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Virgo—the zodiacal sign of the virgin—is a beautiful zodiacal sign that has a very profound esotericism.

When we study the Greek-Roman mythology, we discover that Mercury - which is the planet that rules or that is in the house of Virgo - is the messenger of the Gods.  In Greek terms, Mercury is called Hermes; this word Hermes is utilized in different ways, for instance, in order to imply that behind certain phrases or terminologies or words, there is something Hermetic, something hidden, which is knowledge, wisdom.  That is why Hermes-Mercury was qualified as the one that brings the word of God; he is the messenger of the Gods.  Pausanias, the great geographer, in his fifth book, shows Mercury sharing a common altar with Jupiter (a curious Prawn gem represents Mercury enthroned and bearing the attributes of Jupiter) this is very significant and profound. We have to inquire, to dig, to delve into the waters in order to discover the mystery of Mercury.

If we inquire into the origin of the word Mercury, which is Mercurius, a Latin word, we discover the French word Mer, which in Spanish is Mar, and in Italian Mare.  Thus, mar, mare, Mer and “Curius” or cura, curia, which is the nuncio: messenger.  So, mer-curios or mar-curia is of course, we will say, the nuncio of the sea.  That is why, you see, Mercurius, or Mercuria, or Mercury, in some graphics, emerging from the very bottom of the sea, la mare, mar, mer—because indeed, Mercury is associated with the liquid, water, since, among the metals, Mercury is a liquid metal that is called quicksilver.  And indeed, in alchemy, it represents the raw matter of the great work that each one of us has to perform.  Alchemists state, “Bring me mercury, and I will do anything that you require from me.”

Mercury is represented Kabbalistically, in the Tree of Life, in the mysterious Sephirah Daath, which means knowledge, because Mercury is the one that brings the knowledge from above, from the Gods. He brings it from the triangle of God which is above, in the Tree of Life: the first triangle, Kether, Chokmah, Binah: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, which – astrologically - are always placed in the Sun.  That is why when we talk about the center of the solar system (the sun, the solar light), we always indicate the Trimurtis, the three primary forces, or what we call the Holy Triamazikamno, the law of three, the law that creates, the Solar Light.


These three forces in one, the trinity, is what is called the Cosmic Christ.  And if you utilize right now your imagination, you will see the Sun there in the center of the solar system, and the first planet rotating around it is Mercury.  That is why many astrologers in the past stated that Mercury and the Sun are one.  When you study astrology in Kabbalah and Alchemy, you understand that statement.

Daath, Kabbalistically speaking, is below the three primary forces (the first triangle) in Kabbalah, the Tree of Life. Daath is the outcome of that Trinity.

Daath is made by the junction, the union of two parts, which are related with Binah.   Binah is Hebrew and means “understanding, comprehension.”  Binah, comprehension, is what in Christianity we call the Holy Spirit.  This Holy Spirit in India is called Shiva.  Shiva, the Holy Spirit, divides into two parts in Daath, which in Hinduism are called Shiva Shakti.

Here is where we find the marvelous duality that Mercury represents.  If you see in Gemini, Mercury is also there.  But Mercury in Gemini is acting just on the surface, in the masculine aspect.  We will say that Mercury in Gemini likes to know a little bit of everything.  But Mercury in Virgo, which is the sign that we are entering right now, is the one that delves, goes deep down into the matter.  Virgo is ruled by the element earth.  So you have to dig into the earth; Virgo likes to dig, to inquire, investigate, while Gemini is only on the surface, floating, we will say, like the air, above the face of the waters. (In Gemini… the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters).

This masculine and feminine aspect of Mercury is telling us that it is an androgynous aspect; it has two polarities.  We are explaining here its feminine aspect: Virgo, the virgin.  A very important aspect - that most of this present humanity ignores—because the Virgin, the feminine aspect of Mercury, is taught or stated in many religions—there are many types of virgins.  Without going so far back in time, just going to Christianity, we find the virgin Mary, which, if you inquire, the word Mary has also the word mar, mer—the sea.  That is why Mary is celebrated in many parts of the world in Christianity as the Virgin of Carmel, Stella Maris (mar, mare, mer) the star from the sea.


We have to investigate and inquire but really, when in esotericism, when we talk about the Virgin, about the mother, which in Latin is called mater—that is how you say it.  The mater is precisely hidden within the womb of Mercury, the mystery of Hermetic philosophy.

When you observe the planet Mercury, you find that it floats in space and rotates around the sun.  The sun sustains Mercury and planets like Jupiter by the electromagnetism in accordance to astronomy.  Notwithstanding, the space in which Mercury and the planets are floating is that sea that we are talking about here, which, in Hinduism, receives the name of Akasha. That substance is also called Prakriti:  the Divine Mother space—which is not a person but a substance—the primordial substance from which emerged the worlds, suns, stars, the planets, everything.  That is why one of the aspects of Prakriti is space.

Scientists in this day and age talk about matter, but really they do not know anything about the matter itself, the substance itself, which, in Kabbalah, receives the name of Binah, intelligence, comprehension.

Mercury is called “the first begotten of creation” because it is the first manifestation of the Unknowable.  This Mercury, or Shiva, the Holy Spirit, is the one that brings the substances, the elements, or the Divine Mother space, into activity.  That is why you find that Mercury is represented as the Holy Spirit divided into masculine and feminine.

The Divine Mother space, which is fecundated by Mercury, in its positive aspect, masculine aspect, is that substance that we call Prakriti and that is represented in the mysterious Sephirah Daath, which is the union of the two polarities within which the three primary forces dwell, in each one of them.


That is why this primordial substance, Prakriti, the Akasha, is named Isis in ancient Egypt. Isis is the Mother space, Rhea, Cybele, Tonantzin, Maya. That substance, primordial intelligent substance, takes form in everything that exists; any type of substance or element comes from it.  All those elements that are studied in science as compound or simple elements are nothing but the crystallization of that primordial substance. That is why we state that that primordial substance has eight aspects or, we will say, is crystallized in eight aspects:  the fire, the water, the air, the earth, the space, mind, intellect, and ego.  These are the eight crystallizations of that primordial matter.

Going down into nature, we find that the Divine Mother, that primordial substance, is the origin of everything in nature, in any planet.  When we talk about nature, we always talk about the four elements, astrologically speaking.  Astrologically, fire, earth, air, and water are related with the twelve zodiacal signs—three zodiacal signs in each of the different elements.  For instance, the element earth, is the second aspect, in Virgo, while the third is related with Capricorn; we talked about the first in the lecture of Taurus.

