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letters-ref-kufק Kuf is the nineteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. In Hebrew, Kuf is spelled with three letters: קוף Kuf, Vav and final Pei, which literally means “monkey, baboon, or ape.” In Aramaic, קוף Kuf means “the eye of a needle.”

The symbol of the letter ק Kuf is very interesting, since it is the only letter that goes below the baseline. Kuf has no final (sophit) form, nevertheless its left line goes below the baseline. You can clearly see it in the spelling of קוף Kuf, you see that the final Pay is below the baseline. Only Vav is above the baseline, and Kuf goes below the baseline as if it were a final form letter.

The Two Witnesses

The shape of the letter ק Kuf is formed by two letters. The right side of it is a letter ר Resh, which is the twentieth letter. The left side of it is the letter ז Zayin, which is the seventh letter. Some Kabbalists state that the shape of Kuf is formed by the letter כ Kaf -- which is the eleventh letter -- and ו Vav, the sixth letter, which is also possible since the vertical line on the left could be a ו Vav or a ז Zayin. As well, the symbol on the right, which is a curve, could be a Resh or a Kaf, which is in fact a head. Thus, if you observe carefully the letter, you will then immediately understand the point, since we already talked about Kaf. Resh  relates to our head:  ראשי Rosh, head. When we see the shape of the letter Resh in the letter Kuf, we immediately know that it is a head. Likewise, in many lectures we stated that Zayin, as well as Vav, relates to the spinal column. So by knowing this and observing the shape of the letter Kuf, we know that its shape shows us the central nervous system, which is the throne of the spirit, the throne of God.

Remember that when we talked about the central nervous system, we explained that the spinal column is the Tree of Life in our physical organism. In the spinal column we have the seven chakras that relate to the seven lower Sephiroth, which are connected to the brain, which in turn relates to the three superior Sephiroth that we mentioned and named in many lectures. We always relate the three superior Sephiroth with the three primary forces that in Kabbalah are called Kether, Chokmah, and Binah; in Christianity, they are called Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These three Sephiroth relate to the law of three, the law that creates. We have spoken often about the three superior Sephiroth, and today again we are going to talk about this holy trinity, because it is very important.

three forces

The letter Kuf is appears in the Hebrew word Kadosh. At the very end of the Invocation of Solomon, we utter, "Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh," which means "Holy, holy, holy." The word  קדוש Kadosh means “holy.” In the book of Genesis there is another word written with the letter Kuf: the name Kain. Kain ( קין) is written with Kuf, Iod, and Nun. Likewise, we always talk about the shadow of the Tree of Life, which is the world of Klipoth. קליפה Klipoth is also written with Kuf. So this mysterious letter Kuf relates to holy, Cain, which symbolizes the mind (the animal mind), and also to Klipoth, which is where the hasnamussen, the egos, live.

In Hebrew, קוף Kuf means “ape, baboon.” The Kuf, the monkey, called Hanuman, is a very interesting character mentioned in the Ramayana, which is a book (epic) written before the Mahabharata. It is a very ancient book. Indeed, the story of Hanuman hides great mysteries. Yes, the story of the life of Hanuman is really a great myth that we have to study carefully because it associates this ape, Kuf, with also another Kuf, or ape, that we find represented in Egypt as the cynocephalus, which is associated with Thoth, the God of the mind. Thoth is symbolized by a baboon and by an Ibis bird. He is also called Hermes Trismegistus. So we find the baboon as a symbol in Egypt and in India. And of course, also in the mysterious letter Kuf of Kabbalah, which literally means “monkey.”

How is it that this monkey, Kuf, baboon, is the beginning of the word holy, Kadosh? And also of the Hebrew word for offering:  קרבן korban.  When you make any offering to God, to your Inner Being, or rather, when you present an offering to your Inner Being, to your Inner Father, Mother, this is called in Hebrew "korban."  Korban begins with Kuf as well. So it is very important to understand all of this in order to comprehend this mysterious letter. Because, I repeat, it relates to our central nervous system.

Remember that Kuf is spelled קוף Kuf, Vav, and Pei. The letter ו Vav is related with the spinal column. The letter ו Vav also symbolizes Adam.

When you study the Tree of Life, you always find that the letter ו Vav is associated with Tiphereth and with Yesod. The word Vav is spelled with two Vavs. Vav sometimes is used as vowel. Yes, the letter Vav also serves as a vowel, such as 'o', 'u' or 'e'. When you write Vav or Vau, you spell it with two Vavs. So, in Kabbalah, those Vavs are always associated with Tiphereth and Yesod, which are always associated with the central column of the Tree of Life, which in us is our spinal column.

vav-spineVav represents the Tree of Life. Now, remember that the book of Genesis states:

And out of the ground made Jah-Chavah Elohim to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the Tree of Life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. – Genesis 2: 9

In many lectures we explained that the garden, the ground, which is the physical body, has many elements, forces (many trees). Regrettably, we altered the Garden of Eden, as we alter the planet. In the middle of the garden is another tree, the tree of good and evil, the tree of knowledge, Gnosis. We have to always visualize and understand the two trees because they are in the middle, in our spinal column, of this garden called the physical body, Malkuth, which the bible calls Mizrahim, Egypt.

Kabbalistically speaking, good and evil relate grammatically to Vav and ז Zayin. Vav relates to the right side, and Zayin to the left side of the tree of good and evil. Vav and Zayin are what we call good and evil, the two columns of the Tree of Life, or the two columns of the temple that are called in the book of Kings Jakin Boaz. One is white and the other is black.

And he set up the pillars in the porch of the temple: and he set up the right pillar, and called the name thereof Jakin: and he set up the left pillar, and he called the name thereof Boaz. - 1 Kings 7: 21

The book of Genesis calls them heaven and earth, day and night. It is written that God made light from the darkness and that God saw the light, that it was good.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness (Zayin) was upon the face of the abyss.

And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light (Vav).

And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called (Jakin) the light Day, and (Boaz) the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were one day. - Genesis 1: 1-5

From this alchemical point of view, you have to understand that Kabbalistically we symbolize day or light by the letter ו Vav, while darkness is represented by ז Zayin, the seventh letter.

So by understanding this, we understand the relationship between the Tree of Life and the tree of good and evil within our bodies, what Genesis calls day and night. Remember that in the beginning in the first day of Genesis it is stated that God created the light out of darkness. “And God said, Let there be light." Yet before God saying "Let there be light," it is written "And darkness was upon the face of the abyss." Kabbalistically we say the female counterpart which is called Chavah, Eve, that in the first day is called Lilith, night, darkness was upon the face of the abyss. And God said "Let there be light." So God took the light out of darkness, and thereafter God separated them; as you know that separation of dark and light is the same symbol as taking Eve out of Adam. God separates the light from the darkness in order to make all the days of Genesis. Notwithstanding, when the Ruach Elohim succeeds in making one day, then the Spirit of God unites the night and the day, the darkness and the light; as it is written: "And the evening and the morning were one day." --

The evening is the darkness (Zayin), the morning is the day (Vav) -- "were one day."


And the evening and the morning (Zayin and Vav) were “ZO” (זו) “the one” united.

So in every single day of the book of Genesis, Kabbalistically you see how day and night, female and male (Zayin and Vav) are separated. But they join, they become one, in order to create, because the light creates, and from the light emerges more things. So, when within us our Inner God succeeds in creating, God then says "And the evening and the morning were one day," meaning that God finished that. He succeeded in uniting good and evil, as it is translated, because in other words, Rah, in Hebrew as you remember is evil or pollution, but Rah also means the counterpart, the partner.

The partner, the counterpart, the companion of Vav is always Zayin. It is very important to understand this, to see it with your heart, with your intuition, in order to understand the commandments; because the commandments were given to the righteous ones (Tzadikim), to those who want to succeed in self realizing themselves. The letter Kuf is related with one commandment specifically. Although Kuf relates to many commandments, but one specifically:

Keep the Sabbath day to sanctify it, as Iod-Havah thy Elohim hath commanded thee. – Deuteronomy 5: 12

According to the traditions of Jewish religion and many other Christian religions that keep the Sabbath day, they don't work in Saturdays. They think that by resting on Saturday they are keeping that commandment. But we are Kabbalists and we do not read the bible literally, thus we know what the word Kadosh means.  To keep the Sabbath holy means to keep it Kadosh. Therefore, when we read in chapter five of the book of Deuteronomy "Keep the Sabbath day holy," well, the Sabbath day is the seventh. And remember in Genesis it is written that God rested on the seventh day, which in Hebrew is uttered “Shevah.” Shevah means “seven.” Sheva yom is the seventh day; so, keep the Shevah day holy. Thus immediately we Kabbalistically go to the letters of Shevah, the seventh letter, which is Zayin.

