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letters-ref-daleth-1Daleth ד is the fourth Hebrew letter.  In the previous three lectures we have discussed א Aleph (1), ב Beth (2), and ג Gimel (3).  In order to understand the letter ד Daleth we need to remember the first three letters and have at least an elementary understanding of them because Daleth, the fourth letter, is an intermediary between the first three and all the rest.  

The letter ד Daleth is shaped with two lines, one horizontal and one vertical, and the simplicity of its form belies its incredible depth.  Like all the Hebrew letters, ד Daleth has many levels of significance and conveys a type of spiritual wisdom that will escape the intellect.  To comprehend ד Daleth you have to approach it intuitively because just like the three letters that come before it, it can mean many things depending on the context and where it appears.

The shape of ד Daleth is two lines, one horizontal and one vertical, which is a reflection of its root.  The letter ד Daleth is related to many other ancient letters, like the Arabic Dal which looks similar at a slightly different angle, and the Phoenician letter Dalt which looks like the Hebrew ד Daleth but with an additional line connecting the two ends of the horizontal and vertical lines.  Significantly, this Hebrew letter ד Daleth is related also with Δ Delta, the fourth Greek letter, which also looks like a Daleth turned, with those two lines connected.  It looks just like the Phoenician Dalt.  All of these letters in their respective languages are the root of our English letter ‘D’, the fourth letter, and all of them carry significant importance.  


In Hebrew, this fourth letter has the numerical value of four.  Daleth also represents a doorway.  In other words, when the letter is placed in a word, you have to keep in mind that not only is it the letter ‘D’, it is the number 4 and symbolizes a door.  For example, in the name אדם Adam – A D M – Aleph, Daleth, Mem in Hebrew, Daleth is the central letter, between the Aleph and the Mem.  This has incredible importance symbolically and spiritually.  Daleth has the numerical value of four; when you add the values of the letters of the name Adam, the result is nine, which is also very significant.  

These levels of meaning are important to understand because when we start studying the Bible or any scripture, the names, the symbols, the places, the words have a numerical significance.  They have a symbolic significance, e.g. the word עדן Eden.  The word עדן Eden has ד Daleth in the middle of it; that ד Daleth is the doorway to Eden.  It is the door through which Adam and Heve left Eden. Guarding that door is an Elohim, a great Angelic intelligence who guards the entry way back to Eden.  To return to עדן Eden is the purpose of this knowledge.  

Eden has two levels or aspects:

  • Daath, the upper Eden, also called shamayim
  • Yesod, the lower Eden, also called mayim


In Hebrew, this knowledge (Gnosis) is called דעת Daath; the first letter of דעת Daath is Daleth.  The first letter for “knowledge” is a doorway.  דעת Daath, knowledge, is the doorway back to Eden.  What is exceedingly interesting about this word דעת Daath beginning with Daleth, a door, is that every door is twofold: you can pass through it in two directions: in or out.  The same is true of Daath, Gnosis, knowledge.  This is why the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of דעת Daath, is called the Tree of Knowledge “of Good and Evil” because from that door are two potential outcomes.  

Knowledge is not a plaything or a toy. Sadly, we treat it as such, and the results show in the state of our world and the awful suffering that knowledge has produced. Knowledge is power, and power entails a terrible responsibility.  If we utilize knowledge without consciousness of that knowledge, we create harm.  We create destruction.  This is abundantly evident in this day and age.  Humanity has been bestowed with great knowledge, but also is afflicted with terrible ignorance, and utilizes its knowledge for destruction.  This is why the single largest expenditure in the world today is to create weapons to kill.  We do not spend most of our money on food or on the welfare of others.  We spend the majority of our countries’ budgets on weapons, on death.  This is because we use knowledge ignorantly guided by the animal instinct, the Nephesh, desire, passion and all of the egotistical elements that infect us due to our karma.  

You see, knowledge is a doorway of cause or effect.  Every action that we perform produces a result. When that action is empowered through knowledge, the result is multiplied, and there is an exponential scale that unfolds.  The greater our knowledge, the greater power we have for either good or evil.  

Daath does not refer to materialistic knowledge or anything you can learn in books. Daath is a very special kind of knowledge that relates to superior levels of consciousness. Before the fall from Eden, the ancient humanity represented by the symbolic Adam and Eve were to be instructed in Daath, but they failed to abide by the instructions. Unfortunately, we continue to make the same mistake now. That is why we are spiritual ignorant: from in (not) + gnarus (knowing).

In the ancient past, humanity was in “Eden,” which is both a place and a state of consciousness. As a place, Eden is represented in the Tree of Life as the Sephirah Yesod, which means “the foundation.”