Three Gunas

So, in order for anything to exist, to be alive, to come into existence, it is because of the disequilibrium of the elements, which are synthesized in the three Gunas, as they are called or named in Hinduism; these are three aspects.  The three Gunas are named:

  1. Guna Sattva
  2. Guna Rajas
  3. Guna Tamas

These three Gunas are related to:

  1. Sattva, with knowledge, with wisdom
  2. Rajas is related with desire
  3. Tamas is related with inertia, ignorance

When the primordial substance is in rest, then these three aspects, Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas, are in equilibrium.

To go into this matter related with our psychology, in order to comprehend , we will state that:

  1. Sattva is related with the intellectual brain
  2. Rajas with the emotional brain
  3. Tamas with the motor-instinctual, sexual brain

We have:

  1. in the head, Sattva: wisdom, knowledge, intelligence
  2. Rajas in the emotional, the solar plexus
  3. Tamas below, in those centers we call motor-instinctual-sexual centers

In order to enter into the bosom of the un-manifested Father (which receives has many names—we call it the Absolute) in order to enter into the bosom of the Father, these three Gunas (or three aspects, this matter of the Divine Mother) must be in equilibrium.  If there is any disequilibrium, then that originates creation.  The disequilibrium of the three aspects or Gunas of the Divine Mother is what creates any world, any planet, any entity in the universe, and is the outcome of karma.  So karma is the effect of the disequilibrium of these three aspects, at any level.

This is why it is stated that when everything enters into equilibrium after the karma is paid, everything returns into the bosom of the Divine Mother, but it does not go further.  The bosom of the Father only receives all the elements which are in perfect equilibrium.  The Divine Mother has those aspects in equilibrium just for a certain period of time.  But when those aspects enter again into disequilibrium, then the universe appears from that primordial substance, Prakriti.

That is why it is stated that the Ain Soph is the origin of the cosmic days.  Everything emerges from it and everything returns to it.  What we call Pralaya (cosmic night) or Mahapralaya (great cosmic night) happens always within the womb of that primordial substance which is space, Prakriti; we call it the un-manifested Mother.  That substance is virginal, and this is what we have to understand and comprehend—this is the virginal substance of matter.

When we investigate that primordial substance, we also discover that it exists within every single human being.  That is why, in Christianity, they talk about the three Mary’s.

  1. the Mary in space that we are talking about here; the Prakriti, Space
  2. the Mary or Mother in nature, which is the origin of all these kingdoms in Malkuth—mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms.
  3. the Mary or the Divine Mother who has individuality within each one of us

In other words, Mary is precisely what, in the Old Testament, is referred to in the fourth commandment:

Honor your father and your mother.

Many Christians, Jews, and many other scholars or religious people that do not have the right information assume that this commandment is related with our physical mother and father.  Now of course, we have to respect our parents, but that commandment is not related to our father and mother in the physical plane; it is directly related to that primordial substance, those elements that abide in another level…

In order to understand this, it is coming into my mind that part of the Gospels, in the New Testament, when Paul the Apostle says:

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? - 1 Corinthians 6: 19

We have to understand that this Holy Ghost, this Holy Spirit, this mercury, is an energy, it is a force, or as we say, a spirit.

This mercury abides in all of our body, in the two aspects, masculine and feminine.  The two polarities of the Holy Spirit, or this mercury of the sacred philosophy, alchemy, is that father and mother hidden in the mysterious Daath, knowledge, related with Hermes, mercury.

It is that substance that can originate a transformation in us.  Here in the physical body, we see that Mercury and Jupiter were sharing, according to ancient sages, the same throne.  Then we have to inquire in the physical body: that mercury emerges from the sea and we see that in Gemini, it is related with the air, which is the spirit, the force that, in the last synthesis, is situated in the brain.  Remember that mercury is also related with the intellect, with the mind, and that is why Virgo and Gemini are remarkable because of the ability to use the mind.

Mercury, or the Prakriti, is the origin of the mind and the intellect, and the ego.  The vehicle of the mind is the brain; anyone can verify this: when we use our mind, we use our brain.  But we have to know the relationship of the brain with the different glands.  The pituitary and pineal gland are related with the brain and with the sexual glands, or with the womb.  We are not going to go so deep into the sexual glands because that is a lecture related with Scorpio. But let me tell you that ancient sages stated that Virgo and Scorpio were one single sign, or were sharing one sign.  If we do not know anything about alchemy and Kabbalah, we would say, “How is this possible?”  Virgo, the virgin, rules the stomach, the womb of the woman, and obviously the uterus is a sexual organ.  On each side you find the ovaries of the woman.  And of course, in order for that womb to be fecundated, the man has to put his own mercury, the male aspect, which we are talking about here, which is the sperm, into the womb.  But the fetus develops within the womb, which is Virgo.

Nevertheless, there are two aspects that we need to comprehend in relation with the virgin, with that substance, which is the origin of this physical body that we have.  We know that the embryo is developed within the womb of the physical mother, is developed in growing things through the activities of the Divine Mother, or that primordial substance that multiplies, --which in the beginning, is very gelatinous, very soft, and it forms the first cell, germinal cell, within the womb of the mother.  Little by little, that cell is accumulating the different earth elements that the embryo needs in order to build the skeleton.  And little by little, while the Divine Mother of that substance is crystallizing and making the skeleton of that embryo, finally the fetus appears within the womb of our physical mother.  But remember that the physical mother is only a vehicle, a vessel, within which this intelligence (Binah) works.

Unfortunately, and this is precisely a big point here, we were engendered through fornication.   If we knew about this aspect, that the Divine Mother and the Holy Spirit abides within fecundation--because it is life, God is life,--we would not be fecundated in other ways.  But we were fecundated as animals, through fornication—we did not take care of the seed.

In other words, from our main origin, physical origin, we are emerging from out of the broken law—we have broken the law, we are breaking the law—which is fornication.  People have the idea that fornication, that the Bible abundantly talks about, is the sexual act before being married.  They think that God is very concerned with certain papers, or signatures of this physical world.  They do not understand that God is life and he does not care a bit about any signature or title there that we put on the wall about that—that we are certified and married.  For this society which we believe is necessary, if you wish.