Therefore, this commandment is for those that know the mystery of Shevah, meaning, it is for those who know the mystery of Daath. Keep the seventh yom holy or Kadosh, sanctifies it. This is telling us Kabbalistically that we have to be very careful with the left size of the letter Kuf, which is Zayin, which is darkness, which is a symbol of the feminine aspect of God that we call Chavah. Because remember, that it is written that Jahavah-Elohim rested in the seventh day in order to do all his work or all the work that he made. He rested on the seventh day in order to make it. We have to know how to read. Because, for instance, I am resting myself on this knowledge that I have in order to teach you about this. You understand this, right? The foundation, I am resting in it in order to teach you, in order to tell you about it in this lecture. Understand, in the same way when you read in the book of Genesis that God rested in the seventh day in order to make all this, or he made all this and rested in the seventh day in order to do it, it is telling us that God did it through the seven, through Shevah. And that Shevah, seventh, is written also with the same letters of Shabbat. Sheva, Shabbat, the queen of Sheba. Many words are related with Shevah, better said, Ishabbat, the daughter of the fire, because Bat in Hebrew means “daughter.”


In the old mysterious letter Kuf, Zayin is always associated with "Rosh," the head, the brain. Behold the shape, and then you will see that it is related with your own particular individual Zayin, which is called Obd, “helper”  or Vav, which is called Od and means “witness.” You see, in Kabbalah you assign them as two polarities that we call in Sanskrit Ida and Pingala. Pingala is Od and this word Od in Hebrew means witness. But Zayin, which is on the left, is called Obd. Sometimes we call it Ob in order to synthesize, but it is written Obd. It means “assistant, helper.” But to synthesize, we say “the two witnesses,” Ob and Obd, which are entwined in the spinal column and form the two serpents of the famous Caduceus of Mercury, which symbolizes the tree of good and evil. These physically are the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems in relationship with our spinal column or central nervous system, understanding that the middle of the Caduceus is the Tree of Life.

The two witnesses are related with “Keep the Sabbath day (Zayin, the seventh letter) holy.” Let us see another instance, another commandment, which is the eighth commandment. The Bible states:

Neither shalt thou bear false witness against thy neighbour. – Deuteronomy 5: 20

This is a very, very clear commandment which is Kabbalistically associated with the Shabbat. Why? Because in order to keep the Sabbath (Zayin, the seventh letter) holy, you have to handle your two witnesses. You have to know how to work with the two witnesses, with your two polarities, specifically, with Zayin, the seventh letter, because this is what the commandment states; you shall keep that Zayin holy. This Zayin is the counterpart of Vav that God uses in order to create. Elohim or Jahavah-Elohim creates through us, resting himself on the seventh letter, on the Zayin. In Sanskrit it is called Ida.

Let us read what the book of Proverbs says about the seventh letter, which in us symbolizes the left rib, the woman.

My son (Vav) attend unto my wisdom (Chokmah), and bow thine ear to my understanding (Binah): That thou mayest regard discretion, and that thy lips may keep knowledge (Daath). For the lips of (zr זר Zain Reish) a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil: But her end (in Yesod) is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword (Zayin). Her feet go down to death; her steps take hold on hell (Klipoth). - Proverbs 5: 1-5

letter Kuf2The letter Kuf contains Zain and Resh, which relate to the medulla and the brain respectively.

In the brain we have three holy atoms, explained as follows:

  1. in the root of the nose we have the magnetic center related with the atom of the Father, the atom of Kether, the crown, it is a magnetic center
  2. in the pituitary gland we have the atom of the Son called Chokmah
  3. in the pineal gland we have the atom of Binah, the Holy Spirit

These three primary forces are related with the right line of the letter Kuf, the brain, the head, the letter Resh. These three primary forces create. We call them the Holy Triamatzikamno, the law of three, the law that creates.

Sequentially, if we visualize the left line of the letter Kuf, we understand that these three atoms work through the letter Zayin. The holy trinity emerges their feminine aspect of creation through Binah. This is why Binah, the Holy Spirit, is called Jahavah-Elohim in the Bible, the one who does all the work that we have to do through Zayin.

Thus, Zayin, which is the feminine aspect of the first triangle of the Tree of Life, is Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh. Three times, holy, holy, holy in the world of Aziluth. Thus, the emanation of these three primary forces is what we call the Queen of Heaven, or what in Kabbalah we call Aima-Elohim. Aima-Elohim, the Mother-Elohim, the Goddess-Elohim emerges from Abba-Elohim. Both together; Abba-Elohim, father-Elohim in other words and Aima-Elohim, Mother-Elohim together form that name that is written in the Bible as Jahavah-Elohim. Iod-Havah Elohim is Jah-Chavah, masculine-feminine; so, that is the (rz  רז Reish Zain) mystery.

Within Iod-Havah Elohim or Jah-Chavah Elohim resides the first aspect of the Shabbath, the first aspect of the seventh, the seventh letter, the Zayin, which is the Pure Mother in Heaven. She is Kadosh, holy. She works in the Sephirah Daath, which is the top of the tree of good and evil, the mysterious Sephirah Daath. This is why we explained that Abba-Elohim or what is called Jehovah-Elohim in the bible (which is translated as the LORD God in the bible, this is how it is translated. Why they translated it in that way, who knows, yet, the right translation is Jahavah-Elohim) made everything resting on Zayin, the seventh letter, which is a symbol of the Divine Mother in the Sephirah Daath.

So when in the commandment we read "Keep the Sabbath day to sanctify it, as Iod-Havah thy Elohim hath commanded thee,” the first element that we have to see in the very high level in the world of archetypes (which is the world of Aziluth and precisely in Daath, because there it is reflected that feminine aspect, the eternal feminine of God) is precisely that Shabbat, the first aspect of the Sabbath day, seventh day of creation.

Now, if you count the Sephiroth which relate to the human being (Zeir Anpin) namely, Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth, Netzach, Hod and Yesod, there are six. These are in relation with the real Being inside. These Sephiroth emanated from that Holy Sabbath which is the Seventh, which is Saturn. Remember that Saturn is associated with Binah, the Holy Spirit, Jahavah-Elohim, whose feminine aspect is Zayin, the seventh letter. So all of the lower Sephiroth emanated from that holy seven, that holy letter. In other words, God as Jahavah-Elohim created them through Zayin, through the feminine eternal aspect of Elohim created he them. This is what we have to understand; Abba does it through Aima.

This is why when we are in the holy alchemy, when we are transmuting our sexual energy, we have to respect the Sabbath; we have to keep the Sabbath holy; meaning, we have to keep the seventh aspect holy, which is the Divine Mother, by remembering her and by remembering that she is the wife of the Holy Spirit. She is what in Christianity we call Mary, the Queen of Heaven who was pregnant by the Holy Spirit; it is a symbol. Right?

Thus, the middle aspect of the Shabbath is represented in Jesus, Tiphereth dressed with all the lower Sephiroth that we are talking about. Yet the Queen of Heaven has a “Bat” Hebrew for daughter. So the daughter of the Shabbat is here in Malkuth. Malkuth, the physical body, is called the daughter of the queen because Malkuth, again, as we always state is feminine. So Kabbalistically, our physical body is a feminine archetype, a daughter. And this is why from this feminine aspect, which is also a seventh aspect, because if you count from Chesed down to Malkuth, Chesed, Geburah, Netzah, Hod, Yesod and Malkuth, Malkuth is seventh. So to keep the Sabbath holy also means to take care of your body. Do you see that association? Malkuth is the lower aspect of the Sabbath day.

Now, who is the one that has to keep the Sabbath holy? Because the commandment says, "Thou shall keep." Who is that Thou? That Thou is the monad. The monad that is represented by the second triangle of the Tree of Life; Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth; but since Tiphereth is in the middle of the central column in direct relation to Daath, and given that Daath places all Chokmah’s responsibility on him, he becomes the second seventh when counting all the Sephiroth above him plus Daath. So Tiphereth has to keep the Sabbath holy.

