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Libra is the sign of the balance.  The symbol of Libra is a set of scales.  It is interesting to note that of all of the symbols of the astrological signs, the only one that is mechanical, that is a device, that is not a living thing, are the scales of Libra.

The symbol of the balance is presented to represent a fundamental axiom of nature.  It is the nature of equilibrium, or how forces of nature always seek to balance themselves.  We also see related to this symbol for Libra a ubiquitous goddess who holds aloft a scale in her hand, which is often used for the sign of justice.  On some occasions, this goddess is blindfolded in order to represent the impartial nature of the law, so in these times if we approach a building of justice or courts of the law, we will often see this symbol of a woman blindfolded holding aloft a scale or a balance.  This sign this symbol has very ancient roots, and it illustrates for us how nature itself manifests and functions both in the very small scale and the very large scale.

In Gnosis we constantly emphasize the functionalisms of the law, and the many aspects through which the law works.  On one, the macrocosmic scale, we analyze how the ray of creation unfolds the entire tree of life in each level of the cosmos, and how the law stems from the unmanifested into one law, then three, then six, then twelve, then on and on as it descends downward into more and more complex regions of nature, terminating at the very bottom of the abyss, where life is frightfully complicated, dense, and painful.  But this entire structure is based upon the law of the balance.  The entire outpouring of nature, of creation itself, is based in the polarity, the duality, of nature, which is represented in the two balances that rest upon the scale.

We put into our minds and learn and conceive ideas and theories based upon this dualistic notion of good and evil, light and darkness, growth and decay, and it is true that this duality is the very root of life, the root of death.  But this dualistic notion of the mechanism of nature, the function of life, has to be transcended.  We study these laws firstly to understand them, and secondly to learn how to extract ourselves from them.  And to do that, to transcend the law itself, to step off of the wheel of life and death, requires that we first comprehend that law.  We have to be in balance with that law.  We have to conquer it.  And as we are now, we are grossly out of balance.  The imbalance stems and becomes complex due to the nature of our own actions.

Our current situation - in this very moment - down to the smallest particles of our being, are due to our own actions.  Those very atoms that make up the physical body that you inhabit have gathered together because of karma.  All of the little tiny elements, atomic elements, that constitute your existence, are coalesced into this entity that you perceive as “yourself” because of your actions throughout the course of your existences.  So in order to change the fundamental experience that you are having now, you have to learn how to change your actions, to change your ways of behavior, your ways of thinking, your ways of feeling, and in this matter you learn how to work with the scale.

Libra is related to Venus, the planet that provides so much of an influence in our lives, in the function of our heart, and the function of our mind.  As a goddess of love, Venus provides necessary energies that facilitate our growth, and the development of wisdom and understanding.  But as a characteristic feature, Venus implants into our psyche (through the modification provided by the seven rays which we have discussed in many lectures) the virtue of chastity.  Of course, we tend to relate Venus with love, and naturally chastity is the highest form of love.

But as with any energetic influence, that force can be polarized in the same manner as other influences in nature, so due to our own self-will, due to our imbalance as a psyche, we have the tendency to invert the influences of Venus into the opposite of chastity, which is fornication.  This is the tendency, the desire, to expel the forces of love.  To become identified with sensation.  To behave as an animal.


Libra as an influence empowers this axiom, this axis.  Libra provides forces, a channel, an influence, which affects our own equilibrium, but particularly in the method or the means through which we utilize our sexual forces.  In other words, a person who is born under the sign of Libra who is the superior type of person – consciously, emotionally, spiritually - will be someone who is very chaste; who takes the forces of Venus and Libra in order to strengthen and empower their chastity.  But an inferior type of Libra, a person who is born under that sign but very much identified with the ego and addicted to sensation, will be addicted to fornication, to sexual pleasure, in an animal way.

Naturally, the sign of Libra provides an influence for all creatures.  So in particular, those who are interested in transcending suffering and arriving at an equilibrium of the spirit, mind, and heart, can take advantage of the forces of Libra and Venus in order to utilize the sexual force in the right way.  Physiologically, this is accomplished through the energies of the kidneys.  Historically in esotericism, we see that Libra is related to the kidneys.  In ancient times, it was understood that the kidneys are related to passion, to emotion, to impulses, that push us to behave in certain ways.  And that is why the kidneys figure so prominently in many of our ancient scriptures, particularly the Bible or the books of Moses or the books of the prophets, and even in the New Testament.  It is said throughout the books of Moses and the books of the prophets, that God is the one “who searches the heart and the kidneys” in order to pay what is owed.  We know in Gnosis that the heart is related to our emotional center, and is very closely related to feelings, to love, to anger, to hate, to all the varying types of emotions we can have whether superior or inferior, but the kidneys are related as well. When we look at the function of the kidneys, and we take look at the way our physical body is constructed we can start to see how this is so.

In previous lectures, we have talked a lot about the heart and the lungs.  The heart and the lungs work together to cycle the blood through the body, pushing pure blood filled with oxygen throughout all the veins in order to nourish the organism, then pulling back the impure blood, which has gathered up toxins of the body, in order to revitalize that blood with oxygen and to expel the waste elements through the breath.  So we see this interchange, this exchange of fire and air.  Blood acts as an intermediary that carries both purity and impurity.  So in the action of the air and lungs we see a give and take.  We see a cycle, which repeats constantly so long as we remain alive.  This give and take, this coming and going, is again a symbol of the balance of nature.  This is a great cycle of life and death in miniature, which is always happening within the heart.

When that blood is flowing back and forth, just below this region of the body, down the spinal column a little ways, we find the kidneys, and of course the kidneys are a pair of organs which sit on either side of the spinal column, and the kidneys have two primary functions.  First, they clean the blood.  They extract impurities.  They are part of what we call the excretory system, which works closely with the skin.  The impurities that the kidneys pull from the blood are then put into water, which is expelled from the organism, from the body, through urination.  The kidneys have as their second primary function the management of the water in the body.  So to remain hydrated, to have the right amount of water in the body, is the job of the kidneys, which is a very important function.  So you see then that the kidneys have direct physiological importance related to blood and water.  Now if you have studied religion or mysticism, you know that blood and water are ubiquitous symbols in all mystical traditions.  Thus you can see that the kidneys must hide some occult significance.

It is very interesting to observe the book of Revelation in the Bible.  We have discussed in previous lectures how in chapter two when the angel is discussing the nature of the church of Thiatyra, which is related to the heart.  In that verse the angel says, "I am the one who searches the heart and the kidneys, and I give to each one according to his works.” This is an indication that our actions are measured through the heart and the kidneys.

Going a little deeper, we can see how the kidneys are situated on the top of each of the adrenal glands.  The adrenal glands have a relationship with metabolism and with some other chemical functions in the body, but they are also closely related with sexuality, with both the development of the sexual organs and the dual nature of the body as it grows, but also the regulation of the sexual drive.  So here we see profound significance: the kidneys in conjunction with the adrenal glands have a direct bearing on our sexual health, our sexual development, the health of our blood, the health of our entire body, because of the water.

