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I am a Gnostic student and have just recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer. Because the cancer is located in the sexual center, will that affect my practices with pranayama and alchemy? If there are any practices that I can do in regards to the cancer I would truly appreciate hearing about them. Thank you in advance for your input since this is very important to me as we'll as to others.
9 years ago
In Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor wrote several important chapters about cancer, which I have linked below.

Obviously, this is a serious karma, but there are antidotes you can apply, as given in the articles.

I have observed that the rattlesnake medicine is very powerful. Be aware that it purges the illness in a rigorous way, and the patient can experience strong nausea. I believe this is far more acceptable than the side effects of chemotherapy, etc.

The transmutation practices will aid in your healing, so it is important that you use them in your fight to get better.

Appeal constantly to your Divine Mother for help.

Remember: we need to pay our karma, thus it is wise to perform superior actions so that the inferior debts are overcome. The stronger and more difficult our debts, the greater our sacrifices and efforts must be.
9 years ago
Thank you, Matthew Thomas, for sharing such vital information. Although the cancer is in it's early stages and I am in strong health, the magnitude of this karmic debt is already making itself clear. Being a cancer patient puts you in a labyrinth of laws, medical doctrine, opinions, information, etc. set to confuse in the quest towards becoming cancer free. My biggest priority has been to ensure that my esoteric practices and my duties on this path remain clear. So thank you.

I have read the link you shared before and have read more carefully this time. The anecdotes seem so exotic. Would you have any suggestions as to where to obtain something such as the rattlesnake?
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