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  Friday, 17 November 2023
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Those words left me perplexed, confused. I thought of nirvana and mahaparanirvana, etc. Could anyone living in regions of such intense happiness possibly be unhappy? How? Why? Because they did not have the Monad within? Filled with so many doubts, I decided to consult wise old Janus, the living god of the science of Jinns.

Before entering his abode, I greeted the guardian with a secret password. I advanced, greeting other guards in a different way, and finally I had the pleasure of finding myself facing the God Janus.

“Another greeting is needed,” said the venerable one. “There is no greater salute than that of a peaceful heart.” Thus, I replied while devoutly placing my hands on my heart. “That’s fine,” said the sage.

When I tried to ask some questions to dispel my above-mentioned doubts, without saying a word the ancient one deposited the answer in the depth of my consciousness. That reply can be summarized as follows:

“Even though someone inhabits Nirvana or some other region of infinite happiness, if they do not have God within, they will not be happy. Yet if they live in the infernal worlds or in the most foul prison on Earth, having God within, they will be happy.”

Paranishpanna (absolute happiness) without Paramartha (awakened consciousness) is not happiness.

Now you will understand what it is to be happy.

Can you tell me and explain about the aforementioned words?
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