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The first verse of the book of Genesis states: Barashyth Bera Elohim Ath Ha-Shamayim Ve-Ath Ha-Aretz-בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ. This is translated into English as: In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. As we have explained in many lectures, in order to talk about the first book of the Bible, we have to learn basic Hebrew. Why? Because these books were originally written in Hebrew, and much of the meaning of which is lost when translated. In order to get the fullest understanding of these books, it is necessary that we learn to read them in their original language.

Hebrew is a language which is derived from Aramaic, and many other Semetic languages. When we study the book of Genesis - which is called Barashyth בראשית in Hebrew - we find that name is a word that has many meanings. Barashyth בראשית is an anagram, which can be explained in many ways. We have talked about this word in our lectures, many times.

In this graphic you see that we wrote the word Barashyth בראשית, but this time as: Bar-Ash-yth (בר-אש-ית). This is in order to explain one of the anagrams. You can learn more about this in the previous lecture, Region of Barbelo.

Today, however, since we are studying ourselves, what is important for us is to know how to apply this knowledge to ourselves. We need to understand how this book, the book of Genesis, is guiding the one that understands it, in order for that one to walk the path. Most people think that the book of Genesis is a book written by Moses to explain the origin of the Universe, the planet Earth, or the meaning of creation. That is true, but, we have to understand that these books of Moses - called the Pentateuch, or the Torah - are books of Alchemy. And, the first book of the Bible, called בראשית Barashyth (Genesis) is 100% a book of Alchemy. No one can understand this book if they are not an Alchemist. Anyone that is not an Alchemist that reads this book will fall into confusion, and deny the things stated there, because they do not understand it.

That is why we always explain Genesis, in order for us to learn to apply it to ourselves; physically, psychologically, spiritually. This way we can come to understand what Christianity and Judaism actually is.

As Master Samael Aun Weor states in The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled;

“The great emanations of Barbelo, the abode of the Light, can never be comprehended by the intellectual light. The Uncreated Light is as distinct from the intellect, as water is from oil.” - The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor

Light is born from the Darkness, and the Cosmos sprouts from Chaos. Chaos, Gaia and Eros, the Great Greek Trinity invites us to reflect.

There exists two Chaos: the one from the Macrocosmos, and the one from the Microcosmos. The Chaos of the Microcosmos is found in our sexual organs. Let us study the Microcosmic Chaos.

"In the Chaos of creation, the elements and the principles, and the darkness and the light are found confused, intermixed, and without the possibility of one reacting to the other."

"However, we will never proclaim ourselves against Eros, Shiva, the Holy Spirit, or against Cupid-Eros because we know very well that the key of all power is found within the Tantric mysteries of lingam-yoni."

"Markedly, we only proclaim ourselves against averted Eros or misguided Cupid, which is fornication, adultery and sexual abuse." The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

As we have explained in many lectures, we state that we are divided, internally, into three brains. We have our intellectual brain, our emotional brain and our motor-instinctual-sexual brain. This is how we are divided. But, when we study the Tree of Life, we discover that each of those three brains that we are talking about is related with one of the three triangles of Kabbalah.

The intellectual brain relates to Kether, Chokmah and Binah. We have an atom of Kether in the root of our nose; we have an atom of Chokmah in the pituitary gland; and, we have an atom of Binah in the pineal gland.

This is how we are constituted, spiritually. When we talk about atoms, in this sense, we are not talking about physical atoms. We use the word atom in the ancient Greek sense, meaning: something small. Here, we are talking about spiritual atoms.

All of us have that within; whether we are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist... it does not matter. That is the patrimony of the human body.

The last Sephirah (underneath the three triangles) that you can see on this graphic of the Tree of Life, is Malkuth. Malkuth is called the Kingdom. What is a kingdom? It is the union of many forces. Obviously, in that kingdom, there exists a king and a queen that controls it. That is why in Malkuth, we find the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the humanoid kingdom. But, when we address Malkuth, we always address (microcosmically speaking) the physicality. Our physicality is also a kingdom. That is why our physical body is called an organism: it is formed by many organs. Each organ is related to certain systems that we have. We have our central nervous system, that is related with the brain and the spinal medulla; the grand sympathetic nervous system; the para-sympathetic nervous system; the digestive system; and many other systems that are studied by official science. And, we know that each system is related with every other, in this kingdom that we call our physicality. They are intelligently related.

For instance, the liver helps with the digestion, but is related with many other forces. The heart is the circulatory system... etc etc. So, it is obvious to see that we are a kingdom of microcosmic forces that we do not understand.

In previous lectures, I related a story about when Master Samael was giving a lecture related to Nosce Te Ipsum - man, know thyself and thou wilt know the universe and its Gods. One of the listeners of that lecture proclaim, "I know myself." The Master responded, "If you know yourself, can you tell me how many atoms comprise a single hair of your mustache?" The man could not answer, because he didn't know. The Master said "If you do not know how many atoms there are in one hair of your mustache, how dare you say you know yourself."

If we were to study each organ separately, we would discover that they are formed by cells. Every cell has its own intelligence. There are special cells in your brain, others in your stomach, and so on and so forth; each of these cells have different roles, different, specialized tasks they have to perform. There is intelligence there; it is not our intelligence, of course, but there is intelligence there. Our duty is to be involved with that intelligence in order to become an inhabitant of Eden. An inhabitant of Eden, which is in the 4th dimension, has control of all of his systems; all the cells of every organ.

If we investigate the cells, we discover that they are formed of molecules. If we study a single molecule, we discover that they are formed of atoms. So, in the final synthesis, we are atomic creatures.

Master Samael Aun Weor states that every atom is a trio of matter, energy and consciousness. This is why we are reuniting here, in order , to develop cognizance about our own individuality; beginning with the physical body and its three brains. We stated that the physical body has three brains, three systems, because this is how the Tree of Life teaches us. It is very interesting to see how this Tree of Life shows us different forces of the three brains, in order for us to study our kingdom.

When we enter onto this path, we are called to be kings and queens of our own particular, individual nature. If we conquer our own individual, particular nature, we conquer nature externally.

When you read the Bible literally it says that the human being is called to be a king or queen of nature; which is true. However, the problem is that every individual that reads that believes themselves to be a true human being, a king or queen of nature. They demonstrate this by killing the creatures of nature; this is the irony, the stupidity of intellectual animals. When Kilauea, in Hawaii, was erupting, no body showed themselves capable of controlling that... so where is the king of nature?

So, we are simple humanoids, intellectual animals, that are trying to reach the level of human, in order to control the forces of nature. But, for that, we first have to control ourselves. That is precisely what the book of Genesis teaches us; how to become a true human being. It explains the steps necessary, from the beginning, in order for us to become that. The goal of Genesis is to teach us how to become a true human being; what in Genesis is called Adam.


The first word of the book of Genesis, בראשית Barashyth, can be divided into three parts; each related with the three brains. The two first letters, בר Beth-Resh, with the first triangle; the second two letters, אש Aleph-Shin, with the second triangle; and the third two letters, ית Iod-Tav, with the third triangle. These pairs of letters form; Bar, Esh and It. Just dividing this word into three syllables, we see how we are constituted.

So, to begin this explanation, we can see that the word בראשית Barashyth begins with ב Beth. Many Kabbalists state - and they give a great many reasons why – בראשית Barashyth begins with the letter Beth, and not with Aleph, which is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet... and many other alphabets; A, Alpha, etc. The reason for this is simple: when we know Alchemy, we know that there are three mother letters in Kabbalah. These letters are Aleph, Shin and Mem. Aleph א, the first letter, is formed by two Iods and a Vav. Aleph is the symbol of the wind, the symbol of the air, the symbol of the Spirit. As it is plain to see, if we are alive, it is because we are breathing. If I am talking to you, it is because I am inhaling air, wind, Spirit. So, why does the book of Genesis begins with Beth and not Aleph? Because in order to pronounce the "B" we must first inhale, we must first breath in. We need air in our lungs in order to talk. It is said that the letter Aleph is not present at the beginning of the word בראשית Barashyth, but, in order to pronounce that word, you must first breath in; Aleph is there at the very beginning. If you were to keep reading, pronouncing the words of the Bible, you must keep breathing. Aleph is hidden in every single word of the Bible, because it symbolizes the wind, the air, the Spirit. So, you reason the reason why the first word of the Bible begins with ב Beth. The Aleph א is there, but, it is silent; the breath.