So He, Tiphereth is the middle aspect of the Shabbat or the second aspect, the masculine aspect. Because he is masculine, he is willpower (ratzon l'kabel). This is how you understand and comprehend that the Shabbath day is related with the Queen of Heaven in Schamayim-Daath, and with the Queen of Sheba in Malkuth, the Earth, the physical body which is the seventh Sephirah in relation with the lower Sephiroth; and with our human soul. Now, Vav, Tiphereth, the human soul is related with Yesod, Vav is precisely called the day. Because Zayin, the seventh is called the night. So the whole work is one (Zayin-Vav) alchemical work.

But let us read the continuation of this commandment that is given to those that know the mystery of Daath. Because those that do not know the mystery of Daath, they just worship the Saturday of every week. Which is just, we would say, the physical aspect. Traditionally they keep the Sabbath, but this is it. Yet we are not superficial. We are very objective and we know that Kadosh, the Kuf in relation with this commandment relates precisely to the two witnesses. Thus, if we do not perform sexual alchemy, specifically, then we bear false witness. Any fornicator is a liar because he or she does not follow, does not keep the Sabbath holy as it is, alchemically speaking, since they bear a Vav (the Od) as false witness against its neighbor, the Zayin, the helper (the Obd). So, in order for us to keep the Sabbath holy, we have to know how to handle Ida and Pingala, the two polarities in our physical body.

Moreover, we have to honor Father and Mother, because that is a superior aspect of the Shabbath. Remember that the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother Kundalini up there in the world of Daath, the world of Briah, the world of creation are related with the superior aspect of the Shabbath.

Jesus answered and said unto them, Well hath Esaias prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.  For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do.
And Jesus said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.  For Moses said, Honour thy father and thy mother; and, Whoso curseth father or mother, let him die the death:  But ye say, If a man shall say to his father or mother, It is Korban, that is to say, a gift, by whatsoever thou mightest be profited by me; he shall be free.  And ye suffer him no more to do ought for his father or his mother; making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye. - Mark 7: 6-13

So in order to honor Father and Mother, we have to keep the Shabbath holy.  In order not to lie or to bear false witness, we have to know how to handle and how to practice sexual alchemy and transmutation. If we are a fornicator, if we are spilling the seed, we are not keeping the Sabbath holy because this commandment comprises the three aspects of the Shabbath:

  1. The aspect above (honor Father and Mother, Abba and Aima Elohim in Daath, the throat)
  2. The aspect below (Neither shalt thou bear false witness "Od" against thy neighbour "Obd", this relate to  Ida and Pingala, Vav and Zayin in Yesod, sex)
  3. The aspect in the middle (But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.) who is in each one of us (Thou shalt not fornicate). So we are in the middle (the heart) and also because we as souls, we are inside this physical body which is Malkuth. Therefore:

Six days thou (Tiphereth) shalt labour, and do all thy (alchemical) work: But the seventh day is the Sabbath of Iod-Havah thy Elohim: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, nor thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thine ox, nor thine ass, nor any of thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates; that thy manservant and thy maidservant may rest as well as thou. And remember that thou wast a servant in the land of Egypt (Malkuth, Mizrahim), and that Iod-Havah thy Elohim brought thee out thence through a mighty hand (Iod, Phallus) and by a stretched out arm: therefore Iod-Havah thy Elohim commanded thee to keep the Sabbath day. – Deuteronomy 5: 13-15

We us souls are just a part, an embryo of Tiphereth. Such an embryo is called Buddhata. Which is inside, yet we have inside of us, as you know, the protoplasmic bodies; the monkey in us that we have to tame. That is the Kuf.


hanumanNow, let us talk about the story of Hanuman in order for us to understand the meaning of the rest of this commandment. It is written in the Ramayana that Shiva and Parvati -- Abba and Aima, as we would say in Kabbalah, Father and Mother, which are the two aspects of the Holy Spirit -- wanted to - since they are related with creation - appear in nature in disguise. So they transformed themselves into two baboons. Of course, this is a symbol that we have to understand because the baboon is the animal which in Kabbalah is called Nephesh, the animal soul; baboon is Nephesh. Let us know that Nephesh is that soul element which is called breath in Hebrew, the breath that enters into your body and circulates in the blood as in any animal; whether it is rational or irrational animal, whether it is intellectual or instinctual animal. Nephesh circulates in their blood.

So as we were saying, once Shiva and Parvati transformed themselves into monkeys, as if saying, the permutation of that creative force of God that is Shiva and Parvati went into the blood, into our nature by means of creation. Then all of a sudden indulged in amorous games in the dense Himalayan forest, during the sexual arousal moment as an animal the seed of Shiva found its mark and impregnated Parvati,. Since they were in simian form it was but natural that the offspring born of such a union too would be a monkey. Not desiring to go against the laws of nature, Shiva did not want to impregnate Parvati, the feminine aspect, the eternal feminine in nature, thus Shiva directed the wind God Vayu, the God of the air, to carry his sperm from Parvati's womb, and deposit it into that of Anjana - a female monkey, who at that very moment was praying for a male child. Anjana, was a Goddess that was being punished by the Gods because of her bad behavior, so she was transformed into a monkey. So, the wind (Aleph) deposited Shiva’s sperm into the womb of Anjana and she gave birth to Hanuman.

This is a great symbol. Hanuman is called the Maruti or Marut. Well Gnostically, we know that Marut is another word for a hasnamuss, an individual that has a lot of spiritual development inside, but that steals, has the animal within.

That reminds me, the first king that worshiped the birth of Jesus that was the black king. That means somebody that is already a human, but that still has a lot of animal within. That is Hanuman because the particularity of Hanuman is that he was born with a loincloth a symbol of chastity. Hanuman was chaste from his birth, but he was a monkey, symbol, of course, of Nephesh.

In other words, Hanuman is a symbol of the descent of the two polarities of God (Shiva and Parvati) into our bodies because still we are animals. The baboon also reflects the mercury of the wise because the baboon is also represented in Hermes Trismegistus and represents the mercury of the wise or the brewed mercury, the semen as it is in us. So, if you study the life of Hanuman, you find there that everything is related with grandiosity, a lot of powers that he developed. From his birth the Gods endow him with a lot of powers. Thus, he is not an ordinary ape as we think. Hanuman represents (the 19th letter Kuf ק, HaAdamah האדמה), the physical body of the initiate that reaches the second birth but still has a lot of animal within but who is worshiping and is following or is applying or dedicating all of his sexual force to God because Hanuman represents that, the sexual force that allow us to acquire the self realization.

rama-sita-hanumanIn the story of Hanuman, you find that he was helping Rama. Who is this Rama? Rama, of course, symbolizes the Bodhisattva, Tiphereth. That is of course in the path, but whose wife was stolen by a demon. This is what the story of Hanuman narrates. A demon came and stole his wife, so Hanuman is going to help in order to rescue Sita, that is her name. Here you find the two polarities, the two aspects that we are talking about; Ida and Pingala, Adam and Eve, Rama and Sita. But Rama, being Adam, is not a common and ordinary Adam, or man. He is a Bodhisattva, somebody that took the right path, the path of chastity. Hanuman (the mercury of philosophy) is the one that helps him to rescue his wife, Sita.

Hanuman is also represented sometimes tearing apart his chest and showing within his heart Rama and Sita; this means that he worships Rama and Sita, the great God Rama. This is profoundly symbolic, thus we have to understand because this Ida and Pingala, Rama and Sita are the witnesses that are working, in the lower aspect that we are explaining here in the physical body.

Thus, Hanuman is the animal soul, Nephesh. Because when a man is born as the Zohar states:

Come and see, when a man is born, he is given a Nefesh of the animal element from the side of purity, from those that are called the holy Wheels, namely from the world of Assiah.