In Gnosticism we always indicate that water is a symbol of sexual energy.  We always discuss the sexual waters and we know that in the Bible, in the Popul Vuh, and in many of the ancient stories in Hinduism, the water or the womb is the symbol of the great sexual chaos from which all creation emerges.  Our own physical body emerged out of that marvelous magical water, which was the interconnection of a man and a woman who combined their sexual waters and produced the marriage the union of an egg and a sperm in that watery darkness of the womb.

Venus has a role here.  Venus is also related to the kidneys and if you have studied Paracelsus you know that Paracelsus praises greatly the powers that Venus has through the kidneys to influence conception, to influence the development of the organism.  And of course Venus is always present in the union between a man and a woman.  Venus is the goddess of love.

So here in the kidneys we are measured, and you can see how the kidneys sit in the body like the scales of a balance. In fact, if you look at the structure of our anatomy, and compare it with the structure of the scale, you can see the rod that the scale sits on would be the spinal column.  The balancing beam that holds the kidneys would cross at the heart, and the kidneys hang off either end of that balance.  The top of the beam would be the brain, the head, but these two beams - one vertical, one horizontal - cross in the heart.  This is cause for meditation.  To comprehend the profound significance of the way that our body was created.  The symbolism that is present in the organization of our very organs.

So the bible states many times that we are measured in the heart and the kidneys.  In the book of Psalms there are many appearances of this relationship between the kidneys and the heart.  In Psalms 7:9 it says:

“Let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end, but establish the just for the righteous god tryeth the heart and the kidneys.”

In Psalms 16 it is written:

“I will bless the lord who hath given me council.  My kidneys also instruct me during the night.”

In 26:

“Examine me, o Lord and prove me. Try my kidneys and my heart.”

But perhaps the most beautiful example is in psalm 139.  It is written:

“Wither shall I go from thy spirit or wither I shall flee from thy presence. If I ascend up to heaven though art there.  If I make my bed in hell, behold thou art there.  If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uppermost parts of the sea, even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.  If I say surely the darkness shall cover me, even the night shall be light about me.  Yea the darkness hideth no from thee, but the night shineth like the day.  The darkness and the light are both alike to thee, for thou hast created my kidneys; thou hast covered me in my mother's womb.  I will praise thee for I am fearfully wonderfully made.  Marvelous are thy works and that my soul knoweth right well.

This passage contains enormous significance in relation to the sign of Libra.  First, because the writer, the prophet, is directly indicating how God, our own spirit, works through our kidneys.  It assigns particular significance to that, but also the writer indicates that form the point of view of God, night and day are the same.  God is always there.  In light and darkness.  But this has to be understood in context.  This is a symbol of how the balance works from the point of view of the spirit in equanimity.  God perceives the interchange of light and dark, day and night, without being identified.  Maintaining that perfect balance, that equilibrium between good and bad, between up and down, between day and night.  We do not.  We get caught having preferences for one side of the pendulum or the other. It is said that disequilibrium arises because of desire.  The desire has to be understood as having two aspects.  There is the desire to get something, to acquire something, to have some thing.  It could be that we want a sensation of some kind.  The other aspect of desire is the desire to avoid something, so here we see this pendulum: two sides of the same phenomenon.  Craving and aversion. For and against, day and night, pleasure and pain, life and death, growth and decay.

Due to desire, we fall into ignorance.  We become attached to certain states of being, to certain experiences of sensation, and due to that attachment, we want to sustain it.  What is the nature of lust?  It is the desire to sustain a sensation.  What is the nature of anger? It is the desire to inflict and sustain a sensation.   What is pride?  It is the desire to sustain a sensation in the heart, in the mind, and in the body.  The ego exists because we created it by becoming identified with sensations.  What we have failed to realize is that each instant of being identified with any sensation, we create matter.  In the moment when someone makes fun of us, tells a joke, ridicules some behavior or some action that we took, and we feel the pain, if in that instant we become identified with that pain, in other words we believe it, we empower it, we give it energy.  We feel that pain and say, “Aaahh, why did they say that, how could they do this to me.  What is everyone going to think,” and pain blossoms in the heart, like a flower of hell, and by cultivating that feeling, by investing our thoughts and our feelings and our actions into the demands of the pain, we create matter.  There is a creation that ensues.  The forces and energies, which have been given to us by God, which descend into our three nervous systems, and cycle and process through our three brains, create - because that is the nature of the law of three.

We know we have the intellectual brain, we have the emotional brain, and we have the motor-instinctive-sexual brain.  These three channel those energies of the three forces, and when we become identified with that experience of being criticized, and feeling our pride get hurt, those energies become destructive.  They create, but in hell: our own psychological hell in the depths of our own mind.  What results is a formation inside the subconsciousness or the unconsciousness or the infraconsciousness.  An entity, a vessel.  That vessel in its very nature has that pride, the anger, the trauma, those hurt feelings, the will for revenge, the will for justice.  Justice: Libra.

The forces that we channel through us, through ourselves from moment to moment are creative, but we have to use them in the right way.  That entity which we have created in the mind is karma.  That formation can only behave according to the root of its formation.  In other words, anger can only create anger.  Anger can only feed anger.  Anger can only perform what anger can perform.  In other words, within the context of our own submerged mind are a multitude of elements which can only behave in prescribed ways in according to their nature.  In accordance to how we made them.  In other words, our mind is conditioned.  It is conditioned by pride, by anger, by lust, by envy, gluttony, greed, hate.

Fortunately, the answer to solve the problem is also in our hands.  The same forces that we use to create our own suffering, to create our own traumas, to create our own prison, can also be utilized to destroy that prison, and to break the jail of our own mind.  The problem becomes recognizing that the house we live in is actually a prison.  After centuries of becoming accustomed to certain modes of behavior, we have grown to think it is normal.  We have become so habituated to existing within the confines of pride and lust that we think it is normal.  It is not.  In fact, it is abnormal.

To change our situation depends upon learning how to use our energies from moment to moment in the right way.  We have to reach a state of equilibrium.  In the process of creating these blocks, these bottles, within which our psyche is trapped, we become identified with one or another of our three brains.

In the example of being criticized, we may have the predisposition to always view life from the point of view of our feelings.  In other words, we have a psychological limp that is a sort of filter or a pair of glasses through which we always observe the experiences of life, and as such we gauge and measure our experience of life through the heart, but we ignore, or are blind, to the other two brains, the intellect and the motor-instinctive-sexual brain.  This is a state of disequilibrium.  The type of person who has this type of psychological limp will always do things and judge things and act based on how they feel.

Contradicting that is the intellectual type of person who will always judge things and base their actions on ideas, on reasoning.  That is their particular idiosyncratic psychological limp.

Then you have the type of person who always sees life through their motor-instinctual-sexual brain.  This type of person reacts quickly without thought, without even knowing how they feel about it, but on impulse.  This type has the most difficulty because they tend to behave in life in such a reactive and rapid way that they do not even realize what they are doing until it is too late.

We all have all three of these tendencies, all of us, but we tend toward one more than the others and we are blind to that.  This is a form of psychological equilibrium, and it is this imbalance that causes us to again and again act and react in the wrong way.  In other words we misinterpret, we misinform ourselves, we mistake life.

