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  Wednesday, 03 July 2024
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Thank you for this platform first of all. If I am reading my Bible correctly barely for the first time in 30 years who called light into Existence? if The father dwells In unapproachable light (2 Timothy6:16) 1 John 1:5 says God is light and in him there is no darkness at all. Help me understand how he calls himself into existence it can’t be done or if it can, please explain thank you
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2 days ago
what difference does it make if we tell you. God's creation is way beyond our limited minds.
Yogandana wrote about it if you're interested, but unless we experience it, it is useless. just more ideas to put on the wagons of mind. If we're at level 7, we should do the work for level 7 to progress upon level 8. not the work of the level 100 000.
if it helps you, it's a miracle. That we exist out of God's love is also a miracle. It's all a miracle.
Now let's get with the feet on the ground, metaphorically and literally (earthing) and meditate, retain and pray to pass at level 8!:)
2 days ago
Could you please post this question as a separate thread? Then we have the overview of which questions are answered and which are not. Thank you.
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