"When a man is born," you might say "Oh, when somebody is born male he is that man which the Zohar mentions" No. Kabbalistically we know that one is being born as a man, in the fifth initiation of major mysteries. Therefore when the Zohar states, “when a man is born,” it means, “when a master is born,” in other words, when a master is born he is given a Nephesh of the animal element from the side of purity, from those that are called the holy wheels, namely from the world Assiah. The world of Assiah is the world of Malkuth. So when the initiate is being born, that is, when one achieves the second birth, in other words, when one is a twice born, one is given a Nefesh, one receives Hanuman (talking in Sanskrit terms). Such Nephesh or Hanuman is a holy aspect of the wheels, those wheels that Ezekiel talks about, related with the forces of nature, from the aspect of the holy living creatures.

As you see, now we are naming the holy creatures which are above those wheels that we name in Kabbalah Chaioth ha Kadosh, so this Kuf is a holy creature. So below those holy creatures, Chaioth ha Kadosh, you find the wheels that are sustaining them. Those wheels are related with the world of Assiah, the expanding forces of the elements of Malkuth through Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah. And Hanuman is that holy creature that enters into that holy man that is being born, that for the first time enters into the fifth initiation. Thus that Nephesh aspect that enters into him is chaste because Hanuman is born with a loincloth, which means chastity. The Zohar continues:

If he (the Master) gains further merit, he is given a Ruach from the aspect of the holy living creatures, namely from the world of Yetzirah. If he merits further, he is given a Neshamah from the part of the throne, namely from the world of Briah. These three are the maidservant, the manservant and the handmaid of the king's daughter (Malkuth). They are Neshamah, Ruach and Nefesh from the expanding of Malkuth through Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah. The maidservant is the Neshamah of Briah, the manservant the Ruach of Yetzirah and the handmaid is the Nefesh of Assiah.

In accordance to Hindu tradition, in the Ramayana, they say that Vayu, the god of the air was his father -- because remember that Shiva, the Holy Spirit which is the sexual potency gave the seed to Vayu -- so they say that Hanuman had two fathers, Shiva and the God of the wind. So the God of the wind taught him Pranayama. So accordance to Hindu tradition it is stated that the first being that practice Pranayama was Hanuman.

In order to be chaste Pranayama (control of the life force “Prana” by means of “Yama” respiration) is precisely what we have to learn.

Singles, bachelors and bachelorettes, those who do not have spouses, have to practice Pranayama. Hanuman was the first bachelor that knew the science of Pranayama or the science of energy breathing, given by his father Vayu. And, of course, Shiva is his father, or better said the father of his father, right? because Shiva is the father or the originator of all the Gods. Shiva is the Holy Spirit. Remember that it is written, we have to be born by the water and the spirit, the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, if this man that was born - as a master - of the Holy Spirit gains further merit, he is given a Ruach from the aspect of the holy living creatures, namely from the world of Yetzirah, the world of formation and if he merits further, he is given a Neshamah from the part of the throne, namely from the world of Briah, the world of creation.

thothSo this is how we keep the Sabbath holy, because when we talk about the souls in Kabbalah, given that the letter Kuf is the nineteenth letter that in Tarot relates to the Arcanum of the alliance; the alliance of two souls, the feminine and the masculine in the sexual act. Yet in Kabbalah, we basically talk about three souls, Nephesh, Ruach and Neshamah. We say that Nephesh is the animal soul represented in Hanuman, represented in Thoth. As you see, this Thoth, the Ibis God of Egypt, the God of the mind, manas, the man; is the one that do all the work.

Any one of us, in order to perform the work that we have to do, we do it with Nephesh. This Nephesh passes through a transformation inside of us. In the beginning when we start, we start with Nephesh, we have to teach Nephesh how to be in chastity. We would like to have Hanuman inside, which is already chaste. But that element, that Nephesh has to be earned. It is not given free just like that. Because there are many Christians there, fundamentalists that call themselves twice born or new born, meanwhile they are fornicators. A new born has Hanuman inside, that Nephesh aspect of the superior world of Assiah, the individual who receives is chaste by nature, but because he fought a lot in order to gain it. You see, no one wants to have problems of nocturnal pollution, etc.

Would that ye were perfect--at least as animals! But to animals belongeth innocence. Do I counsel you to slay your instincts? I counsel you to innocence in your instincts. – Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Eventually you will receive that gift. But you have to reach the fifth initiation and then you will be endowed with it. And if you keep ahead, because the fact that you receive Hanuman, that ape, within you, does not mean that you are already self realized; you are just in a process. Because Hanuman has to fight against demons in behalf of Rama, and have to help to rescue Sita, which relate to the two aspects of the soul that we call Ruach and Neshamah.

So if we keep ahead, then we incarnate another aspect of Ruach related with the world of Yetzirah, the world of formation; that if we advance on the annihilation of the ego. Then, if he merits further, says the Zohar, he is given a Neshamah from the part of the throne, namely from the world of Briah. That is a very high aspect because that Neshamah from the world of Briah is what emanates from Abba and Aima; that higher aspect of the Sabbath enters into him. That aspect is what we saw in the master Samael Aun Weor when he was in Mexico. He had the aspect of Neshamah of the world of Briah inside of him, but he fought a lot in order to gain it.

Verily, these are chaste ones from their very nature; they are gentler of heart, and laugh better and oftener than you. They laugh also at chastity, and ask: "What is chastity? Is chastity not folly? But the folly came unto us, and not we unto it.
We offered that guest harbor and heart: now it dwells within us--let it stay as long as it will!" - Thus spoke Zarathustra.

Many initiates, they just enter the world of the fifth initiation, receive that holy aspect and get stagnant there. That's why Hanuman is called Marut, or hasnamuss, in other words, right? The Nirvanic world is spiral is the path of the hasnamussen or the Maruts. But little but little, they are going with his Hanuman doing the work that they have to do through many Mahamanvantaras. But the walker of the right path, he is achieving and incarnating other aspects of the soul as he walks or she walks on the path, and this is what we have to understand because Hanuman transforms Rama into a hero, into a great Bodhisattva, a resurrected master. But you have to understand that Hanuman is the higher aspect of the Nephesh that circulates in the blood of each one of us.

Thus, these three aspects of the soul that we are talking about here, namely, Nephesh, Ruach and Neshamah; which are the animal soul Nephesh, the thinking emotional soul Ruach, and the spiritual soul Neshamah.

These three are the maidservant, the manservant and the handmaid of the king's daughter. They are Neshamah, Ruach and Nephesh from the expanding of Malkuth through Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah. The maidservant is the Neshamah of Briah, the manservant the Ruach of Yetzirah and the handmaid is the Nefesh of Assiah. - Zohar

In other words, these are the three aspects mentioned in the Sabbatical commandment that states: "Six days thou shall labor and do all thy work," this means that in six initiations or periods of time, we have to work in alchemy in order to do all our alchemical work. People think that during six days you just make money and a lot of money and businesses and in the seventh day you just go and rest and snore. No, this just sounds ludicrous, you know what I mean? The commandment is related with the work, the initiatic work that we have to perform.

Then it continues: "But the seventh day (the seventh letter) is the Sabbath of Iod-Havah thy Elohim, in it (you see, in it, means in that holy aspect which is the Divine Mother, which is the feminine aspect related with transmutation of good and evil) thou shall not do any work.

How do we understand this: “you shall labor and do all your work; but in the Sabbath you shall not do any work?” This means that the whole alchemical work that we must perform in the Sabbath must not be done if “I Am”, that is, if Iod-Havah thy Elohim is not present; because the one that does the work of creation is Me, says God, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei thy Elohim who brought thee out thence through a mighty hand and by a stretched out arm: therefore Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei thy Elohim commanded thee to keep the Sabbath Holy.

But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. – Genesis 3: 3

In other words, we shall not touch the tree of knowledge (sex) if “I Am” is not present. Such was precisely the sin of Adam and Eve. They went to the tree of good and evil and ate from it without God being present. The result was that they fornicated like animals because they couldn't control Zayin, the seventh letter, the seventh aspect, the Shabbath, they did not respect it. They became liars, fornicators; they didn't bear witness, true witness. Thus they fell. So, this is why God stated in His commandment you shall keep the Sabbath day to sanctify it, you shall not do anything in it, because it is My work, not your work. As it is written:

And on the Shabbath God ended his work which he had made; and he relied on the Shabbath from all his work which he had made. And God blessed the Shabbath day, and sanctified it: because on the Shabbath he had relied from all his work which God created and made. - Genesis 2: 2,3

Indeed, this is why when somebody attains the self-realization of his/her Being, God says "Ok, now it is done; now, also, we would say, is a day of rest. No more alchemical work.” A resurrected master doesn't do any alchemical work anymore unless God commands it. Unless God is there doing it with him. But when a resurrected master does it without the consent of his inner Being, they fall or they descend. They lose everything because in order to do the work that we have to do, God would have to be present. And this is precisely the mistake of many alchemists. When they go to alchemy and try to transmute and do their sexual transmutation, they don't remember God. They want to do it by themselves. They forget that God is the one that does it through us because God is holy. The tree of good and evil, which is sex, of course is the way in order to advance.