But under the eyes of God, to marry is to unite two forces, and fornication is when those forces are utilized in the wrong way, they are squandered.  The word fornication is related with the word furnace, the oven, which in ancient times was used in order to burn or to gather the seed or grain of the garden.  The Garden of Eden where we have the seed, which is the sexual force, when we burn that energy, that force in the sexual act, that is the furnace.  When we fornicate, when we utilize the fire in the wrong way, the fire of the Divine Mother and our Divine Father, when we do that, we do not honor our Father and Mother.

This whole humanity is the outcome of fornication.  Irrational animals, because they are irrational, are not blamed for fornication.  But we received the commandments, the rules, in order for us to take advantage of the sexual energy.

“To honor father and mother” means to know how to utilize our own particular mercury, to build in our own particular womb our own humanity.

But behold, in spite of that, we made the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother, to work through fornication.  That is why it is written “whosoever fornicates sins against the Holy Ghost.”  Of course, we all sin against the Holy Ghost, or that mercury, that force, and we are born in a situation that we call karma—the Holy Spirit starts building a body of death—a body that eventually will die.  The physical body is condemned to death.  It is written:

But of the tree of the knowledge (Daath) of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it (as beasts): for in the day that thou (as a beast) eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. - Genesis 2: 17

And, this is nothing new, that all of us which are here, sooner or later, will die.  But the creator of this body is the Holy Spirit, spirit of life.  Not through Immaculate Conception but through sin—because immaculate means without a spot, without sin, without a blemish---but all of us are not immaculate.  We know that our father and mother were fornicating—delivering themselves to lust, to the animal lust—that is why through the original sin we are here, all of us.

And that is why the body that the Divine Mother created for us in the womb of our physical mother is a body of sin, the outcome of fornication, within which is placed that karma, the karma of fornication.  That is why it is stated that all of us are born with that sin of fornication.

The body, which is formed within the womb of our physical mother, is made according to our own karma.  To begin with, the genotype is the karma of fornication, because our father and physical mother gave us that genotype, that inheritance, in the very moment of their fornication, in the sexual act, and our soul was connected to that sperm, because of karma, in order to be developed.

So all the substances, elements, that the Divine Mother needs in order to create that body are taken through the physical body of our physical mother because the father, the only thing he does is to place the seed.  It is the duty of the man to place the seed into the womb.  But the one that takes that whole work to make that body is the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect, you see?

So in this case you see that the Divine Mother suffers because her children do not respect her.  And that is why it is stated that when one prostitutes his own or her own body, that matter, which is the physical body, turns into a whore.  And that is why in India, for instance, Kali is worshipped in two ways:  Kali the Divine Mother that everyone respects, and Kali, in the negative aspect, which is a whore.

Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members of an harlot? God forbid.

Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that commiteth fornication sinneth against his own body. - 1 Corinthians 6: 15, 18

In other words, those who fornicate (those who spill their sexual seed through the orgasm) do not respect, they do not honor their Divine Mother; they do not honor father and mother, because they ignore this aspect that we are talking about here.

So the body is created in nine months and little by little, the Divine Mother is crystallizing in substances, elements, in order to create the different organs, according to the law of karma.  And that is why she suffers because she is creating something that she should not.   But the law has to be obeyed—and we live in this valley of tears—and one is born in the family in different substances according to that law of karma which we will be explaining in the next lecture.

So you see here how that primordial substance, which is called Akasha is related with our sexual matter.  The Akasha is called semen, or the raw matter of the great work.  It is called raw mercury or the brute mercury.

The brute mercury is the semen (whether in the woman or in the man, because the semen in the woman is feminine sexual energy). That energy is the one that takes all the substances through the body of the woman, which is really a great laboratory within which the baby is grown and developed.

But I repeat again, we are being developed and created within the womb of our physical mother, but the one that is making that body is the Divine Mother.  She is the one that makes it--every time, in any womb, according to the 108 lives that we have to have as humanoids—or any vehicle of Malkuth—she is always the one that works—whether in the mineral kingdom, in the plant kingdom, in the animal kingdom, or in the human kingdom.

So, the baby, the fetus that is being developed within and that comes out from the womb of Virgo, is a marvelous body - created by the Divine Mother - which is full of life.  But if you observe the body of a newborn coming from the womb of the Divine Mother, you will understand that all the elements that the woman took in order to build it was sexual matter, sexual forces—because the womb itself is her sexual organ (ruled by Scorpio).  And that is why ancient sages stated that Virgo and Scorpio were one sign— yes, they were one sign in Eden - in ancient times - when people respected the fire, the forces of the Holy Spirit; but they separated their physicality (Malkuth) from Eden (Yesod) and now,  the body that we inherit, the physical body (Malkuth), grows up in accordance to Kamaduro, in accordance to the law of death.

In the beginning the physical body of the newborn baby is very subtle, gelatinous, and one part is calcareous, strong—and that is why the body of a newborn has flexibility.  But, when we investigate any adult, we discover that his body is no longer three quarters gelatinous and one quarter calcareous—now it is three quarters calcareous and one quarter gelatinous—and little by little it is turning into a hard rock. When you investigate the urine or the excrement of newborn babies you do not find any hard substances like, for instance, you find in adults, like calcium and many other kinds of concrete matter that are abundant in the adult body.  We do not find any of those elements in the urine of any baby or any child because what he eats is utilized in order to strengthen him—the internal organs and the skeleton.  While when we are already adult, the physical body no longer needs that yet we still take those elements into our body and the body is accumulating or putting them in different parts of the body, causing, of course, diseases, sicknesses.

It is very normal in this day and age to find people with stones in their kidneys or in their gall bladder or in different organs.  You see, for instance, that liquid called synovia, which helps the joints especially in the knees in order to have flexible knees or joints of your body, is turning into a hard substance with time—and that is why people start walking slowly or having different types of problems in their organism and it is because of the ignorance of what we eat.

That is why when we talk about Virgo, we have to understand and comprehend the mystery of the virgin.  But since the beginning we are breaking the law, we continue doing this through our life, and we ignore what to eat or in which way to feed our bodies.  It is not the same to feed our body when we are a child or when we are young, now that we are already past adulthood and we are going to elderly-hood.  We have to know what to eat, what to drink—because most of the time we eat food that brings those concrete elements that we no longer need.  A boy, a girl, a young body, needs those elements and that is why they eat anything, because they are growing; they want to have strong muscles and tendons and skeleton.