Briah בריאה, the world of creation begins in Daath, the throat. The word for creation, בריאה Briah in Hebrew, begins with Beth. In the book of Genesis, the word Briah בריאה is written Bera ברא with Beth-Resh-Aleph. There is a certain Rune that we practice, the Rune Bar. In that word Bar, is hidden the first letters of the word Barashyth. Beth-Resh-Aleph; Bra ברא, creation. Creation begins with Beth, because in order to create, you need the breath of God, the Spirit. That is why the letter Beth relates with the first triangle, because it is in the throat where we begin. As the book of John states, in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God (the Logos). That is why Bar בר means "son" in Aramaic: the Logos, the Son is the word of our head.

In our head we have those three spiritual atoms which we spoke about earlier. When we talk, we take from our head, our mind, whatever we have there and then we pronounce it, we create that; that is the beauty of language.

The second letter is the letter ר Resh. Rosh ראש, in Hebrew, means head. It is obvious then that this all begins with our head, with the word. You see now the importance of pronouncing mantras, in order to activate the three primary forces in our brain.

Understanding this, we find that the second two letters, אש Aleph-Shin, relate to the second triangle of the Tree of Life. The letter Shin ש has three Vavs, or in other words, three wicks, three lights, which relate to the second triangle; Chesed, Geburah and Tiphereth. Chesed-Geburah is our own individual Spirit. We talked about the Spirit or breath of God (נשמת חיים Neshamoth Chaim), as it relates with the first triangle, that enters through the nostrils when we breathe; that is related with the Cosmos. But, within, we have our own Spirit. In Sanskrit, that Spirit is called Atman. So, what we do in these teachings, all of the practices and exercises, is in order to develop our own, particular Spirit (Chesed). That Spirit always has a Divine Soul; that Divine Soul is in Kabbalah called Geburah. We have that Spiritual Soul (Geburah) and Spirit (Chesed) in Heaven. Here, on Earth, we only have a particle of Tiphereth. Tiphereth is the human soul. It is the human element of that Monad.

We stated in the beginning of this lecture that we are humanoids. We are not humans, because that human soul is not developed in us; it is a baby. So, as babies, we have the duty of growing up. That is why are in these teachings, because we want to grow up, spiritually speaking, psychologically speaking.

Interestingly, the word "psychology" can be broken up like this: psyche is the Greek word for the soul; Logos is the Word. So, the real psychologos, psychology is that soul that works with the Logos. This is why in our practices we invoke the forces of the Logos (the Theomertmalogos), the Solar force, in order to work in our psyche. That Tiphereth, that baby that we have, has a seat in the pineal gland, but it also vibrates in our heart. That is why you find the relationship of intuition with both the heart and the pineal gland. Intuition in the heart is hunches, gut-instincts, etc. However, in the pineal gland, intuition is made of images. Often we see these images when we go to sleep; your Inner God, through the pineal gland, shows you many things that are necessary for you to know. And, He shows that through his own language: intuition. We have to learn that language, by studying our dreams, or any other message that our particular, individual God gives us. God wants us to grow up.

“Neptune (Poseidon) has control over the pineal gland. Only with sexual transmutation is this gland of the Gods activated. Ouranos controls the sexual glands and Neptune controls the pineal gland. Ouranos is practical Sexual Alchemy. Neptune is esoteric study. First we must study and then work in the laboratory (of the Alchemist)." - Samael Aun Weor

Among the Alchemists, they know that in the beginning, when you first start studying religion, it is akin to giving a baby milk; just as the mother gives her breast milk to the child. That milk is the simple, basic knowledge; believing in God, following the basic commandments that they teach in every religion. In truth, however these commandments are very veiled. Because of the veiled nature of these teachings, the atheists who try to make sense of them, laugh at and deride them; they do not understand. In any religion, the adherents of that religion do not properly study it; unless they have an Alchemist, an initiate, to teach them the hidden teachings of their scriptures. However, commonly, you find a great deal of Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists that are merely pretenders. They do not know, they do not properly study the teachings; they like to continue as they are, following things that they do not understand. Those people are fed with milk. But, when you grow up, like we that are listening to this lecture are trying to; we are being given meat.

Paul of Tarsus, a great Gnostic Rabbi states, "I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto you were not able to bear it, neither yet now are you able." There are many traditions that say that you shouldn't mix meat with milk, because you will develop digestion problems... the real reason for this saying is that when we go deep into the knowledge that we are teaching here, we are eating meat, solid food; for that, you need a strong stomach. There are people that are happy with milk; that is ok. If they want to drink milk all of their lives... that is ok. But, only those that want to eat meat come into this doctrine.

That is why you find the letter Shin (the Trident), which is fire, in the second triangle; fire is in the meat. But, it is also true that in the chest area, the breast of the woman, we find the milk. You have to make a choice; to feed yourself with milk, or with Esh (Fire), meat.

A baby is fed by his mother with milk. However, that baby, when grown up, wants to have that image of that woman as his wife, in order to eat that solid meat. That is what that second triangle represents. All of those stories and legends of the lady and the knight - Lancelot and Guinevere, with King Arthur - they are symbols of the second triangle, of something that we have to perform within, in order to enter into the אש Esh (fire). Esh אש, Aleph-Shin, is how you write fire in Hebrew. We can see this when we visualize ourselves breathing in (א Aleph) and that air purifying our blood (ש Shin) fire. That is why we say the kingdom of the Son is the fire in the heart.

So, fire, in itself, is the combination of Aleph (air) and Shin (fire). But, Jesus of Nazareth says, "My father (א Aleph) and me (ש Shin) are one אש (Esh)." This is how we see this Alchemically. 

The third pair of letters is Iod-Tav, "ית It." Master Samael Aun Weor in "The Three Mountains" mentions "It" as "the sacred 'IT' of the crucifixion". When you know Kabbalah, you understand that he is referring to the last to letters of בראשית Barashyth; ית Iod-Tav. The letter ת Tav, in ancient times, was represented as a cross. The letter Tav in modern Hebrew is written in this way ת, and it has its own symbolism.

When we observe the letter י Iod, we find that it is very significant. This is because י Iod is the first letter of the holy name of God: יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei. That letter Iod relates to Kether. However, we have another Iod, which we find in Yesod. If you take the letter ס Samech out of the word Yesod יסוד (Iod-Samech-Vav-Daleth) you read the word, יוד Yod. And that is because Yesod symbolizes sex. Yesod is the foundation of the Great Work: sexual Alchemy. That is why the letter Tav is a cross. That cross is the woman (the horizontal line) united the man (the vertical line) in the sexual act. It is the work with the two Iods; the Iod of their sex, and the Iod of their brains. This is the inner-relationship between these forces - masculine and feminine; husband and wife - working in בראשית Barashyth. That is why you find that the word בראשית Barashyth, itself, is feminine. This is because the letter Beth, is a feminine letter; and, the last letter, Tav, is also feminine. When in Hebrew you want to pluralize a word, in the feminine gender, you end the word with the letter Tav. If you want to pluralize a word in the masculine gender, you end the word with the letter Mem. So, if we were to pluralize this word Barashyth in the masculine sense, it would be בראשים Barashym.

So, this word, בראשית Barashyth, is showing us the femininity of the physical body, esoterically speaking; whether male or female. That physicality is the kingdom, Malkuth. The reign of any kingdom is always feminine, because it is through the feminine force that we multiply. That is why, when talking about the three brains as they relate to the word Barashyth (בר-אש-ית), we find that it ends with the letter Tav, the cross. So, if we want to acquire that multiplication that the word בראשית Barashyth implies, we have to perform the sexual act.