We have to remember God, the superior aspect of the Shabbath and say: my God this is your work. My God you rely all the alchemical work that you do on the Shabbath, on the seventh letter, on Zayin, so help me please to transmute my sexual energies: this is how we have to pray before and during the sexual intercourse; because if you come and pray after, that work is not the work of God. This is what the black magicians do. They just play with the forces of the tree of good and evil, they transmute, but they don't take into account the presence of God. Maybe they pray after, but all the work was done by their Nephesh alone. As it is stated in the Zohar:

After washing himself with water (this is related with the creative waters of sexual alchemy, it is not related with the physical water. This is the creative sexual water of transmutation.), though he is occupied in the Torah (meaning he is occupied in the Dharma, the words of God.), the Neshamah is not kept in its place nor rules man, only the power of the blood alone does, which is called Nephesh.

So Neshamah is, of course, the spiritual soul. So when somebody goes into the sexual act without taking into account the presence of God, the Neshamah, the breath of God that enters through the nostrils is not there; only Nephesh is there in the blood, since Nephesh is related with the sexual potency. So Nephesh is doing the transmutation, Nephesh is touching the tree of good and evil; but Neshamah is not there, meaning the presence of God is not there. Such a practice is not a good practice of alchemy. Because you have to pray in order for the Lord, your inner God to be there. And this is what helps to avoid the ejaculation.

The Nephesh always permeates the blood, as we already explained. and when a man prays, worshipping his (inner) master, then the power of the blood resumes its place, and the power of the Neshamah is strengthened, so it settles in that place (Yesod, sex) in the body. Then a man is properly perfected before his Master, the Nephesh (the flesh) below and, the inner matter, the Neshamah, above. – Zohar

So the spiritual soul, Neshamah is placed there upon Nephesh, it is connected to Yesod; Neshamah is controlling Nephesh because Nephesh is just animal; and in the beginning we are working, as the Apostle Paul stated:

Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural (animal); and afterward that which is spiritual. The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven. - 1 Corinthians 15: 46, 47

So, it is true, we begin as an animal, since, we are animals. However, when in the sexual act we are with all the blood circulating in our body and giving us the sexual strength, we have to remember the letter Kuf of the word Kadosh whose left side is Zayin, whose feet go to hell. You see, this is what Proverb 5: 1-5 states:

"My son I warn you, against the lips of a strange woman." The strange woman is precisely that aspect of Zayin in the letter Kuf that goes into Klipoth. So, we have to be careful because his tongue is a two-edged sword (Zayin) and her end (in Yesod) is bitter as wormwood. And her feet go down to death; her steps take hold on hell (Klipoth).

Proverb 5: 1-5 is warning my son, who is this son? It's Tiphereth. So God says: I'm warning you, Tiphereth, human soul, when you go into the sexual act, be careful because Nephesh is in the blood, which as Lucifer, is going to give you sexual strength. But if you forget me, then you are going to be slayed by Zayin whose feet goes to hell, to Klipoth, you see, Klipoth has the other Kuf. Thus, when you forget God in the sexual act that Zayin from the Kuf of Klipoth, pulls your brain (Adam) down to her feet, Yesod, the root of the tree of knowledge; so, without the presence of God the passional serpent goes down and poisons the brain. This is how Ida, Eve gives the outcome of passion to Pingala, which is Adam. And both go to hell.

Therefore, whoever prays (to his Inner God) before eating (of the tree of knowledge) is considered to be in a good position. The Neshamah mounts to settle in its place (Yesod, sex) as ought. But if he eats (of the tree of good and evil) before praying, causing the blood to settle in its place (Yesod, sex), he is considered a diviner and a soothsayer. Why? Because it is the way of the diviner to elevate the other side (the Kundabuffer) and humiliate the holy side (the Kundalini).

He asks: why is a man who tried to please that side (Rah), namely, who ate before praying, called an enchanter (Hebrew Menachesh)? He replies: it is so since he worked hard for that (Kundabuffer) serpent (Hebrew Nachash) of the Klipoth, to raise its power and strength. It is like one worshipping other Elohim, serving the power of the blood, not the holy one, blessed be He, by strengthening the side of the Neshamah, the holy side. - Zohar

So, when from the pineal gland God (the Holy Spirit, Binah, Shiva) comes and says:

Where art thou (why are you hiding)? And he (Tiphereth) said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked (I felt shame); and I hid myself.

And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat? - Genesis 3: 9-11

That nakedness is the lack of the purity of the Neshamah of God, which was already withdrawn from them. They no longer have that union with Neshamah. So therefore, they are naked in the sense that they have no purity; because in the beginning when God created Adam and Eve, they were naked from impurity. You see, that is the contrary of that other nakedness, which is:

And the rib (the Zayin), which Jahavah Elohim had taken from man (the Vav), made he a woman, and brought her (God brought her) unto the man.

Therefore shall a man (Tiphereth) leave his father and his mother (Jah-Chavah Elohim in Daath), and shall cleave unto his wife (Malkuth): and they (the Neshamah and Nephesh) shall be one flesh. And they were both naked, the man (Vav) and his wife (Zayin), and were not ashamed (because God was with them). – Genesis 2: 22, 24, 25

Moreover, they were not ashamed because they did not have ego, since God was within them. The nakedness that both had means also the lack of knowledge, whatever the case, they were ok. But after that godly force withdrawn from the man and the woman, they felt shame. This is why the book of Revelation states

And unto the angel (in the pineal gland) of the church of the Laodiceans write; these things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God…

I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. – Revelation 3: 14, 18

Now we are naked, full of shame because we fornicated. But by respecting the Shabbath is how we keep ahead in this work because that's the main work, as you see. To keep the Shabbath somehow is the main commandment that we have to follow. But this commandment implies an alchemical work, which has nothing to do with keeping literally the seventh day of the week as follow by tradition. Again, to keep the Sabbath holy is an alchemical work that we have to perform between man and woman, husband and wife.

Remember that the soul has many aspects as we explained here. This is why it is stated: "in it thou shalt not do any work, thou," Who is thou in this case? It is, of course Chesed, which is the son of God. "Nor thy son, nor thy daughter" We understand that Chesed, the Spirit has two souls; the divine and the human, feminine and masculine respectively. “Nor thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thine ox, nor thine ass, nor any of thy cattle.” Those are aspects of the soul because when you reach that level, you already have built the serpents of Malkuth, Yesod, Hod Netzah and Tiphereth. Which are those aspects that we explained in other lectures, these aspects are Chaioth ha Kadosh, the Holy Creatures that we build inside, which are related with Nephesh, Ruach and Neshamah. These aspects of the soul are also inside. These are named here in different ways that only those who in Kabbalah know how to read know. Thy son, thy daughter, that manservant, maidservant and it even says: “Nor thy stranger that is within thy gates” so, not even the stranger has to touch that Sabbath, that seventh day. The stranger has to respect it.

Who is that stranger? When you know psychology, you know very well that in all this work that we are doing, that stranger is the personality that we form. Because in each one of us, we have a personality within which we have a lot of information, a lot of knowledge. But the personality is a stranger for God. That is not a part of the true human being. In the end we have to annihilate that stranger. Now, we need it. I.e., I am using my personality in order to talk to you; in order for me to face you, you also have use your personality. My personality has a name; your personality also has a name and last names in accordance to the family. But that is just a stranger.