But when we are already adults, we have to know how to feed ourselves and to see which type of food that we put into our stomachs is good and what other type of food is bad for us because our organism—everyone of us has a different type of organism, so we have to inquire to see, in accordance to our sign as well.  Because, according to the sign of Virgo, we have three types of food:  Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic.

The Sattvic is in relation with fruits and vegetables, any type of grain that contains the pure energy of the sun that Mother Nature places in all of her elements, all of her productions, creations, in the plant kingdom.  Remember that the trees, vegetables in the plant kingdom are made by Mother Nature and, just to the sight, to be desirable to eat, in order to feed our organism.

Those Sattvic elements, like vegetables and fruits, have a lot of energy substances that we need and that do not create too much calcareous elements, hard elements that will cause sicknesses and problems in our physical body.

Unfortunately, when those elements are adulterated, we only eat the matter, but the substance itself, the Solar Force, is no longer there.  That is why we always insist on eating organic food, foods that are not adulterated, grafted, canned, etc., because, as students of esotericism, we know that everything goes into Virgo, our stomach, in the intelligence of our Divine Mother in the stomach—and we digest that and transform that into substances that we need in order to be alive and do this work that we need to perform.

The womb is the sexual organ where the Divine Mother develops this physical body.  We receive this physical body in order to be born again.  Everybody knows that we have to be born again, but nobody can be born again without the activity of the Holy Spirit, without the activity of mercury, without the activity of the waters.  That is why in India Mercury, or Mercurius, the Third Logos, is Shiva and Shakti; but, in esotericism, the spinal column, or better said, the spinal medulla, is another womb.

When I say this, it is coming into my mind when Jesus talked to Nicodemus about the second birth:

Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born? – John 3: 3, 4

Nicodemus is talking about the physical mother—to enter into another womb and be born again.

Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. – John 3: 5

In the beginning…. the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.  - Genesis 1: 1

There is another womb, whether we are man or woman, and that womb is the spinal medulla.

Nicodemus answered and said unto him, How can these things be?

Jesus answered and said unto him, Art thou (a Rabbi) a master of Israel, and knowest not these things? – John 3: 9. 10

Thus, Master Jesus wonders how Nicodemus–who was a great Kabbalist at that time–did not know about the mystery of the second womb.

The spinal medulla is that spiritual womb where the second birth is accomplished by the Holy Spirit.  The Divine Mother as creative fire is the one that has to enter within this second womb in order to be fecundated.

Here you have to understand that one thing is to be created, physically, in the womb of the physical mother, which is a creation of the Divine Mother but through fornication, and another thing is the second birth, the spiritual birth.

The Second Birth

Many fundamentalist Christians think that the second birth is a matter of believing in Jesus.  Listen, no one can be born again by believing in Jesus.  If in order to be physically alive, if in order to be born in this physical world, which is the lowest, we need the sexual act of two, father and mother, why then do fundamentalists think, why do they conceive something impossible, which is that in order to be born again it is just by believing in Jesus?  Do not they understand what Jesus himself said to Nicodemus: “Art thou (a Rabbi) a master of Israel, and knowest not these things?” Jesus implies in his answer that Nicodemus should know the mystery of the water and the Spirit beforehand!

It is written in the Bible, that the Divine Mother, the Holy Spirit is the one that originates the second birth, and that is why it is always represented with the Baptism—that anybody that wants to be born again, symbolically, has to be baptized. Baptism is a submerging into the waters, but not physical waters—that is a symbol, in any religion.  For that, we need to know that the Divine Mother has to be fecundated, spiritually, in the other womb, which is the spinal medulla.

That is why in esotericism, the spinal medulla is related with the seven chakras, the seven churches, according to the book of Revelation.  There the Divine Mother creates these other vehicles, which are immortal, which are not subject to death—our physical body is subject to death—but the second birth, that spiritual creation, is in another dimension, because it is a spiritual birth. It is electronic.

In order to be born again, it is necessary to born by the spirit, which is the Holy Spirit, and by the water.  We have to know how to transmute the sexual waters in the sexual act, and not fornicate, because the one that fornicates cannot be born again—meaning the one that spills, the one that reaches the orgasm, the spasm of the beasts in the sexual act, never can be born again.

There are many couples in “Christianity” who respect the matrimony, they do not commit adultery, but they fornicate during the sexual act, since they reach the orgasm.

It is necessary to make a clarification in all the dictionaries—because they always mix fornication with adultery—they say it is the same thing.

When one transmutes the sexual energy, when one does not commit the sacrilege of fornication, then the Divine Mother in the spinal medulla creates an immortal body which is fecundated by the Holy Spirit.  That fecundation happens within your own matter, because your own physical body is that matter, is Malkuth in Kabbalah.  The physical body is Malkuth and, in Kabbalah, Malkuth is a feminine body, because it is the creation of the Divine Mother.  From that matter any initiate originates the Immaculate Conception.

The Immaculate Conception which is written about in the Gospels is not physical conception.  We do not deny that it could be that type of birth in which the woman can become pregnant without the orgasm—that is a type of birth that the Bible talks about as well—a physical body that is born without the orgasm, because a single sperm can leave easily from the sexual glands of a man when connected with a woman, and the woman can be pregnant easily, without spilling millions of seeds, without fornication.  Thus, there are many Masters, many individuals who were born that way, which are not the outcome of the orgasm, nevertheless, that is not the birth that we are talking about here.

The birth that is originated by Mary is related with our own particular individual Mary—because you have to understand that Mary in Christianity is relates to three aspects, as I said in the beginning:

  1. Mary in space
  2. Mary in nature
  3. Mary in the human being

Each one of us has his own particular Mary.  That particular Mary, that intelligence, created this physical body that we have now, within the womb of our mother, because we were created in this physical world through fornication.

When the Bible talks about the second birth, it is related with the second womb, not with the first womb, and that second womb is the spinal medulla—but for that the Divine Mother also needs to be fecundated by the Holy Spirit, and that is only possible in the sexual act, and that is why Master Jesus of Nazareth performed his first miracle in the wedding of Cana.  He transmuted the water of sexuality into the wine of the spirit—this is a symbol that we have to comprehend.