To learn how to act properly, to learn how to perform right action, requires that we learn to rely on the Being, on our own God, on our spirit.  And he communicates to us through intuition.  Little hints, little nudges, what we would call a hunch, or a feeling, a sense of what is right.  Unfortunately when we receive those hunches, those nudges, we tend to immediately fall back into our psychological disequilibrium.  The intellectual person will begin to reason, to compare that intuition.  To say, "Well, I kind of feel like I should do this, but there are all these things against it.  Now these things are for it, but all these other things are against it" so they become confused.  The emotional person will react from feelings, "Oh I'm scared to do that.  It doesn't feel right.  What will happen?”  Fear, worry, anxiety.  The instinctive person will react based on the circumstances.  Not even realizing what they are doing, and then later they will think, "Oh, you know, I knew better.  I knew I should not have done it.  But I did it anyway."

To rely on intuition requires that we learn how to work with the consciousness, how to observe ourselves, how to remember ourselves, and really the balance, the practice, the experience of self-observation and self-remembering develops when we understand the three brains.  When we can separate ourselves from our three brains.  When we can equilibrate them.  In other words, from moment to moment we observe the three brains.  We watch them.  So as you have experiences from moment to moment you always maintain awareness.  What are these impressions that are arriving producing in me as thoughts?  What feelings are arising?  What impulses are arising?  And then we consciously watch and wait.  The goal is to not simply react to the occurrences of life.  It is instead to comprehend them, and upon the basis of comprehension to then act in the right way.

Some people ask what exactly is a Paramarthasatya.  This term refers to the highest potential state of self-realization that exists.  This is a person who has absolute conscious knowledge.  Really, a Paramarthastaya is a person who has perfected right action in their three brains, who has absolute conscious knowledge of the will of God.  And this is accomplished by beginning where we are, learning about ourselves.  This is not some distant goal that we should have ambition for.  It is a natural state of being that any creature can arrive at through self-analysis, through self-understanding, through wisdom.

On a more subtle level, we would say that a Paramarthasatya is someone who has balanced the three Gunas.  And as you will recall from previous lectures, the three Gunas are three qualities, three characteristics of root matter or root nature: Prakriti.  The three Gunas are called Satva, Rajas, and Tamas.  Satva is related to truth of wisdom.  It is that quality of what we would say goodness.  Rajas is the quality of passion or activity, energy, maybe even desire.  And Tamas is related to inertia or ignorance.  Of course, each one of these is related to our three brains as well.  The Satvic Guna related to the intellect.  The Rajasic Guna related to the emotion. The Tamasic is related to the motor-instinctive-sexual brain.  So a paramarthasatya has balanced these three characteristics of the Prakriti in himself.

We begin that by learning about our three brains and learning how to control them consciously.  This effort is in the consciousness, not the mind, not the heart, not in impulse, not in motor behaviors, in other words acquired habits.  We as the creatures that we are, tend to learn by imitation.  We imitate others.  This is a function of the motor instinctive-sexual brain.  There is nothing wrong with that.  As children we need it to grow and survive, and as Gnostic students, we imitate to learn from our instructors, to learn from each other.  But self-observation and self-remembering cannot be learned through imitation.  It is learned through action.  Though actually performing something inside.

There is no outwardly observable physical evidence of self-observation and self-remembering.  There is no emotional evidence.  There is no intellectual evidence.  Because each of the three brains is simply a machine that transforms energy.  Self-observation is a conscious transformation of energy.  Self-remembering is a conscious transformation of energy.  When the consciousness is present and active, all the impressions that arrive are being transformed by the consciousness.  Now in us this is a little bit relative because we are 97% trapped in ego, in desire.  So even if we make that strong effort to observe ourselves, to remember ourselves, to be present and watchful, we are still only using three percent of our potential, and that's if we are trying.  If we are not trying to self-remember and self-observe, then we are asleep.  And being asleep, all of the energies that are arriving to us in the form of impressions are being transformed negatively.  In other words, deepening suffering.  Filling up the mind with improperly transformed impressions.  So the effort to be conscious to self-observe to self-remember is critical.  It is that first doorway to develop the soul.  It is essential.  It is irreplaceable.  It cannot be avoided, and if it is avoided there can be no self-realization.

When the consciousness is present, when we start to transform energy in the right way, to transform impressions from moment to moment, we start to equilibrate because in order to really observe oneself, you have to understand the function of your mind, you have to understand the function of your heart, because it is these functions that prevent you from remembering yourself.  Habitual functions, habits, desires, passions.  We observe ourselves; we observe what makes us sleep psychologically.

Little by little we identify those elements that produce sleep in our psyche, and we disempower them.  We may discover that there is a certain friend that we have, that whenever we talk to this friend we get into these boiling conversations within which we always forget ourselves.  We become so identified with those conversations that we completely forget to observe ourselves.  One day we realize it, and then we start to make effort.  When we see that friend we say, "Aahh I've got to remember myself.  I have to observe myself".  Still we have the conversation, but not forget.  This is a beautiful moment.  A beautiful opportunity to change the nature of suffering in yourself, and believe it or not for that friend too, because when you become conscious, you radiate a different kind of energy that influences people on levels they do not perceive.  This effort is essential.  Little by little, from event to event, from moment to moment, transforming energy.

In that observation of yourself, you will see that there are certain aspects in the conversation that repeat.  If we mediate on that experience and we sincerely begin to investigate it, then we will discover that that repetition has a history from the past.  And little by little, event from event from event, we begin to see and understand that our entire life is a repetition.  Every event, every circumstance, every problem is repeated.  And that is because the elements that exist in our mind can only behave in the manner in which they were created.  The 97% which traps the consciousness are elements that recur.  Which repeat themselves.  This is how we can understand people who seem to know what is going to happen.  Most of the time it is because they have already done it in a previous existence, and they are just repeating the same thing, but a little more complicated each time, because each time a cycle repeats new actions are added, new complications.

Here you can see and understand something about the cycle of life and death.  If we start in a given moment with a clean slate, but we become identified with a particular element, lets say pride, we do not comprehend that pride, we build a little pride because someone praises us, so we then created a little element in the mind related to pride, what we would call an ego or an I.  That element resides in the mind and traps consciousness or energy, but it has to act.  It wants food.  It is an entity like any, which is part of nature.  A false creation, but nonetheless it is there.  That entity will constantly be seeking food to nourish itself, to grow like anything in nature, but as our own child, it wants food from us.  We created it.  So it will arise when it is stimulated by impressions.  When someone comes and praises us, that little element says, "Oh, food for me."  Once fed, it produces pleasant sensations, and we like that. Then we start to seek situations to receive praise so we will feel those same sensations again.  We want to repeat that sensation of feeling good about ourselves because we think someone else loves us, but really, it is pride.  So we begin to repeat those circumstances, to seek out those situations, in order to feed that feeling of importance.  Each time that element gets a little fatter, and a little stronger.  We might die physically, but that element still exists in the mind, and when we take a new body, that element is there, hungry, ready for food.  So it drives us to seek those situations to feed it, and this continues from existence to existence.  What we don't realize it that there is a limit on the weight that nature can sustain. In the same way that a disease will eventually will kill an organism, the ego will eventually kill us as a soul, as an embryo of soul.  So as that entity gets fatter and fatter, it starts to devolve and degenerate faster and faster, pulling us more and more to feed it, to make it heavier and heavier and heavier.  Until eventually, in this level of nature it cannot be sustained.  It has to sink into more and more laws, deeper.  And of course it carries our consciousness with it into hell.  This is how we create our own suffering.  We do not do this with just pride.  We do it with millions of impressions from moment to moment.  Being asleep, behaving mechanically, automatically reacting habitually, we deepen suffering.