And I John saw these things, and heard them. And when I had heard and seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel which shewed me these things. "Then saith he unto me, See thou do it not: for I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this book: worship God (which is your Inner God). – Revelation 22: 8, 9

This angel did not allow himself to be praised. Nonetheless, thousands of disciples enjoy being praised by people. They are the ones who say: I am a great Seer, nothing is hidden for me, I do not ignore anything. I am a great Initiate, I am a Master, I know everything etc. Thus, this is how Satan enjoys his self praise. The psychological "I" is Satan. He is the one that says I am the reincarnation of a great Master, or of a great man. The truly humble Bodhisattva never praises himself. The humble Bodhisattva says: I am just a miserable slug from the mud of the earth, I am a nobody. My personality has no value. The work is what is worthy. The Bodhisattva is the human soul of a Master. The Master is the inner God. – Message of Aquarius by Samael Aun Weor

This is why it is ludicrous to hear sometimes among the Gnostics and other traditions to state that such and such fellow, and they name the personality of that fellow, the last name, his country, etc., and thereafter they say "He is a master." And I said "excuse me, but I don't think so."  They always argue with me, when I said "I don't think he is a master, and if he is a master it maybe of the black lodge, but not of the white lodge." And immediately they are scandalized. Indeed, the personality the stranger always doesn't care, always doesn't respect the seventh day, the Shabbath. The personality is related to time, it's born in time, grows in time and dies in time. This is it, that's the personality.  So, why do we have to worship any personality? That's why in many of our lectures in our website, we say we have to stop worshiping personalities, you know?

HanumanSuch and such fellow “they say” is a great being and thereafter they utter the name of that personality. I say "That's ludicrous." Listen, the Being is the master; yet, the one that works and appears many times in this physical world in order to communicate (when the inner being of that individual is a master) is Hanuman, the Marut that is trying to work in behalf of his inner being, which is Rama.

So Rama is Tiphereth which is united with Christ if he follows the direct path. In this case, of course, Rama is a Bodhisattva that works in the direct path and is united with Chokmah, or with whom we call Vishnu. He is the son of Shiva but works for Vishnu, for Rama and Sita (the feminine aspect of that soul). But in the physical body is that Marut, that Hanuman that is an animal. Hanuman is working because the whole work is to transform that monkey into a human. In the beginning he is a monkey.

This epic might be the root of that dogmatic theory, sometimes I think that Darwin read these things related to the myth of India and Egypt, and because he was not an initiate, he thought "Yes, the man comes from the ape." The truth is that the man comes from Nephesh. We have to transmute Nephesh, that animal into human, right? Because humans come from the animal kingdom; by transmuting the animality is how they become humans. Thus, the planet of the apes, the planet of that famous movie is the planet earth.  The fact that we have human shape doesn't deny the fact that we have a Marut, a monkey inside.

Hanuman is different; those ones that reach the second birth have Hanuman within, who is chaste and is serving, he is doing the work in order to self realize his master. Nevertheless within the rest of Maruts or hasnamussen, there exist wild monkeys, these other creatures are apes, they are humanoids, that is, they are anthropoids (from the Greek anthropoeides: “with a human shape”) so, they are apes with the shape of humans they carry their animality inside. This is precisely what we have to understand.

Many times we hear Gnostics to say: "Oh if you do the alchemical work in the wrong way you are in the danger of becoming a hasnamuss, a Marut." But they do not understand that: "We are already Maruts, we are hasnamussen." This is what we have to understand. Now, if we follow the work and we reach the second birth, the fifth initiation, then we can receive a gift from the Gods which is that Hanuman, that Nephesh aspect of chastity in which the animal within already knows how to transmute, so Hanuman  the monkey is in chastity, is always wearing his loincloth there and doing his Pranayama and always meditating.

If you read the story of Hanuman, you will see how he is always meditating, practicing devotionally Bhakti yoga. Hanuman is always worshiping Rama very well and always with a lot of willpower. All the Siddhis that Hanuman developed, all those Siddhis, powers that Hanuman has, we can have them too. Hanuman had the following powers:

  • Anima - The ability to reduce his size.
  • Mahima – The ability to increase his size.
  • Laghima - The ability to become weightless.
  • Garima – The ability to increase weight.
  • Prapti - The ability to travel anywhere in the Tree of Life (and why not, if he is a monkey, a chaste monkey, he is capable to go anywhere in the Tree of Life).
  • Parakamya - The ability to increase willpower.
  • Vastiva – The ability to tame all creatures (what is to say: to tame all of those beasts that we have within and to transform them).
  • Isitva – The ability to create and destroy.

Hanuman has the ability to create and destroy because he is using the sexual force. We can create with that force and to destroy, too, under the guidance, always, of Rama and Sita because they always obey and worship Shiva and Parvati.

Now, let me tell you an anecdote about the master Samael Aun Weor narrated to me by his daughter. One day, the master was going to give some lectures and so was traveling with his family on a country road in Mexico. All of a sudden, while traveling along a two-way country road (his daughter was seated in the back seat to one side, the master Litelantes on the other side, and the Master in between them) someone from the opposite lane tried to pass the car in front of it and thus, the car violently swerved into the lane that they were driving in. In order to avoid a crash, the car that the Master was in swerved off the road abruptly; and so in that brief moment, they were in danger of dying. During all of this the commotion, the driver tried to control the car, and even though there were injured people no one died, thank the Gods. But when they were looking for the master Samael, he was not there. Where did he go? Where was he? Thus they were looking for him. All of a sudden they looked back to the place where he was seated, and there he was - except he was a little tiny Samael Aun Weor. Very tiny, she said. Then they asked him, "What's going on?" He then recovered his normal size and said, "Well, my inner Being reduced me to a tiny size because I still need to sacrifice for humanity thus, he protected me." The rest could have died but not him. So this is what his Being immediately did. That is what is called Anima. So, the master had all these powers that we are mentioning here, and which are attributed to Hanuman; there are many anecdotes of the Master Samael doing those abilities.

The Inner Master is the one who receives those gifts; however, since his powers come from his sexual power, his sexual potency - represented in the monkey Hanuman, the lower aspect of the soul, because Hanuman represents his Nephesh, animal soul - Nephesh is the source of that power; so that power gives us the Aun (Hebrew for virility) pronounced “On.” And this is precisely what we have to understand and comprehend. This is what the letter Kuf (Monkey) is showing us.

In Klipoth, which also relates to Kuf, you find all the other individuals (monkeys) who work with alchemy but who do not respect the Shabbath, instead they worship the Witches’ Sabbath. As you see, Klipoth is the opposite of the Tree of Life. The Witches’ Sabbaths are for the black magicians who know about the mystery of Kuf, but since they fornicate they develop their Zayin downwardly. So they develop in Klipoth, which is the other aspect of the Kuf. Thus, all the power that they develop in themselves, all their Siddhis, powers, are developed in Klipoth. Thus, it's very easy for a naïve person to mistake a master from Klipoth for a master of the Tree of Life, that is, from the Sephiroth above; because both of them are awakened, since it's easy to deviate the upwardly energy of Zayin downwardly to hell. As the master explains, when somebody betrays the Guru, immediately his Zayin downwardly goes and awakens in its negative aspect because when you practice sexual magic, and when you do the work with the Divine Mother, remember that the Divine Mother Kundalini has also her negative aspect, the Kundabuffer. And the black magicians work with the Kundabuffer, and they awake in Klipoth.

We can find somebody awakened in Klipoth, for instance, I found many times very strong black magicians in Klipoth, very awakened. And they don't transmute their sexual energy and if they do it, they do it in the black way. They develop the Kuf, their monkey negatively; their Zayin goes down into the shadows of the Tree of Life. Their monkey is related with their mind; remember that the protoplasmic bodies are mental matter precisely related with the lunar aspect of Klipoth. Remember that the master Samael said that Beelzebub was like a gigantic gorilla. Beelzebub did not resemble Hanuman, but resembled a gigantic gorilla in Klipoth and very awakened. Because all the animal aspects of his Nephesh were fully developed negatively, thus, he was having a very long Kundabuffer organ.

So this is why we have to be very strict with what we study, and to understand the two “Zayin” aspects of the Kuf, the aspect above and the aspect below because Zayin, which is the left line of the letter Kuf, can take us down or up. All depends on how we handle Zayin, the famous Eve. Hence, the most dangerous black magicians that exist in the universe exist in the mental plane (represented in the head of the letter Kuf). They teach the same thing that we teach, but in a very sly way, yes, in a very cunning way they tell you to fornicate. And if they are in chastity as Simon the magician, who was in chastity, they are chaste but somehow they do not follow the Christ.