Such a birth can happen when the couple - in the holy matrimony - does not commit the mistake of reaching the orgasm, that is, when they learn how to transmute their sexual matter into energy. Transmute means to transform the matter into energy.  You see:  the mater into energy.  The mater is the mother, the primordial substance which is the Akasha, in the sexual organs.

When that Akasha, that mater, is transformed into energy, that energy eventually is transformed into another subtle matter, which is immortal.  That is the second birth, and is originated within the spinal medulla, where the famous Kundalini has to rise, and the seven chakras open. The Divine Mother is the one who performs such a miracle in the spinal medulla.

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.. – Genesis 1: 3

When such a spiritual birth happens, she is virginal, since she is originating from the primordial substance something holy, something new that is not the outcome of the orgasm, or the spasm of any animal in this physical world.

That second birth does not appear here in this three dimensional world, because this three dimensional world is the outcome of fornication. The physical body is a fallen Sephirah, Malkuth.

The second birth is originated up in the Tree of Life.  And that Tree of Life is the spinal column, it is the spinal medulla—that is the Tree of Life.  There those bodies, celestial bodies, spiritual bodies, are being created when we know how to transmute the substance of that virgin—our own particular individual virgin Mary—mare, which is that Akasha, that substance, that mar, that sea, that we have in the sexual organs and who needs to be fecundated by the Holy Spirit.

Who is this Holy Spirit?  It is the same mercury that is represented in the brain.  When you study endocrinology, you find the relationship of the brain with the glands, the pituitary and pineal glands in relation with the sexual glands.  You need willpower.  We need the activity of the Holy Spirit in the pineal gland in order to fecundate our own particular mater, our own particular virgin.

This is how Jesus and any other Master emerge from the waters.  When it is stated that the Virgin Mary was fecundated by the Holy Spirit, you see the activity of Mercury there, within the body of any initiate.  The announcement of that comes from Gabriel, and Gabriel represents the moon, the positive aspect of the moon that works with the waters.  That is why it is stated that Gabriel also appears to Mohammed. It is more understandable in Islamic religion because Gabriel appears to Mohammed and tells him what to do.  The same happened with Jesus, but it is written symbolically, because in order for Gabriel to act, he needs to fecundate or to say: “Hail, the Holy Spirit is going to fecundate your Divine Mother,” which is that sexual substance.



It is wonderful - when you meditate - to discover that virgin within you, because she exists.  When she is not fecundated by the Holy Spirit, she appears dark, without the light of the Holy Spirit.  So this is how the Virgin Mary is inside of us: dark.  But when she becomes fecundated by the fire of the Holy Spirit, which is through chastity, when we respect the sexual act, then she becomes illuminated with a lot of light. And little by little, our inner baby Jesus grows in her womb, but that womb is the spinal column.

You have to understand this: she is matter, yet, she has no form; thus as creative fire she enters into your organism in order to save you and, as creative fire, she rises in the spinal column and creates, little by little, step by step, the baby Jesus, the Savior, which is another body.  That Savior is another body that we have to create within, within that womb, the spinal medulla.

My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you. - Galatians 4: 19


This is how the Divine Mother is fecundated in us, and that is why it is stated that Buddha was fecundated by the Holy Spirit.  In this case, in Buddhism, the white elephant represents the positive forces of the Holy Spirit, as in Christianity the white dove is the one that represents the masculine aspect of the Holy Spirit.  In Buddhism, the virgin, Maya  is the one that is fecundated by this white elephant, and then Buddha is born. People read it literally, and they think that the mother of Buddha was a physical mother, that an elephant appeared, then she was pregnant physically—but it is not that.  It means that the physical body of Buddha, through Tantra, was fecundated in the womb of the Divine Mother, which is the spinal medulla, and this is how he became illuminated—because Buddha means an Illuminated One.

Krishna was born also from an immaculate conception.  Therefore, people who think that Jesus was the only one, who was born by Immaculate Conception, are mistaken. All masters, of all religions, were born by Immaculate Conception.  The master comes from inside; the master is not the physical body.  The physical body is just a frame that we have in this three-dimensional world that we have to utilize in order to be born again.  In order to do it, we have to know how to fecundate our Divine Mother.

If our Divine Mother created this physical body in the womb of my physical mother, she has the power also to create an immortal body—and she does it in my spinal column.

And this is how the master appears, the prophet, the Buddha, which is inside.  He is then garbed with the wedding garment of the soul, because he knows how to transmute the water into wine.

It is not what people think—that the first miracle that Master Jesus made was because there were a lot of drunks at that party and they needed more wine to get drunk, so Jesus made a lot of wine in order to keep drinking.  To read that in a very literal way is so funny; it is very funny and ludicrous.  Master Jesus does not want to cooperate with vice.  That story is an alchemical symbol that we have to understand.  He is doing that in the wedding of Cana because in the matrimony is how we have to do the work.  That is how this second birth is originated.

Therefore, all the great masters were married.  Thus, when they remove Mary Magdalene from the life of Jesus, it is as if saying Jesus is not a master, because no one can originate the second birth without the feminine aspect.

Therefore, if you, as a man, want to create internally your individual particular Jesus Christ, which is called the astral body—which is very well explained in the book The Seven Words by Samael Aun Weor—you as a man need a woman, because the primordial substance of the woman has the elements which are related with the ovum and your masculine body has the masculine substance, which are related with the testicles.

In this physical world, you cannot create a physical body with the sperm alone; you need the ovum.  The combination of ovum and sperm makes life in the physical world, and  the same thing is required in the spiritual world: men need the primordial substances, elements, of the woman. to combine them in purity; that is what is called the “Soul of the Mercury” (or the Son of the Holy Spirit) in order to create our own Jesus Christ in our own womb (spinal medulla).  Then you become another that is being born through Immaculate Conception and you become another son of the Virgin Mary, or if you want to call your Divine Virgin Isis, Isoberta, Rhea, Cybele, Tonantzin, Maia, Maria, it does not matter, because the Virgin Mother of the world, of the universe, is represented in many aspects.

The Virgin

We have to understand that the second birth, the spiritual birth, does not require that the physical sexual organ of the woman should be virgin, that the hymen should be there.  When the Gospels state that Mary was a virgin, it refers to her own state of consciousness, her level of spiritual development.

Stella-Maris2.jpg Let us now talk about the Virgin Mary, the Virgin of Carmel, Stella Maris, that great being who was the physical vehicle for Jesus to have his physical body.  Yes, she was a virgin.  We are talking about this great being that came two thousand years ago.  She was virgin—but this virginity that we are talking about right now has nothing to do with the hymen—with that tissue that makes us say that this woman is virgin or not.  No; it is not related with that.  It is related with the state of the consciousness.