In Hebrew the Tree of Knowledge “of Good and Evil” is:

עץ הדעת טוב ורע

Knowledge is דעת Daath.  The English “good” and “evil” are translated from the Hebrew טוב Tob and רע Rah.  Good is טוב Tob.  Evil is רע Rah.  But רע Rah is not just evil like a guy in a red suit with a pitchfork, or some man in black in a movie.  Rah really means impurity, pollution, but it implies a force, an intelligence.  You can translate רע Rah as “impure spirit.”  This is why when Heve, the woman, is tempted in the garden to eat of the fruit of knowledge, that symbolic Tree, her desire corrupted her action and the result was impurity, רע Rah.  Thus, she passed through the doorway of Daath, knowledge, and left Eden because she failed when facing her desire.  The last letter of the word Yesod is Daleth. Eve used that daleth to leave Eden. Yet, that doorway is still there should she decide to return. In us, Eve is our sexual organs.


Through a sexual mistake, Adam and Eve left Eden.  Adam / Heve, Ish / Isha, the man and the woman in Hebrew terms, are symbolic.  The man, the masculine force, represents our brain.  The woman, the receptive force, represents our sexual organs; the relationship between the two is how we create.  We create through the doorway (Daleth) of Daath (knowledge).

Adam and Eve are symbols related to creation, not only in the past, but in the present.  The root of our forces of creation reside in our brain and our sex, which are Adam and Heve, in us.  We are tempted by the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, Daath. That fruit is sexual.

That knowledge that is within us and we fail when our desire clouds our judgement, and we leave Eden.  Of course, none of us are in Eden now.  We are all in the wilderness.  We are in suffering, we are subject to death, decay, pain, uncertainty, anxiety and spiritual darkness.  When we look for God, we do not find God.  Adam and Eve walked and talked with God.  We are not at that level.  We are out of Eden.  If we were back in Eden, we would walk and talk with God.  We would personally commune with the Innermost within us.  This is a state we can recover if we walk back through that door, Daleth, and return to Eden by redeeming ourselves of the mistake.  

We have to remove the causes of the mistake which are within our mind.  Those causes are anger, pride, envy, jealousy and most especially lust, the chief amongst them.  The most powerful force, psychologically, that we struggle with is lust.  Daleth has a special significance in relationship with sex, with sexual energy, because it is through that force that God creates.  The Elohim, the Buddhas, the Yab Yum, Shiva Shakti, whatever religion, whatever terminology we utilize, the creative power to gestate a universe, to create a Sun, to give birth to a planet or even just an insect, is always sexual.  We in our arrogance think that the universe happens by accident, but this is a foolish point of view.  

When we observe nature we see sex is the cause of every form of creation, without exception.  Even the great composer who creates a beautiful symphony does so through the harnessing of his own inner Adam/Heve, the sexual power that is uplifted through the brain and expresses itself musically.  The same occurs in an artist, who takes that same creative power and expresses it through his hands, words, paint, or any format.  All of those are Daleth, doorways through which something is expressed.  This is Daleth: a door.  When we study these letters we have to realize that.

We talk about how the letters relate to certain Sephiroth on the Tree of Life.  For example, we have mentioned that Aleph, the first letter, is related with Kether, the first Sephirah.  Aleph is also related with all the spheres.  Daleth, also, has relationships with different Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, but is related also with all of them.  In the same way, when you breathe, you take in Aleph, air, the breath of God, but that air is circulated throughout your body: through the lungs by means of the heart into the blood, and from the blood into every cell.  That is the power of Aleph, but that power comes through Beth, Gimel, Daleth, and Hei.  All of these letters are involved symbolically and explain the transformation of air.  Similarly, the letter Daleth applies in many levels, in many ways to us.  

Daleth is a doorway.  We ourselves are a door.  Adam/Daleth is the door in the midst of Adam, and each of us is an Adam.  We are an Adam who is out of Eden, who is in the wilderness, who has given birth to Cain, the mind that murders the Soul.  We are that Daleth.  Through us pass creative forces, the power of Daath.  But how do we direct those energies?  Who is in charge?  Who manages what passes in and our of the door?  Which way do those energies flow in our life from moment to moment?  We actually do not know because we do not have control over our own psychological house.  We are a chaos, a multiplicity, a legion of conflicting desires.  In one moment we are in love with our spouse, passionately, and in the next moment we are completely indifferent to them, and in the next we hate them.  We go through cycles of conflicting desires, contradictory I’s, egos.  We are not one, we are many.  Because of that, our doorway is always in flux: the doorway of our mind.

Furthermore, the energies that flow in and out of us as a Daleth, flow through multiple doors.  You see, our body is a Daleth, it is a doorway for energy.  Our mind is a Daleth, because it is a doorway for energy.  Each of our eyes is a Daleth.  Each of our nostrils, our mouth, hands, feet are Daleths  

Our mouth is a doorway. In Hebrew, to speak is dabar, which begins with Daleth, because to speak, the air has to emerge from our throat, which is where the Sephirah Daath (knowledge) is hidden.