"And God blessed them, and God said unto them, (פרו ורבו) Grow and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth." - Genesis 1:28

Now, if we wanted to multiply ourselves physically, we know very well that we would need to enter into the sexual act. However, that is not what we are discussing here, when talking about sexual Alchemy. The multiplication we are referring to here is different. Alchemy is something that we have to study. The multiplication of the word בראשית Barashyth, Alchemically speaking, is what the book of Genesis address as (Rabbi רבו) Master. So mastery is what Genesis is talking about when it says, (פרו ורבו) be fruitful and multiply.

Ask yourself, if it were not written in the Bible that it was necessary to grow and multiply, physically, would people not do it? That is absurd and incongruent. Clearly, that phrase is not referring to physical multiplication. Any animal instinctively understands how to multiply itself, physically, just as we intellectual animals. As King Solomon said,

"I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts.

For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity.

All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again.

Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth?

Wherefore I perceive that there is nothing better, than that a man should rejoice in his own works; for that is his portion: for who shall bring him to see what shall be after him?" —Ecclesiastes 3: 18-22

When we study the book of Genesis, Alchemically, we understand that it is telling us to grow, spiritually speaking. And, when we develop those internal senses or fruits that we need to develop, we multiply internally. It is this that we need to multiply, in order to become a true Adam, a true human being.

In my last lecture, I said Adam was androgynous. But, in order for a soul that is yet a baby to grow up and multiply, it needs to not be androgynous. It is impossible to grow up spiritually, whilst remaining in androgyneity. There needs to be a confrontation of the two forces; masculine and feminine. That is why there was the necessity of separating of the two sexes; creating Eve out of Adam.

It is stated that Eve was taken out of Adam. So, if Eve was taken out of Adam, previous to that, Adam must have been Adam-Eve; that is to say, possessing both polarities within. The point of this is; at the time of Lemuria, when there were only Androgynous (Hermaphrodite) bodies, the Lemurians knew that the new souls that were ascending from the animal kingdom would eventually reach the time when they would be ready to enter into the human kingdom, as babies. As babies, spiritually speaking, they would be as humanoids. So, they were giving their bodies to these souls. In other words, when the sexes were separated, the Lemurian women were having babies, and in those babies were incarnating the most evolved souls of the animal kingdom, in order for them to learn how to become human. This is a law that has to be fulfilled. But, it is of course a gift from God to receive a human body, in order to learn how to become a human being. But, we know the problem that occurred, that is written about in the Bible, regarding the forbidden fruit.

Only to the intellectual animals, to the rational mammals, is this commandment given; of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, you shall not eat. Why is that? Animals eat that fruit... Observe the kingdom of animals; horses, dogs, cats, etc, they fornicate (reach the orgasm); that is normal in the animal kingdom. But, if what you want is to enter into the human kingdom, you have to learn how to grow and multiply as a human; you have to learn Alchemy if you want your Chesed to be פרו fruitful and a Rabbi ורבו (Master) in בראשית Barashyth.

So, during those times of Lemuria, there were great Masters that were teaching this knowledge to those souls that were ascending from the animal kingdom, that were becoming intellectual animals, humanoids. They needed to develop the intellect. This is how it was done.

We teach this here, but, unfortunately, humanity received all the books of Alchemy from Moses; all of the books of Alchemy and Kabbalah from Master Jesus; and all the other great prophets, such as Mohammed who delivered the Quran, which too is a work of Alchemy and Kabbalah. Regrettably, no one understood these teachings, save for those elite few that had already begun working on themselves, growing inside, awakening consciousness. Only those few were permitted to know the secrets of the teachings. This is how the knowledge was spread. Now, however, we are giving the hidden knowledge freely, because this humanity is at the very end, on the verge of being wiped from the planet.

The Master wants all of us to know the way in order to multiply our archetypes internally. That is why we are giving these lectures. Multiplication means to create children inside of us: the children of Israel, or, what we call the Solar Bodies.

The book of Genesis, when talking about the creation of our Earth states in the beginning; בראשית Barashyth (the beginning) ברא created (Bera) אלהים Elohim (Gods and Goddesses). These are the first three words of Genesis: בראשית ברא אלהים Barashyth Bera Elohim. Barashyth (the Chaos), in other words, our three brains, have to be organized, in order to create. Master Samael Aun Weor states in The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

“The Triple-powers, the Law of Three,the three primary forces of Nature and the cosmos are indispensable in order to create and create anew. “The three forces are: Holy Affirmation, Holy Negation, and Holy Conciliation; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; positive force, negative force and neutral force.

“When these three forces flow in different directions, creation cannot be achieved. “In order for a new creation to emerge, these three primary forces must reunite at a given point. (that given point is the sexual act)

“The Triple-powers and the Four-and Twenty Invisibles are present in the dawn of any cosmic creation.

“Positive, negative and neutral forces, and intensive work in the Great Work (the Arcanum 24th), form a single whole.” - The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

In the book of Isaiah it is written:


“Lift up your eyes on high, and see (מי ברא אלה Mi Bara Elah) who created Elah (אלה goddess), she brings out (these, Eleh אלה, from her womb) their (צבאם Tzabaom) host by number; he (Adam, the brain, Genesis 2: 19) calls them all by (שם Shem) name (Kain and Abel); by the greatness of his (און-ים ,אונים Aun-Yam, Mi מי in reverse) virilities, and because he is a strong (Ish איש) man, not one failed.” - Isaiah 40: 26

Regarding this quotation of Isaiah, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai states in the Zohar:


“One day that I was standing by the seashore, Elijah, the prophet, suddenly appeared and said listen to what אלה Elah (of אלהים Elohim) means: This word (אלה) is an occult word, and was revealed and explained in a heavenly temple as follows. When the Most Secret One wished to reveal himself, He first creates a point (the letter י Iod), and it became a divine Thought, in which were the ideas of all created things and forms of all things, and also that holy, glorious Light (the Prana) wherein is the Holy of Holies--a structure of magnificent and lofty dimensions, the work of that divine Thought and the beginning, or cornerstone, to this structure, hidden and concealed in the (Akash or Mem מ of השם HaShem, the) name as yet ineffable find known only as מי Mi (which in Hebrew means “who”), so, who (מי Mi) wished to manifest itself and to be called by a name and become arrayed and clothed with (the letter Mem) a precious and resplendent garment. Mi מי therefore created (אלה Elah ) ‘These אלה’ (through אלה Elah, the ‘Goddess’), which then became a part of the divine name; for אלה Eleh-Elah and מי Mi, joined and associated together, forming אלהים (Elahim or Elohim), which is composed of אלה Eleh (‘these’ archetypes and Elah, the ‘Schekinah’), and מי Mi reversed (Yam ים Sea) and which existed not previous to this conjunction.”

“Lift up your eyes on high. Where?

To the place whither all eyes are turned. There is the (פתח עינים Petach Ainayim), or opening of eyes. There you will recognize the mysterious Ancient One (מי־ברא אלה Mi Bara Elah) ‘who created these (archetypes through Elah אלה)’ and is the object of research. And who is he? It is מי Mi (who, the Holy Spirit) that is called the summit of the heavens above (in the Pineal Gland), for all things exist by his will. Because he is the object concealed and invisible after which all seek. Therefore is this mysterious being called Who (מי Mi), and beyond him search in vain. Rut at (the genitalia) the other extremity (of Ha'Mayim המים - the waters or cerebral-spinal and genital fluids) is another being known as What! (Mah מה or Elah אלה, the goddess Schekinah).” - Zohar


What conjunction is this? The conjunction of the tree primary forces; the three brains; the three triangles of the Tree of Life, of Adam and Chavah (Adam and Eve, who are Iod-Chavah), which are joined in בראשית Barashyth, in the equilibrated human being that practices Alchemy. This is why, after Barashyth, it is written Bera Elohim. When you take the same letters of ברא אלהים Bera Elohim (Beth-Resh-Aleph Aleph-Lamed-Hei-Iod-Mem) and rearrange them, you find the phrase “מי ברא אלה Mi Bara Eleh,” which in Hebrew means, "Who created these." So, Barashyth, through מי Mi (Mem-Yod, the third Logos), ברא אלה Bara Eleh (created these; meaning, the archetypes). These archetypes are within בר Bar (the, Son, the Logos, the Word, את Ath) in Ouranos (Heaven, Aleph א, the air in the head and אש in the breast) and in Gaia (Earth, the ית 'It', the Iod and Tav, in the cross, in the crossing of the male and female genitals): Barashyth Bera Elohim Ath HaShamayim VeAth HaAretz בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים את ואת הארץ. This is how we have to understand how "מי Mi created these."

