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  Sunday, 05 November 2023
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Question: Master, can the internal dragon perform a miracle drastically, for example, to perform something spectacular with the purpose of correcting someone?

Samael Aun Weor: My friends, a story from a Gnostic brother from Costa Rica comes into my mind in these moments. His narration is indeed quite interesting. He told us that in a town of his country an unusual and unsuspected event occurred to a prostitute. She used to incessantly get drunk on all types of alcoholic beverages, and in the midst of her drunkenness she used to exclaim, “I do ten or fifteen men a day. Every man who crosses my way, I will do him, and if the Devil crosses my way, I will do him, too...” So, it happened that on a certain occasion a handsome sailor arrived at her door. Thus, as usual, the woman did not have any inconvenience in wallowing with him on her Procrustean bed. After their fornication, the woman sat at the door of the whorehouse, gazing towards the street. Suddenly, the young lad, called her from within the bedroom, saying, “You do not know me. Turn around and look at me so that you can get to know me.”

The wretched woman, obeying the instructions of her lover, got up in order to approach once more the interior of her abominable bedroom. Thus, when staring at the one who shortly had been her instrument of pleasure, she saw something horrifyingly terrible and tenebrous. Her scaly-skinned dragon—fashionably disguised in the manner that the orthodox Roman Catholicism represents him—was fixedly staring at her, while a strong smell of sulfur filled the environment...

The woman could not resist the shock, thus while wailing sharply she fell unconscious on the floor.

When the neighbors heard that sharp wailing they came to help her, but the smell of sulfur made them run away terrified.

Three days later, the unhappy woman died in the hospital after narrating what happened to her… The Devil took her away.

The narrator told us that the smell of sulfur persisted for some time within that whorehouse, and because of that smell, people avoided walking on the street where that whorehouse was located.

By judiciously analyzing this narration, we practically discover an operation of moral asepsis, a method of urgency taken by that woman’s own interior Lucifer for her sake. Undoubtedly, her inner God commanded his shadow, his Lucifer, his particular interior Dragon, to materialize in such a shape before the wretched woman. So, her inner God commanded his Lucifer to become visible and tangible before her and even to copulate with her… Obviously, her Divine Inner Sun could not have made such an apparition in order to perform that copulation, but his particular shadow could, since it is polarized negatively with respect to the positive light. Thus, it is evident and manifested that Lucifer could do all of this.

Later, the outcome of all of this will be marvelous, given that the wretched female died filled with terror, thus when she once again incorporates, when she is reborn again in this world, when she gets a new physical body, it will be very difficult for her to return to prostitution, since that terror, that psychic shock will remain within her consciousness. So, it is more than likely that in her future existence she will resolve to walk on the straight path, on the path of chastity.

Thus, this is how—in any given moment—the Dragon can work and operate drastically.
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