דבר Dabar [Talk] no more so exceeding proudly; let [not] arrogancy come out of your mouth: for Jehovah [is] a God of דעת Daath, and by him actions are weighed. - 1 Samuel 2:3

All of our senses are doorways: ד Daleths. They are all doorways to transform energy, and yet, who is in charge of them? Is God directing us in our envious efforts to “succeed” or “beat” someone else? Is our Innermost guiding the proliferation of lust that constantly pulls at our attention? Obviously, God is not the one guiding us. We are unable to hear the voice of God. We only hear the voices of our many desires.

This is extremely significant.  This is not merely fun and games, or an entertaining theory to debate. In each moment of your life, you are creating.  The human organism is a transformer of forces, and according to your will and your action, those forces are transformed, and those forces produce consequences, results.  This is called karma in Sanskrit, from the word karman, which means “to act.”  Karma is simply the Law of Cause and Effect.  

We are not here on this planet to do whatever we want, to do just do whatever we please, even though this is the philosophy that our media loves to promote.  Our culture loves to tell us that life is just about enjoying all of the pleasures we can, as much as we can, until we die.  This is a very convenient lie for those who are benefiting from us behaving in that way, but we do not benefit from this behavior, neither does God, neither does humanity.  The evidence is all around us.  Because of our behaviors we have created this society.  Because of how each of us behaves individually on a day-to-day basis, we have created this world, not God.  We have created starvation, poverty, rape, war, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons.  We are the ones who created all kinds of cunning ways to cheat one another.  We have made all of that because of desire.  To change this planet, we have to change ourselves.

In mathematics, when you use the Greek letter Δ Delta, which relates to ד Daleth, it means change.  It is a symbol in math that indicates change.  It is a door through which things change.  We need to become a conscious Δ Delta: We need to consciously (with knowledge, Daath) utilize our precious opportunity of having a physical body, of having a few moments to breathe and live, and to use them for the benefit of others, not ourselves, not our own conveniences, not our own desires, but for the good of others.  We know this is true because it is the core teaching of every great religion: charity, sacrifice, conscious love, selflessness.  As we are now, we are a Δ Delta / Daleth that is not enriched with conscious knowledge and a living visible connection to God.

This is why ד Daleth represents a poor man or woman. This poverty is not financial or materialistic. True poverty is to be spiritually poor.

We are spiritually impoverished, very poor, because all we have is this legion of desires which can never be satisfied.  As much as we feed them, as much as try to we satisfy them, we are never satisfied.  I don’t care how rich you will get, you will still not be happy.  No matter how many sexual partners you get, you will never satisfy that lust.  

In one of the most ancient scriptures known publicly, The Laws of Manu, it states:

Through the attachment of his organs (to sensual pleasure) a man doubtlessly will incur guilt; but if he keep them under complete control, he will obtain success (in gaining all his aims).

Desire is never extinguished by the enjoyment of desired objects; it only grows stronger like a fire (fed) with clarified butter.

If one man should obtain all those (sensual enjoyments) and another should renounce them all, the renunciation of all pleasure is far better than the attainment of them.

Those (organs) which are strongly attached to sensual pleasures, cannot so effectually be restrained by abstinence (from enjoyments) as by a constant (pursuit of true) knowledge.

Neither (the study of) the Vedas, nor liberality, nor sacrifices, nor any (self-imposed) restraint, nor austerities, ever procure the attainment (of rewards) to a man whose heart is contaminated (by sensuality).

That man may be considered to have (really) subdued his organs, who on hearing and touching and seeing, on tasting and smelling (anything) neither rejoices nor repines.

But when one among all the organs slips away (from control), thereby (man's) wisdom slips away from him, even as the water (flows) through the one (open) foot of a (water-carrier's) skin.

If he keeps all the (ten) organs as well as the mind in subjection, he may gain all his aims, without reducing his body by (the practice) of Yoga.  - Laws of Manu 2:93-100

The more you feed desires, they just get hungrier.  That’s because those desires are the vehicle of the tempting serpent.  Yet we become addicted to sensations.  Physical sensations, emotional sensations, mental sensations.  We are impoverished because our desires have stolen everything of value from us.

Many of us have jobs and careers and lives that we (our soul) did not really want anyway.  A lot of people choose careers and directions in their life because they want to impress other people.  Or they are trying to do something to impress their parents or their family, not because they wanted that.  In the end they end up being disappointed, discouraged.  Many times we follow our desires only to discover we did not get anything of value out of it, or when we got something, it was painful.  