If you observe the word בראשית Barashyth, it is also related with the word דבר Dabar, which in Hebrew means "word, Logos." Why? Because every word (Dabar דבר) is associated with the first and last letters - Aleph-Tav, את Ath, which represents the Logos, the Word of God. The forces of Barashyth, which are the forces of Chaos. That is why, in the previous lecture we said that the Ain Soph - which is precisely the second aspect of the Absolute, which is the feminine aspect of the Abstract Absolute Space - is from where all the worlds emerge in the universe.

That בראשית Barashyth is in us: it is the Chaos. It is Chaos because within it, within our physicality, are all the elements that we need in order to create. Unfortunately, we make a mess of our physicality. We protect children from the destruction of alcoholism, but welcome it when a person is of the appropriate age... do you see the in congruency of our tower of babbles, our intellect?

We have to know, to understand that we are in Chaos. We have no organization in our intellectual brain, our emotional brain or our motor-instinctual-sexual brain. That is why we are gathered in these teachings; in order to learn how to organize ourselves, spiritually speaking. That is why the book of Genesis says, and the Earth was formless and void: this verse is addressing us, physically speaking. We are formless and void.

The book of Genesis continues; and the Ruach Elohim was hovering upon the face of the waters. Who is this Ruach Elohim (the Spirit of God)? It is Chesed, our own Spirit. We are in Chaos, but our Ruach Elohim (the Spirit of God) is hovering upon the face of the waters. What waters? The waters of creation. Those waters of creation are called, in materialistic science; the cerebro-spinal fluid and the sexual-genital fluid. Those are the waters of creation. All of us came from there, Chaotically speaking.

If what we want is to make an intelligent creation, we must listen to and understand the book of Genesis: Barashyth Bera Elohim Ath HaShamayim VeAth HaAretz. We have the two forces; Heaven (HaShamayim, the head) and the Earth (HaAretz, our physicality). The word Ath את(Aleph-Tav) is formed of the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet; which means it is the Logos, the Word, just as Christ is the Alpha and the Omega.

Ath HaShamayim Ve Ath HaAretz-את השמים ואת הארץ: meaning, that the Logos, את Ath, that created the universe, macrocosmically speaking, is also capable of creating the microcosmos in us, through Alchemy. The only way to accomplish this, is to take advantage of our physicality.

We very well understand that as we meditate and investigate ourselves - in our intellectual brain, our emotional brain and our motor-instinctual-sexual brain - we discover that we are a mess. Truly, we are formless and void. So, what do we do? Remember God, remember your Spirit, remember that your Being is inside. All of us have our own particular, individual Spirit, our own God. That is why we have to pray to him, because he is the superior part of us. And, he is capable of hovering above and controlling the waters of Heaven and Earth. Everybody has that power; but, unfortunately, if we continue fornicating and using those creative waters in the wrong way, we continue being a mess. We continue being in Chaos: formless and void. This is precisely the problem. That is why we are in these teachings; in order to patiently learn how to control our motor-instinctual-sexual brain and our sexual waters.

Remember, physically speaking, we are divided into two polarities: the sexual fluid is feminine, the cerebro-spinal fluid is masculine. This is what the Bible called Adam and Eve. The true name of Eve, in Hebrew, is חוה Chavah. The word Chavah in Hebrew means, "to experience." This word shows us that through the sexual organ is how we can experience what is written in the book of Genesis. If Chavah (our sexual organ) is controlled, Adam (the brain) will develop. We have all of the archetypes there, in our sexual waters. It is said that we only use a fraction of our brains; we want to learn to use all of our brain, 100%. When an individual is using the entire capacity of his brain, that individual is a true Adam. Only Eve (the sexual organ) can give him that, through creating, multiplying, growing inside. That is why we say: to experience is better than to believe.

Those people that still follow the mechanical laws of animal nature continue fornicating. They still need to believe, at the level of the intellect, because they do not have knowledge. However, if we know the mystery of Chavah חוה (to experience; the sexual energy) and then we transmute through pranayama or tantra, then we develop our brain (our Adam). In order for us to develop our brain, that sexual energy has to rise up our spinal medulla. In our spinal medulla, all of our powers are found. In Sanskrit, they refer to these powers as the seven chakras, the book of revelation called them the seven churches.

If we start developing those spiritual senses, those chakras, then our Adam (our brain) will begin to grow, to develop, to multiply. Remember, in the brain is the pineal gland, the seat of the soul (Tiphereth). What do we call that force in Chavah that when it rises, it develops the brain? In Sanskrit, it is called Kundalini. In the Bible, it is called the Schekinah, and, of course, in Hebrew the Schekinah (kundalini), is coiled three times and a half, forming a nest in the fornicator; the bible call that nest קין Cain. In Hebrew, Cain קין means "nest." The nest or Cain, the sexual force, the divine substance of the Sun, the Serpent, is in the coccyx, in the Muladhara chakra. There is where we have Cain.

Caravaggio Medusa

This is why the tempting Serpent, the kundabuffer organ, the instinctual animal force, talked to Chavah, who when creating her first son according to Genesis she says: “I have gotten a (איש Esh - male fire) man with (את Ath) the Lord (the divine substance of the Sun).” Thus, Chavah the sexual organ through the animal orgasm forms, Medusa, the son of Cain קין in the mind of the fornicator. The son of Cain קין is Chanoch חנוך, which in Hebrew means scholar, intellectual.

Enoch חנוך the son of ירד Jared and father of מתושלח Methuselah must not be confused with Cain's son, Medusa, the intellectual animal, the tenebrous seer.

“(Enoch) Enoichion in Greek. Literally, the inner Eye;” the “Seer,” a reference to the third inner, or Spiritual Eye, the true name for Enoch disfigured from חנוך Chanoch.” - Madam Blavatsky

The light of the body is the (pineal) eye: if therefore thine (pineal) eye is good fulfilling its (alchemical) duty, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be wicked (because of fornication), thy whole body shall be full of darkness." - Matthew 6: 22, 23

“And all the days of חנוך Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years : And חנוך Enoch walked with Elohim (365 years are the same number of days of "Ra," the solar year): and he was not; for Elohim took him.” - Genesis 5: 23, 24


“There exists the seer of the seer and the prophet of the prophet. The seer of the seer is the Innermost. The prophet of the prophet is the Innermost. The luminous visions of our disciples come from the White Hierarchies. However, if our disciples surrender themselves to Fornication and take the black path, they walk far from the path of the prophets and they become diviners. Their dreams are then dreams from the abyss. They are vain dreams, and their tenebrous predictions lamentably fail. The prophets are masters of the venerable White Lodge. Diviners are the black magicians, tenebrous seers, prophets of the Baalim who eat at Jezebel’s table, teaching fornication or how to eat things (theories, beliefs) sacrificed unto (intellectual) idols." - Samael Aun Weor

Mystic Pride

Unfortunately, usually people develop Medusa, Mystic Pride, the son of Cain, the intellectual mammal, the tenebrous seer. They forget that in the pineal gland we have Habel, the brother of Cain. If Cain is in the sex, Habel is in the pineal gland. In Aramaic, Bel is the Sun, and Ha means "the." So, Habel is literally, "the Sun." The Solar force is in the pineal gland, and also in the heart.

If you do not know how to develop your consciousness, your Habel or Abel, Cain takes over your instinctual force and develop Medusa in your mind, and then you kill Habel; in the heart, and in the pineal gland. All of us, without exception, have a very strong Cain's son, Medusa. Through the orgasm, all of us, without exception, have killed Habel (Abel in English).

