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Good afternoon everyone,

In the lecture White Magic and Black Magic I read that to get rid of succubi and incubi you use the asafetida plant. However I have not been able to find the plant for sale only the powder and granule sap. Would this still work or is the plant necessary? I have found some seeds that I plan to buy, but just curious if the powder and granules would work.

Thanks in advance.
8 years ago
Have you studied how to work with the elemental of the plant? This is explained particularly in Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic. In synthesis, the most effective way to work with a plant is by harvesting it when it is alive. When that is not possible, it is best to find the freshest plant we can. In this case, I agree it is very difficult to find asafetida outside of India. The problem with the powders is they are mixed with other ingredients, so the purity cannot be assured. I believe the seeds will be better. Nevertheless, considering that there are other plants that provide the same service, it may be easier to utilize sage, rue, or even sulphur.

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8 years ago
Good afternoon Mathew,

I am currently in the process of studying the elemental of the plant in Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic. Thank you for your response, it has been very helpful.
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