As much as we seek and seek and seek in this external world, as much as we think we need something outside of us to give us happiness, we are fooled, we are suffering a delusion, because nothing external to you will ever give you lasting happiness.  Happiness is a quality of consciousness.  It is a vibration of the Soul, which is internal, psychological and that vibration can only emerge when that Soul is free of desire.  

When there is no desire to cage the soul, then happiness is natural, normal.  Joy is the natural state of the mind.  Joyfulness, happiness, contentment, peace are normal in the free consciousness.  

A tranquil heart, a joyful heart, is the natural state of the human being.  The anxious heart, the fearful heart, the lustful heart, is unnatural.  It is unnatural; it is not normal. Yet, this is the most common state we find amongst humanity now. That is because we are abnormal; we are sick, we are fettered, we are diseased, and we are dying.  This humanity is dying.  We are observing the death throes of this humanity.  Humanity is a dying patient who refuses to accept the cause of our illness, and we keep trying to find external things to fix it - like economically, politically, materially - but none of these external conditions can solve the problem, because the problem is psychological; it is inside.  

The letter ד Daleth represents a poor man or woman.  In Hebrew, the word for poor is דל dal.  In Arabic, the letter ‘D’ is Dal.  In Sanskrit, the basic food eaten by poor people is called dal.  “Poor” is where we get the word “porridge” in English.  We all look at such food as if we are above that. Thus, we want to eat expensive, rich food, as if it proves our value. But the truth is that as rich as we may be in the physical world, and no matter how good our food is, if we do not have God within, then we are poor spiritually.  We do not have God within.  What we have within is desire, ego, fear, resentment, attachment.  We are a poor man, darkened, burdened with terrible karma:   This is why we suffer.

There is a way to change this, because the ד Daleth is the doorway, and every door goes two ways.  We have the potential to change if we are serious, if we are humble, if we put ourselves in the hands of our Innermost Being, our own Yidam, which is an Asian term referring to the Innermost, the Being, God, the Buddha:

He raiseth up the דל dal [poor] out of the dust [the dust Adam is made from], [and] lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill, to set [them] among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory... - 1 Samuel 2:8

Our inner Father (Chesed / Gedulah) is symbolized by the letter Gimel.  Gimel (3) represents the rich man, and Daleth (4) represents the poor man.  The rich man, Gimel, is our Innermost. He wants to bestow his riches upon us, but will not if he knows we will squander it on stupidities. We are only poor because we are stupid. If we prove ourselves to our Innermost, he will lift us up from our dunghill.

Come and see the water of that river which comes out and flows from the Garden of Eden, Binah [the third sephirah], never stops flowing. It supports the poor by giving the light of Chassadim through gimel [the third letter] which is Yesod to Malchut, which is dalet [the fourth letter], that is "poor" (Heb. Dala) and needy. Hence, hosts and legions wait here for sustenance from Binah, the secret of the said river. This union is therefore called by the name of גד gad [gimel + dalet], the ג gimel taking out from Binah to give, and ד dalet accepting and receiving from it.  - Zohar

This is why The Zohar states ג Gimel can never be separated from ד Daleth.  They need each other. That is, our Innermost cannot be separated from the terrestrial man. This sounds strange to westerners.  Those who have a religious bent may accept that we terrestrial people need God, but to us it sounds sacrilegious to hear that God needs us.  Gimel, our Innermost, the Son of God in other words, in Christian terms, needs the Son of Man, his Soul, to become perfect to receive his inheritance, to receive his treasures from Heaven so that that terrestrial man can become a doorway of the Light: a Prophet, a Bodhisattva, a vehicle of Christ, a transmitter of wisdom who is selfless but radiates the Light of the real Being, who is a non Being, who is beyond any kind of ‘I’ but is the perfect individual.  

To become Daleth, one has to become a perfect expression of the Inner Being, ג Gimel.  Gimel and Daleth together spells God.  In Hebrew we would say גד Gad. גד Gad means “to tell,” “to speak,” and how else does God “create” but through Daleth in the throat (Daath):

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

On the Tree of Life, Daath, knowledge, is at the level of the throat.  The Elohim creates through the Word, which in Greek is Logos. The Word of God comes from the throat.  Let there be Light.  Aur is Light.  That creation occurs only when Gimel and Daleth are united.  

When the poor man is divested of his spiritual poverty, meaning his ego is destroyed and he has been cleansed, then ד Daleth is united with Gimel. Gimel and ד Daleth together, גד GD, (GOD), cause the Word (Christ) to emerge from the throat. When those two parts are united, then the Being can say, Gad, speak, tell. Then the Prophet can speak the words of God.  This is how John the Baptist performed his mission.