"And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name שת Seth: For Elohim, [said she], has given me שת Seth as another seed instead of Abel, whom קין Cain slew. And to שת Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enosh (אנוש Enosh - human being), thus (the שתם-אנושיים Setham-Enoshyim, the genuine human beings) began to call upon the name of יהוה (Iod-Havah)." – Genesis 4: 25, 26

“The Sethians (better said, the שתם-אנושיים Setham-Enoshyim, the genuine human beings) worshiped the Great Light, they said that the light emanations of the divine substance of the Sun form a nest (קין Cain) in us and that this constitutes the Serpent.” - Krumm Heller (Huiracocha)

You can understand the meaning of the story of Cain, Abel and Seth, very clearly, when you know Alchemy. Otherwise, if you are yet still drinking "milk," you believe that there was a literal garden, with a literal man and woman, who had children, and that one child killed the other... etc etc. This is milk. Here, we are talking about the meat, the fire.

So, the Ruach Elohim - which symbolically, in Alchemy, is called Abram, Abraham, Chesed - has to do the work. You see the word אברם Abram? It has Aleph-Beth-Resh with the Mem, because it is a masculine force in the brain. It is our own Spirit, hovering above the waters (Mem), in our own spine and that is beginning the creation that the book of Genesis talks about. But, this happens in the psychology and the physicality of the Alchemist. This is how you start the work.

What does the first book of Genesis say, in the first chapter? After it talks about the Ruach Elohim hovering upon the waters? It says: And God said, let there be light, and there was light. That is what we want; that is why we are here.

How do we develop that light? We develop that light when the sexual energy of the Third Logos rises up the spinal column, in the physical body. That is the light that we need. But, God (Elohim) has to say "Let there be light." Master Samael said:

“At the dawning of the great cosmic day, the First Logos (the Iod), the Father, said to the Third Logos, the Holy Spirit, “Go, fertilize my spouse, the chaotic matter (Malkuth), the Great Mother, so that life can arise; look into it.” Thus, this is how the Father spoke, and the Third Logos reverently bowed, at the dawning of the aurora of creation.” - Samael Aun Weor

Interestingly, in Hebrew, it doesn't actually say, "And God said let there be light." It says, "And Iod command Elohim to become light." In Hebrew: ויאמר אלהים יהי־אור Va-I-Amar Elohim Yehi Aur. Elohim is a plural word. It is formed by the word El (the masculine God) together with Elah (the Goddess) united in the sexual act: that is Elohim. Amar אמר, in Hebrew, means to say, to speak, to command: that is the Logos. So, Va-I-Amar Elohim is showing us that, the first the Logos (the Iod, the word, commands "אמר Amar") the Third Logos to enter into activity and that Logos has to act in us through our spirit (Elohim). That Logos is את Ath as well. This means that the power of creation is in the hands of the Logos, the Word. When the Spirit obeys the Logos, then the Logos creates through Chesed, the Spirit, אברהם Abraham, in בראשית Barashyth. The significance of this, is that in Sanskrit, we name the Creator; Brahma ברהמא? You see the similarity there?

That is the first step, in order to create light in us. We perform practices, like the Runes, in order to bring the Logos into our body, into our psyche, into our Spirit; we meditate and transmute our sexual energy in order for us to develop our own, individual light. That light is Aur. Aur אור relates with Auros (Horus), the son of Isis. In other words, Auros is the son of Barashyth. Because that this word is feminine, it signifies the union of two femininities; the masculine-femininity and the feminine-femininity. In other words, the masculine physical body and sexual organs and the feminine physical body and sexual organs. The sexual organs are always feminine, Kabbalistically speaking, whether male or female. When those two organs are united, it forms "ית It" Iod-Tav. Then, we (ברא Bara) create fire (אש Esh) with the two sexual forces of the י Iod united in Yesod by the cross, the letter ת Tav (ית It). That is why the word בראשית Barashyth is feminine-plural word; it is the union of the two sexualities, the two Malkuths. It is the king and the queen united in Alchemy; making light with fire. That light develops very fast, when we practice sexual magic, in accordance with the teachings as delivered by Master Samael Aun Weor.

That light, when it is completely developed, is the first day of Genesis. When you acquire the first day of Genesis, it is because you already have light in your physicality. But, when that light is developed, the book of Genesis says, "And God divided the light from the darkness." Do you see how wise our own, particular God is? God knows very well that if we were to be left with that light we had accrued, that we would use that light, that power, for foolishness, for evil. So, God absorbs that light into his Divine Soul (Geburah). That light is called day. And the darkness is called night (Laila, Lilith). This happens to any Alchemist, who laments that withdrawal of light from him. God is wise, he has to divide the light from the darkness.


Then comes the second day:

"And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the (cerebral and genital fluids or) waters, and let it divide the (superior) waters from the (inferior) waters.

And God made the firmament (in the spinal medulla), and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament (the superior from the inferior): and it was so.

And God called the firmament Heaven (Ouranos Οὐρανός). And the evening and the morning were the second day." - Genesis 1: 6-8

“A new ultra-sensible physical body, filled with millenarian perfection, has been formed from the finest atoms of the physical body. It has the majestic appearance of the Cosmic Christ and is eternal and incorruptible. This vehicle that replaces the physical body of clay has been formed in (the Ethereal body) the vital depth of (Malkuth) our clay body, our physicality, in the same manner that a chick is formed within the egg.” - Igneous Rose by Samael Aun Weor

“And I saw (Ouranos Οὐρανός) a new heaven and (Gaea Γαῖα) a new earth : for (through resurrection) the first heaven (in Yesod) and the first earth (Malkuth) were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” - Revelation 21: 1, 2

That Heaven is the first Heaven that appears inside of the Alchemist, in Yesod, the vital body, the superior aspect of our physicality. In the previous lecture we said that in Greek, the word for Heaven is Οὐρανός, Ouranos. We have to create our own particular Ouranos inside of us; Ouranos is Heaven. Ouranos is the first begotten of the Chaos. This is related with our physicality: we said that our physicality is Chaos. So, the first begotten of the Chaos is Ouranos. Ouranos is the firmament that is called Heaven; it is the Vital body. But that light, that Heaven remains with the Alchemist, it is not moved. It is then the superior part of the physical body.


“Maya (Sanskrit: मय), or Mayāsura (मयास&र) was a great ancient king of the asura, daitya and rākṣasa races. Maya was known for his brilliant architecture. In the Mahabharatha, Mayasabha, the hall of illusions was named after him.” Hindu mythology

“It is very interesting that the sexual gonads are esoterically governed by Ouranos (Οὐρανός), the planet of Aquarius.

Ouranos was (Mayāsura मयास&र) a divine king from primeval Atlantis (Atl means water in Nahua). Ouranos reminds us of οὖρον (ouron - to make water, rain, urine) the primordial water and (ανάβω Anavo - ανάβως Anavos, ignite, set on) fire (arouse - sexually).

This is equivalent to the establishment of the first luni-solar cult of the androgynous “IO,” in other words, the apparition of the astrological Chaldean; therefore, Ouranos, the Mayasura, the first Atlantean, is factually the first revealer of the sexual mysteries.

One has to descend into the ninth sphere (sex) in order to work with the primordial fire and water, origin of worlds, beasts, human beings, and gods. Every authentic white initiation begins there.” - Samael Aun Weor

Those that create Ouranos in Yesod understand that Ouranos represents the vital body, the superior waters of Heaven; Ouranos rules the Aqua-Arius, Aquarius, the water from the air, the cerebro-spinal-fluid. Thus, the medulla and the brain of the vital body is that Heaven. The goal of any Alchemist is to develop, in that Heaven, what we call in Buddhism, his Bodhicitta. That is why we create that Heaven; in that Heaven he will develop that Bodhicitta. What is Bodhicitta? It is the consciousness free from lust, free from anger, free from laziness, gluttony, vanity, pride, hatred, etc etc and all of those vices and defects that are very abundant in us. So, when we meditate, and perform the practices that we do in this doctrine, that Bodhicitta, that awakened consciousness that we develop is placed in that Heaven, when we eventually create the Body of Liberation. The Body of Liberation is another physicality that is born, but not in this physical, three dimensional world; it is born in the fourth dimension. This is how the Alchemist prepares himself, and develops his Bodhicitta, through Alchemy.