The power of Christ’s compassion - "Korban." our offering to God - manifests in the priesthood of the third triangle (that relates to our three brains) of the Tree of Life, represented in the letter Kuf.

  • Sexual brain, Yesod relates to sexual magic; here they tell you to fornicate, that it's ok to fornicate.
  • Emotional brain, Hod relates to ceremonial rites, here they tell you that the rituals of Hod, the rituals of second chamber are dangerous, that the Eucharist is not good.
  • Intellectual brain, Netzach relates to hermetic magic, the mental plane, here they utilize the forces of nature in order to force others to do what they want. Because in Netzach is where we find all of these practices of magic in relation with the mind. For instance, they gather and concentrate, like certain groups I knew in the past that were gathering and concentrating themselves in order to ask to the Lords of karma for the death of somebody, they said: "Please, disincarnate this person, he needs to die because it is a problem for us in the physical world." Forming a circle while holding hands they perform chains of energy in order to kill somebody else or in order to ask for that person to die. And thinking that they were doing good. We have to always respect the willpower or the will of the person; because when we use our will in the wrong way, we are deviating Zayin to hell.

And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel (compassion) to go through the eye of a needle (a Kuf), than for a rich (sanctimonious) man to enter into the kingdom of God. – Matthew 19: 24

Remember, Netzach, Hod and Yesod are related with “Korban” our offering to God, the priesthood that we have to do, which is also called Bhakti; Hanuman was a Bhakti Yogi. Very devoted to what we call in this day and age "Second Chamber."

But there are many “Gnostics” who were pronouncing themselves against Bhakti. Listen: to pronounce yourself against Second Chamber is to pronounce yourself against Christ, because it's the force of Christ that manifests there. To pronounce yourself against Yesod, sexual magic, is to pronounce yourself against Christ, too, because Christ manifests in the sexual force. And to pronounce oneself against the Gnostic teachings or to do wicked things with the mind-- works of black magic that now are very common, where people utilize their mind in order to force their will on others -- that's precisely to be against the world of compassion; because compassion is precisely sacrifice for humanity. I.e. The way we teach here: we teach this doctrine for all the souls, all you that come here and other people that listen to the lectures. But we respect; if they want to follow the doctrine, good; yet, if they don't want to follow it, good too. We should only be concern about our own development. We cannot force anybody to follow the doctrine, it's impossible. If God inside of them doesn't force them to do it, why should we do it? We help, we advice, etcetera, but everybody has his own free will.

The one who respects all the Gods is the one who wishes to become a God. Because all Gods respect free will. So here you see, how Kuf is really a letter that show us a lot of mysteries. Because in the superior worlds we say: "Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Chaioth ha Kadosh". But down there in Klipoth, the masters of the black lodge, they do that inversely, they are the opposite.

Questions and Answers

Audience: I noticed that in the English letter K, which is an ancient Greek letter, exacty the same polarity of the line and the two forces going in both directions.

Instructor: How do you call that K in Greek? Kamma. The letter Kamma in Greek has two lines, yes, we can see that also. In relation with this, this letter Kuf resembles a 'P' in latin.

Audience: How does a black magician gain power without sexual alchemy?

Instructor: He gets power with sexual alchemy, but he does the contrary.

Audience: You mean he fornicates?

Instructor: Exactly. But he is polarized negatively; he knows how to polarize the forces of the Tree of Life in Klipoth. And there are many techniques that they use in order to do that. That we do not explain here because we do not teach black magic. Both black magicians and white magicians, have their power based in sex. That power is precisely symbolized in the Kuf, the monkey, the ape, Nephesh, that is the force that we have to understand. For instance, when we go into sexual alchemy, married people, the couple kiss each other, they excite themselves with kisses, with phrases in order for the blood -- which is Lucifer, the aspect of that Nephesh -- to circulate more strongly and then when they feel aroused, then the man feels the erection and the female her humidity, and ready for the sexual act. At that moment Nephesh is working in the blood of that animal. Then, the white magician immediately remembers his inner God. He says "God, please help me because I don't want to touch the tree of good and evil without your presence." And then he starts praying, penetrates the woman, and both of them praying, vocalizing, remembering God, remembering Abba and Aima, remembering Jah-Chavah-Elohim (who are up there in Daath) because from there they work through you. Thus, they transmute and vocalize and keep praying and doing what they have to do. That's white magic because they respect the wife of God.

Black magicians, they do not respect the wife of God. When they feel aroused, they go into the sex or into the touching of the tree of good and evil. They don't remember God, they just do what they want to do, they want to develop powers, whatever, and what about God, who knows where their God is, they don't care about God, thus they go like that. They do black Tantra, they maybe transmute yet in the end they ejaculate the seed and they reabsorb it again as animals. They might worship but the negative aspect of Kali, the Divine Mother, thus they develop the Kundabuffer. Instead of the fire rising in their spinal column as Kundalini, they send the fire downwardly, thus developing the tail, the Kundabuffer and they develop powers in Klipoth.

Audience: When one is transmuting the sexual energy every day, in other words, keeping the Sabbath holy, however they have a nocturnal emission; does that make the Sabbath unholy?

Instructor: The question is: if one wants to keep the Sabbath holy, a single person doing Pranayama, but during the night he has pollution, a nocturnal pollution, does he break the Sabbath? Of course, he does it. However his Inner God knows very well that he was sleeping, that it was not Hanuman but that gorilla that we have within our mind the one who came and fornicated. So of course he made the Sabbath unholy because he fornicated, but he is not punished because he knows that still his beast has to be tamed. And that is done little by little -- because nature never jumps, never leaps, you know we have to be patient, with patience ye will posses your souls is what the master Jesus said. We have to be patient. Remember that we are animals that have to be transformed into humans. That is not going to be done in one week.

If we want to receive that animal element from the side of purity, a Nephesh from the world of Assiah, Nephesh in its superior aspect, a Hanuman, well, we have to work very hard against our beasts and to reach the fifth initiation. Then when we have it, we will then keep ahead in our path.

Audience: You mentioned about Sabbaths and the witches Sabbath. I know they mention the Witches’ Sabbath in Faust. Can you mention any more of how that relates to the lecture here today?

Instructor: Well this question about the Witches’ Sabbath in relation with Faust which was written by Goethe, is a very good question. The Witches’ Sabbath are within the initiate, remember that when we initiaticly advance a lot, we have to go and annihilate different aspects that we have, that we fortified or that we created in past lives. That is a work for higher initiates. Thus, the one who takes you down there is Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles is that Nephesh, that animal force that is connected to Lucifer because we were using that force in the wrong way. All of us Gnostics that are here working in the white Tantra, in past lives, we were with the same longing in order to find the path. But unfortunately, we didn't find the knowledge, but we found the Witches’ Sabbath. And since we like the esotericism and the occult things from ancient times, we started working with black magic. Now we are here, trying to enter and to do the work in the right way. Thus, many elements, psychological elements that we have within relate to Witches’ Sabbath.

Regarding this very important aspect, let us understand the following: In the past, many initiates that were in the Gnostic movement were seeing psychological elements of other members, of other brothers and sisters that were doing witchcraft in Klipoth. These initiates didn't understand, they didn't comprehend that they were seeing psychological elements belonging to their fellow brothers and sisters, who in their present life were not doing witchcraft. Regardless, when returning into their physical body, these initiates were saying "Oh, such and such fellow is deviated, I found him in a temple of black magic, yes, I conjured that temple and caught that fellow doing a ritual of witchcraft, black magic, he is such and such fellow whose name is XX, and this is why, now, in the physical plane, I know that he was doing a black work." Meanwhile that XX fellow initiate was trying to do the best for himself. So that initiate didn't understand that he was seeing part of the soul of his fellow brother XX that was still with those elements. Listen, all of us have those Witches’ Sabbath elements within. Master Samael Aun Weor explains about this in one of his books. He said that all of us have them. When he was in the hell, in the levels of a hell trying to annihilate some elements of witchcraft, what was his surprise? He said,