For this [John, IEAOUMS] is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esaias, saying, “The voice of one crying [גד gad, through Daath] in the wilderness [outside of Eden, calling the souls to return], ‘Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.’” - Matthew 3:3

All of the prophets represent the union of Gimel and Daleth: גד.

The letter ג Gimel (3) and the letter ד Daleth (4) both relate to the Sephirah חסד Chesed.  If you count downwards from the top of the Tree of Life you will reach the fourth Sephirah: חסד Chesed. Chesed is related to our Innermost.  Daleth is the fourth letter and it also relates to חסד Chesed.  The word חסד Chesed ends with ד Daleth.  Chesed is also known as גדולה Gedulah, which is spelled with both Gimel and Daleth.  In the Sephirah Chesed / Gedulah the union of Gimel and Daleth is manifested.  

In Sanskrit terms, Chesed is Atman, the Self.  What Atman emerges from, what the Self emerges from is Anatman, the non Being, the Father of the Father: אהיה אשר אהיה Eheieh Asher Eheieh.  In Hebrew, He is that He is, or better said, He shall be which he is becoming.

And Moses said unto Elohim, Behold, [when] I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The Elohim of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What [is] his name? what shall I say unto them? And Elohim said unto Moses, אהיה אשר אהיה [Eheieh Asher Eheieh] I shall become what I am becoming: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I shall become hath sent me unto you. - Exodus 3:14

Eheieh means, “I am becoming.” Through the prophet, He is becoming. That which will become is That which is Not Yet: the archetypes in Atziluth. That is symbolized in the process of the Light emerging through the first three letters of the Hebrew alphabet: Aleph, Beth, Gimel.  In the first three lectures of this course, this process was explained to some degree of how that Light (Ain Soph Aur) emerges through processes of creation, through Trinities.  

The upper Trinity of Kether, Chokmah, Binah in the world of Atziluth, in the world of archetypes, is the blueprint of the Soul that is not yet formed. That Light needs to descend and create a Soul.  Binah (the Holy Spirit, Shiva Shakti) descends by means of Daath (knowledge) into the world of Briah, the world of creation, and it is here that that Three in One of Atziluth becomes Two, and each of those Two contains the Three within.  The Trinity expresses as Father-Mother: the Yab Yum, Shiva Shakti, God and Goddess, El and Eloha, Abba and Aima, the Divine Couple, the Divine Parents.  Each Parent contains the Trinity (Δ Delta) within. In other words, the upper Trinity (Δ) expresses as a unity of two Trinities: ✡.  This forms ✡, the Seal of Solomon, the Star of David.

Tibetan star

The Hebrew word גד Gad, Gimel Daleth, means “to tell” or “to say.” To “say” is the means of expression of something archetypal; in other words, a word is the expression of a thought. Spiritually, our Being longs to become. Eheieh Asher Eheieh, He that is becoming, will become through Daath, the power of knowledge, which is symbolically related to the throat. The power to “say” (גד Gad) the words of God is the power of a prophet. That is in the epic symbolic story of initiation written by Moses about the Kings Saul, David, and Solomon, the prophet who guides David is named גד Gad: “to say.” What God has to say is realized through the process of initiation, symbolized by Saul, David, and Solomon. The middle king, David, is spelled with two Daleths, between which is vav, the spinal column.  These three kings symbolize the process of initiation, which is how the archetypes from Atziluth are molded into a perfected soul.

The unfoldment of the Light from Atziluth to Briah is how God creates. God creates sexually. God is not male only.  God is male/female. God is Elohim: El (masculine) plus Eloah (feminine).  Creation through sexual cooperation is mirrored in every other level of nature.  Creation is always sexual because everything mirrors how God creates. Yet, sexual creation changes from level to level. Creation is always sexual, but sex changes from level to level.  Nonetheless, God, the Elohim, the Yab Yum creates through purity - through Tob, not Rah, not impurity, not lust.  There is a profound difference.

The Star of David, ✡ the Seal of Solomon, is two triangles united.  Those two triangles are two Δ Deltas united: two Beings, one male, one female; one projective, one receptive.  So look at the mathematics here, intuitively.  One male, one female, that is two; they unite, and the force that unites them is the third factor, the third force.  This is why in ד Daleth we have two beams, one vertical, one horizontal.  The vertical is the male, projective, erect: the phallus.  The horizontal is the female, receptive, passive: the uterus.  The force that unites them is invisible.  This is why in the ד Daleth these two lines touch, but do not cross.  They connect, but do not yet merge.  This is a beautiful symbol, and you will grasp why when you comprehend the letter Hei in the next lecture.  

Why is this significant?  The third force that binds them, that connects them would be drawn between the two ends of the horizontal and the vertical lines.  When you imagine that line, that invisible force of love, that mystical, beautiful force of love, you form a  triangle, a Trinity: you form the power to create.  