If a man reaches the fifth initiation of major mysteries (Tiphereth), then in the internal worlds he is called a master, prophet.  But a woman that reaches the level of the fifth initiation of major mysteries is called in the internal worlds a virgin.

When you enter into nirvana, you find many virgins, meaning many women who are born again. In the physical plane, we see initiates like Kwan Yin, who is worshipped in Taoism among the Chinese. Kwan Yin is a master, but is feminine. Esoterically speaking, hermetically speaking, we say she is a virgin, she is an initiate, she is a woman that knows everything about esotericism.

In ancient times, those virgins were in the temples of ancient civilizations.  Celibate men that wanted to self-realize themselves would marry in those temples with any of those virgins that they would call vestals, who never fornicated—because the one that fornicates is not a virgin, but is a whore.

Any woman that reaches the spasm of the orgasm is not virgin.  You find many women in this day and age that never have the sexual act but they masturbate—they are not virgins—even if they have the hymen.  That virgin state is a state of the consciousness, of the spirit.

The Virgin Mary was a vestal of the Temple of Jerusalem, and she was chosen by the White Lodge in order to give to the master Jesus his physical body.  Everything was planned in order to teach the wisdom to humanity.

So, physically, we Gnostics we do not worry about the hymen, even though a woman can have a lot of spiritual powers if she keeps the hymen—this related to a Tantric type of wisdom that we are not going to talk about right now.

A virgin is a woman who is in chastity and who knows how to transmute—a Tantric woman, master.  The male initiates would marry them—and create their internal bodies and be born again.

Mary Magdalene (from Magdala, Mag, magician, priestess, of ancient times, of the white race) was married with Jesus.  It is stated that she was a prostitute—yes—any virgin, before becoming virgin, was a prostitute, meaning was a fornicator. Before entering this path, our matter is prostituted.  Before entering onto this path, we were fornicating, we were committing adultery—but when we started transmuting, then we were transforming our mater into virginal, chaste mater.  The same occurred with the women of ancient times; before they became great masters, great virgins, they were whores, they were prostitutes, symbolically speaking—but they transformed themselves and became great adepts, initiates.  That is why it is stated that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute—but not only her—all women before entering into the adept-hood were like that—they transformed themselves, and they became holy.  That is the way we should understand, comprehend, the symbolic terms virginity and prostitution.

And when he was come into the temple, the chief priests and the elders of the people came unto him as he was teaching, and said, By what authority doest thou these things? And who gave thee this authority?

And Jesus answered and said unto them, I also will ask you one thing, which if ye tell me, I in like wise will tell you by what authority I do these things.

The baptism of John, whence was it? from heaven (Immaculate Conception), or of men (forniation)? And they reasoned with themselves, saying, If we shall say, From heaven; he will say unto us, Why did ye not then believe him?

But if we shall say, Of men; we fear the people; for all hold John as a prophet.

And they answered Jesus, and said, we cannot tell.

And he said unto them, neither tell I you by what authority I do these things.

But what think ye? A certain man had two sons; and he came to the first, and said, Son, go work to day in my vineyard.

He answered and said, I will not: but afterward he repented, and went.

And he came to the second, and said likewise. And he answered and said, I go, sir: and went not.

Whether of them twain did the will of his father?

They say unto him, The first. Jesus saith unto them, Verily I say unto you, That the publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you. – Matthew 21: 23-31

So here you find why it is stated that Mary Magdalene helped Jesus to be born again—and Jesus helped Mary Magdalene to be born again too.  And Christ was in Jesus as in Mary Magdalene, because Christ is INRI, an energy; Christ is a force like the electricity—electricity is a force; it is not an individual.  Christ is diluted in space—it is in the center of any sun—that Cosmic Christ has to be born within every human being—and does it through his own matter, because he needs to crystallize within that Akasha, in order to evolve within each one of us.  And this is what Jesus Christ the Savior is; yes the Savior has to be born inside us by means of sexual transmutation.  The woman has to be a virgin, but, as you see, the symbol is clear:  before becoming a saint, one is a devil.

Remember Paul of Tarsus.  He was born again, but before entering onto the path, he was killing Christians.  So—not only him—if we investigate our past lives, we were barbarians.

There are many types of initiates.  Before entering onto the path one is living the life of an animal and breaking the law.  This is how we understand how the virgins were being born.  This is how we have to understand what the sign of Virgo teaches—the sign of the virgin.

All of us have that substance inside of the physical body; all of us have that virgin in our soul, in our consciousness.  But we have to honor father and mother, and we have to know how.  It is not by believing.  The one that is being born again has a vehicle with which, when the physical body is sleeping, enters into the internal worlds with his own particular Jesus Christ which this person created.  But right now your Divine Mother has to suffer the pains of delivering until Jesus Christ is being born within us.  Not by believing, not by accepting or entering into any sect—it is by doing the work; by understanding that mercury is precisely that element that is the messenger of the Gods.

Astrology is made from two words: astron "star" + logos “word.” I am talking now and am using my mind, my mercury, my star, but this mercury here is the outcome of the transmutation of the forces that I perform in my individual life; and that is why it is said that mercury always brings the word to other people in order to announce the decrees and laws of the Gods, the superior parts of the being.  You are there, seated, and receiving the doctrine that, through Mercury, through Hermes, through the Giver of the Word, is given unto you.

In Virgo you find that in order to understand and comprehend the word, you need to work with your womb which is the telepathic center—that is why, with your mind, with your pineal gland, where is the Third Logos, your astron “star”, mercury (James), you send the thought, you send the meaning of the word—and in order to comprehend, you need to digest that in your telepathic center, which is in the solar plexus, between the heart and the navel—that is the telepathic chakra.

You see, you receive through the telepathic chakra, the thoughts of people—and it is there precisely, in the stomach, in this area, because we have to digest the wisdom.  Virgo works here in the womb; it rules the stomach, the intestines, pancreas, and all those elements necessary for digestion—because it is the intelligence of the Divine Mother that helps us to digest what we need to digest.

If you see the intestines and you also see that with the roots of trees, you will understand why the physical body needs those roots, intestines, in order to feed.  Because the blood feeds all of our organs, but the blood takes the substances, all the elements, from what we eat, what we drink, and what we place there in the stomach.

