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A Natural Defense Against Disease, Viruses, Contagion

The pandemic coronavirus Covid-19 presents a significant health threat to many people in the world. While there are many common sense steps to protect yourself from it (such as washing your hands), there is also a powerful element from nature that can assist us. The simple juniper berry, found growing wild all over the world, can help protect us from illness.

"Juniper berries are magnificent in order to avoid contagion. Thus, simply by chewing the juniper berries we can preserve ourselves from the danger of contagion." —Samael Aun Weor, Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic

The best way to acquire juniper berries is fresh from a tree. Bless the tree and ask for its assistance, then harvest some berries, wash them, and chew them whenever you see fit. You can also provide them to others. 

Like any medicine, its effectiveness depends upon many factors. Nevertheless, it is another way we can protect our health. 

If you cannot find juniper berries near you, the Gnostic Store has them available.

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