The power to create is the Law of Three.  To create anything, there must three factors, three forces – projective, resistant or receptive, and the one that conciliates, equilibrates, balances.  The easy way to understand, but the most mystical, is the relationship between husband and wife.  It is sacred because it is a reflection of how God creates.  The man is the projective, active principle, who chases the woman. The woman is the second principle, who is receptive or resistant. The only way they can be united is if a third force magnetizes them.

The male and female represent Shiva and Shakti, and the third force that unites them should be love, but in these times it is usually lust, greed, envy, fear, etc.  Therefore, modern unions are often destructive.  When lust is the binding factor, what is created is pain.  The sexual force, which should create positively in the upper Eden, Shamayim (Ouranon, Heaven), instead creates in Hell. This is how Eve left Eden.  Because, you see, Heaven and Hell were both established by Divine Laws as conduits for energy.  Everything in nature is polarized: positive/negative, black/white, night/day, hot/cold, acid/alkaline.  Every energy is polar, including sexual energy.  

Sexual energy is polarized according to our actions.  Sexual energy is polarized when it passes through our Daleth, our door: our mind and our sexual organs, which are intimately related.  When we enter that door of Daath, sex, then these two parts of ד Daleth merge and connect, the vertical male, the horizontal female and we form a cross, the most ancient and sacred symbol in the world.  

When the Europeans arrived in Latin America in Mexico, they found crosses in every temple and they were outraged so they destroyed them.  In every Buddhist temple there are crosses.  Amongst the Assyrians, the Babylonians, even amongst the Jews, the cross is an ancient and sacred representation of Daath, knowledge, because it is the crossing of the Father and the Mother.  That crossing is creation.  The entire power of religion is in the cross - not in belief, theories, schools, groups, movements, any Master, or any person outside of you.  The power of religion is your sexual power.  When that sexual power is put into the hands of your own Innermost, with it he can create a Prophet of you, he can make a Buddha of you, he can make of you an Angel, he can make of you a Vajrasattva: a Diamond Soul, a perfect Soul.  This is why the Law states “Thou shalt not fornicate”, “Thou shalt not commit adultery”.  This is why in the scriptures of every religion the orgasm is forbidden, sexual abuse is forbidden, because that energy is Divine.  It is the very power of God to create.  We utilize it for selfish purposes and the result is destruction and pain.  This is why Adam and Eve entered the wilderness to suffer and die.  

גד Gad, “to say,” is also the name of the twelve tribes of Israel. The twelve tribes symbolize the twelve astrological signs of the zodiac. גד Gad is Scorpio, which rules the sexual organs. Our legacy is created by what we “say” (גד Gad) through our use of sex: either physically, through children, or spiritually, through our Word. Even the shape of the scorpion is revealing: it is triangular, with the longest point being the stinging tail. That triangular shape is present in our sexual organs, too:


Obviously, when man Δ and woman Δ unite, the result is the same symbol: ✡.

This is why all the religions have chastity as the first requirement to enter the Daleth.  To really enter religion and become a serious practitioner, a person always takes vows.  In every religion, the traditional vow includes to not spill the sexual energy.  In Buddhism even lay practitioners take this vow “I vow to cease sexual misconduct”.  If you have been initiated into Kalachakra Tantra, then you take the vow “I will never emit the Jasmine flower drops”, which is the Thig-le, the sexual energy.  Interestingly, in the Tibetan language, the word for door (sgo, which looks like a daleth) is also the first letter for egg and for testicle.


Every monk, nun, Lama, and priest is required to restrain their sexual energy.  All of these traditions still have vestiges of this ancient knowledge but most have forgotten why.  This is why priests all over the world now are secretly having relationships, masturbating, or abusing children because they do not remember why they have to keep that energy, and how they are to use it correctly.  In order to return to Eden, it is the sexual force that empowers it. We left Eden because of sex, and we return to Eden by means of sex.

The Hebrew word עדן “Eden” literally means “pleasure, bliss, delight.” Yet remember, every energy is polarized. There is sanctified, pure delight in heaven, and there is also destructive, damaging pleasure in hell. The most intense energy in us is sexual energy. There is no doubt it can produce pleasure, but humanity ignores the polarization of that pleasure. Humanity only knows the Rah side of the Tree of Knowledge. Yet, if we respect the command of Jehovah, we can experience and return to the Tob side of Daath.

The energy that explodes through the orgasm is the very energy that can create the Soul.  When we abuse that power we are caste out of bliss (Eden), but if we retain it, if we respect it, if we harness it, that power is delivered into the hands of our own Gimel, God.  When divinized, the sexual energy illuminates the mind.  In Sanskrit, they call this Ojas.  

