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  Monday, 12 February 2024
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Peace and greetings to the Glorian team. I thank you guys as always for the many sacrifices and free services provided for all of suffering humanity. Lately I have been reading how scientists have descovered that many ancient temples are built upon regions of the Earth where there is more energy. Furthermore, scientists today are talking about how geometric patters allow specific energies and ethers to express through them. For example, scientists are apparently able to grow vegetables in gardens with very little water and nutrients but decorated with certain geometric patterns that nourish the plants. There's even an old book in German where scientists who fed plants a diet lacking minerals in such a decorated pot and found that minerals ended up in the plants anyway, suggesting that the energy harvested by the geometric patterns crystalize into minerals... This science of bioGeometry, electroculture etc also has physiological implecations. My question is, is this recognized in the gnostic tradition, and if so, how can I apply this to help cure others? Furthermore, I have also been reading into the doctrine of signatures, the science instituted by Divinity where every plant, mineral etc cures that which it resembles. Even this is written by the master Samael Aun Weor in occult medicine and practical magic. I am interested in learning this science in more detail and was wondering if any texts on the subject can be provided? I appologize for the long post, and thank the instructor in advance.
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4 days ago
Study this: [qu

For instance, I remember an experience I had out of my body; where within my internal bodies I saw the current of sound within the Akasha. The Akasha fills the outer, endless space, thus the current of sound was emerging from it. If we see it physically is like emptiness, a current of sound emerging from emptiness. Yet that flow of sound is the breath of God, which is the Rune Hagal, the H, the Hebrew Hei. That is called the current of sound....... Every single symphony is a different river. So Beethoven brought that sound here from the Akasha and wrote the notes on the paper. The nine symphonies are sounds flowing from the endless space, from the nine spheres of the cosmos. It was so amazing to hear the sound of the seventh symphony of Beethoven played by the Akashic flow of sound.

Now, this can be explained scientifically, because if somebody is recording this lecture on a tape recorder, and if the tape is observed under a microscope, they will see that the words I am pronouncing are recorded on that tape with geometrical figures. This is how, when the geometrical figures are played in the tape recorder, they repeat the same sounds or words that I am uttering. So, it is scientifically demonstrated that word and geometry are the same. Every single geometrical figure is a letter, is a symbol, is a sound. When those letters or archetypes are combined, we form syllables. And when we combine the syllables, we form words,

is geometry. Please study carefully the lecture titled Rune Hagal . See link below.

Therefore, when God said, "Earth," the geometrical figures of sound emerged from the Akashic Ocean (ים) "Im"—this took time—within the endless space, in order to fill it, in order to make the prime substance concrete.

4 days ago
This insight into the geometrical properties of sound in relation with spoken words, as well as the insight into runic geometry is all very profound. I really appreciate all of this. If you don't mind, I still need clarification on a couple of things. I really appreciate the insight. The master Samael Aun Weor mentions 12 fundamental mineral salts given to us on this planet, each corresponding with a zodiacal sign, such as sodium sulphate corresponding with Taurus, for example. He mentions that a study into these salts will take us far into the therapeutic field. I would like to know how to use these salts to heal others? The master also mentions the healing properties of wearing metals, giving the example of a man who was healed at the thyroid gland by wearing a lead locket at the area. How can I further study the properties of metals in this regard? Having taken an interest in legitamate gnostic medicine I would like to help cure others in their time of need. I again must express my gratitude for all help here and may peace and true happiness be found by all beings.
2 days ago
You learn from the metallic kingdom by communicating directly with Melchizedek, Gob, the Genie of the Earth in meditation and dream yoga.

While Samael Aun Weor provided many exercises for Gnostic healers in the books Igneous Rose, Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic, and The Divine Science, there are many more mysteries that have not been documented. To know them, one must awaken.

In the meantime, these three aforementioned texts are a great start for learning how to heal others. If you can master healing through these three books, then everything else will easily open up to you.
1 day ago
Study the book:
Practical Astrology by Master Samael Aun Weor
. You will learn the magic of the metals in each of the Zodiacal signs

Salt is matter in every level of being. and in our esoteric studies, the one working with salts are the inhabitants of the mist of fire. Those working on the path of liberation who first comprehend healing themselves spiritually.
Salt has deeper meaning than we ordinarily comprehend of the physical salt. The various Salts are sublimated as we ascend the ladder of initiation

Illness appears when these twelve zodiacal salts are not well-balanced within our human organism.

9. To synthesize, these twelve zodiacal salts give a form of perfection to the twelve bodies used by the inhabitants of the Mist of Fire.

10. The twelve zodiacal salts convert the human being into a splendorous zodiac

In synthesis, you need to awaken in other to comprehend the mysteries contained in the 12 Zodiacal Salts and the metals that rule the zodiac
1 hour ago
I much appreciate the insight on this and the reccomendation on the practical astrology book by the master Samael. It is already proving helpful and I will continue to study it. While studying the Hermetic and Alchemical writings of Paracelsus, I came across a passage in which it is written of the common stones and the effects of wearing them. He writes for instance that wearing an emerald does good for the eyesight and memory, and defends chastity. and that a stone called the adamant which impresses joy upon the one who wears it. The pearl is written of by him as a stone related with the moon, that allows a woman to produce milk if she is lacking therein. This has led me to an idea which I would appreciate if the instructor can tell me is correct or not. Does wearing an astrological mineral cure the organ with which it is associated? For instance, the master writes that the aggate is the taurine stone, that the diamond is related with Leo etc, so could wearing a diamond heal the heart, etc? Much thanks as always.
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