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1. Comprehension

2. Capturing the deep significance of the undesired element (ego)

3. Elimination

What does it mean to capture the deep significance of an ego ?
9 years ago
Question: Venerable Master, you make an emphasis not only in comprehension but also in the apprehension of the deep significance of our psychological defects. I understand that the objective of comprehension is to identify those defects and that the objective of the deep significance is to discover the damage that the defects might cause us as an obstacle for our self-realization. Am I correct?

Samael Aun Weor: It is worthwhile to answer this question from the audience. Listen, comprehension is not identification. Someone can identify a psychological defect without having comprehended it. So, let us therefore distinguish between comprehension and identification.

The essential nature of comprehension is very elastic, because the degrees of comprehension vary. It can be that today we comprehend this or that matter in a certain way and in a certain manner, in a relative and circumstantial manner, yet tomorrow we will comprehend it better.

Now, the apprehension of the deep significance of this or that defect is only possible to by all the parts of our integral Being. Thus, if some parts of our Being have apprehended the deep significance, yet other parts of our same Being have not yet apprehended it, then the integral and deep significance also has not yet been totally apprehended. Therefore, regarding the deep significance of an error, regarding its specific flavor, we must not elaborate preconceptions, since the deep significance of this or that error can only be directly experienced in the precise moment, in the right, given instant. Thus, this is why we must not, by any means, convolute in preconceived ideas about what the deep significance of our psychological errors could be.

Question: Thank you, Master, for this explanation, which reveals to us that comprehension is really a function of the mind, and that the deep significance is a function of the consciousness. Is this correct?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, the mind with all its functionalisms is feminine, receptive, therefore, it would be absurd to try to make it positive. Thus, it is stubbornness to elaborate ideas, preconceptions, or theories. Therefore, given that the mind is a merely passive instrument by nature, it cannot by itself occupy the place of comprehension.

Distinguish therefore between the essential nature of comprehension and the instrument that we use in order to manifest ourselves in the world. Obviously, comprehension belongs rather to the Essence—that is, to the inner functions of the consciousness, and that is all.

The deep significance of this or that psychological error differs from comprehension by the very fact that it belongs to the diverse perceptions or direct experiences lived by the diverse parts of the unitotal Being.

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

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