Now this cycle is symbolized by all the different religions in different ways, but we can see the circle has two fundamental halves: evolution and devolution.  To evolve, when any element is born, and grows, and it is in an upward swing of progressive development.  In other words, a simple creature becomes more complex.  The great Sufi poet Rumi illustrated this beautifully when he discussed the evolution of the soul.  He wrote in a poem:

"I died as a mineral, and became a plant.  I died as a plant, and rose to an animal.  I died as an animal, and I became a man."

I'll continue with the rest of that poem a little bit later.  What we see here is these fundamental kingdoms of nature.  Our embryo of soul, that essence that we have, that little particle of God, enters into manifestation through the mineral kingdom.  That little spark has to grow and develop itself through those kingdoms of the minerals, and it becomes successively more complex as it grows and gathers understanding and develops itself.  And this occurs over a long period of time, through many existences or physical bodies.  When that mineral vessel has developed the highest possible highest complication in that level of nature, then the soul which inhabits it, that essence, dies in other words to that kingdom.  It graduates and moves on to the plant kingdom.  Then that soul essence, the buddhata, grows and develops itself through the plant kingdom, through very simple plants, successively, little by little into more and more complex ones, all the while gaining knowledge, understanding, wisdom.  Learning how to act in balance with nature.  This is the purpose, but in each level with more complex means.  The body becomes more complicate, and the laws which govern it become more subtle, more sophisticated.  Then when that soul essence has reached that maximum amount of development in the plant kingdom it graduates and is born in the animal kingdom and the same process ensues.  Here there is a difference.  At the peak of that soul essence in the animal kingdom, with grave warnings that soul essence is given a new capacity: reasoning.  It is still an animal.  It is an animal soul, but it is given reasoning so that it can perfect itself and graduate into the human kingdom.  To do that there has to be a revolution.  You see here how the soul essence evolves according to the mechanical aspects of nature up the cycle of life.  Upon entrance into the humanoid kingdom, in other words the “intellectual animal” kingdom, that soul essence receives reasoning and is told: now you have to become a conqueror of nature.  A king and queen of nature, which means you have to conquer your animal mind and become human.  In other words, to become a real human being, which in classical terms we call an “angel.”  An angel is a real human being.  This is a soul-essence that has become soul.  That has conquered the animal mind.

What is the animal mind?  It is desire.  When that animal mind enters into the humanoid level and receives reasoning, it has to learn to deal with sensations and impressions on its own.  In the animal kingdom we received guidance from those devas and angels who guide the animals, and who lead them in their path of progressive development.  When we enter into the humanoid kingdom, we are given the gift of reasoning so we can develop individual will.  All the lower kingdoms have collective will, collective mind.  This is why we see them moving in packs and herds and groups.  The intellectual animals still move in groups and packs and herds, and we think we are individuals, yet we are not.  We only do what is accepted by the rest of our group.   And we will defend the idea and beliefs of our group to the death, even if they are wrong, because that group collective mind is so strong in us.  To become an Angel, to become a real individual, we have to conquer collective mind, which is within, and develop individual will.

Unfortunately, when this current humanity entered into the intellectual animal kingdom, we made a lot of mistakes.  We become identified with sensation, with desire.  The result was the ego.  The result of this humanity that you see now which kills for beliefs, which kills for money, money which has no real significance or importance, no real value, just paper, we kill for it.  Some people kill on a whim.  Some people kill with just the mind, with bad ideas, harmful ideas.  Some kill with the heart, negative emotion.  Killing is just one way that we demonstrate our animal nature.  We also fornicate, which is an animal behavior.  Angels do not fornicate.  Angels are perfecting chastity.  Angels obey the laws of the garden, which is Eden.  Which is to work with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but to not eat its fruit.

To become a human being, we develop individual will.  That begins when we learn how to transform impressions, but what fuels that?  How can we transform impressions in the state that we are in?  It takes enormous energy to create something.  The creation of a human organism requires a tremendous power, a tremendous force.  And of course that force is sexual energy.  In the occult traditions, or the esoteric traditions of humanity it is often stated the more subtle an energy, the more powerful it is.  And if you observe yourself what is the most powerful energy in you?  What force that is within you can produce the most dramatic changes?  Well some would say it is the mind.  Some would say your manner of thinking produces the changes, the biggest changes.  Some would say it is emotions.  It is feelings.  Some would say it is instinct.  Fight or fight survival and those types of things.  But you see in each of these points of view a psychological limp.  In reality, the most potent energy that is within your body in this moment is the sexual force.  There is no force with more power.  No power to move and shape your life.  And if you look deeply in yourself you will see that.  You can do all kinds of actions with mental energy, which can produce some result.  You can perform all kinds of action with emotional energy, which will produce some result.  You can do some things physically, which will produce some result.  But you can have the sexual act one time and change your life forever.  You can have children, you could contract a disease, and you could fall in love.  The sexual energy has that power to push us back and forth, to produce actions to produce consequences greater than any force.  Therein, in the sexual energy, is the key to redemption.

Some religions, some systems, repeat this idea that there are many paths that lead to God.  Jesus stated there is one.  There is one door, one gate, and it is very narrow, and very few find it, and that door, that gate, is covered by a stone.  The stone on which the temple has to be built is the foundation stone.  That stone is the sexual organs.  The sexual force, the sexual energy, the mercury. That watery stone, the element which is both a stone and a liquid.  It is a metal.  It is the sexual force.  We have to develop the strength of will to chisel that stone and make it perfect, which is a mason's pursuit in their ancient ideal.  This means we need to use the sexual force in the right way.  To take that energy, and use it properly.  This of course is closely related with the heart and with the kidneys.

In Chinese medicine, if someone is losing vitality or is having a lack of energy, they are given medicine for the kidneys.  This is because the kidneys are closely related with the management of the sexual force.  Even in western medicine nowadays people who have kidney problems are often advised to observe abstinence.  Now of course the doctors of both traditions will not say that you should save you sexual energy exclusively because they do not do it.  In fact they will tell you that if you save your sexual energy it will hurt you, but they do not know that.  Science as an ideal states that we should experiment and verify through practical facts what is and what is not.  And all the doctors push for fornication and reject chastity, and yet they do not practice it, so how do they know?  By practicing chastity, by saving the sexual energy, we vitalize the kidneys.  We gather great forces that strengthen and harmonize the kidneys, which in turn vitalizes our organism, empowers our entire endocrine system.  It feeds the brain with pure energy, develops the heart with the forces of love.  The angel is the outcome of the transformation of sexual energy.  The self-realized soul is an outcome, is born, from chastity.

