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  Wednesday, 20 March 2013
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1. Pranayama as often as needed (I've read on other posts at least 1/2 hour a day)? (Yellow Book says 10 minutes daily)

2. More detail for Vajroli Mudra, particularly the massage, proper methods and areas?

3. There are so many Mantras and Samael Aun Weor always says 1 hour a day. The only organ connected to the Innermost is the Pineal, correct? Is this Ajna or Sahasrara? Focus on Mantras for this? Effective for singles?

4. Do Mantras work for singles? Can they be amplified with other practices?

5. I read the Viparita Karani Mudra is also Transmutation (Yantra). Is this true? Should this exercise pose be done with Pranayama at the same time or without? Just do the posture and try to Meditate or do Pranayama also?

6. The mirror method of analyzing the eyes to develop Clairvoyance 10 minutes before bed, is this useful for singles?

7. Can we consciously Astral Travel without awakened Kundalini within a marriage? Jinn State while single?

8. Pick a Mantra and stick with it for a certain "Power"? Each Chakra seems to have multiple Mantras...

9. Occult Medicine and Practical Magic, Medicinal Elixir to Live a Totally Healthy, Long Life. Do we just make the Elixir or are there any spiritual Invocations involved in preparation like Blessing the ingredients? Exorcisms?

10. Also, does the Rattlesnake dried meat Cancer Cure need Blessings/exorcisms and the like? Or, do you just prepare it and administer it?

In synthesis, I am trying to design the most comprehensive schedule of practices, being single, to prepare, while also keeping in mind the Three factors, and to see who I can help.

11. Any other suggestions? Best time of day for each singles practice?

12. Shall I add Runic Exercises also? Which ones?

I thank you all in advance, I am grateful.:)
10 years ago
1) The length of the transmutation practice depends upon the practitioner. If you can do a half hour, that would be great. An hour would be even better, but you have to know your limitations and how to pace yourself without burning yourself out.

2) Massage the area of the prostate/ovaries and the creative organs gently, moderately or strong. Please see Sacred Rites of Rejuvenation below.

3) The Innermost is connected with different glands of our internal universe, in much the same way that a tree is constituted of numerous parts that work interdependently. The throne of the Innermost in our body is the cerebral spinal nervous system and the heart (Atom Nous). The pineal gland relates to the Holy Spirit and our own particular, individual Ain Soph. The pineal gland relates with Sahasrara. Ajna relates with the pituitary gland, the seat of clairvoyance. Chokmah has a profound and intimate relationship to the frontal chakra.

4) Mantras work in accordance with our level of concentration, whether we are single or married. They are amplified through direction of conscious will and imagination united in vibrant harmony.

5) One can perform transmutation during the Viparita Karani Mudra because the physical brain becomes saturated with blood, which is rich in א Aleph (spirit, the prana of life). Not only is the physical brain charged through this yantric posture, but mantras and the exercise of sublimation amplify this effect. Ham-Sah, the mantra S, S M HON, INRI, etc., work wonderfully in conjunction with this mudra. After transmuting, the practitioner can meditate in this posture after having settled the mind through sublimation.

6 and 7) The exercises provided by the Master are accessible to all individuals, whether single or married, with the exception of sexual magic, which requires marital union. The mantras, prayers and exercises of clairvoyance, astral projection and Jinn science apply to all practitioners, whether single or married.

The Kundalini grants powers, but a single person can travel in the astral plane, jinn states, and develop clairvoyance by learning to transmute on his or her own. Singles can awaken sparks of Kundalini, which can grant spiritual experience. Therefore, lacking a spouse to work in alchemy is no deterrent for acquiring conscious knowledge of the divine.

8) Stick with a mantra that helps you. There are innumerable practices to address an infinite variety of psychic dispositions. What works for you immediately might not for another practitioner. Experiment and practice: find what helps you the most, and stick with it until you know in your heart that you need to develop other qualities of the spirit, in accordance with self-reflection, meditation and intuition.

9 and 10) When you work with medicinal substances, it is good to pray to your Innermost to command your elemental advocate so as to work in your favor, to bless the elements for their consumption and to work with the angelic intelligences that govern those elements. You can pray something like the following:

"My God, my Being, my Beloved, please, command my elemental advocate to perform the necessary ceremonial ritual magic with the elemental of (you can name the substances here, such as the rattlesnake or concoction) in order to (name the action you are requesting, such as curing cancer, or producing longevity, etc.). I humbly ask this of You, in accordance with Your divine will, the great law, and the universal charity and compassion. Amen! So be it!"

10 and 11) The best time to practice is when you have the most strength. Mornings are favorable, but one must overcome laziness to wake in the early hours of dawn to receive the benefits of the prana. Night time is also beneficial for meditation, since one naturally feels inclined to sleep, drowsiness being essential for meditation.

12) The Gnostic should always pray to the Solar Logos, in the position of the Rune Fah, upon waking, "O Thou, Solar Logos, igneous emanation! Substance and consciousness of Christ!" etc. Then, rest your arms as needed, and begin with the Rune Fah. Afterward, you can practice any other runes you like.

Khrestos be with ye!

Joyful in hope, suffering in tribulation, be thou constant in thy prayer.

Benedictis, qui venit in nomine Domini. Osanna in excelsis.

"Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest!"

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