Even if this seems incredible—because of such an unusual assertion—it is urgent to know that all human beings, without any exception, carry various bewitching elements in their unconscious depths. This signifies that there exist in the world many people who, without knowing, are unconsciously practicing black magic. Unquestionably, even the very saints from all religions suffer the undescribable when they self-discover themselves. They then verify for themselves the crude reality of those inhuman elements that, clearly, they have the obligation to eliminate from their psyche. Any adept, mystic, or saint is more or less black while still not having radically died in all and each one of the forty-nine departments of the subconsciousness. Lo and behold one of the great reasons for not having the right to condemn anybody. “He that is without a sin among you, let him first cast a stone.”  Inside the Martian infernos, within the “Mandingoes” halls of those tenebrous Witches’ Sabbaths, I discovered with astonishment many brothers and sisters of the rocky path... The fact of the matter is that they have “bewitching aggregates” that their human personalities clearly ignore. The Three Mountains by Samael Aun Weor

So, when you awake, be careful what you see in the internal planes; because maybe you are seeing some individual’s bewitching elements in Klipoth. Meanwhile in the physical plane such an individual doesn't know that he/she has them. Thus, to accuse him/her and to make a scandal - like many “Gnostics,” who in this day and age go into the internet and write great websites accusing this one, that other one, etc -. is wrong; let me tell you, they are not keeping the Sabbath holy because they are bearing false witness against their neighbor. Because when you know these mysteries, you should not bear false witness against your neighbor. The first neighbor is Zayin precisely the helper of your Vav that we have within, and thereafter the rest, the Zayin of your neighbors. We have to respect them. If they are doing wrong, that is their problem, not us. We don't have to accuse anybody because in the end all of us are dark. We have a lot of egos.

Audience: How does Thoth relate to it?

HanumanHeadInstructor: Well Thoth is the one that within us begins the work as a baboon. Thoth as a baboon is precisely the symbol of the raw mercury of the great work that we call brute mercury. With that mercury is how we start. That is why that baboon is at the very base of our scales. It is written that Thoth is at the judgement of the deceased, where he appears as a baboon sited on the top of the scales that weighs the heart of the deceased, so that baboon gives the first word in regards to your actions to determine your fate. The baboon Thoth informs the ibis-headed Thoth when the balance is at equilibrium. Thereafter the ibis-headed Thoth gives his report to the Gods in the tribunals of karma who then pass judgement on the deceased. Thus, Thoth Hermes, who represents the upright mind, will judge you. But understand, it is your own particular individual baboon that is going to inform, because he resides in the brute mercury, in the sex. He is the one that is going to tell "Well this individual when he was alive, he was doing this, that, that, that, sexually speaking." So when we start the alchemical work, what we are trying to do is to transform that baboon. If a Gnostic dies and he's a really a serious Gnostic, that baboon (Nephesh) will give a good witness of the hermetic work.

Audience: So, the mind always relates to the brute mercury, like the intelligent way Raphael is mercury. They are always together, those two aspects?

Instructor: Raphael is the logos of mercury. And his messenger that he sent to the earth at the time of Egypt was Hermes Trismegistus, the great messenger of the God Mercury, Raphael. Hermes is called three-times master because he relates to the brute mercury, the soul of the mercury and the mercury fecundated by sulfur, which is the higher aspect. Indeed, this is always related with the mind, with the manas, with the man. He is the one that teaches us how to become a man. If you study the emerald tablet by Hermes Trismegistus, you will find all of the wisdom there in order to teach you how to work with the sun. Because mercury is the first planet after the sun. Mercury represents Shiva, the Holy Spirit, our own, particular monad, the father who is in secret.

Audience: Why is it the emerald tablet? Why is it called the emerald tablet?

Instructor: Why is the emerald tablet called the emerald? Well, because I believe it is of the color of the emerald, which is green. This is what it might also relate to the stone because green means hope. And the hope of any initiate is in Christ, which is the morning star.

Audience: It's related to the story you told about Samael Aun Weor, the question is: Does one have that type of power to make the body small, is the body then in the fourth dimension?

Instructor: Not necessarily. The question is related with the power of Samael; does that power mean that the body disappears and enters the fourth dimension? No, that type of power in regards to the master Samael was physically shown when he was alive at that time. When I was with him in Mexico, he developed a lot of powers. But he was renouncing them, that is, he did not want to show off. He wrote: “To help humanity is right, but to show off my powers is wrong." No, he says, it's not good to show off. We have to keep ahead renouncing to them, even though he got a lot of Siddhis, and he used them when it was necessary, right? Since the black lodge was always after him.

Audience: So why was it necessary for him to become physically small when he can just dematerialize?

Instructor: I don't know. At that time what he did was to become small in order not to receive any hurt inside the car and to, I believe, still protect the ones that were inside, right? It's what the Being chose because the one that has the power is the Being.

Audience: Was there any reason why this letter Kuf is not attached completely? Why there's a space between the line and the circular part?

Instructor: The reason why in the letter Kuf, the letter Zayin is not joined to the Resh in the right, is because in the Zayin depends the alchemical work we will do. It could be down or up, you see? It's like a way in order to handle things. The will, in other words. You can use it in the wrong way or in the positive way. If it's united to the Resh, that means that it is under the power of God which is in the brain.

Audience: Is the initiation related to the numerical value?

Instructor: Yes, that is a good question too. The numerical value of the letter Kuf is one hundred. And remember, when Abraham had Isaac, which Isaac is written with Iod, Tzadi, Chet and Kuf at the end. So Isaac name has the letter Tzadi which is the previous lecture and this Kuf at the end; Isaac. If you make the addition of the four letters of that name, it sums one hundred, too. So, when Abraham had one hundred years, he begot Isaac. This means that Isaac is the outcome of the first initiation of major mysteries, the serpent that rises and that manifests through the Kuf, which shape is the brain and spinal column; we have to also understand that the letter Kuf represents the central nervous system that within us is the throne of God.  The central nervous system has to be under the service of the Spirit. So, one hundred is the first initiation of major mysteries. It's when one develops his own, individual Isaac, which ends with Kuf; because the Tzadik, which is the righteous one is inside, and the Kuf, the monkey is the one that is giving this lecture right now. All of us are monkeys.

Audience: So the whole point of studying the Hebrew alphabet is to understand what we have to incarnate? Is that the synthesis of studying these letters?

Instructor: The question is: Is the synthesis of this is to know what we have to incarnate? No, this is the synthesis of this letter. You have to listen to the eighteen lectures that we already gave in order to understand the meaning of the rest. Because we are going to talk about three more lectures in order to complete the twenty two letters. Now, each letter has it's wisdom, it's meaning. Of course, the letter Kuf is deeper, right? But this is what we talked today in relation with Kuf. But you have to learn in relation with Tzadi, the previous lecture, in relation with other lectures of the other letters. And the whole thing is to understand because the word of God, the Bible beginning with Genesis and the rest of the books, are written with twenty two letters of all the words, Devarim, that we know, that the Bible was written with. So there you have it. And if we know the meaning of it, when we see the Kuf there, I said "Oh, is this Kadosh, or is Klipoth, or is Cain?" It depends how you use it, you know? When the Zayin is used in the wrong way, as Adam and Eve, when they took the fruit without the permission of God, God was not there, what was the outcome? Cain. Right? And that Cain, of course, is the outcome of fornication; using the force of the tree of good and evil in the wrong way.

Audience: So every letter of the Hebrew alphabet has two aspects or three aspects?

Instructor: Many aspects. You have to listen to all the lectures in order to understand and thereafter to teach your monkey how to develop that. Because, remember that the man comes from the monkey, but not as the dogma of Darwin explains, but from Nephesh, the animal soul, transformed. That is represented in Hanuman, and that is represented in Thoth, the baboon of Thoth which is another word that's sexual potency, the mercury of the wise.

Audience: The word Kadosh, does that have any relation to the word Kosher?

Instructor: Yes, Kosher is also related with sacred, something that is ritualized, that is blessed but it is not written with Kuf. Yes well, you want to make yourself Kosher, sacred, do what we are teaching here, or what is written there in the commandment. Because we are not Kosher, really. Even if we buy in a supermarket many things, and we eat every day just Kosher, Kosher and use Kosher salt, we are holy? No, no, no, no; the salt of the earth is your semen. Make it Kosher. And for that you have to follow the story and study the symbolism of Hanuman. Remember that everything is a symbol. That's why in India they worship Hanuman, but I don't know if all the Hindus know about the meaning of this. But it's a great myth, right, related with Shiva and all the work that we are performing here which is the direct path. Beautiful work, read the Ramayana and then we talk more later. For now, thank you very much!