This is the great gift that Libra can assist us with, to give us the force and energy to help us become chaste, to have chastity.  But we do not have much time.  The cycle of evolution and devolution has a limit.  You will observe that in traditional Catholic, Buddhist, and Hindu rosaries, they have 108 beads.  When a devotee of Buddhism visits an ancient site, they will walk 108 times around that holy site, and this is a symbol of the 108 lifetimes that each embryo of soul is given when it enters into the humanoid kingdom.  We have 108 opportunities to understand the mind, to develop the soul.  And humanity, having been born out of the animal kingdom, moves in groups as the animals do, until we escape that animal nature.  So this vast wave of humanity, this big group of animal intellectuals, is approaching the end of the 108 lifetimes.  In other words, a key moment in this current age is about to arrive, when this particular wave of soul embryos will lose their opportunity to develop further.  Their karma, their egos have become so heavy that the souls are already abandoning the use of humanoid bodies and entering into devolution down that great wheel to become simple again.  You see the top of the wheel is the maximum level of complication that mechanical nature can sustain, and as our mind becomes more complicated, as our karma becomes more complicated, as the soul becomes more trapped, God in his infinite love has given us hell to free the soul from that complication.  You can say it is a punishment, and it is, in order to teach the soul in order to not make those mistakes.

So little by little those soul-embryos who fail to self realize themselves will enter into those devolving cycles down the wheel of life.  Down the wheel of life and death, the wheel of Samsara, in order to be simplified.  For those forces of nature to destroy the ego for us.  This is very painful.  If you think in this moment it is painful to look inside and see your traumas, to see your pains, to see your sufferings, then magnify that and extend it, because that is what hell is.  The process of a soul embryo being recycled through nature is the process of that soul embryo confronting all of its traumas and pains and mistakes to learn from them.  Unfortunately, that understanding does not develop into anything.  To be freed of those mistakes through hell does not develop that soul.  It returns to its point of departure.  It goes back to the state that it started in, no better off, with only the opportunity to repeat it again, to try once more.

It is said that at the end of that cycle, after thousands of years and thousands of existences of being recycled through nature, and through all that unimaginable pain, at the very end when the last little element is removed and that little embryo is perfected once more, then that soul is even with the law of karma.  The debts are paid, but that soul is no closer to awakening, to enlightenment, and it starts over.  In the Bagavhad Gita, Krishna, that great Christ, that avatar that the Christ spoke through says this:

"They, the evil, cruel and ungrateful I cast them perpetually into the assuric wombs, demonic wombs, in order or them to be born into these infernal worlds.  Those hallucinated people enter into the demonic wombs again and again continually falling into increasingly inferior bodies.  Triple is the door of that destructive inferno.  It is made up of lust, anger, and covetousness.  That is why these must be abandoned."

This is a practical reality.  This is not a theory.  When you have nightmares, you are visiting these worlds, because you have elements that belong there.  Your mind is there.  Your consciousness is trapped in it.

We have to revolt against ourselves.  The great rebellion, the great revolution, is inside.  All the wars, all the battles of the bible, of all the scriptures, are symbolic of the war we have to wage against our own mind, to revolt against our pride and our lust and all of our evilness in order to free ourselves from this law of 108 lives.  That is accomplished by using our sexual energy in the right way, by transforming impressions, comprehending the mind, and building the soul.

In the poem by Rumi, he says when he became a man,

"Why should I fear?  When was I less by dying?"

We have all died hundreds and thousands of times.  Death is simply a change of clothing for the soul.  We have passed from existence to existence, but what is sad is that we have failed to realize that each existence is a repetition of the one before, with only a slight difference.  We have a new personality in each life, we have new circumstances, but they are all rooted in karma.  They are all rooted in our own actions in the previous life.  We have to revolt against that repetition.

Each event that arises in our life, we have to comprehend.  We have to receive it consciously, to observe our three brains and analyze every thought, every feeling, every impulse, whether good or bad, whether pleasant or unpleasant.  We have to meditate on that.  Even if we have an experience in life that makes us feel very good about ourselves, it can lead to suffering, because we can become identified with those sensations.  Experiences that make us feel bad about ourselves can lead to suffering when we become identified with those sensations.  The nature of psychological equilibrium is to be the same in all experiences of life, to be in equanimity, to be serene.  Only the consciousness can accomplish that, because only God can provide real serenity.  The mind can fake it.  The mind can fake serenity and put on a serene face and act calm, but in the depth there is boiling.  We have to understand in ourselves how to be sincere.  To fake behaviors is to deceive not only other people but ourselves, which is a crime against our own inner God.  Be honest with yourself.  Look closely at how you deceive yourself from day to day.  In particular, any time you blame someone else, you are wrong.  The causes of all your problems are within you, not outside.  You cannot say that your friend made you angry, because if you did not have anger, you would not be angry.  Your own anger makes you angry.  That anger may be stimulated by impressions, by words or by action, but it is your anger, and that is not the responsibility of anyone else but you.  It is good to take responsibility for that.  To recognize the nature of every experience is self-originated.  So Rumi continues,

"Why should I fear?  When was I less by dying?  Yet once more I shall die as a man to soar with angels blessed."

We have to understand here that he is not talking about a man the way we think of it.  He is talking about a real man.  A real human being is someone who has given birth to the soul.  Even that must die.  Even the angel has to die in himself to advance, and Rumi says that,

"But even from angelhood I must pass on.  All except God perishes.  When I have sacrificed my angel soul I shall become what no mind ever conceived.  O let me not exist.  For nonexistence proclaims in organ tones to him shall we return."

The stellar influence of Libra can assist us in that process,  by providing us with a balancing influence in the psyche in the kidneys, in the heart, in the mind.

The scale can also represent the balance of heart and mind; when you look at Anubis in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, on the scale he balances a feather and a jar.  The jar holds the heart.  The feather is the mind.  These two have to be in perfect balance in us.  We have to learn to think with the heart and feel with the head in order to receive the intuition, the guidance of the Being.  These two aspects have to be in balance.  That state of equilibrium is the point of departure for the creation of the soul.  In other words, if you do not have psychological balance, if you do not have the capacity to consciously control your three brains, then how is God going to give you power?  How can God give you the Kundalini if you cannot control the energies that are inside?  In that sense we can say our own God is somewhat like a parent who is watching his child, and how does he observe and measure his child? Through the heart and the kidneys.  Of course the heart is where we have our feelings, our will, our intention.  In our kidneys we have our chastity or our lust.  So our own inner God measures us in this way.

When we have received or when we have established this psychological equilibrium in ourselves, learning how to be conscious of our three brains, to consciously control our psyche, this does not mean the ego is eliminated.  It means we our developing the capacity to be in a state of self-observation and self-remembering from moment to moment.  We are developing the will to not be ruled by the mind, by the ego, by desire.  Then if we our practicing chastity, if working with a spouse, if we our transforming our sexual energies, then that divine intelligence of the Holy Spirit can give us that profound gift of the awakening of the Kundalini, but only then.  That fire can then be raised through each body of the soul.  And in that process create the soul and then become a real human being, but our problems do not stop there; the creation of the soul is not the elimination of the ego.

