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  Monday, 13 November 2023
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Question regarding experience using "etheric" or "astral" projection technique before learning about Gnosis:

The technique used was as follows:

When falling asleep/returning from a dream (I did it on realizing I was dreaming, then waiting to wake up), take the transition to imagine a rope and using much willpower, try to actually try to pull yourself out of your body with a rope.

Result: This projection was much different than an astral projection. A typical astral projection is phantom-like, while this is much different. It felt like being a new body that one had never been in before. One can see their physical body below them, and it feels somewhat dense. Also, the surroundings are of an orange color, and when talking, one hears a static-distorted noise.

One feels electricity. Fear is much greater in this projection than in an astral projection. Also, this projection is more objective. In a typical dream-like astral projection, objects in the room are of a different order and subjective. In this projection, they were the same, but the light in my room was of an orange color instead of blueish-white.


What was this? (what body, what dimension)
If one is able to project with the etheric body, does that mean they have superior ethers?
Is it safe? (Does the physical body need the etheric body to survive?)
What can one do in this state/dimension?
Why is fear greater in this projection?
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