Abyss Angel 


Master Paracelsus called the sexual vital force the Archeus. The Archeus contains Binah, the intelligence that creates the internal solar bodies of the human being, the sexual vital substance “semen” is its vehicle. Paracelsus called the vital body the mummia. This word is derived from mummy. The mummia communicates the life vital force to our physicality. Like any substance, the mummia of plants and animals as well as minerals can be collected, dispersed, or manipulated. Sick mummia can be extracted from our physicalities, and solar mummia can be implanted into it. Through the mummia, a Resurrected Master acts, psychically, upon the health of a devotee.

“The four bodies of sin (protoplasmic lunar physical, ethereal, astral, mental bodies) are replaced by four heavenly bodies that serve as a temple for the triune immortal Spirit (Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth).

We extract the body of liberation from the physical body. This body is made with flesh, but flesh that does not come from Adam. It is a body filled with millenarian perfections. It is elaborated with the most evolved atoms of our physical body.

The body of Gold that interpenetrates the body of liberation is extracted from the Ethereal body.

The Child of Gold of alchemy that replaces the Astral body is extracted from the Astral body.

The Christ-Mind that replaces the Mental body is extracted from the Mental body.

This is how we achieve the metallic transmutation.

This is how the four bodies of sin are replaced by the four bodies of glory.

The Gods of Nirvana are dressed with four bodies of glory” - Treatise of Sexual Alchemy by Samael Aun Weor

“Once the Physical, Astral, Mental, and Causal bodies have been created, a true Human Being exists, a Human Being with psychic and spiritual principles, an authentic Human. Therefore, without Astral, Mental, and Causal bodies, the true Human cannot exist. Instead, only an intellectual animal exists...... These existential bodies of the Being emerge from the Archeus. We also find the Archaeus in the Macrocosm, as the Macrocosmic Archeus. This Macrocosmic Archaeus is the nebula from which the worlds emerge. What is a nebula? It is the Macrocosmic Archeus. - Samael Aun Weor

“Obviously, before the Bodhisattva is born, the Bodhichitta must be formed within us. Furthermore, it is important to clarify the necessity of disintegrating the ego, the “I,” in order for the Bodhichitta to emerge.”

The Bodhichitta is formed with the merits of love and supreme sacrifice for our fellowmen.

The Bodhisattva is formed within the environment and psychological atmosphere of the Bodhichitta.

We must not mistake the Bodhichitta with the Bodhisattva. The Bodhichitta is the awakened and developed superlative consciousness of the Being.

The Bodhichitta emerges in the aspirant who sacrifices himself for his fellowmen, long before the Mercurial bodies (astral, mental and causal solar bodies) have been created.” - The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

The Bodhichitta’s center of gravity is in the vital body, in the body of Liberation.

This is how we enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

We have to be born again. We have to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. The secret to that is here, in our physicality. Gathering as we do at any school or retreat in order to share our energy and force is good, it is positive; but, individually speaking, we have to continue doing the work that we have learned in these teachings, in order for us to continue to develop.

In the previous lecture, I told you that the first day of Genesis is the light, and the light is Lux. From that Lux comes the word "Luci," Lucifer: the carrier of the Light. When you attain to the first initiation of the Major Mysteries, when you make light in your physicality, you are a Lucifer: a carrier of the Light. From there, God says, let us divide the light from the darkness, and he takes the light, and he leaves Satan down here. That Satan is us. Remove from your mind the idea that Satan is some individual outside, controlling the world. No; Satan is controlling your own, individual, particular world. Satan is your ego itself. Satan is the conjunction of all the defects, vices and errors that we have within. We have to fight against Satan. Lucifer is the opposite of Satan; he is absorbed up there, by the first begotten.


Let us remember that alchemically speaking, our physicality is Malkuth, the earth. Thus, according to Genesis, our earth is formless and void; and (חשך Choshek) darkness is upon the face of the abyss (our infraconsciousness).

“And said Elohim, Let there be light: and there was light. And Elohim saw the light, that it was good: and Elohim separated (Lucem, Luci) the light from (Satan, the adversary, the opponent) the darkness. And Elohim called the light (יום Yom) Day, and (חשך Choshek) the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first (יום Yom) day. - Genesis 1: 3-5

Notice the alchemical relation of the Hebrew words Yam ים (water) and יום Yom (day); thus, when the electricity of our creative (Yam ים) water raises through the ו Vav, our medullar canal, then our Elohim sees the light, that it was good, and our Elohim calls that light (יום Yom) Day, in Latin we would call that day Lucifer, given that “day” ferries the light, “Luci.”

So, alchemically speaking, when Elohim separates the light from the darkness, Elohim separates Lucifer from Satan. Thus, the light, Luci is Ferried, absorbed by Geburah, the Spiritual Soul above and Satan (חשך Choshek) remains below in the dark waters of the sea of Malkuth, the earth, our physicality. The book of Revelation states:

“Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! For the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has but a short time.” - Revelation 12: 12


“A torch for my foot is your (logos) word and light (ואור - Weor) to my path.” - Psalm 119: 105

So let us not confuse the darkness of the Macrocosmos with the darkness of the Microcosmos. Since these are two different types of darknesses. Regarding these two types of (חשך Choshek) darkness, Master Samael Aun Weor stated:

“Two types of darkness exist. The first we will name darkness of silence and of the august secret of the sages. The second we will call the darkness of ignorance and error. Obviously, the first is the super- darkness. Indubitably, the second is the infra-darkness. This means that the darkness is polarized, and the negative is only the unfoldment of the positive.

Now, by means of simple inductive logic, I invite you to comprehend that Prometheus-Lucifer—chained to the solid rock, sacrificing himself for us, subjected to all the tortures in spite of being the norm of the weight, the giver of light, measure, and number, the Guardian of the seven mansions, who alone dost not allow any to enter therein save the ones anointed by wisdom, and who hold in their right hand the lamp of Hermes—inevitably unfolds himself into the fatal aspect of the egotistic multiplicity, into those sinister psychic aggregates that constitute our “I,” and which have been properly studied by Tantric Buddhist esotericism." - Samael Aun Weor

After the second day, we go up into Hod. Hod relates with the creation of the Astral body. When you enter into the third initiation of the Major Mysteries, then you enter into that story written about Joseph, who was sold into Egypt, and his brother Benjamin being born; that is the Astral body. That Astral body is the first Solar body that we create within. That is the very beginning. That is the third day.

What does Genesis say about the third day?

Astral Body

“And God said, Let the (creative) waters (of Malkuth) under (Ouranos) the heavens (of Yesod) be gathered together (in a third octave) unto one place (the lunar protoplasmic body), and let the dry land appear (in Hod): and it was so.”

“And God called the dry land Earth (Christ-astral-body); and the gathering together of the (creative) waters (in Hod) called he Seas (superior emotions): and God saw that it was good.

"And God said, Let the earth (the lunar protoplasmic body) bring forth grass (solar flesh or Christ-astral-body), the herb (astral perception) yielding (solar) seed, and the fruit tree (astral medulla) yielding fruit (solar wisdom) after his kind (superior emotion), whose (solar) seed (archetype) is in itself (in Yesod), upon the earth (the lunar protoplasmic body): and it was so.

"And the earth (the lunar protoplasmic body) brought forth grass (Christ-astral-body – solar flesh), and herb (astral perception) yielding (solar) seed after his kind (superior emotion), and the tree (astral medulla) yielding fruit (solar wisdom), whose (solar) seed (archetype) was in itself (in Yesod, sex), after his kind (superior emotion): and God saw that it was good. And the evening and the morning were the third day." - Genesis 1: 9

When INRI, the sexual fire reaches the heart within the protoplasmic lunar astral body, a most beautiful child, the Christ-astral is born.

