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  Monday, 16 October 2023
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Why did the Archangel Sakaki leave us in our miserable existence, instead of owning up to his mistake? It does not speak well for the Light.

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8 months ago
Sakaki will be owing up for his mistake, but this is probably way beyond our understanding:

Of course, the archangel Sakaki assumed a terrible karma on himself (and he is one of the four tetra-sustainers of the universe); but in the future mahamanvantara, he will have to pay that karma.

But despite the grief that we may feel due to this mistake and its' outcome, we should remind ourselves who was the cause for Sakaki's intervention in the first place:

Student: You talked about mistakes, we all make mistakes and how the gods had made mistakes. We know about the kundabuffer mistake with Archangel Sakaki, right? So can you talk about that?

Instructor: There were, in the time of Lemuria, the souls of certain Monads that realized that if they do not do the alchemical work, they will sink into devolution so, therefore, because they have no interest in self-realization they wanted to commit suicide since they knew that sooner or later they will eventually sink down.
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