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  Sunday, 13 November 2011
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<p>Are there any lectures that address AIDS/Homosexuality?</p>
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<p>Are there any techniques to help someone deal with this?  Mother and son.</p>
<p>This hit me kinda hard (mom) i'm looking for ways to help myself and my son.</p>
<p>suggested readings?</p>
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12 years ago
The practice that applies is Unconditional Love. Love is the prerequisite for conquering all Life's circumstances. But Love under Will. There is certainly no crime in seeking therapies that have been successful.

From the standpoint of Gnostic esotericism, Love is the beginning, not the end. If we are then able to meditate on our life and the meaning of Karma, a bitter situation can bring forth Wisdom, which will translate into an indelible form of happiness.

No specific Gnostic teaching exists that I am aware of on AIDS, which was identified after Master Samael dis-incarnated.

Sexually transmitted disease is a form of Karma. There are specific kinds of Karma related to different types of action. Karma involving the abuse of the sexual energy is called Karma Saya. You can search that on this site. Because the sexual energy is the Holy Spirit, its abuse is serious. That is the practical interpretation of this passage of the Gospels:

Mathew 12.30

Master Samael teaches categorically that homosexuality is a mistake for those on the path of self realization. It must be understood, this condemnation extends to the abuse of sex and to fornication in general. The sobering reality is that Karma Saya haunts the actions of each of us. Meditation on our actions that create suffering for ourselves and others leads to comprehension, which is the medicine for the Soul.

See, "There is a Hell, a Devil, and Karma".
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