"Sublimation is not a matter of suppression or repression, but a positive, dynamic, conversion process. It is the process of controlling the sex energy, conserving it, then diverting it into higher channels, and finally, converting it into spiritual energy or Ojas Sakti. The material energy is changed into spiritual energy, just as heat is changed into light and electricity. Just as a chemical substance is sublimated or purified by raising the substance through heat into vapour which again is condensed into solid form, so also, the sexual energy is purified and changed into divine energy by spiritual Sadhana." - Swami Sivananda, Brahmacharya

Ojas is the fire of the sexual waters that rises up the spinal column into the brain and awakens the full capacity of the human being.  Such a person is different.  There is an energy, there is a presence, a force that is different.  Ojas is transmuted sexual energy. It is the Light of the Shekinah, the Divine Mother.  In alchemical terms, that energy is called sulfur.

The tradition of Alchemy was a game in a certain way, because it was a system of encoding and hiding this knowledge.  Most of us have heard about the Philosopher’s Stone or turning lead into gold.  Most of us think this was silliness, and that was intentional.  By thinking it is silly, we ignore it.  Those Initiates were able to practice in peace, to transmit their teachings under the guise of foolishness or obscurity.  The real alchemists were Kabbalists, mystics, yogis, who were creating the Soul. They were transforming the lead of desire, that heavy metal which burdens us, and creating from that the gold of the spirit, the awakened consciousness.  The gold is To Soma Heliakon, the Solar Bodies, the bodies of gold, the Sahu in Egyptian terms, the Merkabah in Hebrew.  Those are the bodies of gold that withstand the flames when Nebuchadnezzar put the men into the fire, into the furnace; they were not burned.  Those are the Solar Bodies that were not burned by desire, by the flame of passion.  They are pure; they belong to God.  

Sulfur represents fire.  There are many kinds of sulfur, if you have studied alchemy in the western tradition.  In alchemy, the symbol of sulfur is a triangle from which hangs a cross.  This is a sexual symbol.  When we look at the Tree of Life we can see why: the upper triangle, which is the creative power of the Law of Three, expresses itself through the Cross.  The ‘Crossing’ of male and female.  This is why we see in this symbol for sulfur the Triangle with a Cross below it.  We see how this power of the Trinity manifests through Daath as a Cross.  This is incredible knowledge that has been hidden right before our eyes for thousands of years.  We just have not paid attention.


Even more amazing is that among the Greeks this exact symbol represents Athena, Minerva, the Divine Mother, because her power is sexual.  The power of the Divine Mother is her womb, her uterus, her sexual power.  The woman creates through this vehicle, this vessel, this door.  Athena, Minerva, Diana, Durga, whatever name you apply to this force, is Eloha, the Goddess, the Shekinah whose power to create is through Daath by uniting with her husband, her spouse.  

athena and her serpent

The symbol of Athena, Minerva, is the serpent. Her antithesis is the Medusa, the inverted Goddess, a diabolic polarization of the divine feminine; the single serpent of Athena becomes the many serpents on the head of Medusa: desire, lust, ego, pride, vanity.  This is the same symbol of Pandora (Eve), who opened the sexual box and released all the evils into her psychological world.


Athena can deliver unto her hero the weapons to kill Medusa. We have to become that hero, to take that fire of sulfur and harness it through sexual work: transmutation, scientific chastity, white pure tantra. That work demands there be no lust, only love - cognizant, conscious, pure.  

When the sexual fire is harnessed and utilized through prayer, creation happens.  The most beautiful, the most amazing, the most spectacular doors, Daleth, are opened: the doors of the consciousness.  

By this method has arisen every Buddha, Angel, and Saint, without exception.  It has always been secret, it has always been protected because humanity would abuse it, in the same way we have misused every other kind of knowledge we have received.  Throughout our sad history we take knowledge to feed our lust, our pride, to satisfy our anger, our resentment.  

The time has grown short.  The age is drawing to a close, so the door of the temple has been opened.  The sacred knowledge has been revealed, just as I have opened it to you in this lecture, because the time is short.  

We do not have time now to play games, to keep trying to cheat each other, lying to each other, stealing from each other, abusing one another, subjecting this humanity to so much pain.  

A great doorway has opened.  It started in 1950, and in stages has opened further and further because we have moved into the very beginning of a new era.  Humanity is passing through a great doorway, a huge Daleth.  

The result will depend upon you, and no one else.  It does not depend upon any Master, movement, group, book, or school.  It depends upon you.  What you do today, from moment to moment, will determine what happens tomorrow.  How are you using your energy?  How are you using your Daleth?  Will you continue to hide your desires, to protect them, to feed them, to nurse them?  Or will you conquer them?  Can you become Δ Delta, the agent of change? That change is not outside, it is inside.  We have to know ourselves.  The entrance into Daath, knowledge, is inside of us.  It is sexual.  It is psychological.  It is spiritual. The entrance into Daath, knowledge, does not come by accident.  It comes by cause and effect.  The whole work is cause and effect.

