of the microcosmic star when you are by yourself before going into the streets, or before going to bed, in order to seal yourself.  That will help you.  Do not do it in the streets in front of people, because they will think that you are insane.  If you want to do it when around people, do it mentally.  Because, if you do it in front of people in the center of the city, everybody will look at you and say, “This individual is really unbalanced.”  And I do not think that you want to give such an impression.  So, always do the seal when you are alone, or in front of other Gnostics, then no problem.

Audience:  Is there a proper position to perform the Conjurations of the Four and Seven?  

BlessinghandInstructor: When you are reciting any conjuration, place your left hand over your solar plexus, because there in your solar plexus is a fountain of energy.  When you are transmuting your sexual force you accumulate solar force there in your solar plexus—this is why it is called solar—you are charging it with solar force.  So when you do the conjuration, you put your left hand there, because the left takes, receives.  Thereafter you recite the conjuration by showing the pentagram that we have in our right hand or as we say:  “By the pentagram which I hold in my right hand.”  What is that pentagram which I hold in my right hand?  Well, that pentagram relates to my five fingers.  I have five fingers on my right hand.  Unless it might be that somebody has six, well that would be unusual, because normally we have five.  

Listen, when you bend the little finger and the annular finger, these symbolize the two legs of the pentagram, and the three other fingers are the arms and the head above.  That is the sign of the pentagram in the positive way.  Two bent fingers and three raised fingers.  This is how you perform the Conjuration of the Four and the Conjuration of the Seven, that is the way, because you are showing the power of the pentagram, which I hold in my right hand.  Otherwise, if you bend down the thumb, together with the little finger and the annular finger, and you just leave the index and the middle straight, well that symbol which everybody thinks is a hippie symbol of peace—everybody says, “Peace, peace” with the hand in that manner, yet, that is not a symbol of peace—no, that is the upside down pentagram:  the head and the arms below, the two legs above.  That is the contrary.  So that is not a positive sign or symbol.  So you have to put three above and two below.  Did you understand?  This is how you do it.

Audience:  What is the meaning of “Ishim, assist me in the name of Shaddai!”?   

Instructor: Ishim means the initiate, or the perfect man, from Malkuth.  That is the sacred name of Malkuth in Yetzirah—Ishim. It means, “those that work with the fire,” because Ish is fire.  Ishim is plural— in other words the children of the fire—which in Hebrew is translated as men, plural.  But really it is, “Children of the fire, assist me in the name of the power God of sex,” which is Shaddai.  There is a letter Shin in the word Shaddai.  Shin is fire.  So Ishim are those who work with alchemy, with sexual transmutation, they are working in the name of Shaddai.  

“Ishim, assist me in the name of Shaddai” means that you are invoking the forces of the initiates of this planet earth that are working with alchemy, in the name of Shaddai.  

Audience: You mentioned that the sword is the first weapon that the Monad receives.  What are some of the other weapons that the Monad receives?  

Instructor: There are many weapons that the Monad receives through initiations.  How many others? Well, the symbol of the weapons that the Monad receives are related with the fire, water, air, and earth, with all of those elements that are related with the four creatures of Ezekiel, with the four bodies that we have to build inside after the physical body: vital, astral, mental, causal.  In order to receive them we have to be born again.  The first is the fire, the flaming sword.  The rest of weapons and powers are acquired through other initiations.  

Audience:  The rune Hagal—can you give an explanation of how it is performed?  

Instructor: In order to work with the rune Hagal, you must trace it on paper, and then you fix your sight on that rune.  After all, when you take your eyes out of that fixation, you realize that the rune moves.  That is something that anybody can prove or verify.  This means that it is in relation with the forces of nature.  After tracing the rune and doing what we indicated, you can invoke, any elemental of nature.  You can perform the exorcisms.  If you want to work with the elementals of air, then you have to pronounce, “Spiritus Dei ferebatur super aquas,” etc.  You want to work with the elementals of water?  Then you have to start with “Fiat firmamentum in medio aquarum,” etc.  Remember, you have to do it by memory.

In the exorcism of fire, you pronounce the names of the kings of fire:  Michael, king of the lightning.  Samael, king of volcanoes.  And Anael, prince of the Astral Light.  Etc.  

Audience:  Is there a physical way to perform the rune Hagal?  We see it in the Microcosmic star.  Is there a practice dedicated simply to a rune that we can do physically?  

Instructor: The movements of the rune Hagal are performed in a rotating or a circular manner.  While you rotate clockwise, while you turn around as a dervish, from a straight position, arms down, close to the body, you slowly start raising your arms towards the top of your head and while turning to the right you descend your open arms to an arrow position, to again remain in the straight position arms down, close to the body.  This movement shows how the rune Hagal encloses the entire runic alphabet.  

So you just turn around and move the arms as it is indicated in the symbol of the Hagal.  This is explained in the book Magic Runes.   

Audience:  You mentioned that the alphabets have been profaned, but that the runic alphabet was not.  That reminded me of the Nazis using the runes in the wrong way.  

Instructor: Yes, as I said the runic alphabet has not been profaned, but obviously there are exceptions.  Hitler was using the rune Gibur, which is the swastika, in the wrong way.  This is an important point.

We also find the runic alphabet and the pentagram in many flags, in different flags of different countries, as a symbol. For example: a variant of Gibur is on old Germany’s flag, and two Giburs or Hagals are on England’s flag.  Thus, the runic alphabet is really used in many ways.  

Hitler used the rune Gibur (swastika) in the wrong way.  That, I think, is the only exception, but a huge exception, indeed.  

Audience: If a person is capable of seeing Jinn spirits, what stage would you say he is at in relation to becoming a true man or getting his Astral body?  

Instructor:  Well, I really do not know in which state, but a sorcerer or a sorceress can see those things.  A sorcerer or a sorceress can enter into the fourth dimension in Jinn state, in the lower level, of course.  A sorcerer or a sorceress can see people from the fourth and fifth dimensions, related with the infra-dimensions.  So to see with psychic powers somebody from the fourth dimension is not a big deal. Such a person may be witch, or may not be a witch.  Could be awakening upwards or downwards.  So anybody can awake senses, powers, in order to see people from other dimensions.  It is easy, but that does not mean that person is a higher being from heaven, even though Masters from the White Lodge, of course, have clairvoyance.  They see people from the fourth, fifth, sixth, and the seventh dimensions of the Tree of Life.  But if you are asking because you do not know, obviously it is because you are asleep, and you have awakened only certain powers, because the one that is awakened knows very well why he is awakening and why he is seeing things.  

Audience: To become a true man, the aspirant must build his solar bodies and disintegrate his ego completely.  Correct?  

Instructor:  Yes, in order to be a microcosmic star, a true man, that person has to build the solar bodies and to annihilate the whole ego completely.  And then he becomes a symbol of Christ.  

For instance, Samael Aun Weor’s symbol is a pentagram, since he is from the ray of Mars.  Mars is the fifth ray.  Thus, the symbol of Samael is a pentagram.  Even if he were not Self-realized, the pentagram will be always a symbol of Samael Mars.  Nevertheless, he is Self-realized.  The pentagram is the symbol that we use to protect ourselves, because that is his symbol.  In some books, the Master wrote his symbol, and it is precisely a pentagram with a sword standing in the middle of the pentagram, and Hebrew letters written around and other symbols.  That is his symbol: the pentalpha, symbol of Geburah.  


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