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  Saturday, 30 March 2024
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In the Drama Jesus Christ was portraying, one of the teachers once replied to a student, that when Jesus Christ commanded Judas to Betray him, he said quoting "He was acting", meaning that Jesus Christ commanded him what he would do, that's one of the many ways of understanding that, but when one says acting, how exactly was Jesus Christ acting when portraying this ordeal, meaning the drama, how exactly was he Acting?
2 weeks ago
The four Gospels are indeed four texts of Alchemy and White Magic. Initiation begins with the transmutation of the water of life (semen) into the wine of light of the Alchemist. This miracle is performed at the Wedding of Cana, a miracle always in wedlock. One begins to traverse the path of Initiation with this miracle. All the drama of the life, passion, and death of Jesus is as ancient as the world. This drama comes from the past, from ancient archaic religions and is known in every corner of the world. This drama is applicable to Jesus, and in general to all those who traverse the path of the razor’s edge. That drama is not the personal life of one man. That drama is the esoteric life of all those who follow the secret path. That drama can be applied to Jesus, as well as to any other Christified initiate. Indeed, the drama of the life, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus is a cosmic drama that existed long before the existence of the world. That drama is known in all the worlds of infinite space.

The four Gospels can only be understood with the key of Sexual Magic and the Perfect Matrimony. The four Gospels were only written to serve as a guide to the few who follow the path of the razor’s edge. The four Gospels were never written for the multitudes. The work of adapting the cosmic drama to the new age was marvelous. Secret groups of initiates took part in this work. They did a splendid job.

When profane people study the Gospels, they misinterpret them.

Jesus had the heroism to assimilate the Christic substance in all his internal vehicles. He achieved this by working with INRI (fire). This is how the hierophant was able to be one with the Father. Jesus became a Christ and ascended to the Father. Everyone who assimilates the Christic substance in the physiological, biological, psychic, and spiritual Self becomes a Christ. Therefore, Christ is not some kind of human or divine individual. Christ is a cosmic substance that is found in the whole infinite space. We need to form Christ within us. This is only possible with INRI (fire).

Christ cannot do anything without the snake. The snake only develops, evolves, and progresses by practicing Sexual Magic.

Whosoever forms Christ becomes Christ. Only Christ can ascend to the Father. The Father is neither a human nor a divine individual. The Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit are substances, forces, transcendental, and terrifically divine energies. That is all. What happens is that unfortunately, people have a marked tendency to anthropomorphize these superior forces.

Jesus lived the drama of the Passion; nonetheless, he was not the only one who has lived it. Prior to him, some initiates like Hermes, Quetzalcoatl, Krishna, Orpheus, Buddha etc., lived it. After Him, a few others have lived it. The drama of the Passion is cosmic.
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