To create the soul is to create a vessel through which God can work.  That soul or vessel is necessary in these times because the ego is so heavy and so complex we that we need a high voltage transmitter to direct our sexual forces in an extremely potent and forceful way by the guidance of our Divine Mother to eliminate the ego.  If you are single you can still do it.  You can make enormous progress as a single person working on your own, transmuting your sexual energy.  But someone who is in a couple has a lot more energy available, and when they develop the bodies they have even more, and they develop the soul.  The danger also increases.  In the same way that we use these energies in the wrong way to create ego, when we do not have the bodies when we do not have the fire, we can still do that when we have them.  Just because you have created lets say the solar astral body, does not mean you are free from making mistakes.  In fact, your situation is even more delicate.  The form and function of the solar astral body is a great current, a great capacitor, which can direct enormous forces, but if you are listening to the demon of the heart, that demon with his ill will, that wants to hurt others, you can inflict terrible damage, and accrue terrible karma.  So these bodies are not just beautiful gifts without consequences.  To receive them implies an enormous responsibility and great care has to be taken.

If we allow thoughts of resentment or anger or envy to process in our psyche this is bad.  It is harmful for ourselves and others, but if we are transmuting our sexual energy, it is even worse, because those sexual forces are more powerful than in someone who is fornicating. Then that anger that resentment and that envy has more force and can produce more harm.  Likewise, if you are transmuting the sexual energy and have the solar astral body or the solar mental body or the solar causal body, even more force, even more potential harm, because these bodies are transformers of energy but they transform by will.

Those initiates who create the solar bodies, who elaborate the soul, but do not eliminate the ego, are called hasnamussen.  This is a term from Arabic that means someone with a double center of gravity.  They have some development in the soul, which is the upper part.  In other words the soul related to the master, the spirit.  Then they have a lower part, which is the ego, and these two centers of gravity are in constant conflict trying to control that human soul.  So when someone has created those solar bodies, they are actually in the middle of an even greater conflict.  There is a power there that God needs, but the ego wants.  That is the great battle.  That's why we read about the Pandavas in the Mahabarata.  Krishna leads the Pandavas, those brothers, which are the soul.  And they have to battle against the blind king, which is the ego.

The master Samael gives many examples of this.  In particular he mentions Andremeleck.  Andremeleck as a Spirit, as a master, is a great master.  The inner God of Andremeleck is a great master who has a great deal of development and a great deal of beauty, but his human soul is a demon.  The human soul of Andremeleck did not destroy the ego.  He created the solar bodies but did not destroy the ego, and accrued so much karma and persisted in so many bad habits.  The master Samael states in his investigations he discovered Andremeleck the master divorced himself from his human soul.  He released it, and that human soul cannot return to his master until the ego is destroyed through devolution.  So that means that that master of Andremeleck, the inner Spirit, cannot take a new physical body for millions of years until that human soul has passed through the process of devolution and has become pure again.  That is a grave situation.  That human soul within its solar bodies has to enter into hell.  At this time, he is working consciously as a demon to try to harm others.  But at a certain point, karma will take him and he will devolve for a long time.

If we, lunar souls, without solar bodies, will take thousands, hundreds of thousands of years to be dissolved, what of the solar bodies, are not of lunar nature?  It will take a long time to break them down.  A very crude example of this is a piece of plastic that you throw into a garbage dump is not going to break down for hundreds maybe thousands maybe longer. Years. Things that belong to nature like banana peels will break down quickly.  It is a similar analogy.  The solar bodies take a long time.

This is why we always emphasize that it is necessary to work on the ego every day. Yes, we need to transmute the sexual energy.  It is necessary to create the soul, of course, but we always have to work on the ego every day.  To whatever our capacity is to always analyze ourselves, to look at ourselves, to be sincere, to look for the things that need to change.  We need to take the power that God gives us, all the energies, and use them in the right way.  If we abuse it, if we abuse the energies that we have, then we have to bear those consequences.

Nowadays it is becoming very common for people to take drugs to give them more sexual power.  Why is that?  Why are these drugs necessary now?  Why are men and women losing the sexual drive?  Why are they losing the capacity that is normal in the average person?  Why is it necessary for people to take chemicals to stimulate the sexual energy?  It is because of abuse.  Because of so much abuse of sexual energy, they have wasted it.  Now they take pills to steal energy from other parts of the body to falsely stimulate the sexual drive.  This drains the organism even faster.  It is an abuse of the endocrine system and other vital organisms within our organism.  What do they call that?  Well now they call it “erectile dysfunction” because they do not want to call it what it really is, which is impotence, because people have a trauma about that word.  They do not want to use that word.  They call it other things that sound scientific.  The word impotence means to have no potency or to have no power.

To misuse the sexual energy happens physically through fornication of the body, but we misuse the sexual energy in the heart through desire.  We misuse the sexual energy in the intellect through desire.  False negative imagery, fantasy, is a waste of sexual energy.  The first cause of impotence is that we feed to much energy into false mechanical imagination.  Most men who face and deal with impotence have developed too much sexual fantasy in the mind and thus have created a conflict in their psyche through fantasy, through imagining the sexual act rather than actually performing it.  So what happens is the moment they come to actually perform the sexual act they cannot, because all of that energy is trapped in false creations in the mind.  The same happens with women in a slightly different way.

The potency, the power that we need comes from chastity.  To transmute the sexual forces is to save them and transform them consciously with the assistance of God.  Those forces transform the individual on every level.  If that energy is the most powerful motivator in life, and it is, that is also the most powerful key for spiritual development.  Instead of using that sexual force to chase after our dreams, we can use that energy to create the soul and to destroy the ego and thus reach liberation, which is freedom.  This is all in the house of Libra.  Libra provides the equilibrium, the balance.  But it requires a great effort in all three brains in order to manage the consciousness.

We have to have equanimity, we have to have a good heart, and we have to be humble.

The natives of Libra of course are getting a little extra influence from this sign.  So we can see in them a particular kind of dynamic energy and a particular attention to justice.  The Libra types are very much concerned with justice.  In fact, they can be so focused on justice that they can forget mercy and they can seem cruel.

The superior type of Libra is able to receive the influence of that balance as a kind of serenity and equanimity, which gives them the natural predisposition to avoid the limelight, to remain anonymous.  To do good works, but to remain anonymous.  But the inferior type always seeks recognition.

So you can see in the superior transformation of the influence of Libra that it naturally provides qualities to create the soul, but in the inferior type it has the capacity to push the soul to degenerate.

Questions and Answers

Q. You said that Andremeleck the fallen human soul could not take another human body until disintegrating in the abyss until the second death, but the master Samael stated that Andremeleck is incarnated in China.

A.  I stated that the master could not.  The human soul, the demon, can take physical bodies.  That is what the master stated in his book.  At some point recently Andremeleck had a physical body, but that is not the Divine Soul.  That is not the Innermost.  That is the human soul who is fallen who took a body.

Q. Does a soul enter the abyss after successfully going through the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms?

A. Yes.  The soul is trapped in the ego, so in order for the ego to be removed, the soul essence has to be there.

Q. Is the devolution related to the second death?

A. The second death is the completion of devolution; the very last moment is what we call the second death.  It is what the Bible calls the second death.  It is the final moments of having that ego removed, which is very painful.

