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  Sunday, 31 March 2024
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As I self observe I am observing that the sexual centre when angry,when sad, or anxious,fearful my sexual center kinda tingles and all and seems to now send signals to the other three brains,used to think it was the intellect or emotional but first to react is like my sexual centre

So my question is it that the sexual center when angry is the first for the impressions to be transformed improperly ?
How can I be more aware and be more cautious of it?

Tried breathing rhythmically helps a lot or is more self observation and awareness key or should be aware of my interaction with my environment.
2 weeks ago
Impressions are better transformed through comprehending it at the moment they enter into our interior. on the other hand they are transformed negatively and inaccurately by our personality into any of our centers as the 'i's.

Nevertheless, it (personality) is not in communication with the centers, in other words, with the mental, emotional, and the physical centers. It is not in communication with the intellectual, motor, emotional, instinctual, and sexual centers because of its unusual ideas. Consequently or as a corollary, it so happens that the personality almost always puts itself in communication with the wrong centers. This means that the impressions that arrive are sent to the wrong centers. In other words, the personality places the impressions on centers which do not correspond to them. Naturally, this produces erroneous results.

Your center of gravity is probably linked with your sexual brain. Yes the sexual center is the fastest of the five centers, and yes all the centers are linked with and are related to each of the three brains. still all your activities should not necessarily resonate at the sexual center only.

Anyhow, we know that the fastest one of all the centers is the Sexual Center. It moves 120,000 times faster than the mind. And this center is very difficult to control. But if we control this center then we are able to control the other ones........... So, that is why we have to be aware of ourselves here and now.

How can I be more aware and be more cautious of it?

1. Be aware of yourself by observing yourself; and

2. Transformation of every impression that arrives within your interior
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