"A third octave will permit us to engender the true Astral body, the Christ Astral. When reaching these heights, the old lunar protoplasmic astral body, the phantom, is left reduced to an empty shell which, little by little, will be disintegrated." - Tarot and Kabbalah by Samael Aun Weor

“The Astral Body is a double of our physical organism and is endowed with marvelous internal senses.”

“The neophyte has to experience within his Astral Body the entire drama of the Passion of Christ. He has to be crucified, die and be buried. He has then to resurrect and must also descend to the Abyss and remain there for forty days before the Ascension.”

“Life feeds with death, and death works for life; our old passions die so that life can surge forth. This new Astral is an ineffable pleroma, it is an aroma filled with perfections, it is the summum of wisdom.” - Samael Aun Weor.

This has to happen within us in the astral plane. It does not matter whether we have the book of Genesis memorized, or whether we are very well versed in scripture; if we do not work to create the Solar bodies within, if this does not happen inside of us, then that Barashyth (Genesis) is not performed in us. This book by Moses was written with one objective; to teach us how to enter into the level of the true Human Being, Adam.

The most important thing that we need in order to develop the astral body, is to control our inferior emotions. If you want to enter into the Astral plane consciously, you have to control your inferior emotions. The first day relates with Malkuth, your physicality and the three brains, and the light that you have to create. The second day is related with the Vital body, the superior part of the physical body, that relates with the Tattvas, the ethers and the Body of Liberation. Learning to control our sexual energies is related with our Vital body. But, when we get to the level of the Astral body, our emotions, that is hardest thing to learn to control. We have a great many defects related with the emotional center. We have to prepare ourselves so that when we enter into the third day, the third initiation, we are already controlling our emotions. We are victims of emotions.

We have too many negative emotions. Lust is a negative emotion; anger; hatred... these are all negative emotions. There is one particular negative emotion that is very strong within us; it is called self-esteem. In the outside world, they teach that you need to feed, to develop, to strengthen your self-esteem: we need the contrary of that. Developing self-esteem is the contrary of Genesis. We have to annihilate our self-esteem. When you have too much self-love, you have self-esteem. We are always thinking about ourselves, we are very self-centered. When we are hurt in our heart, in our emotional center, we react with anger, because of our pride, our self-esteem is wounded

In our heart, we have the superior emotional center. To develop that superior emotional center, we have to build the Solar Astral body; which is called Jesus Christ in the Gospels. The Solar Astral body is our own, particular Jesus Christ. It is not that you need to believe in Jesus Christ, the great Master Aberamentho that came 2000 years ago; he came to teach us how to develop our own particular, individual Jesus Christ. Christ is the Cosmic Solar force; Jesus is Yeshua (the savior). This Yeshua develops in different degrees. Here we are teaching the first degree; the Solar Astral body. Yeshua teaches us how to use the emotional center. We are victims of negative emotions, we feed our ego through our emotions; what we need, is to develop superior emotions.

There is not a single person in this world that does not have strong self-esteem. To meditate upon that, and to annihilate all of those egos related with self-esteem, mystic pride, mystic vanity, is critical. Among religious people there is a great deal of vanity, mystically speaking, and pride, mystically speaking. That occurs not only in other religions, but in Gnosticism too. We need to fight against that, and defeat that self-esteem, mystic pride and mystic vanity within us; but it is very difficult, because it is like a virus in the heart. Pride and self-esteem latch onto our hearts as though with claws, clinging to us strongly. When people do not love us the way our self-esteem, we feel very hurt and that leads to resentment. Resentment is like the base of a statue, upon which self-esteem is built. In one of his books, Master Samael Aun Weor says:

"The Lord’s Gospel also states, “Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth...” This is a phrase that no one understands. Blessed are, we would say, the non-resentful. If one is resentful how could one be meek? The resentful person delights in keeping count. He says, “And I who did him so many favors... who protected him, who did so many deeds of charity for him… and look how this friend has paid me back, when I have helped him so much and now he is incapable of helping me!” This is the “accounting” of the resentful.

How could one be meek if one is full of resentments? The one who is full of resentments lives keeping count at all times, therefore he is not meek. How could he be blessed?

What is understood by blessed? What is understood by happiness? Are we sure that we are happy? Who is happy? I have known people who say, “I am happy! I am content with my life! I am joyful!” But I have heard these same people say, “Such a fellow bothers me! I dislike that person! I do not know why I cannot get what I have always desired!” Therefore, they are not happy; what really happens is that they are hypocrites, that is all.

To be happy is very difficult; for that, one first of all needs to be meek." - Revolution of the Dialectic by Samael Aun Weor

We see ourselves as victims; we don't want to see ourselves as we are, as devils. We blame God for all of the problems that we have, that we ourselves have created. We loved to be loved in the ego. That is why the Lord Jesus says, "love your enemies." But, that is very difficult; no one loves their enemy. That is the way to develop the superior emotional center; to learn to love those that hate you.

When we sit to meditate and we recollect a memory of our behavior - mentally, emotionally, physically - that is good; that is how you comprehend yourself. But, if you are meditating, and instead of comprehending you are merely identifying yourself with self-esteem, with resentment... you will go nowhere. In those moments, we have to forget; but, that is a very difficult thing. To forgive, or to say we forgive, is an easy thing. But to forget? That is much harder. We always retain our emotional memory of the ego, resentment in other words.

If we achieve the annihilation of self-esteem, resentment, hatred, anger, pride, vanity, mystic pride, mystic vanity, within ourself, we will advance greatly, making big steps ahead. The rest will be easy. But, that is to fight against ourselves. That is why this path is difficult. This is what we have to do, in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; we have to defeat our inferior emotions, our sexual temptations, which also relate with the heart. We always justify our adultery, by saying things like, "I am in love." It is just desire, in the heart.


Audience: You talked about the first day of Genesis, how God separates the light from the darkness, and how he takes the light from the first day into Geburah. Why does he not does this in the other days?

Instructor: Well, because Satan only has power in Malkuth. Scarcely do people know the fourth dimension. And, even though in the second day of Genesis, when the Body of Liberation is created, it does not mean that Heaven is completely pure. That Heaven becomes completely pure when you annihilate the ego. It is there that the Bodhichitta is developed: in Yesod.

Yesod is the superior aspect of our physicality. It is there that God places those elements that we, in the future, will use. We get to enjoy, from time to time, some light; when our Being wants to give us light, he gives us light.

I remember an experience I had relating with this. In this path, there is always a lot of jealousy, envy, among those who are walking the path. Of course, certain friends of mine in the past started spreading news about myself, and my behavior. The news made its way to Mexico. At that time, the Master Samael was already dead and the one in charge of the Gnostic missionaries and instructors, like me, was the Master Litelantes; Master Samael's widow. Master Litelantes is a very awakened Master.

Master Litelantes came to me in the astral plane, and interrogated me and asked about these rumors, these stories. While asking me, I prayed to my Inner God, and told her that the things that these people were saying were untrue. She approached me and looked into my eyes. When an Angel, a Master looks into the eyes of any initiate, it is like if we were to approach the window of a house in order to see what is happening inside; they see everything that is happening inside that house. Clairvoyantly, she looked within my "house," in order to see if what I was saying was true. At that moment, I felt the light of my God coming from above, penetrating me completely, 100% And Master Litelantes saw the truth, and she withdrew. When she withdrew, I realized I would have to deal with my Inner God. I kneel and began to beg for my God to not take my light from me; I promised that I would behave more perfectly, that I would obey. I begged and begged. And, the light left me! I understood why; I have the ego alive. I understood how these Masters investigate the gossip that they hear, and they go inside the soul of that person, to see if it is true. Any Angel can do this.

Your God has the will to give you the light and take the light as much and as often as He wants. Sometimes they give me light, sometimes they take it; now, I am accustomed to that. What my God wants from me, is to die, completely. He doesn't trust me; and I understand. God absorbs the light, and we understand why.