We have to be careful with what we eat, what we drink, in order to place in the blood the substances that we need in order to be born again—because the Divine Mother is the one who does the whole work—this is how we study in the books of the Master Samael Aun Weor—that the Divine Mother is the one who creates the bodies, who disintegrates the ego, because she is the intelligence—and for that we need to go deep; we need to delve.

We need to be like Virgo, very profound, analytically speaking.  The sign of Virgo is very profound, very analytic, does not go just on the surface, but likes to delve, to go down and wander there at the very bottom of the sea, to see what is going on. Meditation is the technique for this—and in meditation we have to pray to our Divine Mother because she is the one that deals with our physical organism.  She takes the substances that we need in order for, from those roots, intestines, to go up and to feed our brain, our heart, with the blood—because you know that the blood is the liquid element that brings all those substances to the body.  But the Divine Mother is the one that takes those substances from our intestines, from the roots, and for that we digest them in the stomach.  She is the one who is doing it.  Nevertheless, why do we have to blame the Divine Mother if we drink cola or sodas?  She will say, “My son is putting in his stomach some stupid substances that will poison me—but what can I do—he does not listen to me—he does not honor me!”

If we study Mother Nature, Mother Space, and our own particular Divine Mother—the three Mary’s in relation with our development—then we understand how to feed our bodies, because she needs those elements.

When, in meditation, you have a contact with your Divine Mother, you experience your Divine Mother, she tells you what to eat.  Why?—because she is the one that digests that and she knows what we are eating.  “I need these elements, my son,”  “O.k., Mother, where can I find these elements?”   “Eat this from nature, and that.”  Then the next day, you will awake and go and buy those things, or take them from the forest, whatever, and go home to eat them, and then your Divine Mother takes those substances that she needs in order to keep giving you the elements for that second birth that you are reaching for.

But, unfortunately, in this day and age, science is adulterating all the elements that Mother Nature creates—that is precisely something very stupid.  Thus, now we have to be very careful to eat what is natural.  We need fire—Rajasic elements; we need Tamasic, and Sattvic elements too. The Rajasic are related with salty food or very sweet, while Tamasic is in relation with meat. The Divine Mother also needs Rajas, the Tattva Tejas, in order to transmute the fire and to give us its elements in our second birth.

When we do not know the sacred law of the Cosmic-Common-Trogoautoegocrat, the law of “to eat or to be eaten, to swallow or to be swallowed,”we do not know that we have to be balanced.  Thus, we need to eat meat.  We should do what Buddhists do in Tibet—they wait for the animal to have an accident and die in order to take the meat and eat of it, or wait for a lion to kill a deer and to steal the deer from the lion in order to eat meat.  Because we need meat.  If you are so identified with the brutality with which in this day and age people kill the animals—we understand—they use brutality in order to kill animals; but what can we do—we need the meat—and not by avoiding the meat are we going to avoid this brutal killing that they are doing.  But if you want to select the best, you can do it.  But we need it; the Divine Mother needs those elements, because she works with the three aspects: Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas, which relates with the three brains.

If we get identified with beliefs, with theories, we will not understand, we will not experience the Hermetic doctrine.  If we identify with desires, we identify with the Guna Rajas, and when you fall into inertia and laziness, we never work with Tamas.  Remember that, in order to enter into the self-realization we need to balance the three brains:  Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas:  those are the three brains.

The Divine Mother needs to be equilibrated; and the Divine Mother is everywhere.  The Divine Mother is not only in grains and fruits and vegetables; no, the Divine Mother, the Shakti potential is also in the body of any animal, in the body of any mineral.  We need to feed from her and to transmute her, in order to transform her into virgin.  Little by little, we have to enter.  That is why in the beginning Paul of Tarsus said:

Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is animal; and afterward that which is spiritual. - 1 Corinthians15: 46

When you start you need animal elements, which mean fire.  When you reach the second birth, then you can do whatever you want because you already have your inner bodies built.  But before that, we need all the elements: fish, meat, we need to know how to feed ourselves and to acquire balance in the three brains: upright thought, upright feeling, and upright action; those who act like that have a balance in their three Gunas and they can enter into the kingdom of heaven.

But if we start working in this psychological esoteric work, and we reject certain elements that we need in the beginning, how are we going to acquire that balance?  The Divine Mother needs to be balanced—and that is why we are here in this valley of tears, in pain, and suffering—because our own particular Mother is unbalanced—the three Gunas are not equilibrated.  So we need to work with the Divine Mother and equilibrate the three Gunas and to understand that she is in the four elements, is in space, in the mind, in the intellect, and in the ego—because the ego is also a crystallization of the Divine Mother—in the wrong way—that is why she is the one that has to annihilate that ego, destroy it.

Let me read for you what is written by this great initiate, Dante Alighieri, in his Divine Comedy:

Virgin Mother, daughter of you Son,

More humble and sublime than any creature,

Fixed goal decreed from all eternity,

You are the one who gave to human nature

So much nobility that its creator did not disdain

His Being made its creature

That love whose warmth

Allowed this flower to bloom

Within the everlasting peace

Was love rekindled in your womb

For as above you are the noonday torch of clarity

And there below on earth among the mortals

You are a living spring of hope

Lady you are so high, you can intercede

But he who will have raised but does not seek your aid

May long to fly but has no wings

Your loving kindness does not only answer the one who asks

But it is often ready to answer freely, long before the asking

In your compassion is, in you is pity, in you is generosity

In you is every goodness found in any creature

This man who, from the deepest hollow in the universe,

Up to this height, has seen the lights of spirits one by one

Now, please with you, through grace,

To grant him so much virtue that he may lift his vision higher still

May lift it toward the ultimate salvation

And I who never burned for my own vision

More than I burn from this

Do offer you all my prayers

And pray that they may not fall short

That with your prayers you may disperse

All of the clouds of his mortality

So that the highest joy be his to see

This too, oh Queen, who can do what you would, I ask of you

That after such a vision, his sentiments preserve their perseverance

May your protection curb his mortal passions.

This is a beautiful prayer that Dante Alighieri wrote in The Divine Comedy in Paradise, canto 33.

Questions and Answers

Q:  The sin of fornication and the ego of lust, are they two separate energies, because we know that a child does not have any ego up to eighteen months… but he still inherits the sin of fornication?