Q. So it is always cyclical?

A.  Right.  Once the second death is complete, then that soul embryo returns back into the mineral kingdom and begins to take new bodies in order to start the whole cycle again.  This is why we state that the soul embryo returns from body to body.  Repeats.  The term reincarnate implies conscious will, so strictly speaking only someone who has developed the soul and built that vehicle and has awakened consciousness can choose to incarnate or in other words reincarnate.  And that is also part of the Bhagadvad Gita where Krishna states that only the Gods and Titans, only the developed soul, can choose its incarnations.  Otherwise we just return, repeat.

Q. Through self-observation could you start to realize your past lives events like when you said you remember a conversation or an event that triggers some memory, or is that different?

A. The remembrance of past existences is important so we can see how behaviors we are trapped in now began.  How we created them.  Self-observation and self-remembering focus and channel the consciousness to be present, which gives us the capacity to perceive ourselves as we really are in the moment.  Of course to see yourself as you really are takes a lot of consciousness.  Right now we only see ourselves in a very vague way, vaporous.  It is very difficult to see ourselves as we really are.  But as that sense deepens and becomes stronger, and more consistent, intuition can bring more information, so you may see yourself performing a certain behavior and behaving a certain way today.  And your intuition may bring you a hunch saying “oh that is related to something at this time in the past.”  And yes those memories can extend back beyond your present physical birth and that is a matter of development. You also should not take those things at face value because the mind can easily deceive you.  You always have to meditate.

Q. Its seems like its easier to remember those few different events you could understand so much like your entire life wouldn't be as painful.

A. It is true.  The more you start to comprehend about the nature of your own mind, the more understanding that brings, and that is not intellectual.  You could not necessarily say you have this karma, this ego, because of “this and this and this.”  It is not an intellectual outline.  In fact, the connections can seem quite unconnected.  When you meditate on given events, you may start to see related elements that on the surface appear to have no relationship at all.  And your intellect will become very bewildered because it always looks for “a to b to c.”  Very literal.  The ego is a mess.  The ego is hugely complicated.  That is another reason why we need the consciousness in order to navigate that.  The intellect is simply not capable.  So the problem arises that we rely on the intellect so much that we want to label each element in the mind with a certain name and say, “oh that is pride.”  Then we think we understand it, but we do not.  That is just a label.  Each psychological element has many characteristics.  Each element in the mind has its own three brains.  It has its own thoughts, its own emotions, and its own will to act.  And it is related to other ones due to the nature of each situation and each particular karma.  The mind, the intellect, cannot grasp that.  It is so complex and so deep and it has been happening for hundreds of opportunities across thousands of moments across many existences, and the mind, the intellect, simply cannot hold that.  It is only a simple little tool.  But the Being can do it.  The wisdom of the Being and the depth and power of the consciousness can understand the ego and penetrate it.  So that is again we have to always return to that: observe it.  Understand it intuitively with the consciousness.  Then the real comprehension happens, and as you state, it is true that there is a sort of release that will happen you will have some acceptance, some contentment, or peace.  When you comprehend an ego, when you really understand an ego, you start to become free of it, and what is natural there is that consciousness starts to be extracted, which returns to us; and what is the consciousness but equanimity, peace, joy, and love and all the virtues of the Being?  It is a beautiful thing, but requires a lot of work.

Q. What are some concerns for people born under the sign of Libra and what are some exercises?

A. Well, the master Samael teaches an exercise related to Libra in which we stand in the form of a scale, straight up with the arms out, and we bend at the waist from side to side and visualize and imagine the forces rising through the earth up into us, related to the kidneys, and helping us to learn to transform energy in the right way. This all should be accompanied by prayer, having a meditative state.

Of the natives of Libra the master mentions many things.  He states that the Libra person has the defect of not knowing how to forgive.  This is that sense of justice that the Libra person tends to have, so they also need to learn a little bit about diplomacy and to learn about the contradictions in others.  A Libra person cannot deal with seeing two faces in a person.  So if you come at them with cruelty or a kind of harshness and then the next day you are sweet, they don't like that.  In fact they will shut you out, and that is a defect they have in expecting consistency or balance.  There are other qualities but I think it is more important to focus on the universal applications of the sign.

Q. Can you say more about the phrase “think with the heart and feel in the head”?  I have heard it mentioned before but am still uncertain on how to do it.

A.  Well there is a good reason for that.  In order to understand that, you have to be trying it.  The intellect does not really get it.  You have to work on examining your own heart and intellect in your experiences.  I will give you an example.  How do you normally read a book?  Next time you read something, observe yourself.  Observe how your own psyche is functioning and how you are viewing that information.  We all have habits related to reading and we have to examine those habits.  For the most part, Americans in particular tend to be very intellectual, so when we read we are reading through the lens of the intellect, which means we are just stuffing the head with ideas.  That is why we forget them.  Then we become conflicted, because we read an idea, which contradicts with another idea, and then we enter into conflict.  And this is probably one of the first reasons why people abandon these kinds of studies.  They have already gathered certain ideas, which are not their own anyway, but they put value on them.  So when they read this type of material and it contradicts the ideas they already have, they cannot deal with the conflict so they walk away, choosing to only live with the ideas that they got first.  It is not that the ideas they have are right.  It is that those ideas got into their mind first, so they believe it first.

Some people read emotionally.  They read in order to stimulate or experience certain kinds of feeling and so they are attracted to particular kinds of books because of that.  For example, romance.  Certain people will always long to read romance books or magazines in order to stimulate the emotional center and feed it with energy.  This is fantasy and it is harmful.  Same with movies and TV we have certain tastes there.  We have to learn about that and learn how to balance these centers.

As an example, when you read, you should read with all three brains.  Not just the intellect.  You have to read in a balanced way, and this is something the master Samael emphasized many times.  Learn to read whatever your reading also with the heart.  The same applies to music.  If you are listening to music, how are you listening?  Most of us are listening mechanically; we just put music on and it is playing there but we are thinking of something else.  We might be feeling something else unrelated to the music.  This is a contradiction in states and events.  When we play music, we should listen to it in all three brains.  Of course, physically, the motor-instinctive-sexual center, we should be relaxed and listening with our ears.  We should also be having our mind, our intellect, focused into the music, but mostly the heart, because that music is really designed to stimulate the heart.  To help us understand the many subtleties that exist in emotion.  So to listen with all three brains, to read with all three brains, this is how we start to balance the heart and mind.  And in that way you will grasp what that means.  To think with the heart, and to feel with the head.

Q. Does it say that there are people who are living in hell right now?  You said the layers and laws are more and more,

A.  We understand that this particular humanity is degenerating rapidly and in fact the earth is descending into the Klipoth.  The behavior of the human or the intellectual animals is so grotesque and perverse that we are pulling the Klipoth up.  We are trying to bring the earth into the Klipoth.  And you can see that with all the behaviors we are now celebrating in our culture and our media and TV are very degenerated behaviors.  Everything.  Our sense of humor is extremely cruel.  It is all sarcasm.  It is all irony.  These are forms of violence.  And our sense of sexuality has become very corrupted.  It is all about animal desire.  And you see that is growing worse from year to year.  More and more corrupted.  More and more degenerated.  Life in the cities has become unbearably complicated.  It is a little easier when you are outside in the country.  Things are a little simpler and you can feel that.  When you leave the city do you feel different?  Do you feel the space around you feels different, lighter, and uncomfortable because we are so accustomed to the laws, the psychological laws in the cities?  Some people now can only live in the city.  They become so acclimatized to that degree of complexity, that that is the natural vibration of their mind.  Related to hell.  So you have some people in the bigger cities that will not leave.  That is where they feel comfortable in that little prison.  It is very sad.