You can make your own dark light, of course, but that is another way... That is the way of the demon; you do that when you begin to do things by yourself, and you don't care about God or the white hierarchy. That is another way; but we are not for that way; we are for the way of the Christ, the way of the Lord, the way of the Spirit.

I am telling you that these types of things will happen. God will give you the light when you are completely dead.

Remember, the Great Master Jesus said;

"And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" - Matthew 27: 46

If even Master Jesus, that degree of Master, would say that? Of course we will all experience that. If God is within you, you cannot die, because God is immortal; that is why. God will be with you, after your resurrection. But, in order to resurrect, you have to die. If you do not die, how are you going to resurrect, psychologically and physically speaking.

Audience: You talked about the milk and the meat. During the lecture you mentioned a commandment from the Torah, saying that you shall not boil a calf in the mothers milk. Is that related to the understanding of the milk and meat that you talked about here, or is that something else?

Instructor: That was written during the time when you had to be aware whether a person was ready for the doctrine, and to be careful with what you gave them. In my life I have had the opportunity to talk openly about these teachings because now is the time to give them freely. But, if the person does not want to hear it, then you have to learn to close your mouth, and to respect their wishes; that person is not prepared. Do not force it. Do not force a person to eat meat who is used to only drinking milk. You can make a mess and you can gain karma by forcing the doctrine on someone that does not want that.

“I said in mine heart, God shall judge the righteous and the wicked: for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work.” - Ecclesiastes 3: 17

So, there is a season for everything. Obviously, we are in these teachings because we are ready for them. But, many people enter into the website, read a little, and then they close it; they are not prepared, and that is ok.

Master Samael says, those that are very imbibed in good and evil are the ones that want this doctrine. This humanity still needs to suffer a great deal before it appreciates what we are giving here.

Audience: I have a question with regards to the death of the ego. To understand the significance of the death of an ego, as an accomplishment. Master Samael talks about you can only understand your ego at a certain level. But can you explain how you achieve the death of an ego a different levels, and what techniques can you use to go ever deeper. Sometimes you cant go any deeper on a particular ego, and it keeps coming back; so, how can you eliminate it completely?

Instructor: We have to understand that, when we talk about any defect, that it hides in the 49 levels of the mind, the lunar mind. In each level, there are many caves, many rooms. In each room you find egos related with that defect. We are speaking about only one defect here.

So, when somebody annihilates the defect of anger completely, that anger is annihilated in each one of the 49 levels, and in each room and each cave of all of those levels. In order to penetrate into yourself, you have to meditate. But, do not worry about completely eliminating a defect in one sitting; do not worry about annihilating something in all the 49 levels of the mind. Instead, worry about the level in which you currently are, and that you are capable of penetrating into. When you awaken your consciousness more and more, you will gain the ability to penetrate deeper and deeper. No one can eliminate the defect of anger in all 49 levels of the mind in one session. That is impossible. Part of that anger? Yes; but, not all of that defect. The ego is the multiple-imperfect unity. The same goes for every ego that we have; lust, vanity, pride, etc etc. They are divided into many aggregates, in all of the levels of our mind.

So, don't get discouraged if you are working on a particular ego that you want to annihilate, and it appears again and again and again, in different ways. It may appear as though it is the same aggregate, but it is not; it is another aggregate of the same defect. Each of our defects has many aggregates that reside in the caves and rooms of the 49 levels of the mind. Don't try to kill every aggregate of one defect in one shot; because, you will not kill any. Focus on one.

We need to learn to see how any defect will appear. With self-observation, we learn to catch an ego, and then we must meditate upon it and comprehend it. Then, we ask our Divine Mother to annihilate it. If you have comprehended that ego with your consciousness, your Divine Mother will destroy that aspect of the ego. But, that ego will appear again, because we have many aggregates of every defect. You need to be patient. Remember; with patience you shall possess your soul.

We also have to remember to be careful with our egos, because they will also attack us. They do not want to be comprehended, and they do not want to die.

Question: For those of us who are a little thicker; why is this lecture titled Beyond Good and Evil?

Instructor: Because, this is how the consciousness has to develop. We have many egos that are evil, but, we also have many egos that are considered "good." For instance, when we genuinely compliment someone, if they do not receive that compliment with the consciousness, then we feed a "good" ego of self-esteem, of pride, or some other ego, in that person. The good ego is an ego that needs to be annihilated because it is the base of many bad egos. So, our consciousness has to go beyond good and evil. We have a lot of egos that are considered good egos within that we have to comprehend.

Once, a student asked the Master Samael Aun Weor, “Master what about the Gnostic ego is it good or bad? And the Master answered; "Well, let me tell you the truth. That question becomes a very spicy one, you know, because in the Gnostic Movement there is not a single person without a Gnostic ego. The interesting thing is that such an ego must also be annihilated. Only the Gnostic Consciousness must remain. The Gnostic ego is an automatic, mechanical ego. You must reduce it to ashes. You must be cognizant of the Doctrine so that Gnosis will develop in you by cognizant, doctrinal conviction. And not like a mere mechanistic automatism. The Gnostic I is mechanical. But the Gnostic Consciousness is revolutionary, rebellious, and terribly divine." So, in the beginning, worry about the good and evil ones that you find are associated in a given event. Once you have annihilated all of the evil and good egos that are associated at any given event - for instance, pride is always associated with anger or self-esteem with resentment - then move onto new egos. Good egos do not know how to do conscious good. We have a lot of good egos of self-esteem and vanity, worry about those now, and you will advance quickly. It is better to do good but good with cognizance, than to do good that in the end becomes evil; so, we also have a lot of egos which do not know how to do good, thus, these need to be annihilated.

We all know the feeling when someone comments positively about us, about our work, etc etc... our good egos of pride and sel-esteem love that. We need to self-observe; we need to know our good and our evil, and to go beyond. Don't get identified with the ego.

Question: I have a question with regard to self-esteem. I have a lot of conversations with my father in about this; I've told him that self-respect is different from loving yourself. He says how can you love others if you can't love yourself, and I tell him that is already in me. It's not like I'm trying to make him comprehend, because he is at his level, but how do you walk in between those two things; between loving yourself and having self-respect?

Instructor: Well, in regards to this, it comes into my mind a story from the Mahabharata, from India. There was a great warrior that wanted to enter into the battle; the battle against the ego. But, the ones in charge of that war held him back from entering. He said, "I am prepared. I am ready to fight." The Master that was there, whose body was filled with arrows, in agony, but still alive, said, "Ok, tell me, are you willing to enter into this war against the ego? To fight, but without pride, and without anger?" The warrior replied, "I am willing to fight without pride and without anger." "Then you are prepared; go and fight."

In other words, we have to fight; we are in a war inside ourselves. We have to deal with relatives, with friends, etc, and we have to deal with them without pride and without anger. But, in the moment that we are dealing with them, and our pride arises, we realize we are not yet prepared. The great Masters are like those samurai from Japan; they are skillful with the sword, and they know how to fight, but without anger and without pride. In those times, people would come up to those warriors, and spit in their faces, in order to make that warrior upset, to make him feel pain in his pride. And, when he was feeling his pride hurt, and his anger arising, he would walk away and not fight; they were not allowed to fight if they felt anger or pride. In order to fight, the consciousness has to be active; that is the clue.

But, in the beginning, I don't think we are capable of doing that; to go into the field of our relatives, of our friends, and to demand respect without pride and without anger... we have to gain that, by meditating on ourselves a great deal. As we develop, we will come to see that all of our friends and relatives are at their own level, and that we have to respect that level. And, if they have to deal with defects and vices, let them deal with it; and if they cannot, what can we do? We have to respect them.

Master Samael says that we have to learn how to receive with gladness, the unpleasant impressions of our fellow man. To learn how to receive with gladness the insults of our fellow man is really very difficult; if someone is truly able to do that, it is because they are very dead in their self-esteem and resentment. That type of person is able to feel compassion for that person that is insulting them. It is easy to say these things; but when faced with it, it is not easy at all. We need a lot of work.

This is how the Angels in Heaven are; without ego. But, they fight, against darkness.

Thank you very much.