Daleth is very important, but Daleth cannot be understood by itself.  You have to see it in context, especially with Gimel.  When you hear the next lecture on Hei, even more is revealed about Daleth.  

Questions and Answers

Audience: We see a lot of people wearing symbols of the cross in one way or another.  By now we know the symbolism of the cross, the true symbolism, how blasphemous is it for a person to wear the cross right side up and not work on his or herself? Is that blasphemy?

Instructor: The blasphemy that we perform is through our use of energy.  Whether we wear a cross or not or how we wear a cross is pretty much irrelevant.  It is the same as having beliefs or theories.  You can have all the beliefs and theories you want.  You can dress like a priest if you want but it does not make you holy.  Remember what Jesus said:

Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught? But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: These are [the things] which defile a man: but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man. - Matthew 15

What comes out of the throat, Daath, is what makes us perform blasphemy.  What is blasphemy?  Nowadays we associate blasphemy with the commandment “Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain,” but we forget that “to speak” is Gad.  Gnostically, spiritually, Gad does not mean physical speech, Gad means “thou shalt not treat this force from Gimel” lightly. Gimel represents the gifts from our Innermost. Do not take those gifts in vain.  Do not ignore them.  Do you see that?  To take the name of God in vain means to not value Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, which is what we do.  We are the poor man, Daleth, because we do not recognize the value of what comes to us from God.  We only value material things and physical sensations.  We do not value the qualities of the spirit – chastity, humility, charity.  These all come from God.  We take that name in vain, we speak blasphemy when we do not perform this work Gad, Gimel Daleth, to say, to tell.  Instead we exchange our birthright for a plate of porridge, dal, lentils like Esau.  Esau represents our animal passions.  Esau was fiery and red.  We need to become Jacob, his brother, who took that birthright and valued it.

Audience: You mention that God has a need for the human in order to transmute.  How does that relate to the Being being self-realized within us?

Instructor:  The Being, God, is a very sophisticated intelligence.  It has many levels, many aspects.  We tend to think of the Being or God as a man in Heaven with a beard on a throne.  This is not the case.  Our Being is more like an army of intelligences or sparks that need to be united in one thing.  To be self-realized is to have complete cognizance of oneself.  This refers to the Being.  

In the writings of Samael Aun Weor you will often seen this phrase “the inner self-realization of the Being”.  We do not read that carefully.  What it is actually saying is the realization of the inner self.  We are not the ones who become realized.  It is the One (Gimel, Chesed, Gedulah) inside of us who becomes perfect.  When we perfect ourselves, we reflect that inner perfection, but we are not that.  We are just a mirror.  We, here terrestrially, are just a terrestrial man, nothing more.  God is perfect, we are not.  Even a Prophet, even a Bodhisattva, is just a man or woman, and should be treated as such.  No man is better than any other man because every man, every woman has God within.  It is that Divinity that should be respected.  

No person deserves to be worshipped.  To worship a terrestrial person is to perform a crime against them.  When you worship a terrestrial person you infect their pride, you support mythomania, you create an obstacle for that soul.  You commit a crime.  This is why Jesus stated very clearly

Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master: Christ. - Matthew 23

He did not call himself a Master, and he was a beautiful example of a Master.  He never called himself anything but a man, and when he spoke in terms of  “I am” he was speaking in terms of Eheieh Asher Eheieh: He is that which is becoming.  But nowadays this has been corrupted by translations.  It is no longer clear in the teaching.  Nonetheless, God needs us.  Our Innermost needs us because we are a part of that.  We are only a part.  We are a servant.  We think we are kings and queens.  We think God should serve us and so we pray, “God give me this and give me that.”  That is blasphemy, because that fails to recognize what God has already given to us.  We do not want what He gives us.  We want other things.  We want money.  We want security.  We want comfort, and we want these things even when we have not provided them to others.  What we need to do is to be grateful for what God has given us.  This is why Paul wrote in his writings:

Let every man receive with gladness what God has apportioned to him.  

Not to say, “On no, I don’t want that God, thanks.  I’d rather have a new car.  I’d rather have a nicer apartment or a big house or a wife.”  We have a list.  This is blasphemy, because we fail to receive the gifts that our own Gimel can bestow upon us, our patrimony, our inheritance.

Audience:     Is the D of the devil, the Rah, the evil of Daath?

Instructor:     The D of the devil related to the D of Daath, Daleth, yes of course.  Just as the D of Deus, the Latin word for God.  The D is related, of course, because that doorway is twofold.  It is a polarity.  You see, Deus and demonius are reflections of each other. We choose through our actions which we prefer to be aligned with.