In Gnosis we do say and analyze that this planet and its development, its civilization, is sinking into the abyss.  We are seeing more and more complexity, more and more difficulty, more and more suffering from year to year.  In fact, things that we invent and we say will make life better always make life more complicated.  Now on the surface there might be something that looks better.  Like maybe this part is a little easier maybe this part is a little better, but if you look deeper there is more complication.  Why is it with all our technology, with all our supposed advancement, are there more and more people on this planet each year who cannot get clean water?  If we are so technologically advanced, why is there more slavery now than there ever has been?  Why is there more starvation?  Why is there more disease?  This is not advancement.  Why is there more conflict, more depression, more suicide, more crime?  These things are not going away.  They are increasing little by little, year after year, getting worse.  And that is because of this particular race, this particular group is getting worse.

Q.  Is it true then that the people in this time have a greater potential for awakening because of all the mass complication of the energies?

A.  Yes.  It is true that in these moments that there is an enormous potential to awaken the conscious, but it does not happen mechanically.  People have this mistaken notion that all of humanity is naturally evolving.  This is false.  There is no evidence for that anywhere.  The evidence is quite the opposite.  To evolve, to become an angel, means you have to be rid of pride, ride of lust, rid of envy, rid of fear, rid of doubt.  There is an enormous amount of energy available in these times, but unfortunately that energy is pushing downwards.  Pushing humanity, this human race into the Klipoth.  But the nature of Tantrism, Tantra means “continuum or flow.”  So the nature of the Tantric science is to utilize flow of energy, to utilize that continuum of force.  But if you just go along, then you will go down.  If you just jump into the stream of life it is going to take you right into the abyss.  You have to swim against that current.  So you have to learn how to take all that energy and invert it, and that is why the basis of the whole science is in transmutation because the sexual energy is descending into us from God.  If we keep releasing it, we keep letting that energy flowing down into the Klipoth.  You can see that in the tree of life.  You see the energy flowing down into Yesod, the vital body, related to the sexual energy, and it is available in the sexual organs.  If you spill it, you fortify the Klipoth.  That energy flows down and those rivers that belong in Eden revert and become the rivers in hell.  So you have to build a dam.  You have to build a stop.  And gather those forces in order to swim against the current, to fight to go back up, to build the soul and go against the current of life.  There is a lot of help for that, and in these times, if you take advantage of all this energy that is circulating now, you can reach great realization.  It does not come easy, and it does not come automatically.  It requires enormous effort.  Jesus said this.  Very few enter into that gate because the gate is wide and easy that leads into destruction and that is fornication. It is easy because we are so habituated to that.

Q. Is the combination of the three brains in the way we react to each event the same thing that quantum physics refers to as a Neuronet inside the brain.

A.  I am not familiar to that Neuronet theory to comment on it.  What I can tell you is that the three brains channel the forces related to the law of three.  So that provides the potential to create psychologically, but that creation can be positive when the energy is managed and modified by the conscious.  And that energy can be negative when it is managed and modified by the ego.  If it is related to quantum mechanics, I would have to learn about that in order to say.

Q.  You talked about the potential to grow and nourish the soul yet also disintegrate the ego.  Is for instance, sexual transmutation related to the birth and grow of the soul, and how is self-remembering and self-observation related to the death of the ego?  I'm just thinking about growing the soul but not destroying the ego.

A.  In order to develop the soul, we transmute sexual energy.  In order to destroy the ego, we transmute the sexual energy.  Both of those functions are performed by the Divine Mother and not us.  As a human soul, as an embryo of a human soul, our job is to be the warrior.  We are there in the battlefield of life to fight against our own mind.  The Divine Mother empowers us with armaments.  These are conscious attributes, Self-observation, Self-remembering, and meditation.  But she can only arm us if we transform our sexual energy, if we save it.  So that is the Ambrosia, the Amrita.  The force of the waters of life that we have to conserve.  And when we conserve it, the Divine Mother, by her grace, takes those forces and in turn gives us the tools we need.  So then we fight, all the while She is the one who is empowering those weapons that we use against our own mind: the shield, and the spear or the sword, and the helmet, those elements that we always see in mythology.  All we have to do is transmute, observe, and meditate.  Those are the essential factors.

We do not have to complicate our lives with a lot of different kinds of practices.  It is good to try them all and experiment with them all, but the basic essential science is simply that.  Transmute, observe, and meditate.

In the act of meditation, in the act of observation, birth and death is happening.  When you are transforming your sexual forces, birth and death is happening.  It is already happening in you right now.  Birth and death is constantly happening.  But when you start transforming your sexual energy, you are raising octaves.  That energy starts empowering greater levels of birth and death and that is all facilitated by the Divine Mother, so you don't need to worry.  Just learn the basic aspects of the practices, experiment with them, and have faith in your Divine Mother.  For example, a lot of people worry about thousands of little details of the Pranayama or vocalization on the charkas and they get very caught up in worry.  It is not necessary, because the one who is taking the energy and developing the soul and empowering the chakras is the Divine Mother.  She knows very well what She is doing.  You need to do your part; we all do, but do not complicate the mind.  Do not complicate the mind.  Do your practices and experiment, but do not complicate with a lot of theories.  And little by little your gain experience in these things and you start to see that.

Q.  In the case of Andremeleck, there was some reason or some thing that made him make mistakes.  I guess if you do not fight in the right way you do not end up destroying the ego, and that is why it is possible to create the solar bodies and also not destroy the ego.  You need to work with the willpower in the right way.

A.  The master states in The Pistis Sophia Unveiled that many people fight very hard for their self-realization but in the wrong way.  That is why it is very important to study, but that study has to be accompanied by meditation.  We have to meditate deeply and understand the science.  The receptive mind that can receive the guidance of the Being is what is important here.  The Being will never lead us into error.  Only our own mind will, our ego.  So we have to develop that capacity to receive that guidance, and if we do not receive it, to wait.  There are many subtle things that can deceive the initiate at any level.  And the more you advance and are accelerating or reaching up, the more subtle the mind becomes and the more dangerous.  That is why the master Samael stated that the closer you are to becoming an angel, the more danger there is of becoming a demon.  That is due to the mind, so it requires restraint, self-analysis, and sincerity.  Always be sincere with yourself.

He gives many examples of initiates who transmute the sexual energy, who teach, study, and learn Gnosis, yet who awaken in evil.  It can be as simple as not recognizing self-will, because self-will can become easily confused with the will of God.  We are trying to develop individual will, human will, the human soul that is that extension, that warrior that fights on behalf of the Innermost.  It is difficult to perceive the difference between human will, the will of God, and self-will.  Many initiates fall into that mistake.  So it is super important to never take your internal experiences for granted.  Never take them at face value.  Even if you meditate on something, and you have an experience about it, even if you have an astral projection and you have some profound experience, do not assume it is true.  That is the doorway through which demons are created, like Andremeleck.