A:  Well, the child, the question is, the child has no lust when he is being born—it is true.  But that body is the outcome of lust.  We have to be very clear and to clarify.  Even though the child has no lust yet, that lust is inherited in his bones, blood, and genes—that his parents are placing there.  Behold here, that is why it is stated, in Judaism for instance, a Jew is the one that is born from a Jewish woman, because all those substances and elements in order to be physically a Jew are within the womb of the Divine Mother.  And that inheritance will take care when that body grows up.  Lust that is not yet into that newborn baby will be after the creation of his personality, because the only element that is free is the essence.  That essence is precisely that element, the three percent of consciousness that is in contact with the Divine Mother.  That three percent of essence of that child can see the Divine Mother,  but can also see the monsters that he created in past lives, that go around the place where he is resting and that want to enter his new body.  But because he has no personality he is just crying, because sometimes he is scared to see those monsters.  But when the personality is built, then the monster of lust, the monster of greed, the monster of anger, vanity, pride, and all of that we have in abundance, enter and that beautiful baby that was chaste and pure, is now another adult that will create through fornication, another baby.  Unfortunately.

Q:  Can you explain the relationship between the Universal Cosmic Mother and the Universal Cosmic Father—are they both the Absolute?

A:  The Divine Mother is the primordial substance, and the Divine Father places his seed germ or seed substance in order for the universe to emerge.  The Divine Mother develops the universe, but she needs that seed from the Father.  We will say that the cause of the universe and everything that exists, is feminine, more feminine than masculine—because the Father acts according to the law.  But, we have the duty to honor Father and Mother because the universe exists because of imbalance of our psyche, our spirit.  By working with Father-Mother, and by equilibrating the forces and substances, then the Father is happy, because the Divine Mother is then acting in accordance to his law.  Before that, because of ignorance, the Divine Mother creates elements which are in disequilibrium, and that is precisely the karma of the Gods, the karma of the world, the karma of people.  That is why we have to pray to the Father, through the intercession of the Divine Mother.  The prayer of the Lord is precisely one of the prayers that was left by the Master Jesus:

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name…

Let us bring the Father into our kingdom, which is this matter that we have, because everything that is created is from the Divine Mother, whether in the right or the wrong way.  But by bringing the Father, we do the right thing; that is why Holy Spirit fecundates matter: in order to appear.  In other words, God needs matter in order to exist; the positive aspect of God needs the feminine aspect in order to exist.  Without the Divine Mother, God cannot exist.  So God is masculine and feminine.  So honor Father and Mother.  Another question?

Q:  You said the eight crystallizations of matter are creators of mind, intelligence, and ego…

A:  The Divine Mother, the Prakriti, the Divine Mother of Krishna, says, “my Prakriti is the womb” and she is divided in eight aspects or eight modifications:  fire, air, water, earth, space, mind, intellect, and ego.  Mind exists in all the kingdoms—that mental matter through which the Divine Mother works in the mineral, plant, animal kingdom.  But only in this level which we are, the intellectual animal level, is where that mind transforms into intellect—and that is the mechanical work of the Divine Mother in nature.  The intellect, of course, is the top of mechanical evolution.  When that intellect develops at the level in which we are right now, then it turns into ego—the other aspect.  That ego is created in order to be disintegrated, because that is matter; the substance has to return to its own source, the primordial substance.  So the ego enters into the abyss and is disintegrated by the forces of the Divine Mother.  The problem is that we are bottled up into the ego as consciousness…

Q:  I heard that the difference between… Buddhism and Gnostic teachings is that… the Buddhists deny their Mother, while the Gnostics marry the Mother… Is this true, can you explain a little?

A:  The Buddhists do not deny the Divine Mother, but what they deny is the mechanicity of nature that we have to control.  Because, as I said, the mechanicity of nature works in the mind; the mind is mechanical—we are talking about the mechanicity of the mind.  And of course, we Gnostics are against that mechanicity.  It brings into my memory precisely The Magic Flute of Mozart—when this prince is going to make a great task—to liberate the consciousness represented by Tamina, and he is Tamino, right?  And he is sent by the Divine Mother—the Divine Mother that, in the end, is turning into his own enemy.  Right?  His own nature.  See, right now:  Behold, our own particular nature, our own particular Mother is lunar, is mechanical, bestial; we are the prostitute, which is referred to in the Gospels.  That prostitute is Mary Magdalene, talking here in symbolic ways now—our own mater is Mary Magdalene, a prostitute.  So let this prostitute Mary Magdalene, here, represented in our physical body, repent; let Jesus take those seven sins out of this prostituted mater, and then Mary Magdalene will be his wife.  You see, that is another symbol of that.  And then we will worship the higher aspects of the Divine Mother. Rama Krishna worshiped that higher aspect in his wife, as a representation of that.  That why it is written that the man should be or should see his Divine Mother in his wife and the wife should see her Divine Father in her husband.

Buddha, was already dead, psychologically speaking, and this is why he denied his feminine sinful matter… that is why—when you read in any religion—condemnations, accusations towards the feminine aspect which is represented by the woman, you have to understand this:  that is your own physical body, your own feminine mechanical aspect that the Gospel of that religion is talking against you.  It is not against the woman, because the physical body is feminine from a Kabbalistic, Alchemistic point of view.  That is the prostitute.  When we enter into the second birth, then we have another nature, which is virgin, which is positive.  And that is precisely what the great masters in Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, talk about—this is what we have to understand, in order not to fall into confusions.  And of course Gnostics and Buddhists are the same.

Learn how to read the scriptures—whether from Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Islam, because all this beautiful knowledge is written also in the Koran.  Mohammed dictated it—it is beautiful.  We have to know how to read.  Also the doctrine of Jesus Moses, Krishna—the wisdom is everywhere.  The Divine Mother has many aspects—in Hinduism it is more clear — they worship her in different aspects:  Kali, Durga, Parvati—many aspects of that feminine aspect that we need to study because she has many aspects.  We talk about that in other lectures—about the five aspects of the Divine Mother, related with the Divine Cow—the Divine Cow represents the Divine Mother.  That mater (mother) that has to give us her milk, wisdom.  And the womb of that Divine Cow is the spinal medulla.  You have to be born there.


Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Yeshua. Hail Mary, Mother of God, pray for us, who have the sinning ‘I’, now and at the